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October 22, 2020, 01:56:12 am
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After Shock Preview for Future Shock 69

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Author Topic: After Shock Preview for Future Shock 69  (Read 83 times)
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« on: October 27, 2019, 02:13:37 pm »

A lightning bolt strikes the screen, leaving the Future Shock logo. The next thing we see is the familiar set of the After Shock studio with the curved video wall behind the purple couch. Gary is also seen in his bowl. The camera pulls back, and finds heís with one of Future Shockís newest roster additions, Cassie Mason.

Jake: Hi there, everyone! Welcome to After Shock, your one stop for all the latest news and happenings in Future Shock. This past Tuesday on FFW All Access, Future Shock had itís annual Nemesis event in Montreal. And today, I got one of the women who was part of that show, and successful on it tooÖ Cassie Mason! Welcome to the show!

Jake reaches over to shake her hand. Cassie gladly shakes his hand.

Cassie: Itís a pleasure to be here. I promise not to drain the life out of the place.  The last thing we need is to give the fans a reason not to watch, unlike a certain edition of After Shock that wasnít up to its usual standard. Mainly because you werenít hosting. The other reason was the guest. Not a golden experience, wouldnít you agree?

Cassie smiles.   

Jake: No question about it. That was a scheduling issue, but it shouldnít happen again. I like doing this show too much to let others take it over permanently. Then I wouldnít get to meet new people like you, Cassie! Before we get into the next show, letís talk a little about Nemesis. Tell us what it felt like to get your first win on a major show like that against someone who had tried to make an example of you in Cait Flanagan.

Cassie crosses her legs. She leans back.

Cassie: Would I had preferred to win my debut match in my hometown? Yes. Obviously. Big picture, it worked out for the best. I donít plan to make a habit out of getting humiliated then seeking retribution for said humiliation later, not what I want to be known for. Getting the huge win at a Future Shock premiere event, works for me. Cait is talented. No question about that. She has a clear pattern of behavior that hasnít worked out for thus far. She beat me. She beat Nora, once. Where has all the extra curricular activity landed her? Nowhere. Donít know what knowledge Kyle is feeding Cait, clearly, itís not working for her. If she wants a successful career, my advice, try something different. Bottom line, I won. Despite Nora losing in her match, she is in a way better position than Cait is. Cait should do some soul searching. Thatís all I have to say on the matter. 

Jake: Fair enough. Letís look at some other aspects of Nemesis. Three titles were on the line, but only one changed hands. Gemma Pierce retained her Aspire Championship for the second time, Katie Hanley had a pretty scary fall but retained her Nova title. And after chasing it for most of 2019, Vivi Robichaud is the new Future Shock Champion.

As he says this, clips from each of the previously mentioned matches show on the video wall behind him, finally stopping on a triumphant image of Vivi holding the Future Shock title.

Jake: What did you make of the title matches you saw after you handled your business at Nemesis?

Cassie: I was happy for Vivi. She is friends with my brother. We havenít formally met yet, Blake thinks the world of Vivi; any friend of my brotherís is someone I will watch out for. To finally accomplish what you set out to do is awesome. Gemma and Katie handled their business too, all hard fought battles. When the day comes where I am in a position to challenge for the Aspire or Nova, Iíll have a fight on my hand. I wonít dare talk about the Future Shock title. Not ready for that yet. 

Cassie giggles a little.
Jake: Iím sure Vivi or whoever is holding it when you are will be equally ready. We also found out who the next challengers are for the Future Shock Tag Titles. The Laurie Jane Experience, as odd of a team as they are, now have a shot at the Raging Dragons when they make their first defense.

The video wall shows some of the moments during the match where the Experience didnít act very much like a tag team, including Laurie not trying to tag her partner and leaving her after the bell sounded and they were announced the winners.

Jake: Iím not sure how well theyíll fare against a team like the Raging Dragons, but theyíve managed to get to this point, at least.

Cassie: The Laurie Jane Experience have a fighting chance. They are the #1 contenders for a reason. Iíve ragged on the Gold Standard enough. The Raging Dragons did end their reign, that counts for something. I donít see the tag titles changing hands anytime soon. LJE have had a fun ride, their party is about to come to an end.

 Jake: Time will tell. Last but certainly not least, Stacey Sky of the Gold Standard defeated the FFW Hall of Famer and former Future Shock Champion Andi Takata. Some may call this the upset of the night. Even Andi went into it saying it wasnít going to be a very long match. Do you think she underestimated Stacey, Cassie?

The highlights from the match are shown, including Andi missing a Superman punch when Kyle pulled Stacey out of the way and she hit the post instead. Jake looks to his co-host for her thoughts.
Cassie: Andi hasnít had the easiest time of late. Future Shock 68 didnít end the way she wanted too. Abigail attacked Andi after her match with Lacey on Velocity. I donít blame her for being riled up. Not a matter of being over confident, she was frustrated. Had every intention of not working much by the hour. The footage you just showed is proof of how conving the Gold Standard can be. Frustration abound. If you saw her musing on Twitter after Nemesis, Andi needs to find her smile again. Or else it isnít going to get easier, especially with my girl Abigail working her way inside Andiís head. Congrats to Stacey, though. Huge win.

