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January 29, 2023, 12:15:30 am
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FFW Future Shock - Episode 126

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock - Episode 126  (Read 58 times)
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« on: January 17, 2023, 10:16:32 am »

Live from the Future Shock Arena in Boston, Massachusetts
January 17, 2023

The opening beat of Fort Minor’s “Remember The Name (Future Shock Remix) starts to play as the camera steps through the curtain to see Lexi standing in the ring surrounded by a massive crowd.
You ready? Let's go!
For those of you that wanna know what we're all about
It's like this, y'all, c'mon!

The camera spins around to see Sydney Christensen stepping out onto the stage, and thrusting her hand into the air. Highlights from her winning the Future Shock Championship play. The shot then goes through the gorilla position and through the hallways. It passes between both halves of Target Acquired when Alessandra and Nadia pass on either side, and we see both women becoming the Future Shock Tag Team Champions. Latina Heat are shown at ringside, offering to sign autographs though they aren’t getting many takers before we see highlights of their recent antics.
This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name

Ashley Marie Chase is checking herself out in the mirror, and quickly takes a selfie. The next thing we see is a boot on the edge of a table before we see it belongs to Angelina Fantastica as she’s lacing it up. She bumps fists with Arabella just before the Brit kisses her boyfriend, Jake, and heads out of the locker room and puts on their jackets. Angelina’s Future Shock Cup and Nova title win is highlighted, as well as Arabella’s recent dominating moments in matches.
She feels so unlike everybody else, alone
In spite of the fact that some people still think that they know her
But eff 'em, she knows the code, it's not about the salary
It's all about reality and making some noise

Three fists are shown touching one another before we find they belong to the Matriarchy before they head out of the room. Highlights from all three of their recent matches are shown, and then we cut back to find Fiona checking herself out in a mirror with Kyle standing behind her. She looks back to him with a smile, and then we see some of her shenanigans follow.
This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name

A pair of hands starts tying up brown hair. The hands are gloved, and as soon as the woman turns around, we see it’s Missy who pushes the camera away before it spins around into a live shot inside the arena with a thunderous crowd!
Lexi: Welcome to FUTURE SHOCK!!
The response gets louder before the show heads down to ringside, and finds Zack Hudson and Claire Black standing by.
Zack: A belated Happy New Year to all our fans the world over, and welcome back to Boston, Massachusetts here at the newly improved Future Shock Arena. All the girls of Future Shock have had over a month to spend with friends, family and loved ones, not to mention heal up any nagging injuries and are ready to kick off 2023. I’m Zack Hudson, and this is Claire Black.

Claire: I hope all our fans across the world enjoyed a great holiday season. We’re refreshed and all ready to bring you the best in-ring action from some of the most talented wrestlers in the world. And we’re certainly starting off with a bang and setting the bar high with a stacked card for our first show of the year.

Zack: Angelina Fantastica will make her first challenge for the Future Shock Championship, an opportunity she’s never had before. She’ll face Jacqui Minogue one on one tonight in our main event for all the marbles.

Claire: It’s going to be one heck of a challenge for Jacqui. Angelina has got a lot of experience inside the ring and she’s one of the quickest. That speed gives her a real edge in just about every match that she’s in and we’ve often seen her use it to deadly effect. The Champion is going to have to find a way to slow her down tonight.

Zack: We’re gonna hear from the still-reigning Future Shock Anarchy Champion Charlotte Harker. She’s probably needed every minute of the last few weeks to recover from her match with Ruby Tyler last November. I understand her next challenger will be revealed tonight all the while she has to be ready to represent the USA in Global Wars.

Claire: It was a brutal match against Ruby Tyler to finish off the year and it took all of her toughness and resolve to keep the Anarchy Championship. She starts the year fighting on two fronts and will be desperate to become the first representative of the USA to win the Global Wars series - but that’s a lot easier said than done.

Zack: Jacqui and Charlotte aren’t the only champions we’ll see tonight. In a non-title match primarily because she hasn’t earned one, as far as I’m concerned, Sapphire Taylor will go one on one with the reigning Nova Champion Madyson Stone.

Claire: Just like her sister before her, Madyson is making that Nova Championship her own. Sapphire has an uphill battle in front of her tonight but if she can pull off the upset, she can really set the tone for 2023 for her and the rest of her band mates.

Zack: We already know Madyson’s next challenger for that title, which will take place on our first big event of the new year: Future Shock Heartbreakers on Valentine’s Day on FFW All Access. That’ll be the night she defends against Arabella, which I think will be the stiffest challenge to date. You saw how Arabella handled Fiona to earn the shot at Red Alert.

Claire: I think you’re right Zack. Arabella knows what it takes to be a Champion in Future Shock, she’s a true powerhouse; she’s driven and determined and will definitely want to make the most of this opportunity that she’s earned. I’m sure she’ll be watching the match against Sapphire closely for any weaknesses in Stone’s gameplan.

Zack: Also tonight, we’ll kick off the 2023 Global Wars series with a meeting between the representatives of Canada and Israel, Claire. Not exactly two nations that you hear mentioned in the same breath too often. Who do you like here?

Claire: This could be an absolute classic Global Wars encounter. We’ve got the experience and ruthless technical ability and tactical nous of Sydney Christensen going one on one with the constantly improving, fast rising star Aviva Miller.

Zack: How about we send the show up to the ring and get things starting in the new year? Lexi, it’s all yours.

The show cuts to the ring to find the enchanting Lexi in yet another short dress as she beams at the camera.

Lexi: The first contest of 2023 in Future Shock is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and it is a non-title match with a 20 minute time limit.

The loud strumming of a guitar could be heard across the Pa system. As it does we can see the silhouette of a woman on the tron strumming at a guitar. The woman tosses the guitar to the side and as she does she slowly emerges from behind the curtain. Sapphire smiles as she is in a blue glittery attire. She isn’t around as she is with best friend Emerald McAdams. The blue make their way down the ramp to the loud ovation of boos.

Lexi: Making her way to the ring being accompanied by Emerald McAdams, she is “The Shining Star” Sapphire Taylor!!!

Sapphire stops as she takes it all in. She cracks a very wicked grin before she sprints into the ring. She quickly makes her way to her feet where she does a backflip. The crowd just boos loudly as she does. She ignores them as Emerald tells them to be quiet. Sapphire smiles before bouncing about and waiting for things to get underway.

Zack: Sapphire spent the latter half of 2022 getting under the skin of Charlotte Harker, including trying to make her a flunky for her. That didn’t pan out very well for her, and now she could shoehorn herself into a future Nova title match here.

Claire: Harker certainly made her regret it. I’m not sure how much, if anything, she or Emerald learned from that experience. We might find out tonight and Madyson might have to beware of the manager’s influence from the outside.

The lights go out completely as Legendary starts to play. A lightning effect of white and blue pyrotechnics erupts, lighting up the stage for a second at a time. In each of the flashes the silhouette of a female standing center stage is highlighted.

Hold up, no, you didn't bow, bow
I ain't the chick to walk behind you 'round town
Just 'cause you're packin', packin', whoop, down south
That don't mean I'm ever gonna take it lying down, baby

The pyrotechnics finish and as the lights come up the sound of an engine revving plays on top of the music track and a puff of smoke covers the stage for a moment. The smoke clears to reveal Madyson Stone standing with her hands on her hips and a smirk on her face.

