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October 22, 2020, 03:09:54 am
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FFW Future Shock - Episode 69

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock - Episode 69  (Read 1052 times)
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« on: November 05, 2019, 07:09:50 pm »

Live from the Future Shock Arena in Boston, Massachusetts
November 5, 2019

A FFW logo is shown stuck on a travel bag as it’s being pulled through the airport. “Leave It All Behind” by Sleeping with Sirens can be heard playing over it. The bag belongs to Arabella Townshend as she heads towards her gate before she gets stopped by a mother and her daughter for an autograph. As she leans down to take a selfie with the little girl, one of the monitors hanging is showing clips from Future Shock.

When you look at my life, tell me what do you see?
I’m only human, so don’t expect too much from me.
I lost my faith, what have I become?
I don't think I can be safe from what I'm running for

The clips feature: Mara Werth getting to her feet and having her hand raised after a match, Nora Harris coming off the top of a cage with an elbow drop, Anna and Luna Cortez bumping fists and heading towards the ring, Su Wakuda reaching for a tag from Jennifer Song, and Gemma Pierce looking at her reflection as it changes from red hair to black, and Andi Takata nailing her rolling cutter!.

Will you remember me
If I were to fall into the sky?
And what will they think of me
If I leave it all behind?
When I leave it all behind?

Arabella continues through the airport, and takes a seat in her terminal. She checks her cell phone to see her itinerary, and gets tapped on the shoulder by another fan who wants a hug. This puts a grin on her face as she returns it, and they show her videos on their phone of her and several of the Prospects.

Would you be so surprised if I gave up tonight?
I'm barely breathing, I wanna kill the pain I feel inside
But I won't quit for the people I love
So I'll say I'm fine until the day I fucking see the light

The clips show: Cait Flanagan coming to the ring and throwing money over her shoulder, Alessandra and Nadia sitting on adjacent turnbuckles and flashing a smile to one another, Sydney Christensen delivering a tombstone piledriver, the Stone Sisters greeting the ringside fans as they head towards the ring, and Laurie ignoring Jane as she speaks with Sara backstage.

If you feel like you are nothing
If you feel like letting go
I'll be your hope when you are hopeless
Together, we are not alone
You're not alone

The doors open as Arabella heads through the gate to board her flight. And as the door with the Future Shock lightning logo seals shut behind her, we go live inside the arena to a roaring crowd. The camera pans the interior with a new stage design, and spotlights flooding the crowd as they see themselves on the video wall.

Zack: With a historic night in Montreal at Nemesis behind us, Future Shock returns home to Boston at the Future Shock Arena! I’m Zack, and Steph’s here too. And no sooner, Steph, do our Prospects put one big event in the history books, we got another 2 weeks from tonight at 2nd Impact when the Prospects meet the FFW roster once again in head to head competition.

Steph: THE IMPACT SHALL COMETH!! ...No but really, Zack it’s gonna be an amazing show but we aren’t there quite yet.

Zack: We’ll hear more about that show tonight, I’m sure. Also tonight, we are going to see the dual debuts of two brand new Prospects when Ashley Slayton meets a “Magical Girl” we’ve seen a lot of lately in Jamie Winters.

Steph: I’m not sure who the fans have quite yet, but I suspect they’ll making their voices heard in qqquuuuiiiicccckkk succession. Like a pilot episode...

Zack: We’ll also be seeing your favorite, Cait Flanagan, back inaction as she meets Carys McFarlane. Both of them are coming off a loss recently, and could certainly use some momentum as we head towards 2020.

Steph: Zack, the emotions I feel for my daughter are besides the point. Professional rivalries aside, Carys is one of the best... No, scratch it, she IS the best of the sisters. I’ll say it, as personal opinion, sue me. I will easily admit that--so if Cait wants to win, she’s gonna have to dig deep into the box of cunning.

Zack: In our main event, it’ll be Arabella Townshend and Jacqui Minogue facing off one on one. Both these women were in the match to crown the first Nova Champion, and both of them want to get back in the ring for it again.

Steph: They both want it but a one-on-one match awaits for only one of them at a time, Zack. We need to find out who gets the ‘first come, first serve’ treatment.

Zack: If you missed Nemesis, you gotta get FFW All Access. Because you missed the crowning a brand new Future Shock Champion when Vivi Robichaud finally accomplished what she set out to early this year! 

Steph: Congratulations to the Future Shock champ, but we haven’t heard much from Cassandra since and I am a bit curious of what comes of that, Zack.

Zack: She wasn’t the only one who had a big night, so did Stacey Sky in what some would classify as an upset over Andi Takata! We’ll hear from the angry cheerleader tonight as well. She made it clear, Steph, that she wants some gold. We just don’t know which.

Steph: To beat someone of Andi’s calibur... Well I have to know, Zack. Does Stacey go for Nova? Aspire...? Or... The big belt?

Zack: There’s plenty to draw to tonight, so let’s get this show rolling. We got a couple new Prospects to check out!

The show heads to the ring, and finds the “Wildcat” front and center as she always is. Gaby looks over the crowd, and begins with a smile.

Gaby: The opening contest of Future Shock is scheduled for one fall to a finish. 

Suddenly the lights in the arena fade to a low purple as the opening riffs of Royal Blood's "Out of the Black" begin to thrum throughout the arena as a spotlight hits the entrance way. 

How did it feel when it came alive and took you
Out of the black
It broke your skin and shift through
Every part of me, every part of you

A tall, blonde bombshell steps out onto the entrance way with a sly little smile on her face like she is the only one privy to the greatest joke in the world before she tosses her long, blonde hair over her right shoulder and starts to walk down to the ring, occasionally giving fans a high five as she goes. 

Gaby:  She weighs in tonight at one hundred and fifty five pounds, from Houston Texas but she fights out of Royal Kunia Hawaii!! This is the Heir Apparent to the Iron Throne of the Slayton Dynasty...

You made a fool out of me
And took the skin off my back running
So don't breathe when I talk
'Cause your hand, it's broke in two

I got a gun for my mouth and a bullet with your name on it
But a trigger full of heartbeat pulling from an empty pocket

Gaby:  Ashley...SLAYTON!!!

Ashley then hops up onto the ring apron and then goes to step between the middle ropes, giving the fans at ringside a good shot at her ass. Then the camera switches to a view of her face as she rolls her eyes before she continues to step through the ring ropes and strutting to the center of the ring, throwing her arms out as she soaks in the cheers.

Zack: We got to meet Ashley at Nemesis, Steph. And if you read her bio on the Future Shock site, she lists FFW Hall of Famer Wendy Briese as someone she wants to emulate in this business. 

Steph: ...I’m not sure how to take Ashley. Second generation wrestler... But deeply respects Wendy Briese... But we saw that she’s no stranger to violence... And she’s a fan of Royal Blood. I don’t know what to do with this new Prospect, Zack. Confliction is my aesthetic right now.

The sitars and the electronic beat of t+pazolite’s “Magic Raffles” blare through the sound system as the stage is covered in dry ice fog. From the back, in a soft sprint, comes the “Magical Girl” Jamie Winters holding on to her magician’s hat, greeting the crowd with a big smile. She spins on her heels and strikes a pose as playing cards starts raining from the stage and the lights blink in white and baby blue. She then starts skipping down the entrance ramp to the beat of her song, sharing high-fives with the people who have their hands extended out to her, and stopping to give rabbit stickers to the children in the audience, that she “generates” using her magic tricks.

