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November 27, 2020, 02:17:13 pm
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Face Off Preview #10 for the May 4th Breaking Point

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Author Topic: Face Off Preview #10 for the May 4th Breaking Point  (Read 125 times)
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« on: April 24, 2019, 02:59:43 pm »

A pair of buildings appears as the faces of FFW stars begin blinking on them. Suddenly  a wrecking ball smashes through the buildings with the rubble covering the camera until we are taken inside the studio. A rounded video wall sits behind two leather chairs with a table between them. On the video wall, FFW stars’ faces slowly change.

In the chair on the left is the host, Christian Kincaid. To his right on the other side is Future Shock’s Aspire Champion, obvious by the fact the title is sitting on the table between them. Christian turns his attention to the camera.

Christian: It’s a double shot of Face Off for me today. And 10 episodes in, I’ve got my first return guest. She’s the reigning Aspire Champion in Future Shock, and one of the Gold Standard there to boot, the “Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister. Welcome back to Face Off.

The reigning Aspire champion flashes a brilliant smile as she nods her head.

Elizabeth: Thank you for having me back. Couldn’t keep me away for very long.

Christian: Always a pleasure. Today, we are going to be covering the last stop before Relentless. And I’m referring to Breaking Point, live from Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia on May 4th. And given what all took place last Breaking Point, I suspect there’s going to be plenty to look forward to. But before we get to that, was there anything that happened on the most recent Future Shock you’d like to address, being you are it’s Aspire Champion?

 Elizabeth: It was certainly a night that will go down in Future Shock infamy, that is for sure. I know there is a lot to cover, but two things stick out. The first is what happened to my manager, Kyle Kilmeade. The fact that people are celebrating what happened to him ticks me off. The fact that people are HAPPY about it tells me everything I need to know about them. You may think that he’s down and out, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a veritable army of people wanting to see Nora’s head on a pike…..and her time is coming. Trust me on that.

She says as she tosses her hair behind her shoulders, taking a couple of breaths in.

Elizabeth: The second thing is the very interesting idea that Ms. Star proposed. Five of Femme Fatale Wrestling’s best against five of Future Shock’s best. I would just like to throw this out there that I very much want in on this. Reigning Aspire champion, soon to be million dollar winner this Friday….just something to think about for those that make the hard choices in that aspect.

Christian grins as he looks back to the camera.

Christian: There’s a few news items for you right there. So let’s dig into the next Breaking Point down in the ATL on May 4th. Given that it’s the hometown of Nevaeh Summers, it seems only natural that she get to be part of the card. And so she is….against the “Big Bang” Areum Jijang. And she’s the result of what I think happens when you have too much sex with Max Sato. Though most women I know would argue ANY sex with him is too much.

“Big Bang” Areum Jijang vs. Nevaeh Summers
Elizabeth: Anything relating to Max Sato is too much, let alone doing the horizontal hokey pokey. That….that could set anyone up for a stay at Arkham Asylum or something. No wonder the poor girl went off the deep end. Crazy is as crazy does, I suppose. But if she thinks that this is going to be a walk in the park, then she may as well go back to getting the crazy screwed into her. Nevaeh Summers is too good and too focused on her endgame to let some crazy be of any significant threat to her. Then again, she DOES have experience in dealing with the crazy chicks.

Christian: That is a very fair point. We’re gonna see a rematch between Casey Atherton and “Midnight” Mila Martin as well. The last time they met, Mila got hit with...a loaded Bible. This time, the Choir will be barred from ringside and maybe the Bible won’t be loaded if it’s there.

“Midnight” Mila Martin vs. Casey Atherton
The Choir Barred From Ringside

Elizabeth: It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person, really. It would have made any Evangelical Christian beaming with pride to see an unbeliever become up close and personal with the Word of God. All Casey was trying to do was make sure that Mila has a good and solid foundation to turn her life around and turn to a life of serving Christ as well as other. It won’t matter if the Choir is banned from ringside. Nothing is going to save Mila from her personal Bible study in Atlanta. The power of Christ compels her!

Christian: I’m not sure if she’s a believer, but we’ll find out before it’s all said and done, I suppose. The next match is also a rematch, where we are going to see if lightning can strike twice. It wasn’t that long ago that “Killer B” Bianca Reed shocked a lot of people when she upset Sophia Pike. Now let’s see if she can do it again in the rematch.

“Killer B” Bianca Reed vs. Sophia Pike

Elizabeth: You are just throwing ALL of my favorite people at me today, aren’t you? The match that earned her the self imposed ‘Big Match Bianca’ nickname. The match that EVERYONE has been talking about. God knows I had to hear about that and a million other things from her leading up to the first round of the Overpowered tournament. Yet, how DID that talk work out for her? Exactly. She talked a good game, but when it counted, she couldn’t deliver. Why else should this match with Sophia be any different? Sophia Pike is a woman that not even i want to mess with. She’s as dangerous as they come and I don’t know about you, but I prefer to have the use of both of my arms. Plus you have to expect that she wants the Killer B’s head on a, pardon the pun, pike. Either way, I’m going to love this match.

Christian: That’s only half of what is being billed as a double main event. In the other half, the Franchise’s Bianca Salvador is back in the ring against a familiar foe: the number one contender to the Evolution Championship. Missy will be facing my wife at Relentless, but she’ll see Bianca in Atlanta in a battle of number one contenders. And after what happened in that six woman tag, I’m sure Missy will be…...in a mood.

Missy vs. The Franchise’s Bianca Salvador

Elizabeth: What was otherwise a damn good match was...well...soiled by that part. That was the only part that made me a little….uncomfortable. Of COURSE Missy is bound to be in a mood. When isn’t she, really? She’s going to have to TRY and keep that temper in check if she hopes to get past a very talented and very dangerous, not to mention the top tier of her name, Bianca Salvador. It should be a relatively competitive match, but if Missy wants to make her mark and do anything against one of the cornerstones of the Franchise, she’s going to have to calm down. Otherwise, well, she won’t make it to her wedding next year because she’ll be six feet under.

Christian: Well there’s the rundown for the last stop before Relentless. Before we wrap up, I’m curious if there’s any matches at Relentless you are particularly looking forward to, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: There are a lot of good matches to look forward to, but obviously the one that piques my interest the most and the one I’m looking forward to the most is Gillie and Rose taking on my Gold Standard sisters-in-arms Valerie McKinley and Lacey. It’s been months in the making, longer if you count Future Shock WHICH YOU TOTALLY SHOULD, and I think that once again, it will be an amazing night for The Gold Standard.

Christian: There you have it from the Aspire Champion’s mouth. I want to thank Elizabeth for coming back to the show to talk with me, and I hope all of you have made plans to watch Breaking Point on May 4th from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. We’ll see you there, and on the next edition of Face Off!

He turns his attention back to his guest, and hands her back the Aspire Championship before the video fades to black.
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