Oh, I'm a machine when I do it
I'll be catching fire, gasoline when I do it
Just 'cause you're packin', packin', whoop, down south
That don't mean I'm ever gonna take it lying down

Lexi: Introducing at this time from Salem, Oregon…she is the reigning Future Shock Nova Champion…...MADYSON STONE!

Baby, you're the man
But I got the, I got the, I got the power
You make rain
But I make it, I make it, I make it shower
You should know, I'm the one who's in control
I'll let you come take the wheel, long as you don't forget
Who got the power?
I got the, I got the power
I got the, I got the power
I got the, I got the power
Hold up!
(My turn)

Madyson takes off at a run to the ring and jumps straight up onto the apron, standing there for a moment to survey the crowd before she pulls the top rope down and hops over it into the ring. She makes her way to her corner and hops up to sit on the turnbuckle as she awaits the start of the match.

Zack: The last time we saw Madyson in the ring was late October in her most recent defense of the Nova Championship against River Campbell. I think we can both agree River and Sapphire don’t have much in common in the ring at all.

Claire: Not in the slightest. River is much more of a fighter and a brawler. Sapphire is a little quicker and a little more agile but I’m sure Madyson will be ready for that and ready to shut Sapphire out of the Nova title conversation for now.

The sounds of "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol begin to play as purple strobe lights flash on the darkened stage. Arabella starts to rise up from under the stage with her back to the crowd before looking over her shoulder with a smile.

Last night a little dancer, came dancin' to my door
Last night a little angel, came pumping on my floor
She said come on baby, you got a license for love

The fans give her a very warm response as she bounces down the stage to the music, greeting several fans along ringside before arriving at ringside. Madyson looked towards Arabella with a curious look as the former Nova Champion arrived in her street clothes at ringside.

Zack: Well now. Arabella’s not booked to compete tonight, but that certainly hasn’t precluded her from being here. Madyson looks as curious about this as we are.

Claire: I guess Arabella wants to scout from the best seat in the house as she prepares to challenge for the title in February.  Think Emerald and Sapphire might try and get her to do their dirty work?

Arabella moved towards Madyson’s corner, telling her she was only out here to make sure that Emerald stayed out of the match, to whom she pointed at in the opposite corner. The manager didn’t like that at all, and started complaining to referee Melinda Davis that Arabella wasn’t a licensed manager.

Claire: So long as Emerald stays out of this one, I don’t think she’s got anything to worry about or any reason to complain tonight.

Zack: The only accurate thing she’s said is that Arabella isn’t a licensed manager. But we’ve seen how Emerald likes to insert herself into matches. Tonight, there’s consequences in the form of Arabella. I don’t mind that at all.

Claire: Same here. Too often managers seem to have carte blanche to get involved and very rarely do any of them seem to have to deal  with the repercussions. This will be a refreshing change.

Davis was about to call for the bell, but that was when Emerald climbed onto the apron to raise her voice a little more. The manager demanded that Arabella be ejected from the building as Sapphire nodded her head in agreement. Madyson moved out of the corner, clearly ready to start the match.

Zack: Emerald’s really agitated by this. Leads me to believe she was planning to get involved. While she’s right about the manager’s license, I think ejecting her from the building is overkill.

Claire: It is going a little over the top and she might not have a manager’s license but she does have an interest in this match and is signed to a talent contract…so let’s just get this thing underway already.

As Davis demanded that Emerald get back on the floor, Sapphire darted past the referee and tried to catch Madyson by surprise when she was watching the argument. But that didn’t work as Sapphire tried to blindside her with a running forearm…to which Stone sidestepped her and shoved her into the corner chest first. She quickly spun her around, and started laying in rights in a flurry to the side of her head. Emerald was still yelling till she got yanked off the apron by Arabella, and looked like she was about to strike the Brit…but quickly thought better of it as the bell rang.

Zack: There’s the bell, and we’re finally underway! Sapphire was trying to use the argument to get an advantage,, that didn’t pan out though. And McAdams looked like she was about to swing on Arabella!

Claire: I don’t fancy the manager’s chances if she chooses to pick that fight. She might want to turn her attention back to the ring and try to get Sapphire out of the fine mess she finds herself in.

Madyson yanked Sapphire out of the corner with a short arm clothesline that sent her to the mat, only for Taylor to get back to her feet and turn into more right hand jabs to the jaw. It wobbled her backwards. The Nova Champion took off towards the far side, and came back as Sapphire turned to face her and delivered a running high knee that dropped the musician again. Emerald was about to climb onto the apron again to complain till she saw Arabella already within arm’s reach of her and dropped back down.

Zack: So far Sapphire’s hopes of interjecting herself into Nova contention aren’t looking too promising! Meanwhile, Arabella’s paying dividends by being out here!

Claire: The Gemstone has to ride out this opening salvo from the Champion and if she’s get an opening - no matter how fleeting - she has to make sure she uses it to stem the tide tonight.

Sapphire started back to her feet again, turning into a backhanded shot to the jaw that sent her into the ropes. Madyson followed up with a running forearm that snapped her head back before she whipped her across to the far side. As soon as Taylor rebounded, Madyson left her feet with a flying shoulder tackle into a cover with the outside leg hooked.

Zack: The Nova Champion’s about to pitch a shutout if she has her way!



Sapphire kicked out before the two landed, and her manager darted around the ring closest to where the referee was. She complained of Arabella bullying her and not allowing her to do her job as Davis got back to her feet.

Claire: I don’t think she’s going to find too much sympathy from Davis here and her client is in a pretty bad way as Madyson is still running the show tonight.

Madyson pulled Sapphire back to her feet, and shoved her backwards into the corner. She backed up a few steps and darted forward with a discus elbow, once again snapping her head backwards. Stone backed up a little further this time, measuring the musician before she took off towards her again. But this time, Sapphire got her boot up and caught the champion flush on the jaw. She dumped her over the top rope to the floor before stumbling forward and dropping to a knee and clutching her jaw. Emerald began to move towards where the Nova Champion landed, but she ran into a roadblock standing in her path.

Claire: That’s a rough landing for Madyson and Sapphire has bought herself a couple of seconds in the middle of the ring to try and pull herself together. She’ll be disappointed if she was hoping for more with Arabella out here too.

Zack: As far as I’m concerned, the #1 contender has been a godsend in this match for Madyson. But you’re right about Sapphire, she needed a few seconds. She has it now, but can she capitalize before Madyson gets up again?

The Nova Champion pulled herself to her feet when the referee got to a five count. As she was climbing onto the apron, a shotgun dropkick from Sapphire sent her back to the floor. Taylor stepped out to go after her, pulling her up with two handfuls of hair to smash her face into the apron. She shoved Stone back into the ring before rolling in after her. When Madyson was beginning to get up, Sapphire stopped that with a running backstabber before making the cover with a lateral press.

Zack: Sapphire should hook a leg here, but she thinks she has a three count already in the bag.



The Nova Champion kicked out as the two was coming down, and Taylor quickly got back to her feet. Emerald showered her with praise from her corner, all the while making sure she knew where Arabella was.