Gaby: And her opponent… From Lowell, Massachusetts… JAMIE WINTERS!!!

Finally, she reaches the ring, hopping onto the ring apron and then hovering in though the second rope. She quickly hops onto the bottom rope and leans on the top rope, flashing her playing cards with her rabbit stickers on them, before throwing those cards into the crowd and finally hopping down to the ring.

Zack: A product of the Future Shock Center in LA, I was told Jamie Winters has been ready for a while to be on this roster. And she’s certainly winning over the younger fans in the audience with these stickers. 

Steph: Rabbits. Rabbits popping everywhere. Adam, if you’re listening to this... This is the weirdest opener you could have put together for a Future Shock show... At the same time? I’m kinda into it. Nice, boss. Nice.

Referee Melinda Davis checks both women as Jamie has yet to take off her ring jacket. The referee calls for the bell as they meet in the center, and Jamie holds out her hand for a shake. Ashley seems mildly suspicious at first, but takes her hand to shake before Jamie walks away… leaving Ashley holding a prosthetic hand as she takes the jacket off and tosses it to the floor. Slaytlon looks down at the prop hand she’s holding as Jamie grins, and the blonde tosses it away before the two lock up in the center of the ring. 

Steph: [Humming “Entrance of The Gladiators”...]

Zack: That’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone use a prop hand in wrestling. Well done, Jamie. Well done. 

Slayton starts to push her backwards until Jamie stops her progress, and transitions into a rear waistlock. The blonde tries to reach behind her to grab her head, but Jamie keeps hers low and brings her down to the mat with a belly to back suplex. Ashley doesn’t have to get up before Jamie pulled her back up and down again into a side Russian leg sweep. The Hawaiian gets back to her feet before Jamie catches her with a back kick to the stomach that sends her stumbling into the corner. Winters follows her in with a quick forearm to the head, and then whips her across to the far side. The blonde stops before she hits the corner, and turns around into a scorpion kick from Jamie. It wobbles her again before a flying headscissors takes her down to the mat, and Jamie nips up to her feet with a smile on her face.

Steph: I always like a good scorpion kick, Zack. I don’t have the flexibility to do it, but I like it.

Zack: Well that’s alright, Steph. It’s not really required for this job. So I say we call it a wash. 

Ashley gets up too, and catches her when she turns around with a discus punch to the jaw. She jerks her forward and pulls her head down before driving repeated knees into her face and chest. It drops Winters to a knee as Ashley rebounds off the near side with an axe kick to the back of her head. The illusionist falls to the mat, but Ashley doesn’t let her stay there before she scoops her up into a belly to belly suplex before floating over and pulling her into a stalling vertical suplex. 

Zack: Ashley certainly likes her suplex variations, and Jamie’s back is getting introduced to the mat with increasing impact.

Steph: Wait wait... I’m still counting on that stalling vertical... 29... 30... 31... 32... 33... 34... Oof!

The blonde looked down as Jamie starts to get up, and drags her back to her feet. She shoved her into the nearest corner, and tees off with a knife edge chop to her chest. Jamie’s pale skin shows where it landed as she absorbs two more, leaving a red handprint on her flesh. Slayton steps out of the corner, and grabs her arm to pull her into a ripcord knee strike that nearly doubles her over before the newcomer pulls her into an exploder suplex. Ashley quickly goes for the cover as the referee slides into position.

Steph: There’s an exploder and there’s the cover!



Jamie gets her shoulder up at the two count, and Ashley got back to her feet. She pulled her to her feet into a front facelock. When she lifted her for what looked to be a brainbuster, Jamie countered out of it and dropped to her feet behind her. 

Zack: Jamie slipped free of Ashley’s grip, showing some counter wrestling skills here! I don’t think Ashley will like what Jamie’s gonna do next!

Before she could turn around, Winters grabbed her head and executed a double knee backbreaker that propelled her forward into the ropes. And as soon as she bounced into them and turned around, Jamie nailed her with a discus lariat. The magician took a second to get her bearings before she darted towards the ropes, using them for a springboard into a phoenix splash! She hooked both legs as she went for the cover, and Davis immediately dropped to make the count. 

Steph: Good God what a Phoenix Splash! It was explosive and the last thing I was expecting here!



This time, it was Ashley who kicked out at two. Winters rolled off her, and headed for the ropes as she was getting up. Jamie rebounded off the far side, and went for a quebrada! But Slayton sidestepped her, and let her hit the mat instead. As soon as she landed, Ashley hoisted her into a Samoan drop. 

Zack: That’s what can happen when you leave your feet in a match. Jamie is good at counters, but Ashley is just as good at dodging!

As the blue-haired Prospect began to get up, Ashley scooped her up again and delivered a Snake Eyes in the corner. Winters stumbled out before Slayton spun her around into a butterfly suplex. She quickly grabbed both her feet under her arms, and catapulted her face first into the corner. As she staggered out, Ashley pulled her into a hair pull backbreaker that dropped her to the mat. She waved her to get up, and that’s what Jamie finally started to do when Slayton applied her octopus stretch.

Zack: Both of these girls are looking to impress tonight, and Ashley… well she’s looking for a submission here! We’ll see what kind of resiliency that Jamie has right now!

Steph: A good Iron Octopus is near impossible to escape from and an absolute murder in the middle of the ring. It looks like Jamie has some plans here. 

Davis moved in front of Jamie to see if she wanted to stop the match. But the illusionist shook her head while Ashley tried to exert more pressure. Winters’ face showed great discomfort as she tried to move them both towards the ropes. But the blonde’s strength was making that more difficult as each second passed. Jamie gritted her teeth, and countered out by falling backwards on top of Ashley, to make her break the hold. She quickly rolled away from her after she got free of her grip. Slayton quickly got up, and went to get her. But Jamie caught her coming in with a kick to the stomach and then into a flatliner before she made the cover!

Zack: That’s one way to break that octopus hold, and Winters may have just flatlined Ashley’s hopes for a winning debut!




The blonde managed to get her shoulder off the mat, and Jamie rolled towards the corner. She pulled herself to her feet, and headed up to the top rope. A quick glance between her legs showed Ashley was still down on the mat before coming down with a reverse diving senton!

Steph: Big time senton there and there and our own Criss Angel is out to do more!

The magician rose back to her feet, and started rallying the crowd behind her. She headed up to the top rope again, smiling wider as she heard the Boston crowd getting more and more loud in her favor. 

Zack: Look at that smile, I think she’s got something big in mind!

Jamie launched into the air with a little hangtime into a springboard moonsault splash that landed perfectly on target. The fans came to their feet as she hooked both legs for the cover, and Davis dropped to count. 

Zack: She calls that the MOMENT OF MAGIC!!




Steph: You can call it whatever you want, it’s all victory to me!

Jamie rolled off the cover with a smile etched on her face before the referee raised her hand. THe Boston crowd gave her a very loud response as she stepped onto the bottom rope to lean over the top.

Gaby: Your winner by pinfall…………………JAMIE WINTERS!!

