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June 24, 2024, 09:10:39 am
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FFW Vendetta - April 20, 2024

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Author Topic: FFW Vendetta - April 20, 2024  (Read 169 times)
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« on: April 20, 2024, 04:32:04 pm »

Location: Avicii Arena in Stockholm, Sweden
April 20, 2024

A scenic view from a ferry as it sails through Stockholm is shown before the camera pans up to a crystal blue sky that suddenly goes dark with the moon turning red as the FFW logo appears across it before we hear the official theme of the show begins to play: “Salute Your Solution” by The Raconteurs.

Then we cut to the ending of the last Breaking Point showing the brawl that took place between Kelly Kincaid with her face partially burnt and Raven Knight. But as the show went off the air, the camera kept rolling as we see her burst through the backstage area in pursuit of Knight.The #1 contender breaks away from the security that’s holding her just before Kelly takes off after her.

As she passes the camera, the scene cuts to the chaos in the gauntlet match from January with Savannah trying to take out both Raven and Vivi to win the gauntlet as well as Vivi’s fury as she was seen looking for her that night after she got back from the ring. Then we see her getting the news of their No Holds Barred match at Vendetta, which seems to appease her with a dark glint to her eyes.

Then we see the pop from the return of Caitlyn Storm several weeks ago against the clear jealousy of Diamond Steele followed by the history between Latina Heat and NIHON-YUME from Latina Heat Appreciation Night. The show changes back to the dark sky with the red moon before lightning strikes three times to form the word “Vendetta” in red.

Then we go inside the arena to a roaring crowd as the camera pans through the Avicii Arena showing them all and the elaborate stage set up to lead to the ring. The theme continues to play over the PA system as pyrotechnics explode from the ring post before Kat Grayson heads down the ramp with a bright smile on her face. Then it’s down to Zack and Gaby in the booth.

Zack: For the first time in FFW history, we come to you from Stockholm, Sweden here at the Avicii Arena for the first ever Vendetta! Tonight marks the first major event for the FFW roster of 2024, not to mention under new management. Thank you for joining us wherever you are around the world on FFW All Access, and there’s a whole lot of issues we hope to settle tonight here in Stockholm. I’m Zack Hudson, and this is the “Wildcat” Gabrielle Crimson. Gaby, welcome to Sweden.

Gaby: And the name of the game is “payback” for most of the matches tonight! Many of the matches you’ll see tonight are the culmination of many, many months of strife. Many of them are rematches from prior events, in which those who walked away with something to prove have waited until today to get back at those who beat them. It’s one of those nights where “Vendetta” is not just a name; it’s a goal!

Zack: Three championships will be decided tonight at Vendetta, with the most important of all being the ladder match for the FFW Championship between Kelly Kincaid and Raven Knight. And that match took a harsh turn two weeks ago in Italy at Breaking Point.

Gaby: A turn that could’ve been absolutely disastrous, as Raven attacked Kelly during a signing, and many people were caught in the fire… Just metaphorically speaking, thankfully, because it COULD’ve been literal! Now, with the FFW Championship hung 10 feet above the ring and 10 rungs separating these two bitter rivals from greatness, the Firestarter and the Highflyer’s Highflyer have a chance to put an end to this rivalry once and for all!

Zack: The FFW Undisputed Tag Titles are up for grabs as NIHON-YUME look to dethrone Latina Heat! The challengers, especially i.chi, are fresh off a very hard-fought win in Italy, and are ready to end April with tag team gold.

Gaby: The Action News Network sure gave the diminutive dynamo of NIHON-YUME the challenge of a lifetime, but here’s the match everyone’s been waiting for ever since Kaede and Ibuki ruined Latina Heat Appreciation Night all the way back in Ciudad de Mexico! These two teams have bid their time in putting their hands on one another, because the Japanese Dream Team knows they have something to prove, and Latina Heat are sure they’re above having to prove anything to anyone!

Zack: It’ll be a rematch from Sin & Sacrifice this past November as Clover Thomas looks to relieve Mara Werth of the Phoenix Championship. I’m sure she learned a lot from that match, and we’ll see something new out of her against a very dominant Mara.

Gaby: We’re gonna have to, or else we’re gonna have a new Phoenix Champion being crowned here in Sweden! Clover’s coming off a somewhat heartbreaking defeat to Casey Atherton, while Mara has had the chance to turn Diamond Steele back alongside the Evolution Champion, which was more than enough warm-up for the Highlight of the Night. Mara gonna be Out of Luck this time, or is Clover gonna be left to the blues?

Zack: It’ll be No Holds Barred when Vivi Traeger and Savannah Star look to settle their differences that blew up during a gauntlet match back in January that would see the winner challenging for the FFW Championship, which we now know was Raven Knight.

Gaby: This one has “vitriol” written all over it, and not for no reason! These two go a long ways back, and as we watch them write another chapter of their heated rivalry, we can’t forget, the FFW Championship conversations hang on this meeting too! Savannah is obsessed with the big belt, and Vivienne has pledged to make the main event of Unstoppable, no matter the cost! Well, knowing these two, the cost may be a little steep, but they’re ready to bear it!

Zack: What I know a lot of people are really anticipating is the return of Caitlyn Storm, absent from a FFW ring since Unstoppable last year! Tonight, she meets Diamond Steele, who has been less than enthusiastic to see her since she popped up after the Poobah of Piledrivers came up short against Harley.

Gaby: And to answer Diamond’s question of who cares about Caitlyn… Honestly, a LOT of people! The mere presence of Storm in the Evolution Championship conversation has thrown a lot of expectations for a loop, and while the former Unity Champion would love to have a meeting with Harley Shannon sooner rather than later, Diamond, who has pledged not to fight for the Evolution Championship again, would love to leave a mark on it either way, even if it means breaking the ever cheerful Caitlyn in help as a welcome-back gift.

Zack: Also tonight, Power & Prestige meet S.O.S. for the first time! This all stemmed from an attack on Crystal that she blamed on Valerie McKinley. Valerie has vehemently denied it, and it all escalated from there. This will also be Stephanie Sullivan’s first night on the FFW roster after making the jump from Future Shock.

Gaby: Crystal Hilton and  Stephanie Sullivan go over 15 years back, and the S.O.S. reunion could prove problematic for Power and Prestige, who have had a shaky 2024 so far. But if there’s one thing Valerie McKinley and Elizabeth Lannister hate is not being the main characters of a good story, so even after all the times they’ve said they have nothing to do with the attack on Hilton, they’re still up for a fight!

Zack: We’ll also see a Future Shock spotlight match featuring Lacey taking on Angelina Fantastica. For those who watch Future Shock, you know Lacey has been outspoken about being imprisoned on Tuesday nights. Her opponent couldn’t be a bigger supporter of that brand and is the Heart of Future Shock, Angelina Fantastica.

Gaby: Two women going in completely opposite directions having a clash in this main roster event gives them a chance to prove why they’re going down those roads: Angelina gets to show what it means to be the beating heart of an entire brand, and Lacey gets to show why her talent needn’t be contained to a single roster. But here’s the problem, Z: Lacey’s best shot at being FFW’s hottest free agent now goes through Sydney Christensen, who’s riding the wave of a lifetime, and guess what? She’s not here today! Her second best shot would be the Crown of Privilege, but… Guess what?! We’re gonna have to have an update about THAT tonight as well.

Zack: Plus somebody’s getting fired tonight! We’ll see the contract signing for the return of Scarlett Silver, and other surprises as well. There’s plenty going on tonight, to say the least.

Gaby: There’s no shortage of action on tap for you tonight, Faithful, and we’re more than ready to kick this show off! Welcome to Stockholm, darlings! Here’s Katherine Grayson, to start us off in style! Kick it, Kat!

As Gaby finishes her thought, the show cuts to the ring to find Kat Grayson in a very revealing dress standing in the center of the ring. At ringside is a translator for the Swedish crowd.

Kat: The opening contest of Vendetta is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!

Zack: Our first of two tag team matches tonight with the latter being for the titles is on tap here. And we’re about to see our first woman of 2024 to hop over the fence from Future Shock to the FFW roster. Not a bad way to make your debut here.

Gaby: Stephanie Sullivan is not a stranger to the bigger stage, much less to teaming up with Crystal. And Crystal’s really gonna need a partner for this one, because our opening contest has some of the most controversial beginnings we could ever try to explain.

As the fans sit in their seats in anticipation of what is to come, they are greeted by the lights dimming. A brilliant golden spotlight focuses on the stage as the opening strains of “Massive Addictive” by Amaranthe begin to play.

“Give me purity, strength and affection
Give me lust to ignite my devotion for life
It's where beauty comes alive
Can't you see I'm a slave to the darkness
Cutting down
And I know I have done this before
As I stare into the wall
And now it's time to let it shine
Cause don't you know I'm addicted”

The curtains rustle a bit before the dapper figure of one Kyle Kilmeade emerges from the back, his ever present smirk etched on his face. He steps out onto the stage and glances at either side of the stage at the crowd before stepping to the side, holding out his hand to the curtain. Out from the back emerges the beautiful Elizabeth Lannister. Stepping out onto the stage, she takes Kyle’s outstretched hand and promptly twirls around slowly, showing off the intricate work on her robe. Dropping his hand, Elizabeth nods and starts to walk down the aisle, Kyle walking in stride next to her.

“Massive addictive
And suddenly I'm greatly affected
Like burning fire inside
My cyanide
Scared of losing my mind
Massive addictive
I'm totally completely afflicted
As I inspire the lie like a lullaby
Crawling around in my mind
My mind”

The pair slowly make their way down the aisle, Elizabeth’s gold and red robe flowing with each step she takes, completely ignoring the fans on either side of her. As the pair walk, the spotlight changes so that the entire arena is soon engulfed in gold light.

Kat: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way to the ring, being accompanied by her manager Kyle Kilmeade…..from Scottsdale, Arizona…’THE LIONESS’ ELIZABETH LANNISTER!!

Once she reaches the ring she begins to climb the steel steps, with Kyle hopping up onto the apron and holding the ropes open for her. She carefully climbs through the opened ropes and steps into the middle of the ring, flipping her hair over her shoulders and sticking her arms out to the sides, her head tilted back, a confident smirk etched on her angelic features. She then returns her head to its normal position and unclasps her robe, shrugging it off as Kyle reaches forward to carefully hand it to a nearby stagehand. She then moves her arms back and forth to loosen up as the lights return to normal and the music begins to fade out.

Zack: One half of Power & Prestige, Elizabeth Lannister was the woman who won her match against Crystal by forfeit several weeks ago when all this kicked off between them. Lannister didn’t mind it a bit, she still got a win whether she broke a sweat or not.

Gaby: And we still don’t know if her partner was involved in that forfeit, but more when she comes out. Elizabeth loves nothing more than to be on top of the game, even if it takes her opponent being taken out before the match even happens.

Kat: And her partner…

The lights in the arena sharply cut off, leaving everything in complete darkness. The chiming of a clock is heard echoing in the darkness, followed by a chipper, circus like chime tone. As the tone chimes on, a vibrant gold spotlight shines down on the top of the stage. The circus chimes are soon replaced by the opening chorus of “Villain” by Wild Fire.
"Tic tic toc, the time bomb clock
Ticks grinning ear to ear here baby
Tic Tic Toc, the time bomb clock
ticks counting down...
tic, tic stop!"

At the exact moment “stop” is sung, the song kicks into full gear, setting off a series of shimmering gold strobe lights going off on either side of the ramp. A few seconds pass before the controversial redhead, Valerie McKinley makes her way out from behind the curtain and stands in the immediate center of the stage, standing in the gold spotlight. Coming out behind her and standing next to her was her manager, one Kyle Kilmeade.
"You know I speak in riddles,
And I’m plotting to destroy
Villain as I always was
Crazy is as crazy does"

Clad in a mid-thigh length leather jacket worn open over her gear, Valerie looks around at the crowd showering her with a rousing chorus of boos. She looks over at Kyle and the pair simply shake their heads. The strobe lights begin to lessen in intensity as the pair makes their way down the aisle, her arms at her side and a focused look on her face. As she makes her way to the ring, the fans on either side of the aisle make their displeasure at her appearance rather noticeable, which Valerie simply dismisses with an arrogant flip of her hand.
"My sanity's in short supply
Mad as a hatter, hey surprise!
T-T-T-Ticking bomb on the inside
Livin' with the villain pacing in my mind."

Kat: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way down to the ring, being accompanied by Kyle Kilmeade…..from Providence, Rhode Island…….Valerie McKinley!!
The boos grow louder as Kyle hops up onto the apron and climbs into the ring. Valerie hops up onto the apron and spins around so her back is resting on the ropes. With her head bowed, she lifts both arms up towards her head and has her pointer finger and thumb on both hands close to her head. She lifts her head up and extends her arms out, her fingers pointing out at the crowd like pistols. She then makes a motion like she was firing her finger guns at the crowd before turning around to see Kyle already holding the ropes open for her. She steps through the open ropes and into the ring.
"I'm blowing up the mystery
And all the pretty things you see
Light flame to fuse
And Sparks will fly
You said goodnight
Now say goodbye."

Once in the ring, she walks around with her arms extended outward, reveling in the heat from the crowd. She walks over to the corner and peels off her jacket, letting it drop to the apron as the lights return to normal and her music fades out. She rests her back against the turnbuckles and brushes a few stray strands of hair out of her face, awaiting the start of the action.

Zack: While Elizabeth was picking up that big forfeit win, this woman was found outside Crystal’s dressing room after her attack. Valerie has been adamant she never laid a hand on her, and it’s up to all of us to decide if we believe her. Whether she did then or not, she’ll certainly have the chance here.

Gaby: And it’s weird, right, that Valerie has so far denied any wrongdoing or involvement in that attack on Crystal, which raises some eyebrows. Power and Prestige have never been shy about their misdeeds, so if they’re telling us they had nothing to do with that… I mean, I’d still be hard pressed to take anything Valerie says without a good handful of salt, but hey.

“Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix A Lot begins to blast loudly across the speakers. As it does, spotlights hit the curtain and we can see the silhouettes of two females kissing through the curtain. This immediately gets the crowd cheering frantically and one girl pushes the other away we are now able to see Stephanie walking through the curtain. She grabs her robes and instantly breaks out into the Open Jacket Orgasm. She pumps her chest with her legs spread open and that’s when her partner Crystal Hilton slides through the legs. She rises up with her back turned to the audience as she begins to booty pop. The crowd begins to cheer even louder as the two gently kiss on the lips before sprinting to the ring.

Kat: Ladies and gentlemen making their way to the ring from Detroit Michigan they are Crystal Zdunich and Stephanie Sullivan, Submit Or Surrender!

The two clap the hands of the outstretched fans as they cater to them slapping each and every hand. Stephanie is the first in the ring and she breaks out the OJO once again leaning against the ropes while Crystal does her trademark split through Stephanie’s legs the two rise up offering smirks to the crowd. In unison they take off their Golden and Silver robes revealing very sexy matching wrestling attires. They begin to shake their ass waiting in anticipation for their opponents.

Zack: Crystal and Stephanie are no strangers to joining forces, not by a long shot. But they haven’t done so in quite a number of years. My only questions are if the chemistry is still there. And if it wasn’t Valerie and we take her at her word…who was it?

Gaby: That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? With Valerie denying it at every turn, it almost feels like it’s too easy keeping our fingers pointed at her. But at the same time, knowing her, she wouldn’t… Anyway, about S.O.S.: I’ve seen these women together before, back when I first started wrestling a good 15 years ago, and if they’ve brought anything like that synergy from their 3S days, Power and Prestige are in for a long and rough night.

After the two teams are in the ring, the referee performs a basic check for foreign objects on all four women and calls for the bells. Valerie seems to be the one stepping out for P&P, while Crystal and Stephanie are strategizing on their corner. Instead of just leaving the other team be, though, Valerie makes a beeline to the center of the ring and starts mouthing off to Crystal specifically, talking about how that match didn’t have to happen, because they hadn’t done anything to her, and there was still time to call the match off (with her as a victor, of course). This, of course, draws the attention of the Winter Rose, who slowly walks towards the center of the ring, where the redhead has her hand out for a handshake. Crystal just… eyeballs her for a moment, one eyebrow up, as the redhead just smirks and waits for a handshake, so much so that it becomes a scowl and an audible “you’re shaking my hand or not?!”

Zack: I get the sense that if Crystal were going to let this all go and have bygones be bygones, we wouldn’t have this match right now that she specifically requested. Nor would Stephanie be out here with her.

Gaby: Yyyyyeah, I don’t know where she’s getting at, but “easy victories” like the one she may or may not have awarded Elizabeth to start this whole rigamarole aren’t as easy to come by as she may think.

Crystal slowly gets her hand out, almost as if to take the handshake… Except she grabs Valerie by the wrist and yanks her off base, putting her in a headlock right out of the gate. Val struggles to break free of the headlock, but Crystal seems to have a very firm grip on it, which leaves the redhead with only one option, that is to retreat to the ropes and press Crystal against them. She believes she can send the Winter Rose running, but instead, Crystal takes one step forward and yanks Valerie towards her again to keep the headlock firmly applied. With a grunt, Valerie moves to the ropes again, except she stretches her foot back for Elizabeth to give it a love tap. The referee doesn’t give P&P the tag, as that’s not the rule, but the Lioness leaps into the ring anyway and smacks Crystal up the head with an ax handle, immediately drawing the ire of the ref, who starts telling the Lioness off. The blonde starts complaining that the tag was clearly made and the ref WAS looking, so what gives?... All while Valerie takes the opportunity to shake free from Crystal’s headlock by jamming two fingers into the Winter Rose’s eyes. The whole thing falls into bedlam as Stephanie enters the ring and jumps Valerie, spearing her to the mat, which prompts Elizabeth to stop arguing with the referee as she stomps Sullivan away from her partner, and suddenly, the two illegal women of the match are catfighting on the mat.

Zack: Things are busting loose a little early here, and this is already one of those cases where I think we can make the argument for needing more than one referee in tag matches. What say you?

Gaby: When people like those are involved?! Absolutely! They’ll use everything they can to abuse the fact a referee only has one pair of eyes!

While Crystal is still rubbing her eyes after having had them poked, Valerie recomposes herself and drags Stephanie away from Elizabeth, putting her in a chicken wing hold, giving just enough space for the Lioness to get up. Stephanie reacts by headbutting Valerie, which makes the redhead break the hold, but it isn’t a headbutt strong enough to incapacitate the redhead. As a response, Valerie dashes forward and lariats the Scandalous One over the top rope, and as she’s sent tumbling out of the ring, Elizabeth retreats, happy that her distraction seems to have worked… Only for Crystal to roll her up with a small package!

Gaby: OOP–! The madness inside the ring is out of control and Crystal with a roll-up!!


NO! Valerie powers out with plenty of authority, and quickly rolls up to her feet to stomp Crystal back into the mat with vigor and violence, and this time the Winter Rose doesn’t have the balance to get up as fast as she’d want to. She can be heard saying “I gave you a chance to back out” before delivering another stomp to the side of the head, driving Crystal’s skull into the mat before she stops and parades around the ring to bask in the boos of the Swedish audience.

Zack: I knew that wasn’t going to be the end of the match, and I can’t recall the last time I ever saw a competitor accept the offer to back out of a match…especially on an event like this.

Crystal rolls onto her stomach to crawl over to the ropes, and Valerie only takes the opportunity to deliver a knee drop to her ribcage that makes the Winter Rose yelp in pain. As she writhes on the mat, her back arching, Valerie takes the opportunity to grab her by the shoulders and try to lock her in a cobra clutch… But despite being taken down fast, Crystal isn’t anywhere near being out of it, as she quickly sweeps the leg and makes Valerie collapse on her butt. While still clutching the redhead’s leg, Crystal readjusts herself and bridges backwards, for another pinfall attempt.


NO! Valerie powers out no problem.

This time both women power back to their feet at the same time, and Crystal seems to have her eyesight back 100% as she immediately leaps for Valerie’s neck with a rana. Valerie pops back to her feet awkwardly, only for Crystal to send her spinning with another rana. McKinley pops up to her feet once more, just as awkwardly, only for Crystal to smack her with a dropkick that, finally, puts Valerie down on the mat for a longer time. And then… It’s the Winter Rose’s time to parade around and bask on the cheers.

Zack: I don’t think it comes as a surprise that the fans far prefer Crystal over Power & Prestige. But I also don’t think it’s a good time to enjoy the fanfare. Save that for after the match. How much did you enjoy wasting time in a match to pep up the fans, Gaby?

Gaby: I’m not known as the Wildcat for no reason, my friend. I like to keep the pace always high, and the fan reaction is a consequence of my moves. But we should also remember that… Both those women seem to be fueled by the fans, which leads to things like these.

After parading around for a moment, Crystal grabs Valerie, who’s on her fours and starting to pull up, and puts her in a side headlock in order to drag her to her corner and tag Stephanie in. The problem is… Stephanie isn’t there yet. A second camera focuses on the Scandalous One at ringside and she’s propped against the steel steps to the ring holding one of her shoulders, probably thanks to the way she fell off the ring after being thrown out by Valerie. Inside the ring, Crystal groans as she sees herself all on her lonesome and decides to stay on the offensive for a little while longer, undoing the headlock and sending Valerie running across the ring. The redhead hits the far ropes, and Crystal swings her arm for a lariat, but Valerie has the better strat as she connects with a shotgun dropkick that sends Crystal tumbling to the far ropes. She then takes the opportunity to make the tag to Elizabeth, who’s waiting prim and proper on her corner, before moving towards Crystal and dragging him to the enemy corner, pressing the Winter Rose against the turnbuckles so that the rogues can team up on her once Elizabeth floats into the ring, delivering kicks and stomps to the Winter Rose. The referee makes a full 5 count on the team so that Valerie can leave the ring, which goes unattended, until the referee basically has to grab Valerie by the shoulder and tell her to leave, which enrages McKinley, who turns to the referee to scream at her, bringing all the attention to herself… As Elizabeth puts the sole of her boot against Crystal’s throat, choking her against the middle turnbuckle.

Zack: There’s no shortcut to success that Elizabeth won’t take, we know that. And if you had questions about it, all you have to do is look at the match that started all this.

Gaby: She’s a crafty one and she’s proud of it. But don’t be fooled: when she gets in the zone, she can be a dangerous one. It just… It just doesn’t look like she’s in THAT kind of zone just yet. They’re literally toying with Crystal here.

Valerie eventually stops arguing when she’s satisfied with the distraction, and Elizabeth lets go of Crystal’s throat, reaching down for her head to drag the Winter Rose to the center of the ring. With an ax handle to the back of the neck, Elizabeth sends Crystal right back down to the ring, before she notices Stephanie is finally up on S.O.S.’s corner. The Lioness just blows a kiss at the Scandalous One before lifting Crystal up to her feet and shoving her right back to P&P’s corner, delivering a series of chops to the actress’ chest as the referee starts counting her out. At the count of four, Elizabeth tags Valerie in; the redhead and the blonde swap places, and Valerie starts pressing Crystal into the turnbuckles with rope-aided shoulder blocks, forcing the referee to start the count again. At another four, Valerie and Elizabeth swap again, and it’s the blonde’s turn to shoulder tackle Crystal into the turnbuckles until she’s at a count of four, and then she swaps with Valerie once again.

Zack: We’ve seen nothing but continuity from Power & Prestige, not that I’m surprised. They’ve been together for some time, and I’m starting to wonder if Crystal and Stephanie lost the magic because this has been a handicap match for the most part for Crystal.

Gaby: Stephanie was thrown out of the ring like yesterday’s trash just now and she did NOT have a fun landing, it seems, and only now is she back on her corner. Which is the opposite side of the ring where Crystal is.

As Valerie floats into the ring, she (and especially Crystal) can hear Stephanie rallying across the ring from her. The redhead walks towards that corner, moving pretty much to the center of the ring as she taunts the Scandalous One from afar, before making her way back to Crystal… who connects with a timely kick to the redhead’s stomach, folding her over! Before she leaves the ring, she smacks Elizabeth behind her with an elbow to the jaw, before she jumps for Valerie again… And eats a SLAP that echoes throughout the arena like a gunshot. Crystal’s face is tilted to the side as she seems to have been incensed by this, and all technicality is thrown out of the window as the two women begin to throw elbows and punches in the center of the ring, until Crystal has had enough. The Winter Rose backs out of the brawl and dashes to the ropes behind her to build up speed. Valerie swings her arm to catch her with a clothesline, but it misses as Crystal ducks under it, making it all the way across the ring and bouncing again. This time Valerie tries to catch Crystal with a roundhouse kick, and again it misses as Hilton rolls under her and pops back up, dashing to the ropes again. When Valerie turns around, Crystal is already all over her, jumping for her neck and spinning around her for a tornado DDT. With both women down, Crystal finally has a chance to glance over at her corner and see Stephanie with her arm out, and decides it’s the time to make a tag, beginning to crawl her way over to her corner.

Zack: Stephanie has been sitting on ready for a while now on getting involved in this match! I imagine it’s infuriating watching your best friend getting abused like Crystal has.

Gaby: Can’t really say Stephanie is “fresh” but she hasn’t been the legal woman for a single second, and she’s raring for a fight already! She’s right there, Crystal, all you have to do is reach out!

Crystal is mere inches away from Stephanie before Valerie rolls over to her corner and tags Elizabeth in. The Lioness makes a beeline to Crystal and grabs her by one ankle dragging her to the center of the ring… And Crystal smartly somersaults while Elizabeth has a grasp on her leg, sending the Lioness' face flat onto the mat! Between keeping on the attack and making a tag to Stephanie, Crystal decides to… stay in the ring, as she pops up to her feet and dashes to the ropes, hopping onto the middle rope and springboarding off of it, connecting with a Lionsault across Elizabeth’s back! Crystal then rolls Elizabeth over and covers!

Zack: Springboard moonsaults don’t get any more flawless than that, and Crystal’s looking to hear the bell in three seconds!


NO! Elizabeth powers out without a hitch!

Gaby: Not when Elizabeth is still kinda fresh when you think about it! Crystal should’ve tagged out when she had the chance!

Crystal shakes her head and gets up, bringing Elizabeth up to her feet, putting her up straight as she reels back with her two arms to try and connect with her double heart punch… But as she swings, Elizabeth ducks under it, floating around Crystal and hooking her hips for a German suplex! She lifts Crystal… Who smartly projects her weight forward and stops Elizabeth from arching back, while stretching her hand out to Stephanie to see if they can get the tag, and Stephanie is almost vaulting over the turnbuckles to make the tag… But no cigar. Elizabeth lifts Crystal AGAIN for a suplex, and can’t do it, as Crystal sandbags the hell out of it… Before the Lioness decides enough is enough and, instead of trying to bridge backwards, she can just drag Crystal over to her corner and start P&P’s carousel of punishment all over again. Taking careful steps backwards while literally lifting Crystal like a naughty child, the Lioness almost makes it to her corner… before Crystal manages to reach back with an arm arn hook Liz’s head, dragging her down with an ippon, before leaping onto her back with a Goomba stomp and vaulting over her, finally, towards her corner, finally getting the tag! Valerie notices Stephanie has tagged in and floats into the ring as Elizabeth is getting up, and both blonde and redhead are treated to double fists to the face!

Zack: Look at Stephanie throwing hands! She’s got one for everyone if they want it, and the former Motor City Maiden is rearranging teeth if she has her way!

Gaby: I hope the dentists here in Stockholm can work overtime, because Stephanie is sick of staying out of this match, and those fists are ready for action!

Standing between Valerie and Elizabeth, Stephanie begins throwing backfists to each of them - one for Val, one for Liz, then back to Val, then back to Liz - before she clocks Valerie with a stronger punch to the face, followed by grabbing a handful of her red locks and slamming her face first into the mat. With Valerie out, Stephanie turns her attention to Elizabeth, dragging her into a side headlock that she transitions into a belly-to-back, ultimately delivering the German suplex the blonde was unable to connect with Crystal. Elizabeth pops back up to her feet, legs a bit wobbly, before Stephanie spins her around to face her and drags her into… a kiss? The crowd has just enough time to cheer, and Elizabeth has just enough time to squirm, before the Scandalous One hooks the Lioness’s inside leg with her own and brings her down with a snap DDT.

Zack: A change of rosters certainly hasn’t changed anything as it pertains to Sullivan’s antics in the ring. I suspect that clip’s gonna end up on TikTok very shortly.

Gaby: Yep, that smack takes me back a good 15 years. Seen that one several times. Was never treated to one myself, but I think Alysson would shank her if that happened.

Zack: Maybe we can arrange something after the show minus the DDT part.

Gaby: Then it’s Carys who’s gonna shank her! No, thank you!

As Elizabeth is reeling, Stephanie makes a tag with Crystal, who immediately “tags herself out” to make Stephanie the legal woman again, and while the Scandalous One drags Elizabeth back to her feet, Crystal dumps Valerie out of the ring. Stephanie then wraps her arms around the Lioness’s hips, and Crystal makes a beeline towards them and spins, connecting with a Chick Kick and giving Stephanie an extra oomph for a bridging German suplex that smashes Elizabeth into the mat shoulders first! She keeps the bridge locked in for the cover!

Zack: Elizabeth isn’t getting up from that, no chance! I think we’re 3 seconds from a tag team debut win for SOS!




Gaby: Straight outta Detroit 2004! S.O.S. are still kicking it like 20 years ago!!!

Stephanie lets go of a limp Elizabeth before she powers up to her feet, smirking at Crystal and rubbing her own lips, as if she’d just pecked something that tasted bad. Together, they finally had their arms raised by the referee.

Kat: The winners of this match… Crystal Hilton and Stephanie Sullivan! S! O! S!

Gaby: For the majority of this match Crystal acted as Elizabeth and Valerie’s plaything after Stephanie quite possibly risked injury… But no, she was more than fine, and as soon as Crystal got her partner to join the match, the dynamics shifted immediately, and just like so many year ago, these best friends get to have their hands raised together!

Shaking his head, Kyle headed towards the timekeeper’s table and picked up one of the microphones before going to stand near the broadcast booth.

Kyle: Can we cut Sir Mix-A-Lot for a minute?

He said as he rolled his eyes while the music faded out, getting the full attention of both Stephanie and Crystal.

Zack: Must not be a “Baby Got Back” fan, eh?

Gaby: He’s not a fan of many things, starting with happiness, it seems.

Kyle: Crystal, I just wanted you to know something. When Valerie said she never attacked you, she was telling the truth. She just happened to hear what was going on and went to find out more. Valerie did not attack you. But I do know who did.

Zack looked up towards Kyle next.

Zack: Why the hell didn’t you tell us you knew?

Kyle: Nobody asked me if I knew.

He answered Zack with a grin as Crystal moved towards the ropes, yelling at him to tell her who attacked her.

Gaby: Good job, Kyle – you withheld something that would’ve avoided this match, and NOW that your prize fighters are down you wanna share something? Sound business decisions all across the board.

Valerie had rolled back into the ring behind the duo, catching Stephanie with a low blow before Crystal turned around to see what happened. She caught a spear from a new arrival to the ring as Kyle had been talking. The “Winter Rose” was pulled up by her hair as she looked up into the woman’s eyes as that woman told her “It was me, you stupid bitch!” And that woman was…

Zack: STACEY SKY!! We haven’t seen her since Unstoppable in her brutal match with Scarlett Kincaid! She did it!!

Gaby: It may not have been Valerie, but we weren’t TOO FAR OFF if you think about it! Team Kyle brings out another friendly face– That’s why Valerie was so elated to see Crystal having been laid out!

Zack: Our resident former cheerleader with breathtaking anger management issues took out Crystal several weeks ago. Valerie told the truth…go figure. She wasn’t the attacker that night, she was just enjoying the assault.

Gaby: Because of course she was.

As Stacey let go of Crystal and rolled out of the ring, she backed up the ramp and kept an eye on both members of SOS before the show went to a commercial for Tuesday’s upcoming edition of Future Shock.

No Time for Thieves

The show returns inside the Avicii Arena where we see the CEO of FFW standing in the back as he addresses the camera. He looks to be outside someone’s locker room.

Adam: A few weeks ago at Future Shock Undeniable, I made it very clear that whoever stole the Privilege Crown had time to return it without repercussions. I gave that person plenty of time, and they elected not to do it. I also said that the repercussion would be them getting fired. Two weeks ago, I was sent a picture that proved without question who had it, and that person is here tonight in Stockholm.

Zack: He also said two weeks ago if this person didn’t show up, he was firing everyone associated with that person. Adam’s not fooling around, is he?

Gaby: Nope, especially seeing as we’ve only been able to find out about who MAY have caught the crown through someone from the perp’s circle getting cold feet and ratting the whole thing out. Last thing FFW needs right now is prize-stealing scoundrels!

Adam: I want you all to see the picture I was sent before I bring in the person who obviously took it.

Everyone at home watching and in the arena saw the picture displayed, showing the Privilege Crown in the hands of Jason Bennett in a hotel room. When the picture fades out, we see him standing next to Adam, looking quite irritated.

Adam: That’s you in the picture, Jason. Effective immediately, you no longer work for FFW. You’re fired.

That gets a pop from the crowd as Jason stands with his arms crossed over his chest.

Zack: Good riddance too.

Gaby: That may be the fastest fall from grace I’ve ever seen in wrestling. Good job, bro.

Adam: Now…I want the crown. I want it in my hand.

Jason: You fired me, I don’t give a fuck what you want.

Adam: Let me put it another way. If I don’t have it, all four of the women you associate with will be joining you on the unemployment line. That includes Brittany, Jennifer, Emily and particularly Sofia.

That gets another pop from the crowd.

Gaby: Whoa, the whole Cartel is on blast! Not to mention… Z, what they did is literally theft, Adam could just… Sic the dudes in blue on him. What do you mean “I don’t give a fuck”?

Jason: They didn’t know I did it, and had nothing to do with it.

Adam: I don’t believe you. You’re already a proven thief. I have no reason to trust what you say. Besides that, it’s irrelevant. I want that crown back.

Zack: He makes a good point.

Gaby: Again, petty theft, plain and simple!

Jason: I can’t give it to you. I don’t have it.

Adam: I don’t believe you. I want that crown back. Now.

Jason: I told you I don’t have it! Look, I did bring it with me to the arena tonight. I had it when I got here, and I actually was going to return it. But sometime between after I got here and now, it’s…gone. I don’t know where it went. It was in my bag…then I found my bag was opened later and that was the only thing missing.

Gaby: … so the excuse is that someone… stole it from… the thief. Wanna bet the Cartel has it anyway?

Adam: You can tell me whatever you want. Here’s the facts. Whether you have it or whoever has it, you have until the end of this show to retrieve it. If you do, I don’t fire the girls. If you don’t, you’re all fired.

Jason: I told you I don’t have it! I don’t know where it is.

Adam: You got a little over 2 hours to do some detective work then.

Adam told him as he looked at the expensive watch on his wrist.

Jason: How am I supposed to bring you something when I don’t know where it is?!

Adam: That’s a you problem, not a me problem. Clock’s ticking.

Jason seethed before he headed off camera as the show goes back to Zack and Gaby in the booth at ringside.

Zack: I don’t think Adam could be much clearer than that. Find it before the end of the show, or we’re gonna be less five people on the payroll by the end of the night.

Gaby: Not like Jason ever properly worked for FFW prior to this, he basically got paid to flirt with a married woman, but now the whole Cartel is under threat! Also, I was thinking: doesn’t the theft of the Crown have to do with the attack on Crystal Hilton…? Do you think…?

Zack: It’s all conjecture at this point. I know the whole gang is here tonight, despite the fact they aren’t booked. I presume they made the trip because they knew this was going to happen. I bet Sofia especially is furious that her uh…”friend”..just got his walking papers and she might be next.

Gaby: So they’d better start sleuthing! Someone in the arena has the Privilege Crown right now, and they’re gonna have to turn up… lest we watch the Williams Cartel all get their pink slips!

Zack: We’ll stay on top of this through the show and keep you posted, fans. Let’s get back to the action.

Then we return to the ring for the next match.
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Lexi: The following contest is a Future Shock spotlight match scheduled for one fall to a finish!

Zack: It’s time for our spotlight match highlighting some of the best and brightest on the Future Shock roster. I’m joined by my broadcast partner on Tuesday nights, none other than Claire Black. Welcome to Sweden, and to the first ever Vendetta, Claire.

Claire: As ever it’s a pleasure to be here Zack and getting to commentate on the Future Shock spotlight match, highlighting the incredible talent that we have on Tuesday nights to anyone who might not be watching currently, for whatever reason.

The lights dim as the opening bars of Smile by Maisie Peters hit the speakers around the arena.

Got bridges to burn and places to run
Yeah, this smile is a loaded gun

A red spotlight hits the curtain and Kyle Kilmeade walks out and proceeds to hold it open for Lacey to walk through. Stepping onto the stage in front of Kyle, Lacey wears a green and black one piece, which has a deep vee cut all the way to her navel, black fishnet tights and matching green and black boots. She runs her hands down her curves, while giving a little sway of her hips and then stands with her arms folded across her chest and her head lowers. 

It's my party, my body, my business
It's my town and my crown and my hitlist
It's my world and you're just living in it
Did I, did I, did I finish?
They are my girls, and it's us who's deciding
It's our door, did we say you're invited?
Leave your name and we'll call if we like it
If we, if we, if we like it

She snaps her head up and flings her arms out at the sides of her in one fluid motion, almost as if someone has just pulled the strings on a puppet. Keeping her gaze straight ahead she slowly smirks before lowering her arms to her sides and making her way down the ramp with Kyle walking beside her.

No more Mrs. Sweet and Miss Nice
No more Mrs. Fuckin' Polite
Time for Mrs. Takin' What's Mine
You don't need him
Got bridges to burn and places to run
Yeah, this smile is a loaded gun

Lexi: Making her way to the ring at this time and accompanied by Kyle Kilmeade….from parts unknown…..LAAAAACEEEEEY!!!

It's my party, my body, my business
If he tries to control me, he's finished
Won't be crying, there's plenty of fishes
And I, and I, and I'm fishin'
You should know that you won't find another
Who will ruin your life and your brothers
Who will take what she's owed when she wants to
Did I, did I, did I stutter?

Completely ignoring the crowd at either side of the ramp, Lacey speeds up as she reaches the ring and jumps up onto the apron. Taking hold of the top rope with both hands, she slowly and seductively sways her hips and wiggles her way down and back up, almost like a serpent, before springboarding over the top rope. When she lands in the ring she immediately drops down into the splits and stays there for a moment with her arms outstretched. After getting back to her feet, she climbs up onto the top turnbuckle facing the outside. Pulling something from her top she opens her palm and blows the contents into the crowd.

No more Mrs. Sweet and Miss Nice
No more Mrs. Fuckin' Polite
Time for Mrs. Takin' What's Mine
You don't need him
No more Mrs. Lettin' It Slide
No more Mrs. Shut Up and Smile
Time for Mrs. Takin' What's Mine
You don't need him

I got bridges to burn and places to run
Bang, bang and your party's done
Got bridges to burn and places to run
Yeah, this smile is a loaded gun

The lights shut off completely for a second at the end of the theme, when they come back on, Lacey is standing in her corner sharing some last minute words with Kyle.

Zack: Lacey has been chasing the Pure Championship in recent months because she feels imprisoned on the Future Shock roster. She knows that title grants the woman wearing it free reign over both rosters. And she’s been making one enemy after another in the Pure division too.

Claire: You call it making enemies, I’m sure she considers it keeping herself at the heart of the division and I’m sure in Kyle’s eyes, he’s positioning her to be in the perfect position to challenge anyone who might hold the title at any given time.

The stage is bathed in pink light as “Raise Your Glass” by Pink starts playing. After a moment, Angelina Fantastica comes out in a pair of baggy black pants and a pink cropped tank top, her hair tied back in two French braids, threaded through with silver ribbons. She makes her way up to the ring, bopping to the music and grinning at the fans in attendance. Using the bottom rope, she pulls herself up onto the apron and smiles for the camera before gripping the top rope and backflipping easily into the ring.

Lexi: Repping Staten Island, New York, it’s the Shaolin Stunna, the OG, the prodigal daughter of Future Shock, the one and only Angelina Fantastica!

Angelina looks at Lexi and then climbs the turnbuckle, raising her fist in the air while facing the crowd before jumping down, turning to face her opponent.

Zack: The last time we saw Angelina in the ring was Undeniable when she challenged Missy to reclaim the Future Shock Championship. This is a woman who considers herself the Heart of Future Shock, and I’m positive someone like Lacey hasn’t won her over with her comments and actions.

Claire: No, she definitely won’t have won her over in any way. If anything I’m sure Lacey’s comments are the sort of thing that you pin up in your locker room and use as fuel and motivation to get better and better; to prove a woman like Lacey very, very wrong.

Referee Oscar Graves calls for the bell to start the match as Lacey steps out of the corner, joining Angelina in the center of the ring. The redhead asks her why she doesn’t want to be on both rosters, and lets her know how shortsighted she is. Then she reminds her what happened at Undeniable will happen again tonight, except that Lacey is twice the woman the Future Shock Champion is. Then she offers her the opportunity to leave the ring to prevent more embarrassment for Angelina. All the while, Angelina’s fuse seems to be getting shorter and shorter.

Zack: I hope Lacey wasn’t banking on Angelina taking a hike tonight so she could collect an easy countout victory. I’m not sure what this is accomplishing…other than firing up the Shaolin Stunna…if that’s what she wanted.

Claire: It’s possible that she’s maybe trying to rile her up, hoping that in her anger she struggles to stick to whatever game plan she has and opens herself up to Lacey picking her off.

Lacey pointed towards the ramp, encouraging Angelina to take the opportunity. When Fantastica glanced behind her, Lacey went for a cheap shot but the veteran was wise to it! She caught her hand before she could jam a thumb in her eye, and used it to yank her forward into a forearm to the side of her head. Three more landed in quick succession before she whipped Lacey across for the ride, catching her on the rebound with a discus lariat that sent the redhead through the ropes. She was able to stop herself before she fell to the floor by grabbing the top rope. Lacey used both hands on the rope to get to her feet…at least until Angelina grabbed the top rope too and used it to slingshot her back into the ring onto the canvas.

Zack: I think Lacey now has her answer as to whether or not Angelina wants to take a walk tonight in the Avicii Arena here in Stockholm.

Claire: I’d like to think that she’s made it very clear to Lacey that she’s looking to keep it in the ring and she’s brought the red haired menace in the hard way right there!

The redhead barely got to her feet before Angelina pulled her up the rest of the way, laying in several more forearms to the side of her head before she fired her into the corner. She collided chest first before Fantastica darted behind her, leaving her feet for a backstabber to flip her over onto the canvas. In one swift movement, she rolled over with her and immediately applied a crossface submission. That prompted Lacey to immediately start trying to get to the ropes, which she did after a couple seconds. The former Future Shock Champion broke when asked as Lacey rolled away from her and got to her knees, complaining to Graves that Angelina was cheating.

Zack: I must be watching a different match than the one Lacey is competing in, Claire. I haven’t seen Angelina so much as bend a rule so far in this contest.

Claire: She didn’t even wait for the official to start the count before breaking the submission hold. But right now, I’m sure Lacey is just glad of any relief that she can get from having Fantastica beat on her like a drum.

As soon as she saw the Latina start towards her, Lacey got to her feet and ducked her head through the ropes. That caused the referee to stop Fantastica’s progress as Lacey slowly ducked back into the ring, catching the brunette as she brushed past the referee with a palm thrust to the throat. A scowl formed on her face as she began hammering away with right hands to her head as the brunette was trying to get her breath, only to be scooped up into a stun gun across the top rope, further causing the Future Shock Hall of Famer breathing troubles.

Zack: Angelina’s eagerness to get her hands on Lacey got the better of her, and now Lacey’s found herself an opening to try to turn the tides of fortune in her favor.

Claire: We have to give credit to Lacey too, when she gets an opening like this she is more than capable of ruthlessly exploiting it and potentially it could be a match winning opening.

When the Stunna tried to get up, a drop toe hold sent her neck first across the middle rope before Lacey climbed onto her back with both knees to choke her against it. Graves immediately started counting as Lacey argued she wasn’t choking Angelina since her hands weren’t touching her. The referee argued with her, stopping his count before he shook his head and restarted the count before she stepped back onto the mat.

Zack: That was way longer than a five count, but Lacey played this referee like a fiddle. He might need a refresher course in his training.

Claire: Lacey has a masters in the dark arts of wrestling and Graves just fell victim to them right there. She’s probably going to be annoyed that she couldn’t gain a little more of an advantage just now.

With Fantastica coughing and trying to get to her feet, Lacey looked to press the advantage as she stayed behind her and immediately applied a full nelson. But the Shaolin Stunna began trying to get to the ropes, struggling against the redhead by trying to take a couple steps forward before Lacey started shaking her like a leaf in the hold before dragging her to the center of the ring. The camera got a close up showing Lacey didn’t have her fingers locked though, instead two handfuls of Fantastica’s hair.

Claire: If she could lock her fingers, this hold would be more effective - she’d be forcing Angelina’s head into her chest, making it harder for her to expand her chest and take big lungfuls of air into her body.

Zack: That hold is especially difficult in FFW when you have women with long thick manes of hair. It can certainly make a full nelson even more challenging to lock in appropriately.

Kyle noticed it from ringside, loudly encouraging her to get her fingers locked behind her head. Lacey was indeed trying to do that through the thick mane of hair Angelina had, which distracted her enough for the brunette to charge forward, using both of her feet to piston off the middle rope to land on top of her with the hold still applied! Graves dove into position to make the count!

Zack: Look at that! She’s got her pinned in her own hold!




Lacey broke the hold and shoved her away, sitting up and scolding the referee for the count. Meanwhile, Angelina rolled towards the ropes and was getting herself together as she rose to her feet.

Claire: I wouldn’t spend too long if I was Lacey berating the referee for doing his job. The last thing she wants is for Angelina to pull herself together and find a way to gain the upper hand.

Lacey turned to go after her, looking to apply the full nelson again. But as she approached, she ended up catching a mule kick to the body from Angelina. That stopped her for a moment, allowing the Future Shock Hall of Famer to floor her with a Pele kick to the head! Both women went down near the ropes, but it was Angelina who started to get back to her feet much sooner. With the Swedish crowd behind her, the adrenaline started flowing through her body. She glanced back to see Lacey starting to rise. Then she took off for the far side, rebounding quickly and leaving her feet for a headscissors takedown. She popped back up to a vertical base, hitting the opposite side ropes this time and catching Lacey as she rose with a double stomp to her back that sent her face first into the canvas.

Zack: Angelina’s got that adrenaline pumping again, and Lacey just ate a whole lot of canvas and I understand it’s not part of her diet!

Claire: This is what I meant about letting Angelina get back in control of this contest. It’s going to be a mountain to climb for Lacey to take back over and get herself into position to win this match.

The crowd was louder now as she headed for the nearest corner, making her way up to the top rope. She perched herself and started to rise as Lacey was getting up, but the redhead surprised her and ran towards the corner to knock her feet out from under her. Fantastica landed straddling the top turnbuckle, causing immense pain as Lacey tried to get herself together before climbing up as well.

Zack: That had to be gut instinct from Lacey right there! It paid off in dividends too, and this is not a place we see her go very often.

Claire: It’s not a soft landing - the turnbuckle arm is steel underneath a thin covering for aesthetic purposes and the turnbuckle bolts aren’t all that padded on the top. But still, Lacey needs to get herself together and she needs to make this really pay off for her.

Lacey stepped up to the top rope to hook her head for a superplex, but Angelina slipped down to the mat between her legs. The redhead’s eyes widened as she felt Angelina grab her legs and take off out of the corner with a running powerbomb before rolling through for the cover! Graves darted into position to make the count!

Zack: Lacey went for a superplex but the bottom dropped out! A massive running powerbomb, and Angelina’s gonna do it!!




Claire: She was less than a quarter of a second away from picking up the victory there! Lacey’s back has to be on fire with the impact there!

The redhead got her shoulder up at the last possible second, thus stopping the count. Angelina double checked with Graves before rolling off the cover and starting to get back to her feet as Lacey writhed on the mat. With the crowd entirely behind her, she pulled the redhead back to her feet and immediately into position for her finisher.

Claire: Angelina knows this is her chance to put this one to bed and is determined to put the exclamation point on it!

She landed her somersault reverse DDT in the center of the ring to quite the pop from the crowd before she floated across for the cover with both legs hooked!

Zack: That’s her move, Lacey just found herself in the C.R.E.A.M!




Graves called for the bell to a strong reaction from the crowd as Angelina rolled off the cover and back to her feet. The response brought a smile to her face as she had her hand raised in victory.

Lexi: Your winner by pinfall……ANGELINA FANTASTICA!!

Claire: The cream always rises to the top and that’s what Angelina has managed to do tonight though Lacey caused her an awful lot of problems in the process. I’m sure Fantastica will be glad to be back on the winning trail and looking to secure another shot at the Future Shock Championship in the near future.

Kyle pulled his client out of the ring as Angelina climbed the corner and raised her hands before running them along her waist as she looked down to the camera. She told it she still wanted the Future Shock Championship back, and was ready to go through anyone she had to in order to get it.

Zack: I had a feeling she wasn’t just going to go quietly out of the Future Shock title division, Claire. She wants another crack at it, and is ready for whoever she needs to get past to find herself another shot. I admire that determination.

Claire: We know that she’s been prepared to put her career on the line for an opportunity to win the title and tonight she’s putting whoever leaves Global Wars - live on FFW All Access on May 7th - with that title belt on notice.

She hopped over the top rope to the apron and then the floor from there as the show went to a commercial for Future Shock Global Wars.
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The show returns to the ring as Kat is standing front and center once again before she begins the introductions.

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and it is for the FFW Phoenix Championship!

Zack: Our first of three championship matches on tonight’s card is a rematch from Sin & Sacrifice this past November. I suspect this will be another power battle between two of the strongest women on the FFW roster.

Gaby: One half of this match has had a death grip on the Phoenix Championship, and can easily be recognized as the definitive Phoenix Champion, but the other… The other is one of the most imposing athletes in the roster right now, and she’s had a lot of time to prepare for this!

I'mma do it like it AIN'T. BEEN. DONE!

As "Ain't Been Done" echoes throughout the venue, punctuated by a burst of vibrant lights of green and red. Amidst the swirling lights, a spotlight shines down on the entrance ramp, and out steps Clover Thomas, wearing a robe adorned with her signature symbol, the four-leaf clover, arms open and smirking at the crowd. She stops at the top of the ramp and strikes a pose, pointing to the lights atop the stage, before pulling her arm in a "heck yeah" motion and proceeding to strut down the entrance ramp, taking the time to indulge in high-fives with the fans on the front rows.

Kat: Introducing first... From New York City, standing at 6-feet tall... "The Highlight of the Night"... CLOVER! THOMAS!!!

As she approaches the ring, Clover ascends the steel steps and pauses at the ring apron, casting a determined gaze over the sea of faces, bobbing her head to the sound of music, before stepping between the ropes. As she enters the ring, she quickly gets rid of the robe, throwing it to the side before walking up to the hard cam ropes and stretching her arms, as if she could hug the audience, before pointing to the lights again. Ultimately, she goes to her corner and starts stretching, as she gets ready for show time.

Zack: Clover has one of the best records of anyone in FFW since her return, and she earned this rematch by knocking off our resident “solo act” that we know as Sofia Hilton earlier this year. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since we found out it would happen after that match.

Gaby: She has only two blemishes in her record so far: one to Casey Atherton, and the other… To the woman she gets to face again for the championship in a rematch 5 months in the making! Clover is extremely imposing and may be the biggest threat – in all senses of the word – to Mara’s reign so far.

"I'm only human
I'm only—I'm only—
I'm only human, human

“Human” by Rag’n’Bone Man starts to play over the soundsystem as the video screen shows a jail cell door sliding backwards and a pair of black ring boots with legs going all the way up to a simple blue skirt step out onto the landing only to suddenly stumble as if given a push in the small of the back from the man who appeared behind her in shiny black shoes and black pants.

Maybe I'm foolish,
Maybe I'm blind
Thinking I can see through this
And see what's behind
Got no way to prove it
So maybe I'm lying

As the pair pass by, the camera gets a shot from behind before it cuts to more grainy CCTV footage that shows the guard escorting the raven haired prisoner across a prison yard of patchy grass and into another building. There’s another cut as we see a shot of exposed midriff on the other side of a counter that has a pack of gum, some loose change on it and a hair bobble on it. A hand reaches forward, picking up a pen and signs a name quickly before scooping up the possessions as she stiffly pushed to move onwards.

But I'm only human after all,
I'm only human after all
Don't put your blame on me
Don't put your blame on me

There’s another cut; this time to show the back of the black haired woman as she reaches up to tie her long loose hair back with the bobble while still walking forward, coming to a stop in front of a large closed door. The camera cuts to the opposite side of the door and low down, watching as it swung open and the woman stepped out; only for the blazing sun to obscure her face and body; the video screens becoming a blazing yellow-white sun glare with a spotlight shining bright as the same woman has appeared at the top of the entrance ramp. The spotlight dims to reveal Mara Werth standing there in her black boots, blue skirt and white vest top with her title belt slung over her shoulder.

Take a look in the mirror
And what do you see?
Do you see it clearer
Or are you deceived
In what you believe?

Kat: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome from Tuscaloosa, Alabama… the reigning and defending FFW Phoenix Champion... MARA WERTH!!!

'Cause I'm only human after all,
You're only human after all
Don't put the blame on me
Don't put your blame on me

With a smile on her face she begins to head down the ramp to the ring, running up the ring steps. She moved down the apron, facing out to the crowd and threw her arms up into the air, raising the title aloft before she stepped through the ropes. Heading to the corner, the girl carefully stepped up onto the middle ropes, throwing her hands up into the air again, holding the title above her head before she bounced back onto her feet and passed the title belt off to the referee. She stretched as she waited for the match to start.

Zack: Today marks the 812th day of the reign of Mara Werth as FFW’s Phoenix Champion. There can be no question that she is the definitive champion in that title’s nearly 4 year history.

Gaby: And it’s a goal she’s set for herself – to be known as the ultimate representative of the Phoenix Championship. She’s achieved that and then some. It’s hard to turn challengers back to back to back like she’s done, but she’s more than a good job at proving herself.

Referee Kevin Fisk took the title from Mara and showed it to Clover before holding it over his head. Kat took it with her when she left the ring, and that’s when the bell sounded. Both women loosened up a little in their respective corners before meeting in the center of the ring and shaking hands. It was Clover who started things off by holding up her hand, inviting Mara to a test of strength. That brought a smile to the champion’s face before she put her hand up, locking fingers with Clover and both of their other hands did the same thing before they went chest to chest trying to prove their dominance over the other.

Zack: Looks like we’ll see who the stronger woman is right off the bat! I’m not sure who I’d give the edge to in this, and they’re gonna burn a fair amount of energy the longer they keep this going.

Gaby: Clover has a slight advantage of size over Mara, but that doesn’t mean a lot if she can’t use it to her best efforts.

At first, it was Clover who proved to be stronger as she started to cause Mara to sink a little bit more and more. But that didn’t last all that long before the champion started rising up and started to make Clover lose the advantage. The blonde powerhouse looked to be regaining her strength though before Mara brought their hands to her waist, quickly grabbing her into a belly to belly suplex. Thomas started to get to her knees before Mara grabbed her arm, and yanked her forward into a knee to the chest. Two more followed that before Werth pulled her up while still holding one arm into a pumphandle slam.

Zack: I think the goal for both of these women is to keep the other on the canvas. All that power doesn’t mean very much if you’re flat on the mat face up or down.

Gaby: It’s fascinating to see how the dynamics of a match changes depending on who your opponent is. We have two powerhouses doing what they do best, and it’s magical!

Werth moved behind her, applying a rear waistlock as Clover was getting up. She seemed to be going for a German suplex, but Clover began throwing back elbows. Three of them landed against Mara’s head, shaking her loose and allowing Thomas to step forward and catch her with a mule kick to the body. It doubled Werth over, allowing the blonde to grab her waist and plant her with a gutwrench suplex. When Mara tried to get up, Clover used clubbing blows with both hands to her lower back to stop that. Then she dropped down to sit on her lower back to apply a camel clutch submission.

Zack: She may not get a submission here, but Clover is well on her way to draining Mara’s energy reserves and making that lower back suffer in the process with this hold.

Gaby: And when you can get a powerhouse like Mara to test her core strength like that, it becomes easier to blast through her defenses. It’s all about sapping that power out of your opponent; the best way of dealing with a fellow powerhouse.

Fisk moved around in front of Mara, dutifully asking for a submission that the champion wasn’t interested in giving him. That didn’t deter Clover though as she leaned back, trying to get even more torque and pressure out of the hold. It caused Mara’s face to redden in pain as she did so, once again prompting the referee to check if she wanted to stop the match. Mara, however, did not.

Zack: Clover has this camel clutch expertly applied, and it’s also giving her time to refill her reserves while she punishes Mara in the process. Very wise strategy from the Highlight of the Night.

Gaby: And, again, it’s all about punishing the lower back! Now, Mara is flexible like few others, but if Clover can get her to bend ina  way she’s not used to, it’s gonna take away from that core strength I was talking about!

Clover leaned back a little further, amping the pressure even more. However, doing so allowed Mara to get her arm free and reach forward. She stretched as far as she could till she got the tip of her middle finger on the bottom rope. As soon as the referee asked for a break, Clover gave it and rose back to her feet. She grabbed Mara’s foot and started to pull her away from the ropes. When she reached down to go for the hold again, Mara brought her knees up and pulled Clover down into a guillotine choke instead! She quickly locked her ankles behind the blonde powerhouse’s body as Fisk was in position again to check for a submission.

Zack: That’s not something I’ve seen Mara use too often, but the champion’s clearly been adding to her arsenal! Clover has a short window to get out of this before she starts going out!

Gaby: When you have an opponent as hungry and evenly matched with you as Clover, you have to pull some rabbits out of the hat, because the usual just will not work!

Clover struggled against the hold, her hands trying to grab anything they could. That included the referee’s trouser leg before she began trying to drag them both away from the center of the ring by her feet. She didn’t make it far though before Mara rolled onto her side, rocking back and forth in the hold as the referee checked again for a submission and to see if Clover was still conscious. He found out she was as the blonde started to push up to her feet with Mara still holding the submission. Thomas staggered to a knee before getting up and then running full tilt into the nearest turnbuckle. The impact broke Mara’s grip as her back hit the corner, and the challenger scooped her into a spinebuster before dropping to the mat beside her as she tried to ward off the effects of the choke.

Zack: What incredible power and fortitude from Clover to break that hold! She’s gotta get her bearings quickly though after spending just under a minute in that guillotine choke!

Gaby: Like I said… Two powerhouses doing what they do best. It’s one of those rare matches when we get to see a superheavyweight and someone who fights like the best of them going at it.

The referee began his mandatory ten count as he waited for either of the two women to get back to their feet. It was Clover who made it up first when he got to six, but Mara wasn’t far behind at 7. As soon as she saw the champion vertical again, Clover grabbed her arm and pulled her forward into a ripcord knee strike to the head that wobbled her. She planted her head next before muscling her up and taking off towards the far corner with a buckle bomb that crumpled her against the corner.

Zack: She’s staying right on Mara’s back here, and I’ve seen buckle bombs put people on the shelf in the past. This just shows you how determined these two women are.

Gaby: Hard to tell who suffered more damage there, Mara or the turnbuckle! Things like these are gonna make the ring come undone in a hurry!

Clover was still shaking her head a little as she backed up a few steps, allowing Mara time to get up to her feet. She bolted towards her with a running European uppercut, but ended up catching a boot to the face instead. Clover stumbled backwards, allowing Mara time to duck down and scoop her up to send her to the canvas with an Alabama slam! She immediately dropped down to make the cover.

Zack: Big time Alabama slam from one of it’s natives as Mara’s looking to retain the title in three!




But Thomas kicked out after the two count. Mara rolled towards the ropes, favoring her back greatly as she used the ropes to help her get back to her feet. Clover was rising not far behind her as Mara spun into her with a discus punch to the jaw. It staggered Clover, but she didn’t go down and instead fired a right cross of her own to Mara’s head.

Gaby: Do you have any idea how much strength you need to have to ALABAMA SLAM someone as strong as Clover?! Sure, it wasn’t a deadlift, but to carry someone like that up on your back is impressive enough!

That shot sent the champion reeling before she retaliated with another shot before Clover did the same. But neither of them went down. When Mara tried to do it again, Clover ducked her head and scooped her into a Northern Lights suplex into a bridge!

Zack: They’re trading haymakers and—Clover had a better idea!




Werth got her shoulder off the canvas, and Clover rolled away from her and started to rise back to her feet. The challenger headed to the nearest corner, dropping down into a three point stance as she waited for the champion to get back to her feet.

Gaby: Both women tapping into that something special to take one another out! Goes to show how the Phoenix Championship is important for them!

It wasn’t a very long wait before Mara finally rose to her feet, and that’s when Clover bolted towards her with a spear in mind. But the champion sidestepped out of the way, causing Clover to almost hit the far corner before she stopped herself in time. Before she could turn back around though, Mara boosted her onto her shoulders and fell backwards with an electric chair! The champion leaned against the middle turnbuckle on her knees with one hand pressed to her back while Clover laid face up on the canvas behind her.

Zack: That would have been one hell of a spear from Clover, but Mara seemed to sense it coming and what a way to flip the script! Both of these women have really taken the measure of one another in this match, to no one’s surprise.

Gaby: And, again, the power it takes to lift Clover up on her shoulder! That’s DEFINITELY not an easy task, and just goes to show that, no matter how much Clover takes away from Mara’s core strength, she’s still got a little bit more to pull stunts like that.

Werth made it to her feet, and started to pull Clover up as well. She hooked her head before hoisting her up for a stalling vertical suplex that drilled the challenger into the mat. With the fans largely split between them, the fans of the champion were getting louder now as Werth slapped her knee and waved for Clover to get up again.

Zack: I have a sneaking suspicion that Clover is gonna feel WERTHWHILE as soon as she gets up. At least that’s what Mara seems to be predicting.

Gaby: The champion came ready for Clover’s new tricks and it looks like we’re gonna have yet another successful defense!

The blonde powerhouse began to do just that, rise to her feet just before Mara went for her spinning knee strike. But Thomas dodged out of the way and hoisted her into a backbreaker over her knee that crumpled the champion again. She stumbled forward, trying to get herself together as quickly as she could.

Zack: Clover’s felt that knee strike before, and she had no intention of feeling it again! Both of these women have to be running on fumes right about now.

Gaby: They’ve struck one another with all the power they could so far, and Mara can taste gold! That knee was what took Clover out in November, she may just as well do it again!

Mara started to stir as she once more began to get to her feet, and Clover quickly scooped her up high overhead! And with deftness, she went for her gorilla press finisher but Werth broke her grip and landed behind her. Thomas caught a backfist that dropped her to a knee as she turned around followed by Mara’s spinning knee strike to the temple that collapsed her to the mat. The champion dove onto her for the cover!

Zack: Clover with the SKY HI—no! Mara slipped out, and there’s WERTHWHILE!! The second time was the charm!




Fisk called for the bell as Mara rolled away, leaning against the ropes as she sat up. One hand was pressed to her back as she made it to her feet and had her hand raised officially.

Kat: Your winner by pinfall….AND STIIIIIIIIIILL FFW Phoenix Champion……MARA WERTH!!

Gaby: It almost came out of nowhere!!! Clover had Mara almost dead to rights, but that golden knee of hers does it again!!!

The referee returned the title to Mara, which brought a smile to her face before she held it over her head to show the fans in Stockholm.

Zack: I think Clover came closer to ending this reign than anyone else has, but Mara keeps finding a way to do what champions do: win!

Gaby: She may have seen the end of her reign before her eyes more than once tonight, but she keeps on turning challengers back! The ultimate Phoenix Champion keeps her kingdom in one piece, and the question is: who’s NEXT?

The Phoenix Champion rolled out to the apron, holding her title over her shoulder with one hand as her other hand was pressed against her back after all she’d absorbed from Clover’s offense. That’s when the show cut elsewhere inside the Avicii Arena.

Brokering A Deal?

The show returns to the back and finds Jason with Adam once again outside the CEO’s office. Adam looks at his hands and then up to his face.

Adam: You seem to be missing something. I told you to bring me that crown back. And I don’t see it.

Jason: I’ve searched all over this arena, and I can’t find it. So look, here’s what I can do. I spoke with the girls, and they are willing to cut you a check for the value of it and you can buy another one with that money or do whatever you want with it. Just name the price, they’ll pay it.

Gaby: So they’re basically buying the Crown. Except now they just… don’t have it. You break it, you buy it, I guess?

Adam: The price is four jobs in FFW. Not only that, but four jobs and they will never be allowed back if I fire them. No comebacks in six months or a year, none of that. I want to see that crown tonight or we’ll never see them or you in this company on either roster ever again in life.

Zack: Damn, the stakes just shot up. Not only is it a firing offense, it’s a lifetime ban if he doesn’t produce that crown.

Gaby: I mean, that was the promise all along! And the Cartel literally just made their comeback to FFW, talk about a short stint!

Jason: I keep telling you I can’t find it!

Adam: Well all four of them will be able to find you, I’m sure, when they don’t have a career here at the end of the night. How do you think that’s gonna go?

Adam glanced down to his watch again.

Adam: You still got about an hour and a half or so to find it. I’d stop complaining and start looking again.

Jason looked thunderous now before he stormed off, taking us back to Zack and Gaby in the booth at ringside.

Gaby: The message is clear, we need the Crown by the top of the show, or else… We say bye-bye to the whole Williams Cartel. Adam’s not playing around, Z, we’ve waited enough time for that.

Zack: Couldn’t agree more. We’ll stay on top of this meanwhile, and get back to the action. Kat, it’s all yours.

Then the camera returned to the ring with Kat once more standing front and center.
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A clip airs of Caitlyn Storm’s return to FFW on Breaking Point after a successful defense of the Evolution Championship by Harley Shannon against Diamond Steele. We see Caitlyn’s clear interest in the title as well as a number of tweets from Diamond, who isn’t the least bit interested in the returning blonde. Then we head back into the arena as Kat awaits to begin the introductions.

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish!

Zack: It’s about time for one of the more anticipated returns we’ve seen in FFW after that clip you just saw, fans. I know I’ve been looking forward to it ever since she surprised us all in Cologne, Germany back on the 24th of February..

Gaby: Except for her opponent, apparently! But FFW, the Faithful in general, and in a more personal note… *I* sure missed having someone like Caitlyn Storm in the FFW ring. The longing ends right now!

Payback is a bad bitch
And baby, I'm the baddest
(I'm the baddest, I'm the baddest...)

The entire arena goes dark and as it does that is when spotlights in the shape of Gem Stones hit the back curtain. Demi Lovato’s Sorry Not Sorry continues to blast across the speakers more, and the moment it does that is when two women emerge from the curtain. Diamond Steele struts out wearing Diamond studded tights along with a match sparkling top. Alongside her is her manager and Sister Phoebe Annabel (Sapphire) who is clad in that matching Union Flag designed business suit. She has a megaphone in her hands as she screams at the crowd.

Phoebe: Everyone rise up to your feet and let’s cheer on the greatest thing to emerge from the United Queendom Diamond Steele!!

Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Bein' so bad got me feelin' so good
Showin' you up like I knew that I would
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Feelin' inspired 'cause the tables have turned
Yeah, I'm on fire and I know that it burns

Diamond smiles as she sprints down the aisle and slaps the hands of all of the screaming fans, she pulls out a huge multicolor lollipop and hands it to a little girl and winks at her as the two sisters make their way to the ring.

Phoebe: When you announce her remember we use STONE not POUNDS unless we counting money BAY BEE!!!

Kat: Ladies and gentlemen making her way to the ring being accompanied by Sapphire Taylor from London England, weighing in at a stunning 7.85 STONE of the most beautiful Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Ambers…

Kate doesn’t finish as Phoebe cuts her off as she screams into the megaphone.

Phoebe: NO, NO!!! Bloody hell Kat let me help you out…Being Accompanied by PHOEBE ANNABEL not SAPPHIRE! Strutting to the ring representing the CANDY LAND, THE GEM STONE PALACE, and the UNITED QUEENDOM she is…

Kat: She is the Sugary Sweetest Siren Diamond Steele!!!!!

Talk that talk, baby
Better walk, better walk that walk, baby
If you talk, if you talk that talk, baby
Better walk, better walk that walk, baby

Diamond continues to clap the hands of the fans until she finds another fan. Phoebe and her both take a selfie with them as Diamond hands them her custom diamond designed microphone. Diamond sprints to the ring where she quickly runs up the ring steps. She grabs the turnbuckle as hard as she can. She immediately leap frogs over the ropes and bounces about before she points at the crowd who cheers louder than before as Phoebe screams in the megaphone.

Phoebe: UQ! UQ! UQ!


The crowd follow suit with the chant as Diamond opens up a pocket mirror and takes a moment to admire how beautiful her hair is as she waits for the match to begin.

Zack: It was after her loss to Harley as she tried to claim the Evolution Championship that this woman swore off chasing that title. I’m sure Harley appreciates that, but she wasted no time in making it known how she feels about Caitlyn, who is a legitimate challenger for it. Thus this match was born between the returning Caitlyn and the Seamstress of Snapmares here.

Gaby: And the Megaphone Maniac, let’s add THAT to the fucking list of nicknames. I’ll never forgive CK for giving their battery back! Anyway, I keep saying Diamond seems like someone who started for too long into an abyss, though her attitude from where I can see right now is that of one who wants to shine brighter than Caitlyn’s bright smile. A bit unlike… her.

If you got troubles let 'em go
Let 'em soar so high, high into the sky
Just like a red balloon

“Red Balloon” by Charli XCX begins to play as red balloons fall from the ceiling, just before Caitlyn comes out through the curtain, looking up in amazement at the balloons showering down on the crowd before looking down to the ring.

Monday morning
Shoot up like a rocket
Yeah, the sun is shining
Keep it in my pocket
Got this golden feeling
Never gonna stop, it just goes on and on

The balloons start getting tossed around in the crowd as Caitlyn makes her way down the ramp to the ring. The former fitness instructor hops up onto the apron and over the top rope to high five a smiling Kat.

Kat: Introducing at this time....Hailing from New York City, New York and weighing in at One Hundred and Twenty-Six pounds...She is Caitlyn Storm!

Today, I opened my eyes
And now I'm so happy and free
I've got my friends by my side
And that's all that matters to me
So, come on, get up and join in
'Cause this is just what you need
Let's do it all day long

Caitlyn heads for the corner, and climbs up to the second turnbuckle. She glances around the crowd pumping her fist in the air a couple of times to get them even more amped up. The music fades out from there as Caitlyn climbs back down to await the start of the match.

Zack: The last time Caitlyn was in a FFW ring was Unstoppable 14 last year where she left behind the Evolution Championship. Now fast forward to tonight in Stockholm, and it’s like she never left! And I know FFW has had a hard time keeping her merch in stock ever since she popped up again.

Gaby: And can you blame the Faithful?! Caitlyn is one of the coolest, most cheerful stars of our roster, and the living proof that one doesn’t need to let the industry corrupt them to be successful. I mean, you’ve sure heard, Z, about people who come in wishing to do great things and eventually fall victim to the ennui. This girl? This girl is immune to it.

Referee Stephen Wilson was about to call for the bell when Diamond told him to wait a moment and headed towards the center of the ring. She held out her hand to Caitlyn to offer her a handshake before the match started, and it was clear that the blonde was unsure about the gesture. Wilson was about to call for the bell again, but Diamond demanded Caitlyn shake hands first. Storm moved towards her slowly and started to offer her hand to shake before Diamond threw glitter into her face with her other hand. The boos immediately began as the musician began unloading with right hands one after another, shoving her into the corner and dragging her face along the top rope as the referee told her to step back immediately. But Steele ignored him as she delivered a DDT to Caitlyn and then demanded the bell be rung.

Gaby: Yep, Kath-lyn’s plan here is to outshine Caitlyn for some reason! She’s sour that the answer to her question on Twitter is, actually a lot of people care about Storm!

Zack: In recent weeks, it’s been very clear that Diamond is throwing a blame party for her shortcomings of late and we’re all invited.

Caitlyn slowly got back to her feet, unable to see as Wilson asked her if she still wanted to have the match. She nodded her head and he reluctantly called for the bell before Diamond was on the blinded wrestler again. Another rake of her eyes across the top rope followed before Steele grabbed two handfuls of hair to start slamming her face into the top turnbuckle repeatedly. Then she fish-hooked her face in front of the camera as she told her to smile for the camera.

Zack: Caitlyn is being assaulted and probably still can’t see after having all that stupid glitter thrown in her face.

Gaby: Glitter in the face should be a disqualifiable offense – I would know, I once had a tag team partner who liked to blind people herself, but not with microplastics that can get in your eye and ruin your whole day!

She finally jerked her head down to the mat and began scrubbing Storm’s face against the canvas, welcoming back to FFW as she did so. The Stockholm crowd was certainly not happy as the boos got louder while Diamond got back to her feet. She draped her neck across the bottom rope and stood on the back of it to choke her against it. Wilson got to a four count before she stepped off…and back onto it again for another four count.

Zack: For someone who said nobody cared that Caitlyn was back in FFW, Diamond sure as hell seems to care a whole hell of a lot!

Gaby: As she should, if we’re being honest! Both these women are former Evolution Champions, and even if Kath-lyn pretends not to care, she should know that one doesn’t get to that level just with smiles and cheer!

Steele dragged to her feet, hooked her head and hoisted her up into a stalling brainbuster. She then raked the sole of her boot across the blonde’s face before stepping on her hair and pulling her up by the arms. Wilson counted her down again, causing her to let go and pull her up again. Meanwhile on the floor, Phoebe was shouting into the megaphone.


Gaby: Oh my god, can someone please plug that megaphone with something? Actually, Norway should claim it, since the Norwegian flag is plastered all over it, and they’re not even too far. Throw it across the border, it’d do us all wonders!

Zack: I’m sure we have a huge Norwegian contingent here in Stockholm for this. Yup, no question about it.

Storm rolled towards the ropes and started to get up before Steele used those ropes for a springboard into a disaster kick before immediately dropping to make the cover.

Zack: Caitlyn’s first night back is in the fast lane to being one of the worst nights of her career!



Storm kicked out at the two, and Diamond followed that with a double handed choke. That got her another four count before she let go and raked her fingers across her eyes. The fans were still trying to boo her out of the building.

Gaby: Shades of “the Succubus” Samara Steele showing again, like I’ve noted before, from Kath-lyn here. One of the most vicious tacticians FFW’s seen. Except Diamond’s… sister? Cousin? I don’t even know – didn’t do it just to be adversarial.

Steele showed nothing but disdain as she dragged Caitlyn to her feet and flung her towards the corner. She continued to berate her, shouting in her face that she shouldn’t have come back. Then she slapped her across the face before talking to the fans who were still booing her. But as she did that, the slap seemed to wake Caitlyn up. She glared a hole into Diamond’s head before the musician teed off with a chop to the chest. Caitlyn didn’t budge. Another chop. Still no response.

Zack: Oh, she slapped her across the face! I think I’m gonna like where this is going! One chop, two chops….nothing! Ohh, look at that face!

Gaby: Yup, you done made her mad, Diamond. And now we get to remember why she’s called Caitlyn STORM!

Diamond clocked her with a right cross to the face, but Caitlyn didn’t budge an inch. Steele’s mouth opened as Storm started walking her down out of the corner as she backed up. The musician went for another blow, but Caitlyn blocked that shot and used a headbutt to the face that stopped her where she stood. The fans came to life now as she began unloading with right hands one after another aimed at Steele’s head before a back heel roundhouse kick dropped her to the mat.

Zack: I don’t know if that was spit or a tooth that just flew out of Diamond’s mouth, but it doesn’t matter really! Caitlyn’s amped up now!

Gaby: Stockholm is electrified, because a Storm just made landfall, and Diamond is eating ALL of it! She asked for this!

Steele started to get to her feet, but the barrage didn’t stop. Storm whipped her across to the far side, and followed after her with a lariat as she rebounded off the ropes that sent her over the top rope to the floor. The Swedish crowd got much louder as Caitlyn took off for the far side, rebounding quickly and diving through the far side ropes with a Superman punch to the jaw that floored Diamond ringside. Storm kipped up to her feet as Phoebe was coming around the corner behind her…until the blonde spun around and saw her, stopping her in her tracks.

Zack: Supergirl style punch puts Diamond on her ass, and here comes.. GO AHEAD, PHOEBE! If you’re feeling froggy, jump!

Gaby: Does this mean she gets to put the megaphone down for a moment? YES! Go on, girl, give us nothing!

Caitlyn pulled Diamond up and rolled her back into the ring next, and stepped through the ropes to join her. Steele tried to get to her feet, only to catch an ax kick to the back of her head. She yanked her up by the arm into a ripcord knee strike that dropped Steele to her knees. Storm took off for the far side ropes as Diamond was up to one knee before she caught a step-up enzuigiri to the back of her head that sent her face down on the mat. By this point, the Stockholm crowd was making a whole lot of  noise.

Zack: Caitlyn’s feet have always been the most lethal part of her offense, and Diamond’s catching every one of those kicks like it was a hobby!

Gaby: And even more important, she’s being reminded why she SHOULD care about Caitlyn! This is the kind of opponent you get if you wanna hang out with the top talent of the Breaking Point roster!

When Storm spotted her starting to get up again, she took off towards the ropes and came back with a backstabber that propelled Diamond into the ropes. She bounced backwards awkwardly before the blonde left her feet for a reverse rana followed by a leg hook for the cover!

Zack: Drilled on top of her head, and Caitlyn’s three seconds from hearing Charli XCX starting to sing again!




But Steele kicked out in time before the three, causing Caitlyn to get back to her feet, She pulled Diamond up by the head, but ended up getting a thumb in her eye that finally slowed her down. Steele scampered away from her and got back to her feet before darting forward into a single knee facebreaker to take Caitlyn down.

Gaby: And that’s one way to stop your opponent: by blinding them. Diamond has already blown glitter into Caitlyn’s eyes, and she’s doing her darndest to make sure Storm leaves Stockholm not only with an L but also a fat optometrist bill.

Storm started to get up, only to get pulled up the rest of the way and into a tiger suplex from the musician. The boos from the Swedish crowd had already resumed as Diamond whipped Storm to the far side, popping her up on the rebound into a sitout facebuster. She quickly made the cover with the far leg hooked.

Zack: Pop-up facebuster, and Diamond’s ready to call it a night!




But Caitlyn kicked out before the three, and Diamond glanced towards the corner. She headed for it, glancing behind her to see if Caitlyn was starting to get up. When she did, Steele used the ropes for a springboard into a cross body….only for Caitlyn to nip up and catch her with her snapmare neckbreaker on the way down before she went for the cover!

Gaby: THAT’s gonna end someone’s night for sure! Diamond just got caught in the EYE OF THE STORM!!!




Wilson called for the bell to a pop from the Swedish crowd as Caitlyn sat up, taking in deep breaths as she got to her feet and had her hand raised in victory by the referee.

Kat: Your winner by pinfall…….CAITLYN STORM!!

Zack: Diamond never saw it coming! And the EYE OF THE STORM has netted Caitlyn her first win since returning to the roster! Well done!

Caitlyn climbed the corner with a smile on her face as she raised her hand, getting nothing but love from the Stockholm crowd. It all brought a smile to her face as she hopped down…only to get blindsided by Diamond with a dropkick to the back that sent her into the corner. She choked her against the top rope before using a DDT to send her to the mat.

Zack: What a sore loser she is! She couldn’t get the job done bell to bell so she’ll take it however she can get it!

Gaby: That… That is a woman who got seduced by the abyss alright! Kath-lyn has snapped completely, she’s a woman possessed! The match is over already, knock it off!

The boos only got louder as Diamond continued the assault. Then a woman long since gone from FFW headed towards the ring. Diamond spotted her as she stepped through the ropes, and immediately pulled her off Caitlyn.

Zack: I must be seeing things. That’s Robbyn Helmsley! She hasn’t been here in nearly ten years now! Why is she with Diamond? At least she’s helping Caitlyn.

Gaby: She did show up at the Polar Plunge arranged by Jake Chandler some time ago, but I sure didn’t expect to see her!

Robbyn shared some words with the musician. Caitlyn started to get back to her feet in the corner before the Alaskan caught her with a running boot to the chest and they both started stomping away at Caitlyn in the corner.

Zack: What the fu…?!


The boos got even louder as the two put the boots to Caitlyn before the Evolution Champion Harley Shannon took off towards the ring. She had a chair in her hands too as she rolled in and started swinging before Diamond and Robbyn exited to the floor.

Zack: Well thank goodness for Harley! Caitlyn might be a rival when it comes to the Evolution Championship…but she’s still someone she respects.

Gaby: But more importantly – Robbyn Helmsley is back to FFW after ten years away from our rings, and… she’s allied with this wicked side of Diamond Steele! I think a new battle line has just been drawn in the sand!

Harley kept a watchful eye on the pair as they backed up the ramp before she helped Caitlyn back to her feet. Both of them exchanged a glance and then directed their attention to the two women on the stage watching them as the show cut to a commercial for Future Shock Global Wars.

The Prophecy

We cut to a video montage that keeps flipping between clips. In the first video, we see a very fit brunette working in the gym as she is yanking large ropes and doing chin ups on a bar over her head. Then the video flips over to see a delicate hand placing one porcelain doll. Then another. Then another.

Cut back to the brunette in the gym, now wearing sparring gloves as she unloads with combinations to someone wearing pads on their hands. The shots pick up speed as she begins landing them more quickly. The video cuts again as the camera switches from the face of one doll to the next: all happy looking little girls with black soulless eyes set up side by side almost as if they are looking at one another and having a conversation while someone a bit out of focus leaves the table.

The video flips again back to the brunette, who is now as she peels her gloves off and throws them on the mat. Her attention turns towards the camera as she approaches it before it cuts back to the dolls again….and a baseball bat wrapped in a chain crashes into them. The dolls start shattering on impact with pieces flying everywhere until not one of them is still intact. The wielder of the bat finally enters the shot before we see half of the blonde woman’s face on one side and half of the brunette’s face on the other side of the shot.

One sentence appears at the bottom of the split image.

The Prophecy Arrives in 2 Weeks.

Then a visual of the two women shatter like the screen is breaking before it falls away back to the show in Stockholm.

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Kat: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish. It is a tag team match and it is for the FFW Undisputed Tag Team Championship!!

Zack: This one’s been quite a while in coming, fans, dating all the way back to Latina Heat Appreciation Night early in the year. I’m sure you watched that on Future Shock, Gaby, when we were in Mexico City.

Gaby: I did, and everyone else did too, as Kaede and i.chi ruined the mariachi party before it even began. I’m sure Francesca and Daniela have more than just that one bone to pick with the Japanese Dream Team, but more importantly than that: the Undisputed Tag Team titles are on the line too!

Weird static overtakes the screens across the arena, before the funky beat of “Hype Mode” starts blaring, and pink and yellow light strobes shower the arena in mischievousness to the sound of the heavy bass. And then the quick countdown hits:

3! 2! 1!

When the beat drops again, the Joshi powerhouse Kaede Hirano steps out from the back holding a traditional Japanese fan. Standing with her arms open and legs spread, she poses in a strong woman’s stance, as i.chi comes darting from the back and slides between Hirano’s legs, also holding a fan. As i.chi stands up, the two cousins pose back to back, opening their fans and revealing the kanjis that make the words to their tag team name - “NIHON” and “YUME”.

Closing their fans, they go down the entrance ramp, i.chi leading the way, followed by Kaede's more deliberate pace. They interact with the fans lining the aisle, exchanging high-fives and enthusiastic gestures.

Kat: Introducing first, the challengers… From Japan… i.chi and Kaede Hirano - NIHON! YUME!!!

Reaching the ringside, i.chi and Kaede, who are now on opposite sides of the ring, slide under the bottom rope in unison, their movements synchronized like a well-oiled machine. They take a moment to stand together in the center of the ring, posing again with their fans. With a nod of affirmation, they position themselves in their corner, removing their reflective jackets and handing them as well as the fans to the ringside helpers before the opening bell.

Zack: This marks a first for our girls here from Japan. They have never competed on a FFW roster event like this since they joined the company late last year. Do you think that makes them more nervous about it? You know, big show jitters when it’s your first one?

Gaby: It’s impossible not to have some butterflies in the stomach, especially seeing as they’e making their All Access debut with such a high profile encounter. But from what I can tell looking at Kaede and especially i.chi, they’re used to the pressure somehow. They’re gonna need to fall back on that confidence to get work done tonight.

As the music hits a spotlight lights up the entranceway, picking up both girls as they dance out onto the middle of the stage, feet moving quickly and hips swaying, both have red roses in their hair, tucked behind an ear and their title belts around their waist. The pair pause at the top of the entrance ramp, striking a pose back to back, grinning at the crowd before Dani starts to head towards the ring while Fran dances in place on the stage. Dani’s hips continue to sway as she keeps her feet on the floor while dancing down to the ring, hands moving around her body to accentuate and draw attention to her figure. As she reaches the halfway point, her partner skips down after her, before showing off with a back flip and a no-hand cartwheel.

Lexi: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome your FFW UNDISPUTED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!! The extraordinary, the amazing, the incredible team of “The Divine” Dani Ruiz and “Fuego Furiousa” Frani Garcia… LATINA HEAT!!!

When Gracia makes it to the bottom of the entrance ramp, she chooses a guy in the front row, flirting with him a little bit before she takes the flower from her hair and presents it to him...only to crush the flower in her head before spinning away. She darts towards Dani as the girl stands by the ring apron, using her to leapfrog onto the apron and immediately drop into the splits before she slithered backwards into the ring, rolling back and coming to her feet where Frani hopped up onto the middle rope, leaning forward and blowing a kiss to the crowd, telling the guys this was as close as they were ever going to get. While she did so, her partner launched herself underneath the bottom rope into the ring, rolling onto her back as she did so and kipped up onto her feet. She pulled a muscle pose for the crowd, showing off her abs before pulling the flower from her hair and tossing it carelessly to the floor. The two women hug before unfastening the title belts from their waists, executing a title high five before heading back towards their corner as they decide who will start, passing the title belts to the referee as they did so.

Zack: Just like the challengers, this is also the first time that Latina Heat have been part of a FFW roster event! They’ve been largely part of Future Shock, but as we know with the tag titles, you got twice as many bullseyes on your back across both rosters.

Gaby: And more important than that, they come to Vendetta defending not only their Undisputed Tag Team Championships, but also their undefeated streak! Nobody in the Future Shock roster has been able to put those women down, and this sure plays a part in that swagger they bring to the ring! Can NIHON-YUME do what the blue brand didn’t?

Jennifer Stringer was the official in charge of the contest and presented the title belts to Nihon-Yume and then to the crowd before handing them off to a ringside attendant. She told both teams to decide who was starting for their respective teams. Kaede told i.chi that she had this, getting a nod from her partner before she stepped out of the ring to the apron as Hirano stepped towards the middle of the ring, pointing at Francesca and waving her forwards. Garcia smirked and told Ruiz that she had this, Dani giving her a hug before she stepped out to take up her place in the corner which saw Stringer call for the bell. As soon as it started to sound, Francesca treated it like a starter's pistol, exploding out of the corner and across the ring, leaving her feet and catching her foe with a running leaping knee to the underside of her jaw. It saw Kaede take a step backwards and Francesca left her feet once more to deliver another leaping high knee to the underside of the jaw that kept her off balance and allowed Garcia to grab hold of her wrist and send the powerhouse across the ring into the Heat corner.

Zack: Kaede and Francesca starting things off here in this hugely important tag title match. After their last match, I’m sure Kaede told her partner she wanted to start tonight.

Gaby: i.chi took quite the beating at the hands of the Action News Network a couple weeks ago, and Kaede will be happy to start us off, but Francesca coming out of the Heat’s corner like she left her clothes out to dry and it’s begun raining!

Quickly Garcia chased in after her, leaving her feet again as the Japanese wrestler hit the turnbuckles hard, driving a flying forearm into her jaw. As the Tag Team Champion landed on her feet she started to fire off a series of chops into her chest as the referee told her to let her opponent out of the corner. Fuego Furiousa though continued to lay in the fierce chops to the chest of her opponent, causing the referee to start the count, getting to four only to see Francesca land another chop to the chest, telling the referee to disqualify her if she wanted to. Stringer shook her head and instead stepped in front of Kaede forcing Garcia to step backwards, reminding her that she was the referee and that Latina Heat were not above the law.

Zack: Our senior referee is already throwing her weight around, and with the Heat, you can understand why. We both know these two only know how to break rules rather than uphold them.

Gaby: It’s part of the game plan that has made them undefeated so far. Francesca managed to catch Kaede slacking as soon as the bells rang, and now that we’re underway, that’s the way they’ve found to keep the pressure on rather than being the ones feeling it.

As she did so, though, her back was to Kaede and Dani in the corner; the illegal half of the tag champions stepping up onto the turnbuckle arm and began to drive the point of her elbow down into the top of the Japanese wrestlers head, landing three in quick succession before she dropped down to the apron, looking innocent as the referee turned around. Kaede took a half step out of the corner only for Garcia to charge her, leaving her feet to hook her foe's head and pushed off against the turnbuckle pads to spike her foe’s head into the mat with a Tornado DDT. Quickly Francesca made the cover on her opponent, Stringer sliding into place and started the count.

Zack: Hirano got her head planted, and Garcia says we’re gonna be done in record time! Or hopes we will!


Gaby: And Hirano IMMEDIATELY says nope, you’re gonna have to try just a little harder! Not even a one-count!

Kaede kicked out before the one count could be completed and Francesca raised her foot, resting it on the top rope as Garcia pulled Hirano upwards, driving knees into her face as she did so before she sent her face first into the sole of her partner's raised boot. As the Nihon-Yume member reeled backwards, Francesca made the tag to partner as she hopped up onto the middle rope and launched herself backwards off the rope, twisting in mid air to catch the challenger with a flying clothesline, sending her back down to the mat and as Francesca rolled out of the way and out of the ring, Daniela came off the top rope with a perfect elbow drop to the chest. As it landed, Ruiz made the cover, raising her hand to count along with the referee as Stringer once more slid into position.

Zack: Look at this confidence, Gaby! She’s counting with the referee like it’s a foregone conclusion!


Gaby: And not even all that swagger can take the count farther than one! Kaede’s ready for the long haul here!

Kaede kicked out just after the one count and once more she found herself pulled up to her feet with her back towards the Latina Heat corner, Daniela forcing her back against the turnbuckle with a series of forearms to the side of the jaw and when she had her backed up against the corner, she started to fire off kicks into her stomach, holding onto the top rope as she did so. The referee again called for the break and started the count, Dani giving it as she reached four this time, stepping backwards for a moment but only to grab hold of the top rope and this time raised her boot to press it against her opponent’s throat to choke her out, Kaede grabbing hold of her boot and tried to force it away with little success. Once more Dani gave the break on four and made the tag to Frani before she once more went back to choking her out with a foot across her throat as Garcia entered the ring and started to fire off kicks into her gut. The referee reached four once more and Dani released the choke and stepped out of the ring as as Francesca backed up to the middle of the ring and charged forwards, launching herself into another high knee that caught Kaede to the underside of the jaw and caused her to slump in the corner; Frani once more tagging in her partner.

Zack: Kaede is in the wrong part of town right now, finding herself at the mercy or lack thereof of the tag champions.

Gaby: Ibuki may have taken a beating by the A.N.N., but it’s Kaede who needs to prove she’s just as much of a punishment sponge!

As Daniela entered the ring, Garcia had backed up to the center of the ring and charged forwards, launching herself into a cannonball senton hurling her body into the slumped form of Kaede Hirano, stopping her from catching her breath and sending her down to a sitting position in the corner, only for Ruiz to follow her partner in, launching herself into a cannonball senton of her own to the seated opponent as the Heat completed the Stoking the Fire. Francesca rolled out of the ring as Daniela was quickly back to her feet and had hold of the top rope either side of the turnbuckle as she started to drive rapid fire stomps into Kaede’s chest before she pulled her out of the corner with a handful of hair and away from the ropes. As soon as she was confident she had enough space, the legal half of the Heat pulled her foe into position to set up for a powerbomb, flipping her up onto her shoulders and slamming her down into the canvas, leaning forwards to stack her legs over her shoulders for the pinfall.

Zack: Dani with a powerbomb and stacking her up to retain the tag titles!



Gaby: They’re chipping away at Kaede’s core strength, she’s not reacting as fast anymore! And you can bet Ibuki is suffering for not being anywhere close to her partner!

Once more Kaede kicks out before the two can be completed and Daniela shook her head as she stared at the referee for a second before she floated over and into the mount position where she began to hammer away with forearms into the side of the head, utilizing the full four of the referee’s count before she started to pull her upwards. Ruiz got her foe up to her feet and then scooped her up onto her shoulders and headed towards the Latina Heat corner, looking for the snake eyes. As she neared it though, Hirano came to life, squirming out of her grip to land on her feet behind the Latina and quickly shoved her forwards, causing a meeting of the minds between the two members of the Heat, causing Frani to fall off the apron to the floor. As Dani reeled back towards Kaede, the Japanese wrestler hurled her back towards the middle of the ring with a belly to belly suplex.

Zack: Right in the head for Kaede! And she better make hay while the sun’s shining! Get over and tag!

Gaby: It’s your best chance! i.chi is fresh as a daisy in her corner, and it’s high time to turn this match up to eleven!

Dani landed hard, back first on the canvas and immediately rolled to the side and came back to her feet as Kaede was taking a moment or two before she started to rise, i.chi stomping her feet and slapping the top turnbuckle to try and rally the crowd who were loudly cheering in support of the challengers. Hirano only made it as far as one knee before Ruiz met her and locked in a guillotine choke on the Japanese wrestler, tightening up her grip as much as she could. Despite that, the Nihon-Yume member forced herself up to her feet and started to lift the Tag Champion off her feet, stepping forwards and making it as far as the middle of the ring before she put her back down, dropping to one knee as the hold was taking effect. The crowd cheered her again and Hirano forced herself back up to her feet, lifting Dani up once more but this time only managed half a step before dropping down to one knee again; Ruiz tightening up the hold as the referee moved in to check on Kaede.

Zack: Looked like Kaede was about to power her way out of it, but that choke is quick to cut off the blood to the brain. And it doesn’t take long to go night night after that.

Gaby: And yet, look at how she’s fighting against it as she inches ever closer to Ibuki! She’s putting her body on the line to get that tag! But the damage may have been done already!

Hirano refused to submit as she forced herself up to her feet and this time instead of trying to lift her foe off her feet she instead started to throw closed fists into her body. Three vicious blows landed just underneath her rib cage that caused Dani to release the hold and step backwards, which allowed Kaede to lunge forwards, throwing all of her weight behind a clothesline that almost slammed Ruiz down into the canvas as she dropped down to her knees, gasping for breath. Daniela rolled to the side and then onto all fours and started to crawl quickly towards the corner, diving and making the tag to her partner as Kaede was slowly crawling towards the outstretched hand of i.chi. However, Francesca entered the ring and sprinted from corner to corner, beating Kaede to her partner as she caught i.chi with a running big boot to the jaw, that saw her sway backwards and almost fall to the floor, stopping herself only with her grip on the top rope. Garcia hopped up onto the middle rope and launched herself backwards into a coffin drop to Kaede while she was still on all fours crawling towards the corner, forcing her to collapse face first to the mat before she moved to grab hold of Kaede by her ankle and dragged her back towards the Latina Heat corner.

Gaby: Kaede was right there, and then Francesca happened!!! Latina Heat took A.N.N.’s advice and are doing their best to isolate Kaede in the ring! She can’t catch a break if she can’t tag out!

Zack: I spoke with DOC earlier today, now that you mention it, Gaby. He told me these two paid very close attention to the match with the Network, and that’s clearly shown tonight.

Quickly Francesca helped her fellow Latina Heat member to her feet as she seemed to be directing traffic as Hirano was pushing back up to her feet. Kaede made it to a vertical base and turned to face the Heat as both members skipped forwards, looking for the drug bust superkick. Kaede, though, saw the two kicks coming, sidestepping the one from Francesca that saw her loose balance and stumble forwards  while she caught hold of Dani’s boot. As Garcia sought to find her footing, the Nihon-Yume member used her grip on Ruiz’s foot to yank her forwards, lifting her up onto her shoulders and then hurled off into a fireman’s carry takeover slam that saw her throw her towards her partner; the pair landing in a heap on the canvas as Kaede stumbled and leaned back against the turnbuckles in the Latina Heat corner. She took a moment to catch her breath, watching as both members of the Heat started to come back to their feet before she stepped forwards and caught them both in a goozle; hands wrapped around their throats as she lifted them up and drove them down into the mat with a double chokeslam, falling to her knees as she did so.

Zack: LOOK AT THAT! Two chokeslams side by side, and now’s your chance, Kaede!

Gaby: That superhuman strength coming in handy for Kaede, and i.chi is back on their corner! It’s now, or it may be never!

Dani rolled out of the ring to the outside as Kaede began to crawl towards i.chi in the corner. Frani started to stir, pushing up to her feet and then started off after Hirano, only to reach her just as she dove and made the tag to i.chi. Francesca backed up with her hands raised only for i.chi to use the top rope to slingshot herself into the ring and into a shoulder block that sent Garcia down to the canvas, i.chi rolled through and took off towards the ropes, coming back to catch Francesca with a running knee lift to the jaw as the Latina Heat member made it to her knees, sitting her back on her heels. i.chi stopped on a dime, spinning around and started to land heavy kicks into Francesca’s body. Garcia grimaced and tried to cover up only for the Japanese wrestler to pivot on her standing foot, spinning around and catching her with a heel kick to the side of the head that saw the Tag Champion collapse to the side of the mat. Quickly i.chi grabbed hold of her opponent’s legs, turning her around before she fell backwards, sending Francesca flying into the turnbuckles in the Nihon-Yume corner.

Zack: Ibuki is a game changer when she gets into the ring! And look at her go! She’s a woman on fire right now!

Gaby: The Problem Child is FINALLY in the ring, and look at how the dynamics of the match IMMEDIATELY change!!! Ibuki Hirano is a house on fire, and she’s here to leave a mark!

As Garcia stumbled backwards, holding her chest where she struck the pads, the quicker half of the challengers kipped up to her feet and leapt onto Francesca’s shoulders to snap off a thunderous poisonrana, spiking the Latina on the top of her head and the momentum saw her roll through and come back to her knees in the middle of the ring. Again i.chi was quick to her feet, dropping back to the ropes as she built up momentum and launched herself into a spinning back elbow to the side of her head that saw the Tag Champion collapse backwards to the canvas. i.chi wasted no time at all in making the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Zack: That elbow landed right on the button, and we’re three seconds away from making history in Stockholm!



Gaby: Not yet!!! Francesca may not have eaten enough punishment to yield yet, but i.chi is raring to deliver!

Francesca kicked out on the two count and i.chi took hold of both of her arms, rising to her feet as she did so and started to drive stomps downwards into her chest, delivering eight in quick fire fashion, releasing one hand as the eighth landed. Quickly i.chi used her grip on the one arm of her foe to pull her up to her feet and quickly whipped her into the Nihon-Yume corner, the Latina Heat member striking it chest first and stumbling backwards holding her chest only to walk straight into a reverse jumping bulldog, snapping her backwards to the canvas. Again the Japanese superstar was quickly back to her feet and used the middle rope to springboard backwards into a picture perfect moonsault which landed perfectly. The Challenger went to make the pinfall, the referee getting into position before she got i.chi’s attention pointing to Garcia’s foot under the ropes which saw the Asian wrestler hook the leg for the cover.

Zack: One errant leg and she took care of that! New tag champions could be seconds away!



Gaby: A second’s distraction and Frani has just enough time to kick out! Amazing ring awareness by the Furious Fire!

Again Francesca kicked out and i.chi nodded in acceptance of the count as she looked towards the official and came back to her feet once more. The Japanese wrestler took off across the ring, hitting the ropes only to stumble thanks to Daniela grabbing at her ankle from the outside. i.chi stopped and looked around behind her, nodding her head before she quickly stepped towards the ropes, grabbing hold of the top strand and used it to slingshot herself into a plancha that saw her take Daniela back down to the floor on the outside. The Japanese wrestler once more popped up to her feet and leapt onto the top of the crowd barricade to fire up the crowd, while Daniela started to struggle back up to her feet. As soon as Ruiz was upright, i.chi jumped onto her shoulders and snapped off a head scissors takedown, sending the Latina Heat member crashing into the ring steps in the Latina Heat corner.

Zack: Did you hear the sound of Daniela’s body as it collided with the steps out here ringside?! I have a feeling the streak may end sooner than later at this rate!

Gaby: i.chi is firing on all cylinders ever since she got inside the ring, and she’s gonna do everything in her power to send Latina Heat home with their first ever L, and a pair of belts lighter!

i.chi slid back into the ring in the Latina Heat in the corner and as she came to her feet, Francesca was charging towards her, i.chi avoiding the contact as she launched herself out of the corner and into a baseball slide past her surprised opponent. Garcia stopped and turned towards i.chi who kicked up off the mat and into a handstand, wrapping her legs around her opponent’s head and used a headscissors takedown on Frani this time to send her chest first across the middle rope. Again the Japanese wrestler was quickly back to her feet and took off across the ring, bouncing back off the ropes again and came back to catch her foe with a tiger feint kick to the face. It sent her falling backwards to the canvas as the Nihon-Yume landed on her feet on the apron and stepped towards the corner, climbing to the top rope before she jumped off to deliver a double foot stomp to her chest. i.chi bounced off her opponent to land on the mat next to her, turning her back on her foe but only so that she could launch herself into a standing corkscrew moonsault. It landed perfectly and as Francesca started to curl into a ball, i.chi hooked both of her legs for the cover.

Zack: A scintillating corkscrew moonsault, history to be made in t-minus 3 seconds!




Gaby: NOT YET!!! So very close! Ibuki can feel it getting closer and closer with each heartbeat!

Francesca got her shoulder up at the last moment and i.chi again nodded her head in agreement with the official’s decision as she pulled Garcia up to her feet and this time whipped her across the ring and into the Nihon-Yume corner. Quickly the Japanese wrestler followed in after her, delivering a vicious corner clothesline to her and made the tag to Kaede as she jerked Francesca out and drove her face first into the canvas with a reverse STO. As the powerhouse half of the challengers stepped through the ropes, i.chi pulled the Latina Heat member to her feet and away from the ropes before she jerked her downwards into an inverted stomp facebreaker. It saw Garcia bounce off the boot, holding her jaw, just barely keeping her feet beneath her as she stumbled into Kaede who lifted her up into the air and slammed her straight back down into the canvas with a vicious, ring shaking spinebuster. It saw the Latina sit up only for i.chi to lay her back down on the mat with a standing hesitation dropkick to the chest before she heeded the referee’s instruction and rolled out to the apron before heading towards her corner.

Zack: You can feel it! The challengers are large and in charge, and we may see our first title change in FFW of 2024 right here!

Gaby: They’re bringing out every single Joshi, strong style chops they can! This is how bad it means to NIHON-YUME, and… Latina Heat against the ropes, what a rare sight!

Kaede made no attempt to go for the cover as she pulled her foe back up from the mat and scooped her up onto her shoulder before she headed towards the Latina Heat corner, dropping her face first into the top turnbuckle with a snake eyes. Francesca staggered backwards, turning towards Hirano who again scooped her up and headed towards a neutral corner, dropping her face first into the top turnbuckle there…then again, scooped her up and strolled over to the opposite neutral corner for a third snake eyes before she scooped her over her shoulder and completed the set with a snake eyes in the Nihon-Yume corner. This time when Garcia staggered out of the corner, the powerhouse of the challengers lifted her up onto her shoulder and took off towards the middle of the ring where she drove her down into the canvas with a running powerslam. This time she made the cover the Champion.

Zack: She tried to put her through the mat, and it might be bell time!





Before the official could complete the count, Dani scrambled into the ring and across the canvas to launch herself into a double ax handle blow to the back of Kaede’s head to break up the pinfall. Ruiz started to come to her feet and Stringer tried to get her to return to the corner only for Dani to shove her backwards as she met the rising Hirano with a knee lift to the chest. A second and third knee lift followed that as she only managed to slow her foe’s rise to her feet. Ruiz went to lock in a guillotine choke once more but this time, before she could get a proper grip and tighten up the hold, she found herself shoved backwards. Quickly she found her balance and stepped straight back towards Kaede, looking to rock her with a forearm to the jaw only for Hirano to block it and land a huge forearm of her own that saw Dani take two steps backwards. Ruiz quickly shook it off and went for an eye poke but again, the Japanese wrestler spotted it coming and blocked it, brushing it to one side with her forearm before she replied with a double palm thrust into her throat. It sent her reeling back against the ropes; Kaede measured her up before she charged forwards and caught her with a cactus clothesline that sent Ruiz up and over the top rope, tumbling head over heels to the floor.

Zack: Dani just went sailing over the top rope after that shot, and to a nicer girl it couldn't’ happen!

Gaby: But she may have done her deed already! Kaede had Frani dead to rights after that spinebuster, and she broke that count! Who can tell if that wasn’t the money shot?!

Kaede dusted off her hands, telling Dani to stay out the match before she turned around and walked straight into a flying forearm from Garcia. It caused Hirano to fall back against the ring ropes - in surprise as much as anything - which was all the opening that Frani needed to step up onto the middle rope to deliver an enzuigiri to the side of the head. Kaede kept her feet underneath her as she staggered forwards away from the ropes as Garcia took a moment or two before she started to come to her feet, using the ropes to help her get upright and then took off across the ring, hitting the far side ropes and came back with a shotgun dropkick. At the last moment, Hirano stepped backwards to avoid the dropkick and as Garcia landed, Kaede hooked her arms around her foes legs and started to spin around, propelling the Latina wrestler through the air with a giant swing. The crowd were counting each rotation in Swedish as i.chi stepped through the ropes and waited in the corner, waiting until they got to what sounded like double figures before she stepped forwards and landed an immaculately timed low dropkick into the side of Frani’s head as she swung around; Hirano dropping her to the canvas; Garcia unmoving as she landed while i.chi followed Stringer’s instructions and left the ring and Kaede took a second to gain her bearing before going for the pin.

Zack: A pinpoint precision dropkick right to the dome, and there’s the cover!




Gaby: OH MY GOODNESS!!! Francesca García is the one proving she can absorb punishment – no pun intended – like a champ tonight! And i.chi just keeps cranking the heat up!

This time Francesca rolled her shoulder at the last possible moment. Kaede looked up to the referee, asking for the three count with a hopeful look only for the official to shake her head, pointing to the shoulder as she held up two fingers and then mimed the shoulder coming up off the canvas. Kaede acknowledged the explanation and the count as she came to her feet and headed towards the corner, making the tag to her partner. Kaede gave i.chi a sign as they turned their attention back to Francesca who was slowly starting back to her feet. As Garcia rose, both members of Nihon-Yume took off towards opposite ropes and came back to land stereo forearms to their opponent’s head for a deluxe bell clap. It saw the Latina Heat member drop straight down to her knees. With Francesca down on her knees, i.chi slid out of the ring and headed up the entrance ramp, clapping her hands over her head as she did so, encouraging the crowd to join in, quickening the tempo as she neared the top of the ramp.

Zack: Look at Ibuki out here getting our Swedish fans even more invested than they were already. I think you have them firmly in your corner, ladies!

Gaby: Every single time i.chi has attempted the Arrow of Morpheus, it’s been telegraphed to hell and back, though! Not only it would be a first, but a roof breaking one!

When she made it to the top of the ramp she turned and took off at a dead sprint back towards the ring, launching herself with a somersault through the ropes, jumped up into air and landed a shotgun dropkick to the side of Garcia’s head  just as she made it to her feet; the Arrow of Morpheus sending Francesca falling and rolling towards the corner. Quickly i.chi headed towards the corner, hopping over her fallen opponent as she quickly hopped from the middle rope, to the top rope in order to deliver a split legged moonsault to the Latina Heat member, hooking her leg for the pinfall once more.

Zack: Beautifully executed right there, reminds me of your girlfriend, Carys!




Gaby: Picture perfect Arrow of Morpheus, and STILL Francesca just keeps fighting back!!!

At the last possible moment, Francesca got her shoulder up, causing Stringer to wave off the count and show the two to all concerned. i.chi looked up at her asking for the three but got a shake of the head as she was shown the two count and told the shoulder came up. The Japanese wrestler shook her head in disbelief and checked again, this time slapping her hand against the canvas three times and started to raise her hand in victory but again the referee showed her the two, telling her again that the arm came up in time. The challenger accepted the decision this time and started to pull Francesca back up to her feet and brought her across to the Nihon-Yume corner where she made the tag to Kaede. Hirano stepped into the ring and took over as she pulled Francesca fully upright and then lifted her up into position for a flapjack to set up for the Shin No Akumu.

Gaby: We’ve seen this before! Here comes Latina Heat’s ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE!

Zack: You aren’t kidding! If she nails it, I think it might be bell time!

As i.chi took off towards the ropes though and launched herself into the springboard double knee facebreaker, Garcia gouged the eyes of Hirano, causing Kaede to drop her and as she did so, Francesca dropped all the way down into the splits and caught the Japanese wrestler with what was very much a low blow - or at least borderline of being on the belt - as i.chi landed hard on her back Garcia forced herself back upwards quickly, grabbing hold of her foe’s hair as she bent over and dropped down into a kneeling jawbreaker. Kaede tried to pull away after the jawbreaker, but her foe kept hold of her hair and used it to pull her down into a small package pinning predicament.

Zack: She rocked her and she may be about to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat here!



i.chi rolled them over to reverse the pinfall.





Zack: It was a heartbeat…just a heartbeat away from crowning new tag champions tonight at Vendetta!

Francesca kicked out at the very last moment and rolled backwards, using the momentum to come back up to her feet and quickly charged forwards, leapfrogging over Kaede as she was on one knee to drive a knee strike straight into the nose of i.chi. It saw the speedier half of the challengers stagger backwards before she caught a superkick to the jaw that sent her falling through the ropes to the outside. Garcia grabbed hold of the top rope to stay on her feet as Kaede turned towards her and once more Frani skipped forwards and delivered a superkick to the other half of Nihon-Yume. The powerhouse stumbled backwards, unsteady on her feet but managed to stay upwards - at least until the Undisputed Tag Champion stepped forwards and took her down to the mat with a codebreaker that saw the Japanese wrestler roll off her foe’s knees and to the mat. Francesca started to move, getting on her hands and knees as she started to crawl towards the corner and made the tag to her partner.

Zack: Francesca’s looking for a breather, and I can’t say I blame her at this point! And here comes Dani!

Gaby: She’s been watching from the sidelines for long enough! Time to switch it up again!

Daniela entered the ring as Hirano was back on her feet; the Latina Heat member charging towards her and catching her with a running boot into the stomach. It caused the powerhouse to bend over which gave Ruiz the opening to hop up onto her back and roll through to deliver the Cartel Buster yoshi tonic, holding on for the cover.

Zack: There’s the CARTEL BUSTER…and got nothing to with Sofia!




Gaby: And Kaede Hirano REFUSES to stay down as well!!!

Kaede kicked out before the three count could be completed and Daniela glared at the referee in disbelief, slapping the mat with both hands three times, almost throwing a tantrum as she asked for the three, only for the referee to tell her that it was definitely only a two. Ruiz stared a hole through Stringer as she came back to her feet, pulling Hirano up with her and into a rear waistlock that she used to rush her into the ropes, looking to be going for an O’Connor roll only to use the momentum to pull her foe through and up into a German suplex, bridging up as she landed the move for a pin.

Zack: Flawless German suplex and look at the bridge! That takes serious neck strength!




Gaby: She may have bitten more than she can chew with that one! Kaede with the right tweak of her center of gravity and that one goes nowhere!

Hirano rolled her shoulder half a count before the three could be completed, the official showing the two as Kaede rolled onto her hands and knees. Dani didn’t bother arguing the call this time as she came straight back to her feet and straight onto the attack, pulling the Japanese wrestler quickly into a pulling piledriver, spiking her down onto her head. Ruiz shoved the challenger away from her and onto her back before she made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.





Zack: I’ve never seen two teams take it to each other like this! And it’s not over, it’s just one heartstopping close call after another tonight in Stockholm!

At the very last second i.chi broke up the pinfall with a leg drop across the back of Dani’s head. i.chi forced herself quickly up to her feet and as Dani was also rising and the illegal half of Nihon-Yume used the middle rope to springboard off and deliver the Close Your Eyes springboard double knee facebreaker to Ruiz, causing her to stumble backwards a step before she collapsed backwards like a tree felled by a lumberjack near the Latina Heat corner as Kaede started to pull herself together and sit up, looking towards the downed Tag Champion, her partner encouraging her to go make the tag as she darted towards the corner, baseball sliding out underneath the bottom rope and yanking Frani’s ankles out from underneath her. Hirano threw herself across Ruiz’s chest, her head against the canvas, not watching the count..

Gaby: This may be it!!! Dani doesn’t even know what hit her!!!


i.chi kept hold of Frani on the outside, stopping her from breaking up the pinfall, only for Frani to lunge forwards and slap her hand against the mat exactly as Stringer was doing.

Zack: Ibuki must feel like she’s trying to hold a tiger by the tail here!



Gaby: Wh-What was– That wasn’t Stringer counting– Did Frani Garcia just trick Kaede Hirano into believing she got a fast count?!

The referee’s hand was still in the air and heading towards the mat when Kaede rolled off the pin and sat up, the referee looking at her confused as she told her that it was only a two count. Hirano shook her head as she tried to explain that she heard a three. Stringer, however, was adamant that she had only made the two count and the match would continue; the challenger looking aghast as she told her again that she heard three slaps against the canvas and started to pull herself upwards. As she did so, Frani on the outside managed to reach backwards to grab hold of i.chi’s head and dropped to deliver a cutter on the outside. Inside the ring, Dani was starting to get up, using the ring ropes to pull herself up and launch herself into the Latina Heat springboard stunner as Kaede turned back towards her. The move dropped Hirano and quickly Dani made the cover, grabbing hold of a handful of tights as she did so.

Zack: Oh no! Look at the tights!


Frani stood guard on the outside, making sure that she could stop i.chi from interfering if she tried.



Gaby: OH MY GOD THEY STOLE IT! THEY ACTUALLY STOLE IT!!! Latina Heat’s streak is alive!!!

Stringer called for the bell and as it sounded, Dani rolled straight out of the ring and to her feet, holding her hands aloft as she hugged Frani and headed for the entrance ramp. The crowd were booing them loudly as they celebrated and were brought their title belts by a ringside attendant; the referee indicating them as the winners of the match from inside the ring.


Zack: I may not love the outcome here, but my hat’s off to both of these teams who should be in consideration for Match of the Year honors for 2024! This was an epic, as far as I’m concerned.

Gaby: Kaede and i.chi gave it their all in the ring, but as the grind got the best of them, all it took was a communication failure, and Francesca Garcia and Dani Ruiz keep their streak alive, and get to take the Tag Team Championships back home with them! Are we ever gonna hear the end of this one, Z?

i.chi joined her partner in the ring as Kaede was still trying to work out what had happened and argued that Dani had had hold of her tights; the referee though stuck to her guns that it had only been a two count and that she saw no handful of tights in the final decision. The crowd continued to boo as the Heat retreated up the ramp, high fiving the title belts together before resting them on their shoulders as the show cut elsewhere.

The Star Distraction

Next we find the Talent Relations head standing outside his office inside the Avicii Arena along with Kayla. In his hand is a clipboard.

Kayla: I’m here with Cody Kincaid, the head of FFW’s Talent Relations department. And I know tonight we are supposed to see the signing of Scarlett Silver. I’m curious though as to what made you want to bring her back to FFW.

Cody: Even when I was running SVW, Kayla, I was still watching the shows and keeping an eye on the talent in FFW. Scarlett was always someone who had my attention, not to mention considering that my brother managed her at that time. He always has had a good eye for talent. One of the names I put on my ‘wish list’ when I came back here and resumed my former job was to reach out and see whether or not she’d be interested.

Kayla: Obviously she was, right?

Cody: Well yeah. So we played a little phone tag, worked out the details on what she wanted to do, and then this contract came together. I invited her to come to Vendetta tonight, and sign it in front of the world.

Kayla: I see her on the way right now, so we won’t have to wait long at all.

The camera turns to see the brunette coming by doing a slow rise from her feet all the way up to her face.

Kayla: Scarlett Silver, welcome back to FFW.

Scarlett: Thank you, Kayla. It's great to be back.

Kayla: Can you tell us what made you want to come back after being gone for so long?

Scarlett: I had a few different things in the pipeline but I felt like the FFW audience had been without me long enough. It was about time that FFW had a star main attraction back on the screen.

Cody listened intently before he handed her the clipboard with her new contract attached.

Cody: Just what you asked for. Every detail.

Scarlett ran her eyes over it, checking that it was entirely what she asked for and then nodded her head and signed it with a flourish before she handed it back to Cody.

Kayla: Fans, the “Star Distraction” is once again part of the FFW roster, and I’m sure we all look forward to seeing what lies ahead for her now that she’s back. Scarlett, have you picked out exactly what you want to accomplish first?

Scarlett: Now that would be telling, wouldn't it? I can't give away all the best bits in the previews, sugar.

As soon as she finishes speaking, the camera zooms in a bit on her before the show returns to the ring.
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Kat: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish and is a No Holds Barred match!!

Zack: I’m still trying to catch my breath after that tag title match, but we’re not done yet, fans. We’re about to venture into the extreme side of things between this match and our main event, Gaby.

Gaby: I’m gonna need some more water after what those four girls did! And we’ll do that while we get ready for this next one, because it’s gonna be something else, darlings. Everything goes, no stops to be pulled, as two bitter rivals get some payback on one another after a big freaking mess that was the Gauntlet Match to name the #1 contender for the FFW Championship. And would you look at who's in charge of things!

Colby Morrison stood in the ring ready to take control of the contest as the announcer began the introductions.

Zack: Good call, we got the big man in the stripes for this match.

Gaby: He was the one overseeing the clusterheck that was the Gauntlet, and he’s sure shown to be ready for those messy encounters. And he’s gonna need all the patience in the world for this one, because… Whoo boy.

I’m not the one who’s so far away when I feel the snakebite enter my veins
Never did I wanna be here again and I don’t remember why I came…

The drumbeat to Godsmack’s “Voodoo” hits and the entrance ramp is bathed in purple light and fog. The top of the ramp fills with smoke, and tall candelabras rise up through the floor, flickering in the light. The lights of thousands of cell phone dot the arena like fireflies, adding to the ambience.

Candles raise my desire, why I’m so far away
No more meaning to my life, no more reason to stay

Vivi Traeger stands perfectly still as she rises up through the floor, a crown of bones and purple roses resting on her head. Around her neck is her black ball python LaCroix, his scales glimmering. As soon as the lift was level with the ramp, Traeger was sent staggering forwards courtesy of a chair shot to the spine by Savannah Star.

Zack: We’re not waiting for introductions! Savannah with some steel, and there goes Vivi and that python too!

Gaby: That’s what No Holds Barred stands for, baby! Let’s just be careful of the snake! I don’t know if LaCroix is venomous, but Savannah is setting herself up for a painful bite either way!

The lights came up and Colby called for the bell as Savannah stepped forwards and delivered another chair shot to the spine and then a third that caused her to drop to her knees as she directed a pair of animal handlers to get rid of LaCroix even as she stepped forwards and delivered a fourth chair shot to the spine, sending her down to her hands and knees as the handlers moved forwards, one distracting the snake by standing in front of it as the other grabbed hold of LaCroix by the tail and started to try and unfurl him from around Vivi as the Las Vegas native set up the chair on the ramp.

Zack: They’re trying to get that snake away from Vivi, who may not even be cognizant of what’s going on after the way Savannah caught her from behind.

Gaby: There’s a non-zero chance Vivi may be choking on the coils of her own snake after that backstab! I’m not a specialist in pythons or any kind of snake, but look at how they’re struggling!

Traeger tried to push up to her knees as the handlers were still trying to pull the snake away from; the Voodoo Queen trying to help them only for Star to step forwards and start to unload with stiff kicks to the spine. As they finally removed the snake, the Las Vegas native stepped forwards and delivered a bionic elbow to the crown of her head, dropping Vivi to all fours on the entrance ramp once more. Colby told the blonde that she needed to get it in the ring, that she couldn’t win the match out here on the ramp only for the Siren to shrug her shoulders as she wrapped her arms around Vivi’s midsection, pulling her into a rear waistlock that she used to jerk her up and over with a release German suplex that sent the back of her head and shoulders crashing into the seat of the chair that she had set up, bending and warping the seat as Vivi rolled to the side, clutching the back of her head with both hands.

Zack: The match is officially underway, and no one’s made it to the ring yet. Savannah didn’t wait for anything, she got the drop right out of the gate and using that chair like a partner!

Gaby: If she is, then talk about tough love! She’s striking so hard with that thing, it’s already bending out of shape!

Quickly Savannah pulled Vivi up to her feet with a handful of hair and marched her down towards the ring, bouncing her head off the crowd barricade as she got to the bottom of the entrance ramp. As Vivi reeled away, Star grabbed hold of her head once more, walking her to the other side of the entrance ramp where she again violently bounced her head off the top of the barrier. Once more Traeger stumbled away; the blonde following her again and once more grabbed hold of her arm, pulling her towards the ring steps where Savannah stepped up onto the first step to get a little more height before she jerked her foe upwards into a hip toss that saw her land back first over the top of the steps. As the All-Mother’s back arched up from the metal, the Las Vegas native measured her up and stepped forwards to deliver a knee lift to the back of her head. Star quickly rolled into the ring, coming back to her feet quickly to lean through the ropes and grabbed hold of her opponent, pulling her up onto the apron by her hair before she pulled the New Orleans born wrestler’s torso through the ropes and into a standing headscissors, wrapping her arms around her waist before she hopped into the air and brought the Voodoo Queen the rest of the way into the ring with a piledriver. She pushed Vivi away and onto the canvas and made the cover as Colby slid into position to make the count.

Zack: This may end up being one of the shortest No Holds Barred matches we’ve seen in FFW!




Gaby: NOT YET! Very close, but I’m sure both those women have come to Sweden ready for a long night!

Vivi’s shoulder shot up before the three count could be completed and Colby waved it off showing the two count as Savannah glared daggers at him, slapping her hands together three times only for him to tell her that it was only a two and the shoulder came up. Star shook her head and floated over into the mount position, grabbing hold of a handful of hair and began to pummel away at her opponent’s head, viciously driving her knuckles into her face. She landed ten shots as Colby pleaded with her to let her up from the canvas, but instead he had to watch as the blonde pulled her foe up from the mat by her hair, spinning her around as she did so before she sent her through the turnbuckle pads and crashing shoulder first into the ringpost. A look of pain was etched into Vivi’s face as she hugged the ring post for a moment only for Savannah to wrap her arms around her waist once more, pulling her out from between the turnbuckle pads, lifting her upwards as she did so and bouncing her chest off the top rope, turning and slamming her face first into the canvas with a wheelbarrow facebuster. As it landed, she rolled over them both over, hooking both legs as she straddled her chest with the pinfall.

Zack: Normally I’d say a cover like this wouldn’t work…but with the way this started…




Gaby: And it ALMOST did! Vivi hasn’t been able to find south from north so far, but she knows what to do when she hears a pin count, and she will not yield!

Vivi rolled her shoulder before the three count could be completed; Colby again calling it off and showing the two count as Savannah stared at him and asked if the Canadian school system taught him that three came next or if he was just a moron. Despite the question, Colby told her it was only a two count as Vivi rolled to her front and started to push upwards to her feet. Traeger was holding her head as she rose and just barely made it back up to her feet before Star stepped past Colby and charged towards her only for Traaeger to lift her up and fall backwards, dropping the blonde over the top rope throat first. Savannah staggered away, gasping for breath as Vivi rolled out to the ropes, holding her head.

Zack: Vivi finally got a foot in the door with that stun gun. That’ll buy her a few seconds while Savannah tries to get some air back in her lungs.

Gaby: Will it be enough, though? It buys her some space, sure, but there are more than just a  handful of cobwebs Vivi needs to shake off of her head.

Vivi started to use the ropes to pull herself upwards and this time when Star charged her, looking to catch her with a running forearm to the head, the All-Mother fell backwards, holding the top rope as she did so and low bridged Star, sending her up and over the top to the a hard landing on the floor before Vivi released the ropes to sit on the mat, taking a moment before she rolled under the bottom rope to the apron, using the ropes to pull herself up to her feet as Star rose on the outside and when the blonde was vertical, the New Orleans born wrestler hopped up onto the second rope and launched herself backwards into a moonsault that caught Savannah perfectly, the pair of them crashing back down to the floor in a heap with Vivi on top, holding the small of her back with one hand.

Zack: From the ring to the floor! Vivi was airborne, and just wiped out Savannah! The intense hatred between them almost eclipses their desire to be FFW Championship challengers.

Gaby: You can say that again! Vivi is back in her element, though that may have taken just as much from her!

Traeger continued to hold her back as she came back to her feet, pulling Star up with her as she did so and started to fire off raised knees into her body and chest. She completed the volley of knees, causing Savannah to step backwards which allowed Vivi to catch her with a savate kick to the underside of the jaw. The Siren staggered backwards, fighting for balance and as she did so, the Louisiana native stepped backwards, measuring up the blonde before she charged forwards, leaving her feet to deliver a Busaiku knee strike to the jaw which dropped Star to the floor as Vivi landed on her back on the floor. The referee again told her to bring the action back into the ring.

Zack: Colby’s trying to get them to come back to the ring, but they’re not really obliged to if they don’t want it. It’s No Holds Barred, and I suspect Vivi still has some bad intentions on her mind.

Gaby: No Holds Barred means literally that: nothing is illegal. The only, uh, “rule” is that the match needs to END inside the ring. But here’s the problem, Z, they’re not thinking of ending the MATCH, they want to end one another!

The Voodoo Queen grimaced and reached for her back as she forced herself onto all fours, flipping the ring skirt up to go underneath it and pulled out two chairs from beneath the ring. Quickly Traeger used one of the chairs to help her to her feet, as she set up one of the chairs in front of her as she watched Savannah start to rise, grabbing hold of the second chair that she’d pulled out. When Star was upright, Vivi threw the chair at her opponent’s head; the Vegas native getting her arms up to bat it away to the floor and as she did, the All-Mother charged forwards, stepping up on the chair that she’d set up and used it to launch herself into a Molly-Go-Round somersault seared senton that drove Savannah back down to the floor.

Zack: Who needs the corner when you can use a steel chair! Star got her gray matter scrambled right out here ringside!

Gaby: I’m starting to believe we’re gonna have quite the handful of steel chairs bent out of shape by the time this one’s over!

Again, the official told the brunette to bring the action back into the ring as Vivi rose to her feet once more, heading back to the chair that she set up, moving it around ninety degrees before she headed back to her opponent, pulling the blonde upwards with two handfuls of air before she took off back towards the chair, launching herself off the seat into the air and landing on her knees as she slammed Savannah face first into the chair. Star fell to her knees, her head bouncing off the metal of the seat and causing her to wobble before she fell forwards, slumping over the chair.

Zack: If Vivi has her way, Savannah’s face is gonna resemble a Picasso painting before this match is through.

Gaby: Landing face first is never fun, now add a chair to the mix and it’s… oof! Like I said, this is not a match, this is two women who hate one another just going for the neck!

Vivi pulled her foe upwards and rolled her back underneath the bottom rope before she retrieved the folded up chair and pulled herself up onto the apron. Traeger headed towards the corner and climbed to the top rope, holding the chair as she did so and immediately launched herself, placing the chair underneath her leg as she flew through the air and delivered a chair assisted leg drop across her chest before she made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so and Colby slid into position to make the count.

Zack: Looks like Vivi is ready to call it a night, and Savannah may be out cold!




Gaby: NOT YET! But that leg drop onto the chair sure did some damage, Star needs to figure out where she is to carry on!

Savannah kicked out before the three count could be completed and Vivi looked to the referee, acknowledging the two count without argument as grabbed hold of the chair once more and came to her feet. The Voodoo Queen headed towards the corner, opening the chair up as she did so and began to angle the legs through the ropes until the chair was sat on the middle turnbuckle, the back of the chair in front of the top turnbuckle. Traeger turned back towards Star as she sat up and charged towards her, driving a running punt kick right into her sternum, laying her out on the canvas once more before she stepped between her legs, hooking her arms around her thighs before she fell backwards into a catapult, sending the blonde chest first into the metal of the chair in the corner. Savannah stumbled backwards and as she did so, Vivi jerked her downwards and into an O’Connor roll, stacking her foe’s legs over her body as her body rolled through to lay over her legs, using all of her body weight to pin the blonde down to the canvas.

Zack: Vivi’s got her all wrapped up like a Christmas present…from hell!




Gaby: And she just burst out of it like an Alien– Eep, the imagery here is getting a bit weird.

Savannah kicked out once more, sending Vivi off her; the Voodoo Queen landing on all fours. Vivi reached for her back for a moment before she pushed up to her feet, Star holding her chest as she did so but only made it as far as her knees before Traeger grabbed hold of her wrist, pulling her upwards and immediately yanked her off balance and into a short arm jumping knee into her sternum. A second followed that before she pulled Savannah up to her feet once more, backing her up against the chair set up in the corner with a mongolian chop to the throat. She followed it with a second mongolian chop to the throat and then a palm thrust to the jaw before she yanked her out of the corner and into an Irish whip, sending her across the ring into the opposite corner. Savannah hit the opposite corner spine first and a moment later, Vivi charged towards her, leaving her feet and launched herself into the From Treme With Love running bicycle knee strike to the jaw. Star slumped into the corner, dropping down to a sitting position which saw Vivi take off across the ring, hitting the ropes and coming back to deliver a hip check to her foe in the corner, holding it there for a moment.

Zack: Matches like this shave years off your career, but it was the only way to settle it between them after everything that went down in the gauntlet match. If it had been normal rules, it’d have already ended by disqualification by now, I feel.

Gaby: I think that’s the point. The history of this match stands on all the damage they’ve done to one another between the Gauntlet matches, where the rules don’t apply.

Vivi stepped forwards out of the corner and turned back towards her opponent, starting to stoop as she seemed to be about to drag her away from the ropes by her foot only to shake her head as she straightened up once more and grabbed hold of the top ropes and began to drive vicious stomps repeatedly into the Siren’s chest, the blows driving her all the way down to the mat. Finally she bent down and pulled Savannah upwards, dragging her out of the corner before she delivered the Southern Incantation STO backbreaker into a reverse STO that slammed her down into the mat before the New Orleans native once more made the cover.

Zack: She calls that SOUTHERN INCANTATION, and Vivi’s ready to hear the bell!




Gaby: But I'm guessing Savannah isn’t! Not if she’s not the one on top!

Savannah again stopped the count in the nick of time, rolling her shoulder and causing the Canadian official to wave off the count and show the two. Vivi stared at him, asking for the three for the first time only for the referee to tell her that it was only a two and that the shoulder came up in time. As he was explaining the count, Savannah rolled out of the ring and collapsed to the floor on the outside. Vivi accepted the referee’s decision and followed her opponent to the outside, finding Savannah on the outside and half underneath the ring. Vivi shook her head and started to pull Star out from beneath the ring by the ankle. However, as she pulled her out, Savannah rolled over and there was a flash of metal as she flicked her wrist and whipped a length of thin-linked chain across her cheek. It caused Vivi to step backwards in shock as much as anything but only for a second before she stepped back towards her foe; arm raised to protect herself as Savannah lashed out with another whip of the chain and went to pull Star upwards. The Siren through, only allowed herself to be pulled up so far before she fell backwards, jerking her opponent off balance to send her face first into the ring post; Vivi bouncing off and stumbling away around the corner and towards the commentary desks.

Zack: She went face first into the post, fans. That post is solid steel all the way through, and it’s certainly not designed as a landing pad for your head.

Gaby: And she’s coming our way, it’s gonna get messy out here. I don’t think there’s a single part of our ringside Savannah couldn’t try to use as a weapon right now!

Savannah used the ring skirt to pull herself up to her feet, wrapping the chain around her hand as she made it back to her feet, balling it up into a fist as she stumbled for a second before she burst into a sprint towards, Traeger, leaving her feet and taking her foe down to the floor with a Thesz press. Star landed on top of her and didn’t waste any time as she cradled the back of the Voodoo Queen’s skull with one hand and started to fire off chain wrapped fists into her skull. On the fifth shot, blood started to appear across Vivi’s forehead. Colby again told Savannah that she needed to bring the action back into the ring only for Star to ignore him and started to rake and grate the links of the chain against the cut on Traeger’s head, looking to open it up even wider. Finally satisfied, Savannah came back to her feet and raised her hand in the air to the boos from the crowd.

Zack: If you haven’t already, now’s a good time to put those with a weaker constitution to bed. Because this isn’t going to get any better in this or the main event to follow.

Gaby: And they’re REALLY coming our way this time! Watch out!

Star didn’t seem to care about the fan reaction as she looked around for a moment and stepped towards the announce desk, pulling the cover off and hurling the lightweight shroud down towards her opponent before she clambered up on top of the desk, measuring up Traeger as she made it to her all fours, blood dripping to the floor before Savannah leapt off and delivered a double foot stomp to her opponent’s shoulder’s slamming her face first into the floor. Quickly Savannah dropped down to the floor, placing one knee into her spine as she unwrapped the chain from her fist only to wrap it around Vivi’s throat, pulling backwards to choke her foe. Colby immediately got in her face, telling her to release her grip as Vivi was clawing at the chain around her throat, trying to pull it away with no success, kicking her feet against the floor as her face started to turn red from both a lack of oxygen and blood flowing from the cut on her forehead. Vivi’s movements slowed and came to a stop; Savannah continued to pull back on the chain for another couple of moments before she released her grip and pulled Vivi upwards. The Voodoo Queen was a dead weight, Colby going to check on her, shoving Savannah backwards that caused her to drop Vivi down to the floor unmoving.

Zack: We may be close to having to stop this match, and that won’t be a popular decision. But the referee’s job, in addition to making the counts and all, is to ensure no one’s career gets ended.

Gaby: It’s a way to end a match, for sure! I haven’t seen many ref stoppages in my career, but it would be no shame in calling for one right now, because this is uncomfortable to watch!

As the official checked on the New Orleans native she suddenly gasped for air and started to push upwards from the floor, Savannah immediately driving a double knee drop into her spine before she moved to once more pull her opponent up from the floor. Vivi was still little more than a deadweight as Star struggled to lift her up and roll the Voodoo Queen into the ring, underneath the bottom rope and slid in after her to make the count. The referee followed in behind her and started to make the count.

Zack: Vivi hasn’t moved a muscle in several seconds, and this is academic! Savannah Star is about to get her hand raised!





Vivi’s shoulder shot up from the canvas at the last moment, completely on instinct as it dropped straight back down to the canvas, the New Orleans native still unmoving. Savannah glared at Colby as he showed her the two, shaking her head and telling her that it was definitely a three count; that there was no way that it wasn’t a three count; the referee apologized as he told her the shoulder came up in time and that it was only a two, sticking firm to that. Once more Savannah shook her head at him, telling him that he could have ended it before he ended this bitches career and that whatever happened to her was on his head. Colby shrugged and told her that it was only a two count. Star rolled out of the ring once more and came to her feet, flipping the ring apron up as Vivi rolled over onto her front, getting her knees underneath her and resting her forehead against the canvas as she was trying to gulp in air, one hand rubbing her neck.

Zack: I have no idea what Savannah is looking for under this ring. I mean look at what all they’ve done to each other! There can’t be much left.

Gaby: Oh, there can. There sure can. This is what hatred does to a person, Z – they won’t stop until they stop moving!

Savannah grinned as she ducked underneath the ring and pulled out a ladder, dragging it all the way out from underneath the ring and then lifted it up and rested one end on the edge of the ring, the other on the announce desk. Quickly Star rolled back into the ring and pulled Vivi upwards, driving a series of three forearms into the side of her head as she moved towards the ropes, bundling her through them and to the apron on her knees. The Siren stepped out after her and pulled her back up to her feet once more, setting her up into an STO and delivered the move to the ladder, slamming her spine first into the metal. Traeger arched upwards as she lay on a folded up ladder, her bloodied face showing agony as she did so. The blonde grinned once more as she stood on the apron, admiring her handiwork before she turned towards the ropes, taking a second to play to the crowd before she hopped up onto the middle rope and launched herself into the Dancing Mad springboard 450 splash….

Zack: She found one of the ladders for the main event! Vivi’s catching even more abuse and now….SHE MOVED!!

Gaby: OH NO!!!

…and only got a ladder as Vivi rolled off and landed hard face first on the floor while Savannah bounced off the ladder and fell backwards to the canvas where she curled up into a ball as the ladder slipped off the apron and rested just on the announce desk. Vivi started to move first, crawling towards the ladder, trying to get it out of the way by pushing it up onto the announce desk, clearing the desk of the monitors in the process. The All-Mother used the desk to pull herself up to her feet, grabbing hold of a bottle of water and pouring it over her face to clear the blood before she turned her attention towards Savannah, Star was making it back to her feet and as she did so, Vivi charged her, leaving her feet and catching her with a shotgun dropkick, driving both of her feet into the chest, sending Savannah back down to the floor where she curled up into a ball again. Vivi held her back as she landed hard on her spine, grimacing and started to roll to the side, using the ring skirt to pull herself up once again and onto the apron.

Zack: I’ll tell you one thing. We’re not gonna see these two in the ring again for a little while after this. This is violence on a whole other level that we haven’t seen from either of them.

Gaby: I’ve shared a big part of my life with a hardcore wrestler, and let me tell you: she would be able to tell you just how bad all of this is for their bodies. They're going above and beyond in the name of their disdain for one another. Definitely not for the weak of stomach, and it’s only gonna get worse.

Traeger laid there for a moment before she started to pull herself up to her feet as Savannah was slowly starting to rise on the floor. Vivi made it back to her feet and backed up down the apron, waving Star the rest of the way to her feet. As soon as the Siren was upright - with her back to her opponent and the Voodoo Queen charged forwards, leaping off the apron and onto Savannah’s shoulder where she snapped off a poisonrana, spiking the blonde's head into the floor.

Zack: Vivi tried to put her head through the floor of the Avicii Arena and nearly succeeded!

Gaby: A poisonrana to the freaking FLOOR! It’s the top of her skull meeting the ground! More than enough to tuck someone in for a LONG time!

Again Vivi held her back, grimacing in pain as she rolled towards the announce desk this time, reaching up onto the top of it and started to pull herself up to her feet. As her head rose above the top of the table she spotted the top of the ladder in front of her, grabbing hold of it and started to push the ladder up into the air as she pulled herself up onto the announce desk, getting it upright and started to set it up, telling Zack to hold it steady as she did so and began to pull herself up it, forcing herself to climb it as quickly as she could. As she made it to the top, Savannah was almost upright - she had gotten to one knee and was beginning to push up to her feet, one hand pressed against the floor as she tried to try to get her balance, still bent over. Vivi gave her no chance to get any further upwards before she hurled herself off the top of the ladder and into a spinning wheel kick, flipping through the air as she dropped and drove the back of her leg into the back of Savannah’s head, driving her down into the floor; the New Orleans native landing next to her, body spasming as she reached for her back with both hands after the rough landing.

Zack: Whoever wins this match will have paid a heavy toll, and not much more than the one who doesn’t. But if these fans have their way, it’ll be Vivi hearing her music before it’s all said and done.

Gaby: I have no idea how she’s still kicking like that, but that can be said about both. Look at how Vivi’s spasming – that’s spine damage 101. I don’t think anyone will be surprised to hear they’re going from this match straight into concussion protocol.

Colby quickly checked on both, making sure they were both okay, Vivi telling him that she was fine as he went to check on Star; the blonde not seeming to be moving beyond breathing while she was face down on the canvas. Vivi reached up for the announce desk again, pulling herself up once more and shoved the referee away from her opponent as she moved to pull Savannah upwards and moved her towards the ring, shoving her back onto the apron and rolling her underneath the bottom rope, pointing at the referee and telling him to get into position to make the count as she followed Savannah in, forcing her onto her back and made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Zack: She’s got her back inside the ring, and this is a lot closer to the end than the beginning.




Gaby: AND YET!!! It’s NOT the end! It’s just… It’s IMPOSSIBLE to withstand that much pain, even if it’s in the name of hate!

Savannah rolls the shoulder at the very, very last moment; the referee unable to stop himself from making the count but instantly waved it off and showed the two count. Vivi looked at him in disbelief, asking him if he was absolutely sure that it was only a two count, getting the nod from the official as he told her that it was only a two count; that the shoulder came up in time. Traeger shook her head once more, a stunned look on her face as she asked him once more and again he told her that it was only a two count. Vivi nodded her head in acceptance as Star had crawled towards the ropes and started to pull herself upwards. Traeger waved her upright and as soon as the Siren had her feet beneath her, the New Orleans native darted forwards and looked to jerk her foe down into a codebreaker - only to land hard on her back as the blonde haired wrestler blocked the move by grabbing hold of the top rope.

Zack: Quick thinking by Savannah there, she somehow worked out what Vivi had in mind and made her pay for it. That was probably the most legal move from a wrestling standpoint in the whole fight.

Gaby: Was it quick thinking or just blind luck? Savannah wasn’t moving, like, two minutes ago. Like I said… These two are gonna give our EMTs in the back the longest night.

Star leaned against the ropes, almost sitting on the middle rope as she tried to get her bearing as Vivi rolled away, holding her back in agony before she started to pull herself upwards. As Traeger made it to her feet, Savannah pushed away from the ropes and stepped towards her, catching her with a huge open handed slap to her jaw which rocked the Voodoo Queen. The All-Mother caught her balance and fired back with a palm strike to Savannah's chest that saw the blonde backup a step before she shook off the blow and fired off a roundhouse kick to the side of Vivi’s head, dropping her down to one knee. Before the New Orleans born wrestler could rise, Savannah stepped forwards quickly to deliver a knee lift to her opponent’s jaw. It saw the brunette rise, getting her feet beneath her only to be sent straight back down to her knees once more as Savannah caught her with an enzuigiri to the head. The Siren forced herself back upright and stepped towards her opponent, hooking her around the head as she jerked her up to her feet and snapped off the Emerald Weapon corkscrew neckbreaker. Vivi immediately grabbed hold of her neck with both hands as she writhed on the mat in pain while Savannah lay on the mat again for a few seconds.

Zack: EMERALD WEAPON!! And if it were any other kind of environment, Savannah would go for the cover and be hearing the bell sound right about now.

Gaby: And yet, she wants to look for that little something else that’ll put this match away for good! As if she even NEEDED something else!

Savannah began to pull herself together, forcing herself to get to her feet as she pulled her opponent up with her and looked to pull her into the Siren’s Song desecrator. Before she could though, Traeger wrapped her arms around her body, legs starting to pump and drove Star into the chair that was still stuck in the corner. Savannah stumbled backwards towards the middle of the ring holding her chest and as she did, the Voodoo Queen forced herself up to her feet and took off towards the ropes, bouncing off them and launching herself into The Reminder clothesline from Hell, falling to her knees as she delivered while the Las Vegas native flipped through the air and landed hard on the canvas.

Gaby: Oh my goodness, what a SMACK! THE REMINDER of just how much Vivi dislikes Savannah, in the form of a lariat that almost flipped her inside out!

Zack: I don’t see how either of them are even still able to get up, much less hit signature moves like we just saw! These women are incredible athletes.

Vivi sat back on her heels for a moment, massaging her head and checking her head, wiping away the blood that had re-appeared after pouring the water over herself earlier before she started to push herself up to her feet and pointed towards the top rope in the nearest corner and headed towards it. Quickly she climbed to the top and perched there for a second, making sure that she had her balance before she extended her arms out in a cross and launched herself off into The Baron’s Cross crucifix style shooting star press. However as she came into land the move, Savannah brought her knees up; Vivi bounced off them and rolled away in agony. Quickly Star moved, getting to her feet and pulling her foe upwards only to duck her head between her legs, lifting her up and driving her down into the canvas with a one handed electric chair driver - the Cruel Angel’s Thesis. Immediately Savannah made the cover, hooking both legs tightly and the referee slid into  position to make the count.

Zack: CRUEL ANGEL’S THESIS…that’s it! That’s gotta be it!




Gaby: AND IT IS!!!... Have you ever felt RELIEF for the end of a match?! This is what I’m feeling right now!

Colby called for the bell and as it sounded, Savannah rolled away, laying flat on the mat, holding her chest with both arms for a moment or two as the referee checked on Vivi. Savannah started to rise to her feet, getting helped the rest of the way upwards and got her hand raised in victory.

Kat: Here is your winner…by way of pinfall… SAVANNAH STAR!!!!

Zack: Savannah Star may be the winner, but she damn sure likely doesn’t feel like it right now. She and Vivi took each other to dangerous new extremes, but it’s that woman getting her hand raised. And I hope our world class medical staff is ready because they’re about to have incoming.

Gaby: This was, for lack of a better word, uncomfortable. But I guess that was the point. These two women had a lot of vitriol brewing between them for the longest time, and now… They were able to express it in the rawest, most brutal way possible. Neither of them is looking like a winner right now, and I’m just glad they can stop.

The crowd booed her loudly, but Savannah didn’t care as she smiled widely, despite the pain that she was feeling, heading towards the ropes and leaving the ring, telling the camera she was going to take the FFW Championship as she started up the ramp. Meanwhile in the ring, the ringside trainers and medical staff were checking on Vivi, helping her to sit up as the show cut elsewhere.

Lost and Found

Kayla is seen next standing with the CEO of the company outside of his office.

Kayla: Adam, the show’s almost over but the main event that they are setting up for as we speak. Have you had any updates on getting the crown back?

Adam: I haven’t. I’m just about to call legal and tell them to execute the contracts being torn up for all four members of the Cartel.

He said as he pulled his phone out of his pocket before Jason stopped him, causing him to look up at the blonde man.

Adam: I warned you, you didn’t do what I asked.

Jason: I found it. I know where it is. I don’t have it, but I know where it is and who has it now.

Gaby: Whoa, an actual update! Turns out the threat of watching everyone get fired worked after all.

Adam: You tell me who has it, and I’ll collect it from them then.

Jason encouraged Adam to follow him, which the CEO did along with the cameraman as they rounded the corner. Well Jason did, but Adam stopped in his tracks as he almost walked into the person with it now wearing it on her head. The woman looked at him expectantly, as if waiting for him to say something as the crowd in Sweden were very surprised to see who it was….



The redhead crossed her arms under her chest with a smirk on her face, giving Adam a look almost daring him to do something about it before the show went back to the broadcast booth.

Zack: I didn’t know Jo was here, and I certainly don’t know how she ended up with that crown. As soon as we answer one question, two more pop up!

Gaby: The Cartel stole the crown… but the Rebel Child took it from them! Last time we’ve seen Jo McFarlane in FFW, it was the Fatale Royale… and Adam can’t even fire her, because I don’t know if she has an active contract!

Zack: You or me either one, Gaby. There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered at the moment, but Jo just saved the Cartel from getting fired tonight whether she meant to or not. Is she back now?

Gaby: I mean, it’s not like Jo hasn’t been seen working out, but we never thought to ask if it was for an FFW return. And think about how huge it would be: a former FFW Champion returning to claim a stop at the helm of… some kind of kingdom or something… and knowing the kind of explosive wrestler Jo McFarlane is… If there’s one thing that’s safe to say, is that if it’s the case, nobody’s safe!

Zack: More questions than answers now, fans. I’d love to hear what she has to say it and how all this came about. But that’s a story for another day because it’s time for our main event! Kat, it’s all yours!

The camera showed three ladders already set up at ringside before we see Kat back in the ring for the final time tonight to handle the introductions.

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After a video package showing the history between the two women in the main event, we return to the show as Kat is stepping through the ropes for the last time tonight. Three tall ladders are shown standing around the ring in the periphery.

Kat: The following contest is your main event of Vendetta, and it is a ladder match for the FFW Championship!

Zack: Look at everything we’ve seen tonight already, Gaby, from the matches to the surprises who have shown up all at once. And now here we are about to settle some business for the richest prize in women’s wrestling. Vendetta has been a rollercoaster.

Gaby: Yeah, and because the match that just ended got ahead of this championship match by breaking out the ladders, watching them actually get used the right way – for climbing – is gonna be a refresher for the eyes, imagine that!

The lights go out completely as the opening of ‘Two-Faced by Shannon Taylor’ starts to play. A red spotlight hits highlighting the empty stage.

Just pull the trigger
I swear I'll never tell
I'm too sick for heaven, far too sweet to go to hell
These broken pieces just don't fit together well
I'm twisted, I'm wicked
Cursed by a double-sided spell

Smoke and pyrotechnic flames fill the stage before an unseen trapdoor in the floor opens and Raven Knight starts to rise up with her head kept lowered the entire time. Boos erupt from the crowd which just bring a smirk to the resident firestarter’s face, the expression made eerie by the light from the pyrotechnic flames giving her face a red, almost demonic glow.

But don't you dare say that it's
Too bad you're too two-faced to ever pick a side
And it's too bad you're too two-faced to make up your fucking mind
We'll split you down the middle
This will only hurt a bit
It's too hard being two-faced, isn't it?
(Too hard being two-faced, isn't it?)

Kat: Introducing at this time...from Providence, Rhode Island,--weighing in at one-hundred twenty pounds, she is the “The Dark Raven:” RAVEN KNIIIIGHT!

I'm seeing double, please God, let me go blind
I'm scared of nothing, it's from me my demons hide
Don't question me, my thoughts will leave you terrified
I'm psychotic, neurotic
And if I said I'm not, I lied

Raven suddenly snaps her head up, her smirk becoming a wicked grin as she surveys the booing crowd. She walks through the flames and starts to walk down the ramp towards the ring with her arms raised either side of her and her middle fingers extended towards the crowd. She speeds up as she nears the ring and jumps up onto the apron, sliding under the bottom rope and jumping to her feet in a quick fluid sequence. She raises her middle fingers to the crowd again before going back to her corner and laughing at the animosity she is getting from the crowd.

Zack: It won’t surprise anyone to know that I was told Kelly had to be sequestered in her own locker room all night to keep her from going looking for the challenger that you see in the ring right now. Kelly is incensed, and maybe that’s what Raven wanted.

Gaby: Yeah, except maybe she’d love to see Kelly “incensed” in a different way. A… literal kinda way, if you catch my cold. Anyway, Raven almost caused an accident… or several… on the route to Vendetta, and now all that stands between her and the FFW Championship is a 15-foot ladder, as that hook right there, being lowered as we wait for Kelly will hold the biggest belt of all women’s wrestling aloft.

Raven glanced towards referee Kevin Fisk as the hook lowered down to the ring for him to place the FFW Championship in just a moment. Knight turned her attention to the ramp with a smirk on her face, calling Kelly to come get her as she leaned over the top rope.

Zack: Raven’s laying in wait, begging Kelly to come on down. She won’t have to wait long, I’m sure!

Gaby: The anticipation is gonna kill someone at any moment. This event has NOT been for the faint of heart.

The arena falls dark as the opening of “Blonde, Bad and Beautiful” by Airbourne plays throughout the arena. Raven continues to lean over the top rope as the music plays, still talking as Kat begins.

Kat: And her opponent….hailing from Coney Island, New York…she is the reigning and defending FFW Champion KELLY KI—WHAT THE–

As Raven kept her eyes on the ramp, Kelly appeared behind in the ring as she rappelled down from the rafters and landed in the ring to a pop from the crowd. She pulled the harness off and tossed the title to the referee as her face seethed as she looked into the back of Raven’s head.

Gaby: See why we call her the Highflyer’s Highflyer?! She literally came FROM THE RAFTERS!!! Talk about a flex!

Zack: Like Spider Man! Raven doesn’t realize it yet! But she’s about to!

Fisk went to attach the title as Kelly shouted at Raven, causing her to turn around before she launched immediately into a Thesz press and began unloading with furious right hands to her head that brought the Swedish crowd to a roar. The bell sounded as Kelly hammered her with fists before getting back to her feet, dragging Raven by the hair and sending her face first into the corner. Knight darted out of the corner towards her into a spinning backfist to the jaw until Kelly pulled her head down to start driving knees into her face one after another. It dropped her to her knees before a spinning heel kick to the jaw put the challenger down on the canvas. Kelly saw the title rise above the ring, and went to the corner. Not to climb it, but to start removing the turnbuckle pad.

Gaby: Kelly isn’t wasting any time in letting Raven know what she’s all about, and we’re gonna see her fly– or… Girl, whatcha doing?!

Zack: Nothing that will spell a good night for Raven Knight, that much we can be certain of.

Kelly tossed the pad to the floor, and pulled Raven up by the head before driving her face into the exposed corner. She smacked it against the exposed metal three times, sending the brunette backwards with a cut on her forehead already evident. A superkick caught her flush on the jaw before Kelly went to the next corner to remove that pad.

Zack: This match is barely a minute old, and Raven is bleeding! She went face first into that exposed metal more than once…and Kelly’s going to the next corner!

Gaby: Two matches in a row where there’s pride and hatred involved and they’re already throwing the rulebook out the window. Goodness me, this is gonna be a long one.

She threw that pad to the floor and then began unhooking the metal hook from the post. It worked too as the top rope started sagging now. And when Raven got to her feet, Kelly swung the metal rod in her hand and clobbered Raven upside the head with it. Kincaid tapped her boot with it like a baseball player before leaning back and striking Knight a second time with it before dropping the metal arm to the mat.

Gaby: Kelly is literally dismantling the ring to use it as a weapon against Raven!... And well, if anyone ever asked how those turnbuckles are set up, I guess there’s your answer.

Zack: A swing of that metal arm that Mookie Betts of the Dodgers would be proud of! Kelly’s out for vengeance at…Vendetta!

With the top rope sagging towards the mat, Kelly stepped over the middle rope and went to the barricade next. She pulled the padding off the top of it to expose the fencing underneath, while Raven was trying to get to her feet in the ring. Knight saw her own blood in her hands until Kelly grabbed her by the feet and yanked her out under the bottom rope. With the metal under the barricade exposed, Kelly crashed Raven’s head into the top of it, further worsening the cut that was already there and sending Knight backwards off balance as blood streamed down her face. Kincaid headed towards the steps and yanked the top half of them free.

Zack: I’ve followed her career from the day she showed up in FFW, and I have never seen Kelly like this! Knight’s a mess and Kelly’s got the steps!

Gaby: Raven must’ve struck quite the string with her to turn her this violent… Or maybe she’s just trying to (and I hate to put it this way) fight fire with fire?

Before Raven could fully turn to face her, Kelly took off towards her and blasted her with the steps. It knocked her to the floor, and the champion began driving them into her back each time she tried to get up. Kelly tossed the steps to the floor and headed towards the ramp. She didn’t go up it though, instead kneeling down beside it for something.

Zack: Raven got a taste of some mortal. First, it was the turnbuckle…now the steps. I have no idea what Kincaid is doing over there at the ramp.

Gaby: Nothing that wouldn’t break several safety rules, of that I’m sure! She’s making her wy to the stage, what’s in her head?!

Kelly had unplugged a spotlight that was on the side of the ramp before she picked it up and started heading back towards Raven. One of the cables was still plugged in though before she started yanking it and finally got it free. Knight started to get up to her knees with Kelly now behind her, raising the spotlight over her head.

Zack: She’s disconnected one of the spotlights we have along the ramp. And if I don’t miss my guess, she’s about to put Raven’s head through it!

Gaby: Even though it’s been unplugged, I bet it’s still searing hot! Rarely have I seen spotlights being literally yanked off the stage like that, but being in contact with a lit one can cause severe burns!

Knight started to get to her feet, using a mule kick as Kelly was about to blast her on top of the head with it. The champion dropped to a knee instead, as well as the spotlight landing at her side. Raven touched her bleeding head again as the referee moved towards her to make sure she wanted to continue. She answered that by grabbing him by the belt, unfastening it and taking it off him. Fisk couldn’t get away fast enough before Raven started lashing Kelly across the back with it.

Gaby: Well, that’s a way to put some hurting on your opponent! She’s lashing her like she’s smacking a misbehaving child!

Zack: You can hear the sound of leather against Kelly’s back, and it’s already starting to welt from every shot.

One lash after another froze Kelly in place before Raven started driving right hands into her head with the buckle next. She tossed it to the ground, retrieving the top rope laying in the ring. When she spotted Kelly getting up, she used it to uppercut her under her chin and knock her flat on the floor. Still trying to get herself together, she looked from Kelly up to the title and went to grab one of the ladders around the ring.

Zack: Raven’s got her eyes on the prize now! It’s all about the money for her. She doesn’t give a damn about Kelly, it’s what she has that Raven wants: the FFW Championship.

Gaby: It’s been the goal from the start! Raven’s been chasing this for several months, and now that she’s at an arm’s reach of the belt, she can put her murderous intent in the background for a moment!

Knight folded up a ladder and started towards the ring till she saw Kelly beginning to get back to her feet. She quickly put a stop to that by running towards her, and using the ladder like a battering ram to take her down. She flipped it upside down and began driving it into Kelly’s body repeatedly. Knight laid the ladder on the floor and opened it before dragging Kelly to lay between each half of it. When she got her where she wanted, Raven came off the apron with a double stomp that sandwiched the blonde inside the ladder.

Zack: I think she was going to try to get back in the ring till she saw Kelly moving again, and she certainly put a stop to that.

Gaby: Make sure your opponent can’t tip the ladder over or do anything wicked before you’re on top of it. Safe strategy– We’re finally talking strategy in a ladder match that went sideways as soon as the bell rang, I’ll call that an improvement!

Raven folded up another ladder that she slid into the ring. The challenger rolled in after it, and started to set it up as she tried to line it up under the title. A blood-soaked smirk formed on her face as she started to climb it. As she made it halfway up, she looked to make sure Kelly was where she left her…but she wasn’t. Her sense of alarm rose quickly until she felt a couple hands grab her legs and found herself on Kelly’s shoulders as she pulled her free of the ladder. Knight started throwing fists at her head, trying to get free. It worked too, causing the blonde to stagger until Raven used a rana that propelled Kelly over the middle rope to the floor.

Zack: Raven was halfway to the promised land there, but she got herself out of trouble. The ladder is still set up, she just has to try climbing it again.

Gaby: And that was a pretty risky rana that sent Kelly flying off the ring! Raven has plenty of space to climb up the ladder again without distractions!

Raven made it back to her feet, wiping her face to clear her vision as she glanced at Kelly and then back to the ladder. She went towards it instead and started to make her ascent to boos from the Stockholm crowd. The pain in her body slowed her down some as she climbed up rung by run till her hand was touching the title. It actually smacked it accidentally and sent it swinging back and forth. Knight reached up to grab it as it passed by. She went up another step towards it till Kelly was back in the ring and charged the ladder. She shoved it over, causing it to hit the top rope (or the  half that was still connected) and Raven to straddle the rope as well.

Gaby: And it was not enough time! That’s gotta be one of the most painful landings one can ask for, but nothing close to the frustration she might be feeling right now, I think!

Zack: I don’t even have the same plumbing as her, and that hurt me to watch.Kelly needs to be thinking of getting up that ladder sooner than later.

Kincaid readjusted the ladder under the title and started to make her first ascent. She only made it three rungs before Raven started up the other side. The brunette reached across and bounced Kelly’s head off the rung in front of her, dazing her as Knight tore away the bandaging over the burn she caused on her face. She quickly dropped back to the mat, and yanked Kelly’s feet out from under her, causing her to crash on the mat before Raven began digging her fingernails into the burn wound, making the champion scream in pain.

Zack: It’s only been 2 weeks since she got those burns…and Raven’s trying to make them worse! Let’s not get a close up of that, if you don’t mind.

Gaby: It’s already painful to watch Raven dig into them! This twisted pleasure of making burn marks hurt even worse! Do you think she’d get off on being burned by that spotlight had Kelly actually burned her with it?!

She only made it worse by leaning down and biting into the wound for a couple seconds. Kincaid dropped to the mat as Raven glanced back to the ladder and then back to Kelly, almost as though trying to decide what to do. She went for the ladder, beginning her ascent once again now that the title had stopped swinging. She was 2/3rds of the way there before Kelly started climbing up under her. Knight tried to kick her off, but the champion grabbed her around the waist and snapped off a German suplex from the middle section of the ladder to the mat. That’s when the fans started getting behind Kelly again.

Zack: Raven’s desperate to get up that ladder…and Kelly’s just as much so in stopping her. I hate to say it, but someone is going to have to do even more damage to keep the other down long enough to make the climb.

Gaby: You can't climb a ladder if you can’t stay on your feet! And they’re willing to go to any distance to make sure they’re the ones atop the final rung! And if it takes dropping your opponent head first into the mat from a 10-foot height, so be it!

The champion started to make her way up next, getting to the top finally before she reached for the hook. It was at that point that Raven pulled the ladder out from under her, leaving Kelly dangling over the ring with both hands clutching the FFW Championship. Knight tried to pull her down, but Kelly’s grip was iron-clad seemingly. And it was clear Raven was getting more angry at her inability to get her down.

Zack: Kincaid is literally hanging above the ring, and Raven can’t get her down! She better be careful how she does it too! If she knocks Kelly loose and still has that title in her grasp, that’s the end of the match!

Gaby: Her hands are on the belt, but touching it doesn’t cut it, she needs to unhook it free and walk away with it! And even that may be asking too much from them, because after this one, it’s gonna be hard to, you know, walk!

Kelly tried to pull herself up like the acrobat that she once was, while Raven bolted out of the ring and went under it to produce an aerosol canister. She dug into her boot and pulled out a Zippo lighter. She flicked it open, causing the tall flame to pop up before she aimed it skywards and sprayed the aerosol can. A large fireball engulfed Kelly, causing her to scream and fall to the mat without the title. She rolled back and forth frantically to extinguish the flames on the leggings of her ring gear.

Gaby: RAVEN JUST IGNITED A FIREBALL IN THE RING!!! The Firestarter literally just… produced a lighter and a spray can to… quite literally… light Kelly Kincaid on fire!!!

Zack: I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. It’s….it’s not worth going through this. Let her have the damn title!

Raven smirked at her handiwork before she went about resetting the ladder and lining it up under the title that was now swinging again. She glanced between it and Kelly again and again till it stopped moving, and that’s when she headed up. Kelly started to crawl on the canvas, her legs clearly hurting her as Raven moved one step and then another and then another without anything stopping her.

Zack: How on Earth is Kelly even moving? There’s been car crashes with less casualties than this match! Raven’s almost to the top of the ladder, and mercifully this is about to be over!

Gaby: In a lot of pain, that’s how she’s moving! And one has to wonder what hurts the most – the burns or the internal pain of all the hellacious assault she’s been subjected to, but I can’t imagine losing the FFW Championship will hurt anymore than all of that! There’s a limit to things!

Raven reached up to try to grab the title as Kelly was now on her feet at the bottom of the ladder. Except she wasn’t trying to climb it. Kincaid leaned down, grabbing the bottom rung on the other side of the ladder from Raven.

Zack: Wait a minute….I have a bad feeling here. We may wanna…

Kelly’s teeth gritted as she used all her strength to lift and tip the ladder backwards as Raven was reaching for the title. The challenger looked down in a split second before she plummeted from the top of the ladder through the broadcast booth at ringside!


It only took a split second for Zack and Gaby to bolt in opposite directions as Raven went through the table to the floor. As she lay amidst the rubble, Kelly reset the ladder and slowly began to begin her climb!


Rung by rung, Kelly forced herself up the ladder with the fans getting louder with each step. She finally made it to the top, glancing behind her to see Raven still in the rubble where she landed. That’s when the blonde reached up and snatched the title off the hook to a roar from the crowd. She slid back down to the mat and collapsed to lay against the corner with the title clutched to her body.


Medical staff poured out of the backstage area to attend to both women as Fisk raised his own hand and pointed to Kelly to signify her as the winner. The Swedish fans came to their feet in ovation for her as half of the medical staff and Christian attended to her while the other half helped Raven.

Zack: Kelly Kincaid got her pound of flesh and then some, if you ask me! She smells like smoke because she’s literally been through fire, and she’s still the woman on top of the mountain in what I think is the hardest defense she’s ever had for that title!

Gaby: She keeps the belt, but if there’s something she needs MORE than the belt is medical help! As well as Raven, if I’m honest! But Kelly was literally immolated before retrieving her belt from atop the ladder! It’s hard to look like a winner in those conditions, but she comes out throug the fire and the flames… still FFW Champion!

Christian let the staff do their work, while Kelly was helped back to her feet. She lifted the FFW Championship over her head to another pop from the fans.

Zack: One of the most violent ladder matches I’ve ever seen to cap off a night like I’ve never seen! Vendetta over-delivered and there’ll be fallout for weeks with everything we’ve seen! Kelly Kincaid is still the FFW Champion, and she went through hell and back to be able to say that.

Gaby: And with all of the battle marks to show for it! In a night of many scores being settled… Plenty of returns, plenty of bloodshed… Kelly Kincaid caps off a perfect night for the defending champions, but is definitely the woman hurting the most at the end of the night! What an evening here in Stockholm! And… I guess that’s how we wrap FFW’s world tour, and tonight’s event! Stay safe, darlings,

Zack: For Gabrielle Crimson and everyone behind the scenes here tonight, good night from Stockholm, Sweden!

The cameras showed both women being attended to as Vendetta faded off the air on FFW All Access.

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