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FFW Sin & Sacrifice - September 28, 2019

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Author Topic: FFW Sin & Sacrifice - September 28, 2019  (Read 345 times)
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« on: September 29, 2019, 10:21:03 pm »

Live from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas
September 28, 2019

The FFW logo is shown lit up by spotlights before we cut to what looks like a still image of Savannah Star staring ahead before it turns into a comic book panel. “We Got The Power” by Zayde Wolf starts to play. The picture shows her drawing waving someone forward as the next panel has an army. A tank lid opens up to see the comic image of Mika Demidov before the picture comes back to life, showing the attack from Breaking Point. 

Tell me, tell me, is this thing on now?
I've been working long like a marathon now
Tying up words making them a bomb now
Tell me, tell me, who turned on the alarm now?

A comic book image of Mallory Bennett shows her propped up against a truck with her title over her shoulder. Another drawing of Ruby pops up behind her before the shot changes to actual footage of the two from their last match, including the mind games being played by Mallory with Tyler’s family.

We're touching the lightning
We're coming alive yeah
We feel it inside yeah

Another comic panel shows Valentina and Isis looking at each other, along with a yoyo in Lozanzo’s hand that looks like the world. Another panel shows them leaving the ladies’ room and a drawn Scarlett down on the floor before it comes to life. And the angry OE looking for payback with a drawing of the Unity titles flashing across the screen.

We got, we got, we got the power
Yeah, come on
We got, we got, we got the power
Yeah, turn it up
We got, we got, we got the power

The next comic panel is of the Evolution Championship followed by a drawing of Kelly and Missy about to tangle. The panel comes to life as Missy drops Kelly face first into her own title, followed by the announcement of the rematch. It switches back to a comic book panel with Kelly laying the title on the mat between them.

Come on, come on, is everybody with me?
It's time to get together no more enemies
Throw your hands up, can you feel the energy?
Come on come on, can you finally hear what this means?
Twenty-something years, been chasing down this dream
Running like a wild man, going since fifteen

Bianca Reed is shown at Unstoppable X after her match for the Evolution Championship before a comic book panel shows a snake slithering through the grass before it goes back to Melody helping her to her feet and then dropping her on her head. As she grins at her handiwork, the image goes back to the comic book panel followed by a furious Bianca’s face. The comic book finally closes as we see the Sin & Sacrifice logo with many of the FFW stars all on the cover. An explosion follows that before we go live inside the arena to a thunderous crowd. The camera pans the crowd, showing them and their signs as well as the Sin & Sacrifice LED stage.

Zack: Houston, we have a problem! A whole lot of them, and we’re gonna try to resolve them tonight! Welcome to the jam-packed Toyota Center with 16,812 fans from over a dozen states! Thank you for joining us on FFW All Access for the 10th annual Sin & Sacrifice! I don’t know about you, but I have a strong feeling we’re gonna see something special tonight!

Mai: Yes, like Savannah getting treated like she deserves for putting her husband before her career! We all know wrestling marriages never last, and Savannah has to deal with the “Red Empress” Mika Demidov in her return to the ring!

Zack: You have some warped morals, but what else is new! Title matches up and down the line, including the bad blood between the Privileged Circle and Chaotic Temptation with the Unity titles on the line! We’ll see every member of Chaotic Temptation tonight, and they could be picking up the Evolution title if Missy can topple Kelly Kincaid. Plus Emma Mac has a Gold Standard problem in the form of Elizabeth Lannister! 

Mai: For me, it’s all about seeing the Ultraviolence Championship on the line in a parking lot brawl. I think Mallory has played ruby like a fiddle, and she’ll do exactly what she did the last time they faced and leave her laying. And FINALLY, we get to see Melody Lennox, the Sister Slayer, strike Bianca down in her FFW in-ring debut! She’s a huge star, Zack!

Zack: All that and a lot of new faces making their major event debut tonight at Sin & Sacrifice! I’m ready to get this show started, so let’s send it up to our Aussie ring announcer! Take it away, Kat!

The show returns to the ring as Kat Grayson steps through the ropes in a sparkling evening gown, and begins to speak.

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish. 

Zack: We got a rematch on tap between Jordan Majors and Luci after their last match ended in a low blow to our resident Aussie. 

Mai: Luci gave Kat a low blow? I missed that, can we roll that on the screen? Oh you mean Luci got it from Jordan? No big deal.

“Just Like Fire” strums out of the system, bathing the arena in blue, red and white lights. As the verse is sung, Luci steps out from the back to a pop from the crowd, a smile on her face as she lifts a hand to them. As she drops her hand, Vincent Belmont comes out to join her.

Kat: On her way to the ring, hailing from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, weighing in at one hundred and sixty pounds, please welcome LUCI!

The blonde begins to make her way down the ramp, smiling all the way down. She stops at the bottom of the ramp and takes a step back, then lunges forward and throws herself under the ropes, popping back to her feet. She takes to the middle of the ring where she raises both arms out wide, spins in a circle and then heads to her corner, where she meets Vincent again, the two talking between themselves as the music fades out.

Zack: It hasn’t been that long since Luci returned to FFW, and she’s already on one of the biggest events of the year. But she’s got some comeuppance in mind tonight. 

Mai: So what? She got a low blow? She was probably gonna lose to Jordan anyway, but Jordan was nice enough to not totally humiliate her. She should be thankful. 

The lights go down and light purple lights twirl near the entry way as "Nightmare" by Halsey starts.

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord, my soul to keep
If I shall die before I 'wake
I pray the Lord, my soul to take

Jordan Majors runs in and jumps and lands right as the beat hits and the lights come on to show her standing on the stage and staring out at the crowd. She smiles and starts skipping slowly toward the ring.

Kat: From Chicago, Illinois! Weighing in at 130 pounds... JORDAN MAJORS!

Jordan slaps the apron as she reaches the ring and slides under the ropes. She runs from one side to the other and jumps on the ropes and leans over the top with a big smile. She shakes her head around in a crazy manner before hopping back to the mat.

Mai: Are you gonna tout how quickly Jordan here got to be on a FFW event? Because you certainly had to bring it up with Luci.

Zack: Only if I get a word in edgewise. Yes, Jordan has gotten herself on this show. But it’s primarily because she did the wrong thing. 

Referee Stephen Wilson checks both women for any foreign objects, and calls for the bell to start the match. Luci gets some last minute advice from her husband before Jordan rushes her as she looks back to the ring. She drives Luci back into the corner, and hammering her with forearms to the side of her head repeatedly. She climbs onto the middle turnbuckle, and wraps the tag rope around her neck to choke her with it before the referee counts to four. She hops down, and uses a monkey flip to send her out to the center of the ring, immediately following up with a knee drop to her back. 

Mai: That Jordan is a real go-getter, isn’t she? She’s really trying to impress us all here on her first FFW event, Zack.

Zack: She’s not impressing Luci in the slightest, and took advantage of an opportunity before she was even ready to start the match.

Jordan starts cackling as she mounts Luci’s back, and starts scrubbing her face against the mat. Finally, she gets back to her feet and takes off for the far side with a rolling senton in mind. But as she’s about to land, Luci gets her knees up and drops her to a seat on the mat in pain. The Aussie gets back to her feet, and unleashes a flurry of kicks into her body before she has a chance to get up. The blonde drags her by the head to a vertical base, and whips her into the far side corner. This time, Luci returns the favor from earlier and clobbers her with a running forearm to the head that snaps it backwards. When Jordan tries to get away from her, Luci follows up with an atomic drop followed by a bulldog. 

Zack: Luci’s giving Jordan a little taste of her own medicine with that jumpstart she perpetrated earlier in the match. 

Mai: I think she’s more just jealous that Jordan is way cuter and clearly a better athlete than she is. I already have Jordan ahead on points. 

As Jordan was getting to her feet, Luci whipped her across to the far side and caught her on the rebound with a spinning elbow to the mouth. It sent Jordan stumbling backwards before Luci followed up with a big boot that sent her through the ropes and out to the floor on her butt. She rubbed her jaw as she looked at the crowd with a pout on her face. When she got to her feet, Luci sailed over the middle rope with a clothesline to drive Majors back to the floor. 

Zack: Wow, Luci’s taking some risks here and they are paying off better than a sure thing in Vegas! Jordan has no one to blame but herself. 

Mai: How do you figure that? She’s fighting on the outside now, and that’s usually something you complain about. But Luci is one of your favorites, isn’t she? 

The Aussie dragged Jordan to her feet, and bounced her head off the apron before shoving her back into the ring under the bottom rope. She slid in after her, and started pasting her with forearms as they got to their feet. She pulled her head into position for a DDT, but Luci drove her backwards into the nearest corner. With the wind knocked out of her briefly, Jordan leaned up and bit into her face. Luci shouted in pain, and finally shoved her off before Jordan pulled her head down into a single knee facebreaker. She followed up with a cover and a hook of the leg. 

Mai: I think Jordan just straightened out Luci’s nose for her! Does this girl’s generosity know no bounds?!



Luci kicked out at two, and shoved Jordan off her. The blonde covered her face as she rolled to her side, but Jordan didn't let up. She pounded on  her with right hands, and dragged her back to her feet into an abdominal stretch. 

Zack: Jordan seems a little bit more focused for the time being, and she didn’t waste any time after that failed pin attempt to keep the pressure on Luci. 

Wilson dropped down next to Luci to see if she wanted to quit, but obviously got no such answer. Jordan raised her fist, and struck a hard shot into the blonde’s ribs. Luci’s face grimaced in pain before she raised her fist again, driving another shot into the same area as she kept the hold locked in tightly. The referee checked again, and still got the same answer from the Aussie as Jordan then pulled Luci’s lifted hand to bite into her fingers. 

Mai: Did we run out of chicken fingers in catering? I don’t think Jordan got enough to eat before the show. She’s trying to eat Luci now. 

Zack: I’ve never seen someone do that before, but to her credit, she’s got this stretch locked in beautifully. Luci needs to work something out sooner than later. 

Jordan realized how close she was to the ropes, and reached out to grab them. The added pressure made Luci’s wrench in pain before the referee spotted it. He kicked her hand free, and Luci countered with a hip toss. It didn’t keep Jordan down but a second before she got back to her feet, and ran into a kick to the stomach from Luci. Two more stopped her before the blonde scooped her onto her shoulders and fell backwards into a Samoan drop. Jordan’s body arched off the mat before the Aussie got back to her feet. When she saw Majors starting to rise, Luci delivered a scissor kick to put her down, and immediately go for the cover. 

Zack: Some call that the Houston Hangover, but I call it one hell of a scissor kick that may have put Jordan’s lights out. 



Jordan managed to kick out without too much trouble. Luci quickly got to her feet, and started to circle behind Jordan when she began to rise. As soon as she was back to her feet, Luci connected with her cobra clutch bulldog. It sent Jordan rolling out to the floor as Luci was about to go for the cover again.

Mai: Someone should tell Luci to keep the match in the ring if she wants to win. Is that all she can do, fight dirty and keep it on the floor?!

Luci grumbled to herself as she was about to go out after her until she and her husband spotted Jordan’s manager heading down to the ring. Jordan smiled as soon as she saw him, hugging his neck as he helped her to her feet. He shared some words with her as she headed back towards the ring. When she got onto the apron, Luci went to grab her but Jordan snapped her neck across the top rope when she was within reach. The Aussie blonde stumbled backwards coughing before Jordan slid back inside the ring, and caught her with a codebreaker. Majors immediately went for the cover as Wilson slid into position to count...just before the pink-haired wrestler put her feet on the middle rope. 

Zack: She calls that CHAPTER 11, and the referee needs to look up to see where Jordan’s feet are!




Luci kicked out, and Jordan repaid her by biting into her face. She rose back to her feet, and headed for the corner to take a seat on the top rope, waving Luci to get back to her feet. 

Mai: So what? That was just for additional balance. Sometimes the gravity isn’t as good in some areas of the ring as the other. Don’t you know that? 

The pink-haired wrestler gets back to her feet, holding her finger up as she starts to run in place with a wide grin on her face. Luci rolls away, and starts to get to her feet as Vincent tries to warn her. The blonde got up again just as Jordan took off towards her, grabbing her head for a cutter. But the Aussie shoved her off instead. Majors nearly stumbled into the ropes, only to turn and catch Luci’s spinning knee strike to the jaw! It popped the Houston crowd before she dove into the cover. 

Zack: I think Jordan’s jaw may well be SHATTERED!! That’ll do it for Jordan tonight!!




As the three came down, Kyle put Jordan’s foot onto the bottom rope and shouted at the referee to point it out. Wilson waved off the count, and Luci shot Kyle a glare. Vincent started to head towards him as well. 

Mai: Now he hasn’t touched anyone in this match but his client, and this is getting unfair. I think Luci is more mad at her own shortcomings as a wrestler, if I’m honest.

Vincent rounded the corner after Kyle, who was picking up speed as he walked. Luci got back up, and was about to grab him as he passed until Jordan started to get up again. She was very dazed as she did, and Luci turned back around and measured her for something. 

Zack: Good thinking, Luci! Focus on Jordan, and leave Kilmeade to Vincent! I think she’s about to give Jordan another dose of that knee strike!

Mai: Here they are bullying an innocent man, and now Luci’s about to strike again! This is turning into the worst night already!

Luci lined her opponent up, and darted towards her with her second spinning knee strike that dropped Jordan where she stood. The Aussie immediately went for the cover as the referee slid into position. Kyle was about to stop the count before VIncent grabbed him on the outside. 

Zack: If the first one didn’t do it, the second one certainly! SHATTERED for the second time!!




Mai: Can we just note for the record she had to hit that move TWICE to beat Jordan?!

Wilson called for the bell as Luci rolled off the cover. Vincent shoved Kyle away, and climbed into the ring with his wife to congratulate her. The referee raised her hand as the Houston crowd showed their approval as well.

Kat: Your winner of the match by pinfall……..LUCI!!!!

Zack: Don’t forget needing her manager to save her after the first one, if we’re supposed to making notes! Congratulations to Luci on a well-deserved win!

Vincent followed his wife out to the floor as she headed towards the back, while Kyle consoled and checked on Jordan in the ring. 

Little Miss England

A commercial airs for the upcoming Global Wars special on FFW All Access before we return to the live show, and find Carson Black with one of his clients, namely Lilly Arthur who is watching the show on a monitor.

Carson: Mrs. Arthur, I have some very good news to share with you.

He took a seat next to her, and made himself comfortable. Lilly greeted him with a smile, making sure he had enough room next to her.

Lilly: Hi Carson, how’s your night going? I’m guessing mine is about to get a little more exciting if you’ve got very good news for me. What’s up? What have you found out?

Carson: I’m sure you’ve heard that Miss Star is going to be changing things up for this year’s Global Wars series. And while I don’t have the full details as of yet, I do know two things. One, it’s going to be one person representing each country participating. And two, you will be the sole representative of England this year. How does that grab you?

Lilly: WOW!! Yeah, that’s hugely exciting!! I heard that big changes were being made to Global Wars and I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the competition ever since being one of the first ever winners. It’ll be good to be part of this re-invention of the competition and to bring the Gold medal back home to England again.

Carson: The prize for the winner is also very exciting. A title shot for any championship you want in FFW. That also includes the Unity titles. All the winner has to do is announce which one they want to challenge for, and it’ll be booked. And I think we all know which title you’d aspire to have, the one currently held by the…. 2 time No Surrender Champion Bianca Salvador.

Lilly: You’ve got that right Carson. I’d love to get myself a chance to challenge Bianca for the No Surrender Championship. After watching O.E. the other week and everything that happened there…. I think I could come up with a strategy or two to help me beat Salvador and leave with the Titanium title. Including, if I win, getting out of that ring pretty much as soon as the referee puts the title in my hands and before someone can call for the bell to start a second match. 

The Englishwoman grinned at her manager.

Lilly: But that is getting ahead of myself. I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of very talented wrestlers in Global Wars this year and I’m going to have to be at my very best to overcome them all in order to earn that shot. So, one week at a time, one match at a time.

Carson: I was able to find out who one of the other representatives will be. I’m not sure if her country will want to claim her, but I do know South Korea will be represented by Areum Jijang, the “Big Bang.” 

Lilly: Well...yeah...okay then. Like I said, there’s going to be a lot of very talented women in the Global Wars series and the fact that Areum Jijang is one of them goes to prove that point - even if South Korea object. We’ve seen how good she can be inside the ring and she hasn’t lost all that many matches since she replaced JiHu. At least Harley might be able to give me some tips and pointers on how to beat the Big Bang.

Carson: Also the only other entrant I was able to learn about is a fellow client and fellow Future Shock Champion we both know. Japan will have Andi Takata as it’s representative.

Lilly: So…. just an FFW Hall of Famer then. Easy. The Global Wars title and No Surrender Championship is almost as good as mine already.

The brunette let out a nervous laugh.

Lilly: It looks like it’s already shaping up to be a classic series even with just three names revealed and three countries represented so far. It’s becoming pretty obvious that whoever emerges from this as the Global Wars winner will have certainly earned it and will most certainly deserve the prize that goes with it.

Carson: Like I said, I told you I had exciting news. Speaking of Miss Takata, her tag match is coming up. Let’s see how it unfolds, shall we?

They turn their attention back to the monitor as a graphic for the tag match between the McFarlanes and Nevaeh and Andi pops up on the screen before the show returns to the ring.

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« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2019, 10:21:16 pm »

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

As the opening notes of her entrance theme echoes across the arena, the fans rise to their feet in anticipation of the arrival of Emi Yamamoto. As her theme kicks in, Emi reveals herself on the stage, donning a custom-made kimono cape to cover her entire torso. With a massive smile on her face, she proudly takes a bow to the fans before marching her way down to the ring, giving high fives to every fan within reach.

Kat: On the way to the ring, from Osaka, Japan by way of Las Vegas, Nevada. Weighing in at two hundred and six pounds, please welcome...EMI YAMAMOTO!!!

As she reaches ringside, Emi climbs the steps and stays on the apron, where she turns back to the fans and gives them another bow before squeezing between the middle and bottom ropes. She then marches to the centre of the ring, looks down at the mat and stays still for a moment. After a cheeky wink to the camera, she then throws off her kimono, finally revealing her thick frame and Savage-wear ring gear. She poses to the fans, showing off her muscles, with a big grin on her face, before taking another quick bow and backing into her corner to warm up.

Zack: After a long layoff, Emi Yamamoto decided she wanted to get back in the ring. And she wanted to do it here in FFW!

Mai: So anytime some newb wants to come to FFW, we have to put her on an event like this? Seriously?

The Intense electrical thrumming of “Diabolic” by Dance With The Dead signals the coming of Areum Jijang, white and yellow strobes matching the staccato piano-percussion mix.

A moment passes by and Areum appears on stage, the dry ice fog on the entrance ramp parting to show her, and in front of her, seated in a dessicated old hospital wheelchair, housing the disturbing effigy that was a Max Sato Realdoll. Boos rain down upon her, but Areum seems far less offended than she is visibly nervous, she shouts at “Max” to shut up before starting off down the ramp.

When ‘Big Bang’ gets ringside, she roughly carts the life-sized doll over to her corner before hurriedly sliding into the ring and backing into her corner, scanning the ring, the ref, and the crowd as though something might jump out at her.

Kat: INTRODUCING, hailing from Seoul, South Korea by way of Fresno County, California, accompanied by… uh… well… standing five-feet tall and weighing in at one-hundred-thirty-five pounds, “BIG BAAAAAAANG” AREUM JIIIIIJAAAAAAAAAAANG!!!

Areum holds her middle fingers high as the crowd showers her with more boos, before turning and shouting at Max to ‘Shut up!’ before turning her attention back to the upcoming match.

Zack: I’m not sure Emi has ever or will ever meet an opponent like Areum. I’m not sure there is an opponent like Areum.

Mai: The woman is certifiable. That’s the only good thing about this match with Emi, that she has to deal with Areum.

Referee Robert Valero waits for Kat to be fully clear of the ring before he calls for the bell to get the match underway. The Houston crowd are clearly behind Emi as she makes her way to the centre looking excited and a little bit nervous, while Areum does not seem impressed by the crowd’s reaction to her at all. They meet in the centre and Emi offers Areum a handshake which she accepts right before Areum pulls her into a forearm to the jaw that sends her reeling backwards. Keeping hold of her wrist Areum pulls her back again only to reverse it and send the Unstoppable 8 hostess across into the ropes. Emi rebounds off and Areum attempts to catch her with a low dropkick but Yamamoto manages to side step it much to the delight of the crowd.

Zack: Look at Emi showing some good agility there. I’m not sure what to expect from her, since Emi hasn’t had a match in a long time.

Mai: You can expect her to maybe get lucky once or twice, but end up getting wrecked by Areum. I wonder if Areum’s mania is contagious.

Emi looks rather proud with herself too until Areum rights herself and starts advancing on her again. Yamamoto manages to avoid an incoming forearm smash and instead catches Big Bang with a spinning back fist that knocks the Future Shock graduate onto the back foot. A second knocks her back a step before a third sends her all the way back into the ropes where Emi scoops her up and uses a belly-to-belly suplex to said her to the canvas with a thud, getting her another pop from the Houston crowd. Areum gets back up to her feet, shouting at her Max Sato doll in the corner that it was all his fault before Emi spins her around and fires her across into the nearest corner. Jijang hits back first and follows her in with a body avalanche causing the Future Shock graduate to slump to the canvas.

Mai: That’s how you use that bulky body to your advantage right there. She used to be a lot smaller, didn’t she?

Zack: Didn’t we all? In any event, Emi is proving that she still has the chops for this business and is giving Areum all she wants.

Yamamoto rebounds off Areum and takes off towards the opposite corner. The crowd support brings a smile to Emi’s face and she pumps her fist in the air a couple of times getting them rallied behind her even more before she takes off towards Areum again for a cannonball that crushes Big Bang against the turnbuckles. The Las Vegas resident pulls Areum out of the corner towards the centre of the ring and then pulls her back up to her feet. A knife edge chop lands on Jijang’s chest, before two more follow in quick succession. Emi keeps landing chop after chop until Areum is backed up against the ropes and then delivers a final knife edge chop before she whips her across into the opposite ropes. Areum rebounds off and Emi catches her for a side belly-to-belly suplex before she hooks a leg for the cover prompting Valero to get into position for the cover.

Zack: What a snap off that belly to belly, and Emi is looking for the upset right now!



Areum kicks out looking furious and pushing Yamamoto away from her with as much power as she can, which barely moves the powerhouse, but Emi rolls away and gets back to her feet again to another pop from the crowd.

Mai: Why are these people so happy for Emi? What is it that they like about her?

Emi waits for Areum to get back to her feet and starts making a move towards her as soon as she does, only for Big Bang to catch her off guard with a leaping forearm that barely rocks the powerhouse. A left hand to the jaw follows from Areum, before she quickly backs it up with a right hand to the opposite side. Again the impact barely registers on the powerhouse and Areum starts to look frustrated before she goes for a throat thrust, which doesn’t reach its target as Emi catches her arm and fires her away from her into the corner. Areum gets her foot out to stop herself from hitting the turnbuckles face first and as Emi follows her in, she sidesteps to allow the Japanese wrestler to hit the turnbuckles face first instead.

Mai: If you can’t move out of the way of someone like Emi, Areum would have some serious career considerations to make.

Zack: Will you get off the weight? It has nothing to do with this match, and women of all sizes compete in this business to great success.

Areum catches her and uses a codebreaker to send her down to the canvas getting her a massive amount of disdain from the Houston crowd. Emi starts to push up to her hands and knees only to be sent straight back down again by a single knee drop to the back of her neck from Areum which only makes the crowd’s animosity towards her even louder. Jijang starts to head towards her corner to shout at her Max Sato real doll until she spots Emi starting to push up again. The South Korean heads back towards her, telling her to stay down before she uses another single knee drop to make sure that she does. A third single knee drop to the back of the neck follows before Areum gets back up to her feet and pulls Emi up to hers with her, making the crowd even louder in their animosity. She taunts the crowd for a moment before she uses a running bulldog to plant Yamamoto face first onto the canvas.

Zack: Areum needs to spend less time bugging the crowd, she’s not facing them. She’s in there with what is obviously a very game Emi Yamamoto!

Mai: Is she supposed to be impressed by her or something?

Emi starts to push up to her hands and knees again and this time makes it up to her knees before Areum comes off the ropes and hits her with a knee to the head that wobbles her slightly. Emi starts to push back up to her feet looking a little dazed and Areum hits her with a diving front dropkick to knock her to the canvas, before she gets into position and hooks a leg, prompting Valero to slide back into position for the count.

Mai: Put this bimbo away, Areum. We got more important things to do tonight than humor Emi.



The count stops just before the three is complete as Emi pops her shoulder up off the canvas. Areum rolls back to her knees looking more than a little frustrated before she gets back to her feet and pulls Emi up to hers with her.

Zack: Still no dice for the “Big Bang” as she hasn’t figured out how to put Emi away. Emi impresses me more and more tonight.

Emi shoves Areum away from her and stumbles to the ropes to steady herself and gather her bearings before she spots Areum closing the gap between them. The Houston crowd pop even more as Yamamoto catches the Future Shock graduate by surprise with another spinning backfist that stops her momentum in its tracks. A second one follows to knock her back before Emi fires her across into the opposite ropes. She rebounds off and Emi uses a sliding clothesline to take her down to the canvas.  Emi gets back to her feet and grabs Areum by the ankles and starts to spin her around in a giant swing. The crowd count along with each revolution until she’s completed ten and then she releases her to send her crash landing in the corner in a heap.

Zack:  Good Lord, what a giant swing! Areum feels like she was on a merry go round! And I think she may be close to putting her away.

Mai: You do? I don’t. The only thing she’s gonna put away is whatever’s left in catering.

Emi starts to pull Areum up to her feet before she can attempt to under her own steam. She delivers a pair of forearm shots to her jaw before she fires her across into the ropes again. The South Korean rebounds off and Emi catches her for a spinning sidewalk slam to send her straight back down again, before she gets into position for another cover.

Zack: Big time impact, and I’m telling you Emi is gonna pull off an upset tonight!




Areum pops her shoulder off the canvas before the three and Emi looks to the referee and nods when the two is confirmed. She gets back to her feet and drinks in the crowd reaction to her for a moment, only to turn around and find Areum has rolled away to the ropes and used them to steady herself as she gets back to her feet.

Mai: Areum, would you go ahead and destroy her already?! Whose idea was it to let Emi back in a ring to begin with?!