Steph: What a victory for Miss Magic over here!

Jamie waved her hands, and made an exploding motion with them before playing cards began to fall from the rafters onto the fans with her face on them.

Zack: That’s one hell of a way to make your debut! Jamie Winters showed us tonight she’s as good in the ring as she is on the stage!

Steph: She might be even better than that! 

She flipped over to the floor, and greeted some of the fans along the barricade while she headed towards the back. The show cut backstage from there.

Sky’s The Limit

The still image of “Sensational” Stacey Sky from her win at Nemesis is shown next, almost as though you’d expect a clip to play. But it doesn’t, and as the camera pulls back, we see it’s on a monitor with both the cheerleader and her manager standing by it. Kyle points up to it with his finger and a smile on his face. 

Kyle: I had this image as my phone wallpaper for about a week after Nemesis. This image of Stacey Sky standing triumphant after defeating a FFW Hall of Famer and former Future Shock Champion in Andi Takata. The same Andi Takata who said on After Shock that this match was gonna be quick. Just a few shots, and a done deal before she was going to put Stacey away. 

He shook his head with the smile getting bigger. 

Kyle: That didn’t age well at all, did it? But what do you expect from someone who tells another wrestler she hopes their career gets ended? You expect her to underestimate opponents, and we see where that’s gotten her, don’t we? Long story short, I could not be prouder of Stacey than I was that night in the win that proves what I’ve said about her since day one. The only thing that would top it is when she has her hand up while the other is holding her first title. 

Stacey: That would definitely be something that could top beating the space cadet. And it really is just inevitable at this point. There’s no question that I will hold a title in Future Shock..the only matter of question is when. 

Kyle: The only other question is which one. Let’s be honest here. In my mind, Stacey should have her pick at this point. There’s a case to be made for each of them. And it’s only a matter of time before you all find out which one we want. As far as I’m concerned, she could write her own ticket against any of the champions: Katie, Gemma or Vivi. But there’s no rush right now. All the shows are booked through the end of the year for the Prospects, so we’ll have a better answer next year. In the meantime, I want to encourage all of her future opponents to take the same route Andi did. 

He glanced back to the still image again, and then to the camera. 

Kyle: Tell everyone how it’s going to take very little effort. Tell everyone how you are going to blow through the match. That it’s going to be a short night. I wouldn’t put it past some of you, if I’m honest. But you do that, and you will see a case of history repeating itself. Frankly unless you have a title right now in Future Shock, Stacey isn’t all that interested in you. What she said at the end of the match wasn’t just post match hype. That was real. And if you want to follow in Andi’s footsteps when that time comes, be my guest. You can exchange stories with her afterwards about how you both came up short. Tell yourselves you’ll get her next time. Rant a little on Twitter, that’s what all the serious athletes do around here, right? 

Stacey: Oh yes. If you’re not ranting on Twitter are you even a wrestler these days?

The blonde rolls her eyes exaggeratedly. 

Stacey: They all bring it on themselves, and then take to Twitter to play victim, or white knight to each other. They can all stick to being tough behind their keyboards and phone screens, and I’ll stick to knocking them down off those high horses. 

Kyle: There’s that old saying about the sky’s the limit. You have no idea. 

He offers Stacey his arm before they head off camera, and the show cuts elsewhere. 

How Low Can You Go?

The cameras find Carson holding a small rectangular cardboard box under one arm that seems about ⅓ as long as he is. He enters the locker room of Mara Werth since the door isn’t shut, and joins her on the couch. He places the long box in his lap before he begins. 

Carson: I hope I’m not interrupting, but I have some important dates to go over with you. Such as when you’ll be getting your title shot at Gemma. 

Mara: Not interrupting at all. I’m as free as a bird.

She eyed the box in his lap for a moment as she continued.

Mara: I was just watching and enjoying the show...maybe doing a little bit of pre-emptive scouting. Never know who you might end up facing down the line… and I might see something that I think would make me better; that I’d like to learn to keep on constantly improving. I’m pretty certain that it would be a good idea to add something new in - a couple of surprises - for when I do face Gemma again.

Carson: Well that’ll be January 14th on the first Future Shock of 2020. You’ll get your rematch for the Aspire Championship that night right here in this building.

Mara: January 14th. Right here in the Future Shock Center, on the very first show of the year. Wow...that would be one Hell of a way to start off the year wouldn’t it? To win the Aspire Championship on the first show, stopping Gemma from reaching five defences. Obviously it’s a lot easier for me to say that than it is to actually beat her. She’s on a heck of a run of late and while she’s maybe struggled. No. Had some difficulties? I guess you could say, against strong women - like me and Nora for example - she’s always found a way to raise her game and pick up the win. I’m going to have to overcome one Hell of a challenge and really push myself to show her something new on January 14th.

Carson: Before that, you have another date. That is December 3rd, because Miss Singer has scheduled you to be part of Girls’ Night Out at the Tunnel nightclub not too far from here. So you might want to go get yourself a new dress if you want. 

Mara: I do scrub up pretty well…

She grinned at her manager.

Mara: I think I can manage to get myself a new dress in order to impress. I’m sure it’ll be a great night at the Tunnel again. Any idea what she’s got me signed up for?

Carson: Well this may be right up your alley. She’s got you and a few others scheduled to compete in a limbo challenge. 

The raven haired woman let out a laugh.

Mara: I think that might be perfect for me. I am really flexible as a lot of posters sold through the FFW Shop - still available to order now and they make excellent Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Christmas presents. I think I can get down really low and manage to slide my way underneath a limbo bar - at least until we get to the stage where it might not be humanly possible to make it underneath. Definitely going to affect the choice of dress for the night.

Carson: You’ll be competing against Jacqui Minogue, Arabella Townshend, Carys McFarlane and Cassie Mason as well as Mars Whimsy. That’s quite the diverse group there. 

Mara: It’s definitely an eclectic group. I can’t imagine that group getting together for any other reason than this to be totally honest with you. It’ll be interesting to see what tactics get employed by some of these people in an effort to win. I’ll definitely give it my best shot to come out on top in the limbo competition. I’m looking forward to it a lot, it should be a great night, a lot of fun and a good way to celebrate Future Shock’s year.

Carson nodded and looked down to the long rectangular box in his lap.

Carson: It should, and that brings us to this. Something you do can do as you watch the rest of the show, if you want. 

He pulled the lid off of it, and slid it across onto Mara’s lap. 

Carson: A thousand kiss cards awaiting your personal touch. 

Mara: Only...a thousand...kiss...cards.

Her face fell slightly as she looked at the cards with trepidation for a moment before taking a deep breath and breaking into a smile.

Mara: I’ll get right on these, give them the personal touch and get as many of these done as I possibly can.

Carson: Oh, you can take them with you too. They would like them done by December 3rd. 

He gave her a pat on the shoulder as he got up from the couch, and left her with the show to watch and a lot of kisses in her future. 

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« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2019, 07:10:01 pm »

The show returns to the ring as the “Wildcat” is stepping through the ropes, and heads for the center with her microphone in hand.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish. 

Zack: Welcome back from the break, and we’re set for our next match. Steph, both of the women we are about to see could use some momentum. Who do you think has the inside track?

