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January 28, 2023, 11:56:15 pm
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FFW Future Shock - Episode 125 (Throwback Show)

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock - Episode 125 (Throwback Show)  (Read 55 times)
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« on: November 08, 2022, 05:44:36 pm »

The show returns inside the Future Shock Arena, which is no longer a mess of weapons and broken glass. Then we see Lexi stepping back into the ring.

Zack: As you can see, we’ve got the arena back to pristine…as much as we can, including replacing that burning turnbuckle. You wouldn’t know we just hosted a wild street fight in it just a few minutes ago.

Claire: Our crew have done a fantastic job in getting us cleared up and ready to go for the tag title match coming up and we’re about to see one of the most beloved teams in Future Shock defend against one of those you just love to hate.

Lexi: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit, and it is for the Future Shock Tag Team Championship!

As “La Bamba” by Los Lobos begins to play a spotlight lights up the entranceway, picking up both girls as they dance out onto the middle of the stage, feet moving quickly and hips swaying, both have red roses in their hair, tucked behind an ear. The pair pause at the top of the entrance ramp, striking a pose back to back, grinning at the crowd before Dani starts to head towards the ring while Fran dances in place on the stage. Dani’s hips continue to sway as she keeps her feet on the floor while dancing down to the ring, hands moving around her body to accentuate and draw attention to her figure. As she reaches the halfway point, her partner skips down after her, before showing off with a back flip and a no-hand cartwheel.

Lexi: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the extraordinary team of “The Divine” Dani Ruiz and “Fuego Furiousa” Frani Garcia… LATINA HEAT!!!

When Gracia makes it to the bottom of the entrance ramp, she chooses a guy in the front row, flirting with him a little bit before she takes the flower from her hair and presents it to him...only to crush the flower in her head before spinning away. She darts towards Dani as the girl stands by the ring apron, using her to leapfrog onto the apron and immediately drop into the splits before she slithered backwards into the ring, rolling back and coming to her feet where Frani hopped up onto the middle rope, leaning forward and blowing a kiss to the crowd, telling the guys this was as close as they were ever going to get. While she did so, her partner launched herself underneath the bottom rope into the ring, rolling onto her back as she did so and kipped up onto her feet. She pulled a muscle pose for the crowd, showing off her abs before pulling the flower from her hair and tossing it carelessly to the floor. The two women hug before heading back towards their corner as they decide who will start.

Zack: Latina Heat won the polling to edge past the Shaolin Belles and the Doomsday Sisters to get this tag title match tonight. And I’m sure if they didn’t win, they’d have complained as much about that as being left out of Global Wars next year. No team has pinned them or made them submit since they arrived, but the team they are about to face is certainly capable of changing that.

Claire: I’m sure if they hadn’t won the poll it wouldn’t be long until they got a shot at the tag titles anyway. Like you said, no-one has made them tap out, no-one has pinned them, that’s a pretty solid argument for them to be in contention. Though until they did we’d hear about them getting held down by the man and the establishment denying the will of the people.

The curtain opens and Nadia Beaulieu and Alessandra Esposito appear as ‘Chase You Down’ begins to play around the arena.

Ooh Ooh
Don't let it slip away
Ooh Ooh
Don't let it get away

The two girls stand back to back and make ‘guns’ with their fingers. They raise them up and move them side to side to take their aim until they finally find their target directly in front of them. In perfect unison they make a motion as if firing and then lower their ‘guns’ with a satisfied nod, turning to face the ring when they have.

Can you hear me right now
I got your number
And I'm callin' you out
With liquid courage
I can beat all my doubt
There's not another
So I'm chasin' you down

They both take off towards the ring at a run, with Nadia reaching it before Alessandra. Nadia climbs the steps, while Alessandra hops straight up onto the apron when she catches up.

Chasin' you down
Can you see me right now
I'm comin' closer
Think I figured you out
Not like the others
You don't blend with the crowd
I've blown your cover
Now I'm takin' you down
Takin' you down

Lexi: Introducing at this time, ALESSANDRA ESPOSITO and the reigning Future Shock Diamond Champion NADIA BEAULIEU…..They are te reigning and defending Future Shock Tag Team Champions…...TARGET ACQUIRED!

