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October 22, 2020, 02:18:21 am
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Face Off Preview for November 9th Breaking Point

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Author Topic: Face Off Preview for November 9th Breaking Point  (Read 113 times)
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« on: October 31, 2019, 05:35:09 pm »

FFW Breaking Point
Live from the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
November 9, 2019

A pair of buildings appears as the faces of FFW stars begin blinking on them. Suddenly  a wrecking ball smashed through the buildings with the rubble covering the camera until we are taken inside the studio. A rounded video wall sits behind two leather chairs with a table between them. On the video wall, FFW stars’ faces slowly change. In the chair on the left is the host, Christian Kincaid. To his right is a brand new guest, Alysson Gardner.

Christian: Hello there, everyone! And welcome to Face Off, where today we’ll be previewing the last show before Global Wars. I’m talking about Breaking Point, which is gonna be live from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 9. Today, my co-hostess is a woman who is neck deep in all things Global Wars and a recent inductee into the FFW Hall of Fame. Alysson Gardner, great to have you.

He reaches across and shakes her hand. The Big Red gives him a warm smile and a firm handshake.

Alysson: Thanks for having me, CK. And it’s glad to be “neck deep in all things Global Wars” without having to deal with a BS partner for once. Isn’t it great when you can just enjoy your run without losing your mind over what someone else is doing?

Christian: I’d say so, but I’ve never been in Global Wars. I wasn’t born the right way for that one. I’ve got some news on the big show we’ll be covering today too. It’s been a little while since you’ve been in a ladder match, but matches like that are certainly in your wheelhouse, aren’t they?

Alysson smirks.

Alysson: I’m not the Goddess of Extreme for no reason. I love heights and I love thrills. So, at the risk of sounding a bit conceited, yeah, ladder matches are right up my alley. And if I have my way? That 4-way ladder match at Global Wars is mine to lose.

Christian: I think that puts you at a real advantage, honestly. But before we get to talking about Breaking Point, it’s time to see what’s available at the FFW shop site featuring my guest here. Alysson, we’ve got some neat stuff with you in it. Ready to see it?

Alysson: I’ve been in the industry for the past 14 years and I never get tired of seeing my own merch. Hit it!

Alysson claps her hands and cracks a MASSIVE smirk. Christian is handed a Blu-ray case, which he sits on the table as the camera zooms in.

Christian: This right here is the Alysson Gardner: To the Extreme Blu-ray and DVD. There’s over 4 hours of some of Alysson’s best matches on here, along with a documentary starting from the day she arrived in FFW all the way to the present and including her Hall of Fame speech. You could have an Alysson Gardner marathon one night with all that to relive and watch again.

Alysson: It’s been a long time since my first ever collection, so I guess it’s fair for us to get another one on the shop. And it’s been a ride. My bumpy start, my rise to the Ultraviolence Championship, my matches with people like Emma Macnamara and Penny Buchanan… Hey, remember the only time the UV Championship was defended in a pay-per-view main event? Damn, those are some great memories.

Christian: But wait, there’s more!

The next thing set on the table is a toy FFW ring, and standing in it is Alysson in her ring gear waiting.

Christian: This is the brand new FFW ring, where you can have all your figures going at it anytime you want. In this year’s update, the ring comes with an Alysson Gardner figure along with some hardcore weapons like chairs, a ladder, collapsible tables, and brass knucks. This Alysson, like the real life one, is ready for any challenge you put in front of her.

Alysson: But WAIT! If you want the full Alysson Gardner experience, you need to have this.

And then the French wrestler produces a miniature crowbar and places it in the hand of the toy one.

Alysson: Bang! There ya go. Now you’re ready to rock sumbitches’ worlds with style!

Christian: That works too. Last but certainly not least, Alysson here is also part of the FFW Funko family. That’s right, if you want to give the “Outlaw” the big head, we got you covered.

He hands her her own Funko Pop still in the box.

Alysson: WHOA!

Alysson picks up the Funko pop and smirks proudly.

Alysson: Not gonna lie, I’ve always wanted to have one, and now I’ve made it! This is amazing! You know what? At Global Wars, I’m gonna sign a bunch of those for fans that come to the Fan Access before the show, because this is amazing!

Christian: You can keep that one if you want it for your personal collection. But with that out of the way, let’s take a look at the last Breaking Point of 2019, not to mention the last one before Global Wars! As I said at the start, we’ll be at the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 9th. And we’re gonna start with a match that is super important to Global Wars.

The graphic for it pops up on the video wall behind them.

Chrisitan: This is the LAST chance for Andi Takata and Mel Avilo to get some points on the board. The way the points have been spread, it looks like there’s going to be five in the ladder match this year. Only Japan and Brazil haven’t gotten on the board. Whoever wins this match will be in the ladder match at Global Wars! So this match couldn’t be more important for them, Alysson.