Steph: If you want me to be completely neutral? It’s all a matter of who can work around their opponent the best... That’s all I got, Zack.

His frost performed its art
And it has stained my tainted heart
Just leave me to my solitude
It's where I feel at home
Since that cold night
When my love cried

The synths give way to the heavier beats of Delain’s “Suckerpunch”, which brings a cheer from the crowd as the lights turn all colours of the rainbow. From the back steps Carys McFarlane. Stopping dead centre, she extends her arms out wide, spinning in a circle as pyro goes off around her.

Gaby: On her way to the ring, from Edinburgh, Scotland, weighing in at 130 pounds, please welcome “THE HUMAN PINBALL”, CARYS MCFARLANE!!

With the announcement out of the way, the young blonde takes off down the ramp, slamming her hands against the apron and using it to vault herself into a handspring and then onto the top rope, straddling it.

"Would you fall, give it all
Would you give it all for me?
Suckerpunch the demons from my dreams
Would you fall, give it all
Would you give it all for me?"
Get out of my dreams!

She drops from the rope and heads to the corner, leaping onto the turnbuckle and shouting out towards the crowd, a huge grin on her face. She then takes to the top buckle and vaults backwards, landing on her feet from a backflip. Finally, she heads towards her best friend and ring announcer, Gabby, high fiving her before she settles in her corner

Zack: In SVW, there’s not much that this woman right here hasn’t done in her career! That hasn’t translated entirely well so far in Future Shock, Steph. In your opinion, why do you think that is? Is Future Shock that much different to SVW? 

Steph: It’s more that.... Carys was one of the best for her time, but do you know how many prospects might have watched her tapes since then? You have to be constantly evolving and while I dare anyone to tell me Carys hasn’t...? It might have not been enough... Yet.

The opening of Madonna’s “Material Girl” begins playing as Cait Flanagan steps out onto the ramp. With a wink, she licks her index finger and touches it to the ground and as she passes the spot, flames shoot up behind her. She reaches into her tights and pulls out a wad of cash, fanning it out for the crowd to see.

She tousles her hair and fans herself with the money, then shrugs and tosses it behind her, letting it get eaten up by the flames. Cait puts her hand up to her mouth as she seems to realize what she’s done, but then she shrugs her shoulders and cackles.

You know that we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl…

Still laughing, Cait skips the rest of the way down to the ring, tossing her hair over her shoulder and blowing mocking kisses to the men in the audience. She ascends the steps and ducks through the ropes, winking at the referee.

Gaby: From Belfast, Northern Ireland, she is The Million Dollar Baby, Cait! Flanagan!

She seems to thank Gaby for her introduction and goes to her corner, laying across the turnbuckle and giving her opponent a cheeky little wave as she waits for things to get started.

Zack: Other than her helping you get this job a while back, Steph, tell our viewers what it is about Cait Flanagan that has endeared her to you so much. 

Steph: ...You want me to be honest? I miss the old me some days, Zack. The old, give-no-shit, take-no-shit version of me. You’d probably call it the worst version of me, everyone would but she was the most dangerous version. We all can’t argue that. I look at Cait and I see a woman who is better than that. That simple. I’ll bet you anything that Kyle would agree with me on that.

Referee Stephen Wilson checked both for weapons, and called for the bell. The Boston crowd immediately started getting behind Carys, which brought a growing smile to her face as she bounced on the balls of her feet. Cait headed for the center, and Carys took off towards her in a run. Flanagan sidestepped her to avoid whatever she had in mind, but the blonde stopped on a dime behind her. As soon as Cait turned, Carys caught her with a Pele kick to the top of her head that popped the crowd. It dropped Cait immediately before she got yanked by her arm to her feet, and whipped across for the ride. As she rebounded, Carys rolled into a ball and sprung forward with a flying clothesline. 

Zack: Carys with a fast break that Cait wasn’t anticipating, and now you’re seeing why they call her the “Human Pinball”! 

Steph: The rebound. The rolling, the flying clothesline and Carys is STILL going!

Flanagan rolled onto her back as Carys was in motion again, this time coming back with a rolling thunder senton before nipping back to her feet. The fans were eating it up as she pulled Cait up, and fired her into the corner. As soon as she landed back first, Carys was right behind her with a Stinger splash to the body. She hit a backflip out of the corner as Cait stumbled forward into a pop up gutbuster from the veteran. Carys dropped down to make the cover as Wilson slid into position to count. 

Steph: Here’s a pin off a pop-up gutbuster! Pop-up is my new favorite transition, Zack. Think of all the possibilities. Pop-up samoan drop, pop-up powerbomb, pop-up lariat, pop-up european uppercut, pop-up spinebuster...



Cait kicked out at two, but clutched her abdomen in pain as her opponent back to her feet. Carys didn’t help matters at all when she bounced off the ropes again into a double stomp to Cait’s body. 

Zack: I don’t know what Cait had in mind for this match, but it certainly wasn’t this! Carys is kinetic energy in human form!

McFarlane hopped on the balls of her feet, feeding off the crowd’s reaction before she took off for the corner and scaled it like a cat. She glanced between her legs to see where Cait was, and launched into a moonsault. But Cait rolled out of the way, causing Carys to land on her feet and use a standing moonsault to land on top of her instead. She pounded the mat with both fists, and got back to her feet. 

Zack: Carys stuck the landing on the first moonsault, but Cait caught the second one anyway! Carys McFarlane has this crowd on their feet, and Cait’s not gotten out the blocks!

Steph: Carys has more in mind it looks like... She’s pointing at Gaby here.

Carys pointed down to Gaby, and crouched in the corner on the balls of her feet. She waved for Cait to get up, and the crowd started getting louder as a result. Gaby grinned as she saw Carys setting up for her spear. The strawberry redhead finally began to get up just as Carys was set to launch, until Kyle appeared at ringside and pulled her out of the ring to a chorus of boos from the fans. 

Zack: Looks like Carys had a spear on her mind, but Cait managed to avoid it, thanks to the arrival of Kilmeade. He earns his money from his talent, no two ways about it. 

Steph: And the fans may riot here tonight before he actually earns his paycheck proper.

He shared a few words with her as Carys shook her head, and took off for the far side. She rebounded quickly and went for a tope over the top rope aimed at them both. But Kyle pulled Cait and himself out of the way, and let her crash on the floor. Cait immediately seized the opening, and dove on top of Carys to rain punches into her face with a vengeance. She grabbed two handfuls of her hair, and continuously spiked her head against the floor. The referee shouted at her to get back in the ring, but Cait paid no attention to that as she pulled Carys up by the head. Flanagan drove her head into the steps, causing her to crumple against them. The fans showed her NO love at all as she backed up to the next corner, and took off with a knee trembler to Carys’ head against the steps. 

Steph: Big time knee trembler on Carys and she looks a little more than rattled. Cait is intending to scramble Carys’s brains more than anything. You see what I mean, Zack? She’s more ruthless than I think I ever was.

Zack: I don’t think anyone would argue with you on that point. Cait is ruthless, cutthroat, and very dangerous if you make the mistake of underestimating her.

