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January 29, 2023, 04:53:43 am
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FFW No Surrender Championship

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Author Topic: FFW No Surrender Championship  (Read 43 times)
Scarlett Kincaid

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« on: November 19, 2022, 07:16:47 pm »

On Camera

The scene opens up inside a ballroom; Lilly Arthur is the sole individual on the dance floor and is dressed in a 1920’s style flapper dress that is absolutely covered in sequins and glass beads, sparkling like jewels in the light shining down upon her. Her high heeled feet are moving quickly as she dances - possibly inspired by the Charleston - around the floor with a smile upon her face while ‘Anything Goes’ plays in the background. As it reaches the climax, Lilly drops into the splits, still smiling, her hands waving with the near traditional jazz hands as the music ends. She gives it a second for the final notes to die away before she pushed up and stepped backwards, finding the edge of a low stage and sat down, the No Surrender Championship coming into view.

The Englishwoman reached behind the faceplate of the title, picking up a bottle of water and taking a long swig as she tried to catch her breath. “Hi guys.” She gave a little wave to the camera as she took another swig of water from the bottle. “FFW heads into the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota for Red Alert. The final show of the year for the main roster and while Kelly Kincaid and Lacey are in the main event for the FFW Championship and Caitlyn Storm will be challenging Casey Atherton for the Evolution Championship, looking to end her reign that is already longer than any other singles champion in FFW history…I’m facing an old foe and defending the No Surrender Championship against Valerie McKinley.”

“So why am I here inside a dance hall, looking like I’m auditioning for a part in the next adaptation of the Great Gatsby? Or trying to get a guest spot in the next 1920’s set episode of Doctor Who or an Agatha Christie adaptation perhaps?” She took another swig of water before finally putting the bottle down.

“Truthfully, it’s because of Callum deVillier.” She paused for a moment. “That name doesn’t mean anything to you, does it?” There was a nod of the head from the English woman. “Okay, so, I’ll be honest with you…and I don’t mean to hurt any feelings here…but back home the only people who dream about visiting Minnesota are die hard Minnesota Wild or Viking fans who want to go see their favourite sports teams in action and soak in the game day experience. For most, when you talk to them about places in the US they want to visit they’ll mention Disney. Or New York. Or LA. Or Chicago. Or Vegas and the Grand Canyon. So, getting to work for a company like FFW, where we tour the world and go all around the US, we go to places that we’ve never really thought of going before.”

“In a way that’s a blessing because there are so many hidden gems to discover. But what I like to do when we come to places that maybe aren’t all that tourist-y, that don’t have all those attractions that a place like New York or Los Angeles does, is to search out the unusual, the weird, the off-beat places that are unique to that particular place. Just about everywhere, these days, has a modern art gallery, or an independent shopping district or an area where you can experience foods from around the world.” Lilly nodded her head and smiled. “Which brings me back to Callum deVillier.”

The smile grew bigger. “Lakewood Cemetery, the final resting place of the inventor of Snickers, Franklin C. Mars and the 1960’s ukelele playing, singing sensation Tiny Tim…in section 11 is a pal red tombstone that reads ‘deVillier - World Champion Marathon Dancer 3780 Continuous Hours.’ In 1933, after five months of dancing, he and his partner were the last pair standing at a Massachusetts dancing competition. Apparently during the Great Depression these things were exploitative entertainment rackets - for a small fee, people could come in and watch competitors as they danced and swayed across the dancefloor; they could watch as they slept in their partner’s arms and as they shaved and ate while staying in constant motion. For this particular contest, Callum won the princely sum of $1,000 - which is about $23,000 dollars today. As well as five months of food and shelter.”

“Which explains why I’m here and dancing, trying to get some sense of what it was like for Cal, how exhausting it must have been to continue for 157 days. But how does this tie into Red Alert? To the No Surrender Championship? To Valerie McKinley and to myself?” There was a momentary pause. “It’s because for Callum it was all about grit and determination and drive and desire and desperation.”

“Which is the same for you isn’t it, Valerie?” Lilly nodded her head. “You and I first met for this title two years ago - at the first ever Crossed Out with Cassandra waiting in the wings to immediately take on whoever won between us. You spent the months building up to that moment. Months proving yourself as a technician, as a submission expert and as one of the most dangerous women in the world by facing the likes of Emma Mackenzie, Alysson Gardner and Jana Rikar. You and Kyle between you spent months trying to show the world and prove that you, the One Percenter, had been trained by some of the best in the world; that you deserved to be considered amongst the best in the world - the best that money could hire. And I’ll admit that you pushed me. I bent but I didn’t break…and you lost control, you lost the discipline that is so critical and crucial to breaking a wrestler down and winning the Titanium title. You struck with me a chair. Over and over and over again. You crashed that steel into that body, you got disqualified for it and you handed the title to your former best friend Cassandra as a result.”

The Sheffield native nodded her head. “And the last two years have been a tale of grit and determination and desire and drive. Not just for this title, but in chasing down the Unity Championship titles with Elizabeth Lannister. A one on one match with Cassandra Sheffield for this title saw you come up short, a one on one match with me to become the number one contender to face Cassandra at Unstoppable 12…you came up short.” There was a momentary pause. “But things have started to turn around for you of late, haven’t they Val? After beating the Wicked Storm earlier this year, you’re right at the heart of the Unity Tag Team Championship discussion. You’ve beaten Rebecka Hate, you’ve beaten Ruby Steele and you’ve tapped out Diamond Steele to earn yourself this shot. You’ve been impressive and deadly and every bit the woman who has spent the best part of two years as a tag team champion alongside Lacey; this year you have been every bit the Gold Standard and one of the finest in the world.”

