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December 09, 2022, 12:55:53 am
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After Shock Preview for the Sin City Spectacular

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Author Topic: After Shock Preview for the Sin City Spectacular  (Read 45 times)
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« on: November 16, 2022, 08:36:34 pm »

The instrumental version of ďBoomĒ by the X Ambassadors starts to play as we open on Jake and Gia arriving at an empty studio. Only the video wall behind them is there as they look around and at each other confused. Suddenly the video goes into fast forward as suddenly production staff immediately start moving in the furniture. The pair watch as the staff moves at a pretty quick pace (thanks to fast forward) and get everything set up: chairs and table too. The two hosts look pleased with that before they sit down. One staffer places Giaís crown on her head, bringing a smile to her face before the After Shock logo appears on the video screen before the camera zooms in on it. A bolt of electricity appears and then we cut inside the studio to see Jake and a particular missing co-host sitting on opposite sides of a table. Thatís when a song started playing briefly in the studio. Though there was one small edit.

Guess who's back, back, back?
Back again, gain, gain
Gia's back, back, back
Tell a friend
Guess who's back, guess who's back?
Guess who's back, guess who's back?
Guess who's back, guess who's back?
Guess who's back, la, la, la

Jakeís shown mouthing the words as he bops his head to the song.
Jake: Turns out licensing Eminem isnít cheap! Anyway, welcome to the latest edition of After Shock, the one stop for all the latest Future Shock news. For those new to the show, Iím Jake Chandler, no relation to Vee. And this is our version of Carmen Sandiego except sheís in the studio today, Princess Gia!
Gia: Itís so good to be back at After Shock! I love it here, you know I doÖ but when a design house like Alexander McQueen says they want you on their runway? You kinda have to answer. But I like having my own theme music so maybe once we come back in the new year, we can talk about an entrance for me.

Jake: If you get one, I want one too. Alexander McQueenÖ. Iím not really up on my fashion designers. I think I heard that name in a Nicki Minaj song though.

Gia: Of course you can have one. And yes, good catch - Nicki does mention him on one of her tracks.

Jake: Anywho, I have a guessing game for you. I have invited a special guest to join us for todayís show to discuss everything with us. Iíll give you three clues.

Gia: Okay, whatís my first clue?

Jake: Well she is a former Future Shock and Nova Champion. Sheís from England. And Iím likely her biggest fan for a multitude of reasons. She also moved in with me last week, and is an official Cali girl as a result.

Gia: Öyou couldíve just said Arabella was joining us, Jake. But hey, congrats on moving in together!

Jake: Yeah, my neighbors thought I was opening my own clothing boutique with all the stuff she brought. Anyway, letís welcome the woman whoís gonna be the next challenger for the Nova title after Red AlertÖ.Arabella, come on down! I always wanted to say that like they do on Price is Right.

Jake got up to his feet and fluffed a pillow on the seat next to his for her.

Gia: Awww, arenít you two adorable.

Before taking her seat, Arabella hugged her boyfriend and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Arabella: Thatís what happens when you move in with a former fashion student, love. Obviously Iím focused on my wrestling career now, but itís a great creative outlet for me.

Jake: Things you learn! Letís dive in quickly so we can get to the big show coming up. The last Future Shock was the throwback show put together by our fans. And unfortunately, we have new Future Shock Tag Team ChampionsÖwith the help of some zip ties.

Arabella: Somehow, Iím not surprised that those two had to resort to shady tactics in order to win the titles.
Gia: Tigers donít change their stripes, after all. Itís unfortunate, but they havenít redecorated the studio so letís all thank your preferred higher power for that.

Jake: I think theyíll find a lot more targets on their backs now, because thatís what having titles does for you. Also that night, Ruby Tyler had her first hardcore match since joining Future Shock this spring. She faced Kristina Spencer in a street fight, and Iíd say itís got her warmed upÖno pun intendedÖfor Sin City.

Gia: Didnít Ruby say something about having been lit on fire before, during her promo? And then it happened again during the match with Kristina. Even with hardcore wrestlers, how many of them can say that theyíve been lit on fire MULTIPLE times?

Arabella: Kristinaís proving to be more dangerous than sheís ever been. I think she put the entire Anarchy division on notice with that one choice.

Jake: I give Ruby points for ingenuity. Iíve never seen a crossbow come out during a match. Ever.

