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January 29, 2023, 05:16:33 am
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FFW No Surrender Championship

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Author Topic: FFW No Surrender Championship  (Read 43 times)
Scarlett Kincaid

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« on: November 17, 2022, 03:35:07 pm »

OOC Note: This is a continuation from the story that was last continued at the following link.

Off Camera

The night had finally arrived for Lilly’s date with the man who accused her husband of assault and the one who dumped gallons of milk on her with the help of her brother. That would be Owen Porter. Mara had helped her to pick out a dress for the occasion: a little black one with a diamond shaped opening on the chest. And now with her date soon to arrive in less than an hour, Mara was at Lilly’s home and “fixing her up” for it. She was already in the dress, but the Phoenix Champion was handling the rest…much to Lilly’s chagrin.

“Alright, you look great in the dress. I told you that you would. Here.” Mara yanked about eight tissues out of the box. “Stuff those inside, and give the girls a little bit of a boost. Half in each cup, you don’t want him to think you have some abnormal development.”

Lilly let out a sigh, knowing that she had almost another hour of this. “I don’t need tissue. The girls do not need a boost. Honestly, you’re obsessed. The dress gives them more than enough of a boost as it is and I think I look damned good right now. I think we’re done and I should just wait for him to turn up.”

“Oh please. Let me handle this. You haven’t been on a date for a few presidential terms at this rate. I know what works. Hold on.” She darted out of the room and came back…empty handed though something was bulging out of her jeans pocket all of a sudden. “When you get married, you don’t even try to impress your mate anymore. You turn into…what’s their names? Oh yeah, Stadler and Waldorf from the Muppets.”

“Colin and I are NOT Stadler and Waldorf!!” Lilly scowled at her. “I dress up for him. I look to impress him. We still have date nights. Besides, when was the last time you went on a date? Had they invented the iPhone back then? Jake doesn’t count. He’s too nice. He wouldn’t ever complain about…most things.” The Englishwoman gave the slightest shake of her head. “So you’re hardly an expert on these things. No matter how many magazine articles you’ve read. Or looked up on Yahoo.”

“Shhh.” Mara said as she pressed a finger to her lips, and that’s when she began to apply lip gloss. She did so very carefully till she was happy with how they looked. “Cherry lip gloss.” She showed her the tube and tossed it on the dresser as they were both in the bedroom. “Makes your lips taste good in case you or him get caught up in the moment or something.” She was clearly kidding about that part though. “The lips are perfect…now let’s see what else you need.”
Then she seemed to be sizing Lilly up.

“He poured gallons of milk over my head. You remember that right? You remember that’s what led to all this? Him and my brother and their ridiculous plan to embarrass me publicly? There’ll be no moment. None. Nada. Zilch. Zero. The only moments he will get will be in his imagination, alone, later.” Lilly glared at the former convict. “Do you understand me? Or do I need to make that a little more clear?”

“I WAS KIDDING.” Mara answered. “I know nothing like that will happen. Owen’s a prick, and you have a good husband who hasn’t seen a woman in a long while by now, I bet.” Mara gave Lilly a very gentle hug and tugged her dress down a bit to even out the minimal wrinkles the hug had caused. Then she reached into her pocket, showing Lilly what had been bulging out of her pocket. “Close your eyes, I don’t want to get the glitter in them.” She started unscrewing the tiny bottle of purple glitter.

Once more Lilly glared at her. “Glitter? No.” There was a stern, defiant shake of her head as if to emphasise it. “Have you ever tried to get rid of that stuff? I’ll still be finding it at Christmas. I swear it multiplies of its own accord and just gets everywhere. And it adds NOTHING. Have you ever heard a guy looking at a girl and ‘Gee, she’s hot and everything, but I just wish she was more glittery’? No. Because no guy in the history of forever has ever said that. Or anything like that. Or even close to that.” She shook her head defiantly once more. “No. Glitter.”

That seemed to disappoint Mara as she looked back at the small bottle in her hand. “Well you could say that about a lot of things. Like with earrings. Guys don’t usually care about those either, but girls wear them, right? Besides I’m not dumping it on the carpet, you just wash it off when you take a shower afterwards.”

“That’s when it gets worse.” Lilly hissed. “It’s like shiny mould spores. Or Gremlins. You add water and it gets worse. I swear even if I just ‘wash it off afterwards’ I’ll still find it during every shower I take for the next six months.”

