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July 16, 2019, 06:25:24 pm
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FFW Future Shock Season 2 Finale

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock Season 2 Finale  (Read 186 times)
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« on: March 26, 2011, 01:17:17 am »

Femme Fatale Wrestling
A Shooting Star Production
FFW Future Shock, Season 2 Finale
March 25, 2011

The following presentation is sponsored by:

After the opening video, the show goes inside what looks to be an empty arena, where we see the construction people putting together the video wall and entrance ramp. Men and women race back and forth as they continue to put it together before the camera swings around and we see an empty ring with ladders stood up all around it. Two women stand in the ring, each in their respective corners as we see the hosts of Future Shock standing in the center of said ring.

Ryan: Hello there, FFW faithful! And welcome to the season finale of Season Two of FFWís Future Shock! My name is Ryan Mackenzie, the original Icon by Design! And joining me as always is not only my broadcast partner, but soulmate and perfect woman all around, my wife Stacey! And today we are coming to you from inside the Izod Center just one day before one of the most anticipated nights in FFW history, that being Full Frontal!

Stacey: The FFW world is abuzz here, the day before the biggest event in FFWís history so far! So many great matches, not forgetting myself and my wonderful returning partner Tiffany crippling Twisted Path of course! But right here tonight, history will be made for one of two very talented young women! This is, as big as any Pay Per View main event for these girls... the thing we have been building up to all this time... The Future Shock Season Two Finale!

Ryan nods in agreement.

Ryan: Thatís very true! We started with six. You, the FFW faithful, made the choices as to who made it this far. And Iíll tell you what, I think you might have made the right decision here. Because as you can tell...

Ryan points overhead as the camera looks up to see the briefcase hanging on a wire above the ring.

Ryan: Inside that briefcase is a contract for an FFW Television Championship match! And the winner of this match will make her debut in that very match on an upcoming edition of Breaking Point or Velocity! For these two girls, Payton and Sophie, this is their Pay Per View. This is their night, because their future in FFW hangs overhead as we find out who wants it more.

Stacey: Everything hinges on this! There can only be one winner! Only one can start their career at the very top! Both of these women are extremely talented, and thereís so much animosity in this match, that thereís no way of knowing what on earth will happen!

Ryan: My beautiful wife is absolutely correct! Their managers have been allowed at ringside for this contest, and been informed not to get physically involved in any way!

The cameras show Will standing in Paytonís corner, sharing some instruction. In the opposite corner, we see Sophie and Mr. Showtime.

Ryan: What effect, if any, do you believe the managers are going to have here in this contest, baby?

Stacey: Probably quite a significant one. Both will want to do everything to make sure their rookie wins. With two former World Champions at ringside, you know neither will back down, and things could become very interesting. Especially if Will heads this way. Because Iíll bloody KILL him.

Ryan takes his wifeís hand, for likely more than one reason as he looks from one girl to the other.

Ryan: Ladies, I donít have to explain to you the importance of this contest! The judging is over! Tonight, you hold your own destiny in your hands. This is it! One of you will leave with the FFW Television Championship contract, and be named..Future Shock Season Two Champion!

The camera shows a beautiful white leather belt with silver plating, with the words ďFuture Shock Season Two ChampionĒ engraved on it with a blank nameplate. Sitting in the case in front of it are two nameplates, one bearing each name. We then head back to the Mackenzies.

Ryan: And that right there is a title no one can take away from you! Stacey, would you explain the rules of the ladder match, please?

Stacey: The rules are quite simple. There are no disqualifications in a ladder match, no countouts, pinfalls, or submissions. The only way to win the match is to set up a ladder, climb up it, and untie the briefcase you can see hanging above the ring. The first woman to hold the briefcase in her hands, untied, will be declared the winner, and will be named Future Shock Champion!

Ryan: Ladies, without further ado, letís--

Ryan barely finishes his sentence as a woman tears down the steps in the arena itself, with five security team members chasing after her and grabbing her as she tries to jump the barricade. The camera gets a close up to reveal it is none other than Hope Matthews, fighting against the guards as they begin dragging her back up the steps, one of them holding her hand above her head which holds a lead pipe.

Stacey: Sorry Hope! Not tonight honey! Youíve ruined this competition enough as it is!

Ryan: Throw her out of the damn building! This is ridiculous! Hope Matthews should be preparing for her match at Full Frontal with Charity! Sheís not getting back into the competition!

Hope is dragged out of the arena as Stacey and Ryan exit the ring, taking a seat where the broadcast table for Velocity is already set up. Referee Melinda Davis gives the girls a last bit of instruction as the trainers hop down to the floor. She calls for the bell as the two women meet in the center of the ring. Payton begins trying to get into Sophieís head, talking trash to her until Sophie slaps the taste out of her mouth and begins firing away with forearm shot after forearm shot. A snapmare takes her to the mat as Sophie delivers a low dropkick to Paytonís back, sending her forward into the mat a bit.