Arabella: Thatís one thing I like about watching Rubyís matches. You never quite know what sheíll pull out of her bag of tricks.

Gia: Watch her bring a sword to her match with Charlotte.

Jake: Speaking of Charlotte, sheís been named as the representative for the USA in Global Wars next year. And that brings the field to five with her, Aviva, Sydney, Missy, and Fiona. So who do we all like in Global Wars? Early predictions, go!

Arabella: Iíve got to go with Englandís representative, Missy! Sheís just such an incredible competitor, so sheís my pick to win.

Gia: Sydney might win just by sheer spite, but my moneyís on Charlotte just yeeting her competition out of the ring match after match.

Jake: Iím leaning  towards the Pure Champion myself. Sheís been on an unstoppable run this year, further evidenced by the main event the fans put together at the show when she faced the Future Shock Champion Jacqui Minogue. Champion versus Champion in a pay per view worthy match.

Gia: Absolutely incredible work by both women in the ring during that match. And no interference by the Doomsday Sisters either, so you can tell how much this meant to Jacqui.

Arabella: I agree. If she beat Missy, she wanted it to be without any asterisks. I donít like Jacqui but in this particular instance, I respect the way she went about things.

Jake: I agree all around, and congratulations again to Missy. Now with all that said, are we ready to talk about our trip to Sin City on November 22nd on All Access? Man, I love Las Vegas! Iíd live there if I liked being in the desert. But I donít, soÖvisiting works.

Gia: The Las Vegas Strip is unlike any other place in the world. I absolutely love it there, and I canít wait to go back.

Arabella: Iíve actually never been, so Iím looking forward to it for that reason alone. Iíve heard so much about it, and now I get to see it in person!

Jake: I have SO much to show you. But thatís a whole other conversation. I think we should start with the main event, where for the first time in FFW history, a hardcore title will headline a major Pay Per View. And thatís the Future Shock Anarchy Championship on the line between Charlotte Harker and Ruby TylerÖin Spin The Wheel, Make the Deal!

Arabella: Fitting stipulation for a match in Vegas, I think.

Gia: This one is going to be interesting. Charlotte and Ruby have faced off before, and theyíre both experienced hardcore wrestlers. So while neither of them knows exactly what type of match theyíll be in, weíll be seeing two of the best in the business go after that Anarchy championship. Charlotte wonít have the championís advantage, since itís no DQ no matter what the match type is, and weíve seen how creative and dangerous Ruby can be.

Jake turns towards his girlfriend and takes her hand.

Jake: Do me a favor and try your best not to go chasing the Anarchy title in the future. Itíd mean a lot, believe me.

Arabella: You donít have anything to worry about, darling. The occasional no DQ match to settle a score is one thing, but doing it regularly doesnít appeal to me.

Jake: Phew! Letís turn our attention, in that case, to the #1 contender match for the Future Shock Championship between Angelina Fantastica and Alessandra Esposito. The winner will get their opportunity on the first Future Shock of 2023!

Gia: This one is going to be interesting for sure. Alessandra has already scaled the top of the mountain once, but this is Angelinaís first shot at contendership for the Future Shock Championship.

Arabella: This match means everything to Angelina. Coming back to Future Shock has done wonders for her and to be the face of the brand she loves so dearly? I donít think anything in her career will mean as much. Sheíll be fighting her heart out in this match, no doubt about it.

Jake: She wonít be the only Belle looking to earn herself a title shot either! At Red Alert, a certain babe sitting next to me wants to be the next challenger for the Nova title held by Madyson Stone. But she will have to get past Fiona and whatever she bought from the Penguinís garage sale in the process this Saturday!

Arabella: I feel like I should have a rubber cape, just in case she tries to electrocute me. But Iím ready to be in the Future Shock spotlight match for Red Alert, and Iím looking forward to showing Fiona exactly why Iím going to be a two-time Nova Champion.

Jake: I believe in you! If sheís the Penguin, I guess that makes Kyle a flunkie. I can see that. Anyway, back to the Sin City Spectacular, itís a return almost six months in the making as Shaw returns to the ring to meet Sydney Christensen for the first time ever!

Arabella: I went up against Shaw before her injury and though sheís been out of the ring recovering for half the year, I donít think thatís going to slow her down at all. Sydney has to really be at her sharpest in this one if she wants to beat the someone like Shaw.