She rolled into the ring and back out, causing the referee to start admonishing her. Carys tried to get to her feet before Cait grabbed her head, and ran her into the barricade with a bulldog. It dropped her to her knees again, and the Gold Standard member caught her with a standing sidekick to the ear. Flanagan rolled back into the ring, and told the referee to count her out. Wilson gave her some static before he went to do just that. Carys seemed very unsteady as she got back to her feet. Wilson made it to a seven before she got back to the ring, and started to  pull herself onto the apron. As she stepped halfway back into the ring, Cait kicked the middle rope between her legs and then grabbed her head into a swinging neckbreaker to bring her back inside. 

Steph: You hate to see it... Literally.

Zack: After that opening flurry, I think Cait’s content to hurt any part of Carys she can. She’s not too bothered about where. 

She dragged her away from the ropes, and dropped to both knees on her chest with a hook of the leg. Wilson moved into position quickly to count. 

Zack: Carys may be unconscious after all that offense, and this cover is just insulting!




Carys got her shoulder up before the three, and Cait got back to her feet. She grabbed her arm, then wrapped a leg around her head and that arm into a triangle choke. 

Steph: A triangle choke from literally out of nowhere!

Wilson checked with Carys to see if she wanted to stop the match, but the veteran showed no signs that she did. Cait leaned back on her elbows, and began trying to tighten her grip. The veteran’s face started to darken slightly. The Boston crowd began chanting Carys’ name, trying to inspire her. She grabbed Cait’s leg, and tried to pull them apart without much success. The referee checked again, still getting a no from her. McFarlane began stomping her feet on the mat and tried sliding towards the ropes. She managed to stretch out her leg long enough after a short pull to the ropes, and then put her foot across the bottom. Wilson called for the break, and Cait gave it at four. 

Steph: Cait refusing to break the hold until the nearest moment. I’m not even remotely shocked by that.

Zack: Me either. I’d be more shocked if she did it when the referee asked. Cait wants to get everything she can out of every hold she knows.

The blonde rolled towards the ropes, and tried to get her wits about her as she got up to a vertical base. Cait wasted no time in going right after her with a running kneelift to the face. It rocked Carys back into the corner before Cait put a boot against her throat to choke her to a four count. After dragging her out of the corner, Cait fired Carys across to the far side. The blonde came back, and ducked underneath a clothesline before she kept running. Cait went after her, causing McFarlane to stop on a dime and spin around. She scooped her up, and fell backwards with a flapjack to the canvas, driving Cait face first into the mat while Carys rolled away to collect herself. 

Zack: I don’t think giving Carys room to run is a good idea. Speed is in her blood, and Cait’s already regretting that decision, Steph. 

Steph: You’re kind to call it regret, Zack. That looks like pummeling from here. Nasty flapjack, and after that near clothesline.

McFarlane started to get back to her feet, once again with the crowd solidly behind her. Cait did the same, and Carys darted forward into a lungblower to put her back down. The “Human Pinball” hopped back to her feet, watching as Cait started to sit up. She put her down with a shining wizard, and pounded the corner to get the fans to make more noise. Making it to the top rope, she launched into a frog splash that landed perfectly before she went for a cover and a leg hook for the win. 

Zack: Carys was airborne with a breathtaking frog splash, and that may be all she wrote for the “Million Dollar Baby” in Boston!




Cait’s shoulder came up in time to dismay from the fans. And Carys shook her head as she checked to make sure it was just a two with the referee. She pointed to the corner, and got a very favorable response from the crowd before she headed towards it. 

Steph: Carys is looking to finish it in one here!

Cait was very slow to get up as Carys was getting into position on the top turnbuckle. The “Human Pinball” launched herself into the air with a 180 degree flip into a hurricanrana that drilled Flanagan’s head into the mat followed by both legs hooked for the cover. 





Wilson called for the bell as Carys popped up to her feet. She got her hand raised as she was catching her breath, causing quite a pop from the crowd. 

Zack: They say speed kills, and that was certainly the case tonight! Carys came, Carys saw, and Carys conquered in a dazzling display tonight!

Gaby: Your winner by pinfall…….’THE HUMAN PINBALL’ CARYS MCFARLANE!!!

She rolled out to the floor, and hugged some of her supporters at ringside. Even Gaby got a hug as Carys passed by on her way towards the ramp. 

Zack: Carys is back to her winning ways, and maybe this will be just what she needed to send her rocketing up the ladder in Future Shock. 

Steph: Maybe. Maybe... I won’t pretend I’m not disappointed but I can tell you like anyone that beating Carys is harder than sin.

McFarlane headed up the ramp, waving her arms at the crowd as she got to the top. She blew them a kiss, and the show headed elsewhere inside the arena. 

Dragon Slayers

A short clip from Nemesis is shown at the closing moments of the #1 contender match for the Future Shock Tag Titles. We see Laurie and Jane picking up the win, and earning the shot before cutting back to the live broadcast. And there they both are with Sara in the back.

Sara: Nemesis was just 2 short weeks away, and as you just saw, we now have new challengers for the Future Shock Tag Titles currently held by the Raging Dragons. Congratulations on picking up the win against two powerhouses like the Doomsday Sisters. 

Laurie: Thank you. Yeah...they were really tough opponents. I don’t want to keep repeating what everyone else says about them being big and tough and strong and...well...powerhouses. They seem to get a little touchy about that - even though they say it’s the truth themselves. I hung in there against them and weathered their storm. Now we get the Raging Dragons.

Laurie froze as her partner started to talk.

Jane: Yeah, I mean, we’re not gonna go for a mani-pedi or any sort of spa treatment with the Doomsday Sisters...though I’m sure they have an intensive beauty regime and can be really feminine … when not trying to be Future Shocks very own Fifty Shades of Grey style dominatrixes. We told them ahead of time that we were unlike any other team they’d met. We told them that we’d overcome them. I said I always had Laurie’s back and well, we came out on top; we got the biggest win of our careers to date.

Sara: Now you both find yourselves set to challenge the Raging Dragons. And that date has been set for January 14th on the first Future Shock of 2020. How would you compare the Raging Dragons to the Doomsday Sisters? 

Laurie had unfrozen for a couple of seconds as she listened to the question and looked to be about to answer it...only to freeze up again as Jane started talking first.

Jane: They’re a whole different challenge. Not as strong but they are quicker that’s for sure and it doesn’t mean that when they hit us it’s not going to sting. A lot. They are definitely more than capable of scoring knockout shots. Plus, they’re reigning Future Shock Tag Team Champions for a reason, they showed a lot of guts and resilience to overcome the Gold Standard - everyone else that had tried over the last year had come up short. We’ve got to give them full credit for that.

Laurie shook her head as Jane finished talking.
Laurie: Whole different kettle of fish. If anything I think the Raging Dragons might possibly be a little bit more vicious and dangerous than the Doomsday Sisters. I’m going to have to be at my best and work incredibly hard through December and not give in too many excesses over the Christmas break. Got to be in the tippiest toppest tip top shape when I find myself in the ring with the Raging Dragons in January. Otherwise it will be a very long night.

Sara: That’s true. But you’ll have one more show before that happens. I was talking with Brianna Singer earlier, and you are going to be part of the Girls’ Night Out show. I don’t know if you saw the last one, but it was pretty eventful. 

