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June 24, 2024, 09:09:24 am
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FFW Future Shock Global Wars - May 7, 2024

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock Global Wars - May 7, 2024  (Read 148 times)
Adam Grant
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« on: May 07, 2024, 01:14:25 pm »

Location: Bryce Jordan Center in State College, Pennsylvania
May 7, 2024

A manilla folder with the Future Shock logo appears on the screen before it’s scooped up in someone’s hand as they head into what looks like a war room. Monitors dot the wall as we see a world map with three markers on it over the countries of Israel, France and the United States. That’s when Zayde Wolf’s “We Got the Power” starts to play before the camera zooms in on each of those locations, starting with France!

Then we see the path of Nadia Beaulieu through the Global Wars series as she picks up wins at both Undeniable and Future Shock. Then we find her dressed in a military general’s uniform with some tailoring done to it as she plants the flag of France. Next we zoom in on the marker over Israel showing Aviva’s path as well as her heartfelt words about how much honoring her home country is to her before the flag of Israel gets planted. And finally, the marker over the USA turns into clips from Jamie Winters’ run through the series and scoring nine points. That’s followed by her planting the flag as all three look across at one another with their respective country’s flag over their heads.

The room next door to the war room is shown, where we find Missy decked out in military garb as she looks at a wall of monitors full of potential challengers she could face. She snatches up her Future Shock Championship and storms towards the camera before we go live inside the arena to a roar from the fans. Fireworks erupt from the ring posts as we see the stage, designed to look like the office of a high ranking general. Three flags hang over the arena for each of the three countries competing as we see the full house of fans. And that’s when our broadcast team begins speaking.

Zack: You are seeing and hearing the unadulterated enthusiasm of 16,429 fans who have sold out the Bryce Jordan Center here on the campus of Pennsylvania State University. Welcome to the 4th annual Future Shock presentation of Global Wars right here on FFW All Access! I’m Zack Hudson, and this is Claire Black. This is the one night of the year where national pride and patriotism takes center stage and is on full display in Future Shock.

Claire: Good evening fans. Zack hit the nail on the head. As much as this is about personal glory and accolades, there’s also an aspect of national pride factoring into events tonight with France, Israel and the US looking to claim bragging rights. It’s just a little bit of added motivation and incentive for Nadia, Jamie and Aviva as they prepare for the final later on.

Zack: Jamie got her wish that she put out into the universe a few weeks ago. She wanted this to be a triple threat match, wish granted. I’m pretty sure she was the only one of the three who wanted that, outside of maybe Aviva who forced her way in by denying Nadia 3 points two weeks ago.

Claire: It was almost like a second bite of the cherry for Aviva, getting the opportunity to stop Nadia scoring more points after Miller had gone through her four qualifying matches. And this could be a minefield for all three of them - because, as I’m sure they’re very much aware, they don’t have to be involved in the final decision to lose this match. Personally, I’d rather control my own destiny.

We see a clip from backstage as Missy is shown leaning over and tying her boots up as Christian watches.

Zack: Then we have that woman, the reigning Future Shock Champion Missy, who will be defending her title tonight against a woman she doesn’t know yet. And will be decided by the new Director of Future Shock, which we’ll also find out who that is tonight. How hard is it to plan and go into a match when you have zero idea of who you’re facing, Claire?

Claire: It’s difficult and Charlotte’s injury will have thrown a spanner into Missy’s preparation for this - she’ll have done all that work to face a woman with Harker’s strengths and weaknesses. On the plus side, though, Missy is one of the most talented and most experienced wrestlers to have stepped into a Future Shock ring and there’s not much that she hasn’t seen or many that she hasn’t beaten so that’s something that she can lean on.

Next we see the arrival from earlier in the day of Constance McCullough as she’s seen heading into the arena pulling her rolling bag behind her as she greets and chats with Jake.

Zack: Could tonight be a night of destiny for Constance McCullough? In just over a year into her pro career, she’s challenging for the Diamond Championship against Luna Cortez. There’s a lot of history there, and we found out on After Shock she has a new move she’s hoping to put Luna away with to capture her first ever title. And she’s named it After Shock!

Claire: It’s something that Luna won’t have scouted which could make this new move even deadlier. And we’ve seen Constance improve with every match that she’s had since making her debut. But Luna is one of the most combative and deadly wrestlers in the world - especially when there’s a title on the line and she always seems to find a way to get the job done.

Zack: I gotta tell you the one that has show stealing potential is Sydney Christensen’s first defense of the Pure Championship when she meets Gwen Margolis. We’ve talked for a long time about how much Gwen has grown as a wrestler, she’s never been on a stage like this with so much on the line.

Claire: No and that is something that’s going to work in Sydney’s favour. She’s been on these big stages and was in pretty much every Future Shock spotlight match on the FFW All Access shows through 2023 - and  she beat one of the premier technical wrestlers breathing today in Serafina to win that title. But I’m sure Gwen is going to relish this opportunity and this experience and maybe, being the slight underdog - if that’s how she chooses to view herself - might take some of the pressure off, allowing her to come out here with nothing to fear and nothing to lose.

Then we see the aforementioned Serafina meditating backstage in her locker room as she’s sat on the floor with her hands out and her eyes closed.

Zack: Speaking of Serafina, the rent is due for Lacey and all the issues she’s caused the Buddhist as well as the other women in the Pure division. This issue has been cooking since the new year. I’ll understand entirely if you don’t feel too unbiased for that match.

Claire: I think everyone knows that I’m biased towards my sister from another mister. Serafina’s gonna kick some ass tonight and take Lacey down a great many pegs. I hope Kyle has a good team of doctors on call because Lacey is going to need them with the way DeCaro’s gonna twist and knot her up.

Zack: We’ll also see a number one contender match for the Diamond Championship. Neither Constance nor Luna will have to wait long to see where the next challenge is coming from between next year’s Global Wars representative for England, Angela Hinchcliffe, and one of the fastest rising prospects we’ve seen in Siobhan. Who do you like here?

Claire: Honestly…I’m kinda leaning a little bit towards Siobhan here. Angela’s got a huge experience edge but a lot of that has come in tag team competition. Even if she does feel totally at home now as a singles wrestler, she’s had just two matches worth of tape to breakdown and analyze on her opponent. I can’t help but feel there’s still plenty that Siobhan has kept hidden up her sleeves for a night like tonight.

Zack: Also tonight, we’ll see Sapphire Taylor of the Gemstones in the ring. She specifically asked Adam on X if she could be part of this show. Wish granted, but she really drew the short straw if you ask me because she’ll be meeting Luci on her return to the ring for the first time in several months.

Claire: We’ll see if Luci has any ring rust on her tonight and that might swing the edge towards Sapphire who has shown that she can come good and pick up victories. Luci, though, can be relentless and vicious. I’m sure tonight she’ll be looking to send a message to the rest of the roster that she’s as good as she ever has been and is a threat to every Champion and every division.

Zack: This is one of the most loaded Global Wars cards I’ve seen even before Future Shock took over the tradition, fans. Settle in, because the women of Future Shock are about to the spotlight. Let’s send it up to Lexi to get things rolling!

Lexi is decked out in a dress of red, white and blue sequins. The blonde bombshell grins from ear to ear as she listens to the crowd.


Cheap pop.


Another pop.

Lexi: The opening contest of Future Shock Global Wars is scheduled for one fall to a finish with a 20 minute time limit. And the winner will be named the #1 contender for the Future Shock Diamond Championship.

Zack: Like we were saying just a moment ago, whoever leaves Global Wars as the Diamond Champion tonight will already know who the next challenger for that title will be. I’m sure both Luna and Constance are watching closely as they prepare for their match a little later in the show.

Claire: I’m sure they’ll have one eye on this match as they finish up their final preparations and go through whatever rituals they might have before they enter the ring. But they can’t allow it to distract them too much if they want to be the wrestler defending the title against either of these competitors.

Low strums of guitars fill the arena, bathing the area around the stage in dry ice with dimmed lights. The music build, building anticipation.


The song bursts in, and the dimmed lights turn blue and white. From the curtain, with Christian Kincaid standing beside her, is Siobhan, entering the arena to the cheers of the crowd.

Lexi: Coming to the ring from Inverness, Florida, accompanied by Christian Kincaid, please welcome SIOBHAAAAAAAAAAN!

On the end of Lexi’s announcement, the pair start their walk down the ramp, Christian hyping her to the camera as she high fives a few fans on their way down. Christian reaches the bottom before his charge, as it would appear that Siobhan has stopped to answer a question from someone in the crowd. She leaves the fan where they stand and makes her way over to him, where he’s waiting on the apron for her. She ascends the stairs, and climbs in between the bottom and middle ropes. Making her way to her corner, she looks out but doesn’t stand on a turnbuckle. Turning to face the ring, she leans back against the corner and Christian joins her there, speaking with her as the music fades out.

Zack: Siobhan has been on the rise since she first appeared in Future Shock back at Undeniable in February. She’s racked up win after win in that very short time, and I don’t think we’ve even seen everything she’s capable of yet. But we know one thing: she can be explosive if you give her a chance.

Claire: I think that has to give her a little bit of an edge tonight - the fact she has only had two matches, which couldn’t have gone any better for her will have her riding a wave of momentum and there is still that possibility that there are a lot of skills we’ve not seen from her yet which could put any opponent on the back foot.

As “Keep On Swinging” by Rival Sons starts playing Angela Hinchcliffe walks out to the middle of the stage. Rolling her head between her shoulders she reaches out in front of her and cracks her knuckles. As Jem joins her on the stage, she drops her arms to the side and bounces on the balls of her feet, loosening up. As the song’s lyrics start to play the two double high five, transitioning it into a hug that breaks as Jem charges for the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope. Hopping up onto the middle turnbuckle, Jem points back to her tag team partner as she advances purposefully on the ring and the redheaded wrestler urges the crowd to make some noise for her friend. Climbing the steps, Ange enters the ring and the two girls high five each other once more before Jem slides under the bottom rope as Angela Hinchcliffe turns her attention to the ring.

Lexi: Coming all the way from Chesterfield, England, standing 6’2 tall and weighing 182 lbs, accompanied to the ring by Jemima Michaels...ANGELA HINCHCLIFFE!!!

Zack: Angela has been adjusting very well to being a singles star in Future Shock. She’s only come up short once, and that was against Lacey several weeks ago. She’s already cemented herself as England’s representative in Global Wars next year. Not to mention she has a monumental experience advantage over Siobhan, including a height and power advantage as well.

Claire: She’ll need those advantages to try and smother and stifle Siobhan’s offense and the experience will help her a lot to shut Siobhan down when she begins to get on top of her and maybe tries to land a couple of surprises.

Referee Stephen Wilson called for the bell to start the match before both women met in the center of the ring to shake hands in good sportsmanship. As soon as they locked up, the power disadvantage was obvious when Angela started pushing her backwards and easily transitioned into a hip toss that sent the redhead to the mat. Siobhan made it back to her feet fairly quickly, but ate a forearm to the head as she was rising to her feet. The shot rattled her before Angela started delivering three more. A high angle beal sent her back to the mat again, prompting Angela to catch her with a short kneelift to the body as she tried to get up again.

Zack: Angela’s making it look easy at the moment by imposing her will. She’s a little under a foot taller than Siobhan, has her outweighed by about 60 pounds and is clearly much stronger.

Claire: And right now, she’s making good use of her physical traits but it is still very early in the match. I think she’d be best trying to end this while she has the upper hand.

Angela maintained her dominance as she pulled Siobhan back to her feet by the arm, and started yanking her forward into shoulder blocks to the body. One after another landed before she scooped her up on the third one into a short running powerslam. She loosely hooked the outside leg for the cover as Wilson dropped to make a count.

Zack: Angela’s taking the starch out of Siobhan, and is looking to make it a short night at the office!



But the rookie kicked out as soon as the one count landed. Angela pulled her back to her feet, and whipped her with velocity into the far corner. The newcomer’s back hit the corner before Angela took off towards her with a low shoulder tackle that sent her into the corner again.

Claire: Angela’s going to work on Siobhan’s core which is a good strategy if you’re unsure about an opponent’s qualities. You take away the core and it can make moving around painful.

Christian looked on pensively at ringside as Angela fired her across to the far corner. This time, Siobhan hit chest first and stumbled backwards after the impact. Angela took off after her as she turned around with a running lariat that mowed her to the canvas. Jem watched her best friend with a smile from ringside as the Brit let her opponent get up enough for her to scoop her into an Olympic slam before making the cover.

Zack: A little something we haven’t seen much from Angela, but Siobhan may be in over her head here!



But the redhead still kicked out before the two was about to land, causing Angela to shake her head as she pulled her back to her feet. The Brit whipped her into the ropes, but Siobhan grabbed them instead of bouncing back. Hinchcliffe went to get her just as the redhead caught her with a Pele kick that dropped her to the canvas as the rookie leaned against the ropes.

Claire: Siobhan knew that coming back into Angela’s grip wasn’t going to result in anything good for her and you have to applaud the rookie’s awareness to stop herself and get an opening into this match.

Christian started to get a bit more animated at ringside as he saw his client beginning to retaliate. Angela slowly sat up holding her jaw, at least until Siobhan used a spinning heel kick to the other side of her mouth to put her down again. The redhead was favoring her back though until she spotted the veteran starting to sit up again. As Hinchcliffe got to a knee, Siobhan connected with a step up enzuigiri to the back of her head. She took off for the far side as Angela was rising again. When the Brit was almost vertical, Siobhan used a baseball slide that stopped under Angela and allowed her to deliver a palm thrust to her neck that sent her backwards coughing. Siobhan quickly rolled to her feet, taking off for the near side this time to deliver a single knee facebreaker that dropped the former tag champion to the mat.

Zack: Siobhan’s starting to get her offense going, taking the Muhammad Ali approach with floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.

Claire: It’s almost shades of Caitlyn Storm with the educated feet coming into play and doing a number on the British powerhouse.

Christian encouraged her further as Siobhan hit the ropes again, this time using an ax kick that dropped Angela face down on the mat. She quickly headed for the corner, making her way up to the top rope. Jem shouted to her best friend what she was seeing, but Siobhan didn't give Angela much time to react before she launched herself into an orbiting headscissors DDT and quickly went for the cover!

Zack: Look at the hangtime for Siobhan and she may have put Angela down for the three!




Claire: Close but no cigar for Siobhan - but the closest pinfall of the match thus far.

Angela got her shoulder up a split second after the two count, and Siobhan rolled off the cover. She headed to the next corner, making her way up as Angela was trying to get back to her feet. The rookie walked the top rope, waiting for her to turn around before she used the rope for a springboard into a stunner that sent Hinchcliffe bouncing to the mat! She dove onto her for the cover with the leg hooked!

Zack: A springboard stunner, and we’re three seconds from a major upset with a Diamond title shot on the line!




Angela got her foot across the bottom rope in time before the three, as Siobhan looked up to see it and rose back to her feet. The rookie moved towards the ropes, and squatted down as she waved for Angela to get back to her feet.

Claire: Siobhan’s setting up for something. She knows that she has the veteran on the back foot and is maybe just one big move away from getting her chance to challenge for a title.