Emi quickly closes the gap between them and pulls Areum out of the ropes, she attempts to pull the South Korean into position for her EMI BOMB but before she can Areum surprises her with a throat thrust that staggers her backwards and makes her release Areum. Big Bang falls to the canvas as Emi staggers towards the ropes clutching her throat. Jijang gets back to her own feet and runs Emi across the ring to smash her face first into the top turnbuckle, before pulling her out and delivering a running bulldog across her knee. The crowd rally between Yamamoto as she stumbles back up to her feet sucking in lungfuls of air to try and get her breath back. Areum catches her with a second throat thrust which doesn’t help matters at all for the Japanes wrestler and leaves her looking fairly disorientated before Areum grabs her and pulls her into a reverse facelock. The South Korean wrestler delivers her GTR move causing Emi to hit the mat with a thud, which gets Jijang nothing but more disdain from the Houston crowd. The South Korean wrestler hooks a leg for the cover as Valerio again slides into position for the count. The South Korean hooks the other leg for good measure as the crowd get louder, but this time with support for Emi, trying to rally her.





The crowd show their displeasure at the result loudly as Valero gets to his feet to call for the bell.

Kat: Your winner via pinfall…………………………….AREUM JIJANG!

Zack: Areum pulled that one out, and I think she underestimated Emi. But she found out quickly Emi is for real! A great showing for Emi, but a win for Areum.

Mai: Good. Everyone should beat up Emi. Anyone else want to come out and have a crack at her? Let’s have a bonus match.

Areum gets back to her feet and has her hand raised by Valero while the crowd continue to cheer for Emi. As Areum makes her way out of the ring the cameras cut elsewhere.

All American Girl

An advertisement for Global Wars is shown before we cut back to the live broadcast, and find Carson with another one of his clients. But as he approaches, he has a small American flag in his hand. And his client greets him with a smile: Caitlyn Storm.

Carson: Good evening, Caitlyn. I’m very glad to see you, because just like I told another client earlier tonight, you too are going to be part of Global Wars in November. 

Caitlyn: I am? Really?

The blonde gets excited and almost starts to bounce up and down on the balls of her feet. 

Caitlyn: I can’t believe it. I’ve watched it ever since I joined Future Shock and I didn’t dare even hope that one day I might…. Wow. 

Carson: As a matter of fact, you will be the woman representing the entirety of the United States of America, essentially becoming FFW’s Miss USA. 

He hands her the tiny flag after giving it a little wave.

Carson: No more teams this year. It’s every woman...and country for herself. You’ve been chosen, and I wanted to congratulate you on representing over 300 million people from one coast to the next. 

Caitlyn: That is...oh my gosh… so no pressure?! I’m honored and wow… me… Caitlyn Storm representing USA in Global Wars. I think Christmas just came early. 

Carson: That’s correct. All of the countries haven’t been announced yet. I just found out about you, but I do know that England will be represented by Lilly Arthur. And given her past performances, that’s challenge enough. 

Caitlyn: Lilly is awesome, and I could fully see her winning the whole thing. Of course I am going to do everything I can to make sure that it’s me instead!

Carson: And as I told her, South Korea will also be represented this year by another woman you are familiar with: the “Big Bang” Areum Jijang. The prize on the line is a shot at any championship you desire. If you win, you could even arrange for you and Mila to challenge for the Unity titles. 

Caitlyn: That is… quite the prize and a VERY big motivator. So far though, the competition is fierce and who knows who else will be thrown in the mix, so I know that I am going to have to work my socks off! Luckily I’m not scared of a bit of hard work. 

Carson: We’ll find out tonight, from what I am told, when Miss Star announces the entrants and countries involved. In either case, we are definitely going to have to use this into showing everyone why you are FFW’s All American Girl.

Caitlyn: I won’t let you down. I won’t let myself down. I won’t let USA down and I definitely won’t let the FFW fans down, I promise!

A graphic shows us Caitlyn in front of the American flag before the show cuts back to the ring. 

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Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

As the fans sit in their seats in anticipation of what is to come, they are greeted by the lights dimming. A brilliant golden spotlight focuses on the stage as the opening strains of “Massive Addictive” by Amaranthe begin to play.

“Give me purity, strength and affection
Give me lust to ignite my devotion for life
It's where beauty comes alive
Can't you see I'm a slave to the darkness
Cutting down
And I know I have done this before
As I stare into the wall
And now it's time to let it shine
Cause don't you know I'm addicted”

The curtains to rustle a bit before the dapper figure of one Kyle Kilmeade emerges from the back, his ever present smirk etched on his face. He steps out onto the stage and glances at either side of the stage at the crowd before stepping to the side, holding out his hand to the curtain. Out from the back emerges the beautiful Elizabeth Lannister. Stepping out onto the stage, she takes Kyle’s outstretched hand and promptly twirls around slowly, showing off the intricate work on her robe. Dropping his hand, Elizabeth nods and starts to walk down the aisle, Kyle walking in stride next to her.

“Massive addictive
And suddenly I'm greatly affected
Like burning fire inside
My cyanide
Scared of losing my mind
Massive addictive
I'm totally completely afflicted
As I inspire the lie like a lullaby
Crawling around in my mind
My mind”

The pair slowly make their way down the aisle, Elizabeth’s gold and red robe flowing with each step she took, completely ignoring the fans on either side of her. As the pair walk, the spotlight changes so that the entire arena is soon engulfed in gold light.

Kat: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way to the ring, being accompanied by her manager Kyle Kilmeade…..from Scottsdale, Arizona…’THE LIONESS’ ELIZABETH LANNISTER!!

Once she reaches the ring she begins to climb the steel steps, with Kyle hopping up onto the apron and holding the ropes open for her. She carefully climbs through the opened ropes and steps into the middle of the ring, flipping her hair over her shoulders and sticking her arms out to the sides, her head tilted back, a confident smirk etched on her angelic features. She then returns her head to it’s normal position and unclasps her robe, shrugging it off as Kyle reaches forward to carefully hand it to a nearby stagehand. She then moves her arms back and forth to loosen up as the lights return to normal and the music begins to fade out.

Zack: Elizabeth brought about this match after she decided to make her move to the main roster known by joining Lacey to double team Emma after she picked up the win against Lacey at Unstoppable.

Mai: Elizabeth was clearly just trying to say hello, it all got misunderstood and lost in translation.

Some like beautiful, perfect and pretty
I see the good in the bad and the ugly.
I need the volume one louder than ten,
Put the pedal to the metal, needle to the red.

Halestorm’s “I Like It Heavy” plays over the speakers, bathing the arena in blue and black lights. From the back emerges Emma Mackenzie, attired as always in her denim shorts and black and blue top. Behind her is manager and husband, Ryan Mackenzie. Together they stand on the stage, at the top of the ramp while the woman takes in the reaction from the crowd.

Kat: On her way to the ring, from Glasgow, Scotland, weighing 135 pounds and accompanied by Ryan Mackenzie, please welcome EMMA MACKENZIEEEEEEEEE!

If the windows ain;t shakin’,
Makin’ my heart race,
If I can’t feel it in my chest I’m in the wrong damn place.
I got a demon in my soul, a voice in my head
Singing “go, go, go”
I can sleep when I’m dead.
There’s a sonic revelation, bringing me to my knees.
And there’s a man down below who needs my sympathy.
I got a ringin’ in my ears, getting ready to burst,
Screaming “hallelujah, motherfucker, take me to church”

The pair begin their walk down the ramp, with Emma moving to the beat of the music. She doesn’t catch any of the hands of fans reaching for her, either because she isn’t entirely aware they’re doing it...or habit. Reaching the bottom, Ryan pulls himself onto the apron while Emma climbs the stairs, and he allows her in.

The song promptly hits its chorus, and a much heavier, harder beat, which the blue-haired wrestler uses to dart across the ring and up onto the top turnbuckle, extending her arms which gets a pop from the crowd. With a grin, she jumps back down, meeting Ryan in her corner. The two discuss something while the music fades out.

Zack: There are few in FFW or any other company for that matter with the kind of record that Emma has, and I think Elizabeth might end up regretting her actions at Unstoppable by the time this is through.

Mai: I wish these two would just kiss and make up. Or kiss and make out, that I’d like to see to. They should just do that instead.

As Kat makes her way from the ring and the Houston crowd start to settle back into their seats, referee Jennifer Stringer completes a check of both women for anything untoward. Finding nothing she makes her way back to the centre of the ring and calls for the bell to get the match underway. Both women make their way to the centre and as they near it Emma speeds up to catch Elizabeth with a spear that knocks her all the way back into her own corner. The two women struggle for a moment, before Emma starts to get the upper hand and moves back just enough to drive her knee into Lannister’s mid section. The blue haired wrestler starts to unload with right hands into the side of Elizabeth’s head following that, prompting Stringer to call for a clean break. Emma lands another couple before she complies and steps back out of the way. She lets Elizabeth get a couple of steps out of the corner before she hits her with another knee into her gut to bend her forward and then drives her knee into her face to stand her back upright again.

Zack: Emma clearly hasn’t forgotten Elizabeth’s appearance at Unstoppable and is showing her the difference of meeting her head on.

Mai: I wish she wouldn’t go for the face like that. Elizabeth has such a prett face, it would be awful if anything happened to it.

The Houston crowd get behind Emma out of the two as she grabs Elizabeth by the arm and fires her across into the diagonally opposite corner. The Gold Standard member manages to stop herself from hitting the top turnbuckle face first by kicking her foot against the bottom, but before she can turn around Emma catches her from behind with a punch to her kidney region that freezes her in place. Spinning her around Emma hits her with another knee to the gut followed by an uppercut to stand her upright before she uses a double knee facebreaker to take her down. Elizabeth quickly gets back to her feet and narrowly avoids an oncoming forearm shot from the former Ultraviolence Champion, only to stand upright and straight into an elbow shot to the other side of her head. Elizabeth stumbles backwards but doesn’t get far before Emma grabs her by the wrist. The Chaotic Temptation team member pulls Elizabeth straight into a forearm smash to the jaw before she fires her across into the ropes. Elizabeth rebounds off them and Emma meets her in the middle of the ring with a standing dropkick that knocks Lannister straight back into the ropes again. She bounces off them for a second time and this time, Emma catches her for a snap suplex that sends her crashing to the canvas with a thud.

Mai: Still with the face! Seriously they could just work all this out and kiss and make up and nobody here would mind.

Zack: I don’t think Emma is very interested in that. There’s few people that it works to try and use them as a stepping stone, and definitely not with Emma.

Elizabeth takes a moment to pull herself together before she attempts to get back to her feet and when she eventually does, she quickly ducks again to avoid Emma’s elbow connecting with the side of her head. She looks a little smug as she stands back upright again only to get cracked across the jaw with another forearm smash. Emma starts to land them one after the other before she uses a discus punch to send Elizabeth back a couple of steps. The blonde tries to pull herself together but before she can fully recover Emma fires her across into the nearest corner and follows her in with a splash to pin her back against the turnbuckles. She starts to rain down punches into Elizabeth’s head and shoulders until Stringer calls for another break and Emma obliges by using a hip toss to bring Lannister out of the corner and sprawling to the mat.

Zack: This match has been all Emma so far and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be changing any time soon.

Mai: Elizabeth is just finding her stride and letting Emma tire herself out, that’s all it is. Nothing to worry about.

The Gold Standard team member starts to get back to her feet but barely makes it halfway before Emma pulls her the rest of the way and runs her across the ring to use a running bulldog to face plant her back on the canvas again. The Pretty Little Psycho rolls the blonde onto her back before she gets into position for a cover as Stringer slides into place for the count.

Mai: No! This can’t be over already. I wanna see some mounted action!



The count stops at the two as Elizabeth kicks out and as Emma starts to roll back to her knees, the blonde pulls her knees up to her chest and kicks out with both feet to send the blue haired wrestler rolling backwards away from her.

Zack: You’re right, it can’t be over. Elizabeth isn’t ready to stay down and she’s managed to create a little distance between herself and Emma.

Elizabeth scrambles back to her feet as Emma makes it to her knees and the Lioness moves quickly to drive her knee into the side of Emma’s head knocking her down to the canvas. The former Aspire Champion pulls the Chaotic Temptation team member back up to her feet and spins her around to lock her arms around her waist from behind, before using a German suplex to plant her back on the canvas. Pulling her up a second time, she uses another German suplex to put her back down before she bridges into a pin attempt as Stringer drops into position for the count.

Zack: I think Elizabeth might be a little premature with this cover, but you have to admire the confidence.



Emma kicks out forcibly just after the one, and Elizabeth rolls with the momentum straight back up to her feet again with a cocky smirk on her face.

Mai: It does take a whole load more than that to keep Emma down for a two count, nevermind a three.

Elizabeth leans back against the ropes as Emma shakes herself off and gets back up to her feet. As soon as she is fully upright, Lannister charges at her and buries her knee into the former Ultraviolence Champion’s abdomen forcing her to bend in the middle. Emma starts to stand up straight again, only to receive a spinning backfist to the jaw from Lannister that sends her reeling. A forearm smash across the jaw follows from Elizabeth before the blonde uses a drop toe hold to send Emma down to the canvas face first. The Houston crowd show their disdain for the blonde but she doesn’t seem to be too bothered by that at all. Kyle offers Elizabeth some advice from the outside and while he does Emma starts to rise behind her. Kilmeade points her out and Elizabeth takes a couple of steps across the ring before she uses a superkick to drop the blue haired wrestler back to the canvas again.

Mai: See! Elizabeth is starting to find her stride now, and that stride comes complete with superkick from those long….long...long legs.. Where was I going with that?
Zack: I think it’s best if we don’t find out. Ever.

Emma is quick to start getting back to her feet again and Elizabeth is ready and waiting to launch herself from the top turnbuckle with a missile dropkick that sends the former Ultraviolence Champion back into the ropes. She rebounds off and Elizabeth catches her with a reverse roundhouse kick to send her back down to the canvas. The blonde takes off towards the ropes and rebounds off them to land a leg drop across the blue haired wrestler’s chest before she hooks a leg for another cover.

Zack: Another cover for Elizabeth, and this one might have more luck than her last attempt. She could be about to pull off a massive upset here tonight.




Mackenzie kicks out just after the two and Elizabeth gets back to her feet, arguing with the referee that she’s counting too slowly.

Mai: Why would it have been an upset? Elizabeth is a talented wrestler and gorgeous and she has those legs that go all the way up.

Kyle warns Elizabeth that Emma is rising behind her and the blonde turns just in time to receive a punch to the jaw from the former Ultraviolence Champion. Emma keeps the shots coming, landing one after another but Elizabeth starts to fight back and the two trade blows back and forth until Emma catches Elizabeth by the head and drops her unceremoniously with a DDT. Elizabeth starts to get up and as she does, Emma picks her up and runs towards the corner looking for a snake eyes, but Lannister is having none of that and manages to wriggle free to land on her feet behind her just before they reach the corner. Before Emma can turn, Elizabeth uses a superkick to send her face forwards into the corner instead.

Mai: I for one am glad that neither of them smashed their faces into the turnbuckle, it would be a travesty!

Zack: A good escape from Elizabeth and she very nearly turned the tables on Emma, but you have to get up pretty early to do that successfully.

Mackenzie grabs the ropes to stop herself colliding and turns to leave the corner. She barely gets three steps out of the corner before Lannister comes off the ropes, jumps and attempts to apply a front facelock in the air, but Emma sees it coming and dodges out of the way of it leaving Elizabeth to get nothing but canvas. Emma doesn’t hesitate before she pulls Lannister up to her feet again and throws her face first into the ropes but she doesn’t let the Gold Standard team member rebound off them. Instead she follows her in and uses a low dropkick to the back of her legs to drop her down to her knees. Emma pulls her up to her feet and into a standing headscissors position bringing the Houston crowd to their feet with a pop. Emma falls backwards to deliver her headscissors DDT driving the blonde head first into the canvas. Quickly the blue haired wrestler hooks both of Elizabeth’s legs as Stringer slides in for the count.





Stringer gets back to her feet and calls for the bell as Emma rolls off the cover to push back up to her knees.

Kat: Your winner, via pinfall…………………...EMMA MACKENZIE!

Zack: Elizabeth put up a good fight tonight, but Emma’s experience advantage won the day, and the match.

Mai: It was her headscissors DDT actually.

As Emma gets back to her feet, Ryan gets into the ring and raises one of her hands while the referee raises the other. The crowd give Emma some applause as behind her Kyle pulls Elizabeth out of the ring and helps her up the ramp towards the back, the camera cuts back to Emma and Ryan in the ring before it cuts elsewhere.

Harley Gets Her Wish

Harley Shannon is shown not too far from the gorilla position as she gets ready to head out for her Fast Track Championship match in a few moments. Her preparation is interrupted by the Future Shock Director when he approaches. 

Adam: You got a minute or are you too deep in the zone? Or is there a zone?

Harley nodded her head.

Harley: I’ve got a minute or two before I head out there. Take my mind off whatever nerves I’ve got. How are you doing, Mr Grant?

Adam: I’m alright. I promise I won’t keep you long. I was just talking with Samantha a few minutes ago, and she made her next choice of opponents for 2nd Impact in November. You were chosen by me from the FFW roster, and she’s picking all the opposition from Future Shock.

Harley: Thank you for choosing me and giving me this chance to impress and test out the next generation? No...that feels wrong to say that….the next class of women that are following along behind me. You said Samantha’s made her next choice for the Impact show in November? The one that’s only available on FFW All Access and if people are watching this as, say a YouTube clip and haven’t signed up yet… well they really should. I mean they’d get to see me face Rose for the Fast Track Championship here on Sin & Sacrifice AND the 2nd Impact special in November and all of FFWs previous shows too.

Adam: I’m sure she’ll appreciate the plug. But I chose you because who better to test my roster than someone who’s done it all when she was there? That’s one reason I picked Gillie. Two former Future Shock champs? Who better! But anyway, I thought you might like to know who she has in mind. And that’s the Matriarchy’s Jacqui Minogue. 

Harley: Jacqui...okay then. I’ve been pretty impressed by her so far. Very impressive in the Nova Championship triple threat. She’s strong and talented; very determined and I’m certain she’ll want to make a huge splash by putting down a woman who has done it all in Future Shock. It’d be a massive feather in her cap. Though before she goes getting all over confident, she should probably remember that I was the first person in FFW to cause Isis to submit… so she may want to make sure that she’s done her homework and brings all the veteran wiles she might have accumulated while wrestling in Australia and trying to get your attention.

Adam: That’s not all. I also was told you got your wish about a match you’ve been looking for. At Global Wars, you’ll get your one on one rematch with Lacey. How about that?

Harley: YES!!! Good! After what happened the first time I faced her one on one with the referee and the blown call and all But… first….Rose and the Fast Track Championship. Then afterwards, I can’t wait to get to Global Wars to take that match back, wipe out that black mark on my record and even up the score with her.

Adam: There’s also a caveat though. From what I was told, Lacey will get a shot at the Fast Track Championship if you are the champion by the time we get to Global Wars. So there could be championship implications for you both, depending on how things go.

Harley: I wouldn’t expect anything less. I already said that Lacey arguably deserves a shot at the Fast Track Championship and IF I’m the Champion, IF I manage to beat Rose Gardner tonight - and I’m not taking anything for granted - I’d be happy to give Lacey her opportunity. I have no problem with the stakes getting raised ahead of Global Wars.

Adam: Given you know who will be in her corner, you may also want to bring--

Voice: I’ll be in her corner at Global Wars!

Adam and Harley look up to see Jake join them.

Adam: You will?

Jake: Sure! Look what happened the last time I was in the corner of someone facing the Gold Standard in a title match! Mara won, remember? 

Harley nodded and smiled.

Harley: I remember. You did an excellent job of making sure that it was a level playing field and I’d be honoured to have you in my corner at Global Wars doing the same thing. Maybe even being something of a good luck charm too. Thank you.

Adam: Well that settles that then. But you should stick back here with me for tonight. I don’t think Harley needs an extra set of eyes against Rose, only to be ready for whatever incarnation of a pop culture figure she might morph into before it’s over.

Harley: Yeah… it’s been… a challenge to prepare for literally anyone from all of pop culture...any fandom or fictional universe or...Yeah. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Adam: Good luck, we’ll be watching.

The crowd in the arena starts getting louder as they see Kat heading for the ring, and a graphic showing that the Fast Track title match is still to come.

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Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish and is a Tag Team match!!!

Zack: Well we’re about to see a first here, fans. A father/daughter tag team is a rarity in this business, and even more rare in FFW for all the obvious reasons. But that’s what’s coming up, and I got fellow Franchise member Angelina Fantastica on hand with me. Welcome to the booth. 

Angelina: Thanks for having me! We’re about to have a great match and I’m looking forward to watching Jo and Thomas McFarlane kick some ass. 

The opening bass line to AC/DC’s “War Machine” strums out of the speaks and through the system, causing the arena to be doused in green, white and gold lights and dry ice to come up from under the floor. The music gives way to the unmistakable sound of Angus Young’s guitars, then to the drums. With the song building in intensity, more dry ice comes. Eventually, two forms emerge from under the floor. Eventually the ice clears, showing Jo and Tommy McFarlane stood together on the ramp. A shillelagh in hand, Tommy taps it off the palm of his other hand while the jeering of the crowd picks up.

Kat: On their way to the ring, from Derry, Northern Ireland, please welcome the team of “The Rebel Child” Jo McFarlane and “The King of the North” Tommy McFarlane!

Push your foot to the floor,
Don’t need no more.
You been peekin’ all around
While they’re messin’ about.
Better catch your name, come on in!
Gimme that thing that feed you war!

War machine!
War machine!

Jo heads down the ramp without her father at first, only to stop about halfway down and turn to him. Tommy then starts his own way down the ramp and, meeting his daughter halfway, they finish the walk down together. Tommy takes up the stairs, then puts one foot on the bottom rope to allow Jo through, before then stepping through himself. Jo has removed her beanie and thrown it to the floor, and stands on the turnbuckle. She looks around, while Tommy watches her from their corner. Finally, she hos back down and joins him, where they discuss something between themselves as “War Machine” fades.

Zack: We are a few years removed from Tommy McFarlane being active in a ring, but both Andi and Nevaeh have run into issues with him in their meetings with Jo. And that brings us to tonight. 

Angelina: Listen, if two Hall of Famers want to blame Jo’s dad for the fact that they can’t get past Jo herself, that’s on them. And maybe next year we’ll induct people who don’t whine so much when they don’t get their way. It’s really touching to see Tommy out there with his daughter and you know, speaking as someone who lost her father at a young age, I’d give just about anything to have my dad out there with me the way Tommy is for Jo. This is a historical night, Zack, because we get to see Thomas McFarlane step into a ring for the first time in over a decade, and Andi and Nevaeh should be conscious of the honor that the McFarlanes are bestowing on them tonight.


The familiar call of one Andi Takata cues the start of her music, 'Setsunairo' by TokiwoIkiru , as her rising sun of a video plays on the screens.

# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War

As the real lyrics begin, The Lucky Star rises up from under that stage on a lift, hands held high to praise the sun on the video screen. And probably some of her highlights.

#Tobe, tobe, hitome o ki ni shite kakushita te, ōkikuhiroge
#Te, to te,  ga fureau koto o osorezu ni, habataiteyuke

Takata turns around to the crowd finally, pumping her fist in the air to rally them with her!

# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War

Takata dances to the next part, fist still going as her feet have her hopping around the stage.

# Deki nai, riyū o naraberu notte mechakucha, kantandakedo
# Sō janai akirameru no wa damedamedame kōkaishitakunai

Kat: INtroducing at this time, hailing from The Great Cosmos, she is a magical girl, the Genuine Space Princess and YOUR Sunshine Senpai…

# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War

Kat: The Lucky Star, Andiiiiiiiiiii Taaaaaaakataaaaaa!

# Susumitaikara!
Our Sunshine Senpai starts to dance her way down the ramp, clear of the stage, noticing all her kouhai in the cheaper seats!

# Taninu, dōshi, onaji pēsu ja ,1 ban ni wa narenai
# Ushiro, yubi wo, sasarete datte
# Hashiridashita mon ga katsu, torubeki michi wa tsu~~~

As the pyro shoots straight up  and pops behind her, The Lucky Star takes off for the ring, slapping hands on her way down the ramp and around the ring before coming back around!
# Itsu made mo  kowagattenna, kowagattenna
# Dōse itsuka hateru inochinara
# Tobikonde,  tobikondeike

 Andi hops up on the apron, dancing around more along to her song, as if performing it herself. Which, if you're within earshot, she is.

# Mizukara o  utagatte na, utagatte na
# Jinsei ichi do kirina dekara!
# Sakaratte , sakaratteike!
# Onnanara  mai chitte, mai chitte sake!

Takata pumps her fist some more, trying to get the ringside crowd involved from her spot on the apron, moving herself back and forth to capture EVERYONE.

# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War

Andi finally turns and hops over the top rope, running straight across, off the ropes and back again, putting both hands up into the air.

#Doki, doki, kanjiru kodō wa atsui mama, nagareteyuku
#Hon, kide, afureru koe wa “ madamadamada, konna monjanaize~~ ”
# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War

Takata takes off for a far side turnbuckle, singing along to the crowd while posing on the top turnbuckle.

# Namida, korae, fuanna yoru o, ikutsu koetekita ndarō
# Ten to, ten ga, sen ni tsunagaru  
# Shunkan shōmei shitai, mayō hima hanai~~

After a moment, Andi darts across to a turnbuckle nearer to the hard cam, and repeats her actions for the tv side before standing on the top turnbuckle itself to dance!

# Mizukara o  utagatte na, utagatte na
# Jinsei ichi do kirina dekara!
# Sakaratte , sakaratteike!
# Onnanara mai chitte, mai chitte, sake!

Zack: It’s hard to find someone who gets a louder reaction from the fans than Andi Takata, and it looks like---IT’S STARTING ALREADY!

Angelina: After all that Andi has said about Tommy and Jo leading into this match, are you really surprised?

Andi flips down from her perch up top, landing on her feet and throwing her arms up into her classic pose. As the song fades down on more of the 'war' chant, Tommy caught her with a kendo stick to the gut, following it up with a second and a third shot to her midsection; Jo joining in the attack with a pair of kendo stick shots herself across Andi’s back before Tommy stood Takata upright with a knee lift to her face, sending her stumbling back towards the ring ropes and gave a look to his daughter that saw the two of them skip forward and delivered a double superkick to the Space Princess that saw her fall through the ropes to the outside. 

Zack: The bell hasn’t rung yet, but Andi’s certainly in a fight! Tommy McFarlane certainly isn’t shy about getting his hands dirty! Nevaeh still hasn’t come out!

Angelina: Already proving herself to be as selfish and self-serving as she was before her suspension, Zack! Even without Silas Mason, Nevaeh is proof that a leopard can’t change its spots.

