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October 22, 2020, 02:13:08 am
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FFW Future Shock Nemesis - October 22, 2019

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock Nemesis - October 22, 2019  (Read 313 times)
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« on: October 22, 2019, 01:22:56 pm »

Live from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
October 22, 2019

A close up of the FFW logo on the Future Shock Championship is shown before the title is scooped up off a table into the arms of Cassandra Steen. She’s found in her locker room with a flickering light. Clearly it’s making her a little uneasy as the camera moves down to her feet before she starts for the door. 

My feet go boom boom boom
Boom boom boom, boom boom boom
My heart beats boom boom boom
Boom boom boom, boom boom boom
High speed, go zoom zoom zoom
Zoom zoom zoom, zoom zoom zoom

“Boom” by the X Ambassadors starts to play as she steps out into the hallway, finding no one else there but her. And the lights there are also flickering like the bulb is starting to die. She glances in both directions, and heads past the camera as a flicker of the voodoo priestess is shown in the distance. 

I said, hey, uh huh, you can't stop me
'Cause my pain, uh huh, is gasoline (ooh)
I can't wait, no, for nobody
If you break my heart, it's 1, 2, 3
Boom boom boom

Cassandra continues through the hallways of the arena, finding absolutely no one anywhere she goes. The lights overhead continue to flicker as she seems to get more alarmed. She makes it to the ladies’ room, where the lights are on till she opens the door and they start flickering. She lets the door shut back, and continues through the halls before we cut inside to see Vivi in the mirror staring back at the camera. 

My feet go boom boom boom
Boom boom boom, boom boom boom
My heart beats boom boom boom
Boom boom boom, boom boom boom
High speed, go zoom zoom zoom
Zoom zoom zoom, zoom zoom zoom
My feet go boom boom boom
Walkin' away from you

Cassandra starts moving faster through the halls, and spots the gorilla position not far away. There’s no one there either, even though there are tables with cups and monitors on them with chairs behind them. As she passes the tables, the monitors start flickering as well before she pulls the curtain back to see the empty arena. She takes a deep breath until a finger taps her shoulder. And when she turns around, Vivi lunges for the camera before we go live inside the arena to a roaring crowd.

I said, hey, uh huh, you can't stop me
'Cause my pain, uh huh, is gasoline (Ooh)
I can't wait, no, for nobody
If you break my heart, it's 1, 2, 3
Boom boom boom

The music continues playing throughout the arena as the camera pans over the massive crowd as they wave their signs. We see the stage as pyrotechnics start shooting up from it before the broadcast team welcomes the viewers.

Zack: Bienvenue from the Bell Centre in picturesque Montreal, Quebec, Canada! You are hearing and seeing the enthusiasm of 20,114 fans who have piled into the home of the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens! We thank you for joining us wherever you are around the world on FFW All Access for FUTURE SHOCK NEMESIS! I’m Zack Hudson, I'm joined by the Hall of Famer and Baroness of Backbreakers, Steph Stefano!

Steph: How does it hang, Zack? We have every fan here in the Bell Centre ready to see a cavalcade of matches tonight! The action is going to be explosive and there are more than a few have turned more into grudges!

Zack: 3 championship matches will headline Nemesis, with every singles title in Future Shock on the line! There’s none bigger than the Future Shock Championship when Cassandra Steen’s reign and undefeated streak hangs in the balance against Vivi Robichaud! An added stipulation could prove the champion’s undoing, Steph. For the first time ever, the title CAN change hands on a disqualification or a countout.

Steph: Because Dante’s gonna Dante. Or rather Dante could Dante if he felt like it. Regardless of that, could the self-described “Better Steen” finally find her end tonight? The end of everything at the hands of Hurricane Vivienne herself?

Zack: In what promises to be one hell of a bruiser of a match, the “World Piercer” looks for a second successful defense when she meets “Li’l Pixie Pump” in Nora’s first shot at a Future Shock title on a stage like this! Who do you like here, Steph?

Steph: I’m going to take the cop out route and just say I like what an excellent match we’re getting, Zack. No shame either!

Zack: We’ll see the first ever defense of the Nova Championship when Katie Hanley faces a much more dangerous Sydney Christensen! I call her Syd Vicious, and she’s been making examples of everyone who gets into the ring with her lately!

Steph: We’ll see how this turns out when she clashes with a Kiwi who isn’t buying into the new Sydney. If you follow social media, you’ve seen that they can’t wait to lay hands or... In Katie’s case feet on each other!

Zack: On the last Future Shock, the Raging Dragons became the new Future Shock Tag Team Champions. Tonight, they are going to find out who their first defense will be against when the Doomsday Sisters face the Laurie Jane Experience! I think this is the Sisters’ match to lose tonight, Steph!

Steph: It’s very hard to make sense of how the Experience has gotten this far though Zack, and yet they have gotten here. I AM interested in seeing how Victoria and Sienna deal with the... Unique opposing team.

Zack: In what may be the most personal rivalry tonight, “Sensational” Stacey Sky goes one on one with the “Lucky Star” Andi Takata to settle an issue that began in the summer at Wipeout! The rhetoric has escalated into physicality, and we’ll try to settle it tonight at Nemesis!

Steph: I tell you man, I feel like Andi’s memoirs about her time in Future Shock could be read as thus, “Angry Blondes In The Mists”. We’ll see how the Sunshine Senpai deals with the Sensational One.

Zack: We will also get our first look at Ashley Slayton, who is the most recent Prospect signing to Future Shock. And Jamie Winters says she’s gonna fly tonight here in the Bell Centre, Steph!

Steph: ...Fly where? ...FLY WHERE?!

Zack: We’re about to kick things off with Cait Flanagan and Cassie Mason in a rematch from a recent Future Shock. Let’s send it up to the “World’s Most Dangerous Wildcat Ring Announcer” Gabrielle Crimson!

The show switches to the ring as the “Wildcat” is making her way through the ropes and to the center with her microphone. 

Gaby: The opening contest of Future Shock Nemesis is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

Zack: You could almost call it a grudge match, if Cait felt like she needed to have it again. But Cassie Mason took umbrage to Cait’s trying to make an example of her in their last match, Steph. 

Steph: It is all a dance that is played, Zack. Can it be any surprise that Cassie feels she has to make good?

“When The Lights Come On” by Asking Alexandria  plays as Cassie Mason comes out to a showering of boos. Not allowing the fans clear annoyance about who she is and the family she comes from to annoy her, she stands on the stage to soak in the reaction. She then power walks down to the ring like she owns Femme Fatale Wrestling.

Gaby: On her way to the ring, weighing in at one hundred and forty pounds, Boston’s own, Cassie... Maaaaaaaaa-son!

Once at the ring apron she slides under the bottom rope. She walks to the center of the ring. Cassandra takes a bow inciting the crowd to boo some more. She walks over to the corner, leans against the turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin.

Zack: This is Cassie Mason’s first major Future Shock event since becoming a Prospect. But she’s far from new to the business itself. We’ve even seen some of her relatives in days gone by, Steph. I’m sure you remember Silas. 

Steph: ...Yes. How could I forget. Well I’m sure she is nowhere the same as him. Probably right?

The opening of Madonna’s “Material Girl” begins playing as Cait Flanagan steps out onto the ramp. With a wink, she licks her index finger and touches it to the ground and as she passes the spot, flames shoot up behind her. She reaches into her tights and pulls out a wad of cash, fanning it out for the crowd to see.

She tousles her hair and fans herself with the money, then shrugs and tosses it behind her, letting it get eaten up by the flames. Cait puts her hand up to her mouth as she seems to realize what she’s done, but then she shrugs her shoulders and cackles.

You know that we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl…

Still laughing, Cait skips the rest of the way down to the ring, tossing her hair over her shoulder and blowing mocking kisses to the men in the audience. She ascends the steps and ducks through the ropes, winking at the referee.

Gaby: From Belfast, Northern Ireland, she is The Million Dollar Baby, Cait! Flanagan!

She seems to thank Gaby for her introduction and goes to her corner, laying across the turnbuckle and giving her opponent a cheeky little wave as she waits for things to get started.

Zack: In their previous meeting, Cait defeated Cassie and decided to put an exclamation point on the match as well, which didn’t sit well obviously. Cait looks to be Cassie’s buzzkill once again tonight. 

Steph: You know I’ve got a soft spot for her. I mean really, Zack who hasn’t gone out of their way to demoralize a person a couple times? ...I’ll stop now.

Referee Melinda Davis checked both women for hidden weapons, and then called for the bell. The match began the same way the first one did as Cassie and Cait met in the center. Cassie showed her both hands, and told her to pick one. But this time as Cait was about to decline, Cassie caught her with a headbutt in the face. That popped the crowd before she started firing off right hands into the side of her head, sending the redhead stumbling before she got whipped across to the far side. As soon as she rebounded, Cassie caught her with a spinning back elbow to the jaw followed by a short arm clothesline. 

Zack: It’s safe to say that Cassie Mason is fired up, and that headbutt right into Cait’s face is likely to leave a mark on her delicate features. 

Steph: Followed by those rights... And the elbow strike... And that clothesline.

Cait began getting up, only for Cassie to pull her the rest of the way. She whipped her into the far side, and followed her in with a running forearm to the jaw. Mason climbed to the middle turnbuckle, and laid in ten right hands to Cait’s hand before letting her stumble out of the corner. Cassie bounced off the near side with a lariat to put her down again, and crouched near the ropes to wave her back to her feet. 

Zack: You can tell the adrenaline is pumping, partially because of getting her hands on Cait and likely also because she’s here at Nemesis on one of Future Shock’s biggest stages!

Steph: If you have to perform at your best, what better time than the season finale? 

Cait rose to her knees, only for Cassie to unload with a flurry of kicks to her chest. Each shot reeled her back and forth into the next before Cait tried to get to one knee. Cassie bounced off the far side this time with a step-up enzuigiri to the back of her head before she rolled her over with a leg and head cradle for the pin. Davis dropped into position to make the count. 

Steph: There’s the enzuigiri and into a cradle pin!




Cait still kicked out, and tried to shove Cassie away from her. The millionaire rolled towards the ropes and out to the apron. But her opponent didn’t let her get far before she followed out after her, and pulled her back to her feet. A few forearms to her head landed before she hoisted her up into a slingshot suplex. 

Zack: Cait tried to get some space to recover, but Cassie wasn’t gonna allow that! And a textbook slingshot suplex has brought the “Million Dollar Baby” back into the ring!

It was about this time that Kyle made his way to ringside. Once again, Flanagan rolled to the outside. She landed on her feet on the floor this time as Cassie took off for the far side again. She came back with a baseball slide aimed for Cait’s chest, but the redhead sidestepped her and surprised her with a drop toe hold to send her face first into the barricade instead. Cait leaned back against the steps as she tried to pull herself together, while Cassie held her face and crumpled against the retaining wall. 

Steph: Can anyone get Cassie some Advil...? I think she’s gonna need some, Zack. That was... Not a pleasant sight.

Zack: You aren’t kidding. That looks like Excedrin headache 119. Of course, now we’re crossing brands. 

The heiress’ face grew angry as she backed up a few steps, and connected with a leg drop across the back of Cassie’s head, driving her face into the floor. She pulled her back to her feet, and tossed her inside the ring under the bottom rope. The Montreal crowd didn’t appreciate Cait at all as she climbed back into the ring. When Cassie was started to get up, she pulled her head between her legs and tried to go for her finisher already. But Mason shoved her off, only for Cait to nail her with a jumping knee strike to the jaw that dropped her to the mat.

Zack: Cait was looking to end it right there, but Cassie has felt that move twice and she thought better of it! Flanagan’s trying to make Cassie’s face like a Picasoo painting.

Steph: All of it is to soften up for that Irish Goodbye, Zack. Every single time from the leg drop to that jumping knee.

Cassie finally began to get to her feet, only to get pulled into a bulldog by Cait. She ran her headfirst into the middle turnbuckle, dropping her to a slump against it as a result. Flanagan backed up a step, measured, and connected with a standing sidekick to the side of her head to drop her down to the mat. Flanagan dragged her away from the corner, and planted her with an inverted DDT before making the cover with a leg hook. 

Steph: Mason is taking one lick after the next and can she kick out of this one—?




Cassie kicked out, and got pelting right hands to her face from Cait for doing it. The redhead listened to the crowd’s ire with a roll of her eyes, and dragged Cassie back to her feet. She planted her head for her finisher again, but Cassie swept her feet out from under her into a catapult that sent her face first into the top turnbuckle behind them.

Zack: I’m telling you, Cassie Mason has that facebuster scouted and just sent Cait spiraling into the turnbuckle! She needs to try to pull herself together quickly though!

Cait staggered out of the corner on wobbly legs before Cassie charged towards her, leaving her feet with a shotgun dropkick that sent her back into the corner again. Mason fired across to the far side, letting Cait hit chest first against the corner before she followed her in with a backstabber that flipped her over onto the canvas. Flanagan was pulled her to feet, and then dropped with a hammerlock DDT before Cassie rolled her over to make the cover.

Zack: That’s the MASON DDT!! Cait is quite possibly out cold right now!




The redhead got her shoulder up in time, and Cassie shook her head and returned to her feet. Cait tried to get up as well, and was pulled up from behind into a kidney punch that froze her in place. As she tried to get away, Cassie grabbed her head for an inverted facebuster. 

Steph: I guess Cassie has decided that what’s good for the goose is good for the grifter...

She sat up, trying to collect her wits before getting back to her feet. Cassie pulled Cait up to her feet, and planted her head between her legs. She nodded her head as the crowd realized that she was setting up Cait for her own finisher. 

Zack: Look at that, Steph! Cassie’s gonna drop Cait with her own finisher! Can you imagine the embarrassment for Flanagan if Cassie ends this with her own move?!

Steph: Zack could you not put something like that into the universe!? An Irish Goodbye on an Irishwoman...

Cassie went to jump into the move, but Flanagan drove her back into the ropes and through them to the apron. Mason quickly got back to her feet on the apron, and caught a spinning backfist from Cait that rocked her where she stood. Flanagan pulled her head under the middle rope into a hangman’s DDT with Cassie’s feet hanging off the middle. The redhead laid on the mat, trying to get her wind back as Cassie lay face down on the mat. 

Zack: Cait must have sensed what Cassie had in mind, and countered her plans. But you can tell Cait’s wiped as much as Cassie is at this point. 

Steph: The argument has to be made that Cassie is giving Cait all the fight and then some... Though I can’t lay doubt on my adopted daughter here.