The tag team veteran slowly got to her feet before the redhead took off towards her with what looked like a superkick. But the brunette ducked under it, though Siobhan hit the ropes and used them for a springboard as Angela turned around into a disaster kick that floored her again. The rookie dove on top of her for the cover once more!

Zack: Like trying to catch lightning in a bottle! Siobhan with what may be the knockout shot to challenge for the Diamond title!




The Brit got her shoulder off the mat in time, causing the redhead to roll off the cover. Christian encouraged her to stay on top of Angela before the redhead returned to the corner to make her way to the top rope.

Claire: Somehow Angela is escaping by the skin of her teeth! I think that time the shoulder came up purely on instinct - she heard the count and the shoulder came up of its own accord.

She crouched into a perch as she waited for Angela to get up again. The brunette was much slower in doing so. But when she did, Siobhan went for what looked like a top rope blockbuster…but the Brit stepped out of the way and let her crash on the canvas instead. The powerhouse lumbered and leaned against the ropes, blinking and shaking her head as she tried to pull herself together as quickly as possible.

Zack: I’m not sure Angela knew what Siobhan had in mind, but she knew she didn’t want to be in town for it! She’s trying to get her marbles together quick, fast, and in a hurry right now.

Claire: I think she just saw Siobhan flying towards her and did what she could to get out the way. Siobhan couldn’t adjust in time and it’s bought Hinchcliffe some much needed time to recover.

Siobhan made it back to her feet unsteadily as Angela dropped down into a three point stance and ran through her. It sent the redhead up and over to the canvas as Hinchcliffe was still holding her jaw for a few seconds. When she spotted the rookie getting back to her feet, she scooped her up and sent her flying with a belly to belly overhead suplex that sent her into the nearest corner and landing upside down against it on the mat.

Claire: And there’s the Englishwoman exploiting her power and strength advantage again. Can she keep in control and put an end to this before Siobhan finds a way to turn this match around again?

Zack: I believe the colloquial term for Siobhan’s current positioning is ass over tea kettle at the moment. She hit that corner like she had a grudge against it.

Siobhan tried to get back to her feet, only to suffer a corner clothesline from Angela that crushed her against the turnbuckles. The powerhouse scooped her over her shoulders, taking off out of the corner with a running Samoan drop. She remained on top of her to make the cover with a leg hooked before Wlison moved to make the count.

Zack: Siobhan’s body is being punished here, and Angela is ready to stamp her spot as #1 contender!




Siobhan got her shoulder off the mat in time before the three, prompting the powerhouse to get back to her feet. She planted her head between her legs to set up for her finisher, but Siobhan locked both her hands around Angela’s leg, making it impossible to get her off her feet.

Claire: Looks like Siobhan has this one well scouted and knows how to block it effectively. It’s still not a great position for her to be in though

Angela let go of her, and Siobhan dropped to her knees. A trio of axe handle blows to the redhead’s back drove her down to the mat before Hinchcliffe rolled her over and grabbed her feet for a catapult that sent her chest first into the corner. Before she could remove herself from that corner, the veteran snapped off a release German suplex that sent her crashing into the center of the ring.

Claire: Angela continues to use her power to great effect. For Siobhan this has to feel like she’s in a blender getting all spun around and thrown upside down with this offense.

Zack: I agree, it’s like getting caught in the worst kind of dryer the way she’s been tossed and tumbled. Angela’s power allows her to be able to do this kind of thing all night if she needs to.

She moved quickly, once again painting Siobhan’s head and scooping her up into her cradle piledriver finisher before hooking both legs for the cover this time.

Zack: There’s the ANGEL DRIVER!! I think it’s over right now!




Wilson called for the bell as Angela slowly rolled off the cover and made it back to her feet. Jem joined her best friend in the ring to congratulate her with a hug before she got her hand raised officially by the referee.

Claire: Angela manages to get the job done and pick up a big win, giving Siobhan her first loss in Future Shock…but she got one heck of a scare and was fractions of a second away from losing this match on numerous occasions.

Lexi: Your winner and new #1 contender for the Diamond Championship……ANGELA HINCHCLIFFE!!

Angela nodded her head with a long exhale at the announcement as Christian pulled Siobhan towards him on the apron to check her over. Jem praised her best friend as her music began to play.

Zack: Now we know who waits in the future for either Luna Cortez or Constance McCullough! Angela’s on a path to picking up her first singles title in this company, but I think we’d agree that Siobhan nearly had her more than once.

Claire: Angela picks up a win by the skin of her teeth and I’m sure there’s a lot from this match that will give Luna and Constance plenty to build off and use for a successful defense - so long as they bear in mind that Angela still found a way to win tonight.

Angela headed towards Siobhan, leaning down to share some positive encouragement before she left the ring with Jem right beside her. Then we go to a commercial for Future Shock merchandise.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Somewhere in the back, we see Constance McCullough's profile, stretching one of her long legs with a foot placed on top of an equipment case. The fans can be heard cheering once she appears on screen while Sara Wilkins approaches from off-screen, microphone in hand.

Sara: Excuse me, Constance?

The blonde turns her head toward Sara, a huge smile forming as she stops what she's doing instantly to stand upright and face the reporter.

Constance: Oh, hey!

With the pair now face to face, Sara responds to the greeting with a question.

Sara: Tonight, you have arguably the biggest match of your career so far, challenging Luna Cortez for the Diamond championship. We can see that you're physically prepared but I have to know, what are you planning to do that's different to those other times you and Luna have faced off inside the ring?

Taking a few moments to consider the notion, McCullough frowns and tilts her head before reacting.

Constance: That's a great question. Darn, I guess we'll have to see what happens. I'm just as focused as I've always been whenever I step into the ring but at least we have one Cortez sister off the table. See, I've trained with some of my closest friends who have helped me as far as having a sixth sense in case someone decides to get involved, since that's something I've had to contend with in the past when facing a Cortez.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying she will have someone interfere on her behalf but as everyone knows, I'm constantly learning and evolving, so I have that. I never had that peripheral vision before, not just for outside involvement but for moves coming at me from all angles between the ropes. Otherwise?

She pauses once more to consider her next statement.

Constance: We'll just have to show the fans here in State College and all of those watching at home which one of us can be the brightest star in the sky, shining brightly as we move forward into the future under whoever the new Director of Future Shock will be.

The corners of her mouth upturn as the Diamond championship's challenger walks away from Sara, who is left to turn towards the camera.

Sara: With that, lets send it to ringside.
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Adam Grant
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« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2024, 01:14:37 pm »

Lexi: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish with a 30 minute time limit, and it is for the Future Shock Diamond Championship!

Zack: Well we know who is in line next to challenge for the title, now we just need to see who’s gonna be holding it at the end of the night. Our first of three championship matches is on deck, fans.

Claire: This could be the sleeper match of the night in my opinion. Issues have been building between the Champion and the Challenger for a while and it all comes to a head with one of the biggest prizes in Future Shock up for grabs.

"Anti-Hero" by Taylor Swift begins to play as red and white lights flash around the entrance area, a momentary wait until a tall, lean blonde emerges through the curtain. She's all smiles as she raises her arms to wave at the crowd before her, almost skipping towards the ring.

Lexi: From Gladstone, Missouri, she is Constance...McCullough!!!

Constance reaches the ring and climbs onto her knees on the apron, rolling under the bottom rope into the splits, arms raised once more and her mouth wide open in glee. She quickly rolls and tucks her legs to the side, standing up ready for the match to begin.

Zack: Constance earned this match by pinning the Diamond Champion in a tag team match recently. Though I’m positive Luna will blame that loss on her sister, which is another problem she created for herself. But Constance has a golden opportunity right here to end Luna’s reign before it hardly gets started!

Claire: History could certainly repeat itself tonight - with or without Anna’s intervention. McCullough has been getting better and better by the week culminating in that pinfall in the tag match. I think Luna’s grip on the Diamond Championship is at risk here tonight.

Tonight we are victorious
Champagne pouring over us
All my friends we're glorious
Tonight we are VIC-TO-RI-OUS!

As the beat of Panic! At the Disco's "Victorious" drops through the arena, the lights flicker and swirl around the entrance ramp in, creating an almost dizzying display of strobes. Luna Cortez steps out from behind the curtain, a cocky grin on her face as she soaks in the deafening boos being cast her way. The smile persists as she pulls off a short dance move, crouching down only and taking a spin, proceeding to get back up, sliding her palms against her midriff before raising her hands up to her head; one of her hands goes sky high as she makes an "L" with her fingers. Under the applause of only one man, her manager Christian Kincaid, she starts strutting towards the ring.

Lexi: Making her way to the ring, accompanied by Christian Kincaid... From Fort Worth, Texas... LUNA CORTEZ!

Luna reaches the ring, climbs onto the apron facing the hard cameras and pauses for a moment, soaking up the boos from the crowd and flipping her hair back over her shoulder. Again she lifts one hand, making an L sign, before stepping through the ropes and into the ring, heading to the center of the ring and flashing the same hand sign at her opponent, taunting then that they're about to "take this L" before backtracking to her corner.

Zack: It was Undeniable at the end of February where Luna captured the Diamond Championship, but her history with Constance goes back before that fateful evening. Luna thinks she shouldn’t have to deal with Constance ever again, but the champion doesn’t call her own title defenses. Constance earned this in the center of the ring, and it’s her biggest match to date.

Claire: The mentality of these two coming into this in an interesting dichotomy, isn’t it? Constance comes in having already pinned the Champion; knowing it’s the biggest match of her career so far and an opportunity to win her first singles title - that has to be hugely motivating. While is there a chance that Luna is taking this lightly? Thinking that she should be long done with Constance; that she’s already put her in the rearview mirror and that this match is beneath her in some way. I guess we’re about to find out if complacency could sneak in tonight.

Referee Oscar Graves collected the title from Luna, or at least he tried to. But she wasn’t too interested in giving it to him yet. Instead she walked past him and climbed a neutral corner and raised it over her head. The fans in the arena showed her no love at all before she hopped down and went to the next neutral corner to climb it and raise it over her head. Still no love from the fans in attendance. Then she went to Constance’s corner, demanding she step out of the way. But the challenger shook her head.

Zack: Is it me or does it feel like Luna may be a little reluctant to start this match? It doesn’t matter how many corners she climbs, she’s still gotta give it to Graves and let the match begin.

Claire: Maybe she’s hoping that if she shows it to the crowd and to her opponent then she can just hand it off to her manager instead of the referee. Or could just be trying to play mind games with Constance.

Luna shoved her out of the way instead. As soon as Constance turned around though, Luna drove her title upside the blonde’s head, knocking her to the mat before the champion dropped to her knees and began hammering the belt into her head repeatedly. The fans in State College were even more agitated now as Luna grated her face against the title before shoving it out of the ring. The Diamond Champion got back to her feet, telling the crowd she told them that Constance wasn’t on her level.

Zack: If she’s not on your level, why do you need to assault her with the title?! Answer me that! Constance has been battered with the title she came to win!

Claire: I remember Tara doing something similar to Harley when she beat her for the Future Shock Championship. I guess there’s more than just a familial resemblance between them.

Luna was still talking to the crowd as the referee leaned down next to Constance, as the camera picked up him asking her if she wanted to have the match. The blonde held up a finger, asking for one minute before the referee called for the bell. Constance didn’t have time to react before Luna charged her with a running knee to the side of her head. The boos only got louder as Cortez dropped to her knees and grabbed two handfuls of hair to start pounding her face into the mat repeatedly.

Zack: She asked for one minute, which I don’t think is unreasonable…what the hell did he ring the bell for?! Look at Luna going on a violent offense. And this Diamond Championship match is underway!

Claire: I…I don’t know. It was Graves who didn’t call for the break immediately two weeks ago. Maybe he needs to go on a refresher course.

Luna yanked Constance to her feet, scooping her over one shoulder to deliver a snake eyes in the corner. As the challenger stumbled backwards holding her head, the Diamond Champion used a back heel kick to the body to double her over before driving her into the mat with a facebuster. She quickly rolled her over for the cover as Graves slid into position.

Zack: This is over already, this isn’t right!




Constance got her shoulder off the mat in time before the three, and Luna punished her for it with repeated elbows into the side of her head. Cortez got back to her feet, dragging her opponent up with her with two handfuls of hair. And she put her right back down with a springboard bulldog.

Claire: Luna’s looking to pitch a shut-out after taking the low road with the belt and she might get a little frustrated that she’s not ended this one already.

Luna let her get to all fours before hooking her head into a corner bulldog this time, causing the challenger to slump on her knees against the corner. The champion took a step back and put her boot to the back of the blonde’s head to smother her against the corner until the referee got to a four count. McCullough struggled to get back to her feet before Luna grabbed her by the head from behind, and immediately dropped her with a reverse DDT. Cortez quickly made the cover as Graves was already in position.

Zack: This match shouldn’t have started the way it did, but there’s the cover. Go ahead and get it over with.




Again like before, Constance got her shoulder up before the three count. The fans in the arena were now chanting for Constance, trying to rally her as Luna got back to her feet and started chanting with them, which only incensed them further.

Claire: You have to admire the fight and the toughness Constance is showing tonight. Imagine how close this match could be if she’d been blindsided and gotten her bell rung already.

Meanwhile, Constance was using the ropes to help her get back to her feet again as Luna continued mocking the fans chanting for her. She hooked her head under one arm and dragged her face along the top rope, blinding her and causing her to hold her face. As she did that, Luna hooked her head again. This time, she scooped her up for a stalling brainbuster and then went for the cover once again with a loose leg hook.

Zack: Luna smells blood in the water and with good reason. And she’s about to score an easy first defense of her title!




Yet again though, Constance got her shoulder off the mat in time before the three. That only served to inspire the fans in the arena more as they began chanting for her again. Luna teed off with elbows to the back of her head as she got up, trying to drive her down again. But Constance weathered that and was still fighting to get to her feet.

Claire: Constance just will not stay down tonight!! She knows how big a chance this is and there’s no way in Hell she’s gonna let it end like that!!

Luna hoisted her over her shoulders into a Death Valley driver onto the canvas. More shots to her head and back landed as Constance was still trying to get back to her feet. Cortez whipped her into the far corner, strolling after her and berating her the whole time. A knife edge chop landed across her chest as Luna was now talking to the crowd again. A second chop found the mark before she spit in Constance’s face. Luna continued antagonizing the crowd, but the challenger’s face changed immediately as the spit rolled down her cheek.

Claire: Oh. Oh Dear. I think that might be a huge mistake from Luna. I don’t think she even realizes what she’s done yet.

Zack: You got that right! Luna’s about to come face to face with the woman she’s finally pushed a step too far!

Luna didn’t notice this, and landed another chop. But this one didn’t register. Another chop, same lack of response. The fans noticed this though and started getting much louder now as the Diamond Champion now saw the furious expression on Constance’s face. Luna landed a right cross to her jaw, and Constance took a step forward. Cortez hit another shot, another step forward as the #1 contender’s body was shaking.

Zack: LOOK AT THAT EXPRESSION!! Shot after shot, NOTHING! Oh Luna, what have you done?!

Claire: This might be the time you wanna dive under a table - duck and cover. Or dive into a bathtub and pull a mattress over you if you can.