“Rise” by Sixx A.M. began to play throughout the arena; the lights blinking in sync with the lyrics of the music as Nevaeh stormed out onto the stage, the crowd cheered her on and the blonde immediately took off down the entrance ramp and stopped by Andi, helping her up to her feet as the pair looked towards the pair of McFarlane’s in the ring. Jo handed off her kendo stick to her father as she turned and set off towards the ring ropes, bouncing off them to build momentum and on her return she launched herself over the top rope with a somersault plancha that took both Andi and Nevaeh down to the floor on the outside. 

Zack: We still don’t have a bell, and the McFarlanes are working together like they team up all the time. Andi and Nevaeh need to regroup here.

Angelina: Of course they look like a well-oiled machine, Zack! They’re father and daughter, they’ve trained together for years! Tommy and Jo know each other inside and out and they trust each other in that ring no matter what happens. Andi and Nevaeh couldn’t hope to have this kind of chemistry.

Jo came back to her feet first on the outside and pulled Andi up to her feet where she introduced her face first into the ring apron before she rolled her back into the ring underneath the bottom rope where Tommy was waiting. The trainer from the Los Angeles Future Shock Center had put the pair of Kendo sticks in the McFarlane corner as the Space Princess re-entered the ring and he began to stomp away at her body as Malcolm Parks called for the bell with two competitors in the ring. On the outside, McFarlane targeted the rising Summers, catching her with stiff kicks to the body and head as Nevaeh came back to her feet only for Jo to quickly hoist her up off her feet and dropped her face first into the floor with a flapjack. Summers quickly looked to come to her feet but as she did so, Jo locked in a side headlock which she used to pull the World’s Finest forward and bulldogged her face first into the steel ring steps. 

Zack: You’d think this was a tag team street fight with the way it started off, but we’re underway now. And Nevaeh just got her features introduced a hundred pounds of steel steps.

Angelina: It’s not like it’s gonna do much damage.

In the ring, Tommy had dropped to his knees to wrap his hand around Andi’s throat, choking out the Space Princess as Parks demanded the break, using the five count to see the man release on four. Quickly he pulled Andi up to her feet, hooking her head and snapped off a suplex to take her down to the mat. Andi sat up and started to come to her feet as Jo headed around the outside of the ring to the McFarlane corner and Tommy delivered an elbow smash to the side of Andi’s jaw. Takata took a step backwards which allowed the patriarch of the McFarlane family to catch her once more with as he turned and delivered a back elbow to the side of her face, spinning around her as he did so and spun her around in order to whip her into the McFarlane corner. As the FFW Hall of Famer struck the turnbuckles he chased in behind her and delivered a running clothesline, only to back up a couple of steps and come charging forward once more with a running facewash boot. 

Zack: I guess I should have expected this kind of chemistry between them, but I’m still impressed at how well this team is working together. Well played to them, I didn’t expect this level of cohesion from either team.

Angelina: How could you not expect this from Jo and Tommy, Zack? Honestly. 

Tommy made the tag to his daughter before he pulled Andi out of the corner, scooping her upwards and dropping her over his knee with a backbreaker. He held her on his knee as Jo quickly climbed to the top rope and came off with a leg drop from the top rope across her chest. Tommy released the former Unity Champion, letting her drop to the mat before Jo made the cover, hooking her leg.

Zack: The McFarlanes are pitching a shutout tonight in Houston, much to our fans’ chagrin!



Angelina: No one ever said Andi Takata was smart - if she was, she would’ve stayed down for that three count and let the match end here!

Andi kicked out of the pinfall and was brought up to her feet by the former FFW Champion who delivered a headbutt to Takata. The Space Princess staggered backwards only for Jo to tag her with a spinning back fist to the jaw before she grabbed hold of the back of her head and pulled her downwards into a single knee facebreaker. The former Burning Star Express member popped back up off her opponents knee but the Franchise member barely let her get more than a step before she left her knee and used a monkey flip that sent Andi flying backwards into the corner, hitting the turnbuckles spine first before she slumped down to land on the canvas on her shoulders. Quickly Jo came to her feet as Takata was slumped upside in the corner with her feet in the air and McFarlane quickly charged towards her and delivered a baseball slide, catching her in the face that saw her tumble to the mat as Nevaeh pulled herself up onto the apron and into her corner. 

Zack: A vicious baseball slide while Andi was in that tree of woe, and her head snapped backwards like a Pez dispenser. 

Angelina: The Cosmic Princess is seeing stars now, that’s for sure!

Quickly Jo pulled her opponent back to her feet and took her down to the canvas with a snapmare takedown. As Andi sat upright, Jo delivered a stiff kick to her spine, followed by a second in quick succession. Takata rolled over onto all fours and began to push upwards, getting as far as one knee before the former FFW Champion hooked her head and dropped her into the canvas with a snap DDT. Andi immediately began to push herself up to her feet, Jo pulling her the rest of the way to a vertical base and whipped her back into the McFarlane corner. As Andi hit the turnbuckle pads once again, Jo left her feet to deliver a dropsault to her. The former Unity Champion slumped in the corner, as Jo tagged in her father and applied a stomach claw as Tommy stepped through the ropes and began to tag the Space Princess with stiff right hand jabs to the side of her jaw. Parks ordered Jo out of the ring, using the count and getting to four before she released the submission hold and stepped through the ropes to the outside.

Zack: This teamwork is something else. If Tommy fit the requirements, I’d be ready to say they deserve to be in Unity contention at this point. 

Angelina: If there was ever a competitor who deserved to have the rules bent for him, it’s Tommy! Just look at that seamless teamwork!

Tommy pulled Andi out of the corner once more only to scoop her up from her feet and send her rolling away over his head with a fallaway slam. Andi rolled through and started to rise back to her feet only for the male McFarlane to once more pull her upright, burying a couple of knees into her midriff before he used her hair to stand her up straight and went low, lifting her up around the waist over his shoulder before snapping her forward and driving her down into the canvas with an Alabama Slam. Takata’s back arched up off the canvas as she landed hard and Tommy dropped down on top of her, forcing his forearm across her throat as he hooked her leg for the cover.

Angelina: Thanks for coming out, Andi!




Zack: Andi survived the fall, but she could use a tag in the worst way. And I’m sure Nevaeh would be more than happy to oblige.

Andi kicked out of the pinfall and Tommy headed back towards the corner ignoring the referee’s confirmation of the count. Quickly he pushed up the inside of the corner to stand on the middle rope, waiting for Andi to rise to her feet before he leapt off with a double axe handle smash to the Space Princess only for Andi to sidestep it and catch him with a closed fist punch straight into his gut. He cradled his middle for a moment as he landed on his feet and took a step forward only for Andi to launch herself forward, grabbing hold of his head and drove him face first into the canvas as she landed on her knees facing him. Tommy quickly came back to his feet, Andi forcing herself to get back to a vertical base ahead of him and spun around, catching him with a palm strike to his jaw that put him on the back foot before she immediately hooked his head and jerked him down into an inside cradle for the pinfall.

Zack: Andi caught Tommy flush, and she’s looking to put a period on the match and give Nevaeh the rest of the night off!




Angelina: Unfortunately for Nevaeh Summers, it looks like she may have to actually work after all!

Tommy kicked out ahead of the three count and started to come back to his feet. He made it back to a vertical base at the same time as Andi managed to get her feet underneath her and she measured him for a moment before she sent him across the ring with a Japanese armdrag. McFarlane instantly rolled through and came back to his feet which saw Jo charge forward and catch him with a flying hip check - the butt butt. Tommy was sent a couple of steps backwards into the corner, Andi circling around in the middle of the ring and charged forwards towards the trainer, delivering a running yakuza kick to him in the corner. Takata stepped backwards for a moment, shaking her head at the man in disdain for just a second before she exploded into action, throwing a whole bunch of standing strikes in rapid fire combination that saw the trainer desperately try to cover up and protect himself. 

Zack: Andi’s found her second wind apparently, and Jo’s dad is finding strikes that remind me of E. Honda from the Street Fighter series with his Thousand Hand slaps!

Angelina: Oh please, like Tommy can’t withstand this? This is a warmup drill for him in the Future Shock Center! 

Andi stepped back, catching her breath for just a second after the furious combination of strikes before she launched herself towards him once again to drive a single raised knee into his midsection. As he looked to cover up, Andi once more changed up her target to deliver her UV Chops - a double over handed chop to his chest. He covered up and Parks ordered the former Unity Champion to let her opponent out of the corner. Andi obliged the referee as she pulled Tommy out of the corner, spun him around and used a reverse STO to send him into the turnbuckles face first with Sunstroke. Rolling away to the middle of the ring, Andi pounded the mat with her fists, establishing a rhythm before she called out “SOLAR BEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!” before she darted forward and delivered a double knee strike into Tommy’s shoulders, driving him chest first into the middle turnbuckle pads once more. Quickly Andi pulled Tommy upwards and rolled him up backwards into an O’Connor roll.

Angelina: ...does Andi think she’s a Pokemon now? C’mon Tommy, you got this!




Zack: I think she thought she had the win more than anything, but Jo saw fit to stop that.

Before the three count could be continued, Jo entered the ring and sent Takata sprawling forward with a forearm shot to the back of her head. As Andi landed on her knees, Jo, pulled her straight back upwards with a handful of her hair and jerked her upwards before dropping her down to the canvas with a reverse DDT.  Parks got in the face of the Franchise member and backed her up across the ring to the corner, threatening her with disqualification as he started the count. Jo stepped out of the ring at the referee’s instruction while the two legal wrestlers came back to their feet and Tommy managed to strike first, jabbing a thumb into Takata’s eye, following that up with a palm strike to her throat which caused her to gasp for air. Andi stumbled backwards and Tommy went straight for her, going low and wrapping his arms around her legs before he drove her down into the canvas with a spinebuster.

Zack: I’m starting to wonder why Tommy ever retired. I know he’s a trainer at the Center in LA, but training and competing are totally different animals. But look at him!

Angelina: Sometimes you need to walk away and come back to remind yourself how much you love it. But you’d never guess Tommy’s been out of competition as long as he has, would you? It’s like he never left!

Tommy rolled away to the ring ropes, using them to pull himself up to his feet and against the ring ropes and measured Andi up. He waited for Takata to get to all fours before he charged towards her, looking to deliver a punt kick to her head. Andi though saw it coming and countered the move by catching his foot and rolling through to snap off a dragon screw leg whip, sending him towards the McFarlane corner. As Tommy started to rise Andi pulled him into a Katamari roll - a rolling death cradle that saw her roll him around the ring a couple of times before finally coming to a halt in a pinning combination with Tommy’s shoulders on the canvas.

Zack: Tommy must feel like he got locked in the dryer on a spin cycle after all that rolling.




Angelina: Round and round and round they go, but will that stop McFarlane? Hell no!

Tommy kicked out, shoving his opponent away from him and sending her to the mat. Andi landed on her knees and looked around her before locking eyes on her partner in the corner.  Andi began crawling towards Nevaeh who was stomping her foot in the corner and slapping the top turnbuckle pads, getting the crowd solidly behind her partner. As the crowd were getting loud behind Andi, she started to crawl towards Nevaeh...and was pulled up short by the older McFarlane as he grabbed hold of her leg and jerked her upwards and backwards causing her to crash face first into the mat. Andi began to push her way upwards once more, getting pulled back to her feet again by Tommy as he wrapped his arms around her waist as he spun around looking to use a belly to belly suplex to send her back towards the McFarlane corner only for Takata to slam her arms into the side of his head as she bell clapped him around the ears. Another bell clap followed and as he released her, she grabbed hold of his head and dropped to her knees to connect with a jaw breaker. 

Zack: Do you think Andi and Nevaeh expected this much offense from Tommy? Because he’s done more than his own daughter, to this point, Angelina.

Angelina: I don’t think they did, Zack. I think they got complacent and I think they wrote off the old man and they’re paying for it now! And it’s nice of Jo to let her dad get all this action in - it’s his return to the ring, so I’m not surprised that Jo is being a gracious daughter and giving her dad this opportunity to show just what he can do.

Tommy reeled backwards, managing to stay on his feet and Andi measured up the Future Shock trainer for a superkick which he telegraphed before she threw it, getting his hands in front of his face to block it. Which allowed Andi to change her target as she delivered the superkick instead to his gut, followed by another to his knee, taking his leg out from under him and causing him to drop to one knee as his arms went to his body. Which allowed the Space Princess to connect with a third superkick - this one delivered to his face, dropping him to the mat. Quickly Andi turned towards her corner, staggered a couple of steps towards it as Tommy rolled and began to push up to his knees as the former Unity Champion dove full length and made the tag to the outstretched hand of Nevaeh Summers. 

Zack: And now the former Baby Peach has been tagged in! Andi could use the breather, and Nevaeh should be raring to go!

Angelina: ...is it bad that I kinda forgot she was in this match?

The World’s Finest stepped through the ring ropes and darted towards the rising Tommy, catching him on the point of his jaw with a running knee lift. It brought him back up to his feet, causing him to stumble backwards a step which allowed Nevaeh to grab hold of his hand and whip McFarlane into the ring ropes, catching him on the return with a big time Spinebuster. Immediately the Georgia native bounced right back up onto her feet and once again headed for the ring ropes, coming off them and came back towards the downed man to deliver a double knee drop into his chest just as he was about to sit up. Tommy rolled away and onto all fours before he started to push upwards. Summers was prepared to wait as she pulled him the rest of the way to his feet and then dropped him to the canvas with a back suplex. 

Zack: Tommy hasn’t had an answer for Nevaeh since she tagged into this match. Turns out getting your face driven into the steps tends to fire you up. 

Angelina: Or rattles your brain enough to make you not realize how hurt you are! Tommy will figure it out, trust me on that.

Tommy grimaced a little bit and found himself once again pulled up to his feet but the World’s Finest; the blonde beginning to lay into him with a series of knife edge chops that started to light up his chest, turning it a bright red colour as she forced him to stagger backwards into the corner. As his back hit the turnbuckles, Nevaeh lowered her shoulder and drove forwards with three shoulder charges into his midsection. Once more Tommy held his stomach for a second, leaning backwards against the pads once more which allowed Nevaeh to step up onto the middle rope and deliver an enzugiri to the side of his head. Tommy stumbled forward out of the corner, Summers letting him step beyond her before she left her feet to slam the Future Shock LA head trainer into the canvas with the Walk of Shame. Nevaeh quickly floated over to make the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Zack: Shades of my Future Shock broadcast partner, Steph Stefano, right there, and it may be the end of the night for the McFarlanes!




Angelina: Oh please, like Tommy’s gonna let that happen? It’s gonna take more than that to put away Daddy Mac, let me tell you.

Tommy kicked out once more, rolling away from his opponent as the referee showed Nevaeh the two count. McFarlane made it to his hands and knees and crawled towards the ropes, grabbing hold of the middle rope and leaned over it, holding his head as Nevaeh grinned and took off across the ring. Jo just missed connecting with a kick to Summers back as she bounced off the ring rope and came back towards Tommy, launching herself into a crossbody block to his back, driving the air out of him as she connected, causing him to gasp for air. As Neveah Summers rolled and came back to her feet she was immediately sent down to the canvas as Jo spun her around and caught her with a roundhouse kick to her face. Quickly Nevaeh started to come back to her feet but as she did so, Jo came off the ropes once more and took Summers down to the canvas with a headscissor takedown. As Jo came to her feet, Parks got in front of her, stopping her from continuing her offence and ordered her to head back to her corner. 

Zack: Jo’s giving her father a little recuperation time, legal partner or not. She’s about as fresh as a daisy too there on the apron, while her dad has done most of the work.

Angelina: It’s her dad’s night! And like any good daughter, she’s got her father’s back even if the ref is being a dick about it for no good reason.

As the daughter of the McFarlane duo argued the call, Parks started the five count which saw Jo retreat - albeit slowly and still arguing with the referee. Nevaeh gave Jo a cold look as the red haired woman was still backing up towards the corner arguing with the official who was slow counting her. The World’s Finest headed towards Tommy who had managed to pull himself up to his feet and as Nevaeh neared him, he fired off a mule kick that caught the blonde right between the legs, momentarily dropping her down to one knee. As Nevaeh began to rise to her feet, she was bowled back down to the canvas by Tommy bouncing off the ring ropes as he delivered a battering ram headbutt to her chest. As Neveah began to rise, Tommy picked at his wrist tape and pointed the referee towards Andi, telling him to make sure she was holding the tag rope, giving the wily veteran time to unwind his wrist tape and wrap it around Nevaeh's neck, hiding it from the referees view a moment before Parks turned back to the action by applying a standing headlock.

Angelina: Veteran move from Daddy Mac there! Gotta do whatever it takes to get the win, and Tommy’s showing just how savage he can be when he sees his opportunity.

Zack: If there’s a sneaky way to do a little extra damage, Tommy knows it and may have come up with it at some point.

Tommy wrenched the hold in tighter as The World's Finest gasped for air, starting to turn red in the face and marched the blonde over to the McFarlane corner where he made the tag. He kept the hold applied as Jo entered the ring and immediately started to fire closed fist right hands into Nevaeh's ribcage. The official ordered Tommy out of the ring and began to count him down only to see the man deliver a short punch straight to Summers nose as he released the hold and stepped out to the apron, pulling the rest of the tape from his wrist, rolling it into a ball and throwing it into the crowd. In the ring Jo delivered a spinning back kick to Summers midriff. It saw the blonde step backwards from the blow which allowed Jo to follow up by hooking her head and jerking her towards the ropes, pushing off against them to deliver a Tornado DDT. Quickly the Franchise member rolled her opponent onto her back and made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so. 

Zack: Jo’s finally in this match legally, and she’s ready to finish what her father started.



Angelina: That should have been it right there! Are we sure this guy was counting at the right speed?

Nevaeh kicked out ahead of the three count and found herself brought back to her feet by her fellow Hall of Famer who sent the World’s Finest into the McFarlane corner once more with an Irish whip. Summers hit the turnbuckle pads as Jo backed up and gave Andi a verbal volley of insults before she turned back towards the Atlanta native and took off towards her. As Jo neared, she left her feet for a splash...and ate a mouthful of boot leather as Nevaeh managed to get her feet up in the nick of time to meet Jo in midair. It caused Jo to back up a couple of steps which saw Nevaeh came out of the corner and take the red haired wrestler to the mat with a clothesline. Jo quickly started to rise again and as she did so Neveah jerked her forwards into a short arm clothesline. Jo began to rise once more only to get three raised knees driven into her body by the World’s Finest as she helped her the rest of the way to her feet and sent her across the ring into the ropes. McFarlane bounced off them and came back towards the blonde who left her feet and delivered a standing dropkick that sent the red haired woman down to the canvas. Neveah rolled to her knees and held her arms outstretched.


Zack: Well this Houston crowd is clearly behind Nevaeh, and letting her know about it. I might soak up the adulation after the match though.

Angelina: ...They’re also Texans fans, Zack. It’s not like this crowd knows quality when they see it. And as for Nevaeh, of course she’ll take the moment to bask in the spotlight these people are giving her. She can’t resist!

Neveah grinned and got back to her feet only for Tommy to step up on the bottom rope and reach over the top to grab hold of her blonde hair in two hands, pulling her back towards the corner. Summers turned her body towards the corner, twisting as he kept hold of her hair and looked to catch him with a shot to his body only for Tommy to sidestep it to avoid it, she threw another only for the man to step off the apron, snapping her throat first over the top rope as he released his hold on her hair. Nevaeh reeled backwards, coughing and gasping for air and as she spun around, Jo was already back on her feet and came quickly forward to deliver a shotgun dropkick to the chest of the American wrestler, sending her falling backwards into the corner. 

Zack: Being the legal partner in the match hasn’t been a concern for either of the McFarlanes! You almost have to have eyes in the back of your head with them. 

Angelina: For all the mess they talked about Jo and Tommy, you’d think Andi and Nevaeh would have remembered that they are up against two wildly talented and creative individuals who aren’t afraid to push boundaries to get the job done. 

Tommy returned to the apron as Jo was firing off rapid fire kicks into Nevaeh’s midsection while holding onto the top rope and gave his daughter some instructions; the red haired girl not appearing to listen as she continued to fire kicks into her body while the referee counted her down to get the break. Jo stepped away on four, only to step forward immediately and raised her boot to press it against her throat. Parks again stepped in and ordered the break, not getting it from the Franchise member and started to use the count instead. He got to four before McFarlane stepped away. While the official reprimanded Jo for her actions, Tommy took full advantage of his eyes not being on Nevaeh to deliver three stiff jabs into the Atlanta native’s kidneys. The blows saw Nevaeh freeze up which allowed Jo to jerk her out of the corner and straight into a codebreaker. As Summers bounced off her knees to the canvas, Jo kipped to her feet and headed for the ring ropes, coming off them with a springboard into a moonsault, landing it perfectly and allowing Jo to pin her fellow Hall of Famer, hooking the leg as she did so.

Angelina: Have you ever seen anything so beautiful in your entire life, Zack?




Zack: Well Nevaeh hit that same move a little earlier. She’s still got some gas left in the tank, and we’re not done yet.

Neveah kicked out at the last moment and Jo shook her head as she was shown the two count by the referee, telling him that it should’ve been a three but not arguing the point too ferociously as she brought Nevaeh up to her feet and lifted her into the BANG! Wheelbarrow facebuster. Quickly Jo rolled her foe to her back and made the cover again.

Zack: There goes the BANG!! And that could be Nevaeh’s chances of winning as a result of it!




Angelina: Clearly that shot with the stairs hasn’t done Nevaeh any favors! She doesn’t even realize she should’ve stayed down for the count!

Before the three count could be completed, the cover was broken up; Summers rolling her shoulder at the same time as Andi came into the ring and caught Jo with a dropkick to the side of her head. Jo rolled and came to her feet quickly enough as Parks looked to get Andi out of the ring, only for the Space Princess to evade him with a spin that turned into a spinning palm strike that caught Jo perfectly on the point of the jaw, dropping her to the canvas. This time Parks managed to get in her face only for Takata to shove him out of the way and duck underneath an attempted lariat clothesline from Tommy. As the male McFarlane stopped and spun around, Andi left her feet and caught the veteran with a pele kick to the top of his head, dropping him to one knee. The Space Princess quickly came back to her feet and headed for the ring ropes, bouncing off them and as Tommy came back to a vertical base, Andi left her feet and wrapped her legs around his head, using her momentum to spin around and around and around and around him before she snapped off an orbiting headscissors, which sent him through the ring ropes and to the outside. As Tommy brought himself back to his feet on the outside, just in time to catch a suicide dive from Andi. 

Zack: Andi damn near went into orbit, and Tommy definitely did! I wonder how many of his students at the Center are cheering for him...or against him right now!

Angelina: If they don’t want to do burpees until they die, they’ll be rooting for him - just like I am, Zack!

In the ring, Jo had pulled Neveah from all fours to her feet and looked to send her into the ring ropes only for Summers to reverse the Irish whip. As Jo went running Neveaeh followed in behind her, Jo stopped as she bounced off the ropes and turned around only to receive a forearm smash from the World’s Finest right to her jaw. Jo hit the canvas and instantly pulled herself back up to her feet only to get another forearm smash as the Georgia native came off the ropes towards her once again. Again Jo came to her feet quickly and took a wild swing at her opponent who ducked beneath it and ghosted behind the red haired combatant and delivered a jumping neckbreaker. After landing the move, both women were laid out on the canvas, Malcolm Parks checked on both competitors and began a ten count.

Zack: After all we’ve seen, no one in the Toyota Center or watching on FFW All Access wants to see a double knockout here. Who’s gonna get up first?

Angelina: Jo, obviously. Are you even watching the same match as me right now?

Jo started to rise, coming slowly to all fours, then to her knees and finally to her feet as the referee’s count reached seven. McFarlane started to get her balance as the referee’s count on Neveah reached eight and a half and suddenly the blonde kipped up to her feet. Jo stared at her for a moment and swung a punch towards her face only for Neveah to block it and deliver a shot of her own. Jo staggered a step only to come back with another haymaker right that Summers once more blocked and this time she took Jo down to the canvas with a hiptoss that she followed up with a knee drop to her prone opponent. Quickly Nevaeh came back to her feet as Jo scrambled to get to her feet and Summers delivered a kick into her midsection before she hooked Jo’s head, lifted her upwards and dropped her to the canvas with a brainbuster. Neveah forced herself back to her feet quickly and as she did so, leapt into the air and delivered a perfect standing moonsault to McFarlane’s body. The World’s Finest hooked the leg as she went for the pinfall and Parks slid into position to count.

Zack: A flawless moonsault from the heavens, and Jo may be done!




Angelina: McFarlanes never say die, Zack! Jo’s not done yet, not by a long shot!

The Franchise member rolled her shoulder at the last moment to break up the pinfall and found herself dragged back to her feet and towards Andi in the corner. Summers made the tag to bring her partner back into the action and the two wrestlers worked together, both hooking the arms of the Franchise member and snapped off a double side Russian legsweep that took her down to the canvas. Parks told Summers to leave the ring and immediately got his wish granted as the blonde stepped out and Andi pulled Jo up to her feet and straight into the Caramellplexin’. As she pulled McFarlane to her feet, she forced her to sway from side to side, performing the dance before finally snapping off a dragon suplex. McFarlane hit the canvas hard and rolled backwards, coming up to her knees. Andi called out “SHINING STAR!!!!” before she came forward looking to deliver a shining wizard to the red haired woman. At the last moment Jo ducked her head beneath the intended strike, causing Andi to miss. The Space Princess landed on her fee, her momentum spinning her around to face away from Jo who popped up to her feet behind Andi and landed a reverse sit out facebuster. Quickly McFarlane leaned forwards to hook her foes legs to make the pinfall. Before Neveah could make the save Tommy jerked her ankles out from underneath her to pull her from the apron to the floor.

Angelina: That’s my girl! Never turn your back on Jo, Andi! You should know this!




Zack: That’s gotta be instinct on Andi’s part there. I’m not sure she was cognizant enough otherwise. 

Andi rolled the shoulder a moment before the count was completed. Jo rolled away to the ropes and started to pull herself upright, waving Takata up to her feet. On the outside Tommy looked to throw a right hand towards the World’s Finest but Nevaeh managed to get her hands to block it and answered with a kick to the gut. As he bent over, Summers hooked both his arms and dropped him to the floor with the Grand Finale DDT before Nevaeh rose to her feet and came back to the apron. In the ring the Space Princess was coming back upright, getting her feet underneath her and as she did so Jo raised her left hand in a fist, signalling for the Hand Grenade - which came next as the Franchise member darted forward and left her feet looking for the spinning headscissors...only for Andi to duck down underneath the attempt. 

Angelina: Oh stop running away and just accept your fate, Andi!

Jo hit the canvas and quickly popped back up to her feet only for Andi to attempt to catch her with a spinning elbow strike. McFarlane ducked underneath it and immediately went to grab hold of Andi, lifting her up for the BANG! Wheelbarrow facebuster...only for Takata to wiggle free of her foe’s grip, landing on her feet and went to counter with the Space Crusher!!!

