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January 29, 2023, 04:34:27 am
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FFW No Surrender Championship

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Author Topic: FFW No Surrender Championship  (Read 43 times)
Scarlett Kincaid

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« on: November 18, 2022, 06:09:55 pm »

Off Camera

There was a silence in the room as Colin looked down to a string of text messages from his wife to Owen, the man responsible for him having been incarcerated along with Ryan. His eyes looked up to Mara then the phone then to his wife. He was at a loss for words at the moment.

Lilly shot a look to Mara and then to Colin as she stepped forward and saw what was on the phone. “It’s not what you think. It’s not what it looks like. It was for you.” Lilly glared again at Mara. “And it was her idea. Her very bad idea. She was looking to try and cover all the bases.”

Colin looked his wife up and down in her little black dress and touched his mouth where she had left some of the freshly applied lip gloss. That’s when Mara chimed in. “Yeah, this was my idea, I promise. I thought we could get Owen to admit he put it all up if he thought Lilly was…into him. He’s supposed to be here in a little while, but I texted him not to come because Lilly had a stomach flu. See?” She pointed out that particular message on the screen to Colin, and then smiled at him.

“We wouldn’t have to bother with the trial. It’d all go away and you’d get to walk away scott free.” Lilly reasoned. “And I just wanted you home quicker. I didn’t want to have to go through the whole…I didn’t want you to have to go through that whole ordeal. Get painted as some thug, with a history of this. It’s not pleasant, right, Mara?”

Colin still hadn’t found the words yet. But his attention went from them to Lilly’s phone still in his hand after she got a response from Owen. It read: I understand, I’ll pick up some stuff at the pharmacy for her to take. Colin turned his attention to the window overlooking the parking in front of their building. He left the phone on the counter, which now Mara and Lilly could see what he had read. “I can’t wait to see him.” That’s all Colin managed to get out.

“NO!” Lilly moved towards him, wrapping her arms around him as much hugging him tightly as being ready to hold him back. “200 feet otherwise you’re going to find yourself back in jail. And Penny won’t be able to get you out. You’re staying right here.” She looked over to Mara. “You. Parking lot. Stop him the second he gets here. I don’t care what it takes. Put a scrunchie on your wrist if you have to just get Owen the fuck out of here. Go fix your mess.”

“I don’t know what kind of car he drives, you want me harassing everyone who pulls into park?” Mara asked, sounding as though Lilly asked her to do the impossible. I mean I’m happy to talk to him but I don’t want the other people in your building to think I’m trying to mug them or something.” Meanwhile, Colin remained at the window watching the parking area. “You do believe us, right Colin? You do believe that this is just a setup? And Lilly wasn’t going on dates while you were locked up, right? I mean…I know it looks kinda bad with the text messages and everything… But you really can’t let him see you, so I wouldn’t stand in front of the window if I were you.”

“You know what he looks like.” Lilly hissed at her friend. “He’s going to have to get out of the car. Intercept him then and take him somewhere. Anywhere. Hell, you go on the date with him. Show him all the things you learnt in prison and entrap him. Get his confession.” There was a shake of her head and she turned her attention back to Colin, her voice softening. “She’s right, baby. You should step back, make sure he can’t see you. Let Mara handle him. I’m sure there’s a lot of things you’d much rather be doing with your freedom.”

As Lilly was speaking with her husband, Mara snapped her fingers and started going through the No Surrender Champion’s phone again. She got Colin’s attention. “Here’s proof of what we’re saying. Lilly has been texting with Harley about the plan I came up with.” She turned the phone around to show the screen to Colin. “See? She’s calling it a hare-brained scheme and how she wouldn’t go on a date with Owen even if she was single.”

She still had her arms around him and started to try to gently pull him backwards. “Please. I want you to stay home. I want you here. I don’t want you going back in there. Not ever. Not for one moment longer. Please.” She leaned in and kissed his cheek. “It was stupid. It was harebrained. But if there was any chance it was gonna get you back here and we could put this thing behind us…I wanted you back.”