Stacey: Paytonís trash talk backfired, Sophie starts the match with a damn good flurry.

Ryan: She better pace herself, these matches take a lot out of you the longer they continue.

Scooping her back up, she planted her with a slam before sliding under the bottom rope and grabbing one of the ladders and heading back towards the ring. She tossed it under the bottom rope, climbing back up onto the apron as Payton got to her feet and bounded off the ropes, hitting the ladder with a baseball slide and sending it into Sophieís midsection, knocking her off the apron and onto the floor. A grin on her face, Payton slithered under the bottom rope, putting the boots to Sophieís body.

Ryan: Sophie didnít have Payton worn down enough, and paid for it!

Stacey: Now Payton is going to double her payments!

Satisfied she had done enough as Sophie held her lower back in pain, Payton crawled back into the ring and picked up the ladder. She stood it up, spreading the legs out and looking up at the briefcase. She began to climb up, rung by rung, until she was within armís reach and looked back down at Sophie on the floor. Shaking her head, she started back down the ladder.

Ryan: This is a mistake!! Payton could have grabbed the briefcase right there!

Stacey: What an idiot!

Getting back down, she stepped through the ropes and hopped down onto the floor. A cocky walk, she headed towards Sophie with a smug grin on her face. She leaned down to pull Sophie up, only for Sophie to surprise her with a thrust to her throat, causing her to step backwards. Sophie got to her feet, and fired her into the retaining wall around ringside. And as Payton hung against the wall, Sophie scooped her up and dropped her on the mat with a Snake Eyes. The British beauty stared up at the briefcase, glancing down to Payton and climbed back into the ring.

Ryan: With Payton down, I guarantee Sophie wonít make the same mistake! I think sheís going to go for it!

Stacey: I believe youíre right, sweetie! Go get it, Sophie!!

Sophie grabbed at her ribs, still in pain as she climbed up the ladder. Step by step, she began to climb as Payton made it back into the ring. Standing under her but facing away, Payton grabbed Sophie by the legs and jerked her down with a thunderous powerbomb!!

Ryan: What a powerbomb! Sophie was eight feet up that ladder, and Payton brought her back to Earth!

Stacey: The damn ring shook on that!

Shaking her head, Payton headed around the other side of the ladder and began to climb it. She only got about ⅓ of the way up when Sophie began to stir on the mat. Payton screamed at her to stay down as Sophie got up, grabbing the ladder for support  to pull herself to her feet. As Payton saw this, she began to climb faster. Sophie picked up the pace as well, both women making it to the top and exchanging right hand shots! Payton got the better of the exchange as Sophie wobbled, holding onto the rungs with one hand. St. Pierre reached for the briefcase, accidentally knocking it into motion. And while she was trying to grab it, Sophie regained her balance and grabbed her head. And with ferocity, she fell straight back with her in a superplex off the ladder!


Stacey: A superplex from damn near fifteen feet in the air, no less!!

Both women lay on the mat, staring up at the lights for a moment as Sophie began to move. Getting to her hands and knees, she grabbed the ladder to help her get the rest of the way up. Leaning against it, she glanced down at Payton whom had also begun to move. Pulling her to her feet, she fired her into the turnbuckle where the personal assistant hung in a limp state. Sophie closed the ladder back up, hoisting it onto her shoulder and charging at Payton. She ducked the contact as the ladder hit the ring post, causing Sophie to let go of it. Payton had ducked the contact, catching Sophie with a huge uppercut right to the chin. Richards staggered backwards, as Payton speared her to the mat. She immediately rolled out, pulling open the ring apron and removing a steel chair.

Stacey: Paytonís got a chair, itís all legal though! She can do what she wants!

Ryan: A huge opportunity hangs over their heads, I donít blame her a bit!

She slithered back into the ring, setting the chair up into the sitting position near the ropes. Leaning down, she grabbed Sophie and pulled her to her feet. Hooking her head under her arm, she lined herself up and gave a signal for the DDT. And as Payton went to drop, Sophie held the ropes and Payton crashed back first into the chair before hitting the mat.

Ryan: Payton went for a knockout, and got nothing! Sophie was too close to the ropes!

Stacey: Sophie has to capitalize on this....now!

Sophie tried gathering her wits as Payton screamed in pain, trying to force herself to get up, which she did. Delivering a kick to Sophieís midsection, she pushed her head down between her legs. She tried to lift her up for a powerbomb, but her back wouldnít let her do it. Instead she fired a few shows into Sophieís back as she was bent over. And then decided to go for it again! This time, it worked as she hoisted Richards up, but Sophie grabbed the chair on the way up, folding it back and as she found herself on Paytonís shoulders, she cracked the chair against Paytonís head!!

Ryan: She was going for another powerbomb, but Sophie got that chair!!

Stacey: No kidding! She didnít get a lot of impact though!!