Luna went to punch her again, but Constance blocked the shot this time and used a headbutt to her face to stun her! The blonde started firing chops of her own, rapid fire first with one arm and then with both. She whipped Luna across for the ride, catching her on the rebound with a Thesz press followed by a flurry of mounted punches as the Fans were making a tremendous amount of noise now.

Zack: Luna finally pushed her one step too far when she spat in her face, and Constance McCullough has turned into a bull in a china shop. And to a nicer girl it couldn’t happen!

Claire: Constance has gone full berserker on the Diamond Champion! She’s found a second wind and it’s a goddamn Tornado.

McCullough rolled to her feet as Luna went for the ropes to get out of the ring. But she didn’t get far before the blonde grabbed her from behind into a spinning wheelbarrow facebuster to the canvas. That’s when Constance landed a double knee drop to Luna’s back before she rolled over, and Constance rolled forward to her feet, only to land a moonsault into a double knee drop to Luna’s body on the champion.

Zack: That’s what she was telling me about earlier today. She calls it AFTER SHOCK, and the Diamond Champion’s reign is in major trouble!

Claire: Huge moonsault and that has to have to done an awful lot of damage to Luna! Constance is marching towards her first title in Future Shock.

Luna rolled away from her as Constance measured her from a few feet away. She watched as the champion started to sit up before McCullough darted towards her with her running knee to the jaw that connected flawlessly…but also sent Luna through the ropes to the floor. Constance tried to grab her before she went out, but didn’t make it in time and instead rolled out after her.

Zack: That’s the JAWJACKER! Constance hit her favorite move, but it sent Luna out of the ring…and she’s gonna go get her! That’s the right call!

Claire: Yeah, but this still going to give Luna recovery time that might be the difference between her losing and retaining the Diamond Championship tonight.

Luna was slow moving on the floor as Constance waited at the ring post, shaking her head as she took off again with a second running knee to the jaw that put the champion face down on the floor. McCullough pounded the apron and scooped her up to roll her back into the ring before sliding in after her to make the cover before Graves dropped down to make the count.

Zack: One JAWJACKER in the ring, one on the floor! And Constance McCullough is three seconds away from making history!




Luna managed to drape her leg over the bottom rope, even though no other part of her body moved at the time. Graves pointed it out to Constance, who began to rise back to her feet.

Claire: I don’t think even Luna is aware that she got her foot over the rope there. More blind luck than anything else.

She pulled Luna up with her by the head, only getting stopped by a thumb in her eye. It blinded the blonde for a moment, and allowed Luna to connect with a jawbreaker that sent her backwards a couple steps. Cortez grabbed her head into a double knee facebreaker, leaving both women on the canvas as they tried to pull themselves together.

Zack: Luna’s absorbed a double dose of Constance’s favorite move, and she’d already be making the cover right now if she had her wits about her. Now it’s a race to see who can get up faster.

Claire: Luna managed to stop Constance in her tracks but I’m not sure she knows too much about it after receiving two knees to the jaw.

It was Luna who got to her feet a second before Constance as the referee was giving a very deliberate count, only making it to five before he stopped. Constance was the aggressor though as she went for Luna’s body, apparently looking for some kind of suplex before she caught a knee in the face that stumbled her. Cortez spun her around and went for her finisher, but Constance broke her grip, turning and catching her with a discus elbow to the mouth that sent the champion stumbling backwards.

Zack: They’re both trying to put this match into the history books, and Constance had Luna’s favorite move well scouted right there!

Claire: I don’t blame them for looking to end this one already. You can tell that this contest has taken an awful lot out of them both.

McCullough took off towards the ropes, rebounding into a roundhouse kick until Luna ducked underneath it. Before she could turn around, Luna hooked both of her arms and lifted her into her double chickenwing facebuster! The fans booed as she quickly rolled Constance over for the cover with a handful of tights in plain view of the referee as he counted.

Zack: She got it that time…the LUNA ECLIPSE!! There’s the cover…and he’s looking right at where her hand is!




The referee called for the bell as Luna rolled off the cover and struggled to get back to her feet. Graves raised her hand in victory to no shortage of boos from the State College crowd.

Lexi: Your winner AND STIIIIIILLLLL Future Shock Diamond Champion…..LUNA CORTEZ!!!

Claire: Luna steals one with Graves…I don’t even know what to say about that. Luna manages to retain her tonight but under some of the most screwy circumstances I’ve ever witnessed in a wrestling ring.

Christian joined her in the ring, returning the Diamond Championship to her as she leaned against the ropes and tried to get her wits about her. She finally raised her title in victory to more boos from the crowd.

Zack: Luna Cortez took every shortcut she could find, and still barely escaped by the skin of her teeth to leave Global Wars with the Diamond Championship! And I think Constance deserves a rematch with a different referee somewhere down the line!

Claire: Constance fought like a lion tonight and was a hair away from picking up the win and leaving with the title belt in her possession. I’d say she definitely deserves another crack at it after everything – after the crime we’ve witnessed here tonight.

Luna stepped out to the floor, leaning on her manager as he walked with her back up the ramp before we went to a highlight package of the issues between Serafina and Lacey.

First Night Decisions

The next thing we saw was a handshake before the camera pulled back to see it was Adam shaking hands with Jake Chandler, who was standing alongside his girlfriend, Arabella. Adam addressed the camera after that.

Adam: Allow me to introduce all of you to the new Director of Future Shock. You already know him as co-host of After Shock. Jake…

He looks back towards Jake, who now has dressed the part and is wearing a suit and tie, which is rare.

Adam: Congratulations on getting the job!

Jake: Thanks, I can’t believe I got it honestly!

Arabella: You might be surprised, darling, but I’m not. There’s no one more qualified to be running Future Shock and I cannot wait to see what you do.

Jake looks very proud and hugs Arabella tightly before sharing a kiss with her before turning his attention back to Adam, who clears his throat.

Adam: I did let you know earlier last week about this, so you’d have time to make a decision. And your first decision tonight is to decide Missy’s opponent. Do you have a choice made?

Jake nodded dutifully.

Jake: I do. I gave this a lot of thought too. I remembered how you promised all the fans back at Undeniable that tonight was going to be a Champion versus Champion, Title versus Title main event.

Adam: Right, I did.

Jake: Since Charlotte is hurt, there’s only one singles champion on the Future Shock roster who isn’t booked tonight to compete. Everyone else, including Luna and Sydney, are already scheduled for title defenses. Sooo that leaves just one fantastic champion…a certain Nova Champion we both know…who I have chosen to keep your promise.

Adam grins at that as he nods his head and looks towards Arabella.

Adam: Arabella, what do you say? I assume you got your gear with you?

Arabella nods, smiling at the FFW CEO.

Arabella: Jake gave me a hint that I might want to have it with me tonight, so yes. And I’m excited to step into the ring with Missy to give our Global Wars audience, both in person and at home, a match they’ll never forget.

Adam: If that’s what the new Director wants, I certainly have no issue with it. I know Jake well enough to know that this wasn’t based on your relationship.

Jake: Absolutely not. You promised the fans a title versus title match before I even knew I’d be in contention for this job. You made that promise to them, and the fans are the ones who pay all the salaries and contracts. I want them to get what they paid for and were promised. And besides that, if Charlotte isn’t cleared, who else has a similar record around here but Arabella? I’ve always believed in her, still do. But the facts don’t lie. I feel like she’s #1 contender whether she has the Nova title or not.

He looks back towards his girlfriend with a smile.

Jake: What do you think?

Arabella: I think you’ve laid out pretty well that this is based entirely on my merits as a competitor, and like you said - I’m the only champion in Future Shock that isn’t booked tonight. If you want to keep the match champion versus champion, it’s either me or you’d have to call in Latina Heat. And I have a feeling Frani and Dani might not be available to get here on such short notice.

Adam: Well that creates a ‘what if’ scenario, Jake. Let’s say Arabella wins the match, what do you do with the Nova Championship?

Jake pauses as he considers this.

Jake: Well if Arabella becomes the new Future Shock Champion, we already have a final to see who challenges for the Nova title next between Aviva, Nadia, and Jamie. So if Arabella becomes the champion, I’ll personally hand the title to whichever of those three girls wins Global Wars instead. They’ll have more than earned it, in my opinion.

Arabella: Knew you’d have a plan for what would happen if I beat Missy. I wish her a lot of luck, and the same to the three ladies in tonight’s Global Wars final. Aviva, Nadia, and Jamie are all excellent challengers for the Nova Championship - or future champions, if I do wind up becoming the Future Shock Champion tonight.

Adam: I like it, you’ve covered all the bases. You have all the rights and privileges I had when I was the Director of this job. If you need an assistant like I had, you’re welcome to hire one. It’s a lot of work, but I got faith in you. I’m proud of you, Jake. And I know someone else who is too.

He nodded towards Arabella as Jake took a deep breath, letting it all sink in now that he was in charge of the brand.

Arabella: Jake, darling, this is the next chapter of your career. I am so incredibly proud of you, and I cannot wait to see what else you’ll achieve with Future Shock in your hands.

She wraps her arms around her boyfriend and kisses him, pressing her forehead against his.

Arabella: Now if you’ll excuse me, Mr. Director, I have a match to go get ready for.

We see the graphic for the now official main event of Global Wars before we go to a commercial for the upcoming Fatale Royale.
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The show returns to the ring after the highlight package, and finds Lexi once again standing front and center.

Lexi: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish with a 30 minute time limit!

Zack: I think the match we’re about to see embodies the definition of a grudge match in every sense of the word between two women who want nothing more than to hold the Pure Championship. What do you think, Claire?

Claire: I think it’s certainly true that Lacey wants nothing more than to hold the Pure Championship and beating Serafina can be a huge step taken towards that goal. Serafina though, I’ve never really heard her talk about holding titles - for her it’s more about showing what she is capable of and should that lead to the honor of a title then she will represent it as proudly as possible.

The lights dim as the opening bars of Smile by Maisie Peters hit the speakers around the arena.

Got bridges to burn and places to run
Yeah, this smile is a loaded gun

A red spotlight hits the curtain and Kyle Kilmeade walks out and proceeds to hold it open for Lacey to walk through. Stepping onto the stage in front of Kyle, Lacey wears a green and black one piece, which has a deep vee cut all the way to her navel, black fishnet tights and matching green and black boots. She runs her hands down her curves, while giving a little sway of her hips and then stands with her arms folded across her chest and her head lowers. 

It's my party, my body, my business
It's my town and my crown and my hitlist
It's my world and you're just living in it
Did I, did I, did I finish?
They are my girls, and it's us who's deciding
It's our door, did we say you're invited?
Leave your name and we'll call if we like it
If we, if we, if we like it

She snaps her head up and flings her arms out at the sides of her in one fluid motion, almost as if someone has just pulled the strings on a puppet. Keeping her gaze straight ahead she slowly smirks before lowering her arms to her sides and making her way down the ramp with Kyle walking beside her.

No more Mrs. Sweet and Miss Nice
No more Mrs. Fuckin' Polite
Time for Mrs. Takin' What's Mine
You don't need him
Got bridges to burn and places to run
Yeah, this smile is a loaded gun

Lexi: Making her way to the ring at this time and accompanied by Kyle Kilmeade….from parts unknown…..LAAAAACEEEEEY!!!

It's my party, my body, my business
If he tries to control me, he's finished
Won't be crying, there's plenty of fishes
And I, and I, and I'm fishin'
You should know that you won't find another
Who will ruin your life and your brothers
Who will take what she's owed when she wants to
Did I, did I, did I stutter?

Completely ignoring the crowd at either side of the ramp, Lacey speeds up as she reaches the ring and jumps up onto the apron. Taking hold of the top rope with both hands, she slowly and seductively sways her hips and wiggles her way down and back up, almost like a serpent, before springboarding over the top rope. When she lands in the ring she immediately drops down into the splits and stays there for a moment with her arms outstretched. After getting back to her feet, she climbs up onto the top turnbuckle facing the outside. Pulling something from her top she opens her palm and blows the contents into the crowd.

No more Mrs. Sweet and Miss Nice
No more Mrs. Fuckin' Polite
Time for Mrs. Takin' What's Mine
You don't need him
No more Mrs. Lettin' It Slide
No more Mrs. Shut Up and Smile
Time for Mrs. Takin' What's Mine
You don't need him

I got bridges to burn and places to run
Bang, bang and your party's done
Got bridges to burn and places to run
Yeah, this smile is a loaded gun

The lights shut off completely for a second at the end of the theme, when they come back on, Lacey is standing in her corner sharing some last minute words with Kyle.

Zack: Unlike her opponent tonight, Lacey has not held the Pure Championship. That’s something she’d love to change though so it’d provide her a ‘get out of jail free’ card that would allow her to not to be confined to the Future Shock roster. But in her pursuit of that gold, has she ever gone about it in the wrong way!

Claire: She’s certainly taken plenty of shortcuts and she’s definitely made a habit out of pissing off pretty much everyone else in contention for the title. But I’m sure if you talk to her or her manager, they’ll tell you that she’s positioned herself to get a title shot against the Champion and any potential Champion; giving herself the best chance to challenge for the get out of jail free card.

As “Time To Say Goodbye” starts the video wall comes to life to show Serafina as she exits the locker room dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt with the FFW logo and a couple of other combat clothing manufacturers and energy drink logos on it. Walking through the corridors toward the ring she is accompanied by Jonathan DeCaro. As she moves she bounces on the balls of her feet, shaking out her arms and loosening up a little. Finally she walks out through the curtain and onto the stage area, firing off a combination of kicks, forearms and elbows, finishing off with a 360 roundhouse kick followed by a jumping kick and a jumping splits as she moves down the ramp.

Walking the rest of the distance to the bottom of the ramp, she tops and removes her hooded sweatshirt, leaving her in a tight long sleeved black t-shirt and tight shorts. She gives the taping on her wrists and ankles quickly. Giving her husband a kiss, she takes a tub of petroleum jelly from him and with her fingers applies a streak over each eye and across her cheeks. Finally she walks up the ring steps and steps between the ring ropes and moves along the ropes and back to her corner continuing to stay loose.

Lexi: Introducing from Encinitas, California via Boston, Massachusetts, at a height of 5’6 and a weight of 127 lbs….SERAFINA DeCARO!!!

Zack: The former Pure Champion who would like nothing better than to be able to call herself that a second time, Serafina, has some business to settle with Lacey first. Lacey tried to make an example of her at the start of the year, and our Buddhist Warrior didn’t take well to it, as you might suspect.

Claire: Serafina certainly believes that the Pure Championship division suits her skill set extremely well, which is why she chose to challenge for it in the first place and she would feel privileged if she got the chance to represent it once more. Like you said, first though, she has Lacey to deal with and a large helping of Karma to dish out tonight.

Referee Ashley Pruitt waits till Kyle is at ringside before she calls for the bell to start the match, Lacey looks across at the brunette with a very melodramatic sigh, as if she’s bored simply looking at her. Her opponent, meanwhile, has a steely resolve etched across her face as she starts heading towards Lacey, prompting the redhead to get her hands up before they start to circle in the ring. They lock up together, and Serafina immediately transitions into a standing armbar. When Lacey tries to break her grip, the brunette turns it into a full twist and causes her to bend over to relieve the pressure. She tries to get to the ropes, only to have that arm yanked to pull her closer to the center of the ring before another full twist that puts Lacey on one knee.

