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October 22, 2020, 01:49:39 am
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FFW Breaking Point - October 26, 2019

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Author Topic: FFW Breaking Point - October 26, 2019  (Read 831 times)
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« on: October 28, 2019, 11:47:43 am »

Live from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts
October 26, 2019

The FFW logo is seen on the back of a bench at a bus stop before Nevaeh Summers takes a seat in front of the 10 Star Spa. She checks her cell phone for the time Almost immediately, Casey Atherton joins her on the bench, causing her to roll her eyes as “The Violence” by Asking Alexandria begins to play and a car speeds by the camera.

Open up, drink it in, don't ask too many questions
Become the vessel for the shame they feed you through suggestion
There's a rumor on the breeze, secrets that bring you to your knees
We made the problem, we are the poison, whoa

As the car whizzes past, the next thing we see is a roll of clips including: Bianca Reed nailing her corkscrew stunner, Elizabeth Lannister standing at the top of the ramp in a black dress, Ruby Tyler and Mallory Bennett fighting in their House Warring match, Leona Vega delivering her gutbuster, and Valentina Lozano dropping an opponent with a backbreaker.

All they wanted was violence
To plant their seeds and divide us
If they want the worst that's inside us
We'll bring on the violence, the violence

We’re back to the bus stop bench as Casey is reading Scripture to Nevaeh, and the blonde is clearly getting her fill of hearing Casey’s voice. The would-be prophet continues talking as Nevaeh tries to ignore her and taps her fingers on her leg. Her face is starting to scowl at Casey’s continued ministering. Another car blazes past the camera.

Back and forth, daily take apart what you've been building (Building)
Everything you have is to be fed into the system
There's a force out pushing fear, a deafening silence drawing near
Sit, absorb it, guess we've been toxic all along, all along

The next set of clips features: Jo and Mel hitting the ring during a tag match to start beating on one of the teams involved, Sophia Pike cranking on her armbar submission, Savannah Star looking her husband with a smile on her face, and Shaw thrusting the FFW Championship over her head.

I'm on the edge and I'm not alone
Remember this is what you asked for
I'm on the edge and I'm not alone
Remember this is what you asked for

At the bus stop, Nevaeh’s had about enough of Casey as she starts forcefully trying to get her to listen. The blonde finally snaps, and starts firing away at her with right hands as a gathered crowd started cheering her on. A bus with “Breaking Point” written on the side zooms past the camera before we are taken inside the arena live to a deafening crowd. Spotlights flash through the crowd as Kat Grayson heads for the ring, while “The Violence” continues to play.

The show heads to the ring as the ring announcer steps through the ropes. Kat smiles at the crowd, some of whom are giving her wolf whistles before she begins.

Kat: The opening contest of Breaking Point is a Global Wars match scheduled for one fall to a finish.

Zack: Hello, everyone! And welcome to Boston, Massachusetts! We are in the backyard of Future Shock here at the TD Garden, and things are about to kick off with some Global Wars action. I’m Zack, and Mai is here too. 

Mai: They should have had Luci representing Australia, but maybe next year, right? For being Future Shock’s backyard, didn’t they just have a show in Montreal? 

“Just Like Fire” strums out of the system, bathing the arena in blue, red and white lights. As the verse is sung, Luci steps out from the back to a pop from the crowd, a smile on her face as she lifts a hand to them. As she drops her hand, Vincent Belmont comes out to join her.

Kat: On her way to the ring, hailing from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, weighing in at one hundred and sixty pounds, please welcome LUCI!

The blonde begins to make her way down the ramp, smiling all the way down. She stops at the bottom of the ramp and takes a step back, then lunges forward and throws herself under the ropes, popping back to her feet. She takes to the middle of the ring where she raises both arms out wide, spins in a circle and then heads to her corner, where she meets Vincent again, the two talking between themselves as the music fades out.

Zack: I am a big fan of Luci. For those of you who have followed her SVW career, you know she has explosive potential and rocketed her way through the ranks in under a year. 

Mai: Maybe so, but FFW is a completely different animal. Just because you are successful in one company doesn’t mean you’re gonna be a rockstar everywhere else. 

If you got troubles let 'em go
Let 'em soar so high, high into the sky
Just like a red balloon

“Red Balloon” by Charli XCX begins to play as red balloons fall from the ceiling, just before Caitlyn comes out through the curtain, looking up in amazement at the balloons showering down on the crowd before looking down to the ring.

Monday morning
Shoot up like a rocket
Yeah, the sun is shining
Keep it in my pocket
Got this golden feeling
Never gonna stop, it just goes on and on

The balloons start getting tossed around in the crowd as Caitlyn makes her way down the ramp to the ring. The former fitness instructor hops up onto the apron and over the top rope to high five a smiling Kat.

Kat: Introducing at this time....Hailing from New York City, New York and weighing in at One Hundred and Twenty-Six pounds...She is Caitlyn Storm!

Today, I opened my eyes
And now I'm so happy and free
I've got my friends by my side
And that's all that matters to me
So, come on, get up and join in
'Cause this is just what you need
Let's do it all day long

Caitlyn heads for the corner, and climbs up to the second turnbuckle. She glances around the crowd pumping her fist in the air a couple of times to get them even more amped up. The music fades out from there as Caitlyn climbs back down to await the start of the match.

Mai: Damn, this song is incessantly cheerful, Zack. I like my music about sex and debauchery. This just makes me want to stick a needle in her red balloon.

Zack: I don’t remember Caitlyn or I asking you how you felt about her choice of entrance music, and what bearing that has on this match is beyond me. 

Referee Kevin Fisk checked both women for weapons, and called for the bell as Kat left the ring. Caitlyn and Luci met in the center, and shook hands as they wished each other good luck. The smiles soon disappeared as they locked up in the center until Luci surprised the blonde with an armdrag takedown. Caitlyn popped up, and caught a second and then a third from Luci. The Aussie surprised her again with a dropkick to the chest that sent her backwards a couple steps. She whipped Caitlyn across into the far corner, and followed her in with a running forearm to the jaw. Another deep armdrag takedown followed before Luci applied a rear chinlock with a knee into Caitlyn’s back as soon as she sat up.

Zack: Caitlyn is giving up a lot of in-ring experience to Luci. You have to remember Caitlyn came into this business after leaving her career as a fitness instructor. 

Mai: You also have to remember that Luci is like Kat over there, both of them Aussie bimbos who are lucky to be in FFW.

Luci kept her hands locked under Caitlyn’s chin, and started to dig her knee deeper. But the American turned into her and started to get up. Luci quickly let go of the hold, and shoved her chest first into the ropes. Before she could turn around, the Aussie caught her with a kidney punch to the back to freeze her in place for a second. Luci quickly grabbed a rear waistlock into a belly to back suplex before bridging up into a pin attempt. Fisk dropped to make the count. 

Zack: Nothing but technical prowess from Luci, and there’s a pin!



Caitlyn kicked out, and tried to get back to her feet before Luci. But it didn’t work, and she caught a short knee to the ribs that doubled her over. Luci darted past her towards the ropes, and went for a one handed bulldog that landed perfectly.

Mai: Does Caitlyn actually know she’s got a match tonight? Or did someone tell her to go out there and Luci dominate her after the bell? 

She got back to her feet, smiling as the crowd was behind her at the moment. When she went to get Caitlyn, the former fitness instructor drove her backwards into the corner with a running shoulder tackle. Several shoulder thrusts knocked the wind out of Luci before Caitlyn grabbed the top rope, and began to unleash a flurry of kicks to her body in rapid succession. 

Zack: Good Lord, this is what Luci had to avoid! Caitlyn kicks like no one else in FFW, and Luci’s learning that first hand right now.

Mai: That’s what she gets for taking time out to appreciate crowd response. It gives Cinderella here a chance to recover. 

The Aussie bent over in pain before Caitlyn used a knee strike to her face to put her back into the corner. She fired her across to the far side, and caught her on the rebound with Uranage. Storm hit the ropes this time going for a double stomp, but Luci rolled underneath her. As soon as Storm landed, she launched into a standing moonsault that did land on target before she hooked the leg for the cover!

Zack: Look at that! That was spectacular, and Caitlyn’s adding another win to the scoreboard for the USA!



Mai: I think this bimbo ring announcer is pulling for Luci here. Is that allowed? Aren’t they supposed to be unbiased? 

Luci kicked out at two, causing Caitlyn to roll off the cover. The American got to her feet, pulling Luci up by the arm and resuming with harsh kicks to her body that dropped her to her knees before a spinning heel kick put her face down on the mat. When Luci started to get to all fours, Caitlyn landed her scissor kick to the back of her head, and immediately went for another cover. 

Mai: Now this might actually get her the win, Caitlyn just hit STORM FORCE!




Luci still kicked out before the three, and Caitlyn sat up. She got her breath back, and pulled Luci up with her. She drove her chest first into the corner before sitting her on the top turnbuckle facing the crowd. She climbed up behind her with the crowd rising to their feet. 

Zack: Caitlyn’s got Luci up top, and I don’t have a clue what it is she has in mind. But I guarantee it won’t be good for Luci. 

Storm hooked her legs around the top rope, and snapped off a German suplex. But Luci landed on her feet. Caitlyn hung upside down with her mouth open when she saw it right before a baseball slide to her head from Luci ricocheted it off the bottom turnbuckle. Storm hung upside down limp from the corner as Luci got back to her feet.

Zack: Can you believe that?! Caitlyn tried to suplex Luci from the top, but Luci landed on her feet and nailed Caitlyn’s head like a pinball! Luci is a phenom!

Mai: If she keeps making bad decisions like that, the USA will be watching the Global Wars ladder match this year instead of being part of it!

The American finally collapsed to the canvas as Luci rallied the crowd. She dragged her by the arms out of the corner, and took off towards the ropes. She rebounded quickly into a rolling thunder senton. Popping back up to her feet, Luci dragged Caitlyn with her. She went to slam her, but the blonde landed behind her. But Luci was ready for that with a Pele kick to the top of her head that dropped her where she stood. When she saw Storm starting to get up again, Luci darted for the ropes, using them for a springboard into a disaster kick to the American’s head that floored her. The Aussie immediately went for the cover as Fisk slid into position to make the count. 

Zack: Disaster kick right on the button! Luci’s feet are just as lethal as Caitlyn’s!




Caitlyn’s shoulder came up off the mat, and Luci got back to her feet. She looked down with a clearly impressed look on her face to her adversary. 

Mai: You can be impressed with her later, ya bimbo. Stay on her if you actually want to win this damn match!

Caitlyn began to get up again but Luci planted her head between her legs. It looked like she was going for a powerbomb, but Caitlyn began raining fists on her head as she sat on her shoulders. It stumbled the Aussie backwards, and allowed Caitlyn to land on her feet. Luci got her bearings and came forward into a bicycle kick to the face that sent Luci staggering into the ropes. That was the only thing holding her up before Caitlyn scooped her up by the legs, spun around, and drilled her with an Alabama slam. 