Flanagan finally sat up, and looked down to Cassie with growing irritation. She mocked her for trying to use her own finisher to win the match, and quickly got to her feet. Mason was pulled up with her into position with her head between Cait’s legs and her arms hooked. 

Zack: I think Cait’s angry and offended that Cassie thought she was going to end this with that move, and Cait says she’ll show her how it’s done!

Steph: You’ve gotta be some kind of huge ass—oh.

Before Cait could jump to deliver the move, Cassie countered with a back body drop. And before Cait could get up, Mason delivered her phoenix splash into a cover with a hook of the leg. 

Zack: She countered it again, this time into the PARTY STOPPER!!




Cassie rolled off the cover and sat up, taking in a few deep breaths before getting to her feet. Davis raised her to a pop from the crowd. 

Gaby: Your winner by pinfall…………..CASSIE MASON!!!

Cassie shot a look down to Kyle, a proud smirk on her face as the manager shook his head and moved around to check on his client.

Steph: Cassie all but nonverbally rubbing this Kyle’s face, Zack

Zack: To a nicer guy it couldn’t happen, if you ask me. Cassie Mason gets her first win in Future Shock, and you couldn’t ask for a much bigger stage to do it!

The “Life of the Party” rolled out to the floor, and greeted a few fans along the barricade before heading up the ramp towards the back She stopped halfway up, looking back over her shoulder towards Cait in the ring with a bright smile and a finger wave. The show then cut to a commercial for 2nd Impact.

Enter Ashley

The screen lights up and we are shown a ranch surrounded by lush and vibrant hills of northern Hawaii. It is a very expansive ranch and kept up beautifully as the camera shows us a number of views of this ranch before we hear a voice, a slightly sultry sounding woman's voice.

Voice: Hard to believe that a beautiful place like this is a home of such devils.

The camera then shows us a view of a well built, striking blonde with bright hazel eyes, dressed rather simply in a pair of blue jeans and a white tank top that leaves her toned arms bare.

Woman: My name is Ashley Slayton and I'm originally from Houston Texas but I grew up here in Royal Kunia Hawaii and I am a second generation wrestler. 

Clips of Ashley, clad in training gear, tossing around a man who is slightly older than her in an old wrestling ring as a much older man, her father, silently shouts instructions from outside the ring.

Ashley (voice over): You run into a lot of these second generation kids out there and they are always bragging loudly and proudly about how they’re apart of a family of acrobatic daredevils or they are champions everywhere in the world like the Vendettas, Jacobs, Graysons, and so many others… but when you get to my family…

Clips of a dark haired woman, blood cascading down her face like a mighty river as another wrestler has a submission hold tightly locked in as the brunette walks across the ring with a determined look on her face before she finally has enough and uses her opponent's own positioning to spin them around into a Gory Bomb Flatliner, the clip then shifts to Ashley’s father in his younger years with a bit of barbed wire wrapped around his hand as he has an iron claw submission hold latched firmly onto another man who is screaming in agony before it cuts to a shot of Ashley sitting outside with the main house in the background.

Ashley: My family however is known for being fighters, some of the toughest in the world and that’s not bragging but the honest truth. You see to my family, sure we may have the money and the power to do whatever we want, but we also have a certain reputation to uphold and I welcome my chance to do just that happily..

The camera cuts to shots of Ashley picking up a fellow trainee into a fireman’s carry before suddenly shifting her opponent into a high angled position before finishing the motion with a sitout side powerslam and then quickly hooking the near leg for the pin before it cuts back to Ashley.

Ashley: At first I didn’t want to be a wrestler, it was the last thing in my mind when I was younger but then one day I was watching an episode of television for the Next Generation Wrestling Association when I saw this woman, forefitting her title with her head held high, but I didn't understand why. Had she been injured, did she steal the title, or what?

That's when my older brother explained to me that this red haired woman was Wendy Briese and she was surrendering her title because her manager and the promotion's commissioner had changed the women's title match into a bikini contest and she didn't want anything to do with that.

What that did was spark an interest in me and I started to devour everything connected to Wendy and that in turn made me eventually make the decision to become a professional wrestler and while becoming a Future Shock prospect is the highlight of my life at this moment, I am looking forward to the challenges that will bring.

But there is one challenge that I really want to do above all others.

We cut to a shot of Ashley, dressed in a very respectable blue women's business suit holding up her Future Shock contract with a big smile on her face)

Ashley V/O: When I signed up to be a prospect, it is because I wanted to be more than just another pretty face in the crowd. I wanted to carve my own pillar out of this industry, just like my idol did just under a decade prior and when the time is right.

You see there is an old saying about how you should never meet your heroes;

Cut to a shot of Ashley in her ring gear, doing promo shots of her in a FFW ring to shots of her doing a try out match and locking in a figure four sharpshooter onto her opponent with a fearsome smile on her face.

Ashley V/O: I train hard to fight harder, because one day I hope that I get a chance to meet my hero… to meet Wendy Briese… 

Cut back to the try out match where Ashley’s opponent has gotten out of the submission hold and is trying to beat her back into one of the turn buckle corners only to have Ashley catch her with a kick to the stomach before she quickly locks in a full nelson that she hits a legsweep facebuster with before quickly adjusting her positioning as she floats over and turns the move into a submission hold that makes her opponent quickly tap out.

Ashley V/O: It may never happen, but it’s good to have lofty goals. Look at Cait for instance, those are goals that I can respect.

But I’m a Slayton.

The screen then cuts back to Ashley, in her ring gear, leaning against the top rope with a sly little smile on her face.

Ashley: We tend to aim HIGHER. 

Looking forward to seeing you all, very soon.

The camera fades to black.
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« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2019, 01:23:13 pm »

A video package shows the recent change in attitude of Sydney Christensen in her recent matches, as well as the rise of Katie Hanley to the Nova Championship. The two are shown across from each other before we head back to the ring to find Gaby waiting.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and it is for the Future Shock Nova Championship!

Zack: It’s time for the first of our three championship matches scheduled for tonight, and I’ve got Missy here. She’s here for every one of our shows, tonight is no exception. This title match is the first ever defense of the Nova Championship that was won by Katie Hanley in Sydney.

Missy: There’s still a lot of buzz around the Nova Championship, understandably and I’m expecting these two will only increase that with tonight’s match!

The sound of a guitar strumming subtly begins to echo in the arena, leaving those in attendance wondering what is going on. The angelic voice of one Lzzy Hale of the band Halestorm is heard next, her voice serenely starting the opening verse of “I Am The Fire.”

Am I brave enough?
Am I strong enough?
To follow the desire
That burns from within
To push away my fear
To stand where I'm afraid
I am through with this
'Cause I am more than this
I promise to myself
Alone and no one else
My flame is rising higher.

As the song picks up the tempo, her voice becomes more intense, kicking into the chorus.

I am the fire
I am burning brighter
Roaring like a storm

Midway through the chorus, the curtains part and out walks the pride of Calgary herself, Sydney Christensen.  She steps out to the middle of the stage and juts her arms out on either side of her, tossing her head back as the fans show their appreciation. She picks her head up and slowly brings her arms in front of her, her index fingers pointing down to the ring. Dropping her arms to her side, she begins her march towards the ring, nodding at a few fans along the way. Once she reaches the ring, she hops up onto the apron and steps through the bottom and middle ropes. Almost immediately, Sydney walks over to the ropes and raises her arms above her head, encouraging the fans as they cheer on the proud Canadian. Sydney then walks over to one corner of the ring and rests her back against the turnbuckle, awaiting her opponent as her music fades out on one poignant line of the chorus.

And I am the one I've been waiting for
Screaming like a siren
Alive and burning brighter
I am the fire!

Gaby: Introducing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this is…...SYDNEY CHRISTENSEN!!

Zack: Since we left Australia, we’ve seen a different side of Sydney Christensen. She’s more ruthless, she’s certainly more cutthroat, and tonight she looks to add champion to that list. I’ve nicknamed her Syd Vicious for a reason. 

Missy: Sometimes, it happens that way. When you’re struggling to get traction a switch can flip, and that certainly seems to be the case with Sydney. 

The lights dim, until only a couple spotlights are lit, swirling through the arena to an anticipatory murmur from the audience, as Forever Still’s “Awake the Fire” begins to play through the PA. The first few seconds of guitar riffs are met with just the spotlights, but when the beat picks up, the curtains pushed aside in either direction, and Future Shock’s resident Kiwi, Katie Hanley, bursts through the curtain, moving to the head of the entrance ramp. She hooks her thumbs under the championship around her waist, showing it off with a playful gasping expression, pumping one fist before throwing her arms up over her head and cracking a big grin. 

She takes a quick little skip of a first step, shuffling her way down the ramp and slapping hands with anyone she sees looking for a high five, even stopping about halfway down and having a little talk with one of the younger fans in the front row. The Kiwi’s grin gets even bigger as she ruffles the young fan’s hair, that half-skip pushing her back toward the ring, which she makes a remarkably quick sprint around, happy to still slap hands with anyone interested, until she’s back at her own starting point, in front of the ring steps. 

Gaby: Introducing her opponent, weighing in at 128 pounds and hailing from Wellington in New Zealand, she is the reigning and defending Future Shock Nova Champion...this is Katie Hanley!

Katie pauses at the steps and takes a deep breath, then quick-steps up onto the ring apron, taking a second to strike a pose--rather than her usual peace sign, though, she unstraps the title from around her waist, throwing it up over her head, using her free hand to try to beckon the fans to get even louder. She grins and flashes a little wink before climbing into the ring, moving to the opposite turnbuckle and raising the title up again, this time for the opposite side of the audience, before hopping down and backing into her corner.

Zack: Tonight marks the historic first defense of the Nova Championship, and I think Katie may be as disappointed in Sydney as anyone. She’ll need to put those feelings aside though, because Sydney has shown she wants to do more than win these matches. She wants to injure too. Just ask Arabella Townshend. 

Missy: If Katie can keep a cool head in the face of that, she could potentially use that against Sydney. But it’s easier said than done to keep a cool head when you’re defending a Championship, especially on the first defense of a new title. 

Katie handed the title to referee Malcolm Parks. But as she was doing it, that’s when Sydney chose to go on the attack when she darted across the ring. The champion caught a running forearm to the jaw before Sydney pulled her head down, and started firing knees into her face. The referee handed the title off to Gaby as she was leaving the ring, and called for the bell as Sydney swarmed the champion in the corner. Hanley covered up against the ropes, while the Canadian fired body shots and an uppercut to her chin, trying to break her guard. Parks told her to let her off the ropes, so Sydney used a beal to send her over to the mat. 

Missy: Sydney wasn’t even waiting for the bell to ring to get going. That just shows how much she wants to get her hands on this Championship. 

Zack: Sydney has had her eyes on that title since it was announced, just like several of the girls on this roster. And she’s gonna make Katie suffer for just having it.

Katie started to get up, and caught a running kneelift to the body from Sydney that doubled her over in pain. The blonde began using clubbing blows to her back, trying to drive her down onto the mat, and then stomping at her back and neck before Katie managed to roll away to the ropes again. Sydney followed right after her, scooping her up and falling backwards with a stun gun. Katie’s neck snapped across the top rope before she collapsed to the canvas on the apron trying to catch her breath. The blonde stepped out to the arpon as Katie coughed over it, and took off with a leg drop across the back of her neck. Christensen dropped to the floor, grabbing Katie by the hair and bouncing it off the edge of the ring.

Zack: Sydney is relentless with this assault on Katie’s neck. You know she’s softening her up for that Lotus Lock submission she loves to use. Katie needs to find an opening and get her breath back. 

Missy: If this carries on like it is for very much longer, she might have all the time she could want to get her breath back… minus the Nova Championship. 

The Canadian moved towards the steps, and unhooked the top half of them to push off to the floor. She dragged Katie out of the ring with her, and scooped her over one shoulder before darting ahead and using a powerslam to bottom half of the stairs. The sound resonated throughout the arena as Katie writhed in pain, while Sydney picked up the top half of the steps and raised it over Katie’s head and body.

Zack: Sydney better rethink what she’s about to do, because she’ll get disqualified if she uses those steps! Katie’s a sitting duck!

Missy: It’s hard to say at this point if Sydney even realises what she’s doing. It looks like the red mist has descended. 

Sydney went to bring the steps down onto the champion, but Katie rolled out of the way. The steps clanged together as Sydney went to go get the champion. Katie made it back to her feet, and caught the challenger coming in with furious right hands to the jaw. It backed her up a few steps before Hanley used a drop toe hold to send her face first onto the steps. Sydney clutched her face with both hands, and Katie darted past her with a running neckbreaker. Meanwhile, the referee was up to six in the ring. 

Zack: The referee is being very deliberate with his count, and Katie’s finally got herself some breathing room. Sydney is regretting making those steps part of this match right now.

Missy: It’s lucky for Sydney that referee’s don’t disqualify for intent alone, otherwise she would have a lot more to regret right now. 

Katie got the Montreal crowd behind her as she pulled Sydney up, and rolled her back into the ring. She followed in after her to break the count, as Sydney was trying to get to her feet. The brunette bounced off the near side into a Lou Thesz press, and unloaded with furious right hands once more to Sydney’s head. She quickly got to her feet, and pulled Sydney up into a Michinoku driver. The blonde collapsed to the mat just before Katie hooked her leg to make the cover. 

Zack: Katie looking for a knockout, and she may have accomplished just that!



Sydney kicked out as the two hit the mat, and Katie quickly got back to her feet. She pulled her up with her, and whipped her into the far corner. The blonde struck back first before Katie charged in with a jumping mid-air knee strike to her temple that dropped her to her knees. Hanley took a step back, measured, and connected with a shining wizard to put her face down on the mat. 

Missy: Katie is really finding second gear right now and it’s clear to see why she’s the first ever Nova Champion. It’s going to take a massive effort from Sydney to take it off her. 

The challenger sat up on her knees, and Katie moved around to start firing kicks into her chest. They got quicker and quicker as the Montreal fans counted all the way up to 7. The champion took off for the far side, and came back with a basement dropkick to her chest to put her down again. The champion pounded the mat with her fist, getting another pop from the crowd before she headed for the corner to make her way to the top rope.

Missy: Katie can’t have anything in mind that Sydney’s going to like, not when she’s going up top. Sydney’s explosive start has really lit a fire under Hanley, hasn’t it?

Zack: Who’d have guessed someone trying to crush you with steel steps might just piss you off?! Katie is a one woman wrecking crew!

The challenger finally got to her feet, and looked around to see where Katie was. When she turned, Katie launched herself into a meteora, driving both knees into Sydney’s chest and landing on her before hooking both legs for the cover. Parks slid into position to make the count. 