Zack: When it comes to technical skill and prowess, Serafina is second to none and she’s being very measured in the opening moments of this match. To look at her demeanor, you wouldn’t know she has a score to settle with this woman.

Claire: I guess that as a buddhist and with a belief in reincarnation, she knows that she can play a long game and doesn’t have to rush anything. That and I know she has a respect for all competitors that she faces - even Lacey.

Lacey rises back to her feet, still leaning over to relieve the pressure before she’s able to get a break with a sidekick to Serafina’s body. It allows the redhead to jerk her hand free before she goes for a haymaker shot aimed at DeCaro’s head. But Serafina blocks it with one arm, and turns into Lacey with a spinning back elbow to the jaw. Two more shots land in the same place before Serafina whips her into the far corner. Lacey hits chest first before the Buddhist runs behind her with a high knee to the back of her head to send her into the corner a second time. She quickly snatches her around the waist and snaps off a release German suplex.

Zack: So far, Serafina has been in complete control of things. The only thing Lacey has accomplished was a kick to the body, and it’ll take more than that to slow down Serafina.

Claire: Lacey might want to forget the haymaker shots too - if she really has designs on the Pure Championship; you can’t use a closed fist under Pure Rules so she might as well get used to that now.

Lacey began to get to her feet, only to find herself in another rear waistlock and yet another release German suplex. The Buddhist rolled to her feet, and her annoyance with the redhead was starting to shine through now as her eyes narrowed looking down at her opponent. The redhead grabbed the middle rope to get up when she felt DeCaro’s arms around her waist a third time. When she went to suplex her again, Lacey held onto the rope with both hands, prompting the referee to ask for a break. Serafina did just as she was asked….until Lacey let go. Then she snatched her waist again for one more German suplex.

Zack: Lacey’s getting treated like yesterday’s trash courtesy of one suplex after another from the previous Pure Champion. Almost seems like Serafina’s enjoying herself.

Claire: I’m almost shocked that Lacey didn’t take the chance there to deliver a mule kick to stop DeCaro’s momentum there.

DeCaro moved around behind her as she watched her opponent getting up again. She darted towards her, snatching her head as she passed for a one-armed bulldog to the canvas. The redhead was a little slower to get up this time before Serafina lunged for her midsection and snapped off a Northern Lights suplex into a bridge as Pruitt dropped to count.

Zack: A clinic of suplexes from Serafina, and she’s looking to put Lacey away immediately!



But that wasn’t going to happen when she raised her shoulder. Both women rolled in opposite directions as Lacey made it to the ropes to get back to her feet. Serafina was up before her, and took off towards her with a handspring back elbow…but Lacey dropped down and pulled the top rope with her, causing Serafina to topple over backwards to the apron.

Claire: That’s a hard fall for the buddhist! This is the opening that Lacey wants and I’m sure she’ll love that she’s got her opponent on the outside as we know she’s not shy in using anything she can as a tag partner to inflict damage.

Lacey was quick to take advantage of the situation, pulling Serafina’s neck across the bottom rope and then using a headscissors to choke her against it. Pruitt began a count, only for Lacey to argue the headscissors was a legal hold. The referee wasn’t arguing that point but did get into an exchange with her as Lacey continued to choke the brunette. She finally broke it when the count started again, She stepped onto Serafina’s shoulders as she was still hanging over the bottom rope, choking her further for another four count till she stepped off.

Claire: Pruitt can’t afford to get involved in any discussions with Lacey. The red haired vixen is a professor of the dark arts and being able to play the referee like a fiddle.

Zack: You got that right. She’s very good at misdirection, something I’m sure she learned in whole since being allied with Kilmeade from the start of her career in FFW.

DeCaro was trying to catch her breath, still leaning over the bottom rope. Lacey made it worse with a guillotine leg drop across the back of her head, again sending her throat across the bottom rope. A cocky smile began to form on Lacey’s face as she stepped out onto the apron, watching as Serafina was finally removing herself from between the ropes. That was when Lacey told her to ‘KNEEL BEFORE ME’ before darting  down the apron with a running boot to the head that sent her to the floor.

Zack: Serafina’s trying to get some air back in her lungs, and ideally off the floor because this is not the place you want to be with Lacey.

Claire: No it’s not. We’ve seen what she can do with the aid of a ring rope. There’s an awful lot of steel and metalwork that can unfortunately get in the way and cause a lot of damage to Serafina.

Pruitt began her ten count in the ring while Lacey scooped Serafina onto her shoulders, and walked to the steps and dropped her face first across them with a snake eyes. The official admonished her for it, to which Lacey told her she didn’t even touch the steps. A cheshire grin formed on her face as her opponent was gasping for breath and holding her head. DeCaro used the steps to start to get up until Lacey used a double stomp to her back to send her face into them again. Pruitt was getting more agitated now, threatening a disqualification to which Lacey reminded her again that she never touched the steps.

Claire: I know it’s a distinction that Lacey is trying to make here, but her actions are showing that it’s pretty obvious you don’t need to touch the ring steps to still use them to your advantage in a way that can - should - get you disqualified.

Zack: She loves to plead innocence anytime she knows she’s done something wrong. That’s nothing new for her.

The redhead pulled Serafina up and rolled her back into the ring and held up her hands innocently, asking the referee if she was happy now before she slithered in under the bottom rope to stop the count. That’s when the taunting began as she mocked Serafina as she pulled her up. The Buddhist fired a weak shot to her body as she was still trying to get her breath, but Lacey absorbed it and hooked her head into a future shock DDT. Then she started making gagging faces as Serafina was still coughing on the canvas.

Claire: If I was Lacey I wouldn’t waste time taunting a dangerous wrestler like Serafina. When you’ve got her down, you’re best off  doing everything that you can to beat her.

Zack: That cockiness and arrogance can get you into trouble quite often, we’ve seen it many times from other women in this company. Look at what Luna unleashed earlier, for example.

She was chuckling to herself at the crowd reaction as she pulled Serafina back to her feet again. It backfired on her though as Serafina surprised her by running into her with a shoulder tackle that sent her into the corner. DeCaro started driving shoulder thrusts into her body, then lifted her to sit on the top rope. She was finally starting to get her breath back as she headed up with her, looking for a superplex. But as she snapped it off, Lacey’s free hand grabbed the top rope and let her opponent fall backwards on the canvas all on her own.

Zack: Serafina started firing back there, but Lacey knew where she was and it didn’t end well for our resident Buddhist. It’s hard to think all that clearly when you’re trying to get wind in your lungs.

Claire: Serafina maybe took a second or two too long to gather herself before she started to climb and it allowed Lacey the time she needed to lure her in and achieve a counter that did more damage to my bestie.

Lacey hopped back down to the canvas, and started stomping the back of Serafina’s head as she was trying to get back to her feet. When she made it to a vertical base finally, Lacey grabbed both of her arms into a full nelson facebuster before rolling her onto her back and going for the cover.

Zack: Helluva impact right there, and Lacey says to start the shower for her in the back!




Serafina rolled her shoulder off the mat in time, and Lacey got onto both knees with one of her calves across Serafina’s throat in yet another choke. Pruitt started to count her down again as she got back to her feet on the four count.

Claire: Got to hand it to Lacey, when she’s not trying to incite the crowd or waste time, there’s no wasted motion. Maybe if she’d done this earlier, she’d be hitting the showers right now.

Lacey kicked proverbial dust behind her over Serafina before she pulled the brunette up again. This time, she set her into position for her finisher…until DeCaro used a headbutt to the face to send her off balance. That got the fans loud once again as she started back to her feet. Lacey shook her head and went after her, only to walk into a peppering of jabs, very much like her best friend and tag partner. Each shot connected to the body and finally a left hook to the jaw, keeping Lacey wobbling as Serafina borrowed again from Claire’s playbook with an Ali shuffle followed by an uppercut that floored Lacey!

Zack: Look at that, Claire! Does that look familiar or what? Serafina borrowing from my broadcast partner’s repertoire and doing it damn well, I’d say!

Claire: I guess something had to rub off on after all these years training together. She couldn’t do it for the Pure Championship, but she can damn well score a knockout tonight!

Serafina’s adrenaline was flowing now as she took off for the far side ropes while Lacey was beginning to get to her feet. The brunette rebounded with a Polish hammer to Lacey’s chest that sent her staggering backwards off balance. A scissor kick put her down on the canvas before Serafina dragged her away from the ropes and went for the cover.

Zack: Lacey got mowed down like an overgrown yard, DeCaro’s ready to hear the bell!




But Lacey got her shoulder off the mat in time, and Serafina climbed back to her feet. The former Pure Champion pulled her up and scooped her onto her shoulders, bringing the crowd to their feet as they knew what was coming next.

Claire: Close but no cigar! Serafina though isn’t giving her any chance at all to recover! She wants to end it and she surely will!

The Buddhist Warrior immediately delivered her GTS finisher, snapping Lacey’s head back on impact before she crumpled to the mat. Serafina quickly made the cover!

Zack: Lacey’s long overdue for some DEEP MEDITATION!!




Pruitt calls for the bell to a pop as Serafina gets back to her feet. She lets out a sharp sexhale as she looks at Lacey and then gets her hand raised.

Lexi: Your winner by pinfall…..SERAFINA DeCARO!!

Claire: Serafina caught Lacey and put her to sleep there! I think it’s fair to say that she got her just desserts after messing with the Buddhist Warrior at the start of the year!

Serafina starts to smile at the crowd response as she leans against the corner, getting her wind back and listening to her music playing once again over the PA system.

Zack: Congratulations to Serafina on getting her pound of flesh after all the problems Lacey has caused her. I’m sure that GTS felt better than any she’d ever delivered before.

Claire: And Lacey certainly caused her plenty of problems tonight too, but I knew the cream would rise to the top and ‘Fina would prove that she was the better woman and better wrestler at Global Wars tonight.

She ducked through the ropes and down to the floor, greeting many of the fans along ringside who were happy for her as the show went to a commercial for Fatale Royale event coming on FFW All Access.

Race for the Gold

The camera catches up with Adam and Jake as they are in the middle of a discussion somewhere in the backstage area of the arena. As it gets closer to them, we start to hear the conversation.

Adam: Listen, it’s all in your hands now. You are the one making the calls. I’ll support you, of course, but it’s all in your hands now. You already made the main event, and you’re going to have people coming to you often about wanting this or that or asking about something. Just trust your instincts, you’ll do fine.

Jake nods his head as he listens.

Jake: I think I can do that. After all, I’m pretty familiar with the roster since I’ve been covering it for years on After Shock. Is it alright if I continue to host that show too?

Adam: Fine by me. It’s your call. You’re also welcome to bring in an assistant if you want, just like I had with Brianna. I just wouldn’t ask Arabella to do it. That’s no slight or offense meant to her. I’d just say let her focus on what she does in the ring.

Jake: Yeah, I have an idea or two for that role. And it wouldn’t be fair to ask her to do it, no worries.

Adam: As a matter of fact, here comes one of your roster now. I bet I know what she might be interested in discussing with you.

Jake turns (as well as the camera) to see none other than Luci heading in their direction, already in her ring gear for her match.

Luci: Evening, gents!

She greets Adam with a one-armed hug, and on releasing him, extends her hand to the new Director.

Luci: Congrats on the new job, Jake! Very well deserved.

Jake: Thanks, Luci! I’m glad you stopped by. I’ve been thinking about your path to getting a Nova Championship match since you showed up at Undeniable. Did a bit of fantasy booking in my head since I didn’t have the job then. And now that I do have the job…I think we can get you on the road there with enough success.

He glanced back to Adam.

Jake: I assumed that’s why you had her face Sapphire tonight? Because she was the last person who was in the ring with Arabella after Undeniable?

Adam; That, and because she asked to be on the show. Just like Luci, she wants to find herself competing for the Nova title. Though she’s back to starting fresh since Arabella defeated her that night.

Jake’s attention went back to Luci.

Jake: Okay, that makes a lot of sense. I have about 3 opponents in mind that if you get past them, I’ll be happy to put you into a title shot whether it be Arabella or to crown a new champion.

Luci: You the boss, boss! I’ll run a full roster gauntlet if it got me to where I want to be, not that I need to tell you that. Who you got in mind? You’ve been in the job ten minutes and you’re already making dream bookings for a lot of people!

Adam: Who are the three you have in mind?

Jake: Sapphire is first, obviously…and in a few minutes. There’s also Delilah Cameron.

Adam: I’m sure she’ll have plenty of thoughts and Instagram posts on Luci.

All Luci could do was chuckle and nod.

Luci: I like that. Let the social media queen get her minute, and I’m good with that. Who’s the other one?

Jake: The third would be River Campbell. As a matter of fact, I’m going to give whichever of the three of you to get three wins the next shot. So the same deal goes to those girls. First to three wins gets their shot or the first two gets put into a match to crown the new champion if Arabella wins tonight. Luci’s path starts tonight!

Luci seems to get a little bug eyed at the idea.

Luci: Well, to quote Siobhan on Twitter the other week…can I do it in four? Well, absolutely I can. But that sounds like the fairest way to do it seeing as there’s a few of us who have made the intention pretty clear. Sapphire first though!

Jake: Of course, the one or ones to score those three wins gets their shot after whoever wins Global Wars gets theirs.

Adam: Is that why you set it at three wins?

Jake: Yeah, that’s how many wins it took for Jamie to get into the Global Wars finals tonight. So…seems only fair that’s how it should go for Delilah, River, and Luci.

Adam: Whether it’s Arabella or not, it sounds like the Nova Championship is gonna see a lot of eyes on it trying to make it theirs to me.

Luci: Not even in the job a night and making waves already! You’re a natural at this one, Jake. We like lots of eyes on a prize, makes the whole thing more interesting for everyone involved.

Jake: Good luck, Luci! I’ve seen how Diamond has been lately, so I guess we’ll find out if it’s all rubbed off on Sapphire or not.

Luci: Thanks, Jake. Sapphire can have all the good juju rubbing off on her from Diamond, but it’s still my intention to make sure I’m getting to three first.

She looks over at Adam.

Luci: You got a good pick here.

Adam seemed to agree as he patted Jake on the back as the show headed to the ring for Luci’s match with Sapphire.

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Zack: Right now, we’re about to see the in-ring return of a decorated young woman from Australia that you fans are no doubt familiar with. Claire, what can you tell newer fans who may not have seen Luci in the ring before tonight?

Claire: Luci is very talented. Has plenty of experience and the last time that she was here, she held the Nova Championship for a little while. I’m sure she’ll be looking to get back to that and go further now that she has returned to the ring.

Lexi: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish with a 20 minute time limit!

The loud strumming of a guitar could be heard across the Pa system. As it does we can see the silhouette of a woman on the tron strumming at a guitar. The woman tosses the guitar to the side and as she does she slowly emerges from behind the curtain. Sapphire smiles as she is in a blue glittery attire. She isn’t around as she is with best friend Emerald McAdams. The blue make their way down the ramp to the loud ovation of boos.

Lexi: Making her way to the ring being accompanied by Emerald McAdams, she is “The Shining Star” Sapphire Taylor!!!

Sapphire stops as she takes it all in. She cracks a very wicked grin before she sprints into the ring. She quickly makes her way to her feet where she does a backflip. The crowd just boos loudly as she does. She ignores them as Emerald tells them to be quiet. Sapphire smiles before bouncing about and waiting for things to get underway.