“I know when you step into that ring at Red Alert, you’ll bring that determination with you. I’m sure you’ll bring everything that has made you so deadly throughout 2022, that has brought you to within touching distance of the summit of the Unity division and has brought you to within touching distance of the summit of the No Surrender Division. I know you’ll have your teeth bared and that mean streak will be on full display. Hell, maybe you’ll be even more motivated by the fact that earlier in the night you could’ve watched yourselves get overtaken in the Unity rankings by either No Holding Back…who beat you with the titles on the line at the same Unstoppable I beat Cassandra to win this title. Or by Vicious and Vivacious…one half of which you beat back at Fury and the other was a manager on the outside only a few months ago. And they might move ahead of you and Lannister, two dedicated, tenacious and talented full time wrestlers with a proven pedigree into pole position to meet Midnight Storm. They might jump ahead just like that.” She snapped her fingers. “Maybe the fact we might also see Caitlyn Storm become a double Champion at Red Alert - something you’ve been trying to do for a while, whether you’ve meant that or not - will motivate you further.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Still, just like with Callum deVilliers, I’m sure you won’t let anything or anyone stop you from being the last person standing in our match at Red Alert. That you’re determined to right the wrong from two years ago at Crossed Out and that you’ll want to make all that hard work you’ve put in pay off.”

“I respect that Valerie. I respect that you’ve not given up and that you’re still fighting to achieve your goals after two long years; that you’re still coming after the No Surrender Championship…and that despite splitting your focus between this and the Unity Championships, despite trying to serve two masters and spreading yourself thinly, that you’ve made it into this position. It’s a testament to how good you are. It’s a testament to how impressive you’ve been forcing yourself back into this position and to earn this opportunity to face me on the big stage.” Lilly nodded her head. “I applaud you for that Valerie. And I know there’s every chance that on the night where your former tag team partner, could win the richest prize in the business, you’ll be right there, hot on her heels, claiming one of the most prestigious titles in all of FFW.”

“I welcome that Val. I welcome you coming at and throwing everything that you’ve got at me. I want you to be mean, to be vicious, to just be a Bitch but THE Bitch. Come and prove that you’re superior to me. Come and prove that whoever and whichever people have trained you and taught you the science and the art of submission wrestling truly are the greatest in the world and that they are better than our own Buddhist Warrior, Serafina DeCaro, a woman who has been undefeated in Future Shock this year and the current Future Shock Cup holder. Show me and the world that you are a gold standard; that you are a true One Percenter - and not just when it comes to you bank balance but also when it comes to wrestling; when it comes to submission wrestling. Show us all that you are the cream of the crop.”

Lilly nodded her head. “I’m throwing the gauntlet down, Val, because I want you to step up to the plate. I want to see the best of you and I want you to do everything that you can to torment and torture me; everything that you can do to cause me pain and agony. Not because I like it.” She let out a half laugh and shook her head slightly. “No. But because Valerie, that’s what you’re going to need to do. As much as you talk a good game, you need to walk an even better one - just as Belichick can take a Patriots team regardless of skill level and still have them competing in the AFC East and for a playoff wildcard at the minimum.”

“You’re going to have to do that Valerie. You’re going to have to be your best - your very, very, very best. You’re going to have dig down deep and be more ruthless and more vicious and more laser focused on this title and on me than you’ve ever been before. You’re going to have to be like Mary Poppins and empty the entire carpet bag of tricks if you’re going to beat me and you’re going to claim this title.” As she spoke she lifted the title up, holding up in front of the camera as she slapped her own chest with her other hand.

“I don’t say that Valerie because I’m arrogant or overconfident. I say it Valerie for the simple fact that the only person to have held this title more than I have is Starla McCloud. Because there isn’t a single person in the history of the No Surrender Championship or in FFW history that has held this title for more days than I have. Because I haven’t been beaten one on one since you hit me with a chair and left me for Cassandra to pick up the pieces two years ago. Hell, she’s the ONLY person to have beaten me in three years; since Areum Jijang in October 2019. It’s a run that’s seen me take down the like of Valentina Lozano, Jo McFarlane, Lacey, Bianca Salvador, Savannah Star and Mila Martin.”

“That’s the challenge you’re facing Valerie.” Lilly nodded her head. “That’s the challenge you’re facing. You’re stepping into the ring with one of the best submission wrestlers in FFW history; a woman who has proven herself time and time and time again to be the best submission wrestler, the best tactical and technical wrestler in FFW today. A woman who can choose a body part and chip away at it, dissect it with near surgical precision and destroy it. A woman capable and willing to make her opponent cry out in pain and keep on applying pressure until she finds their breaking point, until they tap out. It’s what I’ve been doing for almost three years since I won the No Surrender Championship for the first time; it’s what I did for the two years leading up to that moment against the likes of O.E. Ayano and Angelina Fantastica and all the way back to when I was racking up my defences of the Fast Track Championship; when I was becoming only the second person in FFW history to win Global Wars twice.” There was a nod of her head. “I’ve proven that I can dance for 3780 hours straight and claim the grand, life altering prize and no-one will care, Valerie if you can go for 3779 hours; they’ll only care if you go for that additional hour. Then go again.”

Lilly once slapped her chest and held the No Surrender title aloft and towards the camera. “I’ve proven I can do that Val and I’ve got the Titanium here in my hands to show for it. At Red Alert, I’ll do it again. I’ll put on my dancing shoes and I’ll push through the pain. I’ll show that the heart, the grit, the determination and the desire remains undimmed.” There was a nod of her head. “In the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, live on FFW All Access. I’ll do everything that I can to make sure that I beat you, that I make you tap out and to ensure that I leave with the No Surrender Championship.”
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