Claire: It’s maybe a touch disrespectful to one of our reigning Champions to think that you’ve got them beat already and be so confident that you don’t even hook the leg. Still, Sapphire needs to stay on top of Madyson here and not give her an opportunity to get her bearings.

Sapphire got back to her feet, and pulled Madyson with her. She sent her chest first into the corner with a hard Irish whip, causing Stone to crash chest first before Sapphire hit the nearby ropes for a disaster kick that landed right on target. Stone dropped like a rock as Sapphire climbed the corner to dust off her hands, while Emerald applauded her at ringside.

Zack: She caught that kick right on the button, and she’s wasting a lot of—

Zack didn’t finish his sentence before Sapphire launched into a moonsault that landed also on target before she hooked the leg this time to make a cover with her other hand in the air to count with the referee.




It was relatively easy for Madyson to get her shoulder with the way Sapphire was laying back across her. Taylor shook her head as she came to a seat on the canvas.

Claire: Sapphire might have scored a knockout with the disaster kick but with the time she spent on the ropes and the lax cover, she gave the Champ a great chance to keep this one alive. Sapphire needs to stop taking the win for granted whenever she makes a cover.

The would-be challenger got to her feet, and started putting the boots to Madyson when she tried to get back to her feet. She pulled her to her feet and fired her across to the far side. When Madyson returned, Sapphire scooped her up and fell backwards to hang her over the top rope. It crashed against her midsection, leaving Stone hanging over the ring and the floor. Taylor stepped out onto the apron and delivered an ax kick to the back of Madyson’s head that snapped her back into the ring, allowing Taylor to bask in Emerald’s effusive praise.

Claire: Credit to Sapphire here. She’s doing a lot of damage and really taking the fight to the Nova Champion tonight. Madyson has to make these little breaks that she keeps getting given to her advantage though…or we might see a new contender for the title here.

Taylor stepped back into the ring, and immediately delivering a running shooting star press before making a tight hook of the leg for the cover! The referee slid into position as Emerald looked elated!

Zack: That’s one of her favorite moves, and you’re right, Claire! We could be 3 seconds from a new challenger!




Madyson got her shoulder up in time, and Sapphire muttered angrily to herself. Emerald screamed like a banshee that was a three count, and then pointed towards Arabella to claim she was giving Madyson an unfair advantage.

Claire: What do you think it’s like to live in Emerald’s world? To have the ability to make these fantastical leaps to push blame to anywhere else?

Taylor got back to her feet, hearing her manager before glancing towards Arabella who was only standing at ringside. The musician moved towards her and leaned through the ropes to ask her if she needed pointers on how to beat Madyson. Also to find out how she felt that she was going to be added to the title match. To her credit, Arabella crossed her arms over her chest and remained stoic.

Zack: This is a major mistake. She’s got Madyson in major trouble, and here we go again. She tried to antagonize Arabella. The wisdom of this evades me.

Claire: Same here. Sapphire should be concentrating on her opponent; she can trash talk Arabella all she wants after the bell has rung.

As this went on, Madyson started to get back to her feet a bit shakily. When she had her wits about her, she grabbed Sapphire’s head from behind to pull against the top rope before she landed a dozen quick forearms across her chest. She yanked Taylor back into the ring as she clutched her chest. Madyson leaned against the ropes, trying to collect herself for a moment.

Zack: All those forearms to the chest, and there wasn’t a thing Sapphire could do about it. At least not after she let Madyson have the better part of a minute to get it together.

Claire: She kept on giving the Nova Champion openings, it was only a matter of time before she took one and started to reassert herself.

Madyson hit the near side ropes next, rebounding into a guillotine leg drop across the back of Sapphire’s head as she was getting to all fours. The champion planted her head into position for her facebuster finisher, causing the Boston crowd to come to their feet. But Sapphire surprised her, sweeping her legs out from under her and catapulting her into the corner instead. But Stone landed on the middle rope like a cat as Sapphire sat up with a tap of her forehead and a knowing smirk as Emerald shouted at her and pointed behind her.

Claire: Sapphire’s counting her chickens before they hatched and Stone is about to make her regret it!

Zack: Madyson’s got some agility, and I’m just waiting on Sapphire to find out that the well went dry behind her after that catapult.

Stone dropped back to her feet on the mat as Sapphire got to her feet. And when the musician turned around, Madyson clocked her with a right cross to the jaw that toppled her to the canvas like she’s been shot. Stone let out a deep breath.

Zack: What a shot! Tyson Fury couldn’t have thrown it better!

Claire: Sapphire might need to get her teeth checked after that shot. I’ve seen prizefighters not deliver anything that sweet!!

The musician started to stir before Madyson pulled her into position once again, planting her head between her legs, and deliver her double underhook facebuster immediately. The fans came to their feet as Stone rolled her over and made the cover. Emerald hopped onto the apron, but she didn’t stay there long before Arabella yanked her down by the back of her shorts. The momentary distraction was all that Sapphire needed though as she used a low blow behind the referee’s back and connected with her tilt-a-whirl inverted DDT before diving into the cover.





The referee called for the bell as the fans in the arena showered Sapphire with boos. Emerald bolted into the ring and congratulated her!

Claire: I don’t believe it….

Lexi: Your winner by pinfall………………SAPPHIRE TAYLOR!!

Zack: And just like that, Sapphire Taylor has put herself into the Nova title picture in one night! And no one in Boston is happy about it!

Arabella looked as annoyed as the fans around ringside as she saw Madyson starting to get up in the ring.

Zack: Madyson now has two title shots owed between Arabella and Sapphire. 2023 isn’t beginning like the Nova Champion wanted!

Madyson looked over to the would-be pop star, as Sapphire and Emerald continued to celebrate like they had actually won the title as the show headed to a commercial for Heartbreakers on Valentine’s Day on FFW All Access.

Enter Constance

A video begins to play with footage of a young blonde in clothing similar to a cheer outfit running drills in a field, her ponytail swaying with her movement while a voiceover plays.

"Hi, I'm Constance McCullough."

More clips are interspersed, this time she's wearing navy shorts and a Kansas City Chiefs jersey and showing off some flips and heel kicks in a dance studio.

"I'm from Gladstone, Missouri and I've always been athletic."

Her jazz moves turn into modern dance, hair braided to keep it from swinging into her face as she flips her head back and pumps her torso.

"In my family, it's always been God first, then family and then our interests; I always felt that God put me on this path, and I thank Him every day for the opportunities that I've had so far."

The video cuts back to Constance in a white sleeveless top and red shorts, hair bouncing as she moves her feet quickly through hoops placed on the grass below. Finishing this task, Constance sprints away, followed by an edit to allow her to run into frame and stop to look at the camera.

Constance: Now I'm ready for my next opportunity. I can't wait to compete at Future Shock!

It cuts to a slow-motion shot of Constance running and then coming to a halt, hands just above her knees to catch her breath as the video ends.
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« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2023, 10:16:45 am »

When the show returns from the commercial break, we see the large Global Wars scoreboard hanging from the rafters of the Future Shock Arena. Each country is listed with 0 points by its name before the show cuts back to Lexi in the ring.

Lexi: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit, and it is the beginning of the 2023 Global Wars series!