Zack: A meteora all the way from New Zealand, and I think Katie’s about to put her first defense in the books!




Sydney got her shoulder up, and barely managed to shove Katie off her in time. The champion rolled back to her feet as Sydney crawled towards the ropes. When the challenger got there and pulled herself to her feet, Katie took off for the far side and went for a lungblower, but Sydney caught her in midair. Hanley’s eyes widened before the challenger launched her over the top rope into the barricade on the outside, where she landed upside down.

Missy: Holy! That… that is not good. That impact is going to have knocked the wind out of Katie at the VERY least!

Sydney dropped to a knee to try to collect herself as the referee immediately rolled to the outside to check on Katie. The champion’s feet were over her head as her body was propped upside down against the retaining wall. The official looked towards the back, and started waving for assistance. The show went to instant replay to see Katie’s back strike the barricade and land on the back of her head and neck on the floor upside down.

Zack: I think she may have a lot more than the wind knocked out of her. Katie Hanley hasn’t moved since she landed, and that was one of the worst landings I’ve seen! She may not be able to continue. 

Missy: Surely there’s no way they’ll be able to continue the match after this… this could put Katie out for a while judging by the fact she hasn’t moved. 

Sydney stepped back out to the floor, and shoved the referee away. As the trainer arrived, she decked him and picked up the lifeless Katie to throw her back into the ring. The Montreal crowd rained boos on her as she climbed inside, pulling a lifeless Katie’s head between her legs into position for a piledriver. She went to pick her up for it, but the champion was dead weight and crumbled at her feet instead. 

Missy: The referee needs to stop this! Sydney doesn’t care what damage she could cause, she could have done something fatal then if Katie hadn’t have already been dead weight. 

Zack: We said it at the start of this match, Sydney wants to injure people. ANd she may have done that and then some to the Nova Champion. Just cover her already. I don’t think she’s conscious.

Sydney looked down to the unmoving Katie on the mat, who was laying in a heap practically. The referee got back into the ring, reading her the riot act as the trainer climbed up onto the apron to check on her. Sydney knocked back to the floor, and started pushing Katie’s body around with her foot. She nudged over onto her side, and then onto her back before putting her boot on her chest for a cover. 

Missy: This is disgusting. I used to have some respect for Sydney… but this is atrocious.




As the referee’s hand was coming down, Sydney took her foot off Katie and shook her head. The challenger cracked her knuckles as the referee got onto her once again, while the boos only intensified in the Bell Centre.

Zack: This entire building loathes Sydney Christensen, and she’s not done! She could have had her right there, I think. But no, she wants to do more damage! 

Missy: How can she possibly do more damage! Katie is already not moving! In all my years.. I just can’t even fathom what’s going on right now. 

As the referee yelled at her, the trainer managed to get into the ring to check on the champion. Sydney was about to grab him when cheers began filtering through the crowd. The challenger looked back to see Arabella Townshend heading towards the ring. Sydney demanded the referee throw her out of the arena as the rookie was more interested in her mentor’s condition till Sydney started talking smack to her and getting her attention. 

Missy: Arabella is justifiably worried about Katie, and I’m not sure Sydney should be pushing her buttons right now. Seeing someone you care about in that state, well… Sydney could be opening up a can of worms she won’t be able to put away again. 

Zack: She’s already put Katie out, it seems, and Sydney’s feeling ten feet tall and bulletproof right now. She won’t have to ask twice for Arabella to take over this match either.

Arabella hopped up on the apron, and started exchanging harsh words with the Canadian. Meanwhile, the trainer started seeing signs of movement from Katie. The champion rolled to her side, and started to push up to her hands and knees. One hand clutched the back of her neck as the referee asked the trainer if she was allowed to continue. The trainer kept talking to Katie the whole time, while the Montreal crowd was chanting her name. 

Zack: You can hear the trainer asking Katie questions. She may not even know she’s in a match right now, or where she is for that matter! Sydney’s still putting the badmouth on Arabella!

Missy: I’m sure Arabella is chomping at the bit to get her hands on Sydney right now, but she needs to try and resist, because technically this match is still going. If Arabella does anything to Sydney right now, she could get Katie disqualified. 

Arabella started to smile as she looked over to see Katie getting back to her feet. Sydney glanced over her shoulder with an annoyed look before putting a big boot in Townshend’s chest to knock her to the floor. That put a smile on her face, at least until she turned around into a superkick from Katie that erupted the crowd! The trainer rolled out of the ring as Katie leaned against the ropes, trying to pull herself together.

Missy: Katie is back in this! Kind of… she looks completely wiped out. And I’m seriously wondering how she’s even standing right now, nevermind delivering superkicks like that!

Zack: It’s gotta be adrenaline! She can hear this crowd calling her name, she must know what Sydney did to her, and the Nova Champion…. She’s not gonna get carried out tonight!

Katie dropped to a knee, still trying to collect herself as she saw Sydney beginning to get up again. The champion pushed up, and darted towards her with a bicycle kick to the jaw that sent Sydney stumbling backwards into the corner. Hanley leaned down, clutching the back of her head and let out a scream before she took off in a half circle and came back with a knee strike to Sydneys’ head. She ran in another half circle to connect with a second, and the third was a step up enzuigiri that sent Sydney face down on the mat. Katie collapsed on top of her for the cover before Parks dropped to count.

Zack: Three spins on the KATIE GO ROUND, and Sydney’s out cold, I think! Katie Hanley with a highlight reel performance and a win in three!!




Sydney’s arm came up before the three, causing the referee to stop the count. The champion rolled off the cover, and laid down on the mat to hold the back of her head and neck once again.

Missy: Katie is showing an amazing amount of strength right now considering what she just went through, but it’s hard to tell just how much she has left in her after all of that. 

Katie crawled to the ropes, and used them to help her get up again. She crouched down, and waved for Sydney to get back to her feet. The fans were roaring at this point as the Nova Champion stayed in the crouch position, watching as Sydney slowly began to climb to all fours. 

Missy: Both of these women are scraping the bottom of their energy tanks, this surely can’t go on much longer!

Zack: I think Katie’s got one more kick left in her, and it might just be the ONE KICK to rule them all!

Sydney had barely gotten to her knees before Katie charged off the ropes into a hopping superkick to her head that dropped the Canadian back to the mat. She dove on top of her for the cover with a leg hook before Parks slid into position!

Zack: That’s the ONE KICK that nobody gets up from!




Parks called for the bell to a ROAR from the crowd as Arabella climbed into the ring. She helped her trainer and mentor to her feet as the referee raised her hand. 

Gaby: Your winner by pinfall...AND STIIIILLLL Future Shock Nova Champion….. KATIE HANLEY!!!

Missy: That was a truly inspiring performance from Katie, and you can bet anybody with designs on the Nova Championship is watching this and wondering just what it will take to get it out of Katie’s clutches!

Parks handed Katie the Nova Championship, which she clutched to her chest before Arabella hugged her tightly. The rookie congratulated Katie and raised her hand again.

Zack: Katie Hanley put on a career-defining performance tonight in Montreal, and she is STILL the Nova Champion! And she damn well earned it too! How much does being Nova Champion mean to Katie Hanley?! 

Missy: This crowd seem almost as happy as Katie herself with this outcome!

Arabella helped her out of the ring as the trainer, who had been waiting ringside, returned to help her as well before the show headed to a commercial for Global Wars.

Double Vision

The show cuts to the video wall, and much like the last time we saw them, Christian is joined by Luna and Anna Cortez at a shopping mall somewhere. And also like last time, he’s got them both triple scoop ice cream cones as they sit in the food court together.

Christian: While all of you are watching Nemesis or actually in Montreal tonight, none of us had a reason to be. Neither Luna nor Anna were booked for the show, but we’ll certainly be watching. And besides that, even though they aren’t there, that doesn’t mean I haven’t got some news to share with them that I am sure will make them happy. 

Luna: Yes, because we’re in dire need of good news right now. I mean, how DARE they not book any of the Cortez Sisters in this event! Big events NEED us! We’re ratings magnets and we’ve dominated the competition for years now, with the help of our sister Tara! Hmpft! And to show we’re unhappy with the decision of not being booked for Nemesis, we’re officially boycotting Nemesis!

Anna: … for the third time: you cannot boycott something you’re not involved with.

The bespectacled sister almost seems to want to hide her face behind the enormous cone of ice cream she holds, while the flashier one just flips her hair.

Luna: Well, my point is, if they’re not gonna invite us, we’re not gonna go!

Anna: … that IS how invitations usually go, yes.

Christian: Well here’s the good news then. While you are not on Nemesis tonight, you ARE both going to be part of the 2nd Impact special on All Access November 19th! You’ve been chosen by the owner of FFW as her tag team pick for the show to face the Midnight Storm from FFW. You’ve been selected by the owner of the company, that should tell you how important you both are. I got an email this morning about it.


Luna celebrates by slapping the table… While Anna further slinks behind her ice cream cone, hiding her face as she shakes her head.

Luna: We’ll be there alright! Finally, some recognition for the hard work and the amazingness that we represent! See? This is an event we won’t wanna boycott!

Anna: Not so loud, Luna. And, yes, that is also how bookings work.

Christian: I’d appreciate it if you didn’t. I mean look how well Tara did on the first Impact special. She pinned a Hall of Famer and former FFW Champion. It wouldn’t be an Impact show without either of you, in my opinion. Maybe the Prospects will clean sweep again this time, with you two leading the charge. 

Luna: Heh! Think we can make Adam Grant sad about this again? After what he said about Tara, I bet he wants to see us fail just to have a reason to smirk. Well, I guess we’ll have to disappoint him again.

Anna: … I’m not sure this is the right mindset, but okay.

Christian: I think we should all be focused on success. See, one thing I’ve learned about management in every promotion I have been in is success is hard to argue. Say you two rack up a big win here, well that puts you even closer to getting a shot at the tag titles. Luna’s already got her shot at the Nova title in the bag, but she could have two titles ultimately. Like I say, it’s hard to argue with success whether management is a fan or not. See what I mean? He didn’t seem to be fond of Tara, right? And look what she did? Kept on winning. You two can do the same thing!

Luna: We sure can! And when we’re through with the Midnight Storm, we will be undeniably owed some recognition! Our Tag Team Championship shot will have to be granted, as well as my Nova Championship one! You know why? Because I’m tired of being called Tara’s weaker version when I know I’m just as good as she is!

Anna: … nobody ever said that.

Luna: Whatever, that’s what it feels like anyway! People THINK things, you know!

Anna: More at 11.

Luna: So after Second Impact… We’re gonna be right there waiting for our shots! Just you wait!

Christian: That’s what I like to hear, and by time you’re done, they won’t ever leave you off another Future Shock event again.

He reached across to pat Luna’s hand, and give Anna a knowing look before the video cuts and we head back into the arena. 
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The bell sounds as the show cuts back inside the arena, and finds Gaby once more standing in the center of the ring with her microphone.

Gaby: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and the winners will become the #1 contenders to the Future Shock Tag Team Championship!

Zack: For those who missed the last Future Shock, you should go watch it on All Access and see history made when the Raging Dragons captured the titles from the Gold Standard. Steph, Su and Jenny don’t have to wait long to find out who’s their first challengers. 

Steph: I don’t envy them, Zack. Not the way Adam has filled the roster with tag teams.

The lights go out for a couple of moments before “Paradise Circus” by Massive Attack begins to play cause the lights to flicker on and off randomly over the crowd. After a couple of seconds of this, a single spotlight appears on the entrance ramp to illuminate Laurie Jane; the brunette stood there in glittering metallic blue, tights and matching top with the initials ‘LJE’ emblazoned down the leg and across the chest in gold lettering. A step behind her, taking up the exact same pose is her partner - in matching ring gear but with an all black hooded sweatshirt covering her torso. 

Gaby: Ladies and Gentlemen… Please welcome… THE LAURIE JANE EXPERIENCE!!!

The pair slowly made their way down to the ring, climbing the ring steps one after the other as Laurie entered the ring and stood in her corner. As Laurie performed a couple of last minute stretches, Jane stayed on the apron and removed her sweatshirt before she gave Laurie a final pep talk; the brunette trying to subtly shrug off and ignore the blonde behind her as she looked to be trying to focus on the match in front of her.

Zack: I’m not of the mindset that these two are going to win this match, Steph. Yes, they have won matches before. But I don’t think they have anywhere near the chemistry or continuity of their opponents, and it’s going to work against them tonight. 

Steph: I don’t even know if they’re friends, much less tag partners. Was this an elaborate agreement? Blood debt? Stop me if I guess it!

The lights go out...

The first note of music of “American Witch” by Rob Zombie hits the arena, prompting the arena to erupt to thunderous reaction.

Then, we hear the first words of the song spoken:

This is a journey backed with fear, guilt, and anxiety
This is a journey backed with fear, guilt, and anxiety
This is a journey backed with fear, guilt, and anxiety
This is a journey backed with fear, guilt, and anxiety

As the song begins, and the spotlight is beaming on the stage, where Victoria Havoc & Sienna Danger appear, arms positioned in a flex position with Sienna on her knees and Victoria standing behind her. Then the ladies stop posing and form their hands together in the symbol of a triangle, representing their faction. After Sienna makes it to her feet, the women make their way down the aisle.

Gaby: Making their way to the ring, representing The Matriarchy... at a total combined weight of 390 pounds…from Melbourne, Australia…”The Lady Beast” Victoria Havoc & “The Python” Sienna Danger…They…Are…THE DOOMSDAY SISTERS!!!!!

Once the ladies get to ringside, the Amazonian women climb up to the apron the ring and face the crowd, doing a little trash talking with the fans at ringside. After wiping their feet on the apron, Sienna & Victoria enter the ring and walks over to opposite corners, where they climb up and pose, yelling back at the crowd at every chance. They then go toward the other two opposite corners and does the same thing after climbing up. Then, after coming down, Sienna & Victoria go to their corner of the ring as they wait for the match to begin.

Zack: Victoria and Sienna are a dominating force, to be sure. Their strategy is always the same. Isolate and destroy. Even if their opponents worked better together, they are also giving up a lot of size, strength and power to the Doomsday Sisters.

Steph: The Raging Dragons got past them to win those Future Shock Tag titles and you have to believe the Doomsday Sisters wanna pay them a visit for those titles.

