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January 29, 2023, 03:36:16 am
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FFW No Surrender Championship

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Author Topic: FFW No Surrender Championship  (Read 43 times)
Samantha Star
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« on: November 10, 2022, 01:25:27 pm »

Lilly Arthur © vs. Valerie McKinley
For the FFW No Surrender Championship
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Scarlett Kincaid

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« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2022, 03:35:07 pm »

OOC Note: This is a continuation from the story that was last continued at the following link.

Off Camera

The night had finally arrived for Lilly’s date with the man who accused her husband of assault and the one who dumped gallons of milk on her with the help of her brother. That would be Owen Porter. Mara had helped her to pick out a dress for the occasion: a little black one with a diamond shaped opening on the chest. And now with her date soon to arrive in less than an hour, Mara was at Lilly’s home and “fixing her up” for it. She was already in the dress, but the Phoenix Champion was handling the rest…much to Lilly’s chagrin.

“Alright, you look great in the dress. I told you that you would. Here.” Mara yanked about eight tissues out of the box. “Stuff those inside, and give the girls a little bit of a boost. Half in each cup, you don’t want him to think you have some abnormal development.”

Lilly let out a sigh, knowing that she had almost another hour of this. “I don’t need tissue. The girls do not need a boost. Honestly, you’re obsessed. The dress gives them more than enough of a boost as it is and I think I look damned good right now. I think we’re done and I should just wait for him to turn up.”

“Oh please. Let me handle this. You haven’t been on a date for a few presidential terms at this rate. I know what works. Hold on.” She darted out of the room and came back…empty handed though something was bulging out of her jeans pocket all of a sudden. “When you get married, you don’t even try to impress your mate anymore. You turn into…what’s their names? Oh yeah, Stadler and Waldorf from the Muppets.”

“Colin and I are NOT Stadler and Waldorf!!” Lilly scowled at her. “I dress up for him. I look to impress him. We still have date nights. Besides, when was the last time you went on a date? Had they invented the iPhone back then? Jake doesn’t count. He’s too nice. He wouldn’t ever complain about…most things.” The Englishwoman gave the slightest shake of her head. “So you’re hardly an expert on these things. No matter how many magazine articles you’ve read. Or looked up on Yahoo.”

“Shhh.” Mara said as she pressed a finger to her lips, and that’s when she began to apply lip gloss. She did so very carefully till she was happy with how they looked. “Cherry lip gloss.” She showed her the tube and tossed it on the dresser as they were both in the bedroom. “Makes your lips taste good in case you or him get caught up in the moment or something.” She was clearly kidding about that part though. “The lips are perfect…now let’s see what else you need.”
Then she seemed to be sizing Lilly up.

“He poured gallons of milk over my head. You remember that right? You remember that’s what led to all this? Him and my brother and their ridiculous plan to embarrass me publicly? There’ll be no moment. None. Nada. Zilch. Zero. The only moments he will get will be in his imagination, alone, later.” Lilly glared at the former convict. “Do you understand me? Or do I need to make that a little more clear?”

“I WAS KIDDING.” Mara answered. “I know nothing like that will happen. Owen’s a prick, and you have a good husband who hasn’t seen a woman in a long while by now, I bet.” Mara gave Lilly a very gentle hug and tugged her dress down a bit to even out the minimal wrinkles the hug had caused. Then she reached into her pocket, showing Lilly what had been bulging out of her pocket. “Close your eyes, I don’t want to get the glitter in them.” She started unscrewing the tiny bottle of purple glitter.

Once more Lilly glared at her. “Glitter? No.” There was a stern, defiant shake of her head as if to emphasise it. “Have you ever tried to get rid of that stuff? I’ll still be finding it at Christmas. I swear it multiplies of its own accord and just gets everywhere. And it adds NOTHING. Have you ever heard a guy looking at a girl and ‘Gee, she’s hot and everything, but I just wish she was more glittery’? No. Because no guy in the history of forever has ever said that. Or anything like that. Or even close to that.” She shook her head defiantly once more. “No. Glitter.”

That seemed to disappoint Mara as she looked back at the small bottle in her hand. “Well you could say that about a lot of things. Like with earrings. Guys don’t usually care about those either, but girls wear them, right? Besides I’m not dumping it on the carpet, you just wash it off when you take a shower afterwards.”

“That’s when it gets worse.” Lilly hissed. “It’s like shiny mould spores. Or Gremlins. You add water and it gets worse. I swear even if I just ‘wash it off afterwards’ I’ll still find it during every shower I take for the next six months.”

“Fine fine. I don’t know what happened to you as a child to make you hate glitter so much, but we wouldn’t want to traumatize you further.” Mara looked back at the tiny bottle with a sad look and stuffed it back into her jeans pocket. “Oh! I just remembered something.” Mara snapped her fingers. “While you were getting showered earlier, your attorney called. You know Malibu Barbie? No, Penny Barton?”

“And you’re just telling me this now?” Lilly had an exasperated tone to her voice. “What did she want? Did you take a message? Should I call her back?”

“Nah, I remembered what she said. I don’t need to take messages. It’s good news though.” Mara told her with a big smile, though something else occurred to her that darkened her expression a little almost as quickly. “She petitioned the court to release Colin under your supervision, which basically means you have to keep him out of trouble till the trial. Isn’t that great?!”