Zack: It was just a few days ago that Sapphire here asked Adam to be part of Global Wars. She wants to get back into contention for the Nova Championship after coming up short in a recent match with Arabella. I’m not sure she expected her opportunity would come against the opponent she’s about to face though.

Claire: A case of both ask and you shall receive and it could also prove that you should be careful of what you wish for. That said, this is a pretty good chance for Sapphire to shoot herself up the ladder and get herself into the Nova Championship picture.

“All of the kings have their queens on the throne
We will pop champagne and raise a toast
To all of the queens who are fighting alone
Baby you’re not dancing on your own”

Ava Max’s “Kings and Queens” comes out over the speakers, bringing a cheer from the crowd in attendance. The Australian wrestler steps out from behind the curtain. She stops in the center of the stage to take it in, looking around her with a smile on her face.

Lexi: On her way to the ring, from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, please welcome back to Future Shock…..LUCIIIIIII!

Still smiling widely, Luci heads down to the ring, high fiving fans on her way down. Once at the bottom, she pushes herself onto the apron and uses the top rope to vault herself over, landing on her feet. Once there, she goes to her corner and hops onto the middle turnbuckle, throwing her hands into the air and grinning. As she comes back down, the music fades out.

Zack: Luci was in attendance for Undeniable this past February, and made it pretty clear she wants to be the Nova Champion, a title she had for a cup of coffee last time she was here. She feels there’s unfinished business with it, so it wasn’t surprising to me that Adam put her against Sapphire who we already documented wants the same for herself.

Claire: It makes an awful lot of sense for Adam to put these two together and start to sort out the contenders for the Nova Championship. He can help out the new Future Shock Director determine the next person to face Arabella and try to dispossess her of the title she’s held for well over a year now.

Referee Melinda Davis calls for the bell to start the match as the Pennsylvania crowd is clearly very happy to see Luci back. They’re already chanting her name as the bell rings, which brings a smile to her face before she heads towards the center of the ring. The Aussie holds out a hand for Sapphire to offer her a handshake. Sapphire joins her and quickly returns the gesture. And as soon as they shake hands, Luci keeps hold of her hand and darts behind her to pull her into a straightjacket lungblower that propels her to the canvas. She quickly goes for the cover with a tight leg hook!

Zack: A nice show of sportsmanship….and then the bottom dropped out! Luci looking for a record win!!



Sapphire got her shoulder up in time as the two was about to land, and Luci remained right on top of her. She grabbed that arm as it went up, forcing it down to the mat as she mounted her chest with both arms pinned over her head before the referee went to count again.

Claire: If you can’t get her with one pin, might as well try again and try to keep all the weight over her shoulders this time.



Sapphire barely got her shoulder up, even with her arms pinned over her head. Taylor tried to overpower her by getting her hands off the mat, but Luci was in the dominant position as she forced her hand back down to the mat again. Davis tried to count again as Sapphire got her shoulder up again before she could start it.

Zack: It’s hard to overpower an opponent when they have the high ground..or in this case, she’s on top of you and pinning your hands above your head. About all Sapphire can do is get her shoulder up a little to stop the pinfall.

Claire: Yeah, Luci can pretty much use all her weight here and it might not look like a lot, but the fact Sapphire can’t really get any leverage from this position makes it all that much harder.

Luci kept grip of her hands and hopped to her feet, only to fall backwards with a monkey flip that sent Sapphire back to the mat again. The Aussie flipped over on top of her again, this time with both knees driving into her body when she landed. Keeping her hands pinned over her head, Luci kicked her feet up to drive her knees into Taylor’s body once again. And in a repeat of what she did already, she hopped back up and fell backwards with another monkey flip that sent Sapphire upside down against the corner before Luci let go of her hands.

Claire: Luci showing off some good flexibility and good strength there, using those monkey flips to send her into the turnbuckles and then a hard landing down on the mat in the corner.

Zack: I think it’s safe for us to assume what parts of her body that Luci’s been training and working on in her time away. Seems like she’s added some muscle and core strength.

Before Sapphire could right herself and get up, Luci used the middle rope to bounce into a wrecking ball dropkick to her body. The musician clutched her ribs after all the abuse so far, still upside down in the corner as Luci took off for the far side. She came back quickly with a double stomp to her ribs, keeping her upside down in that same corner.

Zack: Have you noticed how Luci has kept Sapphire in the most disadvantageous positions possible so far? She’s not gonna get much offense heels over head in that corner.

Claire: Luci really hasn’t lost a step at all during her hiatus from the business and she’s not giving her opponent the slightest sniff of a chance to get into this contest.

Luci grabbed her arms and dragged out of the corner, keeping them held as she stomped away at her ribs and chest. She finally sat her up long enough to deliver a trio of kicks to her back before grabbing her head and flipping over her to deliver a snapping neckbreaker that sent Sapphire’s face into the mat between her legs. Following that, she tied her up into a stump puller submission as Davis moved around to see if Taylor wanted to quit.

Zack: Do you think Sapphire wishes she might have suggested an opponent for herself when she asked to be part of Global Wars? Now she’s all tied up again.

Claire: I think that might have been a wiser move of Sapphire…though I guess just leaving the opponent open might’ve given her more chance of having the request granted. Still, if nothing else, she’s gaining experience that could be invaluable later in her career.

But the musician showed no sign of wanting to stop the match as Luci kept the hold applied. Davis checked again, still getting the same reply as Luci kept her tied up. Sapphire noticed how close she was to the ropes though and began trying to stretch her leg out to reach it. She stretched further and further till she barely got the toe of her boot under the bottom rope. Davis called for the break, which Luci gave immediately. The musician clutched her ribs in pain before she felt Luci grab her into a rear waistlock and hoist her up into a release German suplex.

Zack: Sapphire’s not getting much time to nurse her pains as Luci is keeping the pressure applied. If Taylor can’t get past Luci, her hopes of climbing to a Nova title shot gets awfully dim.

Claire: Right now, Sapphire can’t think about the Nova title; she’s got to think about somehow getting a toe hold in this match and starting to mount a fight back against Luci. It’s a cliche but one match at a time and the deal with the woman in front of you.

The musician started to get up before Luci scooped her up into a bearhug, long enough to lift her off her feet and ram her lower back into the top turnbuckle. Taylor’s face showed the pain of the impact before the Aussie turned around and took off towards the opposite corner. Her lower back struck the top turnbuckle again before Luci sent her flying with a belly to belly overhead suplex to the canvas. As soon as she landed, Luci was on top of her for the cover with the outside leg hooked.

Zack: This is turning into a rout! Luci’s looking to pitch a shutout tonight at Penn State!




Sapphire got her shoulder up again as soon as the two struck the mat. Luci rolled off and got back to her feet, and was about to grab her again before Taylor propelled herself through the ropes and out to the floor.

Claire: That might be the best thing Taylor could’ve done there - just escape the beating and maybe she might well have interrupted Luci’s momentum enough that she can start to turn the tide.

Emerald moved around to her friend, trying to offer some encouragement and advice. Davis began her count in the ring as Luci stayed put, watching the pair at ringside closely. Finally, Sapphire climbed up onto the apron and cautiously back through the ropes into the ring. Luci made a beeline for her before Sapphire ducked her head between the ropes just as she got within reach. Davis got between them to get Luci back, but Sapphire used that opening to catch her with a spinning backfist that caught Luci flush on the jaw and caught the referee with a glancing blow at the same time. As Davis stumbled to the side, Sapphire tackled Luci to the mat and began unloading with furious right hands to the head while the Aussie tried to cover up.

Claire: Sapphire landed a solid shot to her foe and it’s given her a chance to try and ring her bell somewhat. This could be just what the doctor ordered for the musician.

Zack: Luci caught the fist, but the referee got a forearm to the head as a residual. I don’t think she meant for that to happen, but it was still collateral damage.

Luci managed to deflect a lot of the blows with her arms before Sapphire pulled them apart and struck her with a headbutt to the nose. That made the Aussie hold her face as Sapphire dragged her to her feet into a front facelock and began hammering knees upwards into her head and body before finally finishing the barrage with a sitout facebuster. She immediately rolled her over for the cover as Luci was holding her nose.

Zack: Sapphire turned up the aggression factor, and thinks she may have the returning Aussie in a compromising position!



Luci still rolled her shoulder off the mat as the two was coming down, causing Taylor to drag her back to her feet again. She hooked her head and scooped her into a falcon’s arrow as Emerald shouted support from ringside.

Claire: Sapphire’s now showing that unrelenting streak that Luci had on full display earlier and I think she’s realised that she has to try and put this match away as quickly as she can.

The musician rolled to her feet, and rebounded off the near side ropes for a knee drop to Luci’s face to further the damage. She dropped down to a seat behind her to apply a head scissors before rolling onto her stomach and using her hips to drill Luci’s head into the canvas repeatedly. This brought a big smile to Emerald’s face as Sapphire had her head in her hands like she was having her picture taken as she was doing it. She finally got back to her feet, giving McAdams a high five between the ropes as she passed her.

Zack: Looks like her confidence level is up all of a sudden. I might be saving the high fives for after I’ve heard my name announced as the winner.

Claire: When you start punching your opponent in the face, your confidence can grow pretty quickly. Part of what you learn from experience is how to control that confidence and not let it over run you.

Sapphire waited for Luci to roll onto her back before she took off towards the ropes. She rebounded quickly and delivered her running shooting star press. It landed flawlessly before she hooked the far leg and rolled onto her back for the cover.

Zack: That’s one of her favorites, that running shooting star press! Sapphire’s ready to make Luci’s comeback a night to forget!




The blonde Aussie kicked out after the two, and Sapphire got back to her feet as Emerald encouraged her to finish her off and that she was ready to be done. And that’s when the musician headed to the corner to make her way to the top rope.

Claire: I’m not sure after having Luci kick out on her,  that she should be heading to the top rope. Admittedly I wouldn’t head to the top rope anyway, but if I did, I’d want a little more insurance that she was going to stay down.

Sapphire measured and came off the top rope with her springboard twisting senton…which Luci avoided by rolling out of the way. Taylor crashed into the mat with a thud as Luci rolled towards the ropes with Emerald darting around closer to her, shouting at her because she moved out of the way.

Zack: You called that one, Claire! She didn’t have Luci worn down enough to hit what she calls the SHINING LIGHT! And Emerald…is mad at her for moving. Did she expect her to take it?!

Claire: I guess so. Maybe she’s just trying to pick an argument with Luci in an effort to give Sapphire time to pull herself together and get back on offense.

Luci struggled but made it back to her feet, all the while Sapphire was holding her ribs which were in even more pain now. The musician made it back to her feet finally, but that didn’t last long as she turned around into a running spear from the Aussie! The fans came to life as it landed and Luci made the cover!

Zack: If that landing didn’t wreck her ribs, the spear did! I think it’s about to be over!




Emerald reached in and pulled Sapphire’s foot under the rope before shouting to the referee about it. Davis called off the count when she spotted it, and Luci got back to her feet with a scowl since she watched her do it as she was pinning her.

Claire: Emerald might just be making things all that much worse for her friend and fellow Gemstone. Sapphire might not thank her too much for that when all is said and done.

Luci pulled Sapphire up to her feet, and whipped her across to the far side. She scooped her up on the rebound with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that doubled Taylor in pain on impact. The Aussie flipped her over and applied a Boston crab with one knee pressed against Sapphire’s lower back as she applied the hold.

Zack: Out of the frying pan and into the fire, Claire! Luci says she doesn’t need to pin Sapphire, she’s more than capable of making her tap!

Claire: And after the recent attacks to her body, this might be the perfect hold to do just that. Sapphire has to be agony!

The fans were even more behind Luci now as the referee dropped down to see if Sapphire wanted to quit. She didn’t get the right answer to stop the match though as Emerald reached under the bottom rope with her hands out, causing Sapphire to start reaching for her fellow bandmate.

Zack: Emerald’s trying to reach Sapphire’s hands to pull her towards the ropes, but I’m not sure how that’s gonna work even if she does. Luci has her knee right in her lower back.

Claire: It might be more of a medieval torture rack effect with Luci pinning her lower torso to the canvas. Sapphire might get stretched out an extra inch or two if Emerald manages to reach her.

The Aussie glanced behind her after she heard the referee admonishing Sapphire and telling her to get her arms out of the ring. So the blonde from down under dropped her feet, turned around and applied a camel clutch submission facing Emerald now, fixing her with a look almost daring her to do something. And it was only seconds later before she arched backwards in the hold with the top of her head on the mat between Sapphire’s legs, contorting her body into the shape of a C.

Claire: The human body is not supposed to bend like that!! Luci using all her strength and you can hear the agony Sapphire is going through!

Sapphire shouted in pain at this moment, and immediately tapped the mat furiously. Davis called for the bell as Luci let go, allowing Taylor to flop face down on the mat. The Aussie got to her feet and had her hand raised officially.

Zack: I think Emerald pissed Luci off with her shenanigans at ringside, and Sapphire suffered for it! What a return for our resident Aussie!

Lexi: Your winner by submission……..LUCI!!

Claire: It’s a big win for Luci on her return - always nice to get off to a winning start - and she’s shown that she’s every bit as deadly now as she was before she took some time away from the ring.

Luci smiled as she heard Lexi make it official and her music begin to play again. She climbed the nearest corner, letting the camera know she just took her first step towards a match for the Nova Championship.

Zack: Right you are, Luci. Tonight, she took that first important step towards becoming Nova Champion again in the future. No ring rust on that woman. If anything, she may be even better!

Claire: Sapphire was on the back foot from the opening bell and while she managed to mount a spirited fight back, there was some…inexperience that cost her and then Luci was simply to out power her to end her fightback.

Luci rolled out of the ring, greeting fans along ringside as she headed towards the back. The show then went to a commercial for Future Shock merchandise.

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A highlight package shows the rise of both Gwen Margolis as well as Sydney’s recent wins before we go back to the live show with Lexi standing in the ring.

Lexi: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit, to be contested under Pure Rules for the FFW Pure Championship!

Zack: I don’t think I’ve seen Sydney in a better form than she’s been in 2024, and that includes her time as Future Shock Champion. And I can say the same for Gwen who has been fighting to get to this championship opportunity for some time.

Claire: This is two competitors on the best and most impressive runs of their careers. I think that’s one factor in why this has been such a hugely anticipated match up and why a lot of people are saying it could be the match of the night, possibly the match of the year.

The lights go down and the video screen goes black as the opening to Blondie’s “One Way or Another” starts playing throughout the arena. A spotlight roams the arena until it finally stops at the top of the steps, where Gwen Margolis strikes a pose with her hand raised to the sky and a huge smile on her face.

One way or another, I’m gonna find ya
I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha
One way or another I’m gonna win ya
I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha

She takes off down the steps, high fiving fans as she makes her way down to the front row and vaults over the barricade.

Lexi: From Austin, Texas by way of the open road, she is the time traveling punk rock warrior herself, GWEN MARGOLIS!

Gwen rushes up the ring steps and throws her hands up into peace signs before ducking through the ropes, bouncing in her corner as she waits for the match to begin.