Can you hear me right now
I got your number
And I'm callin' you out
With liquid courage
I can beat all my doubt
There's not another
So I'm chasin' you down
Chasin' you down

Nadia climbs up onto the turnbuckle while Alessandra hops up to sit on the top rope facing the ramp. Alessandra kicks her feet upwards to roll backwards into the ring landing on one knee. She keeps her head lowered as Nadia somersaults off the top turnbuckle to land on her feet behind her. The two make their finger ‘guns’ again, raising them to their mouths to blow the ‘smoke’ away before Alessandra gets to her feet and the two head to their corner, sharing some last minute words as they await the start of the match.

Zack: Target Acquired are magnets for gold! When they arrived in FFW, they won the Unity titles their first night on the roster. They captured these tag titles this past spring, and Nadia has been absolutely dominant since capturing the Diamond title. I think the Heat have their work cut out for them tonight!

Claire: They’ve won titles everywhere they’ve competed. Like you said, Nadia is a double champion, Alessandra has been the Future Shock Champion and been right in the thick of contending for it again over the course of this year. Arguably they’re the best and most exciting tag team to have entered Future Shock in a long, long time.

Alessandra and Nadia look out to the crowd as they are about to take their tag titles off when Latina Heat immediately spring into action. The brunettes dart across the ring and catch them both with blindside attacks. Dani and Francesca rain forearms against the backs of the champions’ heads before they manage to turn around and start throwing punches in return. Two eye rakes stop that though before the Heat whip them across for the ride, catching them on the rebound with running knees to their bodies…..but the champs didn’t have the tag titles off yet and the Heat suffered the impact more. Alessandra and Nadia quickly hand off the titles to referee Melinda Davis, who holds them up and gives them to Lexi before she leaves the ring.

Zack: Look at that, the Heat tried to jumpstart the match. But the champs still had the tag titles on and they hurt their own knees!

Claire: I guess the Heat were running on instinct and didn’t stop to think about the situation and they’ve been made to pay a price for that.

The referee refused to start the match with all four women in the ring. Nadia threw Francesca through the ropes to the outside before both halves of Target Acquired grab Dani for a double arm wringer. And then another before they fired her into their corner. Ruiz barely had time to respond before Nadia used an Irish whip to send Alessandra hurtling towards her with a corner clothesline. The former Future Shock Champion moved out of the way as Nadia connected with a stinger splash. As soon as they saw Francesca getting onto the apron, they both caught her with a double running shoulder tackle that sent her hurtling back to the floor. The champions high fived each other and shared a hip bump as the referee was still trying to get one of them out of the ring while the crowd was solidly behind them!

Claire: And I think pretty much everyone who voted for the Heat is getting what they wanted right now. Target Acquired are fully on top and rolling.

Zack: I think the Heat should be thrilled this wasn’t made a tornado tag match, because if it was….I’m suddenly not liking their chances.

Dani started out of the corner until Alessandra caught her with a running European uppercut that snapped her head backwards. Esposito quickly scooped her up for an atomic drop that propelled her forward into a lungblower from Nadia. The Italian beauty stepped out to the corner as Nadia made the cover!

Zack: This may be the fastest cover from the bell in FFW history!


Dani kicked out after the one landed, and Nadia quickly got back to her feet. She scooped up Dani’s feet next, catapulting her face and chest first into her team’s corner before tagging Alessandra into the match.

Claire: Quick tags between the Champs and that’ll help them isolate Dani and secure another successful title defense.

The Italian beauty scooped her onto her shoulders as the fans came to their feet sensing that her F5 finisher was coming up next. But Francesca hit the ring to stop her until Alessandra swung around and let Dani’s feet catch her partner on the side of her head. It sent Garcia backwards, but allowed Dani to land on her feet in a wobble. The tag champion hoisted her up for a fireman’s carry slam and used a drop toe hold to send Francesca face first between her partner’s legs.  Alessandra bolted back to the corner to tag in the Diamond Champion.