Referee Stephen Wilson makes sure all four women aren’t carrying weapons, and calls for the bell after Gaby leaves. Victoria and Sienna exchange smiles as Jane is sharing something with Lauri, who ignores her and takes off towards Sienna as Victoria steps out to the corner. Laurie catches her with a dropkick to the chest, but it doesn’t really make much of a dent. Sienna moves back a half step before Laurie quickly rises, and begins firing kicks into her right knee. Several shots land before Sienna piefaces her backwards. As Laurie regains her balance, Sienna goes to snatch her, but the smaller woman avoids the grab and hits the ropes behind her to deliver a chop block to the back of her knee. That brings her down to a knee before Laurie sweeps the other leg out to put her on the mat, and begins spiking her right knee into the mat.

Zack: Laurie’s showing a lot of gusto here, Steph. I thought the Experience might be a little wary with their opposition being this size, but it’s only seemingly inspired her to be more aggressive.

Steph: Chopping the redwood, Zack. You’ve gotta be aggressive. Someone of Sienna’s size you can’t just play defensive on her.

Sienna tries to get up, but Laurie continues to drill her knee into the mat. She drapes it across the bottom rope, and comes down with her body weight across to snap her leg back to the mat. Jane looks on impressed from the corner as Laurie applies a single leg Boston crab, keeping a watchful eye on Victoria in the corner. Wilson moves around to check on Sienna, who immediately tells him she’s not giving up before he has a chance to ask. The powerhouse tries to reach for the ropes, but isn’t able to make it. Instead she presses both her hands into the mat with a pushup that sends Laurie forward into the wrong corner. As soon as she turns around, Victoria grabs her by the hair and rains forearms down across her chest. Wilson reads her the riot act as Sienna gets to her feet. Victoria releases her long enough for Sienna to blast her with a boot across Laurie’s jaw. It crumples her to a seat against the corner before Sienna tags her partner.

Zack: Laurie got ejected out of that crab, and landed in the wrong part of town, didn’t she? That’s the last place you want to be against these two.

Steph: I’m surprised she didn’t need a parachute to stop from that distance... 

Sienna tried to work out her knee on the apron as Victoria pulled Laurie up, and propped her against the corner. She measured and delivered a back elbow to the side of her head, causing it to snap backwards. Two more followed that before she picked her up overhead into a gorilla press with ease. She walked out to the center of the ring, and let her drop across her knee before crashing to the mat. The Montreal crowd showed no love for Victoria as she pulled Sienna up into a front carry, and started dropping her across her knee repeatedly with backbreakers. Rising back to a vertical base with her still in tow, she sent Laurie flying with a fallaway slam. Jane rallied the crowd, and her hand out for the tag as Victoria got to her feet.

Steph: Run Laurie! To your corner preferably! I have never seen a... Backbreaker done like that, and I love them. Equal parts amazing and terrifying.

Zack: Innovative offense from the powerhouse, and I agree with you. Laurie needs a tag, and Jane’s ready for it too!

Laurie rolled to her stomach, and tried to get to all fours before Victoria gave a giant stomp to her lower back to keep her down. The powerhouse had a confident expression on her face as she pulled Laurie’s head between her legs and pointed towards the corner to her partner. Sienna nodded her head with a grin as Laurie was hoisted up for what looked like a turnbuckle powerbomb. But as soon as she brought Laurie up, the smaller woman started raining elbows into the top of her head. It staggered Victoria backwards a couple steps, and Laurie countered out with a tornado DDT. That brought the crowd back into the mat as Laurie sat up, trying to collect herself while Victoria held the top of her head.

Zack: Laurie knew wherever she was about to go wasn’t going to be a fun trip, and pulled out an excellent counter to the buckle bomb Victoria had in mind.

Steph: These things can come to you in the squared circle... And you’re usually thankful.

Laurie made it to her feet, and tried to prevent Victoria from doing the same with forearm shivers to her head. But the powerhouse shoved her backwards, causing Laurie to go into the ropes and bounce off them towards. She went for a high cross body as Victoria wa son her feet, but she got caught in midair and hoisted over her shoulders. Laurie’s eyes widened till she started waving her arm, and ended up pulling her down into a crucifix rollup! The referee dropped to make the count!

Steph: Crucifix pin! That might be all it takes!



The Aussie got her arm free, and her shoulder off the mat. She quickly got to her feet, about as fast as Laurie who was on the move again. Laurie bounced off the near side, but ran straight into a goozle Victoria. She lifted her off her feet with both hands, and hurled her over the top rope to the floor. Jane tagged herself in as Laurie was on the way down. 

Zack: I think Laurie pissed off Victoria, and the Doomsday Sister threw her like a sack of trash to the floor! But I don’t think she noticed the tag….

Victoria was about to step over the top rope to get her before Jane kicked it between her legs. It stopped her in her tracks before Jane began shaking the rope like a leaf, causing Victoria to tip over and fall to the mat. When she started to get to her knees, that’s when Jane took off for the ropes and caught her with a knee trembler to the head. It snapped Havoc’s head back on impact, and Jane connected with one more for good measure. The powerhouse started to get to her feet before Jane grabbed her arm for an inverted stomp facebreaker that floored her. She immediately went for the cover before Wilson slid into position.

Steph: Jane tags herself in and now she’s letting loose! Not much continuity between partners but we’ll take it.




Havoc got her shoulder up again, and started to rise back to her feet. Jane took off for the far side this time, and came back with a springboard quebrada that sent the Aussie stumbling. Jane glanced towards her corner to see Laurie starting to get up off the floor, but paid for it when Victoria pulled her into a chokeslam. 

Zack: The tempo picks up whenever Jane gets into the ring, but she got sidetracked looking for Laurie and paid big time for it!

Victoria shook her head, and headed for her corner to tag Sienna. The two joined forces as one grabbed Jane’s legs and the other her arms, and then tossed her into the air to let her crash onto the mat. Sienna scooped her up for an inverted knee drop, and Victoria bounced off the ropes with a clothesline that dropped Jane to the mat. The referee told Havoc to get out as Sienna dropped down to make the cover. 

Zack: Seismic impact from the Doomsday Sisters may have just put them in line for a shot at the tag titles right now!




Steph: Jane BARELY got that shoulder! The ref was SCRAPPING the paint!

Jane got her shoulder up in time, and Sienna punished her for it with straight right hands to her head. Laurie had made it back to the apron, and stared seemingly frozen at what she was seeing in the ring. Sienna taunted her for a moment until Jane got to her feet and nailed her with a palm thrust to the throat. It sent her backwards a step before Jane reached for the tag, only Laurie didn’t reach back. Sienna caught Jane with a boot to the face to put her down.

Zack: What is that? Jane was reaching for the tag, and Laurie had a case of alligator arms. She didn’t even try to make it!

Steph: I... I... HOW ARE THEY A TAG TEAM!?

Sienna pulled the blonde to her feet, but Jane surprised her with a jawbreaker that stumbled her a couple steps. She got back to her feet, and delivered a spinning backfist that sent Sienna into the corner. Jane whipped her across to the far side, and charged in after her with a Superman punch to the jaw. It sent the Aussie staggering out of the corner, while Jane hopped up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside with a double ax handle to Havoc’s back. It dropped her to her knees before Jane connected with a roundhouse kick to the jaw. It flattened the Aussie before she made the cover, and Wilson was immediately in position.

Steph: Havoc might be out cold and Jane has the pin!




Zack: Sienna’s getting rocked, and Jane’s got her eyes on her partner for a tag. But Laurie hasn’t budged an inch!

Havoc kicked out in time, and Jane quickly got to her feet. She was still fairly wobbly after all she had taken, but headed for her corner with her hand out for the tag. Laurie stared at her, but didn’t make any effort at all to reach for it. Jane slapped her hand on the rope, and then grabbed it with both her hands. When Sienna got to her feet, Jane used the top rope for a slingshot that sent Laurie into Havoc with a flying shoulder tackle!

Steph: The Razor from Decatur just cut Sienna down!

Victoria came back into the ring, and Jane immediately went after her. She caught her with a superkick that sent her back into the ropes before Strode doubled back to join Laurie. Sienna was starting to get to her feet as both members of the Experience moved to either side of her. 

Zack: Sienna’s been surrounded, and I don’t think she realizes it yet. But she’s about to!

Jane and Laurie connected with stereo superkicks to both sides of her head, dropping Danger to the mat. They then springboard off opposite ropes for a moonsault, with Jane connecting first and then Laurie as she hooked the leg for the cover. 





Wilson called for the bell as Laurie got to her feet, and started pounding the mat with enthusiasm. She got her hand raised, and the referee went to do the same for Jane. Lauire rolled out to the floor, celebrating alone as Jane leaned against the ropes to catch her breath.

Steph: ...I... sit doesn’t make sense.

Gaby: Your winners by pinfall…………….THE LAURIE JANE EXPERIENCE!!

Zack: I’ll admit when I’m wrong, and I was here! I didn’t think the Experience had the tools to get past Victoria and Sienna, but they did! Laurie’s throwing a party for herself, and Jane’s trying to get her wind back in the ring.

Laurie headed up the ramp with her hand raised. She was halfway to the back before Jane rolled out to the floor and started to follow her. 

Steph: But... But Zack they didn’t... I... I mean they did but... They... Oh boy.

Laurie was out of sight as Jane headed up the ramp, smiling at the crowd and then running to catch up with her partner. The show headed to a commercial for 2nd Impact.

Oui Oui Carys

The show cuts to the back at the Nemesis set, and there is Future Shock reporter Sara Wilkins waiting with a special guest that gets a pop from the French-Canadian crowd.

Sara: Nemesis rolls on here tonight at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada; which happens to be the home of the FFW Champion. I’m joined at this time by Carys McFarlane. So I’ll go ahead and say welcome to Montreal and to Future Shock Nemesis!

Carys gives a massive grin to the camera and waves to everyone watching, the grin never leaving her face.

Carys: Hey guys! Thanks for having me, Sara! Would not have missed this for the world!

Sara: Me either, but then again, it’s part of the job. You’ve been here now for a little while, and been able to get a feel for how things go here, as compared to say SVW. Is there anything you’ve learned about Future Shock that’s different from there, and what have you learned so far in your short time on this brand?

Carys seems to ponder the question somewhat, giving it a good think before actually giving her answer.

Carys: Every company - or section of a company in this case - is different from the next, Sara. The way management operates, how the wrestlers intermingle...you get the idea. It’s no different here to SVW in that regard. I didn’t walk in here expecting a full carbon copy of where I’ve spent most of my career, that would be nonsense. There is, however, something that grabs my attention. These girls. They seem...hungrier than any other wrestlers I’ve ever come across. Now sure, the prize for getting out of Future Shock is a spot on the roster in the biggest women’s wrestling company on the planet - who wouldn’t want that! But the hunger exists everywhere. That determination to get to the top. But here it just...it seems so much more intense. Which is a good thing, means I gotta up my game all the time.

Sara: Do you think it’s the desire to become a champion in a very competitive field that makes them hungry, or is it more that they are all trying to prove they belong in FFW? After all, some have come through with just wanting to get to FFW as their goal and weren’t worried about titles at all. Take Sophia Pike, for example. She took being in Future Shock as beneath her. 

Carys: I think it’s a mix of both, and if you don’t object, I’ll keep away from the whole Sophia thing, I never quite understood it. Though given how much she won in Future Shock, she certainly seemed to have a valid point. But yeah, I think it’s both. Future Shock seems an awful lot like a proving ground for most of these women, as this is, ultimately, a launch pad for them to the main roster. And with how much influence both formats now have over the main roster, it’s a pretty good judge of just how good you need to be these days.

Sara: With that in mind, do you think that has anything to do with how much trouble you’ve had getting going on the Prospect roster? Did you come in thinking that it might not be as fierce of a competition as it turned out to be? If not, what do you attribute it to?

Carys: No, I didn’t think that this was going to be a walk in the park at all, to be honest. I mean I would like to have more of a spot than I have at the moment, as I would hope to be understandable to most. But there’s a massive difference between these girls and me. I’ve been doing this since my early teens - there was a movie out this year about a girl who debuted when she was slightly older than I was when I did, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Many of these girls are rookies, and while some are not, they’ll have worked on far smaller stages than this. That’s...not really something I’ve ever had to deal with, really. Sure, I’ve worked in small places, but I started in a really big place that one of my sisters worked in, too. As did Samantha Star. I would like to see more of me in that ring, but I’m okay with giving way somewhat the girls who need it more than I do.

Sara: You’ll have the chance on the next Future Shock actually. I’m going to assume that you might have your eye on the new Nova Championship as a possible goal. But you’ll be meeting someone who couldn’t be much more opposite of you if she tried. I’m referring to Cait Flanagan. 

Carys lets out a long exhale of breath, shaking her head.

Carys: You’re not wrong about that! I don’t like the way Cait does a lot of things, but that’s okay. I like my life interesting. It’ll be good to get into the ring against her, and I’ll be looking forward to it.

Sara: Are you referring to the way she’s conducted herself in Future Shock or how gained all her wealth by marrying and divorcing a very wealth man and taking him for all she could get? Or all of the above?

Carys: I’ll be honest Sara, how a person gets money isn’t something I concern myself with, so long as it’s legal. It might be...morally wrong, really, but given how much crap I’ve received over the years, I’m not gonna judge a person for their personal life. How they conduct themselves in front of a camera is fair game however.

Sara: Well I wish you luck in that match, and I’m sure Cait will be ready and waiting for you when we get back to Boston. Thanks for talking with me, Carys.

Sara shakes hands with her guest before the show cuts back to the ring for the next match. 
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The show returned to the ring, and there was Gaby Crimson back in the center of it with her smile and microphone ready to go. 

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and it is for the Future Shock Aspire Championship!

Zack: Our second of three title matches tonight, this one’s likely to be a bruiser of an affair between Gemma and Nora. I’ve got Luci Belmont here, who’s gonna be doing some scouting as she’s set to face Nora Harris at 2nd Impact next month. Welcome to Montreal and Future Shock, feels weird that you’re not in a bikini.

Luci: Thanks for having me, Zack! Don’t mind me, I’m just here to do a little bit of scouting, as you said! And hey, I could have worn one...but it didn’t seem appropriate.

I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
Till I reach the end
And then I’ll start again
No I won't leave
I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail

Gaby: From Chicago Illinois, weighing in tonight at 103 pounds... she is Nora Harris!

The bouncy music of Shakira's Try Anything plays and out comes Nora, bouncing on the toes of her boots as she waves to the fans and then she cartwheels into the aisle before she sprints down to the ring, slides under the bottom rope and pops up to wave at the fans again.

I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
Till I reach the end
And then I’ll start again
No I won't leave
I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail

She smiles at the referee and respectfully waits for the start of the match.