“That’s great news!! When does he get out? When can I go and pick him up? Keeping him out of trouble is the easy part - not like he’s every day someone pours milk over me, then falls over in the bathroom and gets my husband arrested. It’s not like Colin makes a habit of attacking people anyway. Except Ryan. And Ryan deserves it. Any court would tell you that.” Lilly grinned. “Can I go now? Can I get him out and he can sleep in our bed tonight?”

“You don’t have to do anything!” Mara answered with excitement. “She said she was faxing the order over to where they are keeping him. He’ll get his phone and stuff back, and she’s going to put him into an Uber right over here. He just has to stay at least 200 feet from Owen till the trial.” That’s when Mara’s expression darkened again. “She said he should be back…in an hour or so.”

“About an hour. So right as Owen is supposed to pick me up.” Lilly took a deep breath. “Well. That’s easily solved. I just text Owen and cancel. Tell him I’m ill and can’t possibly go out with him. He won’t come. You can leave. Colin can come home and I think I can find a way to welcome him back and give him plenty of incentive to stay on the straight and narrow.”

“That’s a good way to look at it.” Mara told her when they heard a car pull up outside moments later. She peered through the window. “Someone’s early, Lilly. I don’t know what Owen drives, so I’m not sure who it is..” She waved the No Surrender Champion over to the window when Colin stepped out of the car. “Wow, they must have skipped every red light to get back this fast. I only just talked to Barbie like…a half hour ago.”

“Then that’s your cue to get out of here…and while you’re at it, text Owen, tell him I’m ill and have to cancel. Or hey, you’re looking pretty good. You could take my place.” Lilly shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t care which. Colin’s home!!”

“I don’t know his number.” Mara objected before the key to the entrance unlocked the door and Colin stepped inside.

“Anyone home?!” Colin shouted since he didn’t see anyone due to both girls being in the bedroom.

“His number is in there.” She shoved her phone against Mara’s chest. “Just leave it by the bed on your way out. Or wait for him downstairs. Tell him it was a sudden thing. Like some chinese or Mexican food I ate earlier.” Lilly gave herself one last look in the mirror, smiling as she headed towards the door. “I’m going to go say hello to my husband.”

Lilly darted out of the bedroom to greet Colin as Mara picked the No Surrender Champion’s phone off the bed and tapped the screen to sort through her text messages. Meanwhile in the main room, Colin gave his wife a hug as she got close enough and scooped her off her feet with enthusiasm. “I’ve missed you! I was starting to think you weren’t home..”

Lilly gave him the kind of kiss that left him no doubt as to how much she missed him, holding herself closer to him as she did so, letting it break naturally. “I was just getting ready after Malibu Bar– Penny phoned to say you were on your way. You got here a little quicker than I thought. Just wanted to make sure you had a proper welcome home. A reminder, mister, as to why you should fly straight until the trial.” She grinned at him, giving him another kiss, much like the first.

Mara headed out of the bedroom with Lilly’s phone in her hand. “Welcome back, Colin!” She greeted him and patted him on the back. “How was it in the caboose house?”

He looked over to her with a long look. “I have to tell you? If anyone would know…” He gave Mara a light hug too. “What are you doing with Lilly’s phone?”

“Oh, was just looking up something. But I’m gonna head out and let you do…whatever.” Mara told him before Colin took Lilly’s phone to give back to her…at least till he saw the text messages with Owen were open and read her canceling a date.
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Savannah Taylor
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« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2022, 02:31:57 pm »


“I can’t believe you haven’t seen it for yourself by now.” Jenna said with some despair in her voice. She picked up her purse, and pulled out a small 4x6 picture and handed it to Kyle. “Look at that.”

Both Kyle and Valerie looked at the picture in his hands. It was of a girl no more than 7 years old blowing out candles on her birthday cake. “I’ve never seen this little girl before. Who’s this?” Kyle asked his mother.

“Her name is Emily. That’s Valerie’s daughter!”

Valerie looks at the picture, then at Jenna, then at Kyle. She drums her fingers on her knee, her irritation growing as the seconds ticked by. The only children that were in Valerie’s life were her brother’s children, three nephews and a niece that was just born two months ago. The more Valerie looked at the photo and at Jenna, one thing was clear.

The longer dinner went on, there was a good chance that she would be spending the night in jail for assault.

It was quickly clear by his expression that Kyle didn’t buy any of this in the slightest as he looked at the picture of the little blonde girl then to Valerie and back to the picture again. “I’ve known Valerie for several years, and I like to think I am smart enough to realize if someone I’m that close to was concealing a child they had. Plus Valerie would never hide something like that. If she had a little girl, she’d be proud of her and give her the best care possible. And three…” He held the picture next to Valerie’s face. “They look absolutely nothing alike!”

Valerie looked at the picture, then back at Jenna, doing her absolute best to keep from leaping over the table and strangling her. “Your son is one hundred percent correct. If I did have a child, I would have told everyone and would have been proud of that. I would give my child the absolute best of everything. If that WERE my child, then I wouldn’t be in the career that I am now.”

“Oh please.” Jenna said with derision. “A lot of women in your business have children and still do what you do.” She shook her head at the suggestion, and turned her attention back to Kyle. “She probably has paid someone else to take care of her…or worse, she had her and gave her up for adoption because she wasn’t mature enough to handle the responsibility of being a mother.”

“If anyone would know what that’s like…” Kyle answered as he looked away, clearly very irritated with all of this now.