Claire: Alessandra’s certainly not phased in the slightest in dealing with both members of the challengers. The Heat are ice cold here in Boston!

Zack: I’m not sure what all Plan A entailed, but it’s a damn good time to switch toe Plan B.

Nadia hit the ring, and used a baseball slide to send Frani back to the floor and turn her attention on a very sore Dani as she was rising to her feet. Beaulieu hit the near side ropes, and rebounded in a quebrada that floored Dani to the canvas before she hooked both legs for the cover as Davis fell into position.

Zack: The Heat can’t catch a break, and their tag title hopes are about 3 seconds from being dashed!



Dani kicked out again, and shoved Nadia off the cover. The blonde quickly got to her feet, and headed for the neutral corner to make her way up top. Ruiz sat up and tried to get her bearings as Nadia was perched and waiting for her.

Claire: I don’t know what Nadia has planned but it might be all it takes for her to put this match to bed if she can land it flush.

Dani finally got back to her feet, but Nadia never jumped because Francesca darted down the apron and shoved her off the top turnbuckle. The French beauty hit the floor ringside as Frani immediately went back to the Heat’s corner. She started shouting at her partner in Spanish as Dani was still collecting herself as she realized what was going on.

Zack: Best move of the match by the Heat right there. I don’t speak Spanish, so I can’t tell you what Francesca is shouting to her partner. Dani’s still trying to get her marbles together right now.

Claire: I’m sure she’s just trying to motivate her and guide her back to the corner now that she’s managed to buy her a bit of time. That was a hard landing for Nadia - I tell ya, they’ve not made the floor any softer around the ring.

Dani glanced around, seeing her partner and then Nadia on the floor. She quickly rolled out after her, and shoved her back into the ring. Ruiz rolled in as well, and made the tag to her partner. Together the pair put the boots to Nadia, stomping her mercilessly in the corner. They both scooped her up, using the ropes for a slingshot suplex to put her on the mat with a thud. The referee demanded Dani leave the ring, but the brunette argued with her as Francesca started peeling off her wrist tape and quickly reusing it to tape Nadia’s hands behind her back. Dani finally left the ring as Francesca took off for the far side to deliver a knee trembler to Nadia’s head, toppling her over with her hands taped behind her.

Claire: That’s a different way to use wrist tape and surely the referee is going to spot this pretty early on aren’t they?

Zack: Remains to be seen. If the referee realizes it or not, you know Nadia does for sure.

She pulled the blonde up to her feet, and shoved her back into the Heat corner. Garcia climbed the corner, counting off ten punches in Spanish to Nadia’s head. The fans didn’t count along with her though before she hopped down. She headed towards Alessandra in the corner, calling her some unkind words that drew the brunette in. And as Davis went to stop her from getting involved, Dani was in the other corner wrapping a zip tie around Nadia’s wrists on top of the tape. Ruiz gave her partner the thumbs up before Garcia charged the corner with a running shoulder tackle to Nadia’s ribs.

Claire: We know that Latina Heat like using those zip ties and I really hope we’ve got something nearby that will help free Nadia’s hands pretty quickly because this could get ugly in a hurry.

Zack: We may have some scissors in the desk here, but the Heat are doing a good job of keeping it out of the sight of the referee for now.

Garcia made the tag to her partner before the two joined forces for a double gutbuster that folded Nadia into a ball on the mat. As Davis looked curious at where Nadia’s hands were, Dani pulled her back to her feet and snapped her a release German suplex. The blonde landed on her back as Dani hit the far side ropes to rebound into a double knee drop to her body. She scooped up both of Nadia’s legs as she sat on her chest for the cover.

Zack: Nadia may not be able to get her shoulder up with her hands like that…..



Zack was right, she couldn’t. But she was able to kick her leg free and get it across the bottom rope to cause the referee to stop the count. Beaulieu tried to tell the referee about her hands before Dani stopped that with a blatant two-handed choke!

Claire: Dani’s doing an excellent job of making sure the pair keep their advantage right now. But I think the referee is starting to get a little bit suspicious here.