Zack: Andi’s looking for a SPACE CRUSSSHHAAAAAAAAAAAA--NOO!!

Angelina: Counters on counters! What did I tell you, Zack? Jo’s got an answer for everything Andi’s throwing at her. 

...Which Jo managed to counter, shoving Andi away and causing her to strike heads with Nevaeh Summers. The World’s Finest fell backwards to the floor as Andi reeled backwards towards Jo who kicked her in the gut to double her opponent over, quickly pulling her forwards and lifted her up, taking a page from her father’s playbook as she slammed the Space Princess into the canvas with the Rampant Lions spinning release powerbomb. As it landed Jo quickly made the cover, hooking her opponent’s leg as she did so.

Zack: That’s her Dad’s old finisher, RAMPANT LIONS!! 




Angelina: Like father, like daughter! Pulling out Daddy Mac’s old move and hitting it perfectly! 

The referee completed the count and called for the bell as Jo rolled to the side. As the bell sounded Jo rolled out of the ring and headed towards her father, helping him back up to his feet. 

Kat: Here are your winners, by way of pinfall...TOMMY and JO MCFARLANE!!!!!

Zack: The fans may not want to admit it, but Tommy McFarlane has still got it!  And he may have never lost it! Either way, the McFarlanes have made history tonight!

Angelina: Oh he definitely never lost it. I used to train under him at the Future Shock Center in LA, way back when. Never count anyone out in this business, Zack. I’m proud of Jo and Tommy tonight, Zack, and it makes me genuinely happy that Jo got to share a moment like this with her father.

The crowd booed them as the referee slipped out of the ring and held the McFarlane’s hands in the air while Nevaeh slid into the ring to check on Andi, pulling her upwards as they stared at the victors on the outside of the ring.

Good Luck, Harley! -XOXO Lacey

A close up of half of the Future Shock Tag Titles can be seen before the shot pulls back to see it resting comfortably on Lacey’s lap. And the redhead is sat on a couch next to her manager as Kyle reaches across and gives the title a pat. 

Kyle: So how do you feel about the fact that at Global Wars you get to add yet another title to your collection? Did you hear the news earlier? If Harley wins the Fast Track title, you’ll challenge her for it at Global Wars. She wanted a rematch after all.

Lacey: I feel great that I potentially get that chance..but less so that I need to actually hope that Harley wins, because.. Ugh. 

The redhead rolls her eyes, looking a little disgusted at the thought. 

Lacey: Not that I’d want Rose to win anymore than her anyway. Really, what a let down of a match. Harley and Rose. They should both just forfeit and give the title a chance to find a real home. 

Kyle nodded in agreement as he looked back to the camera.

Kyle: Harley, there’s a big hole in your argument about bad referee calls. I know you hang your hat on the fact that your leg might have been on the rope. Okay, it was. But the important question in your first match with Lacey is… were your shoulders down for a three count? The answer to THAT question is yes. They were down for three. No question. And all that gusto about wanting some payback in your tag match against the greatest tag team in Future Shock today? Well we saw what happened there when Lacey put your partner away too. Was her foot on the rope too? Or did she get pinned just like you? 

Lacey: I used to find it amusing the way everyone seems to have an excuse when one or more of the Gold Standard beat them, but now, it’s just starting to become tedious. What is so difficult in saying the truth? We’re just that much better. See?! I said it with no problem, because it’s NOT THAT HARD!

Kyle: Everyone always thinks they are better, faster, whatever. Harley and Lilly, same goes for the Dragons over in Future Shock. The only problem with it is that none of them have been able to back it up. They all line up, they all fall down. So congratulations, Harley. You got your big rematch at Global Wars. We just need you to make it interesting by winning that title, because honestly that’s the only part of it that intrigues Lacey or I. She’s already defeated you when nothing was on the line. So make sure you get it, otherwise the next time is going to give you even more to be upset over, I promise. 

Lacey: As much as it pains me to say this… good luck tonight, Harley. I’m rooting for you. So that at Global Wars I can have the personal pleasure of removing the Fast Track Championship from you, while you once again look at the lights, wondering what you have to do to be even half as good as I am on my worst day. Sucks to be you, boo. 

That brings a grin to Kyle’s face as he hears it, and the show cuts back to ringside for the Fast Track Championship match. 

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Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish and it is for the FFW FAST TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP!

As Seven Notes in Black by the Vince Tempera Orchestra begins to play, Harley Shannon appears on the stage wearing a leather jacket over her ring attire, with her tied up in a bun, held in place with a pair of chopsticks. Harley stands quietly in the spotlight as the song stops playing.

Kat: Weighing in at 122 lbs, standing 5’6” tall and coming from Hanover, New Hampshire...HARLEY SHANNON!!!

After a couple of moments of silence the song starts up once more - with a more eerie tone and at that moment Harley starts off down the ramp, shedding her leather jacket before reaching back and pulling the chopsticks out of her hair and shaking her head to let her bright, flame red hair fall down around her shoulders. As she got to the bottom of the ramp, the girl picked out a young fan at ringside, giving the chopsticks to the fan before she slides into the ring and pops to her feet. Heading for the corner, Harley climbs to the middle rope, throwing her hands up in the air to get cheers from the fans before she drops back down to the canvas and waits for the match to begin.

Zack: Harley won her shot at the Fast Track Championship at Unstoppable when she managed to pick up a win against Areum Jijang. Tonight she’s looking to turn that shot into a Championship reign.

Lacey: I hope she does, because that way I can have the pleasure of taking it off her when I beat her… again.

The dance beats of DJ Cutman's "I"m The Boss" blare through the sound system as lights blink in white, baby blue and purple. Skipping and bopping to the beat, Rose Gardner comes out from the back, opening her arms in an airplane stance as she reaches the top of the ramp, stopping and staring into the crowd. She pats the main plate of the championship belt she proudly wears around her waist before she makes her way down the ramp, highfiving as many fans as possible in the way. As the chorus of the music approaches, she darts to the ring and hops onto the second rope, showing off for the crowd, pointing to herself with her two thumbs as the lyrics say...

I'm the boss!
I'm the boss!
I'm very, very sorry for your loss!
I'm the boss!
I'm the boss!
And just in case I didn't get the point across

Kat: And her opponent, from World 8-8, standing at 5'4"... She's the DEFENDING FFW FAST TRACK CHAMPION... ROSE GARDNER!!!

Poison then removes her sunglasses and throws it into the audience for some fan before hopping down to the ring and bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Zack: Rose has the chance to get her first successful defence tonight, following her impressive victory in the ladder match at Unstoppable.

Lacey: It’s a travesty that she won at all to be honest. It should have been Valerie, but that will all be rectified if Harley does her part correctly tonight.

As Kat makes her way out of the ring and the Houston crowd settle down for the upcoming match, referee Ashley Pruitt accepts the Fast Track Championship from Rose and shows it to Harley before she lifts it high above her head getting a pop from the live crowd. She hands the championship off to sit in the timekeepers area for the duration of the match. As soon as the title is safely out of the ring, Pruitt calls for the bell to get the match underway. Both women make their way to the centre and share a handshake, and wish each other luck before they get straight down to business with a collar and elbow tie up. After a few moments of back and forth struggle, the slightly taller Harley starts to get the upper hand. As the tie up breaks Harley strikes quickly with an elbow to the jaw that makes Rose have to quickly adjust her footing. A matching pair follow that knock the Champion back a couple of steps before Rose blocks the next one. The Cosplay Princess goes for a forearm smash of her own but Harley catches her by the arm and straight away slaps on a wrist lock.

Zack: Harley is taking an early lead here, but the Champion isn’t going to let her get all her own way.

Lacey: I can’t believe I actually need to hope that Harley wins this. Personally I’d be calling for a giant meteor here under any other circumstances.

Rose starts swinging with her free hand but Harley manages to dodge them mostly, until a well timed kidney shot freezes her in place long enough for Gardner to free her arm from the wrist lock. Rose quickly sets to unloading a volley of forearm shots that land across Harley’s jaw and manage to push her backwards. Shot after shot in quick succession hits before the flame haired wrestler is pushed back into her corner. As soon as she is, the Champion grabs her by the wrist and fires her across to the opposite corner. Shannon hits back first and the Cosplay Princess follows her in, stepping up the ropes beside her to deliver an Enziguri that sends New Hampshire native stumbling forwards out of the corner to her knees.

Lacey: Why am I not surprised that Harley’s let Rose steal her upper hand?! If she could just buck the traits of a lifetime and not be loser tonight, that would be great.

Zack: The match has barely even started yet, I think it’s a bit early to be calling Harley a loser, not that you should call her that at any time anyway, since she most definitely is not.

Rose follows her out to hit her with a big boot to the back to send the flame haired girl collapsing forwards to the mat. With no hesitation at all, Rose dabs for the equally split Houston crowd, before she grabs Harley’s foot to apply an ankle lock, she starts to fall to the mat looking to scissors her leg for good measure, but as she falls Harley kicks with her free leg making Rose release her ankle lock. Rose rolls up to her knees as Harley gets herself back up to her feet and immediately hits the Champion with a knee to the side of the head to send her reeling. Coming off the ropes behind her she delivers another to the back of her head sending her rocking forwards before she comes off the far side ropes with a third knee to the head that flattens Gardner back to the canvas.

Zack: See, as quickly as it turned in Rose’s favor it’s back in Harley’s favor. These two are fairly well matched and each is as determined as the other.

Lacey: Could they just hurry it up? I have better things to do than watch them play pattycake for the next three hours.

The Champion doesn’t stay down for long, getting straight back up to her feet, only for Harley to meet her with an elbow shot that catches her off guard. Pulling the Cosplay Princess forwards, Harley unleashes a trio of knee strikes into her ribs before she grabs her arm and whips her across into the nearest corner. Rose collides with the turnbuckles back first and Harley follows her in with a running splash that crunches her against the turnbuckles. The flame haired wrestler pulls the Cosplay Princes out of the corner, only to fire her across into the diagonally opposite. Harley follows her in with a running knee to the gut that bends her double before another knee shot under her chin from Harley stands her back upright. Rose covers up and manages to land a forearm smash across Harley’s jaw to push her back a couple of steps.

Lacey: If she loses control of the match again here, I’m not liking the chances of her doing what she needs to do to win this and start the ball rolling for the Championship to come home to the Gold Standard.

Zack: Come home? That would suggest it had ever been in the Gold Standard in the first place. Which it hasn’t.

Rose quickly starts to make her way out of the corner, but she only manages to take a couple of steps before Harley catches her arm and again whips her into the ropes. The Cosplay Princess rebounds off at speed and the challenger catches her with a standing dropkick to the chest that knocks her back into the corner. Shannon again follows her into the corner with a running knee that audibly knocks the wind out of her before Harley uses a hip toss to bring her out of the corner and then grabs her head and neck as she is falling to execute a neckbreaker, falling down to the mat with her and immediately hooking a leg for the cover, as Pruitt slides into place for the count.

Zack: Harley is looking to call time on this match early, but as good as that neckbreaker was, I don’t think Rose is done just yet.



The count stops just after the one as Rose pops her shoulder up and Harley rolls back to her knees looking to get back to her feet.

Lacey: If I’d been doing that it would have been a three count. Harley just can’t do anything right, can she?

Rose rolls away from the cover towards the ropes and when she reaches them she grabs onto them and uses them to bring herself to her feet, giving herself a shake off as the Houston crowd is still equally supporting both the Champion and Challenger. Harley gets back to her feet a moment before Rose also makes it back to a vertical base. The redhead closes the gap between them quickly and goes for a discus forearm but Rose manages to narrowly avoid it by dodging her head to the side. The challenger narrowly stops herself from losing her balance from the missed shot and straightens up only for Rose to be waiting for her with a right hook.

Lacey: I think that might have loosened a couple of teeth, it might end up actually being an improvement.

Zack: I’m not sure how you think that works… but that was quite the impact from Rose. Harley will be feeling that in the morning.

Another right hook follows, then a left hook, then a right… then another left. Rose keeps the boxing hooks landing in quicks succession until Harley has started to look slightly disoriented and then she spins the former Future Shock Champion around again to use a German suplex to dump her on the canvas. Rose keeps her grip and rolls through for a second… then a third… then a fourth. On the fifth one in a row, Rose leaves Harley laying on the canvas and gets back to her feet measuring the downed challenger.  The Champion leaves her feet to land a standing frog splash perfectly across the flame haired wrestler’s chest. She hooks a leg as Pruitt again slides into position.

Zack: That was a beautiful standing frog splash from the Champion and this could mark her first successful defence.



The count stops before the two is complete as Harley kicks out prompting Rose to get back to her feet and dab for the live crowd.

Lacey: I don’t know what I was worried for then. Harley’s too stupid to stay down for three and Rose doesn’t have the right stuff to keep her there.

Rose soaks in the love from the crowd for a moment, but when she sees Shannon halfway back to her feet and rising, she takes off across the ring towards her to deliver a bicycle kick that plants her back on the canvas. The Cosplay Princess keeps going to the opposite ropes and bounces off them to deliver a running somersault senton that lands perfectly across the former Future Shock Champion’s chest. She hooks a leg for the cover again as Pruitt once again gets into position.

Lacey: Don’t you dare let her win here, Harley. For once in your life, do something right.




Harley gets her shoulder up before the three again and Rose immediately rolls off the cover and straight out of the ring, getting a pop from the crowd as they realise what is happening.

Zack: Looks like you got your wish, but I highly doubt she did that for your benefit.

After a bit of noise and clatter coming from under the ring, Rose emerges from under the apron wearing a black leather outfit with black and red wig and green body paint quickly applied to her legs, chest and face. The crowd immediately cheering as they recognise the Guardians of the Galaxy character, Gamora. 

Zack: As always Rose doesn’t disappoint with her cosplay, Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy will have Rose channelling her inner badass.

Lacey: Has nobody told her Halloween isn’t until the end of the month, and it doesn’t last all year long.

Gamora Rose climbs back into the ring to find herself face to back with the challenger. Spotting the opportunity for another German suplex, Gamora rose attempts to wrap her arms around the flame haired wrestler’s waist, but Harley dodges to the side of her, leaving Gamora Rose to get nothing but air in her grasp as she stumbles forward. The Challenger manages to knock Rose back half a step with a well timed elbow to the side of the head, before she fires her across into the near side ropes. The Cosplay Princess bounces off and the New Hampshire native catches her on the rebound and uses a judo throw to send her down to the canvas. The former Future Shock Champion takes off to the ropes and uses them to build up momentum before she comes back with a leg drop across Rose’s chest. She gets herself into position for a cover as Pruitt drops down for the count.

Lacey: Could she be about to make me a very happy woman?




The Champion gets her shoulder up before the three can be counted and Harley immediately gets back to her feet, not needing to check with the referee for clarification. 

Zack: Depends if that’s what you wanted to happen or not.

Lacey: Not, Zack. Use your brain. I’m assuming you have one in there… somewhere.

Rose rolls to the ropes and rests against them for a moment to take a couple of deep breaths, and then uses them to support herself as she gets back up to her feet. Harley spots that Rose is upright and bolts towards her looking to hit her with a forearm smash but Rase narrowly manages to avoid it causing the challenger to hit the ropes chest first. Shannon rebounds off them at speed and cracks the Cosplay Princess with a forearm shot across the back of the neck and then grabs her by the shoulders to spin her around. The flame haired wrestler lands another two elbow shots to the side of Rose's head before she grabs her arm and fires her across into the opposite ropes. The Champion rebounds off and Harley catches her to deliver a t-bone suplex to drive her into the canvas. The challenger immediately gets into position for a cover prompting Pruitt to slide back into position for the count.

Zack: A picture perfect T-Bone Suplex and we could be about to see a change of Champion.




Rose gets her shoulder up just before the three is complete and shoves Harley away from her forcefully. The challenger lets herself roll with the momentum and takes a moment to compose herself before starting to get back to a knee.

Lacey: Oh for heaven’s sake. Do I have to go and do this myself?! Really? What’s so difficult about keeping Rose Gardner down for three?

Gamora Rose gets fully back to her own feet just as Harley is getting back to a knee and bolts quickly towards her to deliver a bicycle kick that flattens her back down to the canvas again. She starts to pull herself up again, and Rose reaches down to pull her the rest of the way before she fires her across into the corner. As the challenger hits back first, Rose measures and follows her in with a running handspring into an Enziguri that dazes the New Hampshire native and causes another loud pop to come from the Houston crowd split evenly for the two women. Gamora Rose pulls Shannon of the corner and into a forearm smash, before she takes a couple of steps back and uses a roundhouse kick to drop the challenger like a rock.

Zack: SONIC SPIN! And Rose is putting the pressure on Harley now. This is going to be a retention.

Lacey: She can keep on spinning right out of the ring.

Harley pulls herself back up and shakes herself off, only for Gamora Rose to grab her seconds later to hit a jumping facebuster to put her straight back on the mat. Gardner measures to make sure she isn’t getting straight back up before she lands another standing frog splash on the downed challenger. Hooking the leg for the cover again, the crowd come to their feet as Pruitt slides in.

Zack: A second standing frog splash and there’s no way Harley’s going to get up from that.




Harley kicks out just in time and Rose sits back on her knees and looks to the referee for clarification. She holds up two fingers, and gets a slightly frustrated nod of acknowledgement from the Cosplay Princess.

Lacey: Thankfully, just like most of the time, you’re wrong, Zack.

The Cosplay Princess makes it back to her feet, leaving Harley still down on the mat, but not for long as she straight away heads towards pulling her up. As she bends to do just that, Harley grabs Rose's legs and pulls to bring her crashing down to the canvas to land on her back with a thud that echoes around the arena. Harley gathers herself before beginning to get back to her feet, just as Rose is starting to do the same. Harley reaches her feet before Gamora Rose and before the Champion can fully straighten, Shannon catches her with a knee into her ribs that bends her over. A forearm smash across her back follows from the redhead, before she uses another knee strike, this time into her jaw to stand her back upright again. Rose tries to get her bearings but Harley doesn’t let her before she fires the Champion across into the ropes.

Lacey: If she can actually manage not to mess this up here, she might actually do something she’s not used to lately and win.

Zack: Harley has an exemplary record but I wouldn’t count Rose out just yet if I were you. The bell hasn’t rung yet.

Rose rebounds at speed and Harley meets her with a flash kick to the jaw, into a roundhouse kick. Gamora Rose falls to her knees and Harley connects a backward thrust kick to her jaw flattening her to the canvas. Shannon immediately gets into place for the cover, hooking both legs as Pruitt once again gets into position.

Zack:  ERUPTION!! Harley’s got the cover, new champion in three!




Pruitt gets to her feet to call for the bell as Harley rolls off the cover looking a little shell-shocked.


Zack: Either one of these women could have been leaving here tonight with the title, but Harley Shannon has done it. She’s picked up her first Championship on the FFW main roster and congratulations to her.

Lacey: I hope she doesn’t get too attached to it, because I plan to have that to add to my collection.

Harley gets back to her feet to a massive pop from the Houston crowd, which only gets louder as Pruitt hands her the Fast Track Championship. As the referee raises on of her hands, she holds the title aloft in the other. The crowd gives her a massive amount of cheers as her smile only grows and on that image the show cuts elsewhere.

The World Rocker

A commercial for Global Wars follows, along with a reminder that the owner of FFW will be making an announcement about this year’s series later tonight. When the show comes back live, we find the newest reporter, Kayla Palmer, joined by an infamous Ultraviolent redhead.

Kayla: Hi there, everyone. My name is Kayla Palmer, and I’m thrilled to be part of the broadcast team here in FFW. Tonight, I have a scoop and have invited Alysson Gardner to join me. Alysson, thanks for your time!

FFW’s rockstar has a smirk on her face as she gives the rookie reporter a… quizzical look.

Alysson: Starting with a bang, are we? Well then. Thanks for having me, and let’s hear it. Hit me with your best shot.

Kayla: If only Pat Benatar were here! Anyway, I have in on very good authority that you will be part of the Global Wars series this year, representing obviously the country of France! How’s that news sound?

Alysson blinks and tilts her head.

Alysson: Maybe this has to do with the changes in the format Samantha Star has said are gonna take place. Because as far as I’m aware, I’m the only French wrestler in FFW. And thank fucking God for that, because last time I was in Global Wars with a fellow Frenchwoman, it was a disaster.

Kayla: This year, it’s one woman per country. No more teams this time. So you don’t have to worry about a partner, and besides that, I doubt we’ll be hearing from Desirae Kain anytime soon. Which is probably good since you also weren’t a fan of Jake’s fanfic!

Alysson: No.

The rockstar scowls.

Alysson: But I was even less of a fan of Kain’s mischief, especially when it came to Global Wars’ original Team France. But hey, that’s awesome news! Having one woman per country really opens up the pool for the other folks, so…

Kayla: All the names haven’t been revealed yet, but I do know the countries that will be competing. So some may be easier to work out than others. There’s the US obviously, England, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, and France. 

Alysson: So the chance of me facing one of my sisters-in-law is there, huh? Well, this should be fun.

Alysson cracks her knuckles.

Alysson: Well, whatever the new rules are, I’m in it to take it home. Because I’ve sat around for far too long without getting any closer to the FFW Championship, and it’s about time I MADE IT my time.

Kayla: I like your enthusiasm. I do have it on good authority that when the series starts, your first opponent will be from Brazil, whoever that ends up being!

Alysson: So… Round 1 of Global Wars 19… One member of the Brazilian Storm versus your friendly neighborhood rockstar, huh? Well, I guess I’d have to dance with the Franchise one day or another. So Mel Avilo, Bianca Salvador, whichever one of you ends up across the ring with me… You’d better come at me with your best hand. Because I’m coming to ROCK. YOUR. WORLDS.

Kayla nods approvingly as we cut back to the ring.
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The viewers at home see a video showing how the Unity title match came to be, starting with the attack on Scarlett at Unstoppable 10. The matches and interactions that followed that are shown before we head back to the live broadcast. Kat Grayson has a smile on her face as she begins. 

Kat: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the FFW Unity Tag Team Championship!

Zack: You just saw what brought us here tonight for this match, and it’s time to settle the issue between the tag champions and the Circle.

Mai: You gotta give the Circle credit, they got themselves this title shot by going out and getting it themselves. You think the champions would have given it if they had just asked? Ha!

The opening chords of “Destroy & Conquer” by Future World Music begin to rattle through the arena, the curtains start to move as Valentina Lozano & Isis Morales slowly steps out onto the ramp. They are unfazed by the boos from the crowd as Valentina bends her right knee and angles her left leg, her right arm shooting up into the air with a cocky smirk with Isis standing behind her, raising her fist in the air with a cocky smirk, standing in a unified domineering pose while basking in the negative heat of the crowd. Valentina gets back to her feet and then begins to walk side by side with Isis down the aisle.

Kat: Making their way to the ring…at a total combined weight of three hundred and sixty-five pounds....”The Latin Goddess” Valentina Lozano and “The Titaness” Isis Morales... They are...


At the ringside area, Valentina and Isis walk around the ring once, gracing the crowd with sneering glares before entering the ring, Valentina then glares towards the referee in the ring and orders the referee to hold the ropes for her, which the referee reluctantly complies by doing what she says. She then wipes her feet on the apron and enters the ring. Meanwhile, Isis enters the ring by stepping over the top rope with ease. The ladies then go to opposite ring posts in which they climb up and pose to the crowd with complete confidence, taking in the atmosphere while the crowd reaction continues and the cameras flashing.

After the ladies taunt the crowd (and/or opponents), Valentina then goes to one of the corners to lean against.  After giving Valentina a few words and patting her on the shoulder, Isis smirks and stretches a little as they await for their opponents to come out.

Zack: To answer your question, yes. I’m positive that if these two had simply challenged OE and Scarlett, they would have given them the shot. 

Mai: Well I used to manage the traitor, and I’ll tell you straight up she wouldn’t have done it. So there’s a firsthand account for you rather than your conjecture.

As the intro to Bang Bang begins to play from the speakers, a multitude of strobe lights in different colours start to dance around the crowd before they converge on the stage. The curtain twitches, and first from the back comes Christian Kincaid. Scarlett and O.E emerge together with the title belts over their shoulders and each take a place on either side of their manager. As the verse begins, Scarlett starts to dance seductively to it, with O.E watching with her head tilted to one side. After a few seconds she starts trying to shadow Scarlett’s moves…. badly.

Sure she got a body like an hourglass
But I can give it to you all the time
Sure she got a booty like a Cadillac
But I can send you into overdrive (oh)
You've been waiting for that
Step on up, swing your bat
You see anybody could be bad to you
You need a good girl to blow your mind, yeah

As needing a ‘good girl’ is mentioned in the lyrics, Scarlett gives a nod and point towards O.E before they start making their way down the ramp towards the ring, with Christian walking in between the two...and O.E still trying to do the moves Scarlett was earlier.

Bang bang into the room (I know you want it)
Bang bang all over you (I’ll let you have it)
Wait a minute let me take you there (ah)
Wait a minute 'til you (ah, hey!)
Bang bang there goes your heart (I know you want it)
Back, back seat of my car (I’ll let you have it)
Wait a minute let me take you there (ah)
Wait a minute 'til you (ah, hey!)

Kat: On their way to the ring, please welcome “The Orochi” O.E. Ayano, and “The Star Distraction” Scarlett Silver! Accompanied by Christian Kincaid, they are the FFW Unity Tag Team Champions, CHAOTIC TEMPTATION: REMIXED!

She might’ve let you hold her hand at school
But I’mma show you how to graduate
No, I don’t need to hear you talk the talk
Just come and show me what your momma gave (oh yeah)
I heard you've gotta big baby, mouth but don’t say a thing
See anybody could be good to you
You need a bad girl to blow your mind

The trio reach the edge of the ring as the second verse begins, and again Scarlett starts to dance seductively…. and again, O.E tries and fails to copy her moves. Silver tries to encourage her partner to copy her moves, and slows down to break them down for her...but O.E still somehow manages to look like she is fighting with an invisible foe instead.  

Bang bang into the room (I know you want it)
Bang bang all over you (I’ll let you have it)
Wait a minute let me take you there (ah)
Wait a minute 'til you (ah, hey!)
Bang bang there goes your heart (I know you want it)
Back, back seat of my car (I’ll let you have it)
Wait a minute let me take you there (ah)
Wait a minute 'til you (ah, hey!) (You know what, girls? let me show you how to do it)

The girls make their way into the ring, while Christian stays on the floor near their corner. As the beginning of the rap verse sounds in the song, O.E gets a huge grin on her face and she tells her partner that ‘she got this’.