Payton fell backwards as Sophie landed on her feet, chair in hand. St. Pierre began to get up as Sophie tossed the chair towards her. Payton caught it as Sophie hit a standing dropkick, causing it to fly back in Paytonís face, crashing her into the mat. Glancing around, Sophie grabbed the ladder from earlier and dragged it back towards the center of the ring. She set it up, and began to climb. Her body was in immense pain as she climbed very slowly. She made it to the top, reaching a hand out for the now mostly still briefcase. She got her hand on it, as Payton got back up. She grabbed the side of the ladder and began trying to push it over!

Ryan: Sophie Richards is about a fingertip from the briefcase, but Paytonís up and trying to bring her aspirations and her body back to the mat!

Payton ducked between the legs of the ladder, trying to grab Sophieís feet. But the British beauty grabbed hold with both hands, and hit a baseball slide through the ladder right into Paytonís face, sending her to the mat again as Sophie held onto the rungs!

Stacey: Iíve never seen a baseball slide through the rungs of a ladder! Sophieís bringing the innovative offense here tonight!

Ryan: Climb, Sophie! Itís a clear path to the TV title shot!! Grab it!!

Sophie began trying to pull her feet and legs back through and step onto the ladder. After a few tries, she did just that. Glancing up at the prize, she reached up for it as Payton made it back to her feet. She ducked out from under the ladder, leaping onto the middle rope and hitting a springboard in midair as she landed on the ladder. She wrapped her arms around Sophieís waist, surprising her and then throwing her with a release German suplex! But Payton fell with her as Sophieís body collided at a high rate of speed with the mat, Payton taking a much shorter fall to the canvas as well!!

Ryan: Payton must lead a secret life as Spider Girl, that was awesome!

Stacey: Bah, Iíll give the devil her due! That was amazing!

Ryan: Both of them are down, and we are back at square one!

Both women laid flat on their back for a few moments as Payton was first to stir. Slowly, she got to her feet and headed back towards the ladder! She headed up it, with Sophie starting to move herself. Richards made it to her feet and began to climb up the opposite side of the ladder. Both moved extremely slowly, their bodies in tremendous pain as they did so. They made it to the top, and began exchanging fists! They were rabbit punches at first, until the two started exchanging powerful shots. As each shot landed, both Payton and Sophie wobbled on the ladder, correcting their balance and causing the ladder to begin to wobble!

Ryan: Itís a boxing match on the top of the ladder! But all that activity has the ladder in motion!

Stacey: Thatís not good at all! Itís extremely dangerous that high up!

Sophie fired a hard right, sending Payton reeling. But the PA returned the favor, rocking Sophie and knocking her down the ladder back to her feet.

Stacey: Paytonís a brawler, a fist fight with her is going to be hard to win!

Sophie staggered backwards against the ropes as Payton began reaching for the briefcase. Her fingers brushed it as Richards bounded off the ropes and hit a shoulder tackle into the ladder, causing it to wobble and sway before she hit it again and the ladder fell with Payton on top of it! It hit the ropes, but the jarring effect caused Payton to lose her grip as she fell from the top of the ladder to the floor around the ring!!


Stacey: OH MY GOD!!


The ladder began teetering back as Sophie caught it, setting it back up and immediately began to climb! Payton remained unmoving on the floor as Sophie unlatched the briefcase as Melinda Davis called for the bell!



Sophie clutched the briefcase against her chest, tears beginning to stream down her face as Mr. Showtime dove into the ring as she climbed back down! She gave him a hug, collapsing against him as he raised her hand, along with the referee.

Ryan: Sophie Richards is the Future Shock Champion!! And Sophie Richards is coming for the TV title!!

Davis left the ring, retrieving the title and attaching the right nameplate to it before getting back in, and handing it to Sophie! Tears of joy streamed down her face as she held the championship over her head, with Mr. Showtime cheering for her as well!!

Stacey: These two women came to fight, they gave it everything they had here in this ladder match!!

Ryan: Pay Per View quality! What a match!!

Payton began to barely move on the floor as the medics tried to attend to her, Will shouting directions at them as they tried to work. Meanwhile in the ring, Sophie kissed the Future Shock title, and then Mr. Showtime before raising both her title and the briefcase above her head!

Ryan: Sophia Black, this is your future! Belladonna, this is your future!! I think the TV title picture just got a helluva lot more intriguing!  Thatís gonna do it for us from Future Shock! Donít miss Full Frontal tomorrow night live on Pay Per View!

Stacey: Iím getting word weíll be hearing from the new champion on that very show! Plus itís the most stacked FFW card Iíve ever seen! Every championís title on the line!! Isabella vs. Scarlett for the FFW title! Kat and Selina in the most un-hardcore Ultraviolence title match ever with Camilla calling the shots! And Sophia meets Belladonna for the TV title! You canít afford to miss this one!!

Ryan: Itíll be a night weíll never forget! Weíll see you tomorrow night, live from Full Frontal! Good night from the Izod Center! Congratulations, Sophie!!

The last image we see is of Sophie smiling as Mr. Showtime raised her hand once again.
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