Valerie was biting her tongue to keep from saying something else to Jenna, reaching for her drink and taking a fairly long sip. This woman was unreal. Valerie had had her fair share of people coming after her, but this woman….this woman took the cake. “I can assure you, Jenna, that I have never been pregnant nor do I plan on becoming pregnant any time soon. If you’d like, I can give you my OB-GYN’s number so you can ask her any questions.”

“What good would that do? If you were trying to hide a pregnancy, you wouldn’t go to a doctor that sees you all the time. You’d probably go to one of those clinics for newly expecting mothers.” Jenna replied.

“Okay, let’s assume hypothetically that you’re right. That she is a mom, that she’s been hiding it…very well from me…for all the years I’ve known her. All the years we’ve slept together, all of it. Who’s the father?” Kyle asked, letting out a deep breath as he was trying to keep his voice lowered.

“Easy. The last man she dated before you and before you even met her. His name is Spencer.” Jenna answered, bringing up the actual name of Valerie’s boyfriend before she joined Future Shock several years ago.

The redhead pinched the bridge of her nose and let out a breath. Every second that ticked away on the clock on the wall was a second closer to Valerie punching Jenna square in her face. “First of all, if you think I would trust anyone other than my doctor with something as life changing as a pregnancy, you are kidding yourself. And second of all, I’m glad you just assume that because I dated someone before your son, that I leapt into bed with him right away and miraculously conceived a child.” She says as she lowers her head and taps her fingers on her knee, a sign she’s getting angry.

“I’ve never met the guy, or had any desire to. So maybe I’m out of line asking, but is he the one who put you up to all this, mom?” Kyle asked quizzically. “Because if it’s because of this Spencer guy…I feel pretty confident telling you he’s putting you on or up to something. Read my lips. Valerie does not have a daughter. She doesn’t have a son. She has never had any child in her life before, during or after meeting me.”

Jenna let out a sigh. I just wish you understood women, sweetie. I really do.”

Kyle was dumbfounded for a moment. “I am employed as a manager for a lot of women, only women actually since I began doing what I do. But I don’t understand them?” He ran out of words trying to grasp that.

“The only children that are in my life are my nephews, who are four, and my newborn niece. I’m going to say this again so maybe you’ll finally grasp this. I have never had any children nor do I plan on any time soon. I’m sorry you are having a hard time grasping this concept, so maybe I’ll draw you a picture next time.” She couldn’t help but let that last bit out a little harsher than she would have liked, but at this point, she could care less. “And not understanding women? If Kyle didn’t understand women, then explain how he came to be one of the best managers in the largest WOMEN’S wrestling company in the world? Samantha Star has standards when it comes to who she lets into her company, and Kyle ticks every one of those boxes.”

Kyle nodded in agreement hearing this. “Can we just cut the crap here? You didn’t come here because you’re worried Valerie isn’t the right person for me. Just be honest with me. Lay it on the table and tell me what it is you think or want. Because otherwise, Valerie and I are going to leave. And to be honest with you, we’re pretty close to doing it now. So tell me what the REAL issue with her is for you.”

Jenna let out a long sigh before she reached across and touched her son’s hand. “I don’t want you to end up like I did, sweetie.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about that. I’ve never been married once…” He answered cooly.

“Touche. But you deserve to be taken care of, just like me. You shouldn’t have to put yourself at risk around a bunch of women who can’t control their anger impulses. And what’s worse…” She looked back to Valerie. “I’m sorry to have to say this…” Not that she sounded it before she looked back at Kyle. “I don’t want you to be with someone who is…well…poor.”

This time, Valerie couldn’t help it and she let out a laugh. “I’m sorry, but would you rewind that for a second? Did you….did you call me poor? What in God’s holy name gave you that impression?” She said, taking her napkin to dab at her eyes because she had been laughing so much.

For the first time, it was Jenna who looked as though she were confused by everything. Her eyes squinted as though she were trying to correct her vision, despite that having nothing to do with what was going on. “That’s…that’s what I was told.”

Valerie placed her napkin on the table and sat up straight in her chair, folding her hands in front of her on the table. “Let me break this down for you. Poor is the absolute last word to describe me. I grew up in a VERY affluent part of Providence, Rhode Island. My mother is a neurologist, and my father is an orthopedic surgeon. I graduated with honors from a well-known Ivy League institution. So no, poor is not associated with me. And one more thing. Have you ever heard of the Vanderbilt family? I’m a member of that family on my mother’s side. So I’d really watch what I say going forward.”

She sat back and took a sip of her drink, taking delight in watching the smoke coming out of Jenna’s head as she tried to process this new information.

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« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2022, 06:09:55 pm »

Off Camera

There was a silence in the room as Colin looked down to a string of text messages from his wife to Owen, the man responsible for him having been incarcerated along with Ryan. His eyes looked up to Mara then the phone then to his wife. He was at a loss for words at the moment.

Lilly shot a look to Mara and then to Colin as she stepped forward and saw what was on the phone. “It’s not what you think. It’s not what it looks like. It was for you.” Lilly glared again at Mara. “And it was her idea. Her very bad idea. She was looking to try and cover all the bases.”

Colin looked his wife up and down in her little black dress and touched his mouth where she had left some of the freshly applied lip gloss. That’s when Mara chimed in. “Yeah, this was my idea, I promise. I thought we could get Owen to admit he put it all up if he thought Lilly was…into him. He’s supposed to be here in a little while, but I texted him not to come because Lilly had a stomach flu. See?” She pointed out that particular message on the screen to Colin, and then smiled at him.