It’s Myx Moscato
It’s frizz in a bottle
It’s Nicki full throttle, it’s oh, oh
Swimming in the grotto
We winning in the lotto
We dipping in the powder blue, four door
Kitten so good
It’s dripping on wood
Get a ride in the engine that could
Go, Batman, robbin’ it
Bang bang, cockin’ it
Queen Nicki dominant, prominent
It’s me, Jessie, and Ari
If they test me, they sorry
Ride his uh like a Harley
Then pull off in his Ferrari
If he hanging we banging
Phone ringing, he slanging
It ain’t karaoke night but get the mic 'cause I'm singing

In her element, O.E busts out her moves seamlessly to the rap, this time with Scarlett attempting to copy her...and giving up after a few moments of looking like she is having a seizure, instead choosing to fluff her hair and stand with one hand on her hip and the other resting on the title over her shoulder.

B to the A to the N to the G to the uh
B to the A to the N to the G to the hey
See anybody could be good to you
You need a bad girl to blow your mind (your mind) (okay)

As their theme music starts to fade out the girls raise their titles high into the air as they head to their corner, then start to share a few hushed words with their manager as they await the start of the match.

Referee Melinda Davis checks all four women, and takes the Unity titles. She holds them aloft to signal they are on the line before Kat leaves the ring with them. OE turns to decide who starts for their team, but Scarlett…. Is gone! The brunette takes off across the ring and catches Valentina coming out of the corner with a Thesz press and starts unloading with furious right hands that bring the crowd to their feet. Silver gets monkey flipped off to the canvas, and she quickly gets to her feet and catches Isis with a flying forearm that sends her off the corner to the floor onto her feet. When Scarlett sees Valentina is up, she charges towards her with a double leg takedown, and resumes with pounding right hands to the side! 

Mai: What the hell is going on?! Look at Scarlett, she looks like she’s furious. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her like this before.

Zack: I don’t think I have either! But Scarlett hasn’t had the chance to get her hands on the Circle like this, and she’s absolutely on fire! There’s one for Isis!

OE’s eyes widened as she watched her partner from the corner, while Scarlett jerked Lozano to her feet. She whipped her into the far corner, and followed her in with a handspring back elbow to the jaw. Silver mounts the corner, raises her fist and pounds ten more strikes into Valentina’s head. The challenger stumbles out of the corner as Scarlett darts for their corner, catching Isis with a baseball slide to the chest as she’s trying to get back onto the apron. As soon as Valentina gets her bearings, Scarlett drops her with a spinning backfist. The fans roar as the brunette sees Isis starting to get up on the outside. She takes off for the far side, and launches herself off the rebound over the top rope into a suicide dive!

Zack: I’m not sure why O.E. even came tonight! Scarlett Silver is taking on the Circle all by herself, and doing it with ease!

Mai: You’d think she was some world beater, and not who we know her to be! Valentina and Isis made a huge mistake!

Scarlett pulled Isis back to her feet, and bounced her head off the steel post to stagger her backwards. Valentina tried to grab her from over the top rope, but Silver snapped her neck across the top rope to stumble her backwards. The Unity Champion hopped up onto the apron, using it for a springboard into a quebrada that floored Lozano. OE’s mouth hung open as she watched from the corner as Scarlett pounded the mat, and screamed at Valentina to get up to her feet. 

Zack: She must have been saving it up for weeks, because Scarlett Silver has erupted tonight at Sin & Sacrifice! And this Houston crowd LOVES it!

Mai: I just…. I have never seen her like this before! I think we can stop worrying about focus issues tonight!

Scarlett crouched in the corner, waving at Valentina to get up. Christian watched with wide eyes himself as the brunette launched herself out of the corner with a spear, spiking Valentina to the canvas. Her head went back and forth as Scarlett headed for the corner, steady talking to herself as she made her way up top. The champion pulled her elbow pad off, and tossed it into the crowd before delivering an elbow drop to Valentina’s chest. The Houston crowd was getting even louder now! 

Mai: Look at the faces of OE and Christian. I don’t think they knew this was coming either, and the Circle damn sure didn’t!

Zack: From superficial to supernova! And I’m not sure this match is gonna last long! Or that OE’s gonna get a tag! This is incredible!

Valentina headed for her corner as Scarlett pulled her up into an atomic drop. It propelled her into the ropes before Silver caught her with a roundhouse kick when she turned back. Loznao’s head was hooked before Scarlett executed a tornado DDT that stood her on her head for a second before she fell back to the mat. Scarlett hopped back to her feet, and dared Isis to come into the ring. 

Mai: What the hell did they do to her in that bathroom?! She’s ASKING for Isis to get into the ring! I mean literally ASKING, Zack!

Zack: Someone go get OE some popcorn, because I don’t think she’s gonna have to do much tonight at this rate! I have never seen Scarlett Silver like THIS!

Scarlett locked eyes with the Titaness, and was heading towards her before Valentina surprised her with a discus clothesline to take her down to the mat. Lozano quickly hooked her head, and went into a gator roll around the ring. After a few rolls, she pulled her back to her feet and scooped her into a fallaway slam. The challenger stared at her for a moment with a shake of her head. Scarlett started to get up though until Valentina caught her with a running kneelift to the head that sent her backwards into the ropes. She pushed Scarlett down into them to get her arms caught between the top two ropes before she wrecked her with elbows to the head followed by straight right hands. 

Mai: They may want to leave her tied up like that for the rest of the match, just in case she finds a second wind or something! Valentina’s really working her over, isn’t she?

Zack: You can’t really blame her after the tsunami of offense Scarlett started with in this Unity Tag Title match. 

Valentina backed up a couple steps, and came forward with a boot to Scarlett’s head as she remained tied up in the ropes. A second boot to the head snapped it back before the referee finally got the brunette free. Lozano jerked her back to her feet into a bearhug before driving her back first into the Circle’s corner. She made the tag to Isis, who stepped over the top rope and brought down a clapping chop with her hand against Scarlett’s chest. It caused her to shout in pain as Isis raised her hand, and slapped down another open handed chop to her chest. 

Zack: I have to give Valentina credit for weathering that storm that started this match, but isis is in and in full control. 

Mai: She’s laying down those open hand chops like it’s Buy One Get One Free tonight in Houston. Scarlett would probably like a tag by now.

The powerhouse scooped her overhead with both hands, and walked out to the center of the ring. Isis walked out from under her, and let Scarlett plummet to the mat face first. The redhead darted for the corner as Scarlett tried to get up, and sent her back down with a leg lariat. Morales dropped into position with one hand on her chest and the other hooking her leg. 

Mai: Can you believe this is the first pin attempt of the whole match? And it’s from the team that was catching hell just a few minutes ago?



Scarlett got her shoulder up at two, and Isis pummeled her with forearms to the head and dragged her back to her feet. She propelled her into the nearest corner, and followed her in with a running elbow to the jaw before turning her attention to OE, asking her if she wanted in now.

Zack: Isis is playing mind games with OE here. You can bet she wants to get into the match, but she needs to wait for a tag… if it ever comes.

She turned back to Scarlett, and scooped her into a front carry before walking out of the corner and dropping her across her knee with a backbreaker. She didn’t let go, and stood back up to drop her across it three more times before finishing off the flurry with a powerslam. Morales bounced off the near side ropes with a leg drop across Scarlett’s chest before hooking the leg for another cover. 

Mai: Scarlett feels like someone just dropped a tree on top of her right there, Zack. isis has the cover, and the Circle have completely turned the tide.




She got her shoulder up again as Isis got back to her feet. She doubled back to her corner, and made the tag back to Valentina. The socialite stepped through as Scarlett began trying to make it to her own corner. OE leaned over the top rope with her hand out as Valentina grabbed Scarlett’s foot.

Zack: Scarlett really needs a breather, which OE is more than happy to oblige. But after that opening flurry, I think the Circle wants to punish Scarlett more than ever.

Silver pushed up to one foot, hopping on it as Valentina shoved her other leg away. It caused Silver to spin around, and catch Valentina with a discus punch that rattled her for a second. The brunette turned again, and launched herself into the corner to make the tag to OE. The Houston crowd got to their feet as Ayano stepped through, and started laying in chops to Valentina’s chest. Each one sent her backwards a step before OE darted for the ropes as Lozano dropped to a knee. She caught a step up enzuigiri to the back of her head before OE immediately went for the cover. Davis slid into position to make the count. 

Zack: Nothing but hard strikes from any part of her body she can use, and OE’s looking to take the Unity titles on the next flight out of Houston!




Lozano managed to shove her off the cover after the two,sending OE rolling into the ropes. She popped up to her feet, and followed up with a running knee to Lozano’s ribs. She hit the near side ropes, coming back with a Fameasser to put her down on the mat. 

Mai: I like Scarlett, but if the Circle wants to destroy OE, that’s fine with me. I know I’ve watched her first No Surrender title defense like eight times since Velocity!

Ayano went to pull her up by the head, but Valentina shoved her backwards. OE stumbled near the Circle’s corner, and had her hair grabbed by Isis as she tried to move forward. The referee told the Titaness to let her go, but instead she pulled her against her and unloaded with ten forearms across her chest. OE clutched her chest in pain as Valentina moved her into position, and snapped off her spinning impaler. Ayano was rolled away from the ropes before Valentina dropped down to make the cover.

Zack: OE Ayano just got brought DOWN TO EARTH the hardest way possible, and new champions may be crowned in three seconds!!




Ayano’s shoulder came up in time before the three, and Lozano reached behind her with her hand out. Isis leaned over the top rope, and tagged into the mat. Lozano rolled out to the floor before Isis used a double stomp to OE’s back. 

Mai: Isis is back in, and the Circle are looking like #1 contenders ought to look. Tags in and out, and keeping the champions from doing the same, Zack. 

When OE started to sit up, Isis planted a knee against her back and pulled back on her hands with a bow and arrow submission. Ayano’s face clenched in pain as Isis pulled back on her arms a little more. Scarlett has mostly recovered in the corner, and was pounding the corner trying to motivate and rally her partner. The Houston crowd started chanting OE’s name loudly as Isis tried to add more pressure. 

Mai: These idiots can chant all they want, but that won’t stop Isis from plucking OE’s arms off like petals. They may be making her want to do more actually, so keep it up.

Zack: Chaotic Temptation has really won over the FFW faithful in recent months, and there’s no question who they are supporting tonight against Valentina and Isis. 

Davis asked OE if she wanted to stop the match, but Orochi shook her head through clenched teeth. Isis tried to pull her arms back a little more still, burying her knee between her shoulder blades at the same time. Ayano let her head fall backwards to look up into Isis’ face before spitting in it. The redhead’s eyes flashed as she let go, and used a clubbing blow to her chest to drive her down to the mat. She pulled her back to her feet, and over her shoulders as the fans came to their feet.

Mai: Dumbass OE spat in her face, and now look what’she’s gonna get for it! Go ahead, Isis! Send her on the VOYAGE of the damned!!

OE started squirming and wiggling to get free, accidentally catching the referee with an errant foot to the side of her head. Davis stumbled backwards, holding her hand to her feet before Scarlett bolted back into the ring with a punt between the Titaness’ legs. Isis dropped to her knees in pain, allowing OE to land on her feet before she and her partner connected with two superkicks to each side of her head. The Titaness teetered back and forth before the champions caught Valentina with a double dropkick off the apron. 

Mai: Why aren’t they disqualified?! OE kicked the referee in the head! She’s not seeing any of this, Zack!

Zack: She didn’t do it on purpose! That’s what happens when you get a little too close to the action in matches sometimes.

Scarlett doubled back as Isis was trying to get up, and caught her with the Asiatic spike to the throat before OE launched out of the corner with her Kusanagi spear! Ayano lunged on top of her as the referee got her bearings, and fell into position to count. Scarlett got on top of OE for added pressure! 

Mai: Hey, they can’t both cover her! Why is this stupid referee counting?! How hard did she get hit in the head?!




Davis called for the bell as OE and Scarlett got off the cover, and to their feet. They bumped fists and then hips before they got their hand raised. 

Zack: That was STOP AND DROP, and Isis got rolled! The Unity Champions have done it in one hell of a fight!

Kat: Your winners by pinfall AND STILL FFW Unity Tag Team Champions…. Scarlett Silver and OE Ayano…...CHAOTIC TEMPTATION REMIXED!!

Christian brought them the tag title into the ring as they each took one and bumped them together. He congratulated them as the referee was still looking a little dazed after everything that happened moments ago. 

Mai: You know what? It doesn’t matter! Just means that the Gold Standard can take them instead. I can live with that, even if they CHEATED to retain!

Zack: I’m glad cheating offends you so much all of a sudden. We got a lot of show left, so I hope to hear this outrage later as the night progresses. Congratulations to the champions!

The girls stepped out to the floor, and headed up the ramp. They only stopped when Christian raised their hands with the titles aloft. The show cut elsewhere in the Toyota Center after that.

Typhoon Gloating

The next time we return to the back, there’s Kayla with another guest. Clearly she’s earning her money tonight. In this case, it’s the No Surrender Champion joining her.

Kayla: Hello again, it’s Kayla! And I’m getting to meet many of FFW’s stars tonight. Joining me now is the two time No Surrender Champion herself, the “Typhoon” Bianca Salvador! Welcome to Sin & Sacrifice. 

Bianca has a massive grin on her face as she shows off the Titanium Belt on her shoulder with plenty pride.

Bianca: I’m not wrestling tonight, but why shouldn’t I be here? Plenty of action to follow, and my sisters are here doing their thing. Mallory is gonna put Ruby Tyler in her place for, hopefully, the LAST time; just earlier tonight Jo McFarlane and Mr. Thomas McFarlane did their thing… And of course, in the main event, HRH Mika Demidov giving Savannah TAYLOR the honor of her last FFW All Access spotlight.

Kayla: I imagine you are feeling very good right now after reclaiming the No Surrender Championship recently… on the same night you lost it. That’s never happened in FFW history, to my knowledge, especially with that title. 

Bianca: Technicalities aside, I never lost it. All O.E. Ayano managed to do was make me angry… Well, angriER… And turn me into a two-time No Surrender Champion without even touching the belt. I mean… She DID touch it, but… Again, technicalities. Nothing you should worry too much about, rookie. I just find it funny that everyone now seems to wanna make a statement on my expense, and the last two idiots I faced in No Surrender title matches were too stubborn to tap out. Did you notice it? What’s with the whole “I’d rather pass out than tap” attitude? All it proves is that I’m strong enough to put people out like little lights with my strength.

Kayla: In OE’s case, it wouldn’t be the first time. They had to help her out of the arena when she challenged Sophia Pike for that title in their first meeting. Maybe they don’t want to tap because some people see it as giving up? Personally I say if it preserves your career, why not if there’s no other option!

Bianca: See?! You’re a smart girl, I like you! That’s the spirit! When you know you’ve been beaten, just stay down! That’s what Ayano should’ve done before being carried out on a stretcher. That’s what Savannah Taylor should’ve done. But nooooo, they all want to be the big badasses who overcame a goddamn Typhoon! You wanna know what I say to them? Suck on THIS, bitches!

Bianca raises the No Surrender Championship belt and shows it off for the camera.

Bianca: You’re free to hate me all you want. But as long as I have THIS? None of you scrubs have an argument against me. Again, all O.E. Ayano accomplished was making me angry. And THAT is why I’m the original Franchise player, and the bitch y’all should be PRAISING instead of chasing!

Kayla: Since I got you here, we heard earlier tonight that Brazil was going to be represented in Global Wars this year. Do you happen to know if it’s going to be you or Mel Avilo involved in the series?

Bianca: As a matter of fact, I do. It’s with great joy that I can inform you that Brazil’s representative in Global Wars will be… My favorite powerhouse in the entire world, Rio de Janeiro’s hottest import in ALL meanings possible… Mel Avilo. So… We heard your message, Alysson, and to that I say… Do you know what happens when a natural disaster comes across an old and broken building?

Bianca smirks.

Bianca: The building falls apart.

Kayla: Let’s send it back to the ring, because I’m told that the Ultraviolence Championship match is about to begin out in the parking lot!

We cut to a video package for the title match after that.
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Zack: We’re watching this on the video wall in the Toyota Center and... Like their House-Warring Match, this will not be for the faint of heart. With everything that Mallory has done, I expect this to be worse.

Mai: Sure, and I expect the EXACT same result as last time. The Franchise continuing to keep a deserved stranglehold on the Ultraviolence championship just as they have the No Surrender championship!

The cameras cut to the fourth floor of the Toyota Center’s parking garage. The garage floor has had half the section cut off with yellow ‘DO NOT CROSS’ tape. Cars have been haphazardly parked around the section; they are older cars from the early 90’s to late 80’s, lemons judging by the look and shape of them. Barely held together, likely being sent to the junkyard. Sitting on the roof of one older truck is that of a pensive challenger, Ruby Tyler. Ruby silently stares ahead, awaiting for her opponent to make her presence known. Seen. The Huntress doesn’t so much as move a muscle, continuing to sit on the roof. She watches. She waits.

Zack: I’ve been told that Ruby has been waiting here in the garage from since Sin & Sacrifice began. Just waiting... Biding her time.

Finally Mallory Bennett pops her head out from an elevator with a mundane DING! Well.... She shoves Referee Malcolm Parks out first, the poor ref stumbling out before glaring at Mal as though she was trying to use him as a last minute human shield. He spots the Huntress before looking at the current Ultraviolence champion. Ruby catches sight of Mal... Yet she does not move from her perched spot. The Malicious One snorts and hands over her championship to Parks. The camera follows him as he walks a ways into the middle of the parking garage floor and holds up the championship.

The arena watching this on the video wall can be heard rumbling. Some brief cheers as Parks takes a few steps back and signals both to go ahead.

Mai: Just watch this, Zack. This is going to be the shortest match in Ultraviolence history.

Ruby finally hops off the roof of the truck and calmly begins walking towards the Ultraviolence champion. Mal however is all grins, a look of smugness on her face as she licks her chops. 

Mallory: You’re outta yer league, Rubes. I’m so deep in your head that--

 Zack: DEAD AIM!!

The Ultraviolence champion gets cut off with a running knee upside the head that sends her dropping on the back of her head to the concrete. The Huntress stands over here with the exact same expression she’d been wearing from the moment the camera is on her. Ruby doesn’t bother with a pin, she doesn’t even so much as hook a leg. Instead she drops down, cradles the back of Mal’s head with one hand and with the other begins beating her face in with repeated punches. Just loosing one hard fist after the other into the mush of the Ultraviolence champion, Ruby keeps pummeling the exact spot she made Mal eat a knee. She roughly lets go of Mal’s head before walking around the old cars, kicking the trunk of one open. She doesn’t reach for anything inside, instead walking back to the Ultraviolence champion. She takes a hunk of the champion’s hair by the ponytail and brings the trunk door down on it. Mal tries to pull herself free, but she can’t... Allowing Ruby to repeatedly stomp her head in, and her throat in, and her head again. The champion tries to block with her wrists but Ruby only grabs one wrist and stomps the arm in as well, before walking a few steps back and hitting Mal with a jumping side kick to the face. Mal’s head hangs slightly as blood pools out of her mouth.

Ruby stares down at her in a cold glare, and Mal finally looks up at her.

The Ultraviolence champion gives the challenger a bloody, broken smile, two false teeth already gone. She keeps grinning, wider and wider still before muttering.

Mallory: You gonna do it this time or just fall down a hole again?

She spits the broken teeth at Tyler’s boot rather than get herself free.

Ruby: ...

Ruby’s lips purse and thin into a straight line before she drives a boot straight to the temple of the Ultraviolence champion.

Zack: Has the Ultraviolence champion actually lost her mind or is she intent on pissing off Ruby until she puts Mal in a coma?

Mai: It’s all strategy, Zack... At least I think it’s all strategy? No no, of course it’s strategy!

Tyler gets ready to continue stomping Bennett upside the head but Mallory finally has the wherewithal to catch an ankle before giving Ruby a nasty punch between the legs, quite frankly as hard as she physically can. That does seem to make the Huntress relent for a moment, on her knees as Mal grabs the back of her neck and sends her face first into the metal trunk. Metal and bone meet as Ruby grips her face in pain. Mal shoves the trunk open and frees her hair before she stands up shakily at first, rubbing the blood from her mouth. As Ruby tries to stand she gets a punch-chop-punch-chop response going, but every blow is answered by the taller wrestler with punches and elbows. The two begin going back and forth, with Mallory beginning to gain ground thanks to blocking every shot while Ruby seems more intent on hammering on Mal without trying to block a shot. Finally The Byproduct of Misconduct buries a knee into the abdomen of the Huntress before hefting her up with an inverted suplex slam that drops her on top of a 1982 Dodge with a nasty crack in the front window. Mallory huffs and then takes a few bionic elbows to Ruby’s head before walking to a nearby car and physically pulling out the windshield wipers out. She runs back to Ruby, booting her face and sending the Huntress off the glass front and onto the ground.

Mai: I hate those alternating PUNCHES & CHOPS of Tyler’s. It’s like PICK something and stick with it.

Zack: The champion has finally swung the momentum of the match in her favor and whatever she has planned with those windshield wipers is worrying.

The Ultraviolence champion drops down with Ruby on her stomach and grips the ends of both windshield wipers before hooking them around Tyler’s throat. She throttles the Huntress, grinning ear to ear as she pulls. She keeps on pulling... Pulling, putting a knee into the Huntress’s back. Ruby’s face begins to grow red as she tries to free herself from Mal’s grip but Bennett continues choking her, as Parks checks on Ruby. The Huntress doesn’t go down so quickly however, struggling to get on her knees. Once she’s on her knees, Mal is essentially forced to piggyback her as Ruby gets on her feet before flinging the Ultraviolence champion up and over onto the hood of a car. Mal rolls off of it with the back of her head near a glass window. Her eyes widen and she sidesteps as Ruby once again nearly knees her across the head. The Huntress stops herself just short but Mal twists and smashes a boot into the side of Ruby’s knee, sandwiching it into a driver’s side mirror! The mirror snaps off as Ruby hugs her knee in seething pain. The Ultraviolence champion takes advantage by slapping a sleeper on Ruby but only doing so long enough to launch Tyler with a sleeper suplex, dropping the back of her head onto the hood of a car. She brushes herself off as the Huntress tries to gather herself as Ruby tries to clear a case of double vision, meanwhile Mal begins looking through the windows of different cars. The camera catches her ducking down and opening the driver’s side door of a beat up Mazda.

Mai: One good MALARIAPLEX and now that Ruby is down... Mallory is lookng for... She’s looking for... I don’t know what she’s looking for.

Zack: Whatever it is, it can’t be anything...

The Mazda’s engine revs.

Zack: ...Good. It can’t be good.


The lights of the Mazda flash on as the Ultraviolence champion suddenly takes off towards Ruby. The challenger springs herself backwards, onto the hood of a car and raises her legs as the car the champion is in slows down and collides with the other car’s front just as Tyler rolls off safely. The impact isn’t hard enough to cause any airbags to deploy but as Mal exits the car she has a hand on the back of her neck with a wince. She doesn’t get far enough however as Tyler hits a running single leg dropkick on the car door, sandwiching Mallory in and making her drop to her knees. Wincing on her left knee the Huntress does it again and this time scores a nasty indentation in the as it smacks Mal’s face in. Tyler grabs Bennett by the hair as she slumps and wraps the seatbelt around her neck before smashing the driver’s side door against her head repeatedly. Again. Again. Again. Mal’s arm reaches out to try and block and this time she nearly gets it brought down across her throat, only her arm protecting her. She slumps out of the noose made from the seatbelt, a thousand yard stare as blood pours out of her nose and mouth and down her neck.

Mai: How dare she do this to the Ultraviolence champion! To a member of the Franchise! What did she even do to deserve this Zack?!

Zack: She threatened the life of Ruby and Kevin Hardaway’s daughter. She made Kendra Barton seek therapy. She stuffed tissues from her crotch in Missy’s mouth. She’s hypocritically talked down to Savannah about her sex life. She routinely spits on people. She made Jake the unwitting participant in a surprise threesome. Oh and I’m convinced she hasn’t showed up to the ring sober since September of last year.

Mai: ...Okay but Andi Takata’s entrance music sucks, and no one is smashing her head in a car door.

Even after bloodying Mal’s face, Ruby’s facial expression is still in a neutral state of ‘kill’. She pulls the Ultraviolence champion’s ponytail loose and then takes a hunk of hair, forcing her head up only to stomp her face back down. Stomp her in the ear. Stomp her on the cheek. Just a general attempt of grinding the Ultraviolence champion under her heel. Ruby stops and slowly turns her attention to the vehicle she had been sitting on since before this match began. Malcolm Parks watches the Huntress silently walk away from the Ultraviolence champion without so much as a second thought. She digs into the back of that pickup and grabs jumper cables, a small metal bar... And a bottle of water.

Zack: Mai I am terrified to think of what Ruby intends to do with that. I and every one in the state of Texas can only imagine what she has in mind.

Tyler drops the cables as Mal is continuing to recover, as well as the bar and bottle of water. She checks the car that Mal had driven, still running all of now. Ruby forces the hood open before she quickly hooks up the jumper cables to the car battery. Unfortunately the Huntress isn’t quite quick enough. No sooner does she turn around does she get sucker punched across the side of the head with a length of tractor tire chain. Nothing long enough to whip around but more like makeshift brass knuckles. The challenger staggers from the blow to the face, and the champion scores with a bolo punch under the jaw that flattens Ruby. The back of her head smacks the open car front as her eye begins swelling, likely to be quite a shiner later. Mal slowly forces Ruby back up, pinning her against the car door. She goes for a forearm strike but the Huntress sidesteps it and hops onto the roof where the Devil’s Favorite Cocksucker follows her. The two are back to hammering each other again, Ruby falling back into the chop & punch combo. Mal is back to snap jabs and left crosses. Both women are blocking each other at first before they get closer and closer on the hood of the car. Finally they just hold the back of the other’s head and go for a straight up war of attrition, peppering each other until one weakens. Of course Mal still has that chain around her fingers.

Mai: Tyler can’t be so stupidly tanking every one of those punches. Bennett already throws bricks. God if I wasn’t so turned on I’d be disgusted!

Zack: Yeah. Sure. Okay. You try and see what you won’t do for your loved ones, one day.

Ruby begins to falter, Mallory still having raw strength to make her a match to Tyler’s greater experience and all-round talents. The Ultraviolence champ jerks her head back before running down Tyler with a cactus clothesline, both women tumbling off the car hood and dropping next to each other on the ground. Neither woman looks particularly healthy from that landing but once they’re both up, the Franchise wrestler taking advantage with a nasty throat thrust to the neck of her challenger followed by a running bulldog into a car spoiler that snaps the thing in half and busts Ruby’s forehead open across her hairline. With the Huntress down for a second, the Byproduct of Misconduct slumps up against the car and looks down at Ruby’s bloody forehead.