Jake: There was a lot on this show, and I recommend getting All Access if you missed it or if you just want to see it again. We even had flying, but weíll touch on that as we look ahead to the next edition of Future Shock back home in Boston at the Future Shock Arena on November 5th. So letís dive into that, and start with a match featuring two brand new Prospects making their in-ring debut against one another. Itíll be Ashley Slayton, who we heard from at Nemesis for the first time. And sheíll be meeting the ďMagical GirlĒ herself, Jamie Winters, who has been showing off some of her illusion talents in recent weeks. What do you make of both of these new additions?

Cassie: Ashley should find better women to look up too. Kissing Caitís ass is not going to win you any popularity contest. My piece of advice, donít emulate party poopers. And Jamie Winters looks like a fun girl. Who doesnít love a little magic? What counts is what happens between the ropes. Who do I think will win? Canít make that call. No slouches exist in Future Shock, I have faith they will have a good match. 

Jake: That seems like a safe bet to me. One match that was already announced at Nemesis features your opponent that night. Cait Flanagan is back in action, and will be meeting Carys McFarlane one on one. We heard from Carys, who like you, isnít impressed with how Cait handles herself in Future Shock. Carys has a wide experience advantage. How much of a difference do you think thatíll make against someone like Cait?

Cassie: Experience helps, as I can attest, doesnít always make the difference. Cait does own a victory over me, post match shenanigans notwithstanding. Also speaking from experience, the last time Cait lost a major match, she actually came to play. I try not to be overly judgemental about Caitís attitude. I can understand where she is coming from to an extent. I have a history of being a bit of a brat too. Arrogant. Believing you own the place. I like to believe Iíve grown up, she can too. Should Carys beat her? Probably. Iím gonna shock the audience, knowing what Cait is capable of after she suffers a setback, I believe she will get the job done. Cait, you are you watching this, no more post match attacks. Arenít you tired of living in a continuous Groundhog Day?

Jake: Now Iím gonna end up watching that movie again later today. Before we get to the main event, I saw on Twitter that you were looking to start your own talk show on Future Shock. Tell us all a little more about that, if you donít mind.

Cassieís face lights up.

Cassie: The world knows that Cassie Mason can wrestle. I am a decorated champion ten times over. Everyone has had to listen to me say forever that I am the life of the party. I can only say that so much until the world starts to ask when am I actually bringing the party.  What better platform to bring the party to Future Shock than a talk show? Live inside the Future Shock arena I can provide a platform for rivals to air their grievances. Remember when Sydney explained why she lost her smile? Not in those exact words. Paraphrasing. It would have been a lot better on Cassie Mason: After Dark. After Dark did win the poll. A friend of mine suggested Cassie Mason Experience. Who knows. My potential show hasnít been sanctioned yet. But yeah. I want to provide a platform for the Future Shock roster to have a little fun.

 Jake: I wish you like with it, and look forward to seeing what you have in store. Iím sure Adam wonít mind if you do it, heís always happy to give his talent a spotlight. But letís look ahead to our main event! Iím sure youíve seen plenty of the Matriarchy since you arrived in Future Shock. Well Jacqui Minogue, fresh off a big win over Nora Harris on a recent Future Shock, is gonna be meeting Arabella Townshend in the main event! How do you feel about Arabella and Jacqui?

Cassie: Arabella seems like a nice girl. I have no issue with her. Has handled herself pretty well after the whole fallout with Sydney. I am looking forward to see how she will stand up to  Jacqui in the main event. Far as Jacqui is concerned. Since Iíve come back to FFW, it's quite clear some women are more comfortable running in packs. The Cortez sisters. Gold Standard. The list goes on. I donít get it. Is this professional wrestling or a sorority? I am not taking anything away from Jacqui. Even you have to admit Jake. All these collective hive minds, you donít see me rolling in Future Shock with a posse. I hope Jacquiís posse doesnít play a role in the main event. Canít cheat the fans out of a good show. 

Jake: Iím not arguing on wrestling groups, but they have been a staple of the sport for way longer than either of us have had anything to do with it. All in all, this is going to be a very full show. You got a little bit of everything really. And then after this, the Prospects take part in 2nd Impact, where they will be tested against FFW talent. At the last Impact, Future Shock ran the table. Weíll see if they can do it again. Keep an eye out for that edition of After Shock, which will be coming soon.

He turns his attention back to his guest.

Jake: Cassie, have any parting thoughts youíd like to share here before we head back to Boston on November 5th?

Cassie nods.

Cassie: There is a time for having fun and being serious. Iíve worked a neat balance between the two, I hope. What everyone needs to know is Nemesis was only the beginning. I canít afford to take a step back. New prospects are coming in by the day. Any chance I have to go out there and perform, I am going to take advantage of it. Who knows when I am going to step into the ring with the Ashleyís, Jamieís, Arabellaís and Jacquiís of the world. Know that Iíll be watching. And Iíll be ready for whose path I cross next.

Cassie smiles. 

Jake: November 5th is the date as the Prospects have 3 more shows left in 2019. Next time on After Shock, weíll run down the card for 2nd Impact. Until then though, weíll see you November 5th at the Future Shock Arena in Boston. Big thanks to my co-hostess, Cassie Mason, for joining me. And Iíll be looking forward to her talk show coming soon. Iíll see you next time right back here on After Shock.

He turns to chat with Cassie a little more before the video cuts to black.

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