Zack: Bone rattling impact from Caitlyn with that Alabama slam! Luci’s body bounced off the mat, and the USA may be about to go up another win in Global Wars!

Mai: Caitlyn doesn’t have the killer instinct to do that, Zack. She’s probably thinking about puppies and rainbows instead of what she needs to do to finish off Luci.

Caitlyn took in deep breaths before darting for the near side, using the ropes for a springboard quebrada that landed perfectly on Luci. She reached across for the leg to make the cover before the referee was in position. 

Mai: At least she went for the cover this time! 




Luci’s shoulder popped up in time, and Caitlyn checked with the referee to make sure it was just a two count. The fans were very loud now as she got to her feet. Caitlyn propped her leg on the top rope to stretch it as she waved for Luci to get up.

Zack: Caitlyn senses victory isn’t far away at this point, and that’s the call sign, Mai! We know what’s coming for Luci!

Mai: Unfortunately. Wait. I don’t care about either of these two. 

Luci slowly got to her feet before Caitlyn used the ropes for another springboard, but this time into a spinning heel kick that landed flush on Luci’s jaw. The Aussie collapsed to the mat, and Caitlyn dove into the cover with a leg hook. 

Zack: That was it, Caitlyn with STORM RISING!!




Fisk called for the bell to a pop from the crowd. Caitlyn sat up, trying to catch her breath before she got to her feet and had her hand raised. 

Mai: Well what do you know? She got the win! But it was over an Aussie, so I mean… what can you expect really?!

Kat: Your winner by pinfall...and earning another win for the USA…. CAITLYN STORM!!

Zack: Caitlyn Storm and Luci put on one hell of a showcase tonight, but it was Caitlyn who has now sealed her spot in the ladder match at Global Wars! Luci has nothing to be ashamed of!

Mai: Of course, she does. She lost. We don’t give out participation trophies in FFW, Zack.

Caitlyn helped Luci back to her feet, and shook hands with her before the Aussie congratulated her. Storm’s face continued to show a bright smile as she headed out to the floor, and got a handshake from Luci’s husband too before the show headed elsewhere. 

The Gold Standard Needs Some Gold

The next shot we see is not inside the arena, but at an atrium. A fountain is the centerpiece showing a sculpture that has water sprinkling out of it. And around it are two plush chairs with two people and their goblets of what appears to be champagne. Located in one chair is the #1 contender to the Fast Track Championship, Lacey. And opposite her would be her manager, Kyle Kilmeade. 

Kyle: Global Wars is almost here, which means we are just one day closer to when Lacey here becomes the next Fast Track Champion when she defeats Harley Shannon again. I’ve been thinking about this match more and more, and honestly getting that bit more excited by the idea. The Gold Standard doesn’t look right without championships, and we’ll be rectifying that very shortly. For those who forgot, Lacey has already pinned Harley Shannon in the ring. That was before she won the title. 

He glances towards his client with a smile. 

Kyle: Global Wars will look very similar to that match, with the only difference being that Lacey will be given her first singles title on the main roster of FFW that night. We’ve discussed this match before, but what I really wanted to talk about tonight is the six woman tag match coming up at Velocity with the Gold Standard facing NHB and Lilly Arthur on Halloween. This will be the first time that the Gold Standard has been all together in one match like this on the FFW roster, and just like the match with Harley, I think you’re going to notice a theme when it’s over. 

Lacey: Are you sure that they’ll actually notice? People around here are extremely slow on the uptake. It’s like they all missed the queue for brains and got extra salt instead. 

Kyle: Let’s do a short history lesson then. WHo did the Gold Standard beat for the Future Shock tag titles before going on a historic reign? That would be NHB. And who got pinned when she teamed with the soon-to-be former Fast Track Champion in a tag match with Lilly? Hmm. That was Lilly, as I recall. And now with Elizabeth in their corner? That’s almost a foregone conclusion, isn’t it?

Lacey: Almost? Kyle, you’re being generous again. It is a foregone conclusion. The three of us could easily outshine the three of them. We could outshine more of them. They just don’t have what it takes to match our star power. 

Kyle: So I wouldn’t get my hopes up, folks. But something about that match that you can look forward to is that my three clients will be celebrating the holiday as it was meant to be. While you may already feel glum about the obvious outcome of the match, you can look forward to seeing Valerie, Elizabeth, and Lacey all in costume. I mean it is Halloween, after all. 

Lacey: Not only are we talented in the ring, have more star power than the majority of the roster combined, but we’re also generous enough to give the fans the gift of seeing us in costume. They really should name an arena after us or something, don’t you think?

Kyle: I’d be willing to work out the details on that. Harley, watch this match closely. You can see what the future looks like at Global Wars. And I had a costume idea for NHB and Lilly that they could wear.

He glances back to Lacey again, and leans forward.

Kyle: I know you’re all British, but you could come dressed as the Statue of Liberty at Velocity. At least then you’ll get your hand raised, right? 

This draws a giggle from Lacey before they clink goblets, and the show heads back to the TD Garden once more.

Familiar Foes

The camera finds Jake in the back, and he’s on a search. For what or who? We don’t know that yet. But as soon as he finds the door he’s looking for, he sees it’s open and peeks his head in to see if anyone is there. And he’s in luck, because Harley Shannon is there. 

Jake: Oh good, you’re here! I’d hate to have to go wait outside the ladies’ restroom. You get some really odd looks from women doing that. 

Harley: Yeah...yeah… I can imagine you would get some pretty weird looks if you decided to hang about outside the ladies restroom for a long time. Luckily you’ve found me and saved yourself from that. What’s up Jake?

Jake: Well I found out some less than top secret information as it pertains to you, and I thought you might like to know about it. Turns out you got a match on the last Breaking Point of 2019 before you head off to defend your title against Lacey at Global Wars!

Harley: That’s great news. I get a warm up match before facing Lacey for the Fast Track Championship… always good to get an opportunity to impress in that ring and build up a little bit of momentum. Especially ahead of a title defence against a woman as skilled and as dangerous as Lacey. According to this less than top secret information, who will I be facing at the last Breaking Point of 2019?

Jake: Well I’m not sure how much of a warm-up she is, but I’ll let you be the one who makes that call. You’ve faced her before, so there’s that. But I’m talking about Isis!

Harley: Oh.

The flame haired woman nodded her head slowly as she looked thoughtful for a moment.

Harley: Well, she’s certainly tough, just like Lacey is. And a lot stronger, though maybe not as agile or as quick as my challenger at Global Wars. Isis definitely isn’t a woman that can be written off. She’s ferocious and tough and as mean as they come...I’m definitely in for a fight come Breaking Point. Plus I just know Isis is going to be even more annoyed and pissed off than usual coming up against me again - after all, I am one of the few people who has managed to get a submission win over her...possibly the only one. I bet she’s going to want to get that victory back and do so with interest. I’ll be one Hell of a match at Breaking Point between us.

Jake: You should still be super cautious with her. I’ve been chokeslammed by her before, and after Sin & Sacrifice, she’s probably going to be in even less of a happy mood than normal. Not that happy moods are what she’s known for, you know.

Harley: I know, right? If she smiles her whole face might crack. And I don’t fancy going into Global Wars black and blue, still recovering from a match that’s more like a car crash. I promise that I’ll be careful in there against the Titaness and will do my best to overcome her and beat her. I mean, I take inspiration from what Scarlett did against her at Sin & Sacrifice when she absolutely blitzed both Isis and Valentina, virtually beating the pair of them single handedly. Might be something to bear in mind. Get in there and hit hard and get out before Isis can get out of the starting blocks.

Jake: Good thinking! Hey, I think Lilly and Nevaeh is up next, we can watch that if you want.

As the pair take a seat on the couch and turn the mute off on the monitor, we head back to the ring. 
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« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2019, 11:47:53 am »

Kat: The following contest is part of the Global Wars series and it is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

Zack: There’s a whole lot of Global Wars action tonight on Breaking Point, and this is not going to be an exception as Lilly is about to meet a FFW Hall of Famer and former FFW Champion. Lexi is here with me, she happens to be the business manager of Caitlyn Storm who is also in Global Wars. We just saw her get a win over Luci moments ago.

Lexi: What better place to watch Caitlyn’s competition for the Global Wars series than from here? I now Caitlyn thinks highly of both women in this match, and I can understand why.

As “Rise” by Sixx A.M. we see the arena lights blinking in sync with the lyrics of the music. Nevaeh Summers eventually storms her way onto the stage , fired up, and motioning to the crowd, before stopping at the top of the ramp and looking out at the people. Nevaeh is wearing yellow rimmed sunglasses as well as a white Poisoned by Ivy military jacket with yellow trim. As we keep looking at Nevaeh we see she is wearing yellow colored leather pants running down her leg. The side of each leg is laced up with white colored fabric, showing of her skin. On her feet we see black boots and white kick pads. On the front of each kick pad appears her logo as there is a circle with “NS” in the center of it in Yellow. While “The" scrolls on the top and “Finest” scrolls on the bottom, also in yellow.

Nevaeh looks around the building, nodding her head, as she starts feeling the crowd. “Feel that energy” is what can be heard coming from Nevaeh as she goes about heading down the ramp halfway and begins pointing her left hand out to the crowd and moves it around as if she was conducting them. The crowd moves from left to right, linking arms. Nevaeh then points to the opposite side of the crowd with her right hand, urging that side of the building on the same way, to which they do. Nevaeh lowers her head, her hands still swaying to the crowd till she raises her head up and snaps her arms out to the side.

As Nevaeh strikes her signature pose a row of pyro goes off next to her, starting far out and rushing close to her, before a big unified explosion happens behind her. Nevaeh now lowered her head back down and looked towards the ring and began walking down the ramp with a purpose.

Kat: Making her way to the ring at this time she resides in Los Angeles, California by way of Atlanta, Georgia. She weighs in tonight at 120 pounds. She is Nevaeh Summers!!!

Nevaeh reaches the bottom of the ramp and goes about slapping hands with the fans. Nevaeh now heads to the opposite side and slaps a few more hands before removing her sunglasses and just casually tosses them out towards the crowd. Nevaeh than quickly runs to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope, and gets to a knee. Nevaeh just looks out for a moment before getting to her feet and shimmies out of her jacket.

Nevaeh then approaches the middle of the ropes facing the hard camera. Nevaeh climbs up them, hooking a leg over the top rope and straddling it. Nevaeh now sits there and looks out to the capacity crowd. The blonde began motioning them to get louder, which they do. She eventually lowers her head and starts motioning her arms as if she's conducting them again. This time we zoom out and capture the front row all around motioning along with her. After a moment Nevaeh snaps her head back and her arms out. Multiple spotlights soon shift down onto her, basking her in the light.

Nevaeh keeps striking the pose till she sees fit. Once she has she gets off the ropes and makes her way to the opposite side of the ring where she puts one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the middle. She bounces on them while looking out to the crowd and stretches her arms out yet again, encouraging them to get louder.