That’s not good enough for Bennett, gripping her by the back of the head and laying into her face with a few nasty punches in the forehead before digging her nails into them for good measure. She drops the tire chain that had looped around her fingers this entire time, likely the reason she won the lockup on the hood of the car.. She stands up but the Huntress grabs her by the wrist to hit her. Mal brushes the hand aside and scores another bolo punch under the jaw, a straight left to the abdomen and then a left cross to the temple, making the Huntress slump against her. With a car behind them...

Mal shoves her to stand up. 

Lift. Catch. Twist.


Pop-up Powerbomb against the driver’s side window of a ‘95 Beetle. The glass shatters out as Bennett huffs, staring down at the Huntress in a fetal position post-impact. Tyler is gritting her teeth from how she took that powerbomb, her nails digging into her skin to ignore the pain. Mal for her part just stares ahead, and for the first time her smile begins to fade slightly. She begins muttering something to herself though it’s hard to make out if she’s mouthing “still hearing” or “stop fighting”.

Mai: A MALATOV COCKTAIL! What do you think goes into a drink with a name like that, Zack?

Zack: A lot of whisky and selfishness.

Mal’s eyes turn down on Ruby before she reaches down and lifts the Huntress on her shoulders. She gets her into a fireman’s carry before Bennett begins walking up the hood of the Beetle. She gets a few steps before walking onto the glass and then finally on the hood. She lifts Ruby high over her head before she simply lets her roll off her fingers as she steps forward, letting the Huntress drop onto the hood of the car before rolling off the arched back of the trunk and onto the ground with a thud and a small dent. The Ultraviolence champion, still bleeding all over herself smiles again. Still a warped grin on her face as she slowly begins clapping. Clapping. Clapping. She stops and hops off before dropping to find Ruby at the back of the Beetle... Pausing when she doesn’t see her. Her eyes narrow, and Mal looks around feverishly. Still no sign of the Huntress. She grimaces and swings behind her in a wild elbow, but there’s no one there. The Ultraviolence champion looks nightmarishly paranoid for a second, like a wild animal as a whip of dark hair snaps in the foreground where Mallory wasn’t looking.

Mal looks around again, before bending over to check under the Beetle. The camera catches Ruby, favoring one leg and staring a hole in the back of Ultraviolence champion’s head. Once Mal stands up she gets one leg kicked out from under her before being hit with a hurricanrana that sends her headfirst into the Beetle’s tail light. It smashes it out as the Ultraviolence champion lays there spread eagled. There’s a sense of finality in the eyes of Ruby Tyler. Her eyes widen as she looks from the laying form of Mallory Bennett over to the red and black cable attachments. The Huntress drags her by the arms back to the car still running with the jumper cables still attached.

The crowd watching this on the video wall back in the arena?

They’re cheering this. They’re begging for it. They want to see whatever horrible thing that Ruby Tyler intends to do to the piece of excrement for a Ultraviolence champion.

Mai: This is what gets you people off!? THIS IS WHAT YOU CHEER FOR!? And they call me perverse.

Zack: Message after message after message, Mai. I and every fan in the Toyota Center can’t blame Ruby for whatever she’s about to do even a bit.

With the same straight face Ruby has on she forces the metal bar between Bennett’s lips... Then pours the water bottle all over her face and the bar. What follows next is Ruby gripping the rubberized ends of the jumper cables not attached to the car battery.

...And latching them onto the bar in Mallory’s mouth.


The effect is the Ultraviolence champion SHRIEKING in pain as she rolls away, the sides of her mouth hissing smoke as her back arches, covering her face and spitting out the bar. She pulls her hands from her mouth, singe marks where the metal burned her likely to get worse. 

Mai: What the fuck I love Ruby Tyler now.

Zack: As deserved as that was... What is with wrestlers and car batteries in this company!? Car batteries attached to chairs, jumper cables to the mouth tonight!

While on her knees Ruby runs Mal down with a basement slingblade, landing on her knee in the process and hugging it. The Ultraviolence champion hugs the back of her head in pain, laying on her side. For a moment Tyler seems to consider a pin. Then... No.


She doesn’t bother with a cover, the Huntress still wanting to punish the Ultraviolence champion some more. For her husband. For her stepdaughter. For herself. She grabs the back of Bennett’s head and huffs before looking around as if to decide what other horrible thing she can do to her. The challenger drags the champion by the hair back to the car that’s still running. She passes it by and brings her to a ‘97 Camry that’s seen better days. She forces the hood open before wrenching out the dipstick... Before pulling up the back of the champion’s top... And then whipping her across the skin with the dipstick. Again... And again... And again... Yes, Ruby Tyler has began actively flagellating Mallory Bennett. With a dipstick. Although she can’t hear them, a small undercurrent of fans are chanting “ONE MORE TIME!” back at the arena. Tyler keeps whipping on Bennett with that dipstick regardless of what she can or can’t hear.

Until red lines in the skin begin to bruise up and bleed slightly. Ruby begins walking backward, either preparing for Dead Aim or a Crimson Kiss. She watches as the Byproduct of Misconduct struggles to get to her feet, much less her knees. She finally does stand up, shakily. Mal slowly rolls down her wrestling top, seething through bloody teeth as her top slides over fresh wounds on her back. As she turns around Ruby rushes for her, only for Bennett to hit a bicycle kick knee upside Ruby’s head. Tyler drops to the ground, the side of her head smacking the unhooded car engine on the way down.

Blood begins to dribble from the side of Ruby’s head to join her forehead, and she seems to be out cold. Mal physically straddles her rather than pin her and she wraps her fingers around her throat, squeezing her windpipe as she begins laughing.

Mallory: C’mon Rubes! We’re not done yet! C’mon-c’mon-c’mon-c’mon!

Zack: They just aren’t going to stop ladies and gentlemen. Mallory could have easily pinned Ruby after that MALICIOUS INTENT. Ruby could have pinned Mal twice over now.

Mai: I know, isn’t it grand?!

The Huntress’s face begins to turn pink and she wheezes for air, hands trying to push Mal off. Yet Mal keeps squeezing. She keeps squeezing, hissing to make it all stop, seemingly jumping from one defect of personality to another. By now Ruby is trying to bat her off, face turning purple and eyes looking hazy. Bennett hooks her across the face with a forearm before picking her up and walking to a nearby ‘96 Suzuki with a massive sunroof. She throws Ruby on top of it before climbing up to the top of 4x4 next to the Suzuki. Bennett stares down at Tyler’s coughing form and grins wide. She takes a bow on the top of the higher 4x4 hood before making a ‘camera angle’ with her hands as though she wants to get this... Perfect.

Mal pulls her hands apart before leaping for her frog splash elbow, getting a good amount of height in the process.



...While Ruby rolls off the top of the sunroof, letting Mallory hit it with a nasty landing! She doesn’t go through the car but she looks out of it as she tries to sit up before collapsing again. The Huntress sits up, hands gripping the grill of the 4x4 before she sees Mal unmoving on the sunroof of the Suzuki. As quick as she can, she scrambles up onto the top of the 4x4 before leaping off of it and coming down on Bennett, breaking through the sunroof the rest of the way and sending Bennett inside of the car.


Zack: LOOK OUT BELOW! No one’s home for a Muy Mal but Ruby gets all of that one and... It’s over now finally.

Mai: ...If that’s the case, why is Ruby getting the cinder block from out of that pickup?

The camera follows the challenger lifting the cinder block and dragging it. Whatever she intends to do with it, she drops it as soon as she sees Mal pushing her way out off the Suzuki. Her face is raked with marks, pieces of glass in her abdomen as she stares at Ruby as if she’s seeing three of her. Tyler’s expression hasn’t changed the entire match but Mal slowly breaks into another smile. She mouths something that the camera microphone doesn’t pick up but whatever it is, Ruby’s eyes slowly widen and she looks slightly disturbed. She doesn’t take a step back, but after that slight horror there’s a resolute look on the face of the Huntress. Mal, favoring one side of her body has to kick her foot into a tire to keep it from wobbling out from under her.

Both women rush at each other but Tyler gets her foot off the ground, using her bum knee to hit another running knee strike across the face of the Ultraviolence champion. She drops to the ground but as Malcolm Parks goes to make for the pin count when Ruby reaches down... He watches instead the Huntress pop open the trunk of the car before shoving Mal’s body in it. She closes the trunk down before turning the ignition. The camera pans on the distance between the trunk and the wall...

...Then Ruby starts the car.

Mai: Ruby... Ruby with a second DEAD AIM and... Ruby you don’t need to do this. Ruby you won! C’mon! Hey. I’ll buy your kid her first drink! 

The sounds of Mal pounding from the trunk can be heard, but Ruby drops the cinderblock inside the car on the gas pedal. The car begins to rev up as Tyler reaches in the car, one hand on the brake, the other hand on the lever. She turns the car from ‘Park’ to ‘Reverse’ before jerking away.








Referee Parks doesn’t even look at what happened, instead going to retrieve the Ultraviolence championship on the sheer fact that no one is kicking out of anything like that. The trunk looks...Mostly intact but the sound of the body thumping about is heard briefly. The camera pans to the other side it does look slightly compressed. The airbags even deployed. The Huntress stands there, taking in what she just did to another wrestler. Another human being. She looks back at Referee Parks who watches her with... A great deal of fear. Ruby shakes her head and slowly looks back to the car, still trying to move in reverse after that initial crash.

Ruby turns the car off.

She starts shoving the trunk open, having to pry it with her fingers. She has to physically drag the Ultraviolence champion from out of the wreckage. Mallory Bennett is out cold, limp, essentially dead weight. She is breathing but... That’s about all she’s doing effectively. Ruby rolls her unconscious body over and sits on her, hands on her knees.






Kat makes the announcement back in the arena and the crowd cheers having watched all of that but the new champion just quietly takes her championship and lets her arm be raised. She looks back at the unmoving former champion, as medical staff begin coming in droves up the stairs.

Zack: I think we can safely say that Ruby has earned that Ultraviolence championship but that is a lot of damage, and I expect both women will be spending a night... Um, a few nights if you’re the Franchise’s FORMER Ultraviolence champion, at the hospital.

Mai: What the fuck, I hate Ruby Tyler again.

Zack: ...

The show cuts away from the scene as one medic tries to check Ruby for a concussion and a few others try to make sure Mallory is stable.

Abi Wants To Play

“Houston... you don’t have a problem, you have an Abi.”

The clever intro was spoken by none other than Abigail “Serenity” Lindsay. Unexpectedly, the scene picks up from inside of one of the press boxes in the Toyota Center. Abi has her back turned to the camera, looking down at an empty ring, the crowd, just now noticing her on the big screen, showers her with boos. The location is strange due to the fact no one has ever seen Abigail film her videos from unscale locations, the box seats in the Toyota Center cost a pretty penny. All possible questions of why she is up high can wait another day, she turns around, she flashes a cashmere smile.

“Did you really think I was going to miss out on tonight's festivities? I wouldn’t miss tonight for the world. Can’t miss out on scouting my next potential... plaything. Luci was an appetizer, someone there to pass the time by. I walked down to the ring. Did what I had to do. I win. Simple. Yay me. I left the world talking. Not enough to get an actual match tonight, I’m fine with that. I do love to watch, so here I am, watching Sins and Sacrifice plotting away in the darkest corners of my mind about who is going to be next. Luci was chosen not by me. I need to make one thing perfectly clear, my actions will benefit me and me alone, unless you rub me the right way--”

Abigail winks.

“-- I’m not in the business of serving anyone else's agenda. Hm. Not entirely true. There is one woman around here I would lend the assist for if she wants me too. She doesn’t require that of me. She told me recently she adores my erratic nature. I aim to please, who am I to disappoint. So... in the spirit of erraticism, I plan to make FFW into my own personal playground. No point in doing anything if you can’t have fun. There are plenty of women around these parts I could have fun with, the possibilities are endless. Keep that in the back of your mind.”

“Who am I watching?”

“Who do I want to play with?

“It could be you.”

Abigail points straight at the camera.

“Don’t want to take up anymore of your time. Ta-ta for now.”

Abigail waves for the camera as the scene fades to black.   

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The post match attack of Melody Lennox at Unstoppable 10 against Bianca Reed is shown, as well as her public contract signing and some of her comments. The show cuts back live to the ring as the fans see the graphic on the video wall, and start buzzing immediately. 

Zack: Listen to them in Houston! This is one of the matches I’ve looked forward to most of all tonight, and the time has come for it to happen. 

Mai: Melody Lennox is a star, and it’s just a shame that her first match in FFW on this kind of stage is against Bianca Reed of all people. Jealousy is an ugly thing.

The lights go black in the arena. The pulse-like beat of "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish beginning to blare over the PA system, a series of spotlights in pastel tones of light pink, baby blue, and a pale lilac begin to flutter through the arena, dancing over the crowd who began to boo as soon as the entrance tron for Melody Lennox began to play over the screen.

White shirt now red, my bloody nose
Sleeping, you're on your tippy toes
Creeping around like no one knows
Think you're so criminal
Bruises, on both my knees for you
Don't say thank you or please
I do what I want when I'm wanting to
My soul? So cynical

The breathy voice of Billie Eilish continues to mesh with her perfectly-timed beat as the spotlights get a little more erratic. The chorus of the song now beginning to play through the speakers of the PA system.

So you're a tough guy
Like it really rough guy
Just can't get enough guy
Chest always so puffed guy
I'm that bad type
Make your mama sad type
Make your girlfriend mad tight
Might seduce your dad type
I'm the bad guy, duh!

A single spotlight culminates on the stage with that almost bratty "duh!" and on the stage appears a wickedly grinning Melody Lennox. The Villainess licking over her teeth and eyeing the ring with venom and malice in her gaze as the so-chill song had taken a more electronic, hypnotic beat. Adjusting the small, golden crown on her head and her hair in one motion. Taking hold of the ends of her spiked and studded ring coat, lifting it just enough to march down the ramp with wickedness in her gleaming sneer. Avoiding the few fans who would foolishly reach out their hands to touch Melody's. Stopping on the outside of the ring and shedding her ring coat, dusting her hands and showcasing her ring gear in the process.

Kat: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing to the ring at this time: weighing in at 100 pounds, from New York City by way of Huntington Beach, California, she is 'The Villainess'... Melody LENNOOOOOOOOX!

Intensity was in her gaze as she climbed onto the outer apron and stood to her feet, wiping her boots on them in a disrespectful manner. Melody then bends into the ring under the second rope with her hand supporting her crown, removing it gingerly as soon as she was in the ring and placing it tentatively in the corner post of one ring. Fixing her hair and taunting the crowd, showing off to the jeers of the crowd. Eyes rolling soon after and finding herself threading her arms with the top rope and taking a seat on the middle rope. Her short leg crossing over the other and her face showing a total lack of amusement as "Bad Guy" slowly faded out and the lights returned to normal.

Zack: A lot of hype has been put behind Melody Lennox, and most of it was her own doing with that public contract signing. But tonight, it’s put up time for the Sister Slayer in Houston. 

Mai: Isn’t she just the cutest? Seriously. She’s the kind of girl who can go really far in FFW, just like she has in the other promotion she works for. They just treat her like crap though.

As Kat is about to introduce her opponent, Melody passes her and waves towards the back for someone. Soon Jake Chandler heads towards the ring in Melody’s new t-shirt, and she hops down to the floor to greet him. 

Mai: She even takes pity on the less fortunate, and brought her new friend down to the ring with her. Wasn’t that nice?

Zack: She’s just using Jake, in my opinion. And this is definitely not the environment for him to be in, not with everything that’s been said in the leadup to this match. That only leaves one more person…

I told ya, baby
I told ya

The arena darkens as “Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses her sunglasses on her head out to the crowd as she heads towards the ring.

Rocking these diamonds
I'm rocking this chain
Make sure you get a picture
I'm rocking my fame

Kat: Introducing from Atlanta, Georgia, this is the Princess of the Reed family……...BIANCA REE----

Bianca doesn’t even get into the ring before she takes off around the corner, and Melody darts away from her. The blonde rolls into the ring, and nearly knocks Kat down before rolling out the other side with Bianca in hot pursuit. 

Zack: Look at Melody running for her life right now! Bianca didn’t even get in the ring! Lennox’s alligator mouth has written a check her canary ass can’t cash! 

Mai: The bell hasn’t even sounded yet, this isn’t fair! Someone go restrain Bianca or something, poor Melody was talking to her friend!

Lennox darted around the ring, and went to scale the barricade to head over it before Bianca caught her by the hair  before she got any farther. The fans roared as she pulled her back over the wall, and started unloading with furious right hands to her head. Multiple shots landed before she threw the blonde under the bottom rope back into the ring. Reed followed after her as Melody was heading towards the other side of the ring to leave again. But she didn’t get far as she got to her feet and made it to the ropes before Bianca grabbed her by the tights from behind. She spun her around and whipped her across to the far side before catching her with a Thesz press followed by mounted punches to a roar from the fans. Referee Ashley Pruitt called for the bell to start the match as Bianca pummeled Melody until she managed to roll her off. 

Zack: Melody missed her calling in the 50 yard dash, but it’s “Killer B” who came to fight! Piston-like right hands from Bianca, and Lennox can’t get away from her fast enough!

Mai: Why did the referee even start the match?! You don’t ring the bell when there’s a fight going on, that happens AFTER the bell!

Melody got to her feet, and started to head towards the corner this time. Bianca followed her in with a running clothesline that crushed her against it instead. She fired her across to the far corner, causing Melody to land back first before Reed delivered a handspring back elbow to her jaw. As the tiny blonde stumbled out of the corner, Bianca hopped up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside waiting on her to turn around before coming off with a blockbuster. As Reed got to her feet, her head started going back and forth as she was talking a lot of trash. 

Zack: What did Melody think was gonna happen with all the things she said about Bianca?! Because if it wasn’t what we’re seeing, she doesn’t know Reed at all!

Mai: Maybe she thought the fact that they were related by marriage might make her a better person, but clearly it hasn’t! This is the same old Bianca, if you ask me!

The Houston crowd was solidly behind her as she pulled Melody up by the hair, only to get her eyes gouged by the newcomer to send her back a step. Melody began firing forearms into the side of her head, and shoved her backwards into the ropes. Bianca got hit with a kick to the stomach as she bounced forward, followed by Melody hooking her head into a DDT. She sat up with an annoyed look on her face as she heard the crowd booing her, and mounted Bianca’s back to scrub her face against the mat. 

Mai: There you go, Melody. Scrub all that makeup off her face, and cheap hair dye while you’re at it. Anything Melody does from this point is warranted after how this started.

Zack: Only in your mind. Lennox finally got her offense started after trying to jam both her thumbs into Bianca’s eyes. 

As Reed was trying to get up, Melody dragged her bootlaces across her face and shoved her back into the corner. She hopped up onto the bottom rope, and pressed a boot against her throat to choke her. The referee got to four before she stepped down, and started firing kicks into her body. Rapid kicks landed all over Bianca’s chest before Melody grabbed her head to deliver a springboard bulldog. The blonde made a quick cover before Pruitt dropped to make the count. 

Mai: Get it over with as soon as you can, Melody! You don’t belong at the bottom of the barrel with Bianca Reed!



Reed kicked out as soon as the two hit the canvas, and Lennox rained elbows into the side of her head before she finally got back to her feet. When she saw Bianca get to all fours to get up, Melody bounced off the near side to deliver a punt kick into her ribs to put her back down. 

Zack: Melody’s got the right idea! She wants to keep Bianca horizontal as much as possible, and not let her back to her feet for anything. 

Another bounce off the near side saw her connect with a knee drop to the back of Reed’s head. Melody pulled her back to her feet in a front facelock, and drilled her with a faceplant and then transitioned into a Koji clutch. Pruitt slid down to the mat, and checked to see if Bianca wanted to stop. But Reed made it clear she didn’t, while the Houston crowd was chanting her name. Melody rocked around in the hold as she had her grip getting tighter. The referee checked again as Bianca started to reach for the bottom rope, which wasn’t too far away. 

Mai: Look at how beautifully she transitioned into that Koji clutch, Zack. Just go ahead and give up, Bianca! No one expects anything more from a choke artist...other than choking!

Zack: I think Bianca would have to pass out before this match would stop. I don’t think she’d ever tap out to Melody, not even if her life depended on it. 

Melody screamed at her to quit, but Bianca used her free arm to try to pull herself a couple inches closer before finally grabbing the bottom rope. Pruitt called for the break, which Melody gave at the count of four. Lennox got to her feet, and stomped the mat as she told the referee she should have called for the bell. Meanwhile, Bianca had made it to the ropes and back to her feet. Lennox shoved the referee out of the way and stormed forward to get her before Reed surprised her with an inverted atomic drop. 

Mai: That’ll slow down any plans you have for the match or the rest of the night. I hope there isn’t any bruising. 

Zack: Thankfully if there is, we’ll never know it firsthand. Bianca’s getting back into this, and that’s bad news for Melody!

Reed started throwing punches again, connecting with each of them before she took off for the far side. As soon as Melody turned to face her, Bianca left her feet for a flying shoulder tackle that knocked her to the canvas. Reed headed for the nearest corner, and made her way up top before launching into a split-legged moonsault that landed flush against her sister-in-law before she hooked the leg and went for the cover. 

Zack: It looks like the Sister Slayer nickname was given to the wrong one! Bianca with the cover and possibly the win!



Melody kicked out at two, and Bianca quickly got back to her feet again. And she went right back to the corner again as well. She climbed up to the top rope, standing tall as she waved Melody to rise. When the blonde started to do so, Bianca pasted her with a missile dropkick to the chest. 

Mai: She’s gonna go up there one time too many, and it’s gonna be a painful reminder of why they call that the high rent district. 

Melody rolled under the ropes, causing the referee to restrain Bianca from going after her again. The blonde finally got back to her feet and turned just as Bianca went to nail her again. But a one handed cartwheel got Melody out of the way. And when she stood up looking for applause for it, Bianca lunged forward with a bicycle kick to the head that dropped her where she stood. That got applause as Reed took off for the far side ropes. She rebounded and seemed to be going for a meteora. But Melody dodged out of the way. Reed corrected herself in mid-air, landing on her feet. She turned to grab her before Melody pulled the referee into her to deliver a mule kick between her legs out of Pruitt’s sight. 

Mai: Looks like Melody’s trick knee is acting up again. That’s a shame too, because Bianca was really starting to get things going, wasn’t she? 

Zack: If Pruitt had seen that, this would be over right now! Melody is a veteran, and knows every trick in the book and how to use them.

Reed knelt in pain, clutching her groin as Melody let the referee go and turn back around. When Bianca raised her head, Lennox grabbed her arms behind her and started to stomp her face. Six of them landed before one last stomp drove her down to the mat. As she rolled onto her back, Melody stepped on her hair and grabbed her arms to pull her up. Bianca shouted in pain as her hair was being ripped out of her head, causing the referee to administer a four count. Melody counted with her, dropped Bianca back to the mat, and pulled her up again for another four count. Melody counted that one with her too before letting go with a grin on her face. 

Zack: What purpose does that serve? It’s not going to win her the match, nor is it going to get her a submission. 

Mai: Not everything has to be about a pin or a submission, Zack. Sometimes a move is just fun. Melody enjoyed that, and I know I did.

As the referee knelt down to see if Bianca was alright, Melody headed to the corner and started to remove the turnbuckle padding. She tossed it to the floor, and doubled back after “Killer B” as she was getting to her feet. Lennox grabbed her head, and went to drive her into the exposed corner. But Bianca blocked it with her foot, and started throwing hands once again. She caught Lennox with a few shots followed by a twisting neckbreaker. Reed took a moment to collect herself, and headed up to the top rope facing the crowd. 

Zack: I think Bianca may be looking for her corkscrew stunner, and I promise you Melody won’t get up from it if she does!

Mai: Melody has to know it’s coming, you know she’s seen Bianca matches before. So please don’t let this happen!

The crowd buzzed louder as Bianca peered between her legs, only to see Melody rolled out to the floor instead. She cursed and hopped down to the mat again, and then out to the floor around the corner. Reed watched her for a second before she hopped up onto the apron. Melody started to rise and saw as Bianca took off towards her with a meteora. But Reed ducked behind Jake, who caught it instead. 

Mai: Do you see what I mean? Bianca just attacked Jake! And he didn’t even do anything but come out to support his friend!

Zack: That’s a load of crap! Melody let him take the bullet for her!

Bianca’s mouth fell open as Melody looked down to them both, and slid back into the ring. Reed glanced from her to Jake and back to the ring before getting infuriated. Bianca darted in after her as Melody caught her coming in with a kick to the gut. It looked like she was going for a stunner herself before Bianca shoved her into the ropes. She caught a discus lariat from Bianca, who scooped her up and spun around to deliver a stun gun. Melody’s head hit the exposed corner, to which Bianca was unaware before she rolled through for the cover!

Mai: She used the exposed turnbuckle!! Disqualify her! Don’t count that!!




Zack: That was Melody’s fault, and you damn well know it!

Bianca got back to her feet, and had her hand raised before rolling out to the other side to check on Jake. Melody stirred on the mat, trying to get herself together when she pointed out to the referee about the exposed corner. Pruitt said her decision was final, causing Lennox to look like she was about to explode.

Kat: Your winner of the match by pinfall…………’KILLER B’ BIANCA REED!!

Zack: Bianca certainly didn’t mean to catch Jake, and I don’t think she realized that was the exposed corner she just used! Look at Melody’s face, she looks like a five year old that isn’t getting her way!

Lennox rolled out of the ring, and pulled a chair out from underneath it. As Bianca was checking on Jake, Melody charged around the corner and crashed the chair across her back. She put her foot to Reed’s neck, and drove the chair into her again and again repeatedly until the seat was dented.

Zack: My God, look at the seat of the chair! That’s Bianca’s body that caused that, and the only reason she still isn’t getting it is the guy she clobbered a little bit ago.

Mai: She deserves it. She cheated to win the match, and attacked an innocent person in the process. 

Jake finally got back to his feet, holding his chest before pulling the chair away from Melody. She was still fuming though, and shook her head as she headed up the ramp with him in pursuit of her. It almost looked like she was concerned for him as they got to the top of the ramp, telling him they were going to the trainer’s room as the show cut to a commercial for Global Wars.

Count The Stars

The show cuts back down to ringside, and we find Zack and Mai in the booth. Mai is drinking something out of a flask as Zack rolls his eyes and looks to the camera.

Zack: Coming up next, folks, the Evolution Championship is on the line when Missy and Kelly meet for the third time, and---

Look out, they're closing in on you now
Wake up, or you’ll wake up six feet down
Nobody's got your back in this town
Knock 'em. In the. Teeth. NOW!