Laurie: The one in the club right? With the karaoke and the arm wrestling contest and the cocktail making challenge. That was pretty eventful. I don’t know how good I’d be at mixing up drinks...not really much of a drinker or even been in a bar that often. Still it should be a fun night this time around too. And it’s always good to let your hair down isn’t it?

Sara: Well that’s just it. You won’t be making drinks. And you won’t be arm wrestling. But Brianna is putting together a new karaoke contest with some of the other teams performing duets of their choice. And that’s something you’ll be part of. 

Laurie: A duet? Like with two…

Her forehead creased in confusion, almost turning her head to look in Jane’s direction but stopping herself and turning back to Sara...and froze again.

Jane: AWESOME!!! I’ve been known to sing a little bit. And Laurie can be like a nightingale - at least in the shower. We could do Islands In The Stream. Or Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald’s classic “On My Own”! Give me a drink or two first and yeah, this will be a lot of fun. Any ideas who we’re going to be singing against?

Sara: I do have that information. It’ll be against the Raging Dragons as well as the members of Trinity. And they can pick which two they prefer.

Jane: Sounds like that’s going to one very interesting competition. Might even be a couple of hidden talents get displayed. I can’t wait to see what songs everyone picks.

Again her partner came out of her trance.

Laurie: A duet. Against Trinity and the Dragons...that could almost be the name of a rock group couldn’t it? I think I can do that. I think I can sing a duet. Pick the right song - maybe one where the two parts don’t overlap and...yeah. I think I stand a good chance here. I think I have every reason to be quietly confident. IF I can find the right song.

Sara: Also worth noting in keeping with the history of the show, the Future Shock viewers will be voting through the FFW app that night to decide who they think should win the contest. So all of our fans will be your judges that night.

Laurie: I’ll give it my best to entertain them and do my damnedest to earn their vote on the app. After all, without the fans, none of this would be possible so...yeah, hopefully I’ll be able to convince them to crown me the winner on the night.

Sara: I’m sure it’ll be something to remember. Thank you for joining me.

As Sara finishes, she looks between the mix of emotions between them. While Laurie looks thoughtful and tentative, Jane seems more excited. From there, we cut elsewhere.

A Witchy Duet

Recorded Earlier Today....

When the show heads to the back, that’s where we find Jake Chandler as he joins the Stone Sisters. Well he actually almost runs into them as they are coming out of their locker room, but that’s not terribly important. As usual, he comes bringing news. 

Jake: Oh, hi! I was just coming to see you all, and see if you had heard the news about your next booking! And you won’t even need your ring gear for it. 

All three Stone sisters said ‘hi’ back to Jake in unison, almost as if it had been rehearsed and looked at each other with a little surprise at it before the eldest spoke again. 

Melody: As usual Jake, you seem to be more in the know than we are. We haven’t heard about our next booking yet. 

Madyson: You get to be the bearer of.. I’m hoping… good news. 

Jake: Well you all are going to be part of the Girls’ Night Out show at the Tunnel nightclub on December 3rd. You remember all the stuff that happened at last year’s, right? 

Mikayla: Oh I remember that. Girl’s Night Out was wild last year.. And we’re going to be part of this year’s? Awesome!

Melody out of the three doesn’t seem quite as excited at the prospect as the other two do. 

Melody: What are we going to be doing? Do you know that?

Jake: Of course, I do! You’re going to be part of a challenge that was really well received last year: singing karaoke! In a duet! 

Madyson: A duet? So only two of us… that could be a blessing in disguise. Melody couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. No offence, sis!

Melody: None taken. 

The youngest of the sisters, leaned in a little closer to Jake to translate for her sister. 

Mikayla: Which means she did actually take a little bit of offence. 

Jake: Well it’s a duet because you’ll be competing against two other tag teams, and the fans will be voting for who they think won the contest through the FFW app that night. It’ll be two of you, the Laurie Jane Experience, and the Future Shock Tag Champions competing. You can pick the song you want, and which two you want. Though it sounds like that decision has already been made. 

Mikayla: Definitely me and Madyson! 

The elder two sisters nodded their head in agreement. 

Madyson: We’ll have to get our thinking caps on to come up with a song, though I’m sure we can think of something great. 

Jake: Sounds good, and I’ll be the emcee of the whole thing. I’m not sure what kind of performance the Experience or the Raging Dragons are capable of, but that’s what makes it interesting, I think. 

Melody: If nothing else it sounds like it will be a fun challenge for my sisters to sink their teeth into… or flex their vocal chords on. 

Jake: I’m looking forward to it myself. I’ve never been an emcee before, and I remember how this went last year. Good luck to you both! 

He pulled Mikayla aside for a moment to talk to her about something as the show returned live elsewhere in the Future Shock Arena.

Adam’s A Little Fired Up

When the show returns from the break, the Future Shock Director is in the ring as the Boston crowd welcomes him. Adam gives a little bow in all four directions to the crowd and takes a microphone from Gaby. 

Adam: Damn, it’s good to be back home in Boston. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed visiting other states and countries. And Montreal is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but there really is no place like home. Boston, how the hell are you? 

This gets the obvious hometown pop as the fans get a little louder now. 

Adam: Before I get started with what I wanted to talk about tonight, I want to congratulate the new Future Shock Champion Vivi Robichaud on accomplishing the goal she set for herself early this year. I put that stipulation in to make sure we had a winner one way or the other at Nemesis, and she didn’t even need it after all. Well done to the new champion, and I know she knows that the target is now on her more than ever. But I also know she’s prepared for anything and everything. 

This gets a chant for the new champion going, to which Adam nods his head before he continues. 

Adam: I don’t know if you guys realize it or not, but the Prospects of Future Shock are some of the hardest working women in this business. They have just as many major events a year as the main roster has in FFW, and do a lot more traveling overseas as well. Those girls backstage have devoted themselves to their craft and to Future Shock. That counts for a lot with me, and it’s why I love being able to give them a spotlight every chance I get. But sometimes, that spotlight is more of a test. And that’s what we have coming up two weeks from tonight on FFW All Access. How many of you watched the first Impact special this summer?

The crowd makes a fair bit of noise at the question, and the Director seems appreciative of that before he continues. 

Adam: Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the Prospects were going to run the table that night. I didn’t see that coming, and I say that from a place where no one believes in them more than me. No one was prouder of the effort I saw that night, but that effort came at a price. And that price gets paid in 2 weeks. See? This time, the boss wanted to switch things up and let me pick the FFW roster members and she pick the Prospects. Do you know why that is? 

He glanced around at the crowd, listening to their responses briefly.

Adam: Because she wants me to pick the women who are going to prove that the first Impact was just a bad night. I said the first time that the Impact show was as much of a reflection of what I do here as it is on each of those women. This time, the pressure isn’t on me. It’s on the women of FFW who are coming into 2nd Impact to show my roster why they are here and why the FFW roster is where they are. Even though I knew that was the case going into this show, I didn’t make it any easier. I picked some of the most talented women in FFW today… hell, they are all talented…. Because if I’m going to test my roster, I want to give them the chance to shine even brighter. Because I believe in them. No one believes in them more than me. While I know the pressure on the FFW roster is more intense this time, That’s why I say two weeks from tonight in the Mile High City at the Pepsi Center to those women of FFW… BRING IT ON!

This gets a pop out of the crowd, and Adam began to pace back and forth now. 