Nevaeh bounces off the ropes and lands on her feet. She starts psyching herself up as she paces back and forth along a corner.

Zack: There’s not many women on this roster who are more accomplished than Nevaeh Summers, and she’s been dealing with her fair share of unsavory opponents. Tonight she doesn’t have to worry about kendo sticks against Lilly.

Lexi: I’m sure it will be a refreshing change for her to know that she doesn’t have to worry about any funny business between the ropes, or outside of them tonight.

“All Stand Up” by Status Quo starts to play as the young lady runs out onto stage, heading to one side she urges the crowd to their feet, clapping her hands above her head. Skipping across to the other side, she waves them to their feet as she once more claps her hands over head. Quickly moving back to the ramp, she sprints down to the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope and getting to her feet quickly. Bouncing off the ropes she powerslides across the ring on her knees before hopping to her feet and continuing to rally the crowd by stomping on the mat and clapping as she heads for her corner.

Kat: The young lady approaching the ring comes from Sheffield, England by way of New York City, New York. She is 5’7” tall and weighs 144lbs….LILLY ARTHUR!!!

Zack: Lilly Arthur is in rarified air. She’s one of only two women in FFW history who has completed the four defenses of the Fast Track Championship, along with Kaoru Asaka. But boy, she has one hell of a mountain to climb here.

Lexi: Lilly strikes me as a woman who thrives under a challenge rather than drown, so this could be a turnaround for her from the recent slump she thinks she’s been in.

As Kat makes her way clear of the ring and the crowd start to settle down, referee Melinda Davis completes a check of both women. Happy that neither has anything untoward or illegal she calls for the bell to get the match underway. Both Nevaeh and Lilly make their way to the centre and exchange a handshake before they get into a collar and elbow tie up. After a few moments of back and forth struggle the slightly taller Lilly begins to get the advantage. As the tie up breaks she clocks the Hall of Famer with an elbow into the side of the head to stagger her back half a step. A second follows to further knock Nevaeh onto the back foot, before Lilly really sends her reeling with a European uppercut. The Hall of Famer manages to recover her senses quickly and narrowly dodges an oncoming forearm smash before she connects an elbow shot of her own to the side of Lilly’s head. Nevaeh clocks Lilly with a forearm strike to the jaw that rocks her back on her heels, before she follows up with two more and then whips her across into the nearest corner.

Zack: Lilly here is in a precarious position. She has yet to get a win on the board in Global Wars, so this is getting to a “must win” situation if she wants to be in that ladder match next month.

Lexi: The way she’s starting so far would definitely indicate that’s the way she’s viewing this, those elbow shots looked like they might have shook Nevaeh’s grey matter a bit.

Following her into the corner at speed, Nevaeh steps up the ropes beside the Sheffield native to deliver an enziguri to her head. Lilly staggers forwards slightly from the impact before Nevaeh hits her with a trio of knife edge chops to knock her back into it again. The former Fast Track Champion hits back against the turnbuckles, until Nevaeh grabs her by the arm and pulls her out of it, and into a short-arm clothesline. Arthur hits the canvas with a thud, but doesn’t get the chance to stay there for long as Nevaeh keeps her grip and pulls her up into a second one. And then a third. And a fourth… only that doesn’t quite go as planned as Lilly surprises her on the way up with an uppercut to break Nevaeh’s grip. Lilly falls back to the canvas as her arm is released but quickly starts to get back to her feet, only for Nevaeh to recover her senses and pull her the rest of the way and straight into position for a back suplex. The former Fast Track Champion hits the canvas with a thud again causing a wave of support for her to erupt from the Boston crowd. Nevaeh watches the Yorkshire girl for half a second as she starts to rise before taking off towards the ropes. The Hall of Famer uses them for a springboard to deliver an elbow drop to Lilly before she is fully upright sending her straight back down to the canvas. Summers leaves her feet for a second elbow drop… only to get nothing but canvas as Lilly rolls out of the way, barely missing the impact.

Lexi: It’s clear to see why Nevaeh’s in the Hall of Fame, she turned the tides there as easy as blinking but Lilly’s just stopped her in her tracks!

Zack: There’s no title other than the Fast Track that Nevaeh hasn’t held that she’s wanted to get her hands on in FFW.

Lilly rolls fully away from Nevaeh and gets back to her feet giving herself a shake off, just a moment before Nevaeh also gets back up. As soon as the blonde is fully back to a vertical base, Lilly starts to unleash a volley of kicks into her calf. Several land which drop the blonde down to her knee. Lilly shifts her target once she is down and starts to connect stiff kicks one after another in quick succession into the Hall of Famer’s lower back. Lilly takes off towards the ropes, using them to rebound she comes back with a running knee to the blonde’s head that flattens her to the canvas. Nevaeh starts to rise again, and Lilly allows her to get fully upright before she catches the Atlanta native's hand and goes straight into an arm wringer. She transitions into a hammerlock before she starts to deliver a series of knee strikes into Nevaeh’s lower back and side, just in the same place her kicks were landing moments before. One particularly well placed kick catches the Hall of Famer in the kidney area to freeze her in place in pain for a moment.

Zack: Lilly’s strategy seems pretty straight forward. Keep Nevaeh on the mat as much as possible, and that’ll prevent her from using her speed and aerial skills she tends to employ.

Lexi: That’s a pretty sound strategy, but something tells me keeping Nevaeh on the mat is going to be easier said than done.

Still with the hammerlock held tight, Lilly delivers another trio of knee shots into the same spot before she sweeps Nevaeh’s legs out from under her to send her crashing face first to the canvas. A knee drop into Nevaeh’s lower back follows from Arthur, before she gets back to her feet and delivers a second one to the same spot. Nevaeh rolls onto her back to prevent a third knee drop landing in the same area and instead Lilly leaves her feet to deliver a standing moonsault before she hooks a leg for the cover.

Lexi: It might be a bit early for a cover yet, but it could be a good measure of how far there’s left to go.



The count stops before the two is complete as Nevaeh kicks out strongly, sending Lilly away from the cover and rolling back up to her feet. The Hall of Famer starts to rise back to her feet again, and Lilly allows her to get fully back to a vertical base before she uses a drop toe hold to put her back down again.

Zack: Lilly’s got a new focus on her face I haven’t seen a lot of. I think she is fully cognizant of what the stakes are here for her. She doesn’t want to watch Global Wars backstage next month after all.

Nevaeh starts to rise back up to her feet again and manages to make it most of the way before Lilly starts to pull her the rest of the way. She gets her back to vertical base but the blonde then surprises the Yorkshire girl with a double palm shove to knock her back a step and then an elbow shot into each side of her head in turn. A spinning heel kick from the Hall of Famer follows which spins Lilly away from her, before she follows up with a drop toe hold of her own to send the former Fast Track Champion stumbling throat first across the middle rope. Summers immediately takes off towards the opposite side and bounces off the ropes to build up momentum. She comes back at speed to deliver a crossbody to Lilly’s back which presses her throat down against the rope. She moves off and backs up before Davis has a chance to ask her to as the Sheffield native falls back away from the ropes on her knees, clutching her throat and trying to catch her breath. Before she can fully get her breath back or make it any further than her knees, Nevaeh pulls her up and fires her straight into the nearest corner.

Zack: I think it’s only a matter of time before Nevaeh gets her hands on some FFW gold again, and---

Boos start to filter through the Boston crowd as an unexpected guest makes her way down tot the ring, and takes a seat at the foot of the ramp to watch the match. No one in Boston sounds happy to see Tara Cortez.

Lexi: The crowd definitely don’t seem happy to see the former Future Shock Champion do they? Although it’s got me wondering what she’s doing here?

Zack: Tara’s about as popular in Boston as a New York Yankee. And your guess is as good as mine as to why she’s decided to come out here. She’ll be making her FFW debut Thursday at Velocity against Gillie Barnes.

Lilly hits back first at speed, and Nevaeh follows her in with a running knee into her ribs that audibly knocks the wind out of the former Fast Track Champion. She starts to unload with forearm strikes to Lilly’s jaw one after another. Several land before she uses a hip toss to bring her out and down to the canvas. With Lilly down, Nevaeh measures and then leaves her feet, jumping straight into the air and hitting a knee drop onto her prone opponent. She stays in place for the cover and hooks a leg as Davis gets into position for the count.

Lexi: Tara’s appearance doesn’t seem to have affected anything in the ring, Nevaeh’s looking to put this one in the done column.




Lilly gets her shoulder off the canvas just after the two and Nevaeh rolls back to her knees with a nod of acknowledgment. Meanwhile on the floor, Tara holds up three fingers.

Zack: Nevaeh with a near fall, and now we got “10 Star” out here giving her ratings on the match so far. Looks like Tara gives it a three.

Nevaeh gets the rest of the way up to her feet before Lilly has made it to her knees. She watches the Sheffield native for a second and as she makes it to her knees, the Atlanta native charges and hits her with a soccer kick to the back. She hits her with another trio of them before she pulls her up to her feet and fires her into the nearest corner yet again. Lilly hits back first with another thud and a grunt of pain to accompany it before Nevaeh follows her in with a shoulder thrust that almost lifts her off her feet. The Yorkshire girl doesn’t get chance to recover from that before Nevaeh pulls her out of the corner and fires her across into the opposite one. Another running shoulder thrust follows from the Hall of Famer before she again pulls the Sheffield native out, and straight into a forearm smash to the jaw.

Zack: Nevaeh’s rallying with a comeback here, and really getting the better of Lilly. I wonder if she sees our guest, or if she’s doing the smart thing and ignoring her entirely.

Lexi: Lilly is proving to be very resilient but there’s only so much of get tossed around the ring a body can handle.

The Atlanta native fires Lilly across into the ropes, and as she rebounds Nevaeh comes off the opposite ropes aiming a running dropkick at the Sheffield native. Lilly manages to side step at the very last second causing Nevaeh to miss her target and crash awkwardly to the canvas.  With both women lying on the canvas, the crowd get louder in support for them both to spur them on. Nevaeh makes it back to her feet first and pulls Lilly up to hers before she fires her across into the ropes again, this time as she rebounds the Hall of Famer catches her with a spinning back fist that sends her reeling. The Sheffield native stays on her feet and Nevaeh spins her around to face away from her and sends her forwards into the ropes. The former Fast Track Champion rebounds off backwards and Nevaeh catches her for her jumping reverse bulldog. As they both hit the canvas she crawls into position to hook one of the Sheffield native’s legs for a cover as Davis gets back into position.





Arthur gets her shoulder up stopping the count before Davis completes the three. Nevaeh looks at her a little wide eyed and asks for the three. The referee shakes her head and holds up two fingers to confirm that it was only a two count.  Tara raised her hand and seemed to rate it a 4.

Lexi: A Four?! C’mon woman, what are you watching?!