The intro to Set It Off's "Killer in the Mirror" starts on the sound system, and lights start blinking in random colors as Tara Cortez struts onto the entrance ramp, with her manager Christian Kincaid right there with her. She stops right before the descent and pulls off a short dance move, crouching down only and taking a spin, proceeding to get back up, sliding her palms against her midriff before raising her hands her head... Only to nonchalantly wave the booing audience off as she brings her arms down again. Blowing raspberries, she then starts strutting down the entrance ramp, shaking her head at the fans in attendance as she makes her way to the ring.

Mai: Are you SURE the Evolution Championship match is next, Zack? Because that doesn’t look like Kelly or Missy to me.

Zack: Well look who’s here…

Christian hops up onto the apron, and holds the ropes open for Tara as she steps into the ring. Many of the fans immediately recognize her, and go into auto-boo mode as Christian gets them a pair of microphones while the music fades out.

Christian: Ladies and gentlemen here in Houston, Texas…. and all of you watching around the world on FFW All Access, this woman right here needs no introduction. And while that may be true, there’s a lot of dread that just filled parts of the FFW locker room because the day they hoped was a long ways off has finally arrived. A day where the most successful Prospect with the best record in Future Shock history has finally arrived right here in FFW. I give you my client who is 10 Stars in any order you want……. TARA CORTEZ!!

Another wave of deafening boos shower the ring, as the self-proclaimed intellectual genius just takes it with a smirk.

Tara: Go on. Jeer to your hearts’ content. I’m not the one going back home with a hurting throat, that’s for sure.

And mooooore boos.

Tara: Oh, well, and here I thought I’d get a good welcome from the greatest state of the South, my beloved Texas, where I am from... Well, I guess one can’t expect much from a herd of mouth-breathing sheep, even if this IS Houston. That aside… I have a message to relay to a special someone who, I’m sure, is watching this with, I imagine, plenty glee right now. Congratulations, Mr. Adam Grant: now there’s only two of us in Future Shock right now. You made it clear that my presence saddened you when you let the world know you were unhappy with something that should’ve made you eternally proud: your Future Shock prospects cleansweeping the first-ever Impact special. Upon learning that, I promised that I would bring the Future Shock Championship to the main roster, and remove the crown jewel of your puny little programme from you.

Tara shake her head.

Tara: That last part wasn’t meant to be. But it was an interesting experience: it was the first time in my life that I’ve experienced… failure.

Another houseful of boos as Tara laughs to herself.

Tara: Oh, come ON, like you don’t know what I’m talking about. All your lives are marred with failure, so you might as well boo your heads off at someone who’s just gotten used to excellency and elegance of execution. You know what? You can all do your thing, I’ll keep doing mine. Regardless of all the noise, here’s the thing: everybody won, didn’t we, Mr. Grant? You rid your puny little programme of my presence, I bring my talents to the professional roster where I was always meant to shine, and the crown jewel of your average-at-best cast of wheel-racing hamsters stays intact in the hamster cage. You have my congratulations, for everything has come up Adam.

Christian: It’s funny to me to hear all the things people have said in the last year plus as it pertains to Tara Cortez. I mean, let’s face it, she has been THE story in Future Shock for a long time. And now that she’s here on the biggest stages, it feels like homecoming even though it’s the first time. She got her first taste of what it’s like here last year at Global Wars when she was in the spotlight match for Future Shock. She saw for herself what was in her future, and she couldn’t wait to get here. To finally be part of FFW. 

The boos only got louder still somehow. 

Christian: Oh, I hear you. We know you’re not fans, but that’s alright. Tara has done everything she has done without your support, and nothing will change now that she’s in FFW. And if I have my way about it, she’ll be treated like the rock star she truly is! And when I spoke with management earlier, they already told me who her first opponent will be. In the very near future, you’re gonna see “10 Star” Tara Cortez get a little…. Old School.

Tara nods.

Tara: Consider this us giving you a chance to earn yourself a headstart. Because the first person in this roster… Well, the second, technically. But the first with me as a star of the main roster… Is you, Gillian Barnes. Let’s see if the “Old School” has what it takes to face the 10-Star Icon.

Tara then turns to CK.

Tara: Forget Prospect. This rolls off the tongue better. And, come to think of it, that’s what I am. An icon.

Tara’s music begins to play again to more boos from the Houston crowd. Christian beams at his client as they hold up all ten fingers for stars, and the show cuts to a video package for the Evolution title. 
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A video package shows both times tonight’s Evolution Championship match was to take place, and how neither of them ended the right way. Then we head back to the ring, and find Kat waiting with her microphone. 

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and it is for the FFW Evolution Championship!

Zack: Let’s hope the third time's the charm! We will hopefully finally have a winner between Kelly and Missy with one of FFW’s most storied championships on the line. I’ll be joined by Christian momentarily. 

The lights in the arena go off before a single purple spotlight hits the stage. As the opening bars of Wild Side by Cross My Heart Hope To Die starts to play Missy appears at the entrance way. Missy stands perfectly still, as her head stays bent, looking towards the ground and her manager Christian Kincaid walks out to stand behind her.

I've been on my best behavior
But I've heard that good girls finish last
And once you're gone they say no one can save you
But who knows if I go I may never want to ever come back
We've all fell victim to temptation
It seems that I'm the last one holding on
What's the use in fighting for my salvation
And why does it feel so damn right to want to be so wrong

At the side of Missy purple lights flash on and off, looking almost like fireworks, as she remains perfectly still. As the lights subside, Missy raises her arms up to the air and a single white spotlight accompanies the move.

I just wanna dance with the devil tonight
I wanna know what it feels like
I wanna close my eyes, put my hands in the sky
I wanna walk on the wild side

Kat: Introducing at this time…. Hailing from Leeds, England and weighing in at One hundred and twelve pounds… she is MIIIIISSSSSY!

Missy makes her way down the ramp to the ring keeping her eyes straight ahead, focussing on the ring, with Christian following a few steps behind. When she reaches the ring she slowly climbs the steel steps, surveying the crowd as she does until she reaches the top. She steps onto the apron and gives one final look around before she enters the ring between the top and middle rope. Leaning over the top rope she shares a few last minute words with her manager as her theme music ends.

Zack: Missy could be on the verge of making history. She defeated Kelly’s sister for SVW’s Defiance Championship, and she may complete the series if she can take down Kelly tonight for her equivalent title. 

The arena falls dark as the opening of “Blonde, Bad and Beautiful” by Airbourne plays, Kelly explodes upward out of the middle of the stage as though shot out of a cannon, landing a perfect front somersault in a shower of blue sparks. As she lands she holds her title belt high over her head. The girl is joined by Christian Kincaid on the stage. Turning to face her husband, she turns to face him, giving him a big hug as she plants a kiss to his lips. As the music starts to pick up pace once more she starts to run toward the ring, performing a quick cartwheel into a handspring before sliding into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Using the momentum to her advantage, the former acrobat forward rolls to her feet and leaps onto the middle rope. She springboards off the ropes into a backflip and heads towards the corner. The former acrobat runs straight up the pads. Stopping on the top turnbuckle she blows a kiss to the fans, holds her title belt high in the air and then corkscrew flips back to the mat, facing the middle of the ring as she lands. Christian heads towards the booth, and joins Zack.

Kat: From Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, 5’5” tall, weighs 115lbs and is accompanied to the ring by Christian Kincaid. She is the FFW Evolution Champion...Please welcome...KELLY KINCAID!!!

Zack: Kelly has enjoyed quite a reign with that title, but tonight could see it in the most jeopardy yet. Like I said, Missy’s beaten her Hall of Fame sister for championship gold. Could tonight be when she notches Kelly’s name to that win list? Welcome to the broadcast booth, Christian.

Christian: Glad to be here. Since some of the tin foil hat wearers wanted to blame me for being ringside in the last match, I’ll sit here with you and I don’t have the title with me, as you can see.

Referee Ashley Pruitt took the title from Kelly, showed it to Missy, and then raised it above her head. Kat left the ring with it before the bell sounded, and the two headed for the center. Kelly looked down into Missy’s face, offering her a handshake to start the match. Missy returned the gesture, but Kelly didn’t let go as she popped her with an elbow to the side of her head. Two more quick shots followed that, with Kelly still holding onto Missy’s hand. A judo throw sent her over to the mat, and Kelly brought down a Mongolian chop across Missy’s shoulders when she tried to get back to her feet. The blonde pulled her up, and shoved her chest first into the nearest corner before firing shoulder thrusts into her lower back followed by a belly to back suplex. 

Christian: As much as you and the fans have wanted to see a winner to this, Kelly and Missy have wanted it more. One way or another, they plan to find out who the better woman is tonight. No special referees, no excuses. 

Zack: It all began at Relentless with a crooked official, Mallory Bennett, calling the shots. Everything went to hell after that, as we expected. Tonight, we hopefully will answer the question of who should be the Evolution Champion.

When Missy sat up, Kelly fired a hard kick into her spine and then bounced off the near side with a low dropkick to her back. The brunette’s face winced as she started to get up again, and Kelly whipped her across to the far side. Kincaid dropped down as Missy ran over her and hit the other side for another rebound. Kelly nipped up to her feet, and nailed her with a dropkick to the chest to put her down again. She darted towards the ropes, and came back with a rolling thunder senton across her chest as she tried to rise. The champion quickly got to her feet again, kicked her foot over her head, and delivered a cheerleader leg drop. 

Zack: Kelly’s got her offense working right from the get start, and so far, Missy’s not really had an answer for it, has she?

Christian: No, but as her manager, I can tell you sometimes MIssy is a slow starter. She has to get warmed up a little in the ring, and nothing works better than getting beat on, believe me.

The Brit rolled away from her, only for Kelly to grab her arm and pull her back to her feet. She jerked her forward into a ripcord knee strike to the face before the blonde dropped her with a future shock DDT. She rolled her onto her back, and went for the cover with a hook of the leg. 

Christian: Of course, too many of those future shock DDTs won’t let her have that chance. No relation to the show, by the way.



Missy kicked out at two, and shoved Kelly away from her. She rolled herself into the ropes, and began to get up to her feet. Kelly measured her for a moment and then took off for a clothesline. But the brunette dropped and pulled the top rope down with her. Kelly spilled over it, and landed on the floor. 

Zack: That’s one way to shift the momentum! Missy low bridged that top rope, and let gravity do the rest to Kelly. Is she gonna go out after her?

Missy didn’t do as Zack had asked though, and took a moment to collect herself. Kelly slowly got back to her feet, and pulled herself onto the apron before Missy caught her with a knee to the midsection. She hooked her head, and hoisted her up for a vertical suplex. But Kelly began to wiggle and landed her feet across the top rope. Missy quickly countered into a twisting neckbreaker. The blonde hit the mat hard, and Missy rolled back to her feet, still feeling the effects of Kelly’s offense. 

Zack: Kelly was starting to get free, but some astute thinking on Missy’s part made sure it didn't work out well for her at all. 

Christian: Missy is very talented when it comes to counters. So is Kelly, so I’m not surprised if we see them anticipating each other’s moves more than just now. 

The blonde started to push up to her hands and knees till Missy pasted her with a running kneelift to the face that dropped her to her knees. Kelly reeled backwards a little before Missy started laying in kicks to her chest one after another. They got faster and faster until she finished off the series with a shining wizard that put the blonde face down on the mat. Missy dropped to make the cover before Pruitt slid into position. 

Zack: Nothing but kicks with the sharpest one aimed at Kelly’s dome! Missy’s gonna complete the set!



Kelly got her shoulder up off the mat, and started to sit up with a dazed look in her eyes. She tried to get up, but wasn’t steady on her feet before Missy circled around and applied a sleeper.

Christian: Kelly may be seeing eight or nine ropes in front of her after that shot to the head. This sleeper isn’t gonna help anything either. 

Kelly began to reach for the ropes almost as soon as the hold was applied, and Missy hopped onto her back to slow her down more. Kelly dropped to a knee almost immediately as the brunette got her feet back under her, and continued to apply the pressure. Pruitt checked to make sure it wasn’t a choke as Kelly continued to crumple to the mat. The challenger leaned into her now as Kelly’s head canted down to the mat. The referee asked her if she wanted to stop the match, but Kelly gave a very weak response. 

Zack: Missy must have one hell of a grip with that sleeper. Look how fast Kelly’s fading in it. I don’t think it’ll take much longer before we crown a new champion at this rate. 

Christian: That’s about as perfectly applied of a sleeper as I’ve ever seen, that’s the truth. Kelly needs to figure something out or pass out at this point.

Kelly collapsed to lay on the mat, and Missy dropped down with her with the sleeper still in place. For added benefit, the brunette wrapped her legs around Kelly’s body for a body scissors before the referee was no longer getting an answer from Kelly. Pruitt lifted her hand once then twice, letting it collapse to the mat. When she tried to raise it a third, Kelly rolled onto her back and locked her elbows, pinning Missy underneath her before the referee went to count.

Zack: Where did that come from?! Kelly’s got Missy stuck in her own submission! Where did she pull that out from?




Missy immediately broke the sleeper, and shoved Kelly off of her before the three came down. She sat up, and checked with the referee to make sure it was only a two. When she got it confirmed, she got back to her feet with an aggravated look on her face. 

Christian: I don’t blame Missy for checking with the referee! It was that close to being over, and that would have been demoralizing. 

The brunette took off for the far side, and came back with a curb stomp in mind. But Kelly rolled away from her. Missy charged forward again with that same move in mind, but Kelly again avoided the contact before she stomped the mat. The blonde stumbled to her feet as Missy spun around with a discus punch, but Kelly ducked her head and used a jawbreaker to send the brunette stumbling backwards. When she came forward a bit dazed, Kelly grabbed her arm and pulled her into an inverted stomp facebreaker. 

Christian: If Kelly wasn’t half drowsy after that sleeper, she’d be going for the cover right now. But she’s trying to clear the fog in her own mind. 

Zack: Kelly must feel like the rest of us when we are awakened out of a deep sleep. She’s fighting her own inertia right now.

Kelly finally began to get to her feet, and glanced over to see where Missy was. The challenger was holding her jaw as she laid on the mat, and Kelly launched forward with a double stomp to her body. It folded the brunette up before Kincaid shook her head, and pulled Missy back to her feet. She went to fire her across to the far side, but Missy reversed it and sent Kelly instead. The blonde used the ropes for a springboard into a corkscrew pescado that dropped Missy where she stood. Kelly hooked the leg, and went for the cover!

Zack: I’ve never seen her do that before, and neither has Missy! The Evolution title’s staying Portland!




Missy kicked out in time before the three, and Kelly rolled off the cover. She got to her feet, still shaking her head as she headed for the corner. She climbed up halfway and peered between her legs to see where Missy was. But she didn’t see her until Missy nailed her with a superkick between Kelly’s legs, and collapsed her to the mat.

Christian: Right in the damn face! It’s always the shots you don’t see coming that hurt you the most, Zack!

Kinclaid in a heap on the mat before she started to push up, and get to her hands and knees. Missy took off for the far side, and came back with a curb stomp! The fans came to their feet as she rolled the champion over and went for the cover before Pruitt slid into position.

Zack: Kelly’s done! The MISCHIEF MAKER is gonna make Missy a two time Evolution Champion! 




Kelly’s arm came off the mat, and fell back down to it almost as quickly. Missy pounded her fist into the mat, and got back to her feet. She headed for the corner this time, and quickly made her way back to the top rope. She rolled her hands over her head and pointed down to Kelly.

Christian: It looks like she’s going for the move that used to knock off Scarlett and take her title over in SVW! Kelly knows about it, she saw it! So we’ll find out if she knows it’s coming!

Missy immediately launched herself into her 450 imploding splash aimed for the Evolution Champion, but Kelly rolled out of the way. The brunette’s body bounced off the mat before she collapsed face down on the mat and clutched her ribs. Kelly staggered to her feet, and jerked Missy up with her and drilled her with her headlock driver! She quickly made the cover with a leg hook before Pruitt went to count. 

Christian: That’s the CLIPPED WINGS, and it’s got a who’s who list of wrestlers it’s stopped in their tracks!




Missy kicked out at the last second, and Kelly’s mouth fell open as she looked up to the referee. Pruitt showed her two fingers as the Houston crowd were all on their feet at this point.

Zack: I don’t believe it…. I just don’t believe it! Virtually no one has kicked out of that headlock driver from Kelly, but Missy did it! And the champion is in shock!

Christian: She’s in good company…..

Kelly looked down to Missy with shock, and pulled her back to her feet. She fired her her into the far corner, but Missy reversed it and sent her instead. Kelly landed back first as the brunette charged in, only to get a boot in the face. Kincaid spun around and sat her on the top rope before climbing up with her. And without wasting a second, she launched into a cyclorama that caused camera flashes from the crowd. She hooked the leg and laid across her as Pruitt went for the cover!

Zack: CRASH AND BURN!! If this doesn't do it, what the hell is it gonna take?!




Pruitt called for the bell, and Kelly rolled off the cover to lay on the mat. Both women lay almost side by side, and slowly began to sit up and look at one another. Kelly offered her a handshake, which Missy took before the blonde got to her feet. 

Christian: Well we don’t have to answer that question, Zack. Wow, Missy was phenomenal tonight. There’s no question about it. She took Kelly to a new limit, I think.

Kat: Your winner of the match by pinfall and STILL FFW Evolution Champion…. KELLY KINCAID!

Pruitt handed Kelly her title back, which she looked at as she gasped for breath. She raised it over her head with a nod, 

Christian: Congratulations to both women, they both left nothing to change tonight and everything in the ring. I’m proud of them both. Excuse me, Zack.

Zack: Go right ahead! What a thriller for the Evolution Championship! Tonight, Kelly was the better woman! But I think Missy surprised her more than once! 

Christian left the booth, and joined his wife in the ring to raise her hand. He congratulated her as she hugged it against her body. He then went to check on MIssy as the show cut to a commercial for Future Shock Nemesis.

Theaters of War

The booing Houston crowd can be heard next as we see the owner of FFW emerge on the stage. “Can’t Be Tamed” plays over the PA system as Samantha takes a microphone, and makes a cutting motion with her hand to stop the music.

Samantha: Throughout the night, you’ve been hearing about the upcoming Global Wars series that has become a staple of FFW for a number of years now. But this year, I will be streamlining it and changing it. The original concept was something a former executive came up with, and it has long since been in need of an update. A facelift, if you will.

Zack: I think she’s referring to Cody Kincaid when she talks about a former executive who came up with it, same as he did Future Shock.

Mai: Would you be quiet? Important people are talking who aren’t me!

Samantha: That’s what I have done. Gone are the days of teams representing countries in Global Wars. Henceforth, it will be one woman representing her nation in the series. Gone are the days of points. The only number that is going to matter in Global Wars is the number of wins you have accumulated.

Mai: Sounds easier to follow already, Zack! I’m not big on math unless it’s about dollars and cents personally.

Samantha: As you heard, six countries will be represented this year. The representatives of those countries will meet in various matches between now and Global Wars. Unlike previous years though, not everyone will be involved in the final battle at Global Wars. The 4 countries who have accumulated the most points will compete in a ladder match on November 23rd in the United Center in Chicago, Illinois at the Global Wars event on FFW All Access.

Zack: Alright, the top 4 winners get to compete on the big stage. That’ll certainly make the competition more cutthroat than previous years.

Mai: Oh, I enjoy a good cutthroat competition!

Samantha: The woman who emerges from the ladder match at Global Wars will earn herself an opportunity at the championship of her choosing on the first FFW special event of 2019, along with a gold medal with her country’s flag on it. Every title and every champion is fair game, including the Unity Tag Team TItles, in which case the winner can pick her partner.

Zack: Kinda like writing your own ticket then really. This competition is going to be pretty fierce with those kinds of stakes.

Mai: Yeah, but who’s gonna be the entrants?

Samantha: You’ve also already heard some of the entrants, and I’ll fill you in on the rest. Representing France in Global Wars will be…. ALYSSON GARDNER.

Mai: France hasn’t been in the competition in a while. It’s probably because the country is full of frogs anyway.

Zack: Send your cards and letters to Mai Hotaru.

Samantha: Representing Brazil will be the franchise’s own MEL AVILO!

Mai: Finally, a breakout spot for Mel! She could do a lot of damage, and finally start getting herself some accolades.

Zack: We know who the powerhouse is gonna be, don’t we?

Samantha: Representing Japan in Global Wars….. ‘THE LUCKY STAR’ ANDI TAKATA!!

Zack: Andi’s back in Global Wars again, and that could be bad news for a lot of these girls. Japan had a very strong showing year after year.

Mai: Why couldn’t it have been someone I liked?!

Samantha: Returning yet again to represent the country of England in Global Wars…. LILLY ARTHUR!!

Zack: England is another strong contender in previous years. Lilly knows Global Wars like nobody’s business. She’s the veteran of the whole squad at this point.

Mai: Well at least it’s not Boob Job Barbie. Who wants to see Missy involved again?!

Samantha: Representing South Korea is a very unique woman….’THE BIG BANG’ AREUM JIJANG!

Mai: But she’s off her rocker! She may not even find the arena for thinking the voices in her head says the show is in Cleveland!

Zack: That’s definitely a wild card pick, if I ever heard one. Areum could surprise everyone in Global Wars.

Samantha: And finally representing the United States of America in Global Wars…..CAITLYN STORM!!

This gets another pop from the crowd as they hear her name.

Zack: Caitlyn’s gonna be my pick, I think. You gotta support your home country, right?

Mai: Uh no. No, I don’t!

Samantha: These six women will have the opportunity of a lifetime, and the four with the most wins will compete at Global Wars in the ladder match. But that doesn’t mean it will necessarily be their only match that night. This year’s Global Wars promises to be the most competitive ever, and I will personally raise the winner’s hand at the end of the night.

Zack: Well there’s the Sinister Six, folks! One of those six women will write her own ticket into the title shot of her choosing at Global Wars on November 23rd in Chicago and only on FFW All Access. Don’t move a muscle, because the main event is next!

A commercial for Future Shock Nemesis airs after that.
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A video introduction played, showing the end of the recent 5 on 1 handicap match between Savannah Star and the Franchise which finished with Mika standing over the fallen Savannah at the top of the entrance ramp. The scene cuts back to the ring announced stood in the middle of the ring.

Zack: This is the one that’s brought them all here tonight as Savannah Star finds herself in Samantha’s crosshairs, and now has an Empress to deal with. 

Mai: I’ve said it again and again. She has this coming. She put a man over her friendship with Samantha, and she deserves all that she’s gotten and then some.

Kat: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish and is your Main Event of the evening!!!

There was silence; the lights began to fade away slowly. A soft instrumental echoes out across the audience. It starts slowly, a beautiful sound that contrasts the heaviness of the world. Like feathers, it glides among the waiting audience. The lighting fixtures produce a gentle spotlight upon the stage, offset by the occasional flash here and there. As 'Just Close Your Eyes' by Waterproof Blonde continues to play, a woman’s words begin to come through. Her voice is tender, not raising upon a whisper.

"Deceived by my eyes and all I was told I should see
Opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be
One night in the dark, a vision of someone I knew
And in the darkness I saw, a voice say, I'm you."

On the stage, a feminine figure appears. Her head lowered to everything. People cannot make out who it is. As she stands there, the flashes briefly illuminate her figure. It only gives small clues on who stands at the gate. She stands in the spotlight, her shadow cast large and proudly among the stage.

"Inside me a light was turned on…"

The instrumental picks up again. An electric guitar now joins the progressively exciting instrumentals of before. The singer’s voice suddenly intensifies.

"Then I was alive!"

In the light, it is revealed that it was Savannah Taylor. She stands at the gate, a robe of obsidian and ivory hues. The hood of it shadows her eyes, but the intensity of the final EXODUS World Champion remains clear as day. She starts off down the ramp, with a serious aura radiating from her body.

Kat: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way down to the ring....weighing in at one hundred twenty pounds.....from Las Vegas, Nevada.....Savannah Star!!!

"If you close your eyes your life,
A naked truth revealed
Dreams you never lived,
And scars never healed"

Savannah makes her way up the ring steps. She looks out towards the audience for a moment before entering the ring. From there, she heads for a turnbuckle. She stands there, taking in everything. She then lifts her up on top of it. She peers out in nothing, then takes off the hood with a flashy flourish. Her blonde locks fly up in the air. They descend, shaping her face as they famously do.

"In the darkness, light will take you to the other side
You'll find me waiting there you'll see, if you just close your eyes."

While she stands in her corner, she closes her eyes and takes a heavy breath. When her bright eyes open, Taylor is completely composed. There is nothing more than the heat of battle awaiting her. She takes off her robe, giving it to a stagehand. She stretches her wrists before devoting her mind to the war upon the horizon.

Zack: After going through the farce that was the 5-on-1 handicap match at Breaking Point, Savannah’s job is now just to cut through one woman. And that look on her face shows she’s ready for war.

Mai: Well good for her, because that’s what she’s bought herself. She doesn’t have any friends, and no one trusts her. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a friend to a woman like that.

Savannah paced back and forth in the ring as she waited for her opponent amid a growing susurration of anticipation amongst the sold out crowd - that only got louder as the lights dimmed inside of the arena. There was the cries of two sea eagle as the strings and the gypsy guitar of "The Scarlet Dawn" echoed through the PA system. A single spotlight shone down upon the entrance ramp as Kyle Kilmeade stepped through the entrance gate with a smug smirk on his face which only caused the crowd to boo him louder. The manager turned back towards the entrance gate for a moment as if to beckon his talent forward before he shook his head and pointed to the ring. The lights came up just as Mika, who had come through the time keepers area and slid into the ring behind Savannah, struck with a running clothesline to the back of her opponent’s head sending her down to the canvas.

Mai: Ahahaha! Mika really is a master strategist, and picking right up where she left off at Breaking Point. Diversion tactics work well in this business!

Zack: Well that’s the way she chose to do it at Breaking Point. I guess the logic is why should she stop now?

Kat quickly hopped out of the ring as Kevin Fisk called for the bell, Kyle headed down the entrance ramp towards the ring and Mika sprinted towards the ring ropes, coming back towards Savannah as she rose and caught her with a running knee lift to her jaw. It brought Star to her feet and allowed Demidov to begin to launch a series of five European uppercuts to her opponent’s jaw, sending Star staggering backwards towards into the ring ropes where Mika spins and catches the former No Surrender Champion with a spinning back fist. It caused the Las Vegas native to drop to one knee which saw the Russian begin to deliver five quick fire knees into her opponents chest before she pulled Star up to her feet and whipped her across the ring. As Savannah returned towards the FFW Hall of Famer, Mika caught her with a big boot sending her down to the canvas. 

Zack: It’s been some time since we’ve seen Mika in a FFW ring, but it appears to me that she hasn’t lost a step in that time either.

Mai: Just like you saw with Tommy earlier, Zack. You think Mika sat around all that time eating Bon Bons? No, she stayed in shape...ring shape!