“Fine fine. I don’t know what happened to you as a child to make you hate glitter so much, but we wouldn’t want to traumatize you further.” Mara looked back at the tiny bottle with a sad look and stuffed it back into her jeans pocket. “Oh! I just remembered something.” Mara snapped her fingers. “While you were getting showered earlier, your attorney called. You know Malibu Barbie? No, Penny Barton?”

“And you’re just telling me this now?” Lilly had an exasperated tone to her voice. “What did she want? Did you take a message? Should I call her back?”

“Nah, I remembered what she said. I don’t need to take messages. It’s good news though.” Mara told her with a big smile, though something else occurred to her that darkened her expression a little almost as quickly. “She petitioned the court to release Colin under your supervision, which basically means you have to keep him out of trouble till the trial. Isn’t that great?!”

“That’s great news!! When does he get out? When can I go and pick him up? Keeping him out of trouble is the easy part - not like he’s every day someone pours milk over me, then falls over in the bathroom and gets my husband arrested. It’s not like Colin makes a habit of attacking people anyway. Except Ryan. And Ryan deserves it. Any court would tell you that.” Lilly grinned. “Can I go now? Can I get him out and he can sleep in our bed tonight?”

“You don’t have to do anything!” Mara answered with excitement. “She said she was faxing the order over to where they are keeping him. He’ll get his phone and stuff back, and she’s going to put him into an Uber right over here. He just has to stay at least 200 feet from Owen till the trial.” That’s when Mara’s expression darkened again. “She said he should be back…in an hour or so.”

“About an hour. So right as Owen is supposed to pick me up.” Lilly took a deep breath. “Well. That’s easily solved. I just text Owen and cancel. Tell him I’m ill and can’t possibly go out with him. He won’t come. You can leave. Colin can come home and I think I can find a way to welcome him back and give him plenty of incentive to stay on the straight and narrow.”

“That’s a good way to look at it.” Mara told her when they heard a car pull up outside moments later. She peered through the window. “Someone’s early, Lilly. I don’t know what Owen drives, so I’m not sure who it is..” She waved the No Surrender Champion over to the window when Colin stepped out of the car. “Wow, they must have skipped every red light to get back this fast. I only just talked to Barbie like…a half hour ago.”

“Then that’s your cue to get out of here…and while you’re at it, text Owen, tell him I’m ill and have to cancel. Or hey, you’re looking pretty good. You could take my place.” Lilly shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t care which. Colin’s home!!”

“I don’t know his number.” Mara objected before the key to the entrance unlocked the door and Colin stepped inside.

“Anyone home?!” Colin shouted since he didn’t see anyone due to both girls being in the bedroom.

“His number is in there.” She shoved her phone against Mara’s chest. “Just leave it by the bed on your way out. Or wait for him downstairs. Tell him it was a sudden thing. Like some chinese or Mexican food I ate earlier.” Lilly gave herself one last look in the mirror, smiling as she headed towards the door. “I’m going to go say hello to my husband.”

Lilly darted out of the bedroom to greet Colin as Mara picked the No Surrender Champion’s phone off the bed and tapped the screen to sort through her text messages. Meanwhile in the main room, Colin gave his wife a hug as she got close enough and scooped her off her feet with enthusiasm. “I’ve missed you! I was starting to think you weren’t home..”

Lilly gave him the kind of kiss that left him no doubt as to how much she missed him, holding herself closer to him as she did so, letting it break naturally. “I was just getting ready after Malibu Bar– Penny phoned to say you were on your way. You got here a little quicker than I thought. Just wanted to make sure you had a proper welcome home. A reminder, mister, as to why you should fly straight until the trial.” She grinned at him, giving him another kiss, much like the first.

Mara headed out of the bedroom with Lilly’s phone in her hand. “Welcome back, Colin!” She greeted him and patted him on the back. “How was it in the caboose house?”

He looked over to her with a long look. “I have to tell you? If anyone would know…” He gave Mara a light hug too. “What are you doing with Lilly’s phone?”

“Oh, was just looking up something. But I’m gonna head out and let you do…whatever.” Mara told him before Colin took Lilly’s phone to give back to her…at least till he saw the text messages with Owen were open and read her canceling a date.
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