Neither woman is quick back to their feet, with Lilly using the ropes to steady herself as she gets up and Nevaeh taking a deep breath and looking as if she is wondering what it will take to keep Lilly down. While Lilly takes a moment to gather her faculties about her, the Atlanta native gets back to her feet Nevaeh watches her for a second, before she gets into position and leaves her feet for a standing moonsault….and gets nothing but knees as Lilly pulls them up at the last possible moment.

Lexi: Ouch! That is gonna leave a mark in the morning I’m guessing. Lilly just saved herself from a world of trouble I think.

Zack: Nevaeh loves to use that moonsault, but she certainly doesn’t like to see it go like that! That’s a great way to collapse a lung.

Again neither woman is quick back to her feet with Lilly reaching hers first and pulling Nevaeh up to hers. Nevaeh surprises Lilly with an uppercut that knocks her back several steps and
Nevaeh then closes the gap and hits Lilly with a running knee to the ribs. She goes to spin her around again, but before she can fire her across into ropes, she receives a back elbow from the Sheffield native. Lilly delivers two more and then spins around to face her, catching her with a forearm smash before a roundhouse kick to the dome sends her crashing to the canvas.

Zack: It looked like Nevaeh was going for a second “WALK OF SHAME” but Lilly obviously had other ideas.

Nevaeh rolls onto her front and starts to push up to her knees, until Lilly uses a knee drop into her lower back to flatten her again. The Sheffield native watches as Nevaeh again pushes up, albeit slower than previously. She doesn’t make a move as Nevaeh reaches her feet but instead stalks her from behind and makes a square using her fingers and peers through it, making sure that she has her opponent in her sights. As soon as the Hall of Famer is upright, Lilly leaps and hooks her head to deliver her combination of a double knee backbreaker and a reverse DDT.  She gets back to her feet but only long enough to leave them again to land a moonsault across Nevaeh’s chest. The crowd come to their feet as she stays in position and hooks both of her legs as Davis slides into position beside them.





Davis completes the three count and gets back to her feet, immediately calling for the bell as she does.

Kat: Your winner, via pinfall…………………. LILLY ARTHUR!

Zack: And Lilly Arthur has put a win in the bank for Global Wars! And a hard fought one too, she might add a second this Thursday at Velocity in that six woman tag with NHB against the Gold Standard!

Lexi: There were a few times I thought Nevaeh had that then, but it just shows how much motivation a Global Wars scoreboard provides. Well done to both women.

 Lilly smiled as the Boston crowd gave her plenty of support. She shook Nevaeh’s hand as the blonde was starting to get her bearings. The former Fast Track Champion rolled out to the floor, and took the long way towards the back to avoid Tara. The fans gave Nevaeh some love as well when she got to her feet, but the smile started to dim as she looked over to Tara, who was shaking her head in dismay at the Baby Peach.

Zack: Lilly showing a lot of class, which she has in spades. But that can’t be said for Tara Cortez, who seems like she’s disappointed in Nevaeh.

Lexi: I don’t know what on earth she would have to be disappointed about. Nevaeh put up one hell of an effort there.

Nevaeh stepped out to the floor, staring daggers towards Tara, who was still seated. The triplet asked her if she was ever going to win a match again. Nevaeh’s anger seemed to amuse her as the brunette shook her head, and started chuckling. The crowd boos didn’t phase Tara in the least as she continued to mock Nevaeh…. until the Hall of Famer rushed her with a bicycle kick to the jaw that toppled her over in the chair. That popped the crowd though.

Zack: I guess Nevaeh wasn’t interested in Tara’s commentary tonight, and I don’t think anyone in Boston was either! She may have Nevaeh’s boot size imprinted on her forehead for a little while though.

Lexi: That’s one way to get someone to shut up… and it certainly seems to have worked on Tara, at least in the short term.

Nevaeh headed up the ramp with a smile on her face, at least until Tara got up holding her jaw. Summers looked back, and gave herself a 10, much to the chagrin of the former Future Shock Champion.

Zack: I have a feeling what started on the first Impact special over the summer wasn’t finished there, and I suspect Nevaeh’s happy to continue where she left off anytime and any place.

Lexi: Definitely no love lost between these two… it shows clear as day how much they don’t like each other.

Zack: Let’s send it to the back. I’m being told Abigail Lindsay is standing by. This should be interesting.

And that’s where the show cut away, just as Zack said.

Abi Explains It All

The pre-recorded scene opens up inside a hotel bedroom. There are red roses positioned in the shape of a heart on the queen size bed. Just then,  the person behind the camera moves away from the romantic setting to walk into bath room, the door is wide open. Feels eerily similar to another segment that ran on FFW Television prior to Sin and Sacrifice. Instead of entering a bathroom with a running shower, the camera focuses on Abigail Lindsay sitting in a bathtub full of water. No worries. The bubbles from the bubblebath she is taking obscures anything that would prevent this segment from airing on national television. Abigail waves for the camera.

“I promised an explanation for my actions. What? Were you expecting me to drive my motorcycle down the ramp. Slide in the ring. Casually recite my quote unquote villain monologue for Andi to interrupt me? Nope. Not a chance. And it’s not because I am afraid of Andi. Been in this business long enough to predict that will be the common assumption. I want my message to be heard, for everyone to actually process the words that are coming out of my mouth. There will be a time for fighting. Andi wants a fight? So do I. As do you-people...”

Abi points to the camera.

“Eh. You people. When a wrestler chastises you-people, who actually are you-people? When did you-people become a race, gender, sexuality? Would it not be more accurate to actually describe who you-people are? Heh. I’m rambling, you-people, the audience, didn’t tune in to listen to little ole me rambling. Want an explanation? Ok. Here. We. Go.”

Abi flashes a cheesy smile.

“So Andi, this is why I attacked you.”   

“I created a list of most of the women in the FFW locker room. I exempted The Franchise, love you girls. I left out Chaotic Temptation; duh, chaos; can’t tempt chaos. Left out Melody, she is one of the best things going today, Biancia will have no choice but to learn to love that. Minus those exemptions, we still have a huge list of women to run through.  I reached into my paper bag, fiddled around, grabbed a name, as you would expect Andi; I chose yours--” Abigail giggles. “--- that’s how I remember choosing you. Memory is spotty; one too many chair shots over the years; hazard of the business, you know how it goes.”

Abi winks. “I’ve never chosen a plaything from a paper bag before.”

“Or did I choose you via coin flip?

“Or computer simulation?”

“Did I throw darts?”

“I prefer the method I chose my prey to be multiple choice.”

Abi shrugs her shoulders.

“Anywho. I have to finish my bath. Run along now. Ta-ta.”

Abi smiles as the scene fades.
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Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish and is part of the Global Wars Series!!

Zack: This is the final match for tonight in the Global Wars series, and it is without question the one with the most animosity. I’ve got Andi’s agent, Carson Black, ringside with me. 

Carson: I usually don’t prefer to be this close by when Miss Jijang is involved, but I’ll make an exception just this once. 


The familiar call of one Andi Takata cues the start of her music, 'Setsunairo' by TokiwoIkiru , as her rising sun of a video plays on the screens.

# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War

As the real lyrics begin, The Lucky Star rises up from under that stage on a lift, hands held high to praise the sun on the video screen. And probably some of her highlights.

#Tobe, tobe, hitome o ki ni shite kakushita te, ōkikuhiroge
#Te, to te,  ga fureau koto o osorezu ni, habataiteyuke

Takata turns around to the crowd finally, pumping her fist in the air to rally them with her!

# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War

Takata dances to the next part, fist still going as her feet have her hopping around the stage.

# Deki nai, riyū o naraberu notte mechakucha, kantandakedo
# Sō janai akirameru no wa damedamedame kōkaishitakunai

Kat: INtroducing at this time, hailing from The Great Cosmos, she is a magical girl, the Genuine Space Princess and YOUR Sunshine Senpai…

# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War

Kat: The Lucky Star, Andiiiiiiiiiii Taaaaaaakataaaaaa!

# Susumitaikara!
Our Sunshine Senpai starts to dance her way down the ramp, clear of the stage, noticing all her kouhai in the cheaper seats!

# Taninu, dōshi, onaji pēsu ja ,1 ban ni wa narenai
# Ushiro, yubi wo, sasarete datte
# Hashiridashita mon ga katsu, torubeki michi wa tsu~~~

As the pyro shoots straight up  and pops behind her, The Lucky Star takes off for the ring, slapping hands on her way down the ramp and around the ring before coming back around!

# Itsu made mo  kowagattenna, kowagattenna
# Dōse itsuka hateru inochinara
# Tobikonde,  tobikondeike

 Andi hops up on the apron, dancing around more along to her song, as if performing it herself. Which, if you're within earshot, she is.

# Mizukara o  utagatte na, utagatte na
# Jinsei ichi do kirina dekara!
# Sakaratte , sakaratteike!
# Onnanara  mai chitte, mai chitte sake!

Takata pumps her fist some more, trying to get the ringside crowd involved from her spot on the apron, moving herself back and forth to capture EVERYONE.

# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War

Andi finally turns and hops over the top rope, running straight across, off the ropes and back again, putting both hands up into the air.

#Doki, doki, kanjiru kodō wa atsui mama, nagareteyuku
#Hon, kide, afureru koe wa “ madamadamada, konna monjanaize~~ ”
# War War War, War War War
# War War War, War War War

Takata takes off for a far side turnbuckle, singing along to the crowd while posing on the top turnbuckle.

# Namida, korae, fuanna yoru o, ikutsu koetekita ndarō
# Ten to, ten ga, sen ni tsunagaru  
# Shunkan shōmei shitai, mayō hima hanai~~

After a moment, Andi darts across to a turnbuckle nearer to the hard cam, and repeats her actions for the tv side before standing on the top turnbuckle itself to dance!

# Mizukara o  utagatte na, utagatte na
# Jinsei ichi do kirina dekara!
# Sakaratte , sakaratteike!
# Onnanara mai chitte, mai chitte, sake!

Andi flips down from her perch up top, landing on her feet and throwing her arms up into her classic pose. As the song fades down on more of the 'war' chant, Takata gets herself ready to go.

Zack: Andi needs to get Japan on the board here to have a chance at being part of the Global Wars, but she’s been getting it from all sides lately between the Gold Standard and now Abigail Lindsay. 

Carson: I’ve noticed that too. No doubt all of these women know the cache and star power Miss Takata carries, and are each trying to profiteer from that. 

The Intense electrical thrumming of “Diabolic” by Dance With The Dead signals the coming of Areum Jijang, white and yellow strobes matching the staccato piano-percussion mix.

A moment passes by and Areum appears on stage, the dry ice fog on the entrance ramp parting to show her, and in front of her, seated in a dessicated old hospital wheelchair, housing the disturbing effigy that was a Max Sato Realdoll. Boos rain down upon her, but Areum seems far less offended than she is visibly nervous, she shouts at “Max” to shut up before starting off down the ramp.

When ‘Big Bang’ gets ringside, she roughly carts the life-sized doll over to her corner before hurriedly sliding into the ring and backing into her corner, scanning the ring, the ref, and the crowd as though something might jump out at her.