The referee counted to four before Dani let go, and dragged Nadia by her feet to the Heat’s corner. She made the tag to Francesca before the two each grabbed a leg and yanked them apart into a wishbone that sent Nadia into a ball on her side. Davis moved around to see Nadia’s hands before Francesca quickly rolled her onto her back again. A few more stomps to the body landed before Garcia pulled the blonde into a brainbuster. The problem was the referee got a clear sight of Nadia’s hands before she landed on the mat, and immediately started reading Francesca the riot act as she asked about Nadia’s hands. Garcia told the referee that Alessandra did it.

Claire: I’m never playing poker with the Latina Heat - look at the straight face she’s keeping while telling the referee that bald faced monster of a lie.

Zack: They must think Davis is an idiot. Be that as it may,, it hasn’t helped Nadia yet because she’s still restrained whether the referee realizes it now or not.

Nadia began to get to her feet as the argument continued. Dani shouted at her partner to look. And when Frani did that, she caught a headbutt to the face from the Diamond Champion. It rocked her backwards as Nadia left her feet with a shotgun dropkick to the chest that put the challenger down. Davis shouted for a pair of scissors to be brought to the ring immediately. Beaulieu made it back to her feet, and tried to power out of the restraints and had no success with that, prompting Alessandra to wave her over to make the tag.

Zack: Nadia’s making do with what she has at her disposal. And those feet may be more lethal than her hands. I believe I’d take Alessandra’s suggestion right about now.

Claire: Francesca’s finding out first hand just how dangerous Nadia can be inside the ring and part of the reason why she’s a double Champion. But Beaulieu doesn’t have to be a hero and do it all herself, not when Esposito is begging to get in there.

Nadia headed towards her corner, but that didn’t last long before Dani entered the ring with a running high knee to the back of the blonde’s head. It dropped to her knees before both members of the Heat planted her head for a spike piledriver. Garcia finally left for her corner as Francesca hit the near side ropes for a knee drop to Nadia’s head. She rolled her onto her back to make the cover with the leg hooked….but Davis refused to count it with Nadia’s hands trapped. Garcia counted it herself to three, and got up to raise her hand. But the referee pulled it down….and then got shoved on her ass by the challenger.

Zack: Davis making a judgment call there, she wasn’t gonna count with Nadia tied up. And now the Heat may be looking at a disqualification if they keep this up!

Claire: Look, all credit to Davis for refusing to count…but you’ve got to admit the Heat have a pretty good argument here. They had the Champion’s shoulder pinned flat to the mat…though they could count themselves lucky to have not already been disqualified for using the zip ties.

Davis got back to her feet, and really started to give Frani a piece of her mind, threatening to disqualify her if she put her hands on her again. A member of the production team headed down the ramp with a pair of scissors finally, and it was Alessandra who took them and reached under the ropes to free her partner’s hands. She cut through the tape and the tie as Nadia got back to her feet. Dani shouted at her partner who was still arguing with the referee before she got spun around, and found Nadia waiting for her with big right hands upside her head. Beaulieu landed one haymaker after another before she sent Garcia across for the ride. The challenger rebounded into a spinebuster from Nadia before the blonde rubbed her wrists for a moment.

Zack: The Diamond Champion is free, and Francesca is reaping what she and her tag partner sowed moments ago! Arguing with the referee, much less shoving them around, rarely works.

Claire: Nadia’s pissed and she looks like she wants to take her pound of flesh right here, right now. I think the Heat might be wishing Latin America had voted for the Belles at this rate.

She dragged the brunette to her feet, and whipped her into the champions’ corner where she crashed chest first against the turnbuckles. Nadia charged in behind her with a backstabber that flipped her over to the mat before she sat up and made the tag to Alessandra. The former Future Shock Champion stepped inside as Nadia climbed up to the top rope. She was thrown off by her partner into a splash onto Francesca, and Nadia quickly rolled out of the ring as her partner made the cover.

Zack: Alessandra using her own partner for a rocket launcher, and the champions may not be far from a retention!