Franchise’s Mel Avilo vs. “Lucky Star’ Andi Takata
Global Wars - Winner Advances To The Ladder Match

Alysson: Global Wars has had a shorter season this time, so every match counts. And Andi, she’s had more matches than anyone else in attempts to score some points. Problem is, she keeps running into bullshit. It’s almost like people are too afraid to take her on one-on-one without resorting to crap. As for Mel… Well, so much for the Franchise’s “total domination” thing, huh? At this point, it’s pretty much a “lose and go home” situation for them, because whoever eats an L in this match is out of the ladder match, no questions asked.

Christian: Especially in Mel’s case. Andi has already got herself another match at Global Wars, and could end up competing twice that night! But we’ll see who heads for the ladder match in this one. Our next match was announced at the last Breaking Point as Missy of Chaotic Temptation will be meeting the Gold Standard’s Elizabeth Lannister. Who do you like here?

Chaotic Temptation’s Missy vs. The Gold Standard’s Elizabeth Lannister

Alysson: I honestly don't have an opinion on either of them, but I'm leaning slightly towards Missy, on the grounds of her being a protege of one of my best friends, that being Emma Mackenzie. Now, I'm fully aware the Gold Standard is gonna roll their eyes at everything I say, seeing that last time I came in contact with them, I was literally chasing Kyle Kilmeade out of an arena, soooooo… I'm just gonna hope for a fun match here, and may the most competent woman win.

Christian: Also announced at Breaking Point, Harley Shannon will go one on one with the Privileged Circle’s Isis Morales. The last time these two met was when they were both in Future Shock, and Harley scored a very difficult to attain submission victory on the Titaness. We’ll see if she can do it again. And if she can’t, Isis may be lining herself up for a future title shot.

Harley Shannon vs. The Privileged Circle’s Isis Morales

Christian: What advice do you have for taking down a woman the size and strength of Isis, Alysson?

Alysson: Like Harley Shannon needs advice from anyone on that! But he's my take: smart wrestling and a good deal of speed will do the job, no matter what kind of opponent you're facing. See, Isis is slow, a price she pays for her absurd raw power. If Harley knows how to establish her distance and strikes at the right moment, that's jackpot.

Christian: Sound advice, and not unlike what I’d tell her myself. But it’s the main event that is of great intrigue to me, because the Unity Tag Titles will be on the line that night. Scarlett Silver and OE Ayano will defend those tag titles against Valerie McKinley and Lacey of the Gold Standard! The Gold Standard wanted to combine those titles with the Future Shock titles, but that wasn’t meant to be. But they have a chance to dethrone Scarlett and OE.

Chaotic Temptation’s Scarlett Silver & OE Ayano vs. The Gold Standard’s Valerie McKinley and Lacey
FFW Unity Tag Team Championship

Christian: Both teams have been picking up wins of late, and this is gonna be a hard defense for my Unity Champions, no two ways about it.

Alysson: Yeah, no, it’s gonna be a tough one for the Temptation, but I have a firm belief that it’s gonna be a show stealer. The whole dynamic that goes on with people that have a big head when it comes to their accomplishments is that they get so hung up on going higher and higher and trying to prove the world they’re the hottest shit around, they take their eyes off the ball. That’s how the Gold Standard lost the Future Shock Tag Team Championships to the Raging Dragons. And I could list a whole lot of other examples of that, but I don’t wanna get sidetracked. Still, now that the GS is out to PROVE something instead of just take something, they may give the Temptation a run for their money.

Christian: I tend to agree. It’s gonna be one hell of a show before we head for Global Wars. Remember me saying I had some news? Well after the recent Breaking Point, a new match has been added to Global Wars. It’ll be a rematch from the last Impact special this past summer when Nevaeh Summers will go one on one with “10 Star” Tara Cortez in her FFW event debut! And I’m sure with the slump Nevaeh’s been in, she’s going to be even more determined at Global Wars. Don’t you think?

Alysson snickers.

Alysson: My opinion on Nevaeh Summers is well known, and isn’t changing any soon. Now, Tara, by hook or crook, she’s going places, with or without her twin sisters’ aid. At the end of the day, CK, and I know you’re gonna agree with me, being Tara’s manager -- there’s no substitute for ambition.  I’m looking forward to see how Li’l Miss Not-a-PED-User goes about this match, because her track record when it comes to people who get under her skin isn’t really kosher.

Christian: Well she’s gonna have to do more than bicycle kick her at Global Wars if she wants to win that one, no question about that. Fans, this is the last stop before Global Wars for the FFW roster. And it looks like it could be the most important stop yet. Make sure you join us on November 9th for Breaking Point, and then 2 weeks later at Global Wars. The next time you see me, we’ll be covering all of Global Wars and what you can expect. I’d like to thank my co-hostess who is always welcome back anytime, Alysson Gardner! And we’ll see you in Buffalo!

He leans across to thank her and shake her hand once again as Face Off fades to black.
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