The beat of “Black Sheep” by Metric kicks in and Aviva Miller busts out onto the ramp with her fist held high in the air, her head bobbing to the music. As the bass drops, she heads down the ramp and slaps hands with every fan she can reach. Instead of going right to the ring, she takes a trip around it and gives out more high fives before finally swinging herself onto the apron.

Lexi: From Los Angeles via Jerusalem and representing Israel, this is Aviva Miller!

Aviva grins and ducks between the ropes into the ring, but then turns back and balances herself with one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the middle, waving her hand in a circle to get another loud cheer from the crowd. With the fans sufficiently hyped up, Aviva heads to her corner and waits for the match to begin.

Zack: Aviva ended 2022 by winning the rubber match in the series she’d been having with the Snarktopus. She scored the tiebreaker in Las Vegas at the Sin City Spectacular, and has said she wants another round with Nadia for the Diamond title.

Claire: I don’t blame her for aiming for a title. We say it every time we see her in the ring - she just keeps getting better and better as she racks up experience. She’s becoming a force to be reckoned with and I could see her continuing the streak of nations winning Global Wars the first they are represented.

The sound of a guitar strumming subtly begins to echo in the arena, leaving those in attendance wondering what is going on. The angelic voice of one Lzzy Hale of the band Halestorm is heard next, her voice serenely starting the opening verse of “I Am The Fire.”

Am I brave enough?
Am I strong enough?
To follow the desire
That burns from within
To push away my fear
To stand where I'm afraid
I am through with this
'Cause I am more than this
I promise to myself
Alone and no one else
My flame is rising higher.

As the song picks up the tempo, her voice becomes more intense, kicking into the chorus.

I am the fire
I am burning brighter
Roaring like a storm

Midway through the chorus, the curtains part and out walks the pride of Calgary herself, Sydney Christensen.  She steps out to the middle of the stage and juts her arms out on either side of her, tossing her head back as the fans show their appreciation. She picks her head up and slowly brings her arms in front of her, her index fingers pointing down to the ring. Dropping her arms to her side, she begins her march towards the ring, nodding at a few fans along the way. Once she reaches the ring, she hops up onto the apron and steps through the bottom and middle ropes. Almost immediately, Sydney walks over to the ropes and raises her arms above her head, encouraging the fans as they cheer on the proud Canadian. Sydney then walks over to one corner of the ring and rests her back against the turnbuckle, awaiting her opponent as her music fades out on one poignant line of the chorus.

And I am the one I've been waiting for
Screaming like a siren
Alive and burning brighter
I am the fire!

Lexi: Introducing from and representing Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this is…...SYDNEY CHRISTENSEN!!

Zack: I will never forget as long as I live watching Sydney go into juggernaut mode at the Sin City Spectacular when Shaw tried to outwit her and fake an injury to get the win. I’ve never seen her like that before, and if Aviva is lucky, she won’t either.

Claire: Shaw might’ve been coming back from injury but she had been cleared by three of the best doctors in the world when Sydney pushed her to the very limit and came as close as just about anyone to beating her. If she can channel that in the Global Wars series, then she might be unstoppable and Canada might be crowning another winner.

Referee Ashley Pruitt calls for the bell to start the match, and it’s quickly apparent that the fans in attendance are very much behind Aviva. That brings a smile to her face, but it doesn’t look to affect Sydney at all as she kept a stare towards her opponent as they moved towards the center of the ring. The Canadian made it to the center first, and raised one hand over her head to invite her to a test of strength. Aviva looked a bit reluctant about that as Sydney watched her.

Zack: Aviva looks like she’s not sure about this idea, and I don’t blame her. A test of strength with Sydney certainly doesn’t work to her advantage, at least not that I can see.

Claire: You’d certainly think that Sydney has a strength advantage and is the slightly more accomplished technician of the two. Aviva is probably better served to use her speed and try not to stay out of Sydney’s reach as much as possibly

Christensen started goading her into it before Aviva raised her hand. But it was a trap as the Israeli beauty caught a kick to the gut and was driven backwards into the corner with a running shoulder tackle. She started hammering shoulder thrusts into Miller’s body one after another before using both hands to send her out of the corner with a large beal. As soon as Aviva got to all fours to get up, Sydney used clubbing blows with both hands to her shoulders to drive her back down. A knee drop between her shoulders followed that.

Zack: Sydney’s veteran skills paid off for her, and she’s doing what she does best with those pounding blows to her back. Already setting the table for her lotus lock submission.

Claire: This is not how Aviva wanted to start this match. Sydney can do a lot of damage in a short period of time and make sure that Aviva has a mountain to climb if she is allowed a way into this match.

Sydney gave her opponent little time to recover before she pulled her back to her feet into a clinch to drive repeated knees into her chest and face. After four of them landed, the Canadian hoisted her into a butterfly suplex before making her first cover of the match.

Zack: This may be a little premature, but Sydney’s looking to put those points up in record time.



Miller kicked out a half second after the one count landed, and Sydney wasted no time in pulling her back to her feet. She spun the Middle Eastern beauty around, and drove a headbutt between her shoulders before snatching her into a full nelson suplex.

Claire: Christensen isn’t wasting a second tonight and isn’t giving Aviva any chance to mount any offence tonight. She’s looking for a shut out to get the Global War series underway.

The blonde pulled her back to her feet, and lifted her off the mat into a bearhug. But she immediately ran her into the nearest corner, driving Aviva’s back into the corner before doing the same in the next corner and then the next corner. Miller slumped against the third corner when Sydney let her go, and backed up a few steps and caught her with a jumping knee strike to the head that dropped her down to the mat.

Claire: Miller’s getting beaten and battered and Christensen is using the ring like a tag team partner to do even more damage. This might not last much longer.

Zack: No kidding. For the first match in Global Wars this year, our Canadian representative is definitely making examples of her first opponent.

The veteran watched Aviva as she started to crawl out of the corner, and slowly trailed her till she got to the center of the ring. When Miller began to get up again, Sydney snatched her around the waist from behind and went for a wheelbarrow facebuster…only for Aviva to surprise her and everyone else by countering into a bulldog instead. It drove Sydney face first into the mat, and Miller reached behind her to rub her back in pain.

Zack: Sydney may have taken a little too long to appreciate her handiwork there, and Aviva had a fantastic counter ready and waiting.

Claire: Yeah and this is gut check time for Aviva. This is the moment that she needs to reach down deep and find a way to make hay while the sun is shining before Sydney can make it dark again.

It wasn’t very long before Sydney was starting to get up again, and that’s when Aviva seemed to kick it into next gear. She hopped back to her feet and took off towards the ropes, catching the rising veteran with a spinning backfist that sent her backwards a couple steps. But even then, Sydney still came forward. Aviva grabbed her head for a jawbreaker that sent her into the ropes holding her jaw. Christensen got her bearings quickly and went for a haymaker shot, only for Miller to duck the contact and counter into an Olympic slam. As soon as she sat up though, Aviva glanced over to see Sydney already starting to do the same.

Zack: Sydney can definitely absorb a lot of offense, and look at her! She’s still getting up, and Aviva’s nailed her with a few good shots already!