Zack: As long as she’s been in Future Shock, tonight marks the first championship opportunity of this magnitude for Nora Harris. “Li’l Pixie Pump” has every intention of making good on it too.

Luci: Not that anyone can blame her for that! Though it is very surprising that she’s never had something before now. A shame, really.

The lights go out in the arena, an anticipatory murmur filling the arena. A moment or two passes in silence before a slow-tempo guitar begins to play through the PA system, accompanied by an electronic vibration effect, kicking off All Good Things’ “For the Glory.”

Better back down, you’re in my domain
Got the whole crowd screaming out our name
It’s a blowout, it’s a hurricane
It’s over, before you know it.

An aggressive guitar chord strikes as red lights begin to swirl through the arena. The curtain is pushed aside, and a dimly lit figure stands in the middle of the entrance ramp. While not much of her is clearly visible, she turns her head to face either direction of the crowd.

Why you shaking? We’re a dynasty
In the making, We’re the royalty
Now we're breaking down the enemy
Move over for the soldiers.

After a moment, a single white spotlight turns to the ramp, revealing a woman in a leather jacket, glaring toward one side of the crowd, chewing a piece of gum with a smirk on her face. Notably, as the spotlight focuses on the World Piercer, her usually bright red hair is jet black, and hangs down in her face somewhat, although Gemma doesn’t seem particularly bothered for the moment.

Gaby: Introducing her opponent, from Liverpool, England, weighing 147 pounds…this is “The World Piercer,” and the reigning and defending Future Shock Aspire Champion...this is GEMMA...PIERCE!

Gemma turns to stare at the other side of the audience, lips curling into even more of a smirk as the fans react to the introduction with boos. She grips the ends of her leather jacket, pulling it apart to reveal the Aspire Championship around her waist, before pacing down the ramp slowly. For the most part, she ignores the crowd, although one person toward the end of the ramp seems to get the “World Piercer’s” attention. The smirk on her face only grows as she gets into a bit of a jaw-jacking competition with the fan, even holding her arms out and seeming to invite some kind of confrontation--when nothing comes of it, though, she just grins even more.

She circles around the ring, taking her sweet time before deciding which side she wants to enter on, swinging herself up onto the apron. She grips the top rope and grins, pulling herself up to her feet, staring out into the crowd for just a moment. She steps through the ropes, moving straight into the center of the ring and stretching her arms out wide, curling both hands in a “bring it” sort of gesture, as the boos only increase. The Merseysider chuckles to herself, shrugging her leather jacket off her shoulders and tossing it out of the ring, moving to her corner and climbing the turnbuckles. She unstraps the belt from around her waist, raising it up with one hand, seeming to beckon the crowd even more with the other.

Zack: Gemma made it clear after she won the title, she was going for five! Like others before her, she wants to be the first to make 5 successful defenses and go straight to FFW. Tonight’s her second, and she certainly isn’t going to make the mistake of overlooking Nora Harris. 

Luci: What’s even stranger than the fact that Nora has never had a title shot in Future Shock i the fact that no rookie has ever managed five! With the calibre of talent in this place, you’d think it would have by now! But nope. She;s got stiff competition for it tonight though!

Referee Kevin Fisk checks both women for illegal objects, and finds none before he calls for the bell to start the match after Gaby is out of the ring. Gemma heads for the center of the ring, her usual stoic expression in place as Nora moves to join her. Harris looks up slightly to her before cracking her knuckles and…. Blowing a bubble. A bubble gum wad expands wider and wider in front of her face, almost touching Gemma’s before it finally pops and Nora gives her a bell clap over her ears. It stuns the champion briefly before Nora explodes into a flurry of right hands to the side of her head, pulling it down into a side headlock before snapping her over to the mat. Gemma quickly gets up, and eats a knee to the ribs from Nora before the Pixie spins her around for an inverted atomic drop. Pierce gets propelled into the ropes, and turns around right before Nora catches her with a clothesline that topples her over to the floor. The challenger moves back a couple steps, and blows another bubble. 

Luci: Gotta give Nora credit for creativity there, if nothing else! She;s off out of the blocks and I’m not sure Gemme knows how to react!

Zack: Nora does like her bubble gum, we’ve seen pictures of that. Also French fries, but I doubt she brought any of those. You’re right about Gemma possibly being thrown off already.

Gemma climbed back up onto the apron, and stepped back into the ring with a wary expression. Nora tossed her gum, and waved her forward before the pair locked up in the center of the ring. Gemma started to push Nora backwards into the ropes before Nora showed some power, and did the same to Gemma. They jockeyed for position until Pierce broke the grip, and surprised Nora with an European uppercut to the jaw. It rocked her backwards, and she ate a second before Gemma whipped her across to the far side. As soon as Nora rebounded, Pierce scooped her up into a spinebuster. Gemma rolled back to her feet, and landed a fist drop to her face to keep her down. 

Zack: Gemma Pierce doesn’t go in for humor or creativity, unless it’s creatively punishing her opponents. It’s a good thing Nora got rid of the gum, because Pierce may have tried to shove it down her throat. 

Luci: And knowing Gemma, she’d probably have succeeded in that too!

But as soon as Gemma was back to her feet, Nora wasn’t far behind her. The champion grabbed her hand again, and went to whip her across. But Nora took one step and stopped dead in her tracks. She tried to fire her across again, and Nora didn’t budge an inch. And as soon Gemma looked back to her, Nora pulled her into a ripcord knee strike to the head that sent her stumbling backwards. Harris lowered her shoulder, and took off towards her with a running tackle that drove her back into the corner. The challenger started firing shoulder blocks into her body, trying to take the wind out of her before Harris grabbed her hand again to pull her into a second knee strike to the head.

Zack: She may not look it compared to Gemma, but Nora is one powerful young woman! And she’s not gonna go anywhere she doesn’t want. 

Luci: That’s the wonderful thing about many of these women! They look like they’re one thing, but then you see them and realise that they are that, but also so much more than.

Nora pressed two fingers to her lips before she pulled Gemma’s head into position for her Code of Silence. But as soon as Gemma felt it, she bolted away from her and into the ropes. That brought a grin to Nora’s face as she held up those same two fingers to tell her she was that close. 

Zack: Nora was about to hit that CODE OF SILENCE early, and the Aspire Champion couldn’t get out of the way fast enough! Look at Nora letting her know it was just that close!

Luci: I don’t think Gemma needed told that, somehow. Most of us wouldn’t!

Gemma paced a little bit, keeping a watchful eye on Nora before the two locked up again. This time, Pierce pushed her back into the corner. The referee called for the break, and Pierce raised her hands up to give it. Nora took advantage of the opportunity, snatching her around the waist and spinning to deliver a belly to belly overhead suplex. Pierce landed hard on the mat, and got back up. She wasn’t up long though before Nora snatched her up again, and sent her flying with a second belly to belly overhead. The Montreal crowd was getting behind the Pixie as she didn’t wait for Gemma to get up this time, instead deadlifting her around the waist and snapping off a release German suplex that sent Pierce into the ropes. 

Luci: You don’t et time to let Gemme Pierce get her baring back in situations like this! And Nore knows that! Impressive strength on her part too!

Zack: They don’t call her “Li’l Pixie Pump” for nothing! She’s got power for days, and Gemma’s feeling every bit of it tonight!

Gemma started back to her feet again, only to catch a running kneelift from Nora that snapped her head back and sent her staggering as well. Harris darted towards her, leaving her feet for a flying headscissors takedown and was right back to her feet again. The Montreal crowd was getting louder now as Nora took off towards her to deliver her double knee facebreaker and then right into the cover. The referee dropped to count the fall.

Zack: HELLO PATELLA!! Nora nailed it, and she’s gonna be Aspire Champion!!




Gemma kicked out at two and a half, and Harris quickly got to her feet. She circled around the champion, waiting for her to get up before she grabbed her head into position for her finisher again. But Pierce shoved her off, and sat on one knee as she stared at her. And again, Nora reminded her how close she was. 

Luci: No she’s not! That was some lading though!

Gemma’s face started to show a mix of anger and frustration as she got to her feet. Nora went to get her, but caught a kick to the gut for her troubles. The champion pulled her head down, and delivered a gutwrench suplex. She dragged her back to her feet, and fired her into the corner back first. Harris landed hard and stumbled out before Gemma charged towards her with a lariat that nearly flipped her with how strong it was. Pierce stared down at the challenger with a scowl before Nora started to try to get up. The champion plucked her head between her legs, and used the top rope for a slingshot into a powerbomb. Harris’ body bounced off the mat before Gemma went for the cover. 

Zack: I think Nora’s managed to get under Gemma’s skin, and that’s looking like a bad decision to make!




Nora kicked out at two and a half, causing Gemma to rise back to her feet. She pulled her up over one shoulder, and took off towards the corner for a snake eyes. Nora’s face bounced off the top turnbuckle before Gemma snapped off a full nelson suplex. 

Luci: You’re not wrong about that being a bad idea, unfortunately for Nora. Gemma is now iin full control and she’s making sure we all know it!

She dragged Nora towards the center of the ring, and pulled her to her feet. Harris was hoisted her overhead in what looked like a stalling vertical suplex, while Gemma held her there for some time and then dropped her down with a brainbuster. She looked out over the crowd for a second before positioning Nora against the corner. Pierce backed up to the next corner, and took off. She went for a face wash boot, but Nora dropped flat against the mat and let her foot sail over the bottom rope instead. Pierce was pulling her leg back into the ring before Nora helped her out...the hard way by lifting her up onto her shoulders and dropping backwards with an electric chair. That brought the crowd back into it as Nora finally made it back to her feet, while Gemma clutched her back.

Luci: Gemma being frustrated is often a good thing for her, but just as often a bad thing for her! That error in judgement is going to cost her!

Zack: Nora’s got back to her feet, and…. She’s looking at Gemma’s feet now. Wait a minute….

Nora got her bearings, and saw Gemma on the mat. She reached down, and grabbed her feet under both arms as the fans began getting really loud now. And just as he had done with her last match, Nora began a giant swing in the center of the ring. The fans began counting the revolutions as she picked up speed, with Gemma spiraling around and around up to 12 so far….

Zack: Oh man, somewhere Jacqui Minogue is having flashbacks to this! Nora with a giant swing, and all of Montreal is counting with her…. In French!

Luci: Well we are in the homeland of the FFW Champion, so it makes sense! But I’m dizzy just watching her!

Nora continued the swing as Gemma’s hair whipped around her with as the challenger kept going. The fans were up to 23 now, and Nora just kept spinning!

Luci: And getting dizzier!

Zack: Nora must have an equilibrium beyond compare, and Gemma feels like she’s been locked in the spin cycle at the laundromat! And she’s still going!!

The swing kept going as the fans continued counting. Nora showed no signs of slowing down either as they approached 35 revolutions with the challenger STILL going!

Zack: We’re up to 35, and if Gemma can stand on her feet again the rest of this match, I’ll be impressed! Good Lord, Nora! And I don’t mean her Twitter hashtag! This could be you at 2nd Impact, Luci!

Luci: When I say I sincerely hope not, I have never been more genuine about that in my life! This is madness to watch!

When the fans counted all the way to 42, Nora finally let Gemma crash into the canvas with a thud! The challenger herself stumbled back and propped up against the ropes, getting her bearings for a couple seconds as the Montreal crowd roared in approval. 

Luci: Well, after forty-two revolutions, I would have been more shocked if Nora wasn’t dizzy! But Gemma won’t be getting back up any time in the near future either!

Nora finally got her bearings, and moved forward to drop into a cover on Gemma. The champion looked extremely dazed as the referee went to count it.




Gemma managed to get her arm up off the mat to break the count, and rolled to her side trying to reach for the ropes. But she was having significant trouble as her hand waved up and down as if the ropes were moving.

Zack: Gemma got her shoulder off the mat in time, and she’s trying to get the ropes. It must look like they are still spinning around at this point, Luci.

Luci: This would not shock in the slightest! Nora doesn’t even look like she’s completely together either!

Nora climbed back to her feet, and was still a little wobbly herself before she managed an elbow drop into Gemma’s chest. It landed almost perfectly before Nora started to her feet again. She grabbed Gemma’s feet for a second time under her arms, which got the crowd motivated all over again before Pierce pulled her knees up and locked Nora into a triangle choke instead. Pierce closed her eyes to help with the dizziness.

Zack: Don’t tell me that Nora’s gonna go for another swing! I don’t think Gemma or anyone else can take----I sit corrected! Pierce countered into a triangle choke!

Luci: Too son to be going for that again! Gemma had it scouted!

Fisk dropped down next to the two as Gemma clutched the hold tighter, trying to put Nora out as the challenger used her free hand to reach for the ropes. Unfortunately, there weren’t any that were close by and her movements started to falter slightly. Harris continued to try to grab the ropes, while Gemma kept her eyes closed tightly to combat the dizziness she was still experiencing. 

Zack: What a smart counter, given Gemma’s predicament at the moment! She’s got her eyes closed to stave off what has to be a bad case of vertigo at this point. Nora can’t find the ropes!

Luci: Gemma’s getting all the wins that she can find at this point, and you can’t help think she might be quite pleased with herself.

Nora’s desperation was increasing as she pushed up on her feet, still locked in the hold before she dragged them both towards the ropes. Harris grabbed the bottom with her free hand, and the referee called for the break before she collapsed to the mat. Gemma was on the mat too, and rolled onto her stomach as she felt around to find the ropes herself. She used them to TRY to pull herself to her feet, but ended up stumbling into the corner, which was holding her up.

Zack: Credit to Gemma for trying to get to a vertical base here, and even with the corner holding her up, she’s still not steady on her feet, Luci. You can’t really blame her either. 

Luci: Not in the least! But she’s making a go of it, and that’s the bit that’s important right now, especially when Nora is still down.

Pierce grabbed the ropes, and pressed her head against the turnbuckle for a moment and then tried to stand on her own two feet. She was starting to have success, and looked over with aggravation to Nora, who was slowly starting to get up as well. As the challenger was beginning to get up, Gemma headed towards her and grabbed her head into position with one hand hooked. 

Zack: We know what this is! Gemma’s looking to put this match to bed, but the question is can she pull it off when she’s not even steady on her feet?!

With one swift motion, Gemma hoisted Nora up and planted her with her single hook DDT that drove Nora face first into the mat. She rolled her over, and almost collapsed on top of her for the cover. 

Zack: She got it!! I don’t know, but Gemma hit her move! PIERCE THE EARTH!!!




Fisk called for the bell as Gemma rolled off the cover. She crawled towards the corner, and propped her head against the turnbuckle for a moment before trying to get back to her feet again.