Francesca got her shoulder up in time, and Alessandra was quickly back to her feet. Dani screamed at the referee that Alessandra was pulling hair in the cover. Davis gave Ruiz a look of disbelief.

Claire: Dani’s out here watching a different match to the rest of us but it doesn’t appear to be going any better for her than this one. This keeps up and Target Acquired will be getting their hands raised sooner than later.

Esposito pulled Frani to her feet and hoisted her over one shoulder. The former Future Shock Champion drove her back first into one corner….then into the next corner and finally a third before the final powerslam put her on the canvas. The Boston crowd was solidly behind Alessandra as she reached down to grab Frani’s legs under both arms.

Zack: Alessandra tried to put her through three corners and then the canvas, and we know what she has in mind here!

Claire: Frani’s going to feel like she’s been put in the dryer for a cycle! She doesn’t weigh all that much…you think Alessandra might go for a personal record here?

The fans got louder in anticipation of the giant swing before a steel chair was slid into the ring. Alessandra glanced up to see it was Dani who threw it, and let her partner go to grab it as Ruiz slid in after it. As soon as the champion lifted it up to throw it out of the ring, Ruiz caught her with a bicycle kick to the chair that hit her in the face and dropped Esposito where she stood. The referee was furious as Dani shoved the chair out of the ring and made the cover….but Davis refused to count again. This time, it was because Dani wasn’t the legal woman. Dani reached over and tagged her partner’s hand, but that didn’t suit the referee either.

Claire: The Latina Heat have certainly done their homework and learned all the old tricks while adding a couple of their own. But Davis is standing firm in her decisions and possibly turning herself into a tool of The Man and getting exploited in Dani’s eyes tonight.

Zack: The referee is more rooted in the rules this time. Dani isn’t the legal partner, and you can’t tag yourself into a match while you both are in the ring.

Dani quickly pulled Francesca over Alessandra and rolled out to the floor before Davis fell into position to count the fall….reluctantly.

Zack: She’s gonna count it after all!




The count never finished as a double stomp off the top rope from Nadia landed on Frani’s back, causing the brunette to shout in pain on impact. Davis went to get the Diamond Champion out of the ring before Alessandra started to sit up slowly.

Claire: At least Davis is being consistent in trying to get Nadia back to the apron and you’ve got to wonder while Dani was trying to get the referee to count, how much of that was just a ploy to give Nadia time to land that stomp?

Esposito made it back to her feet, and saw Francesca starting to do the same. With a scowl, Alessandra spun her around and hoisted her onto her shoulders. The fans came back to their feet again as they realized what was coming up!

Zack: I know what this is!! So does all of Boston!

With one swift move, Alessandra landed her F5 finisher that bounced Francesca off the mat in a heap. But as she turned around, Dani darted past her with a cutter while the referee was still trying to get Nadia out of the ring. Ruiz pulled her partner over Alessandra and spun the referee around to make the count!

Zack: Dani turned into the damn Flash right there! I didn’t even see her till it was too late…

Nadia tried to get in, but Dani intercepted her as the referee dropped into position.




Davis called for the bell as Dani broke away from Nadia and started excitedly jumping up and down in the ring. She pulled her very dazed partner to her feet, telling her what happened though it looked like Francesca wasn’t still too clear at the moment.

Lexi: Your winners by pinfall………..AND NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWW FFW Future Shock Tag Team Champions…………………….LATINA HEAT!!

Claire: By hook and by crook, the Latina Heat keep their streak going and will leave tonight with the Tag Team titles around their waists and great big bullseyes on their backs.

The referee reluctantly collected the tag titles, and offered them to the new champions. Dani quickly accepted them both, and also held up her partner till Francesca got her bearings and took the other one. The Boston crowd had nothing but boos for the new champions.

Zack: We gave the fans the power tonight, and now history has been made with new Future Shock Tag Champions in the form of Latina Heat! I’m not sure Francesca has realized it all yet, but Dani certainly has.

Claire: She pretty much has Dani to thank for the victory. And I’m absolutely certain that Target Acquired are going to want to run this one back and reclaim those titles - especially given the events of this contest tonight.