Claire: Sydney is as tough as they come. Aviva can’t lose heart, she just has to keep on laying in the shots and pushing Christensen to the back foot.

Aviva got back to her feet, and quickly fired Sydney into the corner. But the Canadian reversed it, sending her instead. And as she climbed up the corner to deliver some blows, Aviva ducked under her legs and caught her arms before she could hop down to turn around. And that was when Aviva surprised everyone by utilizing a crucifix powerbomb with Sydney coming off the middle rope. That brought the fans to life once again as Aviva started back to her feet to see Sydney was finally still down.

Claire: Aviva with quick thinking there and she just drove her opponent into the canvas. I bet that was the last thing Sydney was expecting!

Zack: She wasn’t the only one surprised. Aviva isn’t really a powerhouse, but Sydney was in the right place and that would have even made Luther Thunder proud.

Sydney began to stir again and was almost to her knees before Aviva caught her with a superkick to the side of her head. It toppled her over to her side, and Miller circled around behind her when she saw her starting to get up again. Christensen was a bit slower in getting up than previously, and Aviva immediately grabbed her into a full nelson slam before making the cover with both legs hooked.

Zack: One big impact after another, and we’re seconds from a Global Wars upset to kick off the series!



Sydney got her shoulder up as the two touched the mat, and Aviva showed some ingenuity and applied a cobra clutch before rolling Sydney onto her stomach to sit on her lower back as she applied it!

Claire: This is smart from Aviva. The hold allows her to conserve a little bit of energy and with her position she can use all of her weight to make it all the more effective.

Pruitt dropped down by Sydney to see if she wanted to stop the match. The Canadian pounded the mat with her fist before she tried to reach for anything she could grab. Nothing was within reach though and Aviva started to pull backwards to add even more pressure. Sydney’s body began to contort in the wrong direction as Miller leaned back further and further.

Zack: I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a cobra clutch like this, and Aviva is ratcheting up the pressure every little bit further she leans back. The fact Sydney’s still conscious is a testament to how tough she is!

Claire: This is real trouble for Christensen! Miller could easily put her to sleep and it’s a testament to Sydney that she’s managing to keep her composure and isn’t panicking. Yet.

Aviva started to slide herself backwards a little more till she was almost on the mat as she continued to lean back. Pruitt checked again, still not getting a submission from Sydney though her movements were slowing. The veteran seemed to be trying to point to something, but her movements were lethargic. Aviva was almost laying on the mat with as far back as she was leaning and pulling on Sydney’s upper body.

Zack: She’s going out, look at the torque! What’s she trying to…. She’s in the ropes!

The camera angle changed, and it was clear to the viewers what Sydney was trying to show the referee: that her foot was under the bottom rope behind her. The referee hadn’t seen it yet as she was focusing on her head. She began lifting Sydney’s free arm next.

Claire: This could be really harsh for Sydney tonight! The referee simply doesn’t see it and the Canadian doesn’t have the energy to make it clear to the official!!

Sydney’s arm fell once and then twice. As the referee raised it a third time, that’s when she noticed the foot and immediately called for a break. Aviva glanced over to it, and relinquished the hold immediately before rolling away from the veteran. Sydney flopped face down on the mat, moving very slowly now as Aviva began to get back to her feet.

Zack: Credit to Aviva, she let that hold go immediately when she saw Sydney’s foot. No arguing with the referee. She’s got Sydney in a lot of trouble despite having to break.

Claire: Through no fault of her own or the referee’s she got an extra couple of seconds and Sydney is certainly paying the price right now! Aviva’s so close to opening Israel’s Global Wars account with a big win!

Aviva went to grab her, but Sydney had enough wits about her before she rolled herself out of the ring to the floor. Miller didn’t get to her in time before she made it to the floor, and looked to be debating on going out after her. The referee told her to stay back before she began her ten count on the veteran. As the official approached five, Sydney hadn’t shown a love of movement yet. By the time Pruitt was at seven, Sydney’s hand reached up to grab the apron.

Zack: Aviva may take this by countout. Can’t say I blame her for not wanting to risk this match taking place at ringside. The last thing you want to give Sydney is the ability to fight around the ring.

Claire: Yeah, Sydney’s power and all of the things out at ringside…she can swing a match in seconds. Probably in Aviva’s best interest to take this time to regroup and formulate a plan to stay on top in this contest.

Pruitt got to nine before Sydney rolled herself under the ropes back into the ring. Grabbing the ropes to help her get up, Aviva watched the blonde for a second before darting towards her. It wasn’t clear what she had in mind, because as soon as she was within range, Sydney sprang to life and planted her with a spinebuster that arched Miller’s back on impact. The Canadian veteran rubbed the back of her neck with an annoyed look on her face.

Zack: Where did that come from?! I think Sydney took every bit of that count, and suckered Aviva in! And the previous Future Shock Champion has found her second gear.

Claire: Aviva’s fired a warning shot across the bow but like you said, she got suckered in by Sydney. It’s not over yet though.

Aviva tried to get up, but ended up with her head planted between Sydney’s legs. The powerhouse scooped her up and took off across the ring with a turnbuckle powerbomb that crumpled Miller in the corner. Sydney dragged her by the feet out of the corner, and planted her head again, this time into a ganso bomb before stacking her legs on top of Aviva for the cover.

Zack: Nothing but high impact from Sydney, and Canada may be about to take the lead!




Aviva got her shoulder up in time before the three was about to land. Sydney got back to her feet, eyeing the Israeli beauty for a second as she shook her head.

Claire: Dear God! Aviva found a way to stop the count a heartbeat before the three count! You’ve got to admire the fight on show in the opening round of Global Wars!

Aviva slowly sat up, and that’s when Sydney dropped down behind her in a seat. She wasted little time as she wrapped her legs into position to apply her lotus lock submission. It caused Aviva’s arms to be pinned behind her as the pressure immediately was applied. Miller’s face showed the agony she was feeling as soon as Sydney locked her ankles.

Zack: There it is, the FIRESTARTER! That’s what Sydney’s been setting up the whole match!

Claire: It’s locked in perfectly and this is a very, very difficult submission to find an escape from!! Aviva’s got to come up with something quickly or we can put the points against Canada tonight!

Aviva struggled to find a way out of the hold, but wasn’t having any kind of success. However, the pain was amplifying in the hold. Pruitt checked again and again before Aviva tapped out. The referee called for the bell, and Sydney broke the hold and got back to her feet to have her hand raised.

Zack: There was no way out, and Aviva knew it as well as you and I did. Sydney’s has put Canada in firm footing to start Global Wars in a hard fought win tonight.

Lexi: Your winner by submission……………SYDNEY CHRISTENSEN!!

Claire: It’s always good to get out to a lead and set the pace in a competition like Global Wars and for Sydney that’s mission accomplished. Now everyone else is chasing her and know what the benchmark is.

The scoreboard was seen next as three points were added to Canada’s tally before Sydney glanced back to Aviva for a moment. She saw the points on the board, and told the camera that was just the beginning.

Zack: Sydney certainly has history on her side with Canada being among the most successful in Global Wars since it began in FFW. I’m getting word that her next opponent…oh boy….Sydney’s gonna be facing Fiona next! That’s gonna be a long night for the weathergirl!