“We wouldn’t have to bother with the trial. It’d all go away and you’d get to walk away scott free.” Lilly reasoned. “And I just wanted you home quicker. I didn’t want to have to go through the whole…I didn’t want you to have to go through that whole ordeal. Get painted as some thug, with a history of this. It’s not pleasant, right, Mara?”

Colin still hadn’t found the words yet. But his attention went from them to Lilly’s phone still in his hand after she got a response from Owen. It read: I understand, I’ll pick up some stuff at the pharmacy for her to take. Colin turned his attention to the window overlooking the parking in front of their building. He left the phone on the counter, which now Mara and Lilly could see what he had read. “I can’t wait to see him.” That’s all Colin managed to get out.

“NO!” Lilly moved towards him, wrapping her arms around him as much hugging him tightly as being ready to hold him back. “200 feet otherwise you’re going to find yourself back in jail. And Penny won’t be able to get you out. You’re staying right here.” She looked over to Mara. “You. Parking lot. Stop him the second he gets here. I don’t care what it takes. Put a scrunchie on your wrist if you have to just get Owen the fuck out of here. Go fix your mess.”

“I don’t know what kind of car he drives, you want me harassing everyone who pulls into park?” Mara asked, sounding as though Lilly asked her to do the impossible. I mean I’m happy to talk to him but I don’t want the other people in your building to think I’m trying to mug them or something.” Meanwhile, Colin remained at the window watching the parking area. “You do believe us, right Colin? You do believe that this is just a setup? And Lilly wasn’t going on dates while you were locked up, right? I mean…I know it looks kinda bad with the text messages and everything… But you really can’t let him see you, so I wouldn’t stand in front of the window if I were you.”

“You know what he looks like.” Lilly hissed at her friend. “He’s going to have to get out of the car. Intercept him then and take him somewhere. Anywhere. Hell, you go on the date with him. Show him all the things you learnt in prison and entrap him. Get his confession.” There was a shake of her head and she turned her attention back to Colin, her voice softening. “She’s right, baby. You should step back, make sure he can’t see you. Let Mara handle him. I’m sure there’s a lot of things you’d much rather be doing with your freedom.”

As Lilly was speaking with her husband, Mara snapped her fingers and started going through the No Surrender Champion’s phone again. She got Colin’s attention. “Here’s proof of what we’re saying. Lilly has been texting with Harley about the plan I came up with.” She turned the phone around to show the screen to Colin. “See? She’s calling it a hare-brained scheme and how she wouldn’t go on a date with Owen even if she was single.”

She still had her arms around him and started to try to gently pull him backwards. “Please. I want you to stay home. I want you here. I don’t want you going back in there. Not ever. Not for one moment longer. Please.” She leaned in and kissed his cheek. “It was stupid. It was harebrained. But if there was any chance it was gonna get you back here and we could put this thing behind us…I wanted you back.”

Mara put her phone back on the counter when a notification popped up, another response from Owen. Pulling in now. Mara’s eyes widened and she bolted out of the front door to do as they asked. Colin stepped back from the window and took his jacket off. “I can handle this!” Mara shouted as she ran towards the parking lot as though she were being chased by bees.

“How about we lock the door? Stop her from even trying to come back and forget the world.” The Egnlishwoman said with a small, nervous smile as she positioned herself between him and the window. “I’m sure Mara has plenty of ways that she can deal with this and keep him two hundred feet away. She’s an expert in handling things like this.”

Colin turned his attention to his wife. “Listen. I want you to know I believed you before she showed me the chat with Harley. Okay? I believed you. I mean it did look bad, but…I knew you wouldn’t want Owen.” He leaned down to kiss her lips. “I’d also like to suggest never taking up Mara on any of her ideas. Again. Ever. But I trust you, I always have. Hasn’t changed.”

“I know. Mara is…” The No Surrender Champion gave a one armed shrug. “But it was a possibility I’d get you back. And I kinda wanted to beat a confession out of him or twist and stretch one out of him….but Mara and Harley did say that might not look too good in court. They might have been right about that.” She leaned in and kissed him again. “I can’t even start to tell you how glad I am you’re home.”

He was about to kiss his wife again before a pounding on the door got his attention. “IT’S ME!! I HAVE GREAT NEWS! OWEN ISN’T OUT HERE! THAT’S NOT THE NEWS THOUGH!” That was Mara, and Colin opened the door with a long exhale. Mara stepped back inside and held up her phone. “I did it. I got a full audio confession out of him!”

“How did you do that?” Colin asked.

“Well I may have told him I knew a group of roving Rastafarian ex-patriates . And that they were in town.” Mara said with a clearing of her throat and pressing play on her phone.

“Okay okay, I’m Owen Porter. The whole thing with Lilly’s man is a put up job. I paid a friend of mine to take a few punches to look like I got beaten up to report to the police. And that Ryan promised he’d pay for my tuition abroad if I went through with it. Happy now?” Owen asked before Mara stopped the recording with a big smile on her face.

Lilly grinned widely. “You think that’s going to stand up in court? You think if we hand that to Penny and she plays it for the court they’ll throw the whole thing out and we can put this nightmare behind us? It’ll finally be all over and done?”

“Of course, it will. It totally exonerates him. And they can’t even claim he didn’t know he was being recorded.” Mara said, still smiling.