Luci: You know how she did that, Zack? Luck! And I don’t mean that badly against Gemma at all, we all know how good she is, but it took more than a definite stroke of luck to hold onto the title!


Fisk raised her head, and returned the title to her as she leaned against the corner. She shook her head a little, and stepped out to the floor. It was obvious she was still a little wobbly on her feet. 

Zack: Gemma Pierce has done it again, and now has 2 defenses in the tank as Aspire Champion. She’s got her title back, and now she wants to get her equilibrium as well. 

Luci: Two down, and three to go! Gemma did wonderfully in this match and has done more than prove why she’s the Aspire Champion!

She finally seemed to get her bearings a little better, and headed up the ramp slowly. Pierce raised the title over her head with her back to the crowd before the show cuts elsewhere in the Bell Centre. 

Taking Flight

As the show goes back into the arena, it’s cast in darkness except for a spotlight on the stage where Alex Price heads out and waves to the crowd. The fans give him a very favorable response before he begins.

Alex: Hello, Montreal! 

Cue the cheap hometown pop. 

Alex: Tonight, you’re going to get to see more of the amazing illusionist that is Jamie Winters. And for once, it won’t be life threatening for yours truly. Those are my favorite kinds, let me tell you. But given that this is Nemesis, a major Future Shock Event, and it is right here in Montreal, Quebec, Canada….

Another cheap pop. He’s starting to like these. 

Alex: Tonight, she’s gonna fly. That’s right. No safety nets or any of that jazz. You will see sail across this arena and land right here.

He points to his side.

Alex: The only question you may have is… Hey Alex, you gorgeous surfing god, where IS Jamie? Well that’s easy, she’s up there!!

He points to the other side of the darkened arena as a second spotlight shows Jamie standing on the railing on the upper level. She tips her magician’s hat to the crowd, before clapping her hands together.

Jamie: I don’t think up here is the best way for me to talk to you guys, I can barely see you all!... Well, I guess there’s a great way for me to come closer to everyone. And I’ll do just that… Through the miracle of flight!

She takes a deep breath, and extends her arms out before she takes a step off the handrail. With her arms at her side, she starts to glide over the arena. Coming to a standing position about halfway over the ring, she holds her hands to her chest and twirls around before turning back into a glide. She does a barrel roll and starts lowering over the darkened stage. Jamie throws her hands over her hand, and starts to lower to the stage and comes to a stop right next to Alex before he and the fans give her a huge round of applause. The spotlights blink out for a couple seconds, and the arena lights come back up to show her next to him still. 

Alex: That was awesome, Jamie! No wonder you’re the best illusionist I ever dated in my entire life. 

Jamie seems to be proud as all heck of her own trick, basking in the round of applause with a big smile, hopping in place out of excitement.

Jamie: I think everyone gets the point already. And if you didn’t… Then allow me to explain. I’m Jamie Winters, and I’m an illusionist. A magician, if you will. And when I fell in love with wrestling, I was enamored with the fantasy of it, and I decided to bring some of that magic with me to the ring. So… In a world with so many hard-nosed folks… I wanna bring in dreams and enchantment. Will you allow me, you guys?!

Judging by the loud cheering, it looks like the crowd is on board with Jamie’s plan.

Alex: Now all of you have seen what Jamie can do as an illusionist, but there’s still one thing you haven’t seen her do. And that comes on the next Future Shock when this “Magical Girl” will make her in-ring debut 2 weeks from tonight! ARE YOU HYPED?

Jamie: I! AM! HYPED!!! Let’s make our next meeting… A magical encounter!

Alex shakes hands with her, and encourages the crowd to give her a little more love before the show heads to a commercial for 2nd Impact.

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A clip from Wipeout shows the return of Andi Takata as she saves Mars Whimsy from further punishment at the hands of Stacey Sky. It’s followed by the assault on the last Future Shock by Stacey, and then we return to the live show with Gaby in the ring. 

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish. 

Zack: This may be one of the most heated rivalries on the show tonight, fans. Andi Takata and Stacey have been at odds since Wipeout, and the animosity has only increased since then. I’ve got Mara Werth here with me for this one, who could be the next Aspire Champion. 

Mara:  Hey Zack, thank you for inviting to join you out here to help call this match. Next Aspire Champion? Well...maybe… I’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of me, a mountain to climb and it starts tomorrow. Back to right now, and like you said, this is possibly the most heated rivalry with the baddest of blood between the combatants that we’ll see on this show.

As the opening of ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ by Def Leppard starts to play, Kyle Kilmeade steps through the curtain and holds it open. Stacey Sky steps out onto the stage wearing her ring gear which consists of a black bra-style top, with gold trim. A black and gold cheerleader style skirt, and black boots with a gold trim.  

Pour some sugar on me
Ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me
C'mon, fire me up
Pour your sugar on me
I can't get enough

She stops at the start of the ramp and runs her hands down her sides until she reaches her hips and then stands with her hands on hips for a moment, before she starts moving towards the ring with Kyle walking slightly behind her. 

I'm hot, sticky sweet
From my head to my feet, yeah

As the line hot, sticky sweet plays, she raises her finger to her mouth and tilts her head to one side. Then she sways her hips, lowering herself down at the same time, before popping back up and blowing a kiss from one side to the other. 

Gaby: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Anaheim, California and accompanied by Kyle Kilmeade…………….“Sensational” Stacey Sky

Listen! red light, yellow light, green-a-light go!
Crazy little woman in a one man show
Mirror queen, mannequine, rhythm of love
Sweet dream, saccharine, loosen up
Loosen up

She takes off at a run towards the ring and then jumps up onto the apron, where she immediately drops down into the splits. She leans forwards and grabs hold of her foot, lowering her head so she can roll under the bottom rope, still in the splits. Once in the ring, she moves up to her knees, throwing her head back as she does. She licks her lips and gives a devilish smile out to the crowd. 

You gotta squeeze a little, squeeze a little
Tease a little more
Easy operator come a knockin' on my door
Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet
Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah, yeah
Give a little more.

As her music starts to fade she gets to her feet and goes to her corner, climbing up, she sits on the top turnbuckle with her legs crossed and shares a few last minute words with her manager on the apron as she awaits the start of the match.  

Zack: Stacey Sky is a woman with serious anger issues. It doesn’t take much to set her off, and I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of her yet. But we may tonight, Mara.

Mara: In any other line of work, those anger issues would be severely detrimental. In Future Shock they just serve to make you even more deadly and dangerous. Andi might be best off not inciting this Gold Standard member into a rage.  


The familiar call of one Andi Takata cues the start of her music, 'Setsunairo' by TokiwoIkiru , as her rising sun of a video plays on the screens.

# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War

As the real lyrics begin, The Lucky Star rises up from under that stage on a lift, hands held high to praise the sun on the video screen. And probably some of her highlights.

#Tobe, tobe, hitome o ki ni shite kakushita te, ōkikuhiroge
#Te, to te,  ga fureau koto o osorezu ni, habataiteyuke

Takata turns around to the crowd finally, pumping her fist in the air to rally them with her!

# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War

Takata dances to the next part, fist still going as her feet have her hopping around the stage.

# Deki nai, riyū o naraberu notte mechakucha, kantandakedo
# Sō janai akirameru no wa damedamedame kōkaishitakunai

Gaby: Introducing at this time, hailing from The Great Cosmos, she is a magical girl, the Genuine Space Princess and YOUR Sunshine Senpai…

# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War

Gaby: The Lucky Star, Andiiiiiiiiiii Taaaaaaakataaaaaa!

# Susumitaikara!
Our Sunshine Senpai starts to dance her way down the ramp, clear of the stage, noticing all her kouhai in the cheaper seats!

# Taninu, dōshi, onaji pēsu ja ,1 ban ni wa narenai
# Ushiro, yubi wo, sasarete datte
# Hashiridashita mon ga katsu, torubeki michi wa tsu~~~

As the pyro shoots straight up  and pops behind her, The Lucky Star takes off for the ring, slapping hands on her way down the ramp and around the ring before coming back around!

# Itsu made mo  kowagattenna, kowagattenna
# Dōse itsuka hateru inochinara
# Tobikonde,  tobikondeike

 Andi hops up on the apron, dancing around more along to her song, as if performing it herself. Which, if you're within earshot, she is.

# Mizukara o  utagatte na, utagatte na
# Jinsei ichi do kirina dekara!
# Sakaratte , sakaratteike!
# Onnanara  mai chitte, mai chitte sake!

Takata pumps her fist some more, trying to get the ringside crowd involved from her spot on the apron, moving herself back and forth to capture EVERYONE.

# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War

Andi finally turns and hops over the top rope, running straight across, off the ropes and back again, putting both hands up into the air.

#Doki, doki, kanjiru kodō wa atsui mama, nagareteyuku
#Hon, kide, afureru koe wa “ madamadamada, konna monjanaize~~ ”
# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War

Takata takes off for a far side turnbuckle, singing along to the crowd while posing on the top turnbuckle.

# Namida, korae, fuanna yoru o, ikutsu koetekita ndarō
# Ten to, ten ga, sen ni tsunagaru  
# Shunkan shōmei shitai, mayō hima hanai~~

After a moment, Andi darts across to a turnbuckle nearer to the hard cam, and repeats her actions for the tv side before standing on the top turnbuckle itself to dance!

# Mizukara o  utagatte na, utagatte na
# Jinsei ichi do kirina dekara!
# Sakaratte , sakaratteike!
# Onnanara mai chitte, mai chitte, sake!

Andi flips down from her perch up top, landing on her feet and throwing her arms up into her classic pose. As the song fades down on more of the 'war' chant, Takata gets herself ready to go.

Zack: It’s the same the world over! The fans love Andi Takata! I don’t think she could do any wrong in their eyes, least of all with what she is probably looking to do to Stacey tonight.

Mara:  She’s beloved and arguably a company treasure. I guess given this reaction that she’s getting they’ve forgiven her for the hassle she’s caused Shaw over the years. Or maybe it’s just that Shaughnessy O’Neill isn’t as loved in Montreal as she makes out to be.

Referee Ashley Pruitt checks both women to make sure no one has a weapon as Gaby leaves the ring. And as soon as she calls for the bell, both Andi and Stacey go straight for each other with furious right hands aimed at one another’s heads. A short knee from Stacey helps her get the upper hand before she grabs her head, and drives it into the middle turnbuckle with a bulldog. She quickly pulls Andi’s head up, and smashes it as hard as she can into the top turnbuckle…..which has no padding on it! Andi staggers backwards, holding her face before Stacey mows her down with a clothesline.

Zack: What the…?! What the hell happened to the turnbuckle pad?! It was there before the entrances! 

Mara:  I can only guess that Stacey got a little bored; a bit antsy during Andi’s epic entrance and decided to keep herself busy. It has certainly paid off for her.

Andi struggles to get to her feet before Stacey hooks her head, and drills her with a DDT. She quickly mounts her chest, and starts pounding away with right hands. Andi tries to cover up, but the blonde pulls her hands apart and leans down to bite into her face. The referee gives her a four count to break it, and there’s already a small gash on Andi’s head that begins to bleed. Stacey drives an elbow into it, and grinds it in for added damage before Takata can shove her off of her. 

Zack: You can see where that exposed turnbuckle has cut Andi open, and Stacey’s like a tiger shark going right after it! I said I didn’t think we’d seen the worst of what she could do, and she’s proving me right.

Mara: We said right at the top that there was absolutely no love lost between these two wrestlers. Stacey’s busted her open and is really working on that cut. The longer Andi bleeds, the more her strength is going to ebb away.

The veteran rolled away from her, and pressed her hand to her head as she got to her feet. She didn’t even have a chance to turn around before Stacey caught her with a high knee to the back of her head. It propelled her forward into the ropes before Stacey left her feet with a double knee backbreaker to flip her down to the mat. Once more, she mounted her and started scrubbing her face into the mat and leaving a red stain, thanks to Andi’s cut forehead. 

Zack: You can see the red stains on the mat that are from Andi’s head as Stacey uses the canvas like a cheese grater on her forehead to try to open that wound up more. 

Mara: It’s as much widening the wound as it is stopping it from clotting. It’s smart strategy here from Stacey. She’s not letting Andi use her speed or her aerial techniques here simply by keeping her on the canvas. 

The referee demanded Stacey get off her again, and the blonde did just that. The Montreal crowd showed her no love at all as she dragged Andi’s head along her boot laces. The cut had opened up more by this point, and Stacey started tearing at her face by pulling at both sides of her mouth with her fingers in it. She leaned over to bite her forehead once again before getting yet another 4 count from the referee before she dropped the Hall of Famer. Andi was slow moving on the canvas before Stacey pulled her back to her feet. She whipped her into the far corner with velocity, causing the space princess to land back first against the exposed turnbuckle. The aggressive blonde charged towards her, but Andi managed to get her foot up to sent her stumbling backwards with a shot to the jaw. 

Mara: That was probably the worst possible thing Stacey could have done - her first mistake of the night. Andi wants space to go to work in, Sky would have been better off keeping this fight confined to an area the size of a phone booth.

Zack: Stacey may have had some molars loosened off that shot, and Andi definitely found her opening here. But she better follow up quickly, because Stacey is relentless.

That got a response from the crowd as Andi touched her forehead, and darted out of the corner with a running shoulder tackle to take her down to the mat. Takata began unloading with piston-like right hands to Stacey’s head before rolling off and getting back to her feet. Sky began to get up as well, only for Andi to shove her back into the ropes and follow up with a shotgun dropkick to send her through them to the floor. The Montreal crowd got much louder as Andi looked at her own blood on her hand, and looked to get angrier as a result. 

Zack: I’ve been told by wrestlers over the years that the sight of your own blood does something to you. And in this case, it looks like it’s pissed the “Lucky Star” off!

Mara: Andi’s got that adrenaline pumping and she’s definitely turned the tables. That was a perfect dropkick and she’s not backing down from taking the fight to the Sensational one.

Stacey began to get to her feet on the outside before Andi took off for the far side. She rebounded quickly and scaled the ropes like a cat into a suicide dive that drove Stacey back to the floor. Takata rained a few more punches on her head, and then nipped up to her feet. She jerked Stacey up by the arm, and whipped her into the steel steps. The blonde doubled over them as she collided with them, and Andi followed in behind her with a one handed bulldog that smacked her face off them. 

Mara: Stacey just got introduced to those ring steps violently. Andi’s going her best to loosen her teeth and break her nose. It’s a good thing Kyle has all the best medical contacts across the globe.