Adam: Because the quickest way to prove to FFW that these women are ready to take the spotlight is by showing them up! Again!  Because this whole system is all about getting them ready for what’s to come! And 2nd Impact in 2 weeks isn’t my night. It’s not even the FFW roster’s night! It’s the Prospects’ night to prove the first time was no fluke. Everyone on this roster whether we always agree or not, that’s irrelevant. Because you wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think you could be a huge star! And in Denver at 2nd Impact two weeks from now, you’re not just trying to show your opponent and FFW what you’re capable of. You’re representing every single woman on this roster who wants to do the same thing, and who are going to be living vicariously through you for one night! 

It’s clear he’s worked up now as the crowd is getting louder and louder too with a “Future Shock” chant rumbling through the arena. 

Adam: Jacqui Minogue…. Nora Harris…. Mars Whimsy…...Arabella Townshend…. And the Cortez twins….. SHOW THEM WHY YOU’RE HERE! Show them why we don’t groom you to share a spotlight…. You’re here to TAKE IT!! 

He tosses the microphone back to Gaby before stepping out of the ring, slapping hands with a few of the fans along the barricade as he heads towards the back. The “Future Shock” chant gets louder still as we cut to a commercial for 2nd Impact. 
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The show returns from the break back to ringside as the crowd sees the match coming up next in a graphic on the video wall. Gaby begins once more.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and it is your main event of the evening! The winner of this match will receive a Future Shock Nova Championship match!

Zack: That was our last commercial break for tonight, and Gaby just told you what time it is now! I want to remind you that 2nd Impact is 2 weeks from tonight only on FFW All Access. Steph, the Prospects ran the table at the first Impact show. Do you think it can happen again?

Steph: I think the girls on the main roster are intending to remind the Prospects WHY they are still Prospects. I don’t know how much I like their chances though, Zack. Maybe it’s just how long I’ve been doing this commentary but lemme just say this. I will bet that the Prospects will run the table for the SECOND time in a row this year. Any girl on the main roster who proves me wrong, I’ll pay out a cool thousand. 

As the intro of “Superstar” by 95 TurboSol blares into the arena, generating thunderous reaction from the crowd, a lightshow of blue and white lights ignites the stage area and ramp and flashes continuously across both areas, bearing a striking resemblance of a futuristic spaceship setting. At the same time, smoke emerges from the bottom of the stage and fills the area.

Then, as the song begins, Jacqui Minogue emerges through the smoke and stands on stage, her hands on her hips as she scans through the environment and eventually the ring while the crowd continues to shower her with their reaction.

Gaby: Making her way to the ring, representing The Matriarchy...weighing 140 pounds…from Melbourne, Australia…She is “The Perfect Storm”…JACQUI MINOGUE!!!!!

Jacqui then comes down the ramp toward the ring with her arms extended outward and sporting a cocky demeanor. When she reaches the ringside area, she stands there taking in the atmosphere of the arena as the fans continue to show their reactions. She then climbs up the apron, wipes her feet on the apron, and enters the ring, Jacqui strides towards two opposite ring posts in where she climbs up and extends her arms out and then shortly shows off her trademark triangle hand signal, to represent her faction, all while looking on with a smirk and posing to the crowd with complete confidence. She’s taking in the atmosphere while the crowd reaction continues and the cameras flashing.

After going through her ritual, Jacqui climbs down and makes her way towards the corner to take off her jacket and then readies herself as she waits for her opponent to arrive (or for the match to begin).

Zack: The last time we saw Jacqui in the ring, she scored a very impressive win over Nora Harris. She still has a laser focus on the Nova title though, and is about to meet one of the women she met in Sydney when the first Nova Champion was crowned.

Steph: I don’t blame Jacqui for her straight up obsession, Zack. I don’t doubt that the Matriarchy wants to hold the Nova Title and the Tag Titles all at once. Draped in gold, as the saying goes.

The sounds of "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol begins to play as purple strobe lights flash on the darkened stage. A woman starts to rise up from under the stage with her back to the crowd before looking over her shoulder with a smile. 

Last night a little dancer, came dancin' to my door
Last night a little angel, came pumping on my floor
She said come on baby, you got a license for love

The fans give her a very warm response as she bounces down the stage to the music, greeting several fans along ringside and even taking selfies with a couple before rolling under the bottom rope. She shucks off her ring jacket as the lights come up.

Gaby: Introducing from London, England....please welcome....ARABELLA TOWNSHEND!!

Arabella gives Gaby a little hip bump as she passes her, and climbs up onto the turnbuckle to rally the fans as her music fades out.

Zack: Just like her opponent tonight, Arabella wants to be the Nova Champion as well. Both she and Jacqui came close multiple times in Sydney to doing just that, but tonight it’s about who gets to Katie first. Or possibly Luna after Global Wars. 

Steph: Possibly. Potentially. I will say this: the Nova Championship picture is outright stuffed.

After referee Ashley Pruitt checked both women and Gaby left the ring, she called for the bell. Arabella was the first to the center of the ring and asked Jacqui if she was going to do it by herself tonight or if she needed help. This served to make the Aussie angry as she came forward, and told her she doesn’t need help to beat Arabella. The two stared at one another for a moment, and a shoving match ensued. Jacqui got the better of it as she shoved Arabella backwards, and started firing forearms at her head. Arabella managed to block a couple before the Aussie brought a short knee into her ribs to bring her hands down. Three more forearms landed upside her head before she spun her around, and fired a right hand into her lower back. A kidney punch followed that before she scooped her up into a back suplex. Before the rookie could get up, Minogue began wailing away at her lower back with shots before pulling her back to her feet by her tights. She shoved Townshend into the ropes chest first before running in behind her with a knee to her back followed up by a bounce off the near side into a clothesline to bring her down.

Zack: Jacqui really took offense to Arabella questioning her about the Matriarchy getting involved, but it’s not like it’s never happened before, Steph. 

Steph: Are... Do we have to pretend that the Matriarchy won’t get involved? I’ll be honest, there are days I see the Matriarchy and I wanna make a few calls to teach these girls how a trio really does things....

After pressing her face down on the mat, Minogue started driving knees into her lower back before planting one at the small of her back. She then grabbed her head, and pulled her into a rear chinlock with that knee still pressed against her back. Arabella’s face grimaced in pain as Pruitt moved around to see if she wanted the stop the match. Arabella told her “NO” in a very clear tone, as Jacqui tried to pull back further on her head. 

Zack: Jacqui has picked out your favorite part of the anatomy to work on in matches, Steph. The only difference is she hasn’t brought out any backbreakers to this point. 

Steph: Trust me, Zack. I recognize the... Comparisons you could make.

The referee checked again, still getting a defiant “NO” from Arabella on stopping the match. The Aussie seemed to be enjoying herself as she pulled back just a little bit more, nearly bending Arabella into a 90 degree angle before she finally released the hold. She bounced off the near side with a curb stomp to her back instead of her head. The Boston crowd didn’t appreciate it at all as the “Perfect Storm” headed for the corner, and made her way up to the middle turnbuckle. She waved for Arabella to get up. And when the newcomer did, she came off the middle with a double ax handle…. Only for Arabella to drop to her back and catch her with a foot to the jaw instead. Minogue stumbled for a moment before Townshend got to her feet, and caught her with a running boot that sent her through the ropes to the apron. Arabella clutched her back in pain for a second as Jacqui was getting to her feet on the outside.