Mara put her phone back on the counter when a notification popped up, another response from Owen. Pulling in now. Mara’s eyes widened and she bolted out of the front door to do as they asked. Colin stepped back from the window and took his jacket off. “I can handle this!” Mara shouted as she ran towards the parking lot as though she were being chased by bees.

“How about we lock the door? Stop her from even trying to come back and forget the world.” The Egnlishwoman said with a small, nervous smile as she positioned herself between him and the window. “I’m sure Mara has plenty of ways that she can deal with this and keep him two hundred feet away. She’s an expert in handling things like this.”

Colin turned his attention to his wife. “Listen. I want you to know I believed you before she showed me the chat with Harley. Okay? I believed you. I mean it did look bad, but…I knew you wouldn’t want Owen.” He leaned down to kiss her lips. “I’d also like to suggest never taking up Mara on any of her ideas. Again. Ever. But I trust you, I always have. Hasn’t changed.”

“I know. Mara is…” The No Surrender Champion gave a one armed shrug. “But it was a possibility I’d get you back. And I kinda wanted to beat a confession out of him or twist and stretch one out of him….but Mara and Harley did say that might not look too good in court. They might have been right about that.” She leaned in and kissed him again. “I can’t even start to tell you how glad I am you’re home.”

He was about to kiss his wife again before a pounding on the door got his attention. “IT’S ME!! I HAVE GREAT NEWS! OWEN ISN’T OUT HERE! THAT’S NOT THE NEWS THOUGH!” That was Mara, and Colin opened the door with a long exhale. Mara stepped back inside and held up her phone. “I did it. I got a full audio confession out of him!”

“How did you do that?” Colin asked.

“Well I may have told him I knew a group of roving Rastafarian ex-patriates . And that they were in town.” Mara said with a clearing of her throat and pressing play on her phone.

“Okay okay, I’m Owen Porter. The whole thing with Lilly’s man is a put up job. I paid a friend of mine to take a few punches to look like I got beaten up to report to the police. And that Ryan promised he’d pay for my tuition abroad if I went through with it. Happy now?” Owen asked before Mara stopped the recording with a big smile on her face.

Lilly grinned widely. “You think that’s going to stand up in court? You think if we hand that to Penny and she plays it for the court they’ll throw the whole thing out and we can put this nightmare behind us? It’ll finally be all over and done?”

“Of course, it will. It totally exonerates him. And they can’t even claim he didn’t know he was being recorded.” Mara said, still smiling.

“Where did you meet this roving band of Rastafarian ex-patriates again?” Colin inquired.

“Uhh, technically that was a lie. But I thought it sounded cool, so I went with it.” She answered.

Lilly bit her lip for a moment. “I mean, he knew he was being recorded and there wasn’t any explicit threat. Just Mara saying she knew them and were in the area. And I don’t care why he might be scared of Rastafarian ex-patriates and prepared to spill his guts because of it. If Penny’s happy and it’ll get the charges dropped, I’m happy with that and Owen can face the music.”

“I’ll email the audio clip to her when I get back to Harley’s. You two can spend the rest of the night celebrating each other’s brains out or whatever.” Mara gave Lilly a hug and then put the bottle of glitter into Colin’s hand. “You keep this, it was bought for Lilly’s date anyway.” The ex-convict let herself out and closed the door while Colin looked down at the tiny bottle of purple glitter in his hand.

“I refused to let her spray it. We’d be finding it everywhere. Forever.” She grinned. “None of us want that right? A purple glittery me.” She kissed him again. “She did have a pretty good suggestion just then though….but you did say I should never take her up of any of her ideas again.” She stuck her tongue out teasingly at her husband.

“We’ll make an exception in this case.” Colin replied before stepping on the pedal bin and dropping the bottle into it. He then took his wife’s hand as they headed to their bedroom.
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