Gia: I think if Sydney picks her moments right, she can do it. Shawís been beaten before, sheís not invincible - though I can already imagine the DMs Iím about to get telling me how wrong I am. Is she hard to beat? Absolutely. But itís been done before, and it can be done again.

Jake: Weíve seen her road back over the last few weeks, and Iím sure sheís itching to get back in the ring. That could be the show stealer honestly..well one of them. Weíre also going to see a six woman tag team grudge match when all three of the Motor City Maidens meet the Laurie Jane Experience and the Future Shock Cup 2022 Winner Serafina DeCaro. Who do we like in this one?

Arabella: Iím looking at the Laurie Jane and Serafina Experience for this one. You canít argue with the level of talent that they bring to the ring.

Gia: True, but the Motor City Maidens, much like Latina Heat and others, have shady tactics and a willingness to break the rules on their side. If Laurie, Jane, and Serafina arenít careful, they might find themselves in a predicament much like Nadiaís on the throwback show.

Jake: Ahh, BUT! This match will be a mere three days after Arabella puts Fionaís umbrella somewhere it doesnít belong. So Arabella could be the secret weapon without even realizing it!

He says with his index finger up as though he were Sherlock Holmes.

Jake: Iím not sure Fionaís gonna feel 100% that quick after facing the Power Bombshelle.

Arabella: She certainly wonít be, I can assure you.

Gia: Even more reason for them to resort to cheating to try and get one over on the Experience and Serafina.

Jake: Weíll also crown the next challenger for the Diamond Championship held by Nadia Beaulieu. Itíll be the rubber match between Nessa Wall and Aviva Miller! Nessa won the first round, blamed jetlag for losing the second, and now the stakes are raised for the tiebreaker.

Arabella: Iím all in on Aviva for this one. Sheís got heart, sheís got spunk, and I think sheíll be able to pull it out against Nessa in Sin City. Nessa comes off as very jaded and cynical, so I think Avivaís mentality could be what wins it for her here.

Gia: I donít know about that. Avivaís already had a title match with Nadia, and lost. Nessaís match with Nadia was for a spot in the Future Shock Cup, without the title on the line. Nessa might just go out of her way to make sure that she gets a title shot too, so she has something else to lord over Aviva - particularly if Nessa is the one to beat Nadia.

Jake: Let me ask you both. The Snarktopus considers herself a genius, itís even in her entrance music. Good song, by the way. Do you think going into a match thinking youíre the smartest person in the room is a help or hindrance? We saw when she first faced Aviva, she clearly thought she was far far beneath her and treated her like she was in her first week of wrestling school.

Gia: I think if you have to keep telling people you are something, youíre not really that thing. If the only person calling Nessa Wall a genius is Nessa, wellÖ I think that speaks for itself.

Arabella: I think underestimating your opponent, no matter their level of experience, is always a mistake. Hopefully itís one Nessa wonít make again, if she truly is as smart as she thinks she is. But weíll see.

Jake nudges his girlfriend.

Jake: Gia has a particular dislike for girls who think too highly of themselves. You saw that whole time period where we kept getting Cait Flanagan bikini pictures and postersÖand that throw pillow.

Gia: I have a particular dislike for people who insist on tacky decorations in my studio, thatís all.

Jake; My mistake.

Gia: Having an ego is one thing. Plastering your face all over every surface in a small room? Thatís beyond egomania if you ask me. Like, a whole new level of up your own ass.

Jake: Thereís still some raw feelings there. Fans, this Saturday is Red Alert on FFW All Access. And three days after that, the Future Shock girls end 2022 with a bang at the Sin City Spectacular also on All Access. And last thing while I got you both here, any predictions for 2023 for yourself or anyone else?

Arabella: Iím predicting a very successful year for myself and Angelina. We did great this year, but I want us to start off 2023 by winning our respective contendership matches, and then our title matches. And then maybe weíll see about coming back for the tag titles.

Gia: My prediction is that Iím gonna need to stock up on popcorn for the stuff thatís about to go down in 2023. And start working on my outfit for the pool party.

Jake: I like all those predictions! I predict Iíll be right here on After Shock every show along with GiaÖor a guest host. And will be just as happy in 2023 as I have been in 2022 thanks to a certain babe sitting near me. Remember, Red Alert on Saturday and then Sin City Spectacular Tuesday night. Weíll see you at both shows, thanks for watching and Viva Las Vegas!

A quick recap of the card for the show is aired before After Shock fades to black.

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