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November 27, 2020, 03:32:33 pm
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Face Off Preview #12 for the June 8th Breaking Point

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Author Topic: Face Off Preview #12 for the June 8th Breaking Point  (Read 135 times)
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« on: May 24, 2019, 06:37:39 pm »

FFW Breaking Point
Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June 8, 2019

A pair of buildings appears as the faces of FFW stars begin blinking on them. Suddenly  a wrecking ball smashes through the buildings with the rubble covering the camera until we are taken inside the studio. A rounded video wall sits behind two leather chairs with a table between them. On the video wall, FFW stars’ faces slowly change.

In the chair on the left is the host, Christian Kincaid. To his right on the other side is the reigning Future Shock Champion, not to mention one of his clients: “10 Star” Tara Cortez. He looks quite happy to see her before looking to the camera.

Christian: Welcome back to another edition of Face Off. On today’s show, we’re gonna be covering the upcoming Breaking Point on June 8th from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And as a treat for me, I invited one of my favorite people to join me. She’s the top Prospect in Future Shock, and one seemingly more than a few on that roster can’t stop mentioning…”10 Star” Tara Cortez!

Tara makes the Future Shock Championship belt pop from her shoulder as she flips her hair and gives CK a million-Dollar smile.

Tara: And the more they talk about me, the more they show they can’t keep up with me. Thanks for having me, Christian! It’s going to be great to be able to talk about a main roster show. Not only that, but the 9th Anniversary show no less!

Christian: No kidding! I was there for the very first Breaking Point. June 5, 2010 was the date. And now here we are 9 years later. That’s like 18 times longer than most promotions last. Anyway, my last guest and I covered a lot of details out of Relentless already. So Tara and I are just going to dive right into what to expect on the 8th of June in Milwaukee. It’s almost like a mini-Pay Per View.

The images of both Savannah Taylor and Jessica Anderson appear behind him on the video wall.

Christian: First up, it’s the last match of Jessica Anderson in FFW. Most of you probably know she’s winding down her career in the coming weeks. And because of how much she’s been part of Future Shock and FFW, management said she could pick any last opponent she wanted. And who did she pick? Savannah Taylor! So in Milwaukee, her last match around these parts will be against the two time former No Surrender Champion!


Tara: Jessica Anderson has been in this… “farewell tour”, let’s call it that, for quite a long time, so for her to pick Savannah Taylor, a two-time No Surrender Champion and one of the current cornerstones of this company if some voices are to be believed, as her final FFW opponent? It’s quite a big deal. Unless, you know, she changes her mind again, because I believe this is Jessica’s second “final” match, but that’s neither here nor there.

Tara waves it off.

Tara: The point is, Jessica wants to celebrate her career, and FFW is here for that. I truly hope she enjoys her life away from the ring.

Christian: Yeah, I think she’s transitioning into being a fashion designer. The name of the company changes here and there, but good luck to her with that. Next up on the card is a tag match featuring the Franchise against a couple of its biggest detractors. Angelina Fantastica and the Ultraviolence Champion “Malicious” Mallory Bennett will be going two on two against the reigning Fast Track Champion Lilly Arthur and Caitlyn Storm. Things didn’t go quite how Angelina wanted at Relentless, and Caitlyn’s lined up to get a title shot against the champion too. Then you throw in Mallory, this has a lot of potential go very heated.


Tara: Ahhhh, the Franchise… Delectable people, aren’t they? I’d even say they’re, like, the Cortez Sisters of the main roster, except not as pretty. Now, the only active member of the Franchise who had a good night at Relentless, if we take into account that Jo McFarlane and Mel Avilo hadn’t worked out their new contracts’ kinks by then, was Bianca Salvador, who walked out with the No Surrender Championship. Mallory had quite the rough night serving as the referee between Kelly Kincaid and Missy, and Angelina Fantásica was, if you’re to believe the Franchise’s current talking point, screwed by the referee when Lilly Arthur should’ve been disqualified. So you can believe the Bleeding Heart and the Dark Heart of the Franchise are way beyond pissed. On the other hand, Lilly will want nothing more than to shut Angelina up, and Caitlyn… exists. I expect this one to be as contentious as they come.