“Where did you meet this roving band of Rastafarian ex-patriates again?” Colin inquired.

“Uhh, technically that was a lie. But I thought it sounded cool, so I went with it.” She answered.

Lilly bit her lip for a moment. “I mean, he knew he was being recorded and there wasn’t any explicit threat. Just Mara saying she knew them and were in the area. And I don’t care why he might be scared of Rastafarian ex-patriates and prepared to spill his guts because of it. If Penny’s happy and it’ll get the charges dropped, I’m happy with that and Owen can face the music.”

“I’ll email the audio clip to her when I get back to Harley’s. You two can spend the rest of the night celebrating each other’s brains out or whatever.” Mara gave Lilly a hug and then put the bottle of glitter into Colin’s hand. “You keep this, it was bought for Lilly’s date anyway.” The ex-convict let herself out and closed the door while Colin looked down at the tiny bottle of purple glitter in his hand.

“I refused to let her spray it. We’d be finding it everywhere. Forever.” She grinned. “None of us want that right? A purple glittery me.” She kissed him again. “She did have a pretty good suggestion just then though….but you did say I should never take her up of any of her ideas again.” She stuck her tongue out teasingly at her husband.

“We’ll make an exception in this case.” Colin replied before stepping on the pedal bin and dropping the bottle into it. He then took his wife’s hand as they headed to their bedroom.
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Savannah Taylor
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« Reply #4 on: November 18, 2022, 11:44:08 pm »


Kyle looked slightly amused with all this himself as he looked at Jenna’s expression, which seemed to be one of some confusion after finding out her son’s girlfriend wasn’t in the slightest bit poor. “You know what, mom? I’m kinda glad we went through all this, because not only were you mistaken about Valerie and managed to insult me as a result, you failed a little test I gave you.”

Jenna looked even more befuddled now. “What are you talking about?!”

“For all this time, you’ve been demeaning and insulting Valerie to me through emails. And you had absolutely nothing to base it on. After all, you’d never met her. You’d never spoken with her. You only knew two things about her: she was seeing me and she was a wrestler. But that’s it. So about a year ago, I decided to feed you information…total bullshit information…to see if you’d try to use it against her when you did meet her. Then a few months after that, what happened? You popped up out of the blue again. I had a feeling I knew why then, but I decided to see if I was wrong.”

Valerie looked on with amusement, more so from watching Jenna squirm uncomfortably in her seat than anything. “You see, Jenna? Your son is not only incredibly good at his job, but he’s incredibly intelligent as well. That and other things which aren’t polite dinner conversations are what drew me to him on a personal level. I’m just sorry you haven’t seen it until now.”

“That private investigator you got all this from?” Kyle pointed out. “I hired him to find you. Told him to put together a bullshit story or two and present them to you. So he did.” Kyle held up the picture of the little girl. “That’s his daughter actually. And her name is Courtney, not Emily” Kyle started to smile now. “I wanted to see if you had a legitimate reason to try to steer me away from Valerie. You didn’t other than you thought she was poor…which is what he also told you.” He turned his attention to Valerie. “Remember the guy I hired to help Elizabeth find her sister? Same guy.” He looked back to the picture of the little girl. “Cute little girl, but definitely not Valerie’s.”

 “Now I remember, especially after she told me about his findings.” She said as she turned her attention back to Jenna, “Everything he’s told you? Is true. If for some reason you don’t believe me, then I’ll put you in touch with Elizabeth and she will tell you the same exact things. But I’m absolutely relieved that rather than getting to know someone and finding out about them that way, you value a person’s socioeconomic status above everything else. Which is a shame because I’m quite nice once you get to know me. Nice to those who are nice to me, that is.”

“I tried for a very long time to build some kind of relationship with you, mom. But you were always too busy chasing the next rich guy, that was always more important. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you’re obsessed with me becoming just like you: a golddigger.” He said with a sterner tone. “And just in case you didn’t know…” He leaned forward to whisper. “Valerie’s not the only one who’s well off financially. So am I . I’ve been very successful at what I do for a very long time.” He sat back again. “I don’t need someone to take care of me, and I wouldn’t care if Valerie had three cents to her name…wouldn’t change anything.”

“I can’t believe you did all this to me? I’m your mother, whether you agree with everything I do or not.” Jenna answered.

“You weren’t and still aren’t a very good mother. I learned a long time ago that I don’t need you to take care of me or to find someone to do it for me. I can do it myself. You don’t know Valerie. You never knew any more about Valerie than what you’d see on TV. I’m quite happy where I am and whom I’m with in life. I don’t need you trying to point me in directions you think is best, because for as little as you know about who Valerie is….you know even less about me.”

Valerie tucks a strand of hair behind her ear as she places her hands over one another. “You know, in a few ways, you remind me of my own mother. You both want what is best for your children in your own bizarre ways. You both haven’t been around for significant events in the lives of your children because of God only knows what. But you want to know the difference between you and my mother? It has taken her years and more than one awkward Thanksgiving dinner, but she has accepted me based on my career. She has come to terms with it. The fact that you can’t do the same for your son? Speaks volumes about you as a person.”

“I want you to do me a favor, mom.” Kyle said as he sipped his water. “The next time you want to give me all this life advice…don’t. I grew up to be the person I am not because of you but despite being your son. You can go back to chasing whatever rich guy who doesn’t know any better. I’m ashamed of you, and I’d rather not hear from you again unless it’s absolutely necessary.” Kyle rose from his seat and dropped a hundred-dollar bill on the table from his wallet. “That’s for the restaurant, by the way. Not you.” He offered his hand to Valerie. “Let’s go somewhere else for dinner, what do you think?”