Star almost immediately sat up, holding her jaw for just a second before she started to rise to her feet once again. Mika stalked the Nevada native, driving a pair of stiff kicks into her body before she moved around behind her opponent and caught her with a double axe handle blow to her spine before she launched herself into the air, grabbing hold of Savannah by her hair and slammed her down into the canvas with a bulldog. Once more Savannah hit the canvas and bounced back up to all fours only for Mika to jerk her upwards, hooking her head as she dropped her straight back down to the canvas with a reverse DDT. Mika made a lazy cover upon her foe.

Mai: Look at that cover! I don’t blame her, it’s Savannah after all. 


Zack: And see how well it worked out for her too? 

The Russian superstar didn’t even get a one count before Savannah kicked out of the pinfall attempt and sat up only for Mika to apply a cross side wristlock to her with a smug, arrogant grin on her face. The referee asked the former No Surrender Champion if she wanted to quit in the hold, getting a definite ‘No’ from Star. Slowly Savannah forced herself back up to a standing base only for Mika to release the hold and catch the Nevadan with a kick to the gut before she jerked her head downwards into a single knee facebuster. Savannah reeled backwards only for Demidov to hook her arm and send her down to the canvas one more with the Hiptoss of DOOM!!!! As Star came to a sitting position, Mika played up to the crowd, causing them to boo her loudly. And the crowd only got louder still as Demidov dismissively toyed with her opponent, pushing her head to one side with her foot as she sat on the mat and then condescendingly patting her atop the head as she began to push upwards, making it to her knees before Mika delivered an open hand slap across her jaw.

Zack: Mika is just as vicious as she ever was, and you just know she eats up the fact that this entire event has her in the main event after her long layoff.

Mai: Don’t worry. I have a feeling this will be the last time that we see Savannah in a main event. And you know how right I always am!

Star held the side of her face where she’d been struck only for Mika to take two handfuls of hair, Fisk ordering her to let go and getting ignored by the Russian as she jerked Savannah back to her feet. As Mika seemed to be about to go for a hair pull mat slam, Star surprised her, by grabbing Demidov by her thighs and executing a double leg takedown that dumped her down to the canvas. The Las Vegas native fell on top of Mika and didn’t waste any time at all in launching into a series of stiff right and left hands to Demidov’s face.

Zack: Look at Savannah fighting back! Those combinations will rattle your teeth, just like they are Mika’s!

Mai: It’s about time she decided to put up a fight. I was starting think this was just going to be a night off for Mika. 

Kevin Fisk called for the break and started to use the count as the Empress covered up, only for Savannah to take hold of the Russian’s hair, jerking her upwards before she drove a raised knee into her jaw, followed by a second before she released her foe. The FFW Hall of Famer staggered backwards a step and Star jacked her jaw with a picture perfect savate kick that saw Mika drop backwards to the mat. Quickly the Red Star went to rise back to her feet once more but only managed to get as far as one knee before Savannah caught her with a running knee lift to her jaw. Demidov came up to her feet and spun away from her foe which allowed the former No Surrender Champion to wrap her arms around the waist of the Hall of Famer and snapped off a textbook release German suplex that dumped Mika on the back of her head and her shoulders. Mika rolled backwards, coming up to her feet as she did so and again found herself trapped in Savannah Star’s grip momentarily before she went flying once more with a release overhead belly to belly suplex. 

Mai: Women like Savannah give the rest of us bad names. Putting her own sexual needs ahead of being friends with Samantha is disgusting.

Zack: have you met yourself?! They got married! What the hell more should they do?

Again Mika went to push upwards quickly only for Savannah to grab her head as the Russian came to one knee and Star snapped off a DDT. Mika slumped to the canvas for a couple of moments; Savannah coming back to her feet and getting a loud cheer from the crowd only for the Las Vegas native to ignore the crowd as she pulled the Franchise’s mentor up to her feet and Irish whipped her across the ring into the far corner. As Mika hit the turnbuckles, Savannah followed in behind her and caught her with a corner clothesline. Star took two steps backwards only to leave her feet and deliver a dropsault kick to Mika’s jaw. As the Red Star stepped out of the corner, Savannah pushed her back against the ropes only to send her barrelling across the ring with an Irish whip, catching her on the return with a leg lariat that took her down to the canvas once again. 

Zack: Savannah’s got a lot of pent up anger to work out on Mika, and you can tell by the fact she hasn’t gone for a cover once.

Mai: Yeah, and anger can cause you to make a lot of mistakes. Not going for the win whenever you can is a perfect example. 

Mika sat up and was brought the rest of the way to a vertical base only for Star to send her to the mat once more with a snapmare takedown, following it up straight away with a sleeper hold as Mika sat on the mat. Savannah lent into the hold, using all her weight to try and increase the effectiveness of the sleeper hold as the Empress tried to pull her foe’s arms from around her head as the referee deemed the hold legal. As Demidov found herself unable to pull her foes arms away and break the hold, she instead balled her hands into fists and kicked her feet against the mat, determined to keep the blood flowing as Kyle cheered her on from the outside. Fisk checked on Mika, making sure that she didn’t want to submit and that she was still responsive as the hold began to take effect on the Russian blonde. 

Mai: She can’t possibly think she’s going to put Mika to sleep like this? Really? And you say Mika is arrogant!

Zack: You can put anyone away with a submission if you get it on right and long enough. I don’t care who you are, Mika included.

Mika completely refused to quit when the referee asked the question of her and instead started to try and rise up from a sitting position. Slowly Demidov managed to roll over and make it to her knees, causing Savannah to rise to her feet and continue to lean into the hold, using all of her weight to try and put the Red Star out. Still Mika refused, continuing to slowly rise and as the St Petersburg made it upright she fired off an elbow into Star’s midsection. Demidov landed another elbow strike which caused Savannah to loosen the hold ever so slightly momentarily before she cinched it back in tightly as she swept Mika’s leg out from underneath her to drive her back first into the canvas with a sleeper slam. The former No Surrender Champion quickly followed up the move with an elbow drop into Mika’s chest before she made the cover.

Mai: Hey look, she remembered she was supposed to try to win!



Zack: And her cover got a lot more positive results than that one Mika used earlier too.

Mika kicked out easily enough as the referee made the two count only for Savannah to once more take up the mount position on her foe and start to again fire right and left hands into her face. Again the referee called for the break as Mika tried to cover up and Savannah pulled the Empress upwards with a handful of hair and began to fire off stiff Muay Thai kicks into her opponent’s body before she used her grip on her wrist to jerk Demidov towards her once more and into an STO backbreaker across her knee. Mika hit the mat and arched her back up from the canvas, her head pressed against her spine as she did so. After a couple of moments, Mika rolled over to her front and Savannah headed towards the ring ropes, springboarding off the middle rope and into a double foot stomp to her spine, driving Demidov back down into the canvas face first. The Las Vegas native didn’t waste any time at all in moving to her opponent’s legs, stepping on the back of her thighs and trapping her feet around her shins before she slapped the Russian’s sides to grab hold of her wrists. Savannah then began to rock back and forth before she fell backwards, pulling Mika into a surfboard submission hold.

Zack: There’s not a whole lot of surfing going on in Russia, I don’t think, but Savannah is happy to show her what this hold feels like. 

Mai: She’s just desperate, and trying to figure out what to do next. That’s all. 

Fisk dropped down next to the Russian, asking her if she wanted to submit and getting a shake of the head as pain showed on Mika’s face. Savannah pulled further back on her opponent’s arms, bending her spine as she held her up in the air. Demidov still refused to submit, shaking her head as the referee asked her the question. Star kept the hold applied, using her legs to bounce the Empress up and down in the surfboard hold, causing the Red Star to cry out in pain but still she refused to submit as Savannah released the hold, dropping the Hall of Famer onto the canvas. Star rose back to her feet as Mika laid on her front, holding her back with one hand which allowed Savannah to stomp away at her spine before she pulled her back up to her feet and straight into a side suplex, dropping Mika onto her back. 

Zack: You just know that being jumped from behind as she was by Mika is playing on a loop inside Savannah’s mind, and it’s only fueling her fire. 

Mai: If she was smart, she’d go back to Samantha on bended knee and ask for forgiveness. Maybe start by washing her car!

Demidov again arched her back upwards off the canvas as she landed and was once more pulled up to her feet by Savannah only to be sent across the ring with an Irish whip. As Mika returned, Savannah scooped her up off of her feet and into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Star shoved Mika off of her knee and started to wave the Red Star upwards, watching as the St. Petersburg native slowly began to push upwards. The former No Surrender Champion began to get her feet underneath as Savannah stalked around behind Mika before she darted forward and jerked her downwards into a backstabber. Demidov bounced forwards off her foe’s knees, landing on her own before she instantly started to rise once more only for Savannah to drop back to the ropes and come back off them with a scissor kick to the back of the Russian’s head. Instantly Savannah dropped to her knees, rolled Mika onto her back and made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so. 

Zack: Well timed scissor kick, and Savannah may be closing in on the victory!




Mai: On Mika’s big return night? Give me a break!

Mika kicked out of the pinfall only for Savannah to confirm the two count with the official before she pulled her opponent up to her feet by her hair and sent her across the ring into the corner. Demidov hit the turnbuckle pads back first and staggered out of the corner on her tiptoes only for the Los Vegas native to meet her coming forward with a shoulder thrust to the gut that sent her back into the corner. Another three shoulder thrusts followed it, driving Mika’s back into the turnbuckles. As Fisk called for the break, Star once more pulled her foe away from the corner only to shove her back against the ring ropes to fire her across the ring. This time when Mika returned, Savannah used her momentum against her to snap off a powerslam. Once more Demidov arched her back up from the canvas, allowing Savannah to dart towards the ring ropes and come off with a springboard moonsault. Star landed it perfectly across her opponents body and went to hook the leg for the pinfall.

Mai: Look at the showoff, which won’t get her anywhere against Mika.

Zack: It might get her the win if the referee wasn’t already tied up with Kilmeade!

No pinfall ever came thanks to Kyle hopping up onto the apron and distracting the referee. Savannah looked up, saw the manager on the apron and popped up to her feet, heading towards Kyle and swinging a right hand in his direction only for Kilmeade to duck underneath it to avoid the blow. Quickly the manager berated the official for allowing him to be (almost) savagely attacked. While the official gave the irate Chicagoan a withering look, Mika had made to her hands and feet and crawled over behind Savannah where she caught her between the legs with a low blow behind the referee’s back. Star held herself between the legs as she gingerly turned around only for Mika to come up from one knee and catch the former Franchise member with a stiff European uppercut to her jaw. Savannah staggered backwards into the ring ropes only for Mika to scoop her up off her feet and dropped her with a stun gun, throat first over the top rope.

Mai: Mika’s already starting to come back, Zack. Turns out the referee wasn’t needed after all, because Mika was clearly going to kick out.

Zack: Unfortunately we’ll never know, thanks to Kilmeade.

Star gasped for air as she stepped backwards only for Mika to grab hold of her hair in two hands as she forced herself to step forward quickly and hurled herself over the top rope, delivering a suicide hair pull that snapped Savannah’s throat over the top rope once more. Star collapsed backwards to the mat, both hands holding her throat as she tried desperately hard to catch her breath while Mika landed on her feet, holding her back as a look of real pain crossed her face. Her and her manager checked on each other, both reassuring each other they were fine. In the ring Savannah had rolled onto her front and pushed up to all fours, still breathing heavily only for Mika to grab hold of her ankle and pull her backwards to the apron where she lifted her leg into the air and drove Savannah’s knee into the ring apron. Mika did it twice more before she pulled her opponent the rest of the way out of the ring and raked her fingers across her eyes as Savannah landed on her feet.

Mai: I always appreciate a good Greco-Roman eye rake, and no one does them like Mika.

Zack: Are you trying to get a pay raise or something with this?

Mika took full advantage of the temporarily blinded American by grabbing hold of her wrist and whipping her straight into the steel ring steps; Savannah’s knee striking the steel before she caught herself on the steps to stop herself from falling to the fall. Quickly the Russian chased in behind and left her feet to deliver a low dropkick to Star’s knee, driving it into the steel once more.  Savannah let out a cry of pain as the blow landed and quickly Demidov struck again, hooking the Nevadans leg as she lifted up and dropped her knee first into the top of the steel steps. The former No Surrender Champion fell backwards to the floor as Mika rolled in underneath the bottom rope and straight back out, resetting the referee’s count. 

Zack: Mika’s very cognizant of the count, as she should be. I seriously doubt she wants to go to the back and say she won by countout or disqualification.

Mai: I don’t think how she does it is very important to Mika, as long as she hurts Savannah or cripples her.

Mika immediately went straight back to her opponents leg, grabbing hold of her by the ankle and pulling her towards the ring steps. She placed the foot on the bottom step, trapping it by stepping upon her ankle before she used the second step to launch herself into the air and deliver a vicious stomp to the injured knee. The Red Empress again set up Savannah’s leg on the bottom step and again delivered a second step stomp to the knee. The Las Vegas native rolled away, gripping her knee in agony only for Mika to grab hold of her hair and force her up to her feet where she rolled her into the ring underneath the bottom rope. The Russian followed her in and wasted no time at all in jerking Savannah to her feet and shoved her backwards into the corner. As Star hit the turnbuckle pads, her opponent grabbed hold of her bad leg and hooked it over the middle rope, using it to apply pressure and torque on the knee as she pulled on her foot. Fisk called for the break and counted her down, getting to four before Demidov stepped backwards, hands raised and instead began to deliver stiff kicks to the side of the knee joint that saw Savannah grimace in agony.

Mai: Look how sharp Mika is with her strikes, Zack. You’d never have guessed she’d been out of the ring at all during her time away.

Zack: I’ll give her credit for that much. It’s clear to me Mika has stayed in phenomenal ring shape. 

Again Fisk used the count in order to secure separation between the two, getting to four before the St. Petersburg native stepped away only to immediately step back into the corner, grabbing hold of Savannah by the hair as she jerked her away from the corner and spun her around to drop her to the canvas with a side Russian leg sweep. Immediately Mika made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Mai: Did Mika invent the Russian leg sweep?!




Zack: Just a no. And of course, she didn’t!

Savannah kicked out of the pinfall attempt on the two count, Mika glancing up to the referee’s two count before she slid out of the ring, pulling on Savannah’s ankle as she did so. Demidov made sure her opponent had one leg either side of the ring post before she slammed the injured knee into the metal of the ring post. Mika did it a second time and then a third in quick succession as she was ordered to bring it back into the ring… But instead Mika chose to lock in a figure four leglock around the ring post instead. Fisk called for the break and immediately began another five count on the Russian. Mika broke at the very last second and the Las Vegas native rolled away from the ring post with agony on her face, gripping her knee in both hands. Mika played up to the crowd for a moment, getting a loud chorus of boos from the sold out audience before she returned to the ring.

Zack: I see she still likes to waste time during matches too by trying to get under the crowd’s skin.

Mai: This is just an extracurricular activity, Zack. It’s like when football players do a little dance in the end zone after scoring. I’d love to see Mika do the Icky Shuffle. 

Savannah had made it all the way across the ring and was trying to get back to her feet, favouring her injured knee as she hauled herself upwards with the ring ropes. With a sick grin, Demidov circled around behind her opponent before she threw herself forward and delivered a chop block that took Savannah’s knee out from underneath her. Star once more tried to pull herself up by the ring ropes but didn’t manage to get upright as the Russian wrestler grabbed hold of her ankle and jerked her away from the ring ropes, dragging her towards the middle of the ring only to spike the Las Vegas natives kneecap into the canvas with a modified DDT.  Following this Mika grabbed her opponent by the legs and locked in a figure four leglock in the middle of the ring, putting pressure on the injured knee.

Zack: Mika might as well have painted a bullseye on Savannah’s leg, because she keeps going right back to it.

Mai: That’s smart! What do you expect her to do after she’s worked on it? Ignore it?

Fisk quickly dropped down next to the former No Surrender Champion, asking her if she wanted to submit and getting a ‘No’ from the woman. It caused the Red Star to pull back more on her foot, applying more pressure in the submission hold and Savannah shook her head to refuse to submit to the hold, holding her hands against her head to try and hide the look of pain on her features before she slapped her palms against the canvas in frustration, still refusing to submit. Fisk checked the shoulders and started the count on Savannah.

Mai: Stay down, Savannah! Mika’s already ahead on points, and we expect you to quit!




Zack: Savannah’s as much of a quitter as you are celibate. 

Savannah rolled her shoulder and Mika began to drive closed fists shots into her opponents knee, causing Star to fall back to the canvas once more and Fisk again started the count.

Mai: Attagirl, Mika! Take her kneecap off if you want to!




Zack: Savannah has to do something sooner than later! I don’t know how long she can withstand this. 

Again the Las Vegas native rolled her shoulder before the three count, getting another volley of closed fists into her hurting knee. For a couple of moments, her hand hovered over the canvas, ignoring the referee’s questioning as she cried out in pain and then shook her head, the agony turning to determination as she began to rock from side to side, building up momentum. Mika tried to halt her in her tracks only for Savannah to adjust her rhythm slightly and use her opponent’s efforts to halt to her advantage and managed to roll her over onto her front in the hold, reversing the pressure and Star pushed upwards on her palms to make the hold even more effective. Demidov let out a cry of her own and scrambled against the canvas, struggling to get purchase before she managed to finally get hold and jerk them both towards the ring ropes; the Russian wrapping her fingers around the bottom cable. Fisk called for the break and started the count, only to get to three before he saw the two struggling to separate their legs from each other and intervened.

Zack: Mika’s getting a little taste of her own medicine, and she couldn’t wait to get out of that figure four as soon as possible. 

Mai: It actually hurts even more turned over, in case you didn’t know.

Savannah started to use the ring ropes to pull herself upright once more as Mika held her knee for a second before she made her way up to her feet. Quickly she moved towards her opponent, pulling her upwards only to drill her face first into her knee with a single knee facebreaker. Star immediately straightened up and reeled backwards only for the Russian to catch her with a spinning backfist. As the Nevada native spun around, Mika caught her arms and pulled her downwards into the Russian Suplex backslide pin attempt. 

Mai: Look at that beautiful backslide! I understand Savannah is in this position a lot.




Zack: Would you stop?! Savannah got her arm free in the nick of time!

Savannah managed to roll her shoulder at the very last second and Fisk showed the two count to everyone involved. Mika demanded the three count, slapping her hands together in front of the experienced official but got told it was definitely only a two count while the Las Vegas born wrestler rolled to the ring ropes and again started to pull herself upwards. Again Mika advanced upon her and pulled her back to her feet, driving a knee into her midsection before she twisted her arm into a hammerlock and went for the Golden Buster hammerlock DDT...only for Savannah to grab hold of the middle rope with her free hand, causing Mika to fall backwards and hit the mat hard as she tried to snap off her signature move. 

Mai: How dare she try to avoid the GOLDEN BUSTER! I wanted to see Mika hit it!

Zack: File your complaint with Savannah after the match, let me know how it goes. 

The Russian rolled away, holding the back of her head as she came to all fours and Savannah quickly looked to press home her advantage, springboarding off the bottom rope and into a curb stomp that drove Mika face first into the canvas. Star hobbled away as she landed the move, holding her knee as tears started to appear in her eyes. Demidov started to rise back to her feet once again, getting as far as her knees before Star caught her with a stiff Muay Thai kick into her face which rocked Mika backwards onto her heels. Savannah delivered another kick to her face, followed by a third and a fourth before she jerked Mika up to her feet and into a snap suplex. 

Zack: Savannah is known for her technical savvy, but she can throw hands with the best of them, can’t she?

Mai: Maybe. I don’t choose to give Savannah credit for anything positive. And yes, I would love a raise.

The pair began to rise at the same time, Savannah holding her knee as she did so. The two wrestlers make it back to their feet simultaneously; Star with her back to her opponent and instantly left her feet to catch the Red Star with a pele kick, dropping the Russian to her knees. Savannah once more pushed back up to her feet as Mika came to a vertical base and Star caught her with a jumping DDT, standing the former FFW Champion on her head for a moment before she collapsed down to the mat. Quickly Savannah dove into the cover, hooking Mika’s leg for the pinfall.

Zack: Savannah’s about to ruin Mika’s return!!




Mai: Bite your tongue, Zack! That’s NOT going to happen.

Mika kicked out ahead of the three count and Savannah looked to the referee, nodding her head as she saw the two count and pulled Demidov up to her feet as she rose. Star quickly Irish whipped her foe across the ring into the far corner and as the Russian hit the turnbuckle pads, Savannah forced herself to follow her foe, charging in behind her even as her face screwed up in agony and the Las Vegas native launched herself into a double knee strike to her chest. Savannah let out a cry and just for a moment held her injured knee as she landed on her feet, circling away from her opponent only to come straight back towards her, building up speed as she did so to step up onto the middle rope to catch her foe with a step up enzugiri. Mika staggered forward a couple of steps before she dropped down to her knees while Savannah landed and dropped to one knee, holding her injured knee with a look of agony on her face. Mika pushed upwards once more, getting to her feet and stumbled forward...only for Savannah to once again launch herself at her opponent and caught her with a backstabber. Star held her knee once more but forced herself to move and rolled Mika to her back to make the cover once more.

Zack: A big time backstabber, and you’d think that move was named for Mika rather than her just suffering it, huh?




Mai: Mika backstab someone? Perish the thought!

Again Demidov managed to kick out before the three count and Fisk showed the two count to both competitors. Savannah nodded her head as she rolled towards the ring ropes once more, pulling herself upwards by the ring ropes as she still favoured her knee. The former No Surrender Champion rested against the ropes for a couple of moments as she watched her foe push herself upwards, holding her back as she began to come to her feet only for Savannah to dart towards her and take her down to the canvas with The Gamble corkscrew neckbreaker. As Mika hit the mat, Savannah headed towards the ropes and come off with the Snake Eyes springboard 450 splash. As Star landed it perfectly, she fell across Mika’s chest and hooked the leg for the pinfall.

Zack: Star with the SNAKE EYES, and Mika’s going home with an L tonight!




Mai: You must be watching a different match than I am then. 

Savannah looked at the referee in disbelief as the Russian rolled her shoulder, holding three fingers up to ask for the win yet the referee held up two fingers to her once more. Star shook her head for a moment before she began to rise to her feet and headed towards the corner, stepping out onto the apron and climbing up to the top rope. She started to wave Mika upwards to her feet only for Kyle to hop up onto the apron and started to head towards Savannah, distracting her as Fisk looked to cut the manager off, ordering him back down to the floor. As the former No Surrender Champion turned her attention back to her foe, she found Mika back on her feet already and the Russian dove towards Star and jerked her foot out from underneath her, pulling her off the turnbuckle and causing her to hit the back of her head on the top turnbuckle. 

Zack: Oh no, that…. That could be the turning point of this match in a big way! Savannah’s head hit that corner, and she could be out.

Mai: We would be so lucky if she was. 

Savannah slumped back against the corner and Mika quickly pulled her forward out of the corner and spun her around, putting the Las Vegas natives head between her legs as she held up her hands, raising the small, middle and ring fingers up in a three motion. The crowd booed her loudly and Mika only seemed to enjoy the reaction, soaking it in for a moment before she looked to flip Savannah into the air and bring her crashing down into the mat with the Soviet Burial facebuster only to miss landing it cleanly as the Russian grabbed hold of her spine and stumbled backwards into the corner. She took a moment, screwing her face up in a mixture of pain and anger before she hurled herself forward to make the pinfall. 

Zack: Mika’s back is giving her fits, and she’s ready to put this thing away right now!




Mai: And she would have if Savannah knew what was smart. It’s still not too late to grovel and beg.

At the last moment, Savannah’s shoulder popped up from the canvas and Mika had a furious look upon her face as Kevin Fisk showed her the two count, shaking her head and demanded the three count. Fisk remained defiant in showing her the two count and telling her that the shoulder came up before the count was completed. Mika shook her head at him once more before she pulled Savannah up to her feet. Quickly the Russian looked to set up her foe in position for the Do Svidanya...but before she could deliver the Russian Legsweep clutch backbreaker, Star fired elbows backwards into her gut, getting Mika to loosen her grip in the hold. Savannah took full advantage of her opportunity to counter the attempt into a Ranhei on the former FFW Champion, pinning her shoulders to the canvas.

Mai: Not the RANHEI!! Mika, don’t let her pin you!!




Zack: I doubt she heard you, but Mika clearly isn’t out of the match yet. But that won’t stop or deter Savannah. 

At the last moment Demidov managed to kick out of the hold and the pair came back to their feet. Savannah struck first as they got vertical, catching the former FFW Champion with a kick to the gut, doubling her over and allowing the submission to grab hold of her arm. Star instantly went to bring Mika into position for the Siren’s Song desecrator. Before she could land it, Mika straightened up, lifting her foe into the air and attempted to drop her knee first into the canvas. Savannah through rolled through and came back to her feet, albeit unsteadily thanks to the earlier damage to her knee. It took the Nevada native a moment to find her balance before she turned to face Demidov and attempted to catch her with another kick to the midsection. This time Mika caught hold of her leg and used her grip to jerk her forward and into a throat thrust. Savannah gasped for breath and Demidov quickly hooked her arm and drove down into the canvas with the Do Svidanya Russian leg sweep clutch backbreaker. Mika immediately made the cover, hooking the pin and Fisk slid into position to make the count. 

Mai: DO SVIDANYA!! It’s been so long since I’ve seen that move, Zack!


Mika kicked her feet up behind her onto the middle rope.



Zack: And she did it. Mika Demidov has come back from quite a layoff in FFW, and her return night was a success. 

As the official completed the count, Demidov dropped her feet off the ropes before the official could spot them. As the bell rang the Russian rolled away, holding her back for a moment as Kyle slid into the ring and helped her to her feet.

Kat: Here is your winner, by way of pinfall, representing The Franchise… “THE RED EMPRESS” MIKA DEMIDOV!!!

Mai: Of course, it was a success! I told you from the start that Savannah would suffer for what she did. And she has, am I a genius or what!?

The boos of the crowd almost drowned out the announcement as she had her hands raised by the referee and her manager. The Russian didn’t seem to care one bit as she turned back towards Savannah Star who had made it back to all fours. The rest of The Franchise were making their way out to the ring as Demidov jerked Star back up to her feet and immediately delivered another Do Svidanya, the deafening boos getting even louder as Mika once more came to her feet and placed her foot across Savannah’s throat, Kyle raising her hand in the air once more.

Mai: What a moment of triumph, Zack! I think I may cry.

Zack: Just don’t light a match, you’ll go up in flames. Mika reigns supreme at Sin & Sacrifice! Good night from Houston!

The Franchise celebrated in the ring as Mika stood over her opponent as she show faded off the air.

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