Steph: I can’t help but be feeling some kinda way after that curb stomp variation, and then how that running boot landed.

Zack: Jacqui Minogue is a surgeon in the ring, because everything she’s done is with surgical precision as she tries to make every possible movement of Arabella’s body hurt.

The Brit tried to ignore the pain as she charged forward, catching Jacqui with a jumping knee to her head that almost sent her to the floor. But Arabella grabbed her before she could fall, and pulled her into a slingshot suplex back into the ring. She paid for immediately after she landed as her back arched upwards in pain. With the Aussie dazed, Arabella began a Garvin stomp all the way around her body to her head. Jacqui tried to roll away from her towards the ropes, but Townshend caught her as she was getting up with a backstabber that flipped her over to the mat before she went for the cover. 

Steph: There’s the cover off a double knee backbreaker!



Jacqui kicked out at two, and shoved the Brit away from her. When Arabella got to her feet, she pulled Minogue with her and fired her into the far corner. As soon as she hit back first, Arabella followed her in with a running high knee that snapped her head backwards. 

Zack: Arabella’s bringing the high impact now, and Jacqui’s head just snapped backwards like a Pez dispenser! 

Arabella fired a chop into her chest, and then fired her into the opposite corner. Minogue landed back first again just as Townshend was coming towards her. But she surprised her with a discus elbow to the mouth that wobbled the Brit where she stood. Minogue tucked her head between her legs, and delivered a turnbuckle powerbomb! Arabella staggered forward with one hand pressed to her back, and walked into a t-bone suplex from the “Perfect Storm” after that.

Steph: Beautiful T-Bone after the turnbuckle powerbomb and here’s another pin!

Zack: I think Arabella sensed one coming herself, and wisely rolled onto her stomach. But that won’t deter Jacqui at all. 

Townshend rolled onto her stomach when it looked like Jacqui was going for a pin. Instead the Aussie planted a foot into her lower back before pulling her arms behind her into a standing surfboard submission. Pruitt dropped down in front of her to check once more if she wanted to stop the match. Arabella was defiant in her response that she wasn’t quitting, and Jacqui seemed to relish the pain she was causing more as a result. 

Zack: That’s the only way she’d be able to stop the match if she wanted at this rate. Arabella’s getting dissected here while visions of a Nova Championship match dance in Jacqui’s head. 

Steph: She’s obsessed Zack. There’s no other words or word for it. Obsessed. Obsession.

Jacqui raised her foot long enough to stomp her back one more time, and try to grind her heel in deeper. The rookie’s face showed the anguish she was feeling before Jacqui switched hands, and crossed Arabella’s arms behind her into an X as she kept the surfboard submission locked in. The referee checked again, and got the same answer. But this time, it took a couple seconds before Arabella told her no. Jacqui noticed too as her grin widened. 

Steph: She takes joy in it... Joy in the fact that Arabella has said no. As if to say she’s happy she can continue to harm her physically.

Zack: Of course, she is. You can listen to Jacqui’s promos to know she holds grudges against everyone she feels has upstsaged her.

The referee checked once more, and Arabella refused to submit. It was starting to aggravate the Aussie, and she finally let the hold go. She leaned down to grab her into a rear waistlock, and deadlift her off the mat into a German suplex into a bridge before Pruitt slid around to make the count. 

Zack: Like a feather, Jacqui scooped up Arabella like it was nothing! And all that work on her back may be about to pay dividends with a Nova title shot for her!




Arabella popped her shoulder up off the mat in time, and Jacqui shoved her away. The Aussie checked with the referee to make sure it was just a two, and got back to her feet. When she pulled the Brit up with her into another rear waistlock, Arabella began firing back elbows with both arms. She caught Minogue flush with a couple shots, managing to shake her off. 

Steph: Townshend is putting the hands and elbows to the skull of Minogue!

As Jacqui stumbled backwards, Arabella took off for the ropes and came back with a spinning roundhouse kick to the jaw that put Minogue on her butt on the mat. She clutched her back for a second, and then began to unleash a torrent of kicks to Jacqui’s chest. The fans counted along with her before she got to nine. On the tenth, a spinning heel kick to the head put her down on the canvas. The Boston crowd was making a lot of noise for her at this point as she pulled Jacqui up, and fired her into the corner. 

Zack: Arabella’s feet should be recognized as lethal weapons! Jacqui’s gonna be bruised from stem to stern before tonight is through, Steph!

Steph: Stem to stern, head to toe, from face to heel... I like this game.

A smile formed on Arabella’s face as she took off in a half circle, and came back with a boot to Jacqui’s head. She did it a second time with more velocity, catching her once again. And on the third lap, she left her feet for a knee strike to the jaw. The Aussie staggered drunkenly out of the corner before Arabella spun her back around. She pulled her into a cradle back-to-belly piledriver that popped the crowd before she went for the cover! 

Steph: Did you hear that impact, Zack? Because I felt that.




Jacqui’s shoulder came up in time, and Arabella headed for the corner. She dropped down to the mat, and started to pound her fists into the canvas like a drum, which the crowd recognized immediately!

Zack: Steph, I know Misty just started at the Center a little over a week ago, but…. I think we both know what this is!! Townshend’s pounding the drums!!

Steph: I am... Having flashbacks. The most darkest flashbacks.

Jacqui was slow to get to her feet as the fans stomped along with Arabella’s fists. When the Aussie finally turned around, Arabella launched out of the corner and went for the jumping mid-air knee strike. The fans roared as it connected, and Arabella beamed ear to ear. 

Steph: People’s... People’s... Fuck it. PEOPLE’S DECREE FROM OUT OF THE CORNER AND ARABELLA JUST TOOK JACQUI’S WHOLE SOUL. ...Wait, Jacqui’s been using backbreakers. Arabella just used that knee strike. WHY IS THIS A THING!?

Arabella pulled Jacqui back up, and plucked her head between her legs before she connected with her spinning sitout powerbomb! The fans came back to their feet again as she rolled through for the cover with a leg hooked. 





Pruitt called for the bell to a pop from the crowd before Arabella got back to her feet. She pressed one hand against her back, but had the other raised in victory.

Zack: Welcome back to the Nova title contention, Arabella!! 

Gaby: Your winner by pinfall…………..ARABELLA TOWNSHEND!!

Arabella couldn’t help but smile as she listened to the Boston crowd, all showing her love and support. She climbed up onto the bottom rope, raising her hand again. 

Zack: After having her back twisted into a pretzel, Arabella has gotten herself another crack at becoming the Nova Champion! We are certainly in the Age of Arabella!

Steph: But why couldn’t she use my punt kick? ARABELLA WHY!?!

Zack: 2 weeks from tonight only on FFW All Access, it’s 2nd Impact! FFW versus Future Shock, where that woman right there will meet Scarlett Silver! Don’t you dare miss it! And we’ll see you in the Mile High City!

Townshend rolled out to the floor, making a motion around her waist where she wanted a title to be. The smile never left her face as she listened to the fans while Future Shock faded off the air. 

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