Valerie takes his hand and stands up. “I think that sounds like a wonderful idea. I’m suddenly not hungry for this place.”

The pair then leave hand in hand, leaving Jenna sitting there a confused mess. Karma truly is a bitch.

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« Reply #5 on: November 19, 2022, 07:16:47 pm »

On Camera

The scene opens up inside a ballroom; Lilly Arthur is the sole individual on the dance floor and is dressed in a 1920’s style flapper dress that is absolutely covered in sequins and glass beads, sparkling like jewels in the light shining down upon her. Her high heeled feet are moving quickly as she dances - possibly inspired by the Charleston - around the floor with a smile upon her face while ‘Anything Goes’ plays in the background. As it reaches the climax, Lilly drops into the splits, still smiling, her hands waving with the near traditional jazz hands as the music ends. She gives it a second for the final notes to die away before she pushed up and stepped backwards, finding the edge of a low stage and sat down, the No Surrender Championship coming into view.

The Englishwoman reached behind the faceplate of the title, picking up a bottle of water and taking a long swig as she tried to catch her breath. “Hi guys.” She gave a little wave to the camera as she took another swig of water from the bottle. “FFW heads into the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota for Red Alert. The final show of the year for the main roster and while Kelly Kincaid and Lacey are in the main event for the FFW Championship and Caitlyn Storm will be challenging Casey Atherton for the Evolution Championship, looking to end her reign that is already longer than any other singles champion in FFW history…I’m facing an old foe and defending the No Surrender Championship against Valerie McKinley.”

“So why am I here inside a dance hall, looking like I’m auditioning for a part in the next adaptation of the Great Gatsby? Or trying to get a guest spot in the next 1920’s set episode of Doctor Who or an Agatha Christie adaptation perhaps?” She took another swig of water before finally putting the bottle down.

“Truthfully, it’s because of Callum deVillier.” She paused for a moment. “That name doesn’t mean anything to you, does it?” There was a nod of the head from the English woman. “Okay, so, I’ll be honest with you…and I don’t mean to hurt any feelings here…but back home the only people who dream about visiting Minnesota are die hard Minnesota Wild or Viking fans who want to go see their favourite sports teams in action and soak in the game day experience. For most, when you talk to them about places in the US they want to visit they’ll mention Disney. Or New York. Or LA. Or Chicago. Or Vegas and the Grand Canyon. So, getting to work for a company like FFW, where we tour the world and go all around the US, we go to places that we’ve never really thought of going before.”

“In a way that’s a blessing because there are so many hidden gems to discover. But what I like to do when we come to places that maybe aren’t all that tourist-y, that don’t have all those attractions that a place like New York or Los Angeles does, is to search out the unusual, the weird, the off-beat places that are unique to that particular place. Just about everywhere, these days, has a modern art gallery, or an independent shopping district or an area where you can experience foods from around the world.” Lilly nodded her head and smiled. “Which brings me back to Callum deVillier.”

The smile grew bigger. “Lakewood Cemetery, the final resting place of the inventor of Snickers, Franklin C. Mars and the 1960’s ukelele playing, singing sensation Tiny Tim…in section 11 is a pal red tombstone that reads ‘deVillier - World Champion Marathon Dancer 3780 Continuous Hours.’ In 1933, after five months of dancing, he and his partner were the last pair standing at a Massachusetts dancing competition. Apparently during the Great Depression these things were exploitative entertainment rackets - for a small fee, people could come in and watch competitors as they danced and swayed across the dancefloor; they could watch as they slept in their partner’s arms and as they shaved and ate while staying in constant motion. For this particular contest, Callum won the princely sum of $1,000 - which is about $23,000 dollars today. As well as five months of food and shelter.”

“Which explains why I’m here and dancing, trying to get some sense of what it was like for Cal, how exhausting it must have been to continue for 157 days. But how does this tie into Red Alert? To the No Surrender Championship? To Valerie McKinley and to myself?” There was a momentary pause. “It’s because for Callum it was all about grit and determination and drive and desire and desperation.”

“Which is the same for you isn’t it, Valerie?” Lilly nodded her head. “You and I first met for this title two years ago - at the first ever Crossed Out with Cassandra waiting in the wings to immediately take on whoever won between us. You spent the months building up to that moment. Months proving yourself as a technician, as a submission expert and as one of the most dangerous women in the world by facing the likes of Emma Mackenzie, Alysson Gardner and Jana Rikar. You and Kyle between you spent months trying to show the world and prove that you, the One Percenter, had been trained by some of the best in the world; that you deserved to be considered amongst the best in the world - the best that money could hire. And I’ll admit that you pushed me. I bent but I didn’t break…and you lost control, you lost the discipline that is so critical and crucial to breaking a wrestler down and winning the Titanium title. You struck with me a chair. Over and over and over again. You crashed that steel into that body, you got disqualified for it and you handed the title to your former best friend Cassandra as a result.”