Kat: INTRODUCING, hailing from Seoul, South Korea by way of Fresno County, California, accompanied by… uh… well… standing five-feet tall and weighing in at one-hundred-thirty-five pounds, “BIG BAAAAAAANG” AREUM JIIIIIJAAAAAAAAAAANG!!!

Areum holds her middle fingers high as the crowd showers her with more boos, before turning and shouting at Max to ‘Shut up!’ before turning her attention back to the upcoming match.

Zack: Areum has been doing very well for herself in the series, and a win here would cement her into the ladder match at Global Wars next month. 

Carson: She seems to be very stop start at times with her momentum, but she’s also capitalized again and again of late. She certainly has a wave behind her. 

Robert Valero was the official in charge of the match and as the ring announcer left the ring, he checked with Andi to make sure that she was ready, getting the ‘Okay’ and tried to get Areum’s attention only for her to keep turning away to berate her Max Sato doll some more at ringside. With a slight shrug of his shoulders, the referee called for the bell and got the match underway. The sounding of the bell seemed to bring Areum back to the contest at hand; a look of loathing crossing her face as she came out of her corner to meet her foe in the middle of the ring… only for Andi to suddenly skip forward and catch her with a front kick to her midsection. Immediately the Sunshine Senpai followed up that kick with a combination of stiff kicks to the South Korean’s legs. It caused JiJang’s leg to buckle at the knee momentarily, staggering to the side a step as she did so. 

Zack: There’s a fair bit of history between these two dating back some time, and none of it is good. They aren’t likely ever to see eye to eye.

Carson: If Miss Takata started to agree and see things the way Miss Jijang does, that would be cause for great concern on my part.

Andi fired off another kick aimed at her opponent’s hip only for Areum to catch her boot as the blow connected. Takata hopped up and down for a moment before she launched herself into an enzuigiri that caught Areum to the side of the head that dropped the South Korean wrestler to one knee. Immediately Andi kipped to her feet and spun around to catch her foe with an elbow to the side of the jaw as she pushed upright. The South Korean wrestler staggered to the side once more and Takata fired off forearm shots to the side of her jaw. The blows kept her opponent off balance, allowing the Sunshine Senpai to drive her back into the ring ropes before she fired the South Korean across the ring with an Irish whip. As Big Bang returned she was taken down to the canvas with a spinning heel kick. Areum started to push upwards once more and as she did, Takata took hooked her head and delivered a snap DDT, driving her down headfirst into the canvas. Quickly Andi popped back up to her feet and jumped into the air for a leg drop across Areum’s chest before she slid into position to make the cover.


Zack: Andi’s taking it right to Areum, and doing a great job of keeping her off balance and on the backfoot. 

Carson: I’m sure Miss Lindsay is watching very closely, because this may well be in her future. 

Areum kicked out with authority and Andi quickly nipped to her feet and darted towards her foe, leaving her feet to catch her with a headscissors takedown that sent Areum flying across the ring and rolling into the corner. The South Korean wrestler came to her feet in the corner and Andi came sprinting across the ring to deliver a splash to her opponent, squashing her against the turnbuckle pads. Andi landed on her feet, taking a step back as she found her balance only to leap forward onto the middle rope to drive her knee into her jaw. Once more Andi hopped back down to the canvas and as she stepped backwards Areum followed her out of the corner and straight into a Japanese armdrag. 

Zack: I’m being told now that it has been made official for Global Wars. Andi and Abi will meet on that event, whether Andi qualifies for Global Wars or not.

Carson: I am told some of the talent in that match can expect to be  booked elsewhere on the show. It’s going to be a stamina test for Miss Takata.

JiJang rolled through as she hit the canvas and popped back up to her feet only for Andi to follow after her once more and delivered a two footed dropkick to her chest. Areum hit the canvas and quickly rolled to the side where she started to come to her feet once again only for Andi to catch her with a roundhouse kick to the jaw that staggered her backwards. Quickly Takata caught her opponent’s wrist and Irish whipped her into the ring ropes; the Space Princess catching the South Korean on her return with the butt-butt hip check that once again sent the Big Bang down to the canvas. Again Areum looked to rise, barely getting to her feet before the Japanese representative jerked downwards into the Takata Roll rolling death cradle, moving her around the ring before finally coming to a standstill with JiJang’s shoulders pinned to the canvas. 

Zack: Look at that TAKATA ROLL! And Areum’s stuck!



Carson: Indeed, she was. But not long enough for it to make a difference in this match unfortunately. 

Areum kicked out once more and rolled to the side before starting to come up to her feet, only getting as far as her knees before Andi caught her with a stiff kick across her shoulders. It was followed by a second stiff kick to send Areum down to all fours which allowed Andi to grab hold of her foes arm and roll her up once again - this time with a Magistral cradle.

Carson: I like how Miss Takata is trying to put this match away early and often, and here she goes again.



Zack: She may be paranoid wondering if one of the Gold Standard or Abi is luring somewhere to try to take advantage of the situation.

JiJang kicked out once more and this time was quicker to get to her feet only for Andi to jerk her the rest of the way to a vertical base before Andi fired her across the ring into the corner. Takata measured her opponent up and chased in towards her, looking to catch JiJang with a running corner Yakuza kick...but only got turnbuckle as Areum stepped out of the way. Andi recovered quickly and looked to re-assert her authority as she turned and delivered a palm strike to Areum’s jaw. It caused the South Korean to fall back against the ring ropes and as she did the Space Princess spun away, grabbing hold of her hand and grimacing in pain as she flexed her fingers for a couple of moments. When she spun back around, Areum met the Space Princess with a headbutt which sent the Space Princess stumbling backwards only for Jijang to grab hold of her by the ring attire and hurled her against the turnbuckle pads.

Zack: That is one nasty headbutt right there, and it sent Andi backwards. She may be seeing stars more than just the ones she comes from.

Carson: That is a very clever analogy, Mr. Hudson. That being said, I don’t think it’s going to rattle her for very long. 

Immediately Areum raised her boot and pressed it against Andi’s throat to choke her out. The referee called for the break and used the five count to get the break on four. The South Korean stepped backwards with her hands raised for a second only to go straight back to the well by raising her foot and pressing it against her opponent’s throat again for the four count. This time as she broke the hold, the Big Bang stepped backwards towards the centre of the ring only to dart forward and launch herself into a leaping forearm to her jaw. Takata began to stumble out of the corner and as she did so, Areum grabbed hold of her head and jerked her forward, bringing her out of the corner and slamming her downwards with a bulldog across her knee. Andi rolled away and started to come to her feet once more only to get caught with a codebreaker as she got back to a vertical base causing the Space Princess to bounce off her knees and to the canvas once again.

Zack: What do you make of what Abi had to say before this match, Carson? 

Carson: I have a hard time believing Miss Lindsay chose a name at random. I don’t get the sense anything she does is random. 

Areum sat up and glared at her Max Sato doll at ringside, delivering a verbal barrage towards the Avatar as she came back to her feet and took off across the ring bouncing off the ring ropes and meeting Andi as she got her feet underneath her with a leaping knee strike to the side of the jaw. The Sunshine Senpai struggled to keep her balance following the blow and was quickly took down to the canvas with a spinning neckbreaker. As the Space Princess landed on the mat, Areum quickly took up the mount position on top of Andi and began to hammer away at her head with rapid fire left and rights. Takata began to cover up which saw JiJang grab hold of her foe by the wrist, pinning her hand to the canvas - the same hand that was injured against Stacey Sky at Nemesis and began drive the point of her elbow into the palm of her hand and fingers. The referee called for the break, using the count once more. 

Zack: Random or not, she certainly left an impression on Andi after her match with Lacey recently. 

Carson: I won’t argue that, but as tends to be the case, I have the feeling it could end up being an attack she will later come to regret.

As he got to four Areum broke her grip only to take control of her by the wrist once more, pinning it against the canvas for long enough that she could stomp down on the fingers, grinding the digits underneath her boot as she once more screamed at the doll sat ringside. Once more the referee called for the break and used the count to get Areum to raise her foot, Andi pulling her hand away and holding it to her chest. Andi rolled over and came up her knees, leaning forward as she held her hand to her chest and found herself driven face first into the canvas thanks to a single knee drop to the back of her neck. As Takata hit the canvas, Areum moved to sit on her foe’s spine as she jerked the arm out from underneath her, targeting the injured hand once more as she pulled the arm into a fujiwara armbar and began to pull the fingers of the Space Princess in opposite directions trying to dislocate them as she did so. 

Zack: Let’s speculate here. What do you think Areum or Andi would do if they won the Global Wars series this year?

Carson: I wouldn’t even speculate on Miss Jijang, as I’m not sure she knows she’s in it 9 times out of 10. But as for Miss Takata, I’d say anything is possible. She might would even try to get a Nova shot in Future Shock, if that was permitted. 

Andi refused to submit as the referee asked her the question, instead the Space Princess bucked against the canvas, trying to jerk her hand free while moving her body around on the canvas, finally stretching out as she kicked out her leg and managed to hook her foot over the bottom rope. Valero called for the break and started the count, getting to four before Areum released the hold with a shake of the head. As the South Korean came up to her feet she jerked her opponent upright with her, grabbing hold of her injured hand, gripping it firmly as she whipped her across the ring only to catch her on the return with a low dropkick to the knee that saw Takata fall forward and land hard face first on the canvas. As the Japanese native once more rose to her feet, Areum delivered a throat thrust to Takata, causing her to reel away and as she turned away from the South Korean, JiJang grabbed hold of her, lifted her up off her feet and slammed her down into the mat with a snap Regal-plex holding it for the pinfall as she did so. 

Zack: Perfect execution right there, and Areum’s looking to pad the scoreboard for South Korea!




Carson: If so, then I suppose we should apologize to our South Korean fans. Though i doubt they claim her that fervently. 

Andi kicked out and Areum glared at the referee for a moment as he held up two fingers in confirmation of the count before the South Korean wrestler slid out of the ring by the corner, pulling Andi after her by her injured hand. The Big Bang landed on her feet on the outside and took hold of the Space Princess by her wrist and slammed her injured hand against the ring post. Then did it again and again. The referee ordered her to get back in the ring only for Areum to smile sweetly at him as she this time slammed Takata’s hand down into the top of the steel steps three times in quick succession. Jijang then pulled Andi further out of the ring, till she was only halfway in and placed her hand on the bottom step before she stomped down on her hand once again. Andi jerked her hand away as quickly as she could, holding it against her body with tears forming in her eyes and a look of excruciating agony on her face as she kicked her feet against the canvas, her body almost seeming to spasm as she tried to get away and back into the ring while Areum hissed and disparaging her Max Sato doll at ringside.

Carson: See, this is what I mean. I don’t think Miss Jijang is aware of what’s going on in the lucid world very often. That’s why I wouldn’t speculate on her end goal. 

Zack: She definitely marches to the beat of her own drum, and thankfully she’s the only one who hears it.