Claire: With Sydney in the mood that she’s been in tonight and the determination that she’s showing, Fiona’s going to need every weapon in her arsenal and every trick in the book. And based on tonight’s performance, I don’t envy Aviva’s next opponent any either - she was just a whisker away from taking the points and the lead herself.

A graphic shows Sydney’s next match in the Global Wars series against the Northern Ireland’s representative before the show headed elsewhere in the Future Shock Arena.

Anarchy’s Queen

Highlights from the Salvage Yard Showdown from Future Shock’s Sin City Spectacular are shown featuring the main event for the Anarchy Championship. The viewers see Charlotte flipping a husked out car, Ruby using a motorbike to plow through her as well as the fire pit where the match ended. As it concludes, we find the still-reigning Anarchy Champion with Sara backstage.

Sara: After one of, if not the, most violent matches in this company’s history of title matches, I’m here with Charlotte Harker who is still the woman on top of the Anarchy division. Charlotte, I think the biggest question right now is how you’re feeling. I know it’s been almost 2 months ago, but I can’t see how a lot of what you went through against Ruby was just going to clear up in a few days.

Charlotte: You’re right Sara, after everything that happened in the Salvage Yard with the Anarchy Championship on the line when you’re up against someone as deadly and as dangerous as Ruby it doesn’t clear up in a couple of days. Hell, some of it isn’t ever going to heel up properly - I’m always going to have some scars and I’m probably going to have plenty of mornings where I wake up with a twinge or an ache somewhere and I think back to that night where I retained my title, where I beat one of the best to have done this and cemented my place as one of the best and the greatest Anarchy-style wrestlers in history. All that said though, I’m cleared. I’m ready to go and I’m raring to get started in Global Wars and win that medal.

Sara: 2023 is starting off for you with any matches potentially being doubly important. You have 4 Global Wars matches, which will include any title defenses you’re going to have. And I’m able to confirm your next challenger for that title. She earned her shot by defeating Ruby in the runup to her facing you in Las Vegas. It’ll be you defending next against Kristina Spencer on FFW All Access at Future Shock Heartbreakers on Valentine’s Day. I’m going to assume you knew it was only a matter of time before Kristina Spencer came calling, given how she arrived in Future Shock.

Charlotte: I thought so, yeah. Given that she made a point of her first appearance in Future Shock being at the end of one of my matches when just about everyone with an interest in this title was present and staring me down, it was pretty damn clear from the start what she wanted. Good for her. She’s gotten herself her shot and she can say that she earned it by beating Ruby Tyler. I’m sure she can be really pleased with herself and is already game planning for her chance and trying to come up with something that she can do that Ruby didn’t already try in the Salvage Yard.

Sara: Something occurred to me. It seems like in 2022 that you had challengers really coming at you left and right looking for shots at that title. I mean there was Sapphire, Ruby and now Kristina. Do you think all these women sense there’s some kind of weakness in that they are hoping the types of matches you’ve been in are going to take a toll sooner than later and they’ll be able to capture the title a little easier than the previous opponent?

Charlotte: Maybe they see some kind of weakness. Maybe they view me as someone who was propped up by Shaw as a member of the One Woman Show. Maybe they think calling me a Moose is just some kind of cute nickname or something. I don’t know….but I do know that so far, they’ve all been wrong. As for these matches taking a toll–

She paused for a moment.

Charlotte: Look, Sara, you said it yourself, I was just in one of the most brutal, most violent, most dangerous matches in Future Shock history. I stood tall at the end of it and I’ve just had two months off to recover and regroup and I’m ready to go again. So if they think that these matches are taking a toll and wearing me down, they’re barking up the wrong tree there. The challengers can keep lining up. I’ll keep knocking them down and in a couple of months time, I’ll be the Anarchy Champion and I’ll have a matching gold Global Wars winner medal around my neck and I’ll be looking squarely at Jacqui. Or Angelina. Or hell, Missy, if she gets a shot at the title ahead of me and claims it. Or even Shaw. Because, Sara, I think the only way they’re going to get this Anarchy Championship off of me is if I’m forced into giving it up because I’ve got the Future Shock Championship around my waist instead.

Sara: I could honestly see that. In terms of Global Wars, it certainly seems like people are backing you and Missy as the heavy favorites to take the series. Both of you have been doing exceptionally well for yourselves in the last year or so. Do you see her as your stiffest challenge in the field of women? I know you don’t look past anyone, but I’m curious where you see the other four women.

Charlotte: You’ve done a pretty good job of assessing Missy and not said anything true about her. Like you said, I’m not looking past anyone or writing anyone off. Sydney pushed Shaw all the way and there aren’t many who can claim that. Aviva has shown that she has a lot of potential inside the ring and keeps getting better so by the time we get to the finale, if she’s in the mix there’s every chance that she could take the medal and be another first time winner. Then you’ve got Fiona…2023 is a brand new year and I’m sure she’ll take the chance to put 2022 behind her and start with a fresh slate.

Sara: It’s going to be a memorable new year, I’m sure of that. I appreciate your time tonight, Charlotte.

As the champion leaves the interview set, the show cuts elsewhere inside the Future Shock Arena.

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Once more, the show returns from the break to the ring where Lexi awaits as a spotlight hangs over her. The lights come back up as she starts to speak.

Lexi: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit, and it is for the FFW Future Shock Championship!!

Zack: If you look at how the two women we’re about to see ended 2022, there’s definitely one with more momentum behind her. Angelina toppled Alessandra in Las Vegas to get this shot, and Jacqui was added to the list of women Missy has put away in the last year.

Claire: Missy has been in imperious form though so there’s certainly no disgrace in being on the wrong end of the result against her. And if anything that might just provide even more motivation and determination for Jacqui to start this year off in a dominant fashion.

The stage is bathed in pink light as “Raise Your Glass” by Pink starts playing. After a moment, Angelina Fantastica comes out in a pair of baggy black pants and a pink cropped tank top, her hair tied back in two French braids, threaded through with silver ribbons. She makes her way up to the ring, bopping to the music and grinning at the fans in attendance. Using the bottom rope, she pulls herself up onto the apron and smiles for the camera before gripping the top rope and backflipping easily into the ring.

Lexi: Introducing the challenger.. Repping Staten Island, New York, it’s the Shaolin Stunna, the OG, the prodigal daughter of Future Shock, the one and only Angelina Fantastica!

Angelina looks at Lexi and then climbs the turnbuckle, raising her fist in the air while facing the crowd before jumping down, turning to face her opponent.

Zack: We’ve already seen one of the Shaolin Belles tonight, now it’s time for Angelina! She’s never been in a match for the Future Shock title, and she certainly has momentum on her side! We may be about to start 2023 with a new woman on top of the mountain!

Claire: We could indeed. I’m sure Angelina is coming into this with a lot of confidence having beaten someone who is both physically strong and technically sound in Alessandra, she’ll be looking to keep that going and claiming the title in the first Future Shock Main Event of the year.

As the intro of “Superstar” by 95 TurboSol blares into the arena, generating thunderous reaction from the crowd, a lightshow of blue and white lights ignites the stage area and ramp and flashes continuously across both areas, bearing a striking resemblance of a futuristic spaceship setting. At the same time, smoke emerges from the bottom of the stage and fills the area.