The Sheffield native nodded her head. “And the last two years have been a tale of grit and determination and desire and drive. Not just for this title, but in chasing down the Unity Championship titles with Elizabeth Lannister. A one on one match with Cassandra Sheffield for this title saw you come up short, a one on one match with me to become the number one contender to face Cassandra at Unstoppable 12…you came up short.” There was a momentary pause. “But things have started to turn around for you of late, haven’t they Val? After beating the Wicked Storm earlier this year, you’re right at the heart of the Unity Tag Team Championship discussion. You’ve beaten Rebecka Hate, you’ve beaten Ruby Steele and you’ve tapped out Diamond Steele to earn yourself this shot. You’ve been impressive and deadly and every bit the woman who has spent the best part of two years as a tag team champion alongside Lacey; this year you have been every bit the Gold Standard and one of the finest in the world.”

“I know when you step into that ring at Red Alert, you’ll bring that determination with you. I’m sure you’ll bring everything that has made you so deadly throughout 2022, that has brought you to within touching distance of the summit of the Unity division and has brought you to within touching distance of the summit of the No Surrender Division. I know you’ll have your teeth bared and that mean streak will be on full display. Hell, maybe you’ll be even more motivated by the fact that earlier in the night you could’ve watched yourselves get overtaken in the Unity rankings by either No Holding Back…who beat you with the titles on the line at the same Unstoppable I beat Cassandra to win this title. Or by Vicious and Vivacious…one half of which you beat back at Fury and the other was a manager on the outside only a few months ago. And they might move ahead of you and Lannister, two dedicated, tenacious and talented full time wrestlers with a proven pedigree into pole position to meet Midnight Storm. They might jump ahead just like that.” She snapped her fingers. “Maybe the fact we might also see Caitlyn Storm become a double Champion at Red Alert - something you’ve been trying to do for a while, whether you’ve meant that or not - will motivate you further.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Still, just like with Callum deVilliers, I’m sure you won’t let anything or anyone stop you from being the last person standing in our match at Red Alert. That you’re determined to right the wrong from two years ago at Crossed Out and that you’ll want to make all that hard work you’ve put in pay off.”

“I respect that Valerie. I respect that you’ve not given up and that you’re still fighting to achieve your goals after two long years; that you’re still coming after the No Surrender Championship…and that despite splitting your focus between this and the Unity Championships, despite trying to serve two masters and spreading yourself thinly, that you’ve made it into this position. It’s a testament to how good you are. It’s a testament to how impressive you’ve been forcing yourself back into this position and to earn this opportunity to face me on the big stage.” Lilly nodded her head. “I applaud you for that Valerie. And I know there’s every chance that on the night where your former tag team partner, could win the richest prize in the business, you’ll be right there, hot on her heels, claiming one of the most prestigious titles in all of FFW.”

“I welcome that Val. I welcome you coming at and throwing everything that you’ve got at me. I want you to be mean, to be vicious, to just be a Bitch but THE Bitch. Come and prove that you’re superior to me. Come and prove that whoever and whichever people have trained you and taught you the science and the art of submission wrestling truly are the greatest in the world and that they are better than our own Buddhist Warrior, Serafina DeCaro, a woman who has been undefeated in Future Shock this year and the current Future Shock Cup holder. Show me and the world that you are a gold standard; that you are a true One Percenter - and not just when it comes to you bank balance but also when it comes to wrestling; when it comes to submission wrestling. Show us all that you are the cream of the crop.”

Lilly nodded her head. “I’m throwing the gauntlet down, Val, because I want you to step up to the plate. I want to see the best of you and I want you to do everything that you can to torment and torture me; everything that you can do to cause me pain and agony. Not because I like it.” She let out a half laugh and shook her head slightly. “No. But because Valerie, that’s what you’re going to need to do. As much as you talk a good game, you need to walk an even better one - just as Belichick can take a Patriots team regardless of skill level and still have them competing in the AFC East and for a playoff wildcard at the minimum.”

“You’re going to have to do that Valerie. You’re going to have to be your best - your very, very, very best. You’re going to have dig down deep and be more ruthless and more vicious and more laser focused on this title and on me than you’ve ever been before. You’re going to have to be like Mary Poppins and empty the entire carpet bag of tricks if you’re going to beat me and you’re going to claim this title.” As she spoke she lifted the title up, holding up in front of the camera as she slapped her own chest with her other hand.

“I don’t say that Valerie because I’m arrogant or overconfident. I say it Valerie for the simple fact that the only person to have held this title more than I have is Starla McCloud. Because there isn’t a single person in the history of the No Surrender Championship or in FFW history that has held this title for more days than I have. Because I haven’t been beaten one on one since you hit me with a chair and left me for Cassandra to pick up the pieces two years ago. Hell, she’s the ONLY person to have beaten me in three years; since Areum Jijang in October 2019. It’s a run that’s seen me take down the like of Valentina Lozano, Jo McFarlane, Lacey, Bianca Salvador, Savannah Star and Mila Martin.”

“That’s the challenge you’re facing Valerie.” Lilly nodded her head. “That’s the challenge you’re facing. You’re stepping into the ring with one of the best submission wrestlers in FFW history; a woman who has proven herself time and time and time again to be the best submission wrestler, the best tactical and technical wrestler in FFW today. A woman who can choose a body part and chip away at it, dissect it with near surgical precision and destroy it. A woman capable and willing to make her opponent cry out in pain and keep on applying pressure until she finds their breaking point, until they tap out. It’s what I’ve been doing for almost three years since I won the No Surrender Championship for the first time; it’s what I did for the two years leading up to that moment against the likes of O.E. Ayano and Angelina Fantastica and all the way back to when I was racking up my defences of the Fast Track Championship; when I was becoming only the second person in FFW history to win Global Wars twice.” There was a nod of her head. “I’ve proven that I can dance for 3780 hours straight and claim the grand, life altering prize and no-one will care, Valerie if you can go for 3779 hours; they’ll only care if you go for that additional hour. Then go again.”