Areum turned her attention back to the ring where the referee was checking on Andi who was writhing on the mat, holding her hand but telling the official that she was okay to continue. The South Korean wrestler smiled as she made her way back up the ring steps and climbed to the top rope where she measured Takata up, waving her back to her feet. Slowly the Space Princess rose and as she turned to face Areum, the Big Bang launched herself from the top rope into a meteora only for Andi to meet her coming down with a jumping side kick to her chest. Areum landed on her knees and popped up to her feet holding her chest only for Andi to catch her with a spinning roundhouse kick to the side of her head, followed by a second and a third before Andi left her feet with a jumping roundhouse kick to the side of her head that saw her foe drop to the canvas. 

Zack: That’ll scramble your gray matter right there, and Areum doesn’t have a lot left to scramble at this point. 

Carson: That’s what’s so excellent about Miss Takata. She can turn things around on a dime, and you’ll be stumbling before you realize what happened.

Areum quickly tried to push back up to her feet and as she did so, she was caught once more as Andi launched herself towards her, planting her feet in her midriff as she used one hand and monkey flipped her away into the corner. Andi held her injured hand against her body once more as Areum started to come back to her feet and the Space Princess shook her head as she darted towards her opponent and drove a knee into her jaw, sending her stumbling backwards into the corner. Takata followed after her and launched herself into her starstruck combination of spinning back fists and back kicks into her opponents body in the corner, the Japanese representative careful to keep her injured hand out of the way before she finished the combination off with a leaping spinning knee strike to the side of Areum’s head. 

Zack: You can tell Andi’s being extra mindful of her left hand, and those of you who watched Nemesis know why.

Carson: It’s important to note that her opponent did cause that injury, she only tried to capitalize on it. And that’s perfectly understandable, that’s what you do.

The South Korean slumped in the corner - the ring ropes holding her upright - as Andi landed on her feet with her back towards her foe. There was a momentary glance over her shoulder before Takata left her feet once more and dropped Areum to a sitting position with a Pele kick to the top of her head. The Sunshine Senpai forced herself back to her feet and took off across the ring, pushing off against the bottom turnbuckle in the opposite corner before she charged back the way she came and launched herself into a sliding kick into Areum’s face. Quickly Andi came back to her feet and pulled her opponent upwards with her using her good hand before she hooked her head as she used the ropes to deliver a Tornado DDT to her opponent, standing her on her head before she fell onto her back on the canvas. Andi threw herself on top of her opponent for the cover.

Zack: Big time tornado DDT, you’d have thought Areum was doing a handstand without her hands for a second there!




Carson: But it wasn’t enough. It may sound unkind, but I’m not positive head shots on Miss Jijang are going to be that effective. You can’t really make her any more confused after all.

Areum kicked out of the pinfall, pushing her opponent away from her as she did so. Andi rolled away and used the momentum to come to her feet before she took off towards the ropes, bouncing off them and coming back to Areum as she made it back to one knee and caught her with a running knee strike to her jaw. It brought Jijang all the way back to her feet as Andi leapt up onto the middle rope for a springboard into a disaster kick to the side of Areum’s head. It saw the South Korean stagger a couple of steps before she dropped down to a knee, reaching out with a hand to steady herself against the canvas for a moment, trying to get her bearings before she pushed back up to her feet...as Andi once more came back off the middle rope, using her good arm to slam a back elbow into her jaw that saw her opponent fall down to the canvas.

Zack: I don’t think those shots are designed to disorient her. Takata’s looking for knockouts here. 

Carson: That is an excellent point, Mr. Hudson. And she seems to be well on her way to that goal with some of what she’s hit.

Areum rolled to the side holding her jaw and began to push upwards only for Andi to cut her off as she pulled her upright, delivering knee strikes into her chest as she maneuvered Jijang towards the corner. Takata drove one final stiff knee into her opponents face to straighten her up before she grabbed hold of Areum by the wrist and jerked her towards her and into a Sunstroke reverse STO, sending Jijang face first into the middle turnbuckle. Rolling away, the Sunshine Senpai quickly headed towards the opposite corner where she started to rhythmically stomp her feet against the canvas, pointing towards her foe’s back as she screamed out “SOLAR”. The crowd replied with a cheer of “BBBBBEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!” As Andi sprinted across the ring and left her feet to drive a double knee strike into Areum’s shoulderblades as she came to her feet, sending her chest first into the turnbuckle pads. As Jijang stepped backwards holding her chest, Takata jerked her backwards and rolled her up into an O’Connor roll.

Carson: Wasn’t it nice of Miss Takata to do her own commentary there? 




Zack: You don’t get much closer to three than that, at least not without hearing a bell! Andi’s on a roll here!

The South Korean kicked out on two and three quarters and Andi nodded her head as she saw the referee confirm the count. The Space Princess came back up to her feet quickly, still nursing her injured hand and as she got to a vertical base Jijang was up onto her knees. Andi waited for a moment until her partner rose to one knee before she delivered the Shining Star shining wizard, calling out its name as she stepped up to deliver the name and getting a loud cheer from the crowd in response. Andi kipped straight back up to her feet and wasted little time in darting towards the ropes and launched herself into a lionsault. It landed perfectly and Andi immediately made the cover, reaching down to hook the leg with her good hand.

Zack: Springboard moonsault from the space princess, and she’s looking for three right now!




Carson: If you’ll pardon my saying, i think we got even closer to three than the last time, Mr. Hudson.

Areum rolled her shoulder in the nick of time and Andi sat up looking to the referee pleadingly as she held up three fingers to him. Valero though shook his head, holding two fingers once more to the Sunshine Senpai before he pointed to the South Korean’s shoulder. Andi nodded her head and came upwards quickly, grabbing the rising Areum by the head and slammed her face first into the canvas with a sitout facebuster. Andi grimaced in pain and held her hand against her body as she looked to get back to her feet then pointed towards the top corner and made a heart symbol with her hands, holding it over her head for all to see. Takata stepped out onto the apron and climbed up to the top rope, measured up her unmoving opponent and dove off into the L.O.V.E. 

Zack: The space princess is lookinG for LOVE…

...And crashed down into the canvas as Jijang moved at the last moment; Andi letting out a scream as she landed thanks to her instinctively reaching out with her hands. 

Carson: In all the wrong places, it would appear. 

Takata immediately bounced up to her feet holding her hand before she dropped back down to her knees. Areum headed back towards the corner and pushed up the inside of the turnbuckle pads to the middle rope where she waited as Andi came back to her feet. The Space Princess turned towards her opponent only to get a diving knee strike to her face, knocking her back down to the canvas. Andi rolled to her front and was quickly pulled back up to her feet by Areum who caught her with a throat thrust that sent Andi reeling into the corner.

Zack: That’ll stop anyone in their tracks. If you can’t breathe, that’ll slow you down in a heartbeat. 

Carson: And I am going to assume that’s what Miss Jijang had in mind, she had to keep Miss Takata on the backfoot.

The Sunshine Senpai hit the turnbuckle pads and Jijang started to unload upon her with blistering knife edge chops to her face - the CLAP. Valero asked for the break, ordering Areum to let her out of the corner and started the count, getting to four before the South Korean jerked Andi away from the corner towards the middle of the ring by her wrist, yanking her into a raised knee to her midsection that dropped Takata to a knee for a moment. As Andi began to get her feet beneath her, the Big Bang hooked her head and snapped off a DDT. She kept her arm hooked around her opponent’s head, pulling her back up to her feet and into a second DDT. Once more Jijang kept her grip on her opponent as she pulled her upright and into another DDT three more times before she made the cover.

Zack: Multiple DDTs all in a row, and I’m not sure Andi even knows where she is right now!




Carson: Miss Takata would beg to differ with your observation. She continually impresses me each time I see her. 

Andi rolled her shoulder to break the count and Areum stared at the referee, asking for the three count and when it wasn’t forthcoming, she rolled away and came to her feet, throwing a dirty look towards the Max Sato real doll but nothing else before she took off towards the ropes and came back with the Trigger Pull driving a running knee strike into Andi’s face as Takata sat up. Jijang turned and screamed at the Max Sato doll at ringside for a good few moments before she delivered a running Thai knee drop to Andi’s body and made the cover, glaring a hole through Max Sato as she hooked the leg and waited for the referee to make the count.

Zack: Areum’s got the cover, and the doll is getting a death stare in the process!




Carson: I don’t want to know what that doll did to warrant that look, but the match wears on regardless. 

Andi’s shoulder popped up off the canvas at the last possible moment and Areum screamed at the referee, demanding the three count only for him to confirm the two count once more. It caused the Big Bang to slide out of ring right in front of the Real Doll and paintbrushed it violently across the cheeks, causing it to flop from side to side in the chair before she spat on it and slid back into the ring underneath the bottom rope. The South Korean woman moved around behind the rising Sunshine Senpai where she clasped her hands in front of her, pulling them apart and screaming out “BANG!!!” as though pantomiming a bomb detonating before she hooked Andi’s head from behind. The crowd booed her loudly as she held her in position before she slammed her downwards with the Detonation GTR. As Andi hit the mat, Areum made the cover and hooked the leg for the pinfall as Valero slid into position and checked the shoulders as he started the count.

Zack :DETONATION GTR!! Andi got planted!!




Carson: Unfortunately so, that’s right. Miss Jijang is representing South Korea very well for Global Wars, isn’t she? 

Valero called for the bell as Areum rolled to a sitting position and allowed a smile to come to her face before she rose back to her feet.

Kat: Here is your winner, by way of pinfall, representing South Korea… “BIG BANG” AREUM JIJANG!!!!

Zack: Areum picks up another win, and has officially cemented herself into the Global Wars ladder match next month!

Carson: I assure you this will only make Miss Takata even more focused and determined, and that will be a very bad occasion for Miss Lindsay when they meet.

The South Korean wrestler came back to her feet and had her hand raised by the referee as the crowd booed her loudly. The referee released her hand and Areum slid out of the ring and once more berated her lifeless companion, gloating and rubbing her victory over the FFW Hall of Famer in his face as she pointed to Andi who was sitting up in the middle of the ring holding her injured hand against her body as she did so. The screen showed the win get added to the Global Wars scoreboard before the show cut elsewhere.

Missy The Lion Tamer

As the show cuts elsewhere inside the TD Garden, that’s where we find Amber Carano bookended by Missy on one side and the Future Shock Director on the other side, Adam Grant. She glances between them and addresses the camera.

Amber: Breaking Point rolls on here in Future Shock’s backyard of Boston, Massachusetts. I’ve got Missy and Adam here with me, and plenty for them both to tell us about. Let’s start with you, Missy. You’re gonna be part of the last Breaking Point of 2019 2 weeks from tonight, kind of a season finale. I’m glad to see you are back to 100% after your recent issues over in SVW.

Missy: I’m glad to be seen back at 100% after that too, believe me. In all my years, with everything I’ve done in matches… that was the first time I’ve ever been not cleared to compete. So, I’m extremely glad that I’m cleared again now. 