Then, as the song begins, Jacqui Minogue emerges through the smoke and stands on stage, her hands on her hips as she scans through the environment and eventually the ring while the crowd continues to shower her with their reaction.

Lexi: Making her way to the ring, representing The Matriarchy...weighing 140 pounds…from Melbourne, Australia…She is the reigning and defending FFW Future Shock Champion…. “The Perfect Storm”…JACQUI MINOGUE!!!!!

Jacqui then comes down the ramp toward the ring with her arms extended outward and sporting a cocky demeanor. When she reaches the ringside area, she stands there taking in the atmosphere of the arena as the fans continue to show their reactions. She then climbs up the apron, wipes her feet on the apron, and enters the ring, Jacqui strides towards two opposite ring posts in where she climbs up and extends her arms out and then shortly shows off her trademark triangle hand signal, to represent her faction, all while looking on with a smirk and posing to the crowd with complete confidence. She’s taking in the atmosphere while the crowd reaction continues and the cameras flashing.

After going through her ritual, Jacqui climbs down and makes her way towards the corner to take off her jacket and then readies herself as she waits for the match to begin.

Zack: While this may be the first time these two have met for the Future Shock Championship, it’s far from the first time they’ve shared the ring. The Belles have had a long history with the Matriarchy, including a recent instance where they actually handcuffed Angelina to the ringpost.

Claire: Angelina won’t have forgotten about that and it just illustrates how dangerous an opponent Jacqui can be. Especially when it comes to this title and achieving the goals that she has set herself in this company.

Jacqui hands off her title to referee Jennifer Stringer before the official raises it overhead and gives it to Lexi before she left the ring. The bell sounded after that, and Angelina already had the fans behind her. She only got them louder as she pounded the top turnbuckle behind her, causing them to chant her name. It brought a smile to her face, and prompted Jacqui to head towards her. The champion tried to trap her in the corner before she lunged to grab her, only for the quicker Angelina to duck behind her and use a dropkick to her back. It sent her chest first into the corner, causing her to turn around into a superkick on the chin! Fantastica yanked her down into a small package for the cover! The fans quickly got to their feet in a roar!

Zack: It could be the fastest title swap in Future Shock history!



Jacqui kicked out, and shoved Angelina away from her. The New Yorker quickly got back to her feet, and was already in motion towards the ropes as the champion was getting to her feet.

Claire: Angelina’s quickness proved the difference in that opening exchange and this has to be the secret to her success - she has to use her speed and stay away from the more powerful champion.

Angelina bolted towards her as Jacqui was back on her feet, blasting the Future Shock Champion with a leaping lungblower that flattened the Aussie on the mat again. She quickly made a second cover as Stringer slid into position, once again getting the crowd on its feet!

Zack: Here we go again! We’re barely a minute into this match and Angelina’s got the cover for the second time!



Once more, Minogue kicked out and shoved the challenger away from her. This time, Angelina rolled out to the apron and hopped back to her feet. She grabbed the top rope with both hands, seemingly waiting on Jacqui to get up again.

Claire: Angelina’s got something planned! She seems like she wants to end this quickly and not even give the Champ a chance to mount any offence!!

The champion got to her feet, and started turning to try to find her opponent. Angelina used the top rope as a springboard into a meteora when Minogue finally faced her. She drove her into the mat and hooked both legs tightly for yet another cover.

Zack: A meteora from the heavens, and is the third time the charm?!



It wasn’t the charm since Jacqui managed to kick free and roll away from her. But Angelina was quickly back to her feet, and it was Jacqui who bolted for the outside this time.

Claire: Minogue decided she needs a breather and is probably hoping that this will disrupt the challenger’s momentum. If nothing else, she knows that she can’t lose the title out here on the floor.

Angelina had a wide grin on her face as Jacqui rubbed her chest as she rounded the corner. The referee began her ten count. But that didn’t slow the challenger down, instead sending her into the far side before she rebounded into a baseball slide towards Jacqui. But the challenger sidestepped her, causing Angelina to land on her feet. And as soon as the high flier got her balance and turned towards the champion, Jacqui caught her with a headbutt to the face that sent her staggering backwards. The Aussie backed up a few steps and mowed her down with a lariat. Then she took another couple seconds to gather herself while a scowl formed on her face.

Claire: That’s the last thing Angelina wanted! Jacqui’s got an opening now and she knows how to use them to good effect - that headbutt is just the start.

Zack: Those headbutts hurt me to watch, and you know Angelina wasn’t expecting that. Not after the roll she was having since the bell.

She watched as the challenger started to get up, and blasted her with a running kneelift to the face. Jacqui quickly scooped her over one shoulder and dropped her chest first across the top of the ringside barricade, causing Angelina to topple over into the front row. With her at their feet, the fans tried to encourage Angelina, which didn’t sit well with Jacqui when she reached over the top to pull her back to ringside.

Zack: If I were those fans, I’d stay well clear of the Future Shock Champion. I’m a little surprised she didn’t just leave her there and let the referee try to count her out.

Claire: I guess Jacqui wants to make sure there’s no argument and wants to shut Angelina out of the title conversation with a clear win tonight.

Minogue used a snapmare to bring her back to ringside, yanking her over the barrier. As the referee got to seven, the champion scooped her up and rolled her back into the ring before joining her. She took off for the near side, catching Angelina as she rose with a scissor kick that sent her stumbling backwards into the corner. Minogue charged in after her with a corner clothesline before following that up with a t-bone suplex out of the corner. Clearly feeling more confident now, the champion strolled towards her and delivered a Garvin stomp with a jumping stomp to the side of her head at the end.

Claire: Minogue is looking to disorient her challenger with these shots to the head. It’s a good way to slow her down a little and stop her from taking to the air where she excels.

Zack: I’m not questioning her, but I think I’d be working on her legs. That’ll keep her off her feet as well.

She pulled Fantastica to her feet into a front facelock before hoisting her upside down into a stalling brainbuster. Jacqui showed her strength as she held her upside down for six seconds until she drove her into the mat and hooked the leg for a cover.

Zack: Jacqui let all the blood rush to her head, made her think about it, and planted her!




Angelina got her shoulder up before the three came down, and Jacqui pummeled her for it with elbow strikes from the mount position. She got up after landing six of them and used a leg drop across her face to add more damage.

Claire: Jacqui is dominating now that she’s taken control of this contest and Angelina is hanging in there for the time being.

When the challenger started to sit up, Jacqui hammered blows into her head and neck repeatedly. She pulled her to her feet and turned around to hook her arms to lift the New Yorker off her feet into a Gory bomb, driving Fantastica face and body down to the canvas. A confident look on her face, she scooped Jacqui into a fireman’s carry neckbreaker across her knee. She immediately made the cover after that.

Claire: That could be all she wrote!! We’re three seconds away from a successful title defence to start the year!!




It didn’t seem to faze Jacqui though before she dragged her nearer to a corner before climbing up to the top rope. She went for her diving double stomp, but the challenger rolled out of the way. Minogue landed awkwardly on her feet. Angelina tried to capitalize quickly by using the ropes into a disaster kick that sent them both back to the mat.

Zack: We don’t see Jacqui heading up to the top rope very often, and it may be even longer before we see it again.