Lilly once slapped her chest and held the No Surrender title aloft and towards the camera. “I’ve proven I can do that Val and I’ve got the Titanium here in my hands to show for it. At Red Alert, I’ll do it again. I’ll put on my dancing shoes and I’ll push through the pain. I’ll show that the heart, the grit, the determination and the desire remains undimmed.” There was a nod of her head. “In the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, live on FFW All Access. I’ll do everything that I can to make sure that I beat you, that I make you tap out and to ensure that I leave with the No Surrender Championship.”
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« Reply #6 on: November 19, 2022, 09:58:17 pm »

FFW.com Blogpost of Valerie McKinley

Women’s soccer legend Mia Hamm once said that it is more difficult to stay on top than to get there. While that is certainly true for most cases, especially in wrestling, I can’t help but wonder something. If getting to the top is not seen as hard as staying on top, why is the hard work seen as second fiddle? I mean no disrespect to Mia Hamm, but she’s full of shit.

I am officially tired. I am tired of seeing opportunities slip through my fingers. I am tired of busting my ass in the lead up to something big, only to come up short. It’s damn frustrating to come up short time and time again. The thing that grinds my gears is the disrespect shown to me when I come up short.

So here we go again. Once again I’ve busted my ass and put in the work for yet another shot at the FFW No Surrender championship. It has been in my line of sight for the longest time. I could sit here and tell you that this was going to be the night where I finally get what I have been chasing for months on end. I could sit here and tell you that in the frigid cold of Minneapolis, I was finally going to be No Surrender champion.

Only….I’ve seen this story happen before. I’ve said the same things, whether it be chasing the No Surrender championship of the Unity Tag Team championships. And we all know how THOSE stories have ended.

I wish I could say that I like you, Lilly, but I don’t. I wish I could sit here and say that I respect you, but that is up in the air right now. Wait, I partially take that back. I respect what you have managed to accomplish as No Surrender champion.That is about as far as that goes. Everyone seems to love you. Everyone is blinded by your skills and enamored by your posh accent. They see you as someone who can be nice and respectful to someone, but give them hell inside of the ring.

I must have been absent when they handed out the memo about you respecting opponents. But that is okay, Lilly. I’m used to people not giving a shit.

I want you to think back, Lilly. I want you to think back to Unstoppable of last year from Wembley Stadium. You know that night very well. It was the night you won the No Surrender championship from the then Cassandra Steen, now Cassandra Sheffield. How very lovely it all was. You overcame every single challenge that your now sister-in-law threw at you, and you overcame it to win the Titanium championship, triumphant in your home country.

What a Lifetime Movie moment.

Let’s look at the OPPOSITE side of the coin, the agony to your ecstasy. The match before yours? It was my match. It was myself and Elizabeth versus No Holding Back for the Unity Tag Team titles. Elizabeth and I gave EVERYTHING we had, we laid it all on the line. Did we come out on top as Unity tag team champions? Of course we didn’t. Once again, we were left on the outside looking in, so to speak. So you see, while that night was a career high for you, for us? Not so much. But let me tell you what losses like that do to a person…we’ll use me for an example. For someone who is so used to getting everything that they have ever wanted, to find themself coming up short time and time…..and time again, it has a way of wearing you down mentally. It has a way of making you question your very existence within this company. It makes you take a solid look around, see how things are happening, and make you want to just pack it up and call it a day. Trust me, this is just some of what I’ve been dealing with for months on end. But one morning,I woke up and something felt different. I didn’t feel so melancholy. For the first time in a while, I felt the confidence creeping back in. Know how I did it?

I took a look in the mirror and reminded myself just who the fuck I am.

I’m more than just an Ivy League educated American aristocrat. I am more than just the only daughter of two prominent doctors. I am a damn good wrestler, and I have the credentials to prove it. Future Shock Champion? Done it. Future Shock Tag Team champions? Done it with the ever-so-gorgeous, not to mention future FFW Champion Lacey. Unity Tag team champions? Done it with Lacey. The one thing that I haven’t had in FFW thus far is singles gold, which is a damn shame. It’s a damn shame because I should be a double champion by now. I should already be a two time Unity tag team champion, this time with the beautiful yet dangerous Elizabeth Lannister. And we all know that I should have already been No Surrender champion, but alas that was not to be.

Minneapolis, Minnesota. Red Alert. I finally take what has eluded me for the longest time.

Say whatever you want, Lilly. Tell me that I’m delusional. Tell me that I’m full of myself and I’m in over my head when it comes to not just you, but winning championship matches as of late. I’m a grown woman who can handle it. This match coming up at Red Alert is going to be the exact opposite of that fateful night in London when you won that. Hell, the fortunes are going to be reversed because I’ll be damned if I let this streak of disappointment and mediocrity continue. I’m coming for everything that I should have had in the first place. I am coming for MY place in the history books. I am coming for the No Surrender championship. But most of all, I am coming for you, Lilly. I’m taking your place at the top and I will usher in the new year as the NEW No Surrender champion.

To paraphrase a popular fictional saying…..Mine is the fury. And you had best be prepared to feel it, Lilly.

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