Her manager nods in agreement.

Christian: And if for some reason either Caitlyn or Lilly can’t make it, I guarantee you Missy will be happy to fill in for either if it means she can get her hands on Mallory. But let’s switch gears to another client of mine. The two time FFW Champion and Hall of Famer Leona Vega was within an eyelash of becoming a three time champion, were it not for Charlotte Harker. As a result, she’ll get a chance to show her the error of her ways in Milwaukee.


Christian: Charlotte’s due to also be inducted into the Hall of Fame in July as part of the One Woman Show. So you could call it a Hall of Fame match, but I don’t think there’ll be a lot of handshakes and hugs when the bell rings.

Tara: I’m sure Leona takes plenty of exception to the One-Woman Show being inducted into the Hall of Fame, but sucks to suck, huh? Either way, I’m pretty sure FFW in general is sick of Leona Vega and how she is hogging the spotlight in the main event. But thanks to Charlotte Harker, it looks like this isn’t going to end anytime soon, so here we are. I don’t know about you, Christian, but I’m pretty sure people will be cheering for the giant meteor on this one.

Christian: We’ll find out in Milwaukee, but I have a feeling Charlotte may get the majority, if not all, the ire of the crowd. Finally in the main event, it’s a rematch from Relentless last year! O.E. Ayano was put on the shelf by Sophia Pike that night in a brutal match, and ever since she recovered last year, she’s been eyeing Sophia for a rematch. On the 9th anniversary, she’s got her wish. Sophia and the co-holder of the Unity Championship will face off one more time. O.E. has something to prove to herself and everyone here.


Tara: O.E. is riding an all-time high, what with being the new Unity Champion. But Sophia Pike is hellbent on proving she can be the next FFW Champion, and she will go through everyone in sight to make that happen. She’s just waiting for her chance while Leona Vega freaking robs her and everyone else of the spotlight. If Pike has her way here, it’s going to be a statement to FFW and especially to Shaughnessy O’Neill, Leona Vega, and everyone who’s in line for a shot at the big belt -- Emma Mackenzie, Savannah Taylor, Jo McFarlane... You say it. The Seattle Siren will not be denied.

Christian: It’s definitely hard to bet against Sophia. And even if I wasn’t already managing O.E., I’d still not bet against her either. She’s been wanting another crack at her for a long time, so I think it means more to her, which can make her even more dangerous. That should be one hell of a match either way.  And that’s the card so…

He turns his attention back to the Future Shock Champion.

Christian: So you tell me, champ. Which of these four matches interests you the most? Which one is the show stealer in your championship opinion?

Tara: Well, I’m not a part of any of those, so YAWN.

Tara smirks.

Tara: But from a spectator’s perspective, this whole show is stacked, and there will be consequences to every match. But I’m particularly interested to see what the original triumvirate of the Franchise -- Jo, Mel and Bianca -- will decide their role is when Mallory and Angelina face Caitlyn and Lilly. The Franchise is in dire need of regrouping, and this may be the next step.

Christian: I’m sure we’ll find out. They are all getting a workout over the next couple shows on the FFW calendar. And I’d be remiss not to mention that if you aren’t already, you should also be watching Future Shock. That’s where you will see this extremely gifted girl right here, not to mention her sisters as well as the entire Prospect roster.

Tara: And this is why you’re the best manager in the world, Christian. Mention the most important stars first, and the rest can be the rest. But indeed, watch Future Shock, and see why THIS…

Tara taps the FS Championship on her shoulder.

Tara: Belongs to me.

Christian: That’ll do it for this edition of Face Off, we’ll see you next time for the next Velocity card.

He returns his attention to the champion as the show fades to black.
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