Claire: It play out the way she wanted it right there and this is exactly what Fantastica was hoping for!! If she can get back to her feet quickly enough that is.

They were both getting up at about the same speed as the referee reached five of her count. But it was Fantastica who got up a half second quicker, and darted towards the champion to deliver her signature jumping neckbreaker. It landed perfectly before she went for the cover with a tight leg hook.

Zack: PROTECT YA NECK! That might do it!




The champion got her shoulder up in time, causing Angelina to get back to her feet. She wasn’t totally steady on her feet, thanks to all the shots she’d absorbed. But she hit the ropes for a boost of speed to rebound into a running phoenix splash.

Claire: We were a hair away from crowning a new Champion and Angelina thinks that she’s got it sealed now!!

The challenger headed for the nearest corner and began to make her ascent to the top rope. She made it and peered between her legs before launching herself into a moonsault that landed perfectly on target before hooking the outside leg for the cover.

Zack: Somewhere Fiona’s screaming Angelina stole her move, but we could be 3 seconds from a new champion!!




But the champion escaped by getting her shoulder up again. Angelina double checked with the referee before getting up again, once more heading back to the same corner.

Claire: Angelina’s strategy is definitely working for her right now! She has to keep the pace up and make Jacqui’s like hell to take the title though.

This time, she was up top a half second quicker with the Boston crowd roaring in her favor. Jacqui started to rise next as the challenger watched her. When she turned the right way, Angelina leaped from the top rope looking for her flying headscissors….but Minogue caught her legs and stopped her!

Zack: Look at that!! She caught her!!

Angelina was held upside down by her legs before Jacqui stepped over her arms and delivered a Styles Clash that spiked the challenger into the canvas.

Claire: Just like that the roles are reversed!! It’s almost like Angelina ran straight into a brick wall. If Jacqui can follow up, you know that she will make her pay.

The Aussie sat up on her knees, taking a deep breath before getting back to her feet and dragged her thumb across her neck. Fantastica was having a hard time getting to all fours because she kept dropping back to the mat. She pulled herself to the ropes to help her get up while Jacqui remained behind her, seemingly waiting for the opening she wanted.

Zack: I think I’d have gone for the cover after hitting that last move, Claire, but it seems like Jacqui wants to put a bit more exclamation on it.

Claire: I don’t think this is necessarily the wisest thing for Jacqui to do. She’s letting Angelina get back to her feet and giving her plenty of time to recover in the process.

As soon as she was on her feet, Jacqui ducked her head between the challenger’s legs and lifted her onto her shoulders….or at least she tried. Angelina was on her shoulders but had both hands wrapped around the top rope as well. Minogue tried to pull her free, but Fantastica wasn’t letting go of that rope.

Zack: You called it, Claire! Angelina’s got that top rope in a deathgrip, no doubt thanks to Jacqui giving her time to figure out her situation.

Claire: Excellent ring placement and from the moment she felt it coming, Jacqui was always going to struggle to deliver. I think Minogue has to switch to plan B or improvise something here.

Angelina fired a shot into the champion’s face before she sat up on her shoulders…and countered into a dragonrana that brought the crowd to its feet! She immediately went for the cover as the referee dropped to count.

Zack: What a counter! We’re gonna crown a new champion to start off 2023!!




Jacqui kicked her foot across the bottom rope, prompting the referee to stop the count. Angelina looked up at the official who pointed to Jacqui’s foot.

Claire: Minogue in the nick of time keeps her Championship reign alive but for how much longer?!?

Angelina got back to her feet and pulled Minogue away from the ropes. She pulled her up by the arm over her shoulder, giving the crowd the sign of what was coming next.

Zack: This is how it begins! You know what always rises…

As Angelina began to set up for her finisher, Jacqui shoved her backwards and turned into her with a palm strike to the face. It sent her stumbling and holding her face before Jacqui ducked between her legs, and quickly connected with her one-handed electric chair driver followed by the cover!

Zack: Spell it with me…C…R….E…Ahh, wait a minute! FALL. FROM. GRACE!




Jacqui’s eyes widened as she looked at the referee, who only held up two fingers. She got to her feet, getting in Stringer’s face as Angelina rolled herself out of the ring to the floor.

Zack: She got the shoulder up, Claire! Angelina got the shoulder up, the FALL FROM GRACE didn’t get the job done tonight!

Claire: No, it didn’t. And Angelina did the right thing too, getting out of the ring like she did. Keeps Jacqui from trying to go for it again just yet.

Minogue muttered angrily to herself before she went looking for Angelina. She stepped out to the floor as the referee began a count, telling them both to get back in the ring. Angelina was using the apron to get to her feet before Jacqui barreled around the corner, looking for a clothesline. But Angelina sidestepped her, using a drop toe hold to send her face first into the ringside steps before collapsing beside her.

Zack: Good Lord, Jacqui hit the steps face first and that’ll certainly help her forget she didn’t get the pin a moment ago. But Angelina’s not looking like she’s in much better shape right now.

Claire: She has to try to get Jacqui back in the ring, she’s not going to win the title with her out here. I know she knows that, but the referee is already up to five.

The count continued as Angelina once again used the apron to help her get up, still very much feeling the effects of Jacqui’s finisher. The referee got to eight as she was pulling herself onto the apron. But Minogue grabbed her leg, yanking her out of the ring to the floor before the official called for the bell to boos from the Boston crowd.

Zack: No.  Nobody wants it to end like this!

Lexi: Neither opponent was able to make it back into the ring by the count of ten, therefore this is a DOUBLE COUNTOUT!!

Claire: None of the fans here wanted to see it end like this, neither did we. And I promise you Angelina didn’t.

Both women started to get to their feet, realizing what had happened. It was when Jacqui had her title returned to her that Angelina looked heartbroken. Fantastica pounded the mat, pleading with the referee to restart the matach.

Zack: The referee’s decision is final, unfortunately. She’s not gonna restart the match, and I’m positive Jacqui’s fine with that.

Claire: I am positive this is going to be addressed by management.

Zack: It has to be, Claire. I understand the owner of FFW is standing by! Let’s find out what the big news is!


Footage begins showing of the original Future Shock shows and seasons dating back to the first one over ten years ago and quickly begins to fast forward through the seasons all the way to the current format of the show and its many stars. Then we hear the voice of the owner of FFW, Samantha Star.

Samantha: In June of 2010, FFW was founded with many of the biggest female stars in the business at that time. A few months later that same year, an idea founded by Cody Kincaid was brought to life that November, and it was known as Future Shock. Then a show designed to entertain an internet audience on our website with challenges culminating in a match to today where it is considered one the same par with the women of the FFW roster. Made up  of a mix of veterans, legends, and new talent all striving to build their legacy. But there’s one thing that FFW has that Future Shock does not….

The video kept showing many of the women in Future Shock since the reboot.

Samantha: Until now.

Then we cut somewhere inside the Future Shock Arena in Boston. An empty corridor where the owner was seen standing with blank walls behind her.

Samantha: Coming this year in 2023, you’re looking at one of the reasons this building in Boston was renovated. I give you the home of the Future Shock Hall of Fame.

That gets a pop from the crowd as Future Shock fades to black.

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