Zack: He’s gonna need them! Andi is on a tear right now, and I don’t think Stacey’s ever been in a fight like this since she came to Future Shock! 

The blonde crumpled back to the floor, and tried to crawl away from Andi towards the entrance ramp. But Takata stayed right behind her as she got to her feet. The space princess hoisted her over one shoulder for a snake eyes across the barricade. And when the blonde staggered away from it, Andi used a spinebuster to the floor to put her down. The referee, Ashley Pruitt, shouted at her to get back into the ring, and that’s what she did…. Long enough to climb to the top turnbuckle. 

Zack: The referee’s giving a lot of latitude here, and she got Andi back into the ring. But it doesn’t look like for very long! Takata on the third floor with bad intentions for a certain former cheerleader in mind!

Mara: This is a huge risk for Andi, she can’t afford to take her time up there because if this goes wrong.... Well, the floor is even less forgiving than the ring. 

Stacey rolled onto her back just before Andi launched herself into a phoenix splash from the top rope. It landed perfectly, and folded Stacey in pain on the floor. Andi got back to her feet, and headed for the apron and started playing to the crowd to get more noise out of them. Kyle moved around the corner closest to his client, trying to tell her something as she gritted her teeth in pain, still on the mat.

Zack: Andi’s on the apron rallying this crowd, and got more punishment in mind! I don’t know what Kilmeade’s trying to tell Stacey, or even if she’s hearing any of it right now, Mara. 

Mara: The cheerleader has had her bell rung by the Space Princess but Kyle has to try and do something to help his client try to turn the tide here, otherwise this could be over soon.

Stacey started crawling towards him, and pulling herself up by grabbing the ringpost. Andi dropped down to the floor, and moved to the corner opposite her as she leaned against it, holding her ribs. The space princess made a cocking motion (like a shotgun) with her fist, and darted towards her. She left her feet with a Superman punch, but Kyle pulled Stacey out of the way and let Andi’s fist strike the post instead. She shouted in pain, and dropped to her knees clutching her hand to her body.

Mara: OWWWWWW!!! I felt that Zack!! Andi might’ve just broken her hand against the steel. Could be the opening that someone as vicious as Stacey needs.

Zack: Bone on steel, and steel wins every time! Andi was looking for a Superman punch, and she got all of the ringpost she ever wanted! And the post didn’t sell a damn thing!

Stacey pulled herself together as much as she could before grabbing Andi’s wrist, and striking her hand against the mat. She rolled her back into the ring finally, and applied a Fujiwara armbar but was more focused on bending Andi’s fingers backward in the process. The Montreal crowd began chanting Andi’s name as the referee dropped to see if she wanted to stop the match, as Andi’s fingers were almost at a 90 degree angle to her palm with Stacey pulling on them. 

Mara: Good instincts from Stacey here, don’t you think Zack? She’s immobilised her opponent - at least temporarily - with the hold buying herself some time to collect herself while at the same time working over the fingers that just slammed into the steel.

Zack: I think Andi would rather lose her fingers than submit to Stacey at this point. She’s not even trying to work the armbar, it’s all a setup so she can snap her fingers off!

The referee checked again with Andi for a submission, but she refused to do it and instead reached out with her free arm to try to get the rope. She wasn’t close enough, and started trying to pull Stacey with her before she finally got her hand around it to cause the break. Sky let go at four, and got back to her feet. She pressed Andi’s wrist to the mat with one foot, and started stomping violently at her hand with the other. 

Zack: Look at Stacey stomping that injured hand, and there’s nothing the referee can do to stop it. This isn’t illegal, but in Andi’s condition, it’s damn sure excruciating. 

Mara: Stacey spotted a weakness after Andi punched the post and she’s making the absolute most of it. I hope Andi’s Dunkin and soft drink paymasters are understanding because she might not be tweeting all that much in the next couple of days.

The blonde headed for the corner finally, and made her way to the top rope. Andi’s hand quivered on the mat before Stacey came off with what looked to be a curb stomp to that same hand. But the space princess pulled her hand away, causing Stacey to land slightly awkwardly on her feet. When the former cheerleader turned around, Andi caught her head and connected with her favorite move, the….


Sky went face down on the mat, as Andi rolled towards the corner, clutching her hand tightly against her body as her face showed how much pain she was feeling.

Mara: Out of nowhere!! Stacey might be out of it but… look at Andi, she can only focus on her hand and the agony that’s coming from her fingers.

Finally, the space princess crawled towards her very slowly and went for the cover. She started to grab the leg, but shouted in pain as her left hand tried to do that. She pulled it back to her body, her face wrenching in pain as Stacey was still flat on the mat. 

Zack: That was nothing but instinct. Most all wrestlers hook a leg out of instinct, but as soon as Andi’s hand tried to grab Stacey’s leg and use any strength, well you can see for yourself!

Mara: It’s not even about trying to move the fingers as much as it is the inability to put any pressure whatsoever on those digits - just causes lightning bolts of pain to shoot up her arm.

Andi made the cover without a leg hook as the referee was already in position, and immediately began her count.




Stacey got her shoulder up in time before the three, and Andi sat up with her hand still held tightly to her body. The referee let her know it was only a two. 

Zack: I’ve seen that SPACE CRUSHER end hundreds of matches, but the time between her nailing it and finally getting into a cover was way too long! 

Mara: Stacey had plenty of time to recover enough to beat the count - especially with the extra seconds it took thanks to Andi’s hand injury. But she’s got to find an opening to turn it around.

Takata got back to her feet, still favoring her left hand as the fans were once again calling her name even more loudly. She headed for the corner, and started to make her way up to the top rope. Behind her though, Stacey was starting to get back to her feet and get her bearings. Before Andi could make it to the top rope, Stacey’s head popped up between her legs and she took off out of the corner with a running sitout powerbomb that bounced Andi’s head and body off the mat before the blonde went for the cover!

Mara: Andi got caught and Stacey just tried to make her part of the ring canvas!!! HUUUGEEEE powerbomb and that might just do it!!!




Andi’s shoulder popped up off the mat, and Stacey shot the referee a wild look of rage The former cheerleader got back to her feet, and dragged her thumb across her throat. 

Zack: Stacey’s had enough of Andi Takata, and that face shows me a woman who’s on the verge of completely going off the deep end!

Mara: This could ever be exactly the edge she needs to put Andi away....or it could be the factor that leads to the mistake that sees the jaws of defeat snap shut on her.

The blonde pulled the space princess up, and scooped her up with ease into her sitout scoop slam piledriver. She rolled across her with a hook of the leg before the referee slid into position to make the count.

Zack: She calls that SENSATIONAL SUFFERING!!




Pruitt called for the bell amid raining boos from the Montreal crowd. The blonde’s chest heaved up and down as she got her breath. When she got to her feet, the referee raised her hand. 

Gaby: Your winner by pinfall……………’SENSATIONAL’ STACEY SKY!!!

Mara: You’ve got to hand it to Stacey, she was made to work hard by the Hall of Famer, but she rose to the task and is leaving Montreal with an impressive victory; a massive feather in her cap.

Kyle headed up the steps and into the ring before he raised Stacey’s hand in victory. He applauded her, and she started to calm down. The blonde moved towards the camera, and leaned into it.


She said clearly before Kyle nodded in agreement with that. He raised her hand again, and opened the ropes for her to exit the ring. 

Zack: Well she doesn’t really beat around the bush, does she? I don’t know which title she wants, Mara, but I’d say she made a hell of a case for herself here. 

Mara: I’d agree Zack and I’m sure Kyle’s already been making the case on her behalf. That display there is simply going to underline his point and make his job that much easier.

Kyle took his client’s hand as they headed up the ramp to even more boos from the Quebecois crowd. And on that, we cut to a video package detailing the history of Vivi Robichaud’s pursuit of the Future Shock Championship.

The House Band

The camera takes us inside Adam’s office as he is just about to go out. However, two people stop that as they make their way in. SVW fans will recognize Uprising’s former General Manager, DOC, as well as River Campbell. 

Adam: Well this is a surprise. I wasn’t expecting to see either of you at Nemesis, but...welcome, I guess. What can I do for you?

DOC: Adam my man, always good to see you. Always been a fan, haha! Ever since DOC stepped down as Uprising General Manager, I found my true calling.

Adam: Oh really? What’s that?

DOC: Music producer! See, DOC’s got the hottest act in music today under the auspices of the DOC Entertainment label. You know big River C, right?

The Future Shock Director nods his head, and shakes hands with River.

Adam: Yeah, I know her. I used to help run the shows in SVW. But I didn’t know you two were… DOC Entertainment?

River nodded her head.

River: Yeah...we’re business partners. He puts up the cash and I have complete, total and final say on the musical talent we recruit. Which means we only recruit the best...not necessarily the best looking or the errr… more adventurous and revealing… auditionees who might look perfect on a poster. And it just so happens, Mr. Grant, that today is your lucky day. The luckiest of days. The day when you’re gonna walk out of here and think to yourself ‘I should buy a lottery ticket’ lucky.

DOC: River’s right! See, we decided to give you the opportunity to debut the newest all girl band and the best, for that matter. Right here on Future Shock too. River and the girls can perform for the audience at home and in the arena, and do covers of the themes your talent has too. And we’re willing to deal here for a very fair figure for that one show.

Adam: I see. Well the covers sound interesting, but I mean this isn’t really a show built around musical performances too much. I’ll hear you out. What is this very fair figure? 

DOC: Fifteen million dollars!

Adam’s eyes widened at the figure, while DOC looked like he just cut the deal of the century for River and her band.

River: Well… that’s certainly a figure. Fifteen million dollars. Certainly a starting point for negotiations. Especially if you don’t win that lottery ticket. In fact forget the lottery ticket you might need all the luck you can get to get a fifteen million dollar expense past Samantha. 

She flashed a smile for a moment.

River: And you know what Adam… I guarantee you that we’d be worth EVERY SINGLE CENT of those fifteen million dollars. Best girl band in the world. Most talented girl band in the world. However, I like I said you’ve got a paymaster you’re gonna have to get it okayed with and I like and respect that and because it’s you and we like you and this would be our first ever show….

The tattooed guitarist gave DOC a pointed look.

River: … Maybe we can arrange a little discount. Friends, Family, work colleague type of discount. One that’s appreciative of the stage you’re giving us to debut on. What do you think DOC?

DOC: I’ll tell you what. I’ll slash that price down to fourteen and a quarter million large, and I’ll even spot you at any strip club you want to visit in Boston! I’ll even buy you a couple lap dances and all the Coke you can drink that night!

River: You may wanna check with Missy that she’s okay with her betrothed getting dragged to a strip club and treated to lap dances… Probably not something to just spring on her when he gets back in, in the early hours of the morning. Plus, DOC, it’s Adam...it’s a great guy and this is worldwide exposure for the band. Think about how much that is worth in marketing alone - we could make more than fifteen mill just from the residuals of the appearance. I think we should really slash and hack back that upfront fee...Especially if Adam can fit in say...ten minutes of air time for us to perform a couple of original tracks. We could REALLY slash that fee couldn’t we, DOC? Maybe to a figure Adam can afford from his budget.

Adam: Both those figures are a no. I don’t know how much you think I have to work with on a weekly show in terms of money for it, but--

DOC: Adam Adam Adam… don’t forget about the strippers! Besides we can make sense into dollars. Why don’t we sit down after the show, since DOC knows you’re busy, and we’ll hammer out a deal that benefits everyone! And still get all the Coke you can drink.

The former GM reaches into his pocket, and offers Adam a cigar.

DOC: In the meantime, why don’t you have one of the finest cigars available today? 

Adam didn’t look all that interested, not being a smoker. 

Adam: Cuban cigars are illegal in this--

DOC: Not Cuban! Haha! This is from the cigar capital of the world known as Vancouver! 

River: I...I...had no idea Vancouver even made cigars…

She closed her eyes for a moment and shook her head.

River: DOC, forget the strippers, Adam’s virtually a married man and his wife to be can get very violent...ask Cereza...ask Dante - when she gets her hands on him… ask Ryan Sheffield or Mika. And I think the cigar is a non-starter. I’ll tell you what Adam, why don’t you write down what you can afford for a high quality musical act and we’ll make a deal.

DOC slid the Vancouver cigar into Adam’s pocket, and gave him a knowing nod. The Director looked down at it, and back to the pair.

Adam: I will. After the show, alright? This is my priority right now. 

DOC gave him another knowing nod, and slid another cigar into his pocket, as if he were trying to sweeten the pot. He glanced back to River.

DOC: After the show then! That’s good, we’ll go watch the rest of Nemesis and you let me know how smooth those cigars are! Haha!

River: Thanks Adam. I appreciate it and I promise you, you’re gonna want to take advantage. Because when this group goes HUUUGGGEEEE….we’ll remember very fondly where we made our first appearance - where we got our big break. Think of this as making a long term investment.

DOC slapped Adam on the back, and headed out of the office with River following along behind him. The door closed after that, and DOC put his arm around her shoulders.

DOC: We can already start counting that money, River! Haha!!

She rolled her eyes as they walked away, and the show headed back to the ring. 

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The show returns to the ring, and finds a spotlight over Gaby’s head as she stands in the center of the ring. As she begins to speak, the lights come up immediately.

Gaby: The following contest is your main event of the evening, and it is for the Future Shock Championship! And for one night only, the title CAN change hands on a disqualification or countout!

Zack: We’ve never had that stipulation in effect for a title match in Future Shock, but given recent history, I can understand why. Steph, it’s main event time!

Steph: Necessities, Zack. Some situations simply bring them about and this particular rivalry... Well.

I'm not the one who's so far away when I feel the snake bite enter my veins
Never did I want to be here again and I don't remember why I came…

The lights in the arena dim and smoke fills the entrance as the first lines of Godsmack's "Voodoo" begin playing. Vivi tosses the curtain aside and stands with her arms outstretched and a smile on her face. She carries a walking stick, topped with a skull carved from ivory, in one hand and waves to the crowd with the other, bemused by their positive reaction to her. Pausing for a moment, Vivi waits for the next verse of the song to begin before she starts making her way to the ring.

Candles raise my desire why I'm so far away, no more meaning to my life, no more reason to stay...
Freezing feeling, breathe in, breathe in...
I'm coming back again…

As she reaches the ring, Vivi climbs up the stairs and tips her top hat to the crowd before taking it and her jacket off, laying them on the side of the ring along with her walking stick. Only then does she step in over the middle rope, standing in the center of the ring with her hands on her hips, waiting.

Gaby: Ladies and gentlemen, now making her way to the ring, she is the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, the High Priestess of Baron Samedi, the Monster of the French Quarter... the one and only… VIVI ROBICHAUD!