Zack: Gwen Margolis has never had a bigger match in either SVW or Future Shock than the one she’s got in front of her right now. She’s had her eye on the Pure title since it was created, and this is her first chance to challenge for it. Gwen told me earlier today all she needs is one chance, and that time is now.

Claire: Despite her young age, Gwen is every bit a veteran wrestler. She has not only the skills to succeed in the Pure Division but also the knowhow and the instincts to deal with the particular rules these matches are contested under.

The sound of a guitar strumming subtly begins to echo in the arena, leaving those in attendance wondering what is going on. The angelic voice of one Lzzy Hale of the band Halestorm is heard next, her voice serenely starting the opening verse of “I Am The Fire.”

Am I brave enough?
Am I strong enough?
To follow the desire
That burns from within
To push away my fear
To stand where I'm afraid
I am through with this
'Cause I am more than this
I promise to myself
Alone and no one else
My flame is rising higher.

As the song picks up the tempo, her voice becomes more intense, kicking into the chorus.

I am the fire
I am burning brighter
Roaring like a storm

Midway through the chorus, the curtains part and out walks the pride of Calgary herself, Sydney Christensen.  She steps out to the middle of the stage and juts her arms out on either side of her, tossing her head back as the fans show their appreciation. She picks her head up and slowly brings her arms in front of her, her index fingers pointing down to the ring. Dropping her arms to her side, she begins her march towards the ring, nodding at a few fans along the way. Once she reaches the ring, she hops up onto the apron and steps through the bottom and middle ropes. Almost immediately, Sydney walks over to the ropes and raises her arms above her head, encouraging the fans as they cheer on the proud Canadian. Sydney then walks over to one corner of the ring and rests her back against the turnbuckle, awaiting her opponent as her music fades out on one poignant line of the chorus.

And I am the one I've been waiting for
Screaming like a siren
Alive and burning brighter
I am the fire!

Lexi: Introducing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this is the reigning and defending FFW Pure Champion…...SYDNEY CHRISTENSEN!!

Zack: I’m reminded of a song by T-Pain titled “All I Do Is Win”, and that perfectly encapsulates Sydney’s 2024. She defeated Serafina at Undeniable, she knocked off Sapphire two weeks ago on Future Shock, and she hung the first L on Tara Cortez’s record since she returned to FFW. If that’s not a hurricane of momentum, I don’t know what is.

Claire: Since her loss to Charlotte at the end of last year, Sydney has been a house on fire and if she wasn’t Pure Champion then she might’ve been in pole position to face Missy tonight. She’s proven herself in the Pure Division against one of the best but Gwen might well prove to be her stiffest competitor and challenger for the title.

Zack: Remember, for those of you newer fans. Pure Rules means you only get three rope breaks where the referee will stop your opponent. Then the ropes won’t save you. You have a 20 count on the outside. No punches are allowed. You get one warning, and a second time gets you disqualified. And there’s also no managers allowed at ringside, but that’s irrelevant in the case of these two.

Claire: We saw when Missy was the Pure Champion that she caused her foes to burn through those three rope breaks quickly, giving her free reign later on in the match to use her entire submission arsenal unimpeded. And that whole no punches thing can be particularly difficult - sometimes you just instinctively ball up a fist and throw it before you even know what you’re doing. As a competitor in the Pure Division there’s a lot you’ve got to be aware of and factor in to your strategy as the match develops.

Referee Colby Morrison collects the Pure Championship from Sydney and shows it to Gwen before holding it over his head. As soon as Lexi is out of the ring with the title, he calls for the bell before the two blonde women meet in the center and shake hands. They lock up in the center of the ring, and it’s Sydney who immediately shows her power advantage as she forces Gwen backwards into the ropes. As soon as Colby calls for the break, Sydney puts her hands up and Gwen uses that moment to deliver a drop toe hold that sent the champion across the middle rope. Before she had a chance to get up, Gwen quickly grabbed her foot and yanked her towards the center of the ring where she began spiking her knee against the canvas.

Zack: And we’re underway! I think Gwen wanted Sydney to have to get a break so she could get where she is right now: focusing on the champion’s left knee.

Claire: This could prove to be wise strategy from Gwen, starting early on the knee and beginning to soften up the knee to work towards a submission in this contest.

Sydney aggressively tried to get back to her feet, but Gwen responded by yanking her foot higher and higher as she drove the knee into the canvas. Christensen tried to get her other foot under her before Gwen kicked it out from under her and went back to striking her knee against the mat. She pressed her foot against the back of the champion’s knee and fell backwards to the canvas, snapping the leg with her when she did. That made Sydney’s teeth grit in pain as Gwen stood up, replanted her foot and fell backwards to snap that leg a second time.

Zack: I don’t think we have to hypothesize at all what plan of attack Gwen Margolis brought into tonight’s championship match.

Claire: Looking to talk out that base to negate the power and as I said a moment ago, soften up that limb for a submission that could win her the title - and we’ve seen with the injuries suffered by Shaw and by Charlotte most recently how quickly knees can get picked apart.

Gwen quickly transitioned from that into a single leg Boston crab, arching backwards as Sydney grimaced in pain on the mat. Colby knelt in front of her to see if she wanted to stop the match, but she had no such plan. She surveyed her surroundings and found that she was in the center of the ring with no ropes within reach. Gwen drove her knee into the mat again before applying the single leg crab once more.

Zack: Gwen wisely pulled her dead center of the ring before she started this attack. What options do you see for Sydney here, Claire? Just hope Gwen gets bored?

Claire: There’s that as an option or I have seen people with tremendous upper body strength be able to power out of these holds. Sydney certainly falls into that category. Do you think Gwen has missed a trick by not locking this in closer to the ropes to try and force the Pure Champion into burning a rope break as we’ve seen in previous Pure Championship matches?

Sydney tried to push up, but wasn’t having much success before she gave up on that. Instead she reached around, trying to get her hand on one of Gwen’s boots before she began pounding her fist into the challenger’s ankle. The shots were awkward and didn’t do much damage, but it was making Margolis unsteady in the hold before she ended up letting go. When she leaned down to grab her foot again, Sydney rolled to her back and used both feet to boot her in the chest and send her backwards into the ropes.

Zack: Sydney found a way after all, and she got Gwen off her. Besides it’s not like she could have used a rope break there, so the champion had to get a bit inventive.

Claire: It’s all part and parcel of being Pure Champion. Knowing many different ways to escape from holds. It’s a title and a division that rewards technical wrestlers over brawlers like myself.

It didn’t deter Gwen long though as she came towards the rising Sydney, grabbing the left leg in what was supposed to be a single leg takedown. But Sydney was already on her feet, and began using clubbing blows to her back with both hands, loosening Gwen’s grip before pressing her face against that knee and stomping the mat. Margolis stumbled backwards holding her face before Sydney connected with a knee strike to the jaw that sent her to the mat. The champion was moving a little gingerly though and began rubbing her knee with both hands.

Zack: Sydney’s trying to massage some of the pain out of that left knee, but she’s not going to have much time to do so. Even on the mat, Gwen can still be dangerous.

Claire: But Sydney knows that. She’s faced some of the best technical wrestlers in the world already and knows just how dangerous they can be no matter what position they are in inside the ring.

When she spotted Margolis starting to get up again, Sydney put a stop to that with a punt to her back. It froze Gwen in place before planting a knee between her shoulder blades and then pulled back on her arms with a bow and arrow submission. Colby was quickly into position once again, now in front of Gwen to see if she wanted to stop the match and got a very clear “No!” from the challenger.

Zack: As long as she can hold this, it might give her a little more time for the pain in her knee to subside more. I don’t think she expects Gwen to quit here, it’s more about wearing her down.

Claire: Like you said, these holds aren’t always about picking up the victory necessarily, sometimes it is just about being able to do damage to your opponent while also recuperating yourself.

Sydney pulled her arms a little further back, causing the challenger quite a bit of pain in the process. Colby checked again, still getting the same response until Gwen planted her feet and began to rise up to a stand with her arms behind her. Sydney responded to that by quickly pulling those arms around her neck into a straitjacket lungblower that sent her chest first into the nearest corner. Margolis slumped against it as Sydney got to her feet a bit gingerly. She moved towards her, ducking her head between her legs before scooping her up into an electric chair that caused Gwen’s body to arch off the mat on impact.

Zack: Sydney has targeted Gwen’s back, and she’s gonna make sure every move Gwen makes, inflicted by her or not, is going to hurt for the rest of this match.

Claire: Sydney’s moving on from just the submission holds and right onto the big impact with the electric chair drop. The Canadian is using all of her experience in the Pure Division here tonight.

Sydney stomped her back when she rolled over, and reached down to pull her arms up behind her. Gwen quickly found herself in a standing surfboard submission near the ropes. Colby was back in position quickly as Sydney kept an eye on Gwen’s legs to make sure they didn’t reach the ropes. She was talking to the challenger at this point, telling her she wasn’t ready to be champion yet.

Zack: Seems like she’s trying to tempt Gwen to burn a rope break, Claire. She’s awfully close to them. What do you think, Claire?

Claire: We’ve seen it be a successful strategy before. Especially when you’ve only got those limited number of rope breaks to have to be judicious with them.

Gwen noticed how close they were as she was glancing towards them again and again. Sydney raised her foot and stomped her back again, trying to dig the heel in further as she pulled back on the hold. Margolis’ face showed the pain she was feeling as she glanced towards the ropes once more and finally kicked her foot under the bottom rope. Colby called for the break, which Sydney gave immediately while the rope break counter ticked down once for Gwen.

Zack: I don’t think Gwen had much other choice other than verbally submit, which is clearly not in her mind at this point. At least I didn’t see another way out.

Rope Breaks

Gwen Margolis - 2
Sydney Christensen - 3

Claire: It’s certainly a very tough hold to try and break without the aid of the ropes. It keeps Gwen alive but her options have become more restricted going forwards here.

Sydney backed up a few steps as Gwen grabbed the ropes to help her get to her feet. But the champion quickly closed the gap with a kidney punch to her lower back. It froze her in place again before she got spun around, and Christensen shoved her into the ropes and scooped her up as she bounced forward into a backbreaker across her knee. It certainly hurt Gwen, but she landed across Sydney’s left knee, and the champion stumbled a bit as a result.

Zack: Gwen’s back is getting wrecked here, but that backbreaker…that went across the wrong knee for Sydney! Old habits, right?

Claire: Definitely. Those are the sort of moves that become instinctive which is exactly what seemed to happen there. But it is only a small stumble for Sydney, and she should be able to recover without too much difficulty.

Gwen rolled to the ropes again, using them to help her get up as Sydney measured her. As soon as she was back to her feet, Christensen went for a running boot to her head. But Margolis grabbed the top rope and dropped down, causing Sydney’s foot to clear it and then get caught between it and the middle rope. The ropes snapped around her ankle and dropped Sydney to the mat with her left foot stuck between the ropes.

Zack: Sydney was looking for a boot to the skull….and it couldn’t have gone much worse! Wait till Gwen sees her fortune!

Claire: You talk about her having painted a bullseye on that knee earlier. Now she has free access to it and a window of opportunity before Sydney and Colby will be able to free that ankle - she can go to town if she desires.

Margolis turned back around to see what happened, and immediately began stomping away at her left knee. Stomp after stomp landed before she began firing kicks into the back of that same knee. Colby intervened, asking her to step back so he could free Sydney’s leg. Gwen did just that as the big man used some of his considerable strength to contort the ropes and finally reset them so Sydney’s foot could fall to the mat. Gwen wasted no time after that by grabbing her foot and dropping one elbow after another into her left knee.

Zack: Gwen is picking right up where she left off, and Sydney’s knee is certainly in a whole lot worse shape than it was just a couple minutes ago. Look at her drop those elbows into it!

Claire: Just hanging by that ankle could have caused the knee to over extend itself and do more damage. Margolis is looking to make hay while the sun shines with those repeated elbow drops.

Gwen hopped back to her feet, keeping a tight grip on Sydney’s foot before she stepped through and dropped into a figure four leglock near the ropes. Colby moved into position again, but Sydney wasn’t relenting at this point. Sydney noticed quickly how close she was to the ropes, but refused to grab it. Margolis continued to pull on her leg, causing the champion’s face to redden as Colby continued to see if she wanted to stop the match.

Zack: She’s right there, Claire! Sydney could easily grab the ropes and get the break from this figure four. But she won’t do it! Her pride won’t let her!

Claire: She knows just how valuable those rope breaks are - she remembers that previous Champions have lost titles by running out them. Her risk/reward calculation at the moment is that it’s worth a little more pain to try and find a different method of escape.

Sydney shouted in pain as Gwen kept the hold applied, raising her arm and managing to finally roll them both onto their stomachs to reverse the pressure. But Gwen rolled them over again, now to the center of the ring with the pressure right back onto Sydney. The powerhouse from Canada shouted in pain as she propped up on her elbows and used that strength to pull them both towards the ropes. But as she got there, she almost grabbed the bottom rope but stopped herself again.

Zack: A reversal, Gwen rolled it back and there she is again! Sydney will not use a rope break! Her pride won’t let her do it…I think that’s a mistake! She’s been in this submission for well over a minute, fans. But Sydney refuses to use a rope break!

Claire: Yes she does. She’s stubborn. She’s determined. And she desperately has to find some way to escape this before too much damage is done and the hold costs her the match anyway.

Colby asked her about stopping the match but the champion shouted “No!” as she reached out to grab the rope again…and stopped once more. The pain continued to radiate through her knee as Sydney pounded her fist on the mat and ultimately hooked her arm around the bottom rope. The big man in the stripes immediately called for the break, which Gwen gave as the rope break counter updated.

Zack: She could have done that a long time ago. But pride wouldn’t let her do it till she felt like she had to! That may turn out to be a regrettable decision before this is said and done, Claire.

Rope Breaks

Gwen Margolis - 2
Sydney Christensen - 2

Claire: A whole lot of damage might have already been done; the match might already have been lost - unless Sydney can fight through the pain and find a way to end this match sooner rather than later.

Gwen got to her feet, grabbing Sydney’s feet to pull her away from the ropes. But as she leaned down to reach them, Sydney caught her with a palm thrust to the throat that choked her up for a moment. Christensen kicked her ankle a few times, causing her to fall to the mat and immediately apply a rear naked choke on the challenger. Colby was quickly into position once again as Sydney clearly had the tightest grip possible on the hold with an angry look on her face.

Claire: That’s exactly the sort of thing that Sydney needed. This is a submission that could put Gwen to sleep in a hurry and cause her to leave Penn State without the Pure Championship.

Zack: It’s not about targeting the back anymore for the champion, she wants this over and done with as soon as possible. This is certainly a route to get there.

Gwen struggled as she tried to break the champion’s grip without much success, instinctively kicking her feet to try to help her with that. The challenger didn’t mind trying to find the ropes at all though as her free hand reached out and around her, unable to see how close she was but also not finding it just yet either. But the choke was quickly taking effect.

Zack: Gwen can’t see how close she is, but unlike Sydney, she’s eager to use a rope break if she can get her hand on it. Finding it without being able to turn her head to see the rope  is a whole other challenge though.

Claire: She’s not getting lucky is she? The ropes are so close but they might as well be in the middle of the ring! The challenger needs another method of escape and quickly.