Amber: It’s better, I think, for a medical staff to show too much caution rather than not enough. Would you agree?

Missy: I know they did it for my own good… and it’s probably a good job they did, because I would have just carried on regardless otherwise. 

Amber: Just in time too, since you’ll be part of the last Breaking Point of 2019. You’ll be meeting a woman who also holds a title in SVW just like you. And I’m referring to the “Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister. She recently faced Emma Mack at Sin & Sacrifice, and now it’s all on you.

A smile starts to form on the Brit’s face. 

Missy: I think you just made my night, Amber. I’ve got a little unfinished business there, that I’ve been hoping for a chance to rectify. 

Amber: This will be your first one on one meeting with her in this company, and as we know, she is part of the Gold Standard. Speaking of which, I’m sure you were very happy with the results of the Future Shock Championship match at Nemesis this past Tuesday. 

Missy: Vivi did amazing in that match and it was good to see her finally capture the Championship after everything that she’s been through to get there. 

Amber turns her attention to Adam, who has been waiting quietly and listening in as the two were talking.

Amber: That brings me to you, Adam. I believe you have an announcement to make of your own as we head into Global Wars. 

Adam: You’re right, I do. But I’ll also congratulate Vivi as well on becoming Future Shock Champion. She’s chased that title practically all of 2019, and I can only guess what it feels like finally getting her hands on it Tuesday night in Montreal. 

Amber: True, but that’s not what I was talking about. Each year at Global Wars, Future Shock is given a spotlight match that you put together. Have you decided on what that match should be at Global Wars? 

Adam: I have, and you’re right. That match each year at Global Wars is very important to all involved. One, it gives any FFW fans who haven’t already seen what’s going in Future Shock a chance to see what the future of FFW looks like. It gives the Prospects the chance to see what it’s like on a stage that big, and kinda lets them get a glimpse of what they are working towards night after night. The only hard part is deciding who it should be, because there’s really no shortage of talented women on my roster. After all, Missy came through there and sometimes wishes she had stayed a little while longer before she graduated. 

Missy: You’re not kidding. That whole time was a whirlwind, I was barely in the door before I was flying back out of it again to the main roster. It’s an experience that every Prospect should make the most of while they can, because it’s all change once you’re up onto the main roster. 

Adam: There’s been a lot of buzz over several events through the year in Future Shock. You had Tara’s run with the title, and now she thinks I was disappointed in her. To be honest, it was the way she won that I wasn’t thrilled about, same goes for Cassandra at Impact. But that’s not relevant to these matters. There’s Vivi winning the title, and most recently, there’s been a lot of chatter over our newest title, the Nova Championship. So I thought to myself, why don’t we shine an even bigger light on that title and have a defense of it at Global Wars? 

Amber: You’re going to book a Nova Championship defense at Global Wars? Well we already know Katie Hanley is the defending champion, but wasn’t she hurt at Nemesis in her match with Sydney Christensen?

Adam: Thankfully, not seriously. She did land badly, and was out for a bit. But our medical team gave her a full battery of tests, and I’m happy to say it was nothing that should be an issue long term. The fact she didn’t even suffer a concussion with what happened.. That’s almost a miracle itself. Missy was ringside for that, and she thought there was possibly serious injuries involved.

Missy: I was surprised as hell that there was nothing serious. With the way she landed I was expecting a concussion at the very least… if not worse. Thank heavens that lady luck seemed to be shining on her that night. 

Adam: I’m glad it wasn’t anything worse. I happen to think very highly of Katie, and she more than deserves to be champion. That said, I do have people who are owed shots at it. So what better place and time than Global Wars? Katie will be defending the Nova Championship that night against Luna Cortez. Lord knows she’s been ranting about getting it for a little while now, and here it is. 

Missy: A Cortez sister, ranting? Well, I never…. Because that NEVER happens. 

Amber: How do you think Sydney Christensen will feel about this news? That she’s not getting a rematch for the title?

Adam: Well she seems pretty unhappy about most everything of late. I don’t expect her to throw a parade. But she had her shot at Nemesis, and she came up short. She may have another shot in the future at some point, but not at Global Wars. 

Missy: I never understand people who think they’re owed a rematch when they lose the opportunity they’ve already been given. Especially when they lose fair and square with no shady shenanigans in play. 

Amber: Well there’s the news, folks. Missy will meet Elizabeth Lannister 2 weeks from tonight here on Breaking Point. And the spotlight match for Future Shock at Global Wars is gonna be Katie Hanley defending her Nova Championship against Luna Cortez. 

A graphic for both matches appear on the screen before the show cuts back to ringside for the next match.
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Breaking Point returns from the commercial break to ringside as Kat Grayson stands in the center ready and waiting to begin the introductions.

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and the winner will receive an Evolution Championship match!

Zack: It’s main event time with pretty high stakes for the winner: a shot at Kelly Kincaid’s Evolution Championship! I’ve got Missy here with me, who is no doubt supporting Scarlett Silver. I’m just curious if we see the same Scarlett from Sin & Sacrifice or the one we all know.

Missy: I don’t think there will be a soul surprised that I’m supporting Scarlett in this, and I’m personally hoping we see the same side of her tonight. She really showed how focused she can be at Sin & Sacrifice. 

The arena darkens, bringing with it a large quantity of dry ice. In the ring, the green, white and orange lights pulse until they form the Irish Tricolour in the centre of the ring. It’s this sight that brings about jeering from the audience. As the lights settle, a drumbeat hits the speakers, soon to be followed by a well-known riff that doesn’t quite sound as people would know it to be. It is then that a woman steps out on the stage; Jo McFarlane. Not that you can tell right away - her face is obscured by a white bandana covering her mouth and nose, and she wears a green beanie on her head, which appears to be entirely covering her hair, showing only her eyes. She is also dressed in camouflage; traditional green colours, a long-sleeved jacket and trousers. Through the fog as the crowd begins to jeer, standing by her side, is her father.

If you’re havin’ trouble with the high school head,
He’s givin’ you the blues.
You wanna graduate, but not in his bed,
Here’s what you’re gonna do!
Pick up the phone, I’m always home
Call me anytime.
3624-360, I lead a life of crime.

Kat: Introducing first/And her opponent, from Derry, Northern Ireland, weighing one hundred and twenty seven pounds, she is “THE REBEL CHILD” JOOOOOOOO MCFARLAAAAAAAAANE!

During the verse and Kat’s introduction, Jo first taps the stick on the floor, then starts off down the ramp, towards the ring. Tommy remains a step behind her the whole time...though it’s difficult given the massive height difference. She moves quite quickly, and stops at the bottom. Moving towards a corner at ringside, she drops the kendo stick in her hand against the barricade, making sure the referee sees that she did, giving him a pointed stare.

Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!
Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!
Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!
Dirty deeds, and they’re done dirt cheap.
Dirty deeds, and they’re done dirt cheap.

As the chorus plays and the solo starts up, Jo ascends the stairs, removing the jacket she wears, revealing a similarly coloured top. The beanie soon follows and she steps through the ropes. She then heads towards her corner, where she stands on the middle turnbuckle, looking around her before jumping down. Her father joins her in the corner, and the two exchange words as the music fades out.

Zack: It’s no secret that Jo McFarlane would love the chance to finally get a W over Kelly Kincaid. It’s something she’s wanted since 2011 when they first met in FFW. A lot has changed in 8 years, and if she can get past Scarlett tonight, she’ll have that chance. 

Missy: Getting a win over Kelly Kincaid is something that is easier said than done, as I know only too well myself. 

“Body Say” by Demi Lovato starts to play through the speakers around the arena and the lights dim to almost full darkness.

If I had it my way, I would take you down
If I had it my way, I would turn you out
And if my body had a say, I would come again
Scared of what I might say, 'cause I'm at the edge

As the opening lyrics end Christian Kincaid steps out and holds the curtain back to allow Scarlett Silver to make her way out onto the stage. As she steps forward a red spotlight lights up the stage where she walks, making the effect almost like a red carpet for her to walk on. When she stops center stage the spotlight raises to shine down on her, as she stands with one hand on her hip and a smirk on her face.

And our eyes are crossing paths across the room
There's only one thing left for us to do

Kat: Introducing at this time… Hailing from Los Angeles, California and accompanied to the ring by her manager….”The Star Distraction” Scarlett Silver!

You can touch me with slow hands
Speed it up, baby, make me sweat
Dreamland, take me there 'cause I want your sex
If my body had a say, I wouldn't turn away
Touch, make love, taste you
If my body told the truth, baby I would do
Just what I want to

Scarlett struts down the ramp running her hands slowly down her sides to her hips, still with a smirk on her face, while Christian follows a few steps behind. Pausing halfway down she sways her hips in rhythm with the music and slowly blows a kiss out to the crowd. She gives her hair a fluff before she continues on her way.

If I had it my way, I would take the lead
And if I had it my way, I would take you deep
If my body had a say, I'd get it off my chest
Show you all the red lace underneath this dress

Silver reaches the ring and slides under the bottom rope before taking her time to push up to her knees. After a few seconds she jumps to her feet and then climbs onto the turnbuckle facing the stage. She raises her arms up high then jumps down to join Christian in her corner, for a last minute, pre-match discussion.

Zack: If Scarlett gets the job done tonight, it’ll be her first opportunity to challenge for the Evolution Championship. And unlike Jo, she has proven she can defeat Kelly. I hope she isn’t going into tonight thinking this is in the bag.

Missy: That’s always a concern with Scarlett, and on some level I think she probably will be. As long as she shows some of the focus and fire that she did at Sin & Sacrifice though she could be celebrating later. 

Referee Ashley Pruitt checked both women for illegal objects, and then called for the bell. Scarlett headed out of the corner, and took a seat on the mat before laying down on it entirely. She encouraged Jo to cover her, causing more than a little confusion from the redhead. Jo looked from her father down to Scarlett, who was laying prone on the mat and still telling Jo to make the cover. 

Zack: So much for the fire we were talking about, Missy. Scarlett’s…. Laying down for Jo, and telling her to cover her!

Missy: I… what… I know for definite that this won’t be something that Christian told her to do… at least, I hope it isn’t. 

Jo cautiously moved towards her, and even the referee was asking Scarlett what she thought she was doing. The redhead shrugged her shoulders as she got closer, and leaned down to make the cover before Scarlett pulled her into a small package! Pruitt immediately dropped to count!!

Zack: She was goldbricking!!



Missy: I… was not expecting that. And obviously neither was Jo!

Jo kicked out in time before the two struck, and both women quickly got to their feet. The redhead fired a right hand towards her head, and Scarlett blocked it to fire back two of her own. The fans were already making noise before Silver connected with an inverted atomic drop that stumbled Jo forward. Scarlett grabbed her in a rear waistlock, and began snapping off rolling German suplex. Five in a row landed before she nipped back to her feet to a pop from the crowd! 

Missy: This is the fire I was hoping to see. She had me worried for a second at the start, but it’s starting to look like she’s kept some of that explosiveness. 

Zack: Silver’s snapping off those German suplexes like a Pez dispenser! She wants that title shot more than we all knew!

Jo got back to her feet before Scarlett grabbed her hand, and whipped her into the far corner. She followed her in with an avalanche splash, causing Jo to stumble out. The brunette hopped up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside to deliver a bulldog. Jo’s head hit the mat, and Scarlett took off towards the ropes, using them for a springboard into a moonsault across the Hall of Famer’s body. Tommy hopped up onto the apron to complain, and Scarlett made him pay for it with a running dropkick to the chest that sent him back to the floor. Jo hadn’t gotten off the mat before Scarlett delivered a knee drop followed by a second from the corner.

Zack: Scarlett’s playing all her greatest hits! There goes the BOOM BOOM, and we’re not two minutes into this match!

Missy: She’s really trying to get a quick finish here isn’t she? If she can actually manage it, I’ll buy her drinks all night. But I think my card is safe. 

The redhead struggled to get to her feet right before Scarlett spun into her with her thumb to the throat that dropped her where she stood. The Boston crowd got even louder before the brunette dropped on top of her to make the cover with a hook of the leg. 

Missy: SILVER SPIKE already… is she actually going to… this could be an expensive night for me. 




Jo got her shoulder up in time, and Scarlett quickly got to her feet. The redhead was still trying to get her breath back as Scarlett wiggled her thumb and waved Jo to get up again as she circled behind her. 

Zack: Scarlett got every bit of it, and Jo… she doesn’t know it yet. But Scarlett’s got her lined up for one more! Two Spikes, no waiting!

Jo finally turned around as Scarlett went for a second spike, but she ducked it this time. The brunette rolled over her back, and landed on her feet. When Jo rose back up and turned around, Scarlett grabbed her head and dropped her with a facebuster. A huge grin formed on her face as she headed for the corner to make her way up top, while Tommy was screaming at his daughter from the floor!

Missy: Daddy dearest doesn’t look too happy does he?! 

Zack: What’s she got in mind now?! Scarlett on the third floor, and damn sure pitching a shutout! Kelly, you may be in big trouble!!

She launched herself into a shooting star press that landed perfectly on target, and got a pop from her manager too as she made the cover, and was counting with one hand towards the camera as the referee did.

Missy: That… I can’t quite believe what I’m seeing. I’m seriously impressed with Scarlett at the moment. 




Jo was pulled out from under Scarlett by her foot, thanks to Tommy. He yanked her to the floor, and started reading her the riot act as his daughter tried to recover. Silver took off for the far side, and came back with a corkscrew splash over the top rope that took Tommy down as she landed on Jo. 

Zack: Scarlett Silver is hitting anything that moves, and that includes Tommy McFarlane! Jo hasn’t got a shot off yet! 

She pulled Jo up, and tossed her back into the ring. When she saw Tommy getting up, she caught him with a discus punch to the jaw that stumbled him backwards. And after blowing him a kiss, another dropkick to the chest put him on the floor again. She hopped back up onto the apron, holding her hand over her ear as she listened to the crowd. 

Zack: Scarlett Silver is like a tornado brought to life! Anything that gets in her way, she mows it down! And the crowd’s eating it up too! Stay on her!

Missy: There hasn’t been a hair fluff or lack of focus in sight. I’m betting Jo wasn’t expecting anything even close to this when she came out to the ring tonight. 

Scarlett watched her start to get up before she hopped to the top rope into a springboard meteora. But Jo sidestepped her, and she crashed on her knees against the mat. She grimaced in pain before a shining wizard from Jo put her face down on the canvas. The Hall of Famer staggered back to prop up against the corner, trying to gather her wits with a scowl on her face as she stared at her opponent. 

Zack: That’s a great way to have both your knees blown out, and Jo finally struck! But look at her, she’s trying to recuperate while Scarlett’s down. 

Missy: You can’t blame her, but she might want to recuperate quickly if she wants to capitalise on the opening she’s made. 

She finally pushed out of the corner, and went to get Scarlett as she was starting to get up again. She grabbed her head, and yanked her into the corner to pound her face into the turnbuckle a few times. It wobbled the brunette before Jo pulled her into a ripcord knee strike to the head. Silver collapsed to a seat on the mat dazed before Jo took off for the ropes behind her. She came back with a sliding forearm to the back of her head, causing Scarlett’s upper body to lean forward. Jo’s face screwed in anger before she plucked her head between her legs, and followed up with a piledriver. She called her a couple names as she got back to her feet amid boos from the Boston crowd. 

Missy: Jo’s really making up for lost time here and I’ve gotta say, I think I preferred it when Scarlett was in control. Her head is started to resemble a pinball with all the shots Jo’s taking at it. 

Zack: Jo is holding court, and everything is aimed at taking Scarlett’s head off. I think I’d have gone for the cover here, but it seems like Jo has other thoughts in mind.

Jo waved her to get up again, and Scarlett was slow to do that. When she finally did, Jo applied a sleeper hold and immediately pushed Scarlett to her knees. She leaned into her as Scarlett’s head was tilted forward with Jo applying all the pressure she could. Christian moved around in front of her on the outside, talking to her as her eyes started closing as Jo sunk the hold in that much more tightly. Pruitt moved around in front of Scarlett, talking to her as well but she wasn’t responding to the questions.

Missy: This is not looking good for Scarlett. Jo’s got that held tight and Scarlett looks like she might already be out. 

Zack: Silver looks like she may be having not so sweet dreams right now, and this sleeper is super effective after all the shots she’s already taken to the head.

Scarlett began to slump forward more before the referee grabbed her hand. She lifted it, and let it fall. A second time, it did the same thing before Jo let her collapse to the mat. She covered her instead of waiting for a third arm drop before the referee moved into position.

Zack: WHy would you let it go?! I think she might have had her, but a three count is just as good for getting that Evolution title shot!




Just as Tommy had done earlier, Christian pulled Scarlett from underneath Jo to the floor with him. He started trying to revive her as Jo complained to the referee, who reminded her her father did it first. 

Missy: Jo might be regretting letting that hold go, she basically had her I think. I have no idea what was going through her head, I’m just glad whatever it was did, because it means Scarlett still has a chance to turn it around here. 

Christian knelt in front of her, still talking to Scarlett and patting her cheek as she was looking very very drowsy at this point. McFarlane took off for the far side as Scarlett was trying to get to her feet, and caught her with a baseball slide to the chest that sent her into the barricade. With her sat against it, Jo grabbed the top of the barricade and began hammering knees into her head and body while Christian headed towards the broadcast table. Tommy told his daughter to keep it up until she heard the referee get to a seven in the ring. Jo rolled back in to break it as Christian pulled a water bottle from under the desk. He doubled back, and splashed it in Scarlett’s face to help revive her. 

Missy: That’s an effective way to wake her up… at least I hope it is, because she’s running out of time fast. 

Zack: That’s alright, I wasn’t gonna grab that bottle anyway! Scarlett’s getting her senses about her, and Jo’s about to capitalize before she can get too far awake. 

Scarlett started to get to her feet, and was wiping her face to clear the cold water from it. As soon as she did, Jo took off towards her and sailed through the ropes into what looked like a Superman punch, but Scarlett countered it into a spinebuster that curled Jo’s back up in agony. The former Fast Track Champion leaned against the apron, shaking her head as she was still feeling the effects of the sleeper. 

Zack: Jesus, what a counter! That had to be instinct! Either way, Jo’s back and body exploded against the floor here ringside! Scarlett’s still trying to get the blood flowing. 

Missy: I’m seeing a side of Scarlett that we only usually get a few glimpses of. I always knew she could be like that if she just focused more… and whoo boy is she focusing tonight. 

She pulled herself back into the ring, and crawled towards the center. The fans were chanting her name loudly now as she sat up on her knees. One hand held her head before she started to get up, and collapsed face down on the mat. Tommy screamed at his daughter to get in the ring, and make the cover as the referee went to check on the lifeless Scarlett still face down on the canvas. Jo struggled to get to her feet, and rolled back inside. 

Zack: This is the second time this week, Missy, that we’ve seen someone who may be unconscious in the ring. Scarlett collapsed like a house of cards, and hasn’t moved since. 

Missy: With all the damage Jo’s been doing to her head… I really don’t like the look of this. Not at all. 

Jo crawled towards the brunette, who hadn’t moved an inch. The redhead got to her feet, and grabbed her legs into position for her finisher. But Scarlett was dead weight on the mat. Jo’s father screamed at her to cover her, and that was unconscious. And that’s what Jo did as she pushed Scarlett onto her back, her arms and legs akimbo. The redhead leaned forward to make the cover before Scarlett came to life, and pulled her into a small package again!

Zack: She’s out cold, just cover her! Jo’s gonna challenge for the Evo--WHAT THE?!




Jo kicked out, and sat up quickly to check with the referee to make sure it was just a two. Scarlett also sat up with a huge grin on her face to the delight of the crowd. 

Missy: She was playing possum?! She had me fooled, but man did she come close to putting Jo away there. Jo is not going to be amused. 

Jo got to her feet at the same time as Scarlett, even  more angry now as she went for a haymaker shot. Scarlett blocked it, and began firing them back at her. Each shot wobbled her another step towards the ropes before Silver sent her across for the ride. She scooped her up on the rebound with a Spanish fly. The brunette got to her feet, shaking her head for a second and heading towards the corner once again. 

Zack: And she’s going up one more time! I think she’s completely thrown Jo off her game plan tonight, and put on a couple great performances if there’s an Emmy consideration in our port!

Missy: At least she knows that she could probably have a successful acting career when or if she decides to hang up her boots. 

She pulled her elbow pad up her arm, and came down with a top rope elbow drop to Jo’s head. She quickly hooked the outside leg for the cover as Pruitt dove into position to make the count. 

Zack: Jo forgot her umbrella in Boston, and didn’t know we were expecting a little SCARLETT RAIN!!




Pruitt called for the bell as Scarlett sat up, pulled her pad back down, and had that same grin on her face when she had her hand raised. 

Missy: Scarlett has more than earned this win tonight! Colour me impressed, proud and slightly shocked to be honest. 

Kat: Your winner of the match….and #1 contender to the Evolution Championship…...SCARLETT SILVER!!!

Zack: Now we know who Kelly Kincaid will be staring across the ring at when she next defends the Evolution Championship! This is a whole new Scarlett, and could well be the one to end Kelly’s reign! 

Scarlett got back to her feet as Christian congratulated her upon entering the ring. He raised her hand too as Scarlett watched the replay of the final seconds of the match on the video wall. 

Zack: Scarlett’s watching herself in slow motion, and she earned every bit of this! I guess that means you’re buying tonight, Missy!

Missy: I guess it does, and she’s more than earned it after that performance!

Zack: Well done to Scarlett on a terrific performance! Kelly, you got a familiar face waiting for you and that title! Thank you for joining us, and good night from Boston!

Scarlett started conducting the crowd as they chanted her name, the same big smile on her face as Breaking Point faded off the air. 

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