The pair raised their new titles overhead, still getting boos from the fans in the Future Shock Arena before the show went to a commercial break.

A Fan Just Like You

The live crowd is clearly heard showing a lot of love as the show returned from the break. The reason for that was standing in the ring: the Future Shock Director Adam Grant. The Boston crowd was very happy to see him as he took a microphone from Lexi.

Adam: Damn it, Boston! I’m glad to be home!

That got the fans to get even louder.

Zack: Adam ought to run for office in this city.

Adam: As much as I’ve enjoyed taking this show on the road all this year, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be back here in my adopted hometown of Boston, Massachusetts! Thank you for that. I got two things I want to talk about here and we’ll get the main event in the ring. First of all, two weeks form tonight is our Sin CIty Spectacular. And because I see the numbers everyday, I know you all know what to expect. You know the Anarchy Championship will headline that show for the first time in FFW history when Charlotte Harker and Ruby Tyler meet under Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal!

He listens to the crowd response before nodding his head and continuing.

Adam: You know it’s gonna be the return of Shaw after several months of rehabbing her knee when she faces Sydney Christensen. And that match has showstealer written all over it.You also know that. You know about the six woman tag between the Motor City Maidens and the Laurie Jane Experience and Serafina DeCaro. You know there’s a DIamond title shot on the line when Nessa Wall and Aviva Miller have their rubber match to settle it once and for all. And I know you know that Angelina and Alessandra are gonna light it up to see who challenges for the Future Shock Champion on the first show of the new year.

Zack: That’s gonna be one of the best cards this brand has put together for 2022, no doubt about it.

Adam: You can see it all on FFW All Access two weeks from tonight. But let me tell you one other thing. I want to talk about tonight. I want to talk about this show you all helped make possible. For 12 years now, FFW has had a little thing called Future Shock. It started out on the internet and was put together by my predecessor Cody Kincaid. You all made it grow. It became seasonal show. Because you all made it grow. THen it became a recurring show because you all made it grow. And look where we are right now!

Adam stepped out of the ring and hopped the barricade to go into the crowd, causing the fans to rally around him.

Adam; Here we are in the home of Future Shock. Here we are in Boston, Massachusetts! Here we are celebrating 12 years of spotlighting the best and the brightest both from this company and those who just drop by to visit. From Prospects to bonafide superstars. And it’s all because of those women in the back….and ALL OF YOU.

Security remained at the barricade watching as Adam started walking up the steps.

Adam: And I want you to know that i’m just like you. I’m a fan. I love sitting back there every Tuesday night and watching the roster that Bri and I put together do what they do best. I’m a fan just like you. I jump out of my seat when I see things I like out here, and I get aggravated when I see things I don’t like. I’m a fan just like you. When I board or step off a plane going to and from Boston, I’m just as excited as I’d be if I were buying a ticket to see the show. Why? I’m a fan just like you. This show was built on the support and love of fans just like you.

Adam had the crowd really going now.

Adam: You can ask my wife. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not doing something on behalf of Future Shock. Sometimes I think it might get on her nerves, but she understands. And after all of you wer so supportive of me this past summer, I promise you that’s not going to change. I’ll continue working to make this the best wrestling show on television. So will Brianna. I’ll continue to try to give you a thousand reasons why you can’t miss a single second. The Sin CIty Spectacular is going to be a show I know you won’t forget. 2023 is going to be a year you won’t forget in Future Shock history. Because I’m a fan…

He held up the microphone as the crowd finished his sentence.


Adam: Thank you for 12 years! I wasn’t here for all of them, but I’m damn proud to have been here as long as I have. Thank you for making Future Shock what it’s become. And I give you my word….my hand up to God…

He raised his free hand over his head.

Adam: I’ll do everything in my power to make Future Shock even better. Why? Because I’m a fan…


The crowd started getting loud again, bringing a grin to Adam’s face.

Zack: I’m telling you he’d win an election, I think. Amen, Adam.

He stopped to take selfies with some of the crowd as the show went to a commercial break for Red Alert on November 19th on FFW All Access.
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