Gwen’s movements began slowing quickly, thanks to Sydney’s tight grip. Colby checked again, reaching for her hand to see if it would fall. It did once. When he tried to grab it again, she kicked her feet up and over this time, causing her to be rolled up on top of Sydney as Colby went to make the count!

Zack: Gwen’s pinning her in the choke!




Sydney broke the choke, and shoved Gwen away from her before Colby could get to the three. The challenger rolled a few feet away, mouth agape as she tried to get her breath back and shake her head to clear the cobwebs.

Claire: Sydney almost got caught there, but she’s extracted every moment that she could from the hold and now Gwen’s gotta catch her breath while the Champion tries to get life back in her knee.

The champion got back to her feet, clearly hobbling now as she tried to put any pressure on her knee. Gwen headed towards her, but caught a kick to the gut as she approached. It wobbled Sydney again before she quickly used the opening to deliver an Olympic slam, driving Gwen’s back into the canvas. The champion dropped down to a seat behind her, grimacing as she brought her legs up to apply her lotus lock submission before she locked her legs behind Gwen’s head.

Zack: Sydney’s having a hard time standing, she’s looking to end this sooner than later! And there’s the FIRESTARTER!

Claire: Adrenaline had to have helped Sydney there with that Olympic Slam from one leg. Now can it see her through and allow her to keep this submission hold applied for as long as needed?

Gwen recognized it immediately and started trying to get free soon thereafter. Sydney’s face was contorted in pain having to hold her knee the way it was to apply the hold as she leaned back on her elbows. Colby moved around in front of the challenger to see if she wanted to stop the match, but Gwen showed no signs of that. Instead she was desperately trying to reach for the ropes, but the hold was taking quick effect after the rear naked choke from moments before.

Claire: We’re seeing why Sydney has excelled as submission wrestler and Pure Champion. She set Gwen up and wasted no time at all in springing the trap when she could.

Zack: You and I have called many a match where this submission has won Sydney the championship, including her Match of the Year candidate at Undeniable. Is Gwen next to fall prey?

Gwen’s rapid movements began to falter the longer the hold was applied, causing Colby to continue to check on her. After a few seconds, he began to lift her arm after seeing little to no movement. He raised it once. Then twice. The big man took a deep breath as he raised it a third time.

Claire: If it drops one more time, Gwen’s challenge this evening is over and Sydney will have racked up an impressive defense of the Pure Championship here at Global Wars.

It fell a third time before the big man called for the bell. Sydney broke the hold and rolled to her side, holding her knee in pain. When she used the ropes to get up again, Colby raised her hand as Lexi made it official.

Lexi: Your winner by submission AND STIIIIIIILL FFW Pure Champion…..SYDNEY CHRISTENSEN!!

Zack: Sydney has done it! Her first defense is in the books, but it’s pretty clear she paid a heavy toll to get here. I think her pride might have gotten in the way once or twice, but she found a way to win!

Claire: She might spend a few days on one leg and hobbling around but she came through this first big test of her talents and her abilities. And has done so with flying colours.

Colby handed her the Pure Championship, which she raided over her head and draped across her shoulder before she limped to the other side of the ring to step out. The fans in attendance showed her all kinds of respect as they applauded her.

Zack: A well earned response from our fans here at Penn State University as Sydney picks up her first successful defense, but I feel confident she hasn’t heard the last of Gwen.

Claire: No. Gwen was highly impressive tonight. Pushing the Champion every step of the way and was mere moments away from victory. I’m sure she’ll learn a lot from this. But every credit to Sydney as she continues to go from strength to strength, enjoying one of the best years of her career in 2024.

A trainer comes to help Sydney walk to the back as she stops once more to raise the Pure Championship before we head to a video package for the Global Wars triple threat.

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A video package shows the journey of all three women in Global Wars to tonight as well as some of their comments throughout the series. Then we go back live inside the arena, where we see the three flags hanging in a triangular arrangement over the ring. Then we go back to Lexi in the ring.

Lexi: The following contest is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit! And it is the finale of Global Wars! The winner of Global Wars will win a gold medal for their country and a Nova Championship match!

Then we see the three gold medals sat at ringside on a plush cloth over a tax, with the flag of each country emblazoned on them.

Zack: I’ll be curious to see how the fans split up for this one, though with this all about national pride, I suspect Jamie may have home field advantage despite two other fan favorites that will be involved.

Claire: Yeah, like you said, usually all three of these would expect to have the fans solidly behind them, but with the possibility that the USA might win Global Wars for the first time, this crowd might be more on Jamie’s side. It’ll be interesting to see how that may affect Nadia and Aviva.

Lexi: First, representing Israel…

The beat of “Black Sheep” by Metric kicks in and Aviva Miller busts out onto the ramp with her fist held high in the air, her head bobbing to the music. As the bass drops, she heads down the ramp and slaps hands with every fan she can reach. Instead of going right to the ring, she takes a trip around it and gives out more high fives before finally swinging herself onto the apron.

Lexi: From Los Angeles via Jerusalem…. this is Aviva Miller!

Aviva grins and ducks between the ropes into the ring, but then turns back and balances herself with one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the middle, waving her hand in a circle to get another loud cheer from the crowd. With the fans sufficiently hyped up, Aviva heads to her corner and waits for the match to begin.

Zack: Aviva Miller scored six points between two matches in the series, and had to play the role of spoiler two weeks ago to stop Nadia from matching Jamie’s points total. Former Diamond Champion and making her second appearance in Global Wars as well, because she was in it last year as well. What do you see as Aviva’s strengths tonight?

Claire: As you said, two weeks ago Aviva got what could be considered a second bite of the cherry - a chance to buy into this match up, so in some respects she’s already had that Game 7. She’s already gone through that high pressure, all or nothing environment and came through it with her hand raised. That has to have given her a lot of confidence when preparing for tonight.

Lexi: And representing France…

The lights in the arena dim and the almost haunting intro to ‘Good For You’ begins to play around the arena. A warm spotlight hits the center of the stage and the curtain at the entrance is pulled back to reveal a feminine figure standing just outside the reach of the spotlight.

I'm on my fourteen carats
I'm fourteen carat
Doing it up like Midas
Now you say I got a touch
So good, so good
Make you never wanna leave
So don't, so don't

The figure steps into the light to reveal Nadia Beaulieu. Dressed in provocative ring gear, that shows of her figure to perfection, she stands with one hand on her hip. The other raised towards her mouth with one finger resting gently on her bottom lip. She lowers her head a little as she looks around the crowd with a hooded gaze.

Gonna wear that dress you like, skin-tight
Do my hair up real, real nice
And syncopate my skin to your heart beating

She slowly tilts her head back and runs her finger down from her lip, over her chin and down the front of her cleavage still keeping the hooded gaze as she does. She sways her hips and starts to lower herself in rhythm with the music. She takes her time to make her way down, before taking just as much time to stand upright again. The blonde starts making her way down the ramp with a strut, running her hands down her curves at the side as she does.

'Cause I just wanna look good for you, good for you
I just wanna look good for you, good for you
Let me show you how proud I am to be yours
Leave this dress a mess on the floor
And still look good for you, good for you

Lexi: Introducing at this time, from Beaune, France………………………..NADIA BEAULIEU!

I'm on my marquise diamonds
I'm a marquise diamond
Could even make that Tiffany jealous
You say I give it to you hard
So bad, so bad
Make you never wanna leave
I won't, I won't

Nadia reaches the ring and climbs the steps, before scaling to the top of the turnbuckle from the outside. She gets her balance and then runs her hands down her sides again, before she somersaults off the top to land on her feet in the ring. Immediately dropping down into the splits once she has. She stays there for a moment before getting back to her feet and heading to her corner to await the start of the match.

Zack: It’s hard to be more decorated in such a short span as Nadia Beaulieu. She spent much of a year holding both the Future Shock Tag Titles and the Diamond title, which the woman who just arrived a moment ago dethroned her for. She’s been tag champions in two companies with Alessandra, and tonight she’s very capable of adding “2024 Global Wars Winner” to her resume for herself and her native France. She’s the most explosive of the three, in my view, as well. How about you, Claire?

Claire: Like you said, she’s won every tag title that’s she competed for - including the Unity Titles on her first night in FFW. She’s was an impressive Diamond Champion and her partner and best friend has won Global Wars before which is quite the resource to draw upon. If she’s not the most explosive, then she might just be the most experienced and the woman who has proven most often that she thrives when there’s a prize on the line.

Lexi: And finally, representing the United States of America….

The crowd immediately gets much louder now as they hear Lexi’s words.

Zack: Here we go! I had a feeling…

Claire: The crowd are fully behind the US of A. Aviva and Nadia are getting an early taste of it right now. I guess, Jamie might also not be used to quite how fervent this crowd is and the reception that she’s about to get. She usually gets a ten but like Spinal Tap, it might be going to 11 tonight.

The sitars and the electronic beat of t+pazolite’s “Magic Raffles” blare through the sound system as the stage is covered in dry ice fog. From the back, in a soft sprint, comes the “Magical Girl” Jamie Winters holding on to her magician’s hat, greeting the crowd with a big smile. She spins on her heels and strikes a pose as playing cards starts raining from the stage and the lights blink in white and baby blue. She then starts skipping down the entrance ramp to the beat of her song, sharing high-fives with the people who have their hands extended out to her, and stopping to give rabbit stickers to the children in the audience that she “generates” using her magic tricks. The fans are ROARING at this point, some chanting for Jamie and others with “U-S-A!” chants!

Lexi: Introducing next… From Lowell, Massachusetts… JAMIE WINTERS!!!

Finally, she reaches the ring, hopping onto the ring apron and then hovering in though the second rope. She quickly hops onto the bottom rope and leans on the top rope, flashing her playing cards with her rabbit stickers on them, before throwing those cards into the crowd and finally hopping down to the ring and taking her corner.

Zack: We’re about 7 hours southwest of Lowell, Massachusetts where Jamie calls home. But you wouldn’t know it when you hear this! The national pride is at an all time high tonight at Penn State University as the woman who leads the pack with 9 points is here! When Jamie took the lead in Global Wars, no one else ever caught up with her! And if crowd enthusiasm can win you matches, we might as well give her the medal now!

Claire: Yes we could. This might well be the biggest night of her career. An opportunity for her to make history; became the first ever USA winner of the medal across both FFW and Future Shock and in the process she could secure herself a title shot too. I’m sure she’ll draw on the support of this crowd tonight when she finds herself in deep water. And hopefully, whatever pressure the expectation of this crowd and of being the front runner puts her on doesn’t pull her under.

Jamie beams ear to ear as she listens to the chants both for her and her country as she looks around at the crowd filling the arena.

Zack: I’ve been doing this job for many years, and this response is giving me goosebumps. I’m a big fan of all three of these women, but this is something else. I wish all of you at home were here to feel this. Claire, it’s clear to me that national pride and patriotism is running rampant on the campus of Penn State, even despite how well loved all three of these girls are.

Claire: Yes it is. The people here at Penn State are really dialing it up for Jamie and the USA and generating an electric atmosphere. The competitors need to try and block this out somewhat though and focus on their gameplans, their keys to victory and only tap into these fans when they really need the motivation to find a second wind, to go that one step further in the hunt for glory. Whoever strikes that balance best will be in pole position to take home a gold medal.

Referee Kevin Fisk points out the three gold medals at ringside with each country’s flag on them before he calls for the bell to start the match. Jamie continues to soak up the fan support as she looks across at Nadia and Aviva, who are also taking in all the atmosphere. Each look up to their country’s respective flag hanging over the ring.

Zack: All three of these ladies are soaking it up in what is easily the most important match of their singles careers here in Future Shock. With this crowd, this match has that big fight feel you’d expect in a heavyweight boxing match for the world title. Winning Global Wars is something no one can take away from you, it’s a prize you keep for the rest of your career.

Claire: You’ll always be a Global Wars winner and for these women, they’ll also be the first winner from their respective countries too. They can all write their own chapter in history and as we’ve seen from other winners, this can be a launchpad for even greater success.

Each of them exchange glances, looking from one to the other listening to the crowd…until Nadia catches Aviva with a superkick that sends her through the ropes to the floor. The French beauty’s attention goes back to Jamie as the crowd audibly “OOHs!” at the action.

Zack: OH! Did you see that?! Nadia with a receipt from her match with Aviva two weeks ago…and even Jamie wasn’t expecting that!

Claire: Nadia’s showing that she wants to get straight down to business and is showing that she really wants to pick up this win tonight.

Even Jamie’s eyes widen at what Nadia did as the blonde waves Jamie forward before they meet in the center of the ring before they start trading punches. Beaulieu gets the early advantage as her shots start sending Jamie backwards a couple steps before she gets whipped across to the far side. Nadia catches her on the rebound with a discus elbow to the mouth before she pops her up into a sitout facebuster followed by a rollup and a leg hook.

Zack: Nadia with a sense of urgency here before Aviva can get back into the match!



But the magician kicks out as soon as the one count lands. She quickly pulls Jamie up, and fires her into the far corner. Winters lands back first before a running European uppercut from Nadia snaps her head back. She hooks her around the waist into a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge!

Claire: Nadia still not wasting any time at all here as she goes after Jamie and tries to put her away but I don’t think she’ll have worn her down enough yet!



Jamie kicks out again before the two lands on the mat, causing the French beauty to quickly pull her back to her feet. A trio of forearms land upside her head before Beaulieu fires her chest first into the corner. Jamie stumbles backwards as Nadia hits the near side ropes to deliver a disaster kick and then into the cover again!

Zack: Disaster kick right on the button, Nadia’s pitching a no-hitter in Global Wars!



But the magician kicked out again, only a half second later this time than the last one. The blonde took off for the far side as Jamie was starting to rise, catching her with a one-handed bulldog before heading for the corner.

Claire: Jamie is staying in this one and she needs to hope that Aviva can get herself back involved in this match and stop this beating that she’s catching from all directions!

Nadia perched herself and was about to fly before she got boosted off the top rope when Aviva shoved her to the canvas. The Israeli beauty stepped through the ropes as Nadia was trying to get up, but Miller darted towards her with a running clothesline. Nadia hit the mat and right back to her feet before she ate another clothesline from Aviva, who was still running. The blonde got back to her feet again as Miller springboarded off the middle rope with a quebrada that floored Nadia to the canvas. She kipped up to her feet, rubbing her jaw as she looked down to her fellow former Diamond Champion.

Zack: Aviva sent Nadia off the corner before she was ready, and our Israeli representative didn’t take too kindly to how this match started, did she?

Claire: Nope, and I don’t think you can blame her. She’s handing out a receipt to the Frenchwoman but she can't afford to get blinders on and just focus on one person in this Triple Threat contest.

When she spotted Nadia trying to get up, Aviva put a stop to that with a Fameasser to the back of her head. Miller pulled her up into a front facelock before hammering her with knees to the face and body followed by an impaler DDT and a quick cover and leg hook.

Zack: Now Aviva’s looking for the bell! No one’s punching a time clock in this one!



But Nadia kicked out as the two was coming down. Aviva hooked her head and began using a gator roll around the ring, trying to sap Beaulieu of her stamina and energy. After several rolls, she pulled her to her feet into a stalling vertical suplex.

Claire: That will certainly take some of the starch out of Beaulieu but I still feel like there’s going to be a ways to go before someone finally manages to score a fall here.