Zack: It’s been almost a year now since Vivi Robichaud began chasing the Future Shock Championship. She would tell you that she didn’t expect to find herself in this position when it all began, but she’s going to do everything in her power to ensure the chase ends tonight.

Steph: Titles become our obsession, Zack. I would like to believe I can say this for both Vivi and Cassandra. When you chase it, it becomes an obsession. When you have it, you’re obsessed with keeping it. There’s no escape from it; it’s like a drug.

The opening bars of “You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing” begin to play through the speakers around the arena and the lights on the stage go out leaving it darkness.

You took me to your little crib
Guess it must have been a big deal
Got me starring in your wet dream
Now it's time to get real
I'm not looking for love
No not today
But you call me up and had the nerve to say
See you next Tuesday

A white spotlight hits the centre of stage to see Cassandra Steen standing in the middle of it with her manager, Dante Knox standing slightly to the side. The crowd instantly show their disdain for the pair with a loud chorus of boos. Neither Cassandra nor Dante seem phased at all by this and in fact seem to revel in it. A smirk curling on Cassandra’s lips as she surveys the crowd. 

You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing
You call me a freak like that means something
Can't get your way so you're sulking
I think we know the rest
Get it off your chest
I don't give a shit
I love it when you call me a bitch like it's a bad thing

Cassandra begins her walk down the ramp to the ring slowly with Dante walking beside her, Cassandra surveying the crowd either side of her as she does. Still she doesn’t seem particularly bothered by the less than favourable yells from the crowd as she whispers something to her manager.

Gaby: Making her way to the ring, from Leeds, England, and accompanied by her manager, Dante Knox, she is ……………….she is the reigning and defending FFW Future Shock Champion CASSANDRA STEEN!

You show up everywhere I go
Get a grip you're acting so weird
I don't need your jager bombs
I think I can take it from here
You gotta learn to leave when the party ends
I don't really care what you tell your friends
Tell me again

As she reaches the ring, Cassandra climbs the steps and takes another moment to look around at the crowd as Dante holds the ropes open for her to enter between the middle and top ropes. 

You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing
You call me a freak like that means something
Can't get your way so you're angry
I think we know the rest
Get it off your chest
I don't give a shit
I love it when you call me a bitch

Cassandra’s music comes to an end and as it fades out, she makes her way to her corner and leans back against the turnbuckles and rests one arm on the ropes beside her, as she shares some last minute words with her manager.

Zack: Cassandra put Lydia Charisma on the shelf to earn her title shot, and ended up ending Tara Cortez’s streak when she got it. Now with Knox behind her for whatever reason, she could prove to be just as dominant as the last woman to hold that title, Steph. 

Steph: There’s still no word if Charisma is ever coming back to wrestling at all while Tara is off to the main roster. Could she be as dominant? I believe so Zack, but that would require her to get past Vivi first. Where things go from there all starts... And well, ends tonight.

Referee Jennifer Stringer took the championship from Casssandra as Gaby stepped out of the ring. She showed it to Vivi, who took it from her and climbed the corner to hold it up for the crowd. The fans cheered that image as Cassandra told the referee to get her title back. Vivi dropped back down to the mat, and handed it to the referee again. She raised it over her head, and called for the bell. Vivi took the title from her again, and held it up to show Cassandra. The champion’s face scowled as she went for a cheap shot with a right to the jaw, but Vivi ducked it and drove her backwards into the corner with a shoulder tackle. The challenger raised up, and started hammering her with right hands followed by a beal out of the corner. As soon as Steen got up, Vivi bounced off the near side and delivered her clothesline from Hell, and went for the cover!

Zack: Jesus, that’s the REMINDER right out of the gate!! Vivi’s looking to become the Future Shock Champion in record time!



Cassandra kicked out, and shoved Vivi off the cover. The fans were already making a lot of noise as the challenger popped back to her feet. As soon as Steen was up again, Vivi caught her with a handspring back elbow to the jaw. It rocked the champion backwards a couple steps before Robichaud charged her with a running European uppercut into a lifting side slam.

Steph: The Voodoo Priestess is going in on 120% percent from the get go. I think the plan is simply overwhelming Steen here.

Steen started to get up again, only for Vivi to begin driving knees into her abdomen to keep her doubled over before she bounced off the near side for a running neckbreaker. The voodoo priestess popped back to her feet, using the ropes once again for a springboard senton onto the Brit’s chest. Another hook of the leg followed that as Vivi rolled through for the cover before Stringer dropped to count. 

Zack: Vivi’s showing some of what made her the Adrenaline Champion twice over in SVW, and we got another cover!



Cassandra kicked out again, and rolled away from the priestess. She got to the ropes, and made it to her feet with Vivi right on top of her. Vivi darted towards her, and Cassandra ducked down as if she were going to let her go over the top rope. But Vivi stopped, and when Cassandra stood up to see where she was, the priestess gave her a thumb to the eye followed by a headlock takedown.

Steph: Bend not break the rules they say. Not the most pleasant maneuver but I surmise Vivi has had enough of Cassandra as Cassandra has had of Vivi.

The challenger started grinding her arm against Cassandra’s head as she sat on the mat, trying to apply as much pressure as she could. Stringer was immediately told no when she asked Cassandra if she wanted to stop the match. The champion got to her feet, but Vivi kept the headlock in place. She ran a couple steps into a bulldog, and maintained control of the headlock the entire time. Another check from Stringer got the same answer from Cassandra. The champion started to rise again, and Vivi floated into a hammerlock when they were both vertical. 

Zack: Vivi really started off with a fast break, Steph. But you can see she’s showing some of her technical skills, and still getting the better of the Future Shock Champion.

Steph: Again and again I think, it’s a matter of overwhelming Cassandra. Throw everything. Throw anything. Hammer on her.

Cassandra used her free hand to try to grab Vivi’s head, but the challenger managed to avoid the contact. Instead Steen pulled Stringer nose to nose with her to use a mule kick between the challenger’s legs to break the hold. Vivi landed on her knees in pain as Stringer got free of Steen’s grip and looked suspiciously at the kneeling challenger. She was about to question Cassandra, but the Brit pulled Vivi into a front facelock before driving knees into her head and body to put her back on her knees again. Cassandra stepped back, and connected with a spinning heel kick to Vivi’s temple to drop her where she was. As the priestess was getting up again, the champion grabbed her head and dropped her with her cradle DDT followed by a cover with a leg hook. 

Zack: Cassandra got every bit of INSIDER TRADING, and she’s hoping it’ll be enough to let her leave with her title intact!



Vivi got her shoulder up in time, and Cassandra dragged her to drape her neck across the bottom rope so she could stand on her back. The referee started a quick count, and Steen quickly stepped off at three instead of four with her hands up. 

Steph: It’s Cassandra’s turn now and the champ is going to throttle her with those ropes! The ref is counting at four and both women are really uh... Taking liberties.

The challenger tried to get her breath back as she was picked up, and hung upside down in a tree of woe in the corner. Steen grabbed the top rope, and began stomping away at her body. She took off for the far side, and came back with a baseball slide that ricocheted the back of Vivi’s head into the bottom turnbuckle. Pleased with herself, Steen looked down to her manager who was fervently applauding her while the referee freed Vivi from the corner. She collapsed to the canvas, and Cassandra returned to the corner. She hopped up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside to drop both knees into her back. 

Zack: For someone who has had as few years in the ring as Cassandra has, you have to give her credit for her skill set. Of course, Vivi may not be so impressed with her right now.

Steph: You might be surprised to hear if they like much if anything about each other and there’s a double knee drop!

The champion dropped down beside her, and rained elbows into her back and neck. The challenger tried to get up, only to be hammered back down before Cassandra grabbed both of her arms into a Rings of Saturn submission. Vivi’s face was partially masked by Steen’s hands as the champion pulled back, causing the referee to move down in front of Vivi to see if she wanted to stop the match. Dante tried to get a chant going for Cassandra on the outside, but that failed quickly. 

Steph: Double underhook crossface here, very impressive grip. Dante attempting to start a chant... That was decidedly less impressive.

Zack: Yeah, given that Montreal isn’t having much to do with him, I’m guessing we’ll be able to come back here one day.

Vivi showed no signs she wanted to stop the match, but the pain etched across her face was easily visible. Cassandra tried to pull back a little further, telling her to quit. But the challenger never took her advice, and did manage to get her foot across the bottom rope behind her. Unfortunately, the referee was looking at her face as she checked for a submission, and Dante walked past and knocked her foot back to the mat. 

Steph: Annnnddd there it is.

Zack: It’s just a shame that the only person in this arena who isn’t seeing this is the one who needs to see it most.

This only seemed to anger Vivi more as she got her foot back across the rope, and screamed at the referee to look. Stringer saw it, and immediately called for the break. Cassandra held to three and a half before breaking it, not wanting to risk a disqualification. This allowed Vivi the chance to get up until she was pulled into a belly to back suplex lifted and twisted into a reverse STO. Steen crawled across her for the cover as Stringer dropped to make the count. 

Steph: That was extremely unique and there’s another pin! ...What do you even call something like that?




Once more, Vivi got her shoulder up in time. Cassandra gave the referee a cross look as she got back to her feet. Suddenly an idea seemed to come to mind as she headed for the ropes, waiting for Vivi to get up again. 

Zack: Giving the referee dirty looks won’t turn two counts into three, but that look on Cassandra’s face tells me she has another idea in mind now.

As the challenger pushed up to all fours to get up, Cassandra bounced off the ropes to go for her sister’s curb stomp. But Vivi avoided the contact as the twin stopped herself before she kept going. When she turned around, Vivi surprised her with a spinning backfist that sent Cassandra stumbling before the challenger pulled her forward into a flatliner. Landing on her back though hurt Vivi as well, and she was slow to sit up. But when she did and looked over at the downed champion, it drove her back to her feet with the fans behind her. 

Zack: Vivi wasn’t going to fall for that curb stomp, and she certainly has turned the tide back in her favor. I don’t know, Steph. I think I’d have gone for a cover here, what about you?

Steph: Remember that match I had with Aurora? Unstoppable X? Sometimes the pins aren’t enough, Zack. Sometimes... Sometimes you realize it just is gonna take more.

Vivi pounded the back of her head and neck with forearms before she pulled her back to her feet. The challenger connected with a Northern Lights suplex and rolled into a deadlift vertical suplex. The Montreal crowd was getting louder still as she got to her feet. A look of intensity was evident on her face as she jerked Cassandra up by the arm, and whipped her across into the ropes. She caught her on the rebound with a pop-up powerbomb before diving into the cover with a leg hook. 

Steph: See? More. A lot more at that, and there’s another pin!




The champion rolled her shoulder in time, and the challenger was quickly back to her feet. She favored her back for a half second as she headed for the corner to make her way up to the top rope. She looked out to the crowd, and they made a lot of noise as she came off with a shooting star press that landed perfectly. 

Zack: Vivi’s going a little more high risk all of a sudden, and Cassandra’s not had an answer for it either! She may sense victory is at hand!

Cassandra rolled onto her stomach to avoid another pin attempt, and this sent Vivi taking off towards the ropes. As the champion was almost back to her feet, the priestess connected with a jumping reverse bulldog that spiked Steen back onto the mat. She headed back for the corner to make her way up top once more. As soon as she made it up there, that’s when Knox hopped up onto the apron around the corner. Vivi spotted him, and dropped down to the apron and back in the ring. She shouted at the referee to move before she charged him, and floored him with a spinning roundhouse kick to the jaw that erupted the crowd! Knox hit the floor, and Vivi looked almost orgasmic about hitting him!

Zack: How long ahs Vivi waited to do that?! She just sent Knox into next week, and I think she’d smoke a cigarette right now if she had one, Steph!

Steph: Well he is down by all means but that has given Steen precious seconds to revive herself! The champion is back up and in a hurry!

As all this went on though, Cassandra had gotten back to her feet. When Vivi turned back towards the ring, Steen caught her with a short arm clothesline into a jumping knee strike to the jaw. It rocked her back into the corner before Cassandra climbed up with her, and came off with a superplex! She immediately floated across into the cover as the referee dropped to make the count. 

Steph: Big time superplex and Vivi had to have felt all of that! ...I felt it from here.




Vivi kicked out in time before the three, and Cassandra pounded her fist into the mat. She made it back to her feet, and headed for the corner herself. As soon as she did, Steen launched into a somersault leg drop to Vivi’s chest. 

Zack: It’s not that often we see Cassandra going up top, but that tells you how much trouble Vivi is clearly causing her! Meanwhile, Knox is still out here on the floor. 

The champion began to circle like a bird of prey as she waited for Vivi to get back to her feet. The voodoo priestess began to move, and finally made it back to her feet before Cassandra swooped in and grabbed her into position for her cobra clutch driver. 

Steph: It may be all over from here, Zack. Cassandra has taken a pummeling just to get here but both women look to be on wobbly legs!

Vivi managed to break free of Cassandra’s grip, and catch her with a superkick after shoving her off. The champion staggered backwards, and was quickly planted with Vivi’s running swinging DDT that popped the crowd. She dove across her for the cover with a hook of the leg!





Zack: I’ll be damned, she did it!!! Vivi’s chase is over!!

The priestess sat up, and let out a scream of exuberance as she got to her feet. The referee raised her hand, and awarded her the Future Shock Championship. She clutched it to her chest tightly, and dropped down to her knees to look at it!

Gaby: Your winner….AND NEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW Future Shock Champion…… VIVI ROBICHAUD!!!

Steph: Take nothing away from the Corporate Killer tonight, Zack. Absolutely nothing but the Voodoo Priestess came out like a woman possessed. Metaphorically I mean.

Fireworks began to erupt throughout the arena as Vivi climbed back to her feet, and looked up to the heavens to tell Simon this was for him. She pressed a kiss to her title, and climbed the ropes to show it to the Montreal crowd!

Zack: The chase that began early this year has finally culminated into a history making victory here tonight in Montreal! Vivi Robichaud just graduated from priestess to FUTURE SHOCK CHAMPION!!  Congratulations to her!!

Steph: I don’t expect she has heard the last of Cassandra however... I sense these two are going to be doing this for a long time but tonight... Tonight is All Voodoo Everything.

Zack: Thank you for joining us for Nemesis! The next big event for the Prospects is coming soon, it’ll be 2nd Impact! We’ll see you back in Boston! WELL DONE, VIVI!!

She circled the ringside area to show the fans her new title, and stopped at the foot of the ramp to hold it over her head to a roar from the Montreal crowd. Nemesis faded off the air on that image.

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