Aviva was about to pick her up again when she started looking around for Jamie, who was not where she was moments ago. As a matter of fact, Winters had hit the ropes behind her and left her feet for a backstabber that sent Aviva staggering forward. The fans came back to life as Jamie popped up to her feet, and darted forward with a lungblower. It sent Miller backwards into the corner instead of falling down. So Jamie hopped onto the middle rope, and the fans counted off ten elbows to the top of Aviva’s head. She stumbled along the ropes until a shotgun dropkick sent her through them to the outside. The “USA!” chants were going again, seemingly firing Jamie up more as she turned around into a knife edge chop from Nadia….that didn't faze her a bit.

Claire: Aviva to the outside once more and it seems like Jamie has hulked up a little from the reception of this crowd!

Zack: These fans can get your adrenaline flowing when it gets like this, and that’s what we are seeing now!

Nadia connected with another chop to the chest, but the adrenaline-fueled Jamie stared at her with a shake of her head. Then she started throwing chops of her own, one after another rapid fire followed by double chops with both arms. Then the right hands began to the jaw before she reached back, looked up to her hand and connected with a right hook and a bionic elbow to the top of Nadia’s head that put her on the mat. Winters hit the mat with both fists as the chants got louder, sending her off towards the ropes with a baseball slide to Aviva’s chest to send her backwards into the barricade. She hopped back to her feet in the ring, and took off towards a rising Nadia with a running neckbreaker.

Zack: Adrenaline is coursing through the veins of what is essentially the hometown girl for these purposes! Jamie’s hitting anything that moves!

Claire: And this is perfect from Jamie here. Unlike Nadia and Aviva when they were in control, she’s remembering that there’s two opponents and she needs to neutralise one to pick up victory over the other.

The USA chants were only getting louder as Jamie rallied. She took off for the far side, and rebounded quickly. But she passed Nadia on the canvas to fly through the ropes with a clothesline to Aviva who was getting up onto the apron. Winters quickly got to her feet, hopping onto the apron and sailing over the top rope with a flying forearm to Nadia. She shouted into the rafters, inciting the crowd further as she glanced towards Nadia and took off towards the ropes.

Zack: Listen to this place! Jamie Winters is gonna win Global Wars, and this arena will come unglued! I think she’s calling for her favorite move! It’s time for the MOMENT OF MAGIC!

Indeed it was as Jamie connected with her step-up moonsault splash that landed perfectly on target before she made the cover. Fisk slid into position to make the count as the fans counted along with him!




Jamie got yanked off the cover though by Aviva, who pulled her out of the ring with her. Miller bounced her head off the apron before connecting with a stunner that floored her before the Israeli beauty rolled back into the ring.

Claire: The closest pinfall of the match so far! But it wasn’t to be thanks to Aviva keeping this match alive!

Aviva used a running kneelift to Nadia as she was trying to get to her feet, sending the blonde backwards. Miller fired her into the far corner before following after her and sitting her on the top turnbuckle. What followed was a superplex before Aviva rolled on top of her to make the cover.

Zack: Massive superplex, and we may be about to make history!




But Beaulieu got her shoulder up in time, causing Aviva to shake her head and get back to her feet. She pulled the blonde up with her, hooking her head into position for her finisher. But when she spotted Jamie climbing onto the apron, Aviva responded by delivering a leg hook Saito suplex that sent Nadia into the ropes and knocking Jamie back to the floor as a direct result.

Claire: Aviva saw Jamie looking to come back in and just used her French opponent like a weapon. Smart thinking from her there.

Miller went back to Nadia next, pulling her up once again into position for her falcon’s arrow finisher. But Nadia countered with a back body drop that sent her over the top rope to the floor with Jamie. Beaulieu shook her head, trying to get her bearings before she took off for the far side. She rebounded quickly with a suicide plancha over the top rope that took both Aviva and Jamie out at the same time to ringside. Fisk looked down at all three women now laying on the floor, and there was nothing he could do.

Zack: Nadia picked up the 7-10 split there on the outside, and now all three of these women are ringside. It can only end in the ring, and I give these ladies credit for going 110 mph since the bell rang.

Claire: They have time now to try and pull themselves together; no-one can win it while they’re on the outside and whoever gets up first will be in a good position to take home a gold medal.

It was Nadia who was beginning to rise first after a few seconds. She glanced between both of her opponents, and hoisted Jamie back into the ring before following after her. Beaulieu scooped her up onto her shoulders into a Death Valley driver. A quick rebound off the near side saw her deliver a guillotine leg drop to the back of her head as she tried to get up. She was still trying to get her wind back as Jamie was starting to move again. When the magician got to her feet, Nadia shoved her backwards into the corner with a running shoulder tackle. She scooped her up to sit on the top turnbuckle before climbing up with her. And a moonsault belly to belly suplex followed as Jamie’s body crashed into the mat. The former tag champion hooked both legs as she went for the cover!

Zack: Nadia bringing out the heavy artillery with a cyclorama! And France is gonna make history in Global Wars in three seconds!




Fisk’s hand never touched the canvas on the three count as he saw his wrist clutched by Aviva, who was now back in the ring and holding it off the mat. Nadia glanced around and saw it for herself, shaking her head with a scowl.

Claire: Aviva again with the last moment save! What’s it going to take for one of these women to actually pick up the win tonight?!?

Nadia got to her feet, and Aviva did the same before they started trading shots in the center of the ring. Right hands landed in flurries before Beaulieu whipped her across for the ride, only for it to be reversed by Aviva who caught her on the rebound with a spear! It folded her in half on the mat as Miller made it back to her feet finally.

Zack: And now it’s Aviva back large and in charge in this match. The momentum has switched so many times in this match that I’ve lost count. I think all three of them are ripe for the picking.

Claire: At the moment it’s Aviva standing tall though - and as I’m sure she’s aware having already played spoiler twice, she needs to make sure that Jamie can’t stop her from pinning Nadia.

Aviva spotted Jamie starting to rise with her though, and caught her with a bicycle kick to the chest that stumbled her backwards into the ropes. As Winters leaned against those ropes, Aviva maneuvered those ropes until she had trapped Jamie’s arms between the top and middle. As the magician struggled, a spinning knee to the jaw caused her to slump and hang from them before Aviva returned her attention to Nadia.

Zack: Now that…that’s pretty smart! Aviva has tied up Jamie over there in the ropes, and now it’s her and Nadia one on one in a rematch from two weeks ago on Future Shock.

Claire: It’s bought her some precious seconds to pick up the pinfall while Jamie tries to find a way to escape.

Beaulieu was beginning to get back to her feet as well when Aviva caught her with a running forearm to the mouth. She hooked her head and dragged her back to the center of the ring before hoisting her up into a stalling brainbuster. She landed it flawlessly before hooking the outside leg for the cover.

Zack: Jamie’s caught in the ropes, Nadia got spiked, and Aviva is seconds away from winning Global Wars!




But Nadia got her shoulder off the mat in time before the three was about to touch the canvas. Aviva shook her head as she grabbed Nadia and applied a guillotine choke submission. The referee darted around into position as Aviva locked her ankles behind Nadia’s back.

Claire: If she can’t pin her, she’ll make her pass out! Nadia has to either find a way to break it or pray that Jamie can make the save!

Nadia’s ability to fight out of the hold had been weakened, thanks to everything she had been through throughout the match so far. But she was still trying as she grabbed at anything she could find with both hands. She even grasped Fisk’s shirt until he made her let go. That’s when the USA chants began again as the fans in the arena were trying to motivate Jamie. Meanwhile, Beaulieu’s movements were faltering quickly.

Claire: If Jamie’s going to do it, she has to make her move soon. Beaulieu’s lights are dimming very, very quickly here.

Zack: This crowd is solidly behind Jamie, and they are trying their best to breathe new life into our resident magician! If she wasn’t so worn down…she’d already be out of the ropes. She is an escape artist by trade, after all.

Fisk raised Nadia’s hand and let it drop to the mat once. Jamie was now moving in the ropes, lifting her head and trying to get her bearings. The referee raised Nadia’s hand again, letting it drop to the canvas a second time. Jamie slumped down to the mat after working her arms free, her head hanging down as she took in deep breaths while the chants got louder.

Zack: Aviva’s about to win Global Wars! Jamie’s had a lot taken out of her, and Nadia’s about to have naptime right here on the campus of Penn State!

Claire: That hand just needs to drop once more and Aviva’s going home with the prizes! USA is seconds away from being disappointed once more!

Fisk raised Nadia’s hand for the third and final time. But as it fell again, a leaping knee drop to the head from Jamie to Aviva caused her to break the hold, causing all three once again to lay on the mat as they tried to recover as quickly as they could. It was Jamie who made it back to her feet seconds later though, leaning heavily against them to hold her up while Aviva was starting to move now as well. Jamie pushed off the ropes, grabbing the former Diamond Champion before she whipped her across to the far corner. But Miller stopped, turning into her before scooping her up into a sitout piledriver! She floated across for the corner as Fisk slid into position.

Zack: I’ve never seen her use that before, and Jamie’s not gonna get up this time! No gold for America tonight!




The count was stopped when Nadia pulled Aviva from the cover before she collapsed back to her knees. It was clear she was spent as she tried to get her wind back, and Aviva shot a cold look at her as she got back to her feet.

Claire: Nadia has got to be running on fumes and instinct after almost getting put out by that sleeper! That she pushed herself to make that save shows how much this series means to her.

Aviva shook her head as Nadia started to pull herself up to her feet. And when Miller got close enough, Nadia surprised her again with a superkick just like at the beginning of the match. It sent her staggering on her feet as Nadia headed for the corner and started to make her way up.

Zack: I think Aviva might be out on her feet here! Nadia’s taking a HUGE gamble right now!

Nadia immediately came off the corner with her top rope blockbuster that….missed when Aviva stepped out of the way. Beaulieu crashed into the canvas before Miller muscled her up and quickly delivered her falcon’s arrow….until a running knee strike to the temple floored the former Diamond Champion as Jamie dove on top of her for the cover!

Zack: Nadia has been brought DOWN TO—Where the hell did that come from?! A Busaiku knee from Jamie and—




And that’s when the fans in the arena erupted. Fisk called for the bell as pyrotechnics exploded in the rafters and along the stage. Jamie slumped against the ropes, catching her breath as she got to her feet and raised her hand as a look of elation crossed her face.

Zack: I don’t believe it!

Lexi: Your winner by pinfall and representing the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA….your 2024 GLOBAL WARS CHAMPION……JAMIE WINTERS!!

Claire: Finally! After being a mainstay and a constant in every single Global Wars series, USA has a winner and a gold medallist. Take a bow Jamie Winters! Many have come close, but you’re the one who has finally broken the hoodoo and written history.

A nearly deafening USA chant started rumbling throughout the arena as the referee hung the gold medal for the USA around Jamie’s neck, bringing tears of joy to her eyes.

Zack: The Bryce Jordan Center is shaking, and it’s all because Jamie Winters has brought home the gold for the United States of America! She said she wanted this match to be a triple threat, I second guessed that logic! But there’s no denying that Jamie came through and won the USA its first gold medal in the history of this event in FFW!

Claire: It almost backfired on her plenty of times during this contest. Make no mistake, Aviva and Nadia were both within a hair's breadth of claiming gold for themselves tonight. All three have left everything they’ve got in the ring and all three would have been worthy winners.

Jamie climbed the corner, pumping her arm over her head as the USA chants continued to an almost deafening level in the arena.

Zack: Congratulations, Jamie! Just like your opponents, you represented your country with pride and look at the response! I’ll tell you what with all this reaction, there may be a population boom in about nine months from tonight around this city.

Claire: Jamie has written history here tonight at Penn State! It can never be taken away from her. It was by the finest of margins against two of the toughest women she’ll have gone up against in this contest who will have seen their stock rise, but none of that will matter to Jamie or this crowd. All they care about are that she’s had her hand raised and has the medal hanging around her neck!

The chants continued as Jamie rallied the American crowd, kissing the medal hanging from her neck before the show went to a commercial for the Fatale Royale coming to FFW All Access.
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The show returns into the arena as there’s already a buzz going throughout the crowd as Lexi returns to the ring one last time for the night.

Zack: These fans were promised a title versus title match in February, and we’re about to deliver that! Even without this match, I feel like our fans here at the Bryce Jordan Center have gotten more than their money’s worth tonight at Global Wars.

Claire: It certainly been a packed show and a real rollercoaster thus far. Like you said, they were promised this in February and we always like to deliver on our promises. After Charlotte pulled out there was only really one choice for this contest.

Lexi: The following contest is your main event of the evening scheduled for one fall to a finish with a 45 minute time limit! And it is title versus title, WINNER TAKES ALL!!

The sounds of "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol begin to play as purple strobe lights flash on the darkened stage. A woman starts to rise up from under the stage with her back to the crowd before looking over her shoulder with a smile.

Last night a little dancer, came dancin' to my door
Last night a little angel, came pumping on my floor
She said come on baby, you got a license for love

The fans give her a very warm response as she bounces down the stage to the music, greeting several fans along ringside and even taking selfies with a couple before rolling under the bottom rope. She shucks off her ring jacket as the lights come up.

Lexi: Introducing from London, England....please welcome the reigning and defending Future Shock Nova Champion....ARABELLA TOWNSHEND!!

Arabella gives Lexi a little hip bump as she passes her, and climbs up onto the turnbuckle to rally the fans as her music fades out.

Zack: A first ever meeting between two of Future Shock’s brightest stars here at Global Wars. Arabella’s looking to make history, and we already know if she wins, that our Global Wars winner will be awarded the Nova Championship on the next Future Shock. So you gotta believe Jamie is rooting for the Age of Arabella right about now.

Claire: I’m sure she is - like you said, if Arabella wins this, her exploits in Global Wars and in winning the Triple Threat earlier will net her the Nova Championship. It’s just the icing on the cake on a night where she has already made history. Of course, Arabella has to climb the mountain and do the near impossible first, so I wouldn’t pop the champagne corks just yet.

The lights in the arena go off before a single purple spotlight hits the stage. As the opening bars of “Wild Side” by Cross My Heart Hope To Die starts to play Missy appears at the entrance way. Missy stands perfectly still, as her head stays bent, looking towards the ground and her manager Christian Kincaid walks out to stand behind her.

I've been on my best behavior
But I've heard that good girls finish last
And once you're gone they say no one can save you
But who knows if I go I may never want to ever come back
We've all fell victim to temptation
It seems that I'm the last one holding on
What's the use in fighting for my salvation
And why does it feel so damn right to want to be so wrong

At the side of Missy purple lights flash on and off, looking almost like fireworks, as she remains perfectly still. As the lights subside, Missy raises her arms up to the air and a single white spotlight accompanies the move.

I just wanna dance with the devil tonight
I wanna know what it feels like
I wanna close my eyes, put my hands in the sky
I wanna walk on the wild side

Lexi: Introducing at this time…. Hailing from Leeds, England and weighing in at One hundred and twelve pounds… she is the reigning and defending FFW Future Shock Champion….MIIIIISSSSSY!

Missy makes her way down the ramp to the ring keeping her eyes straight ahead, focussing on the ring, with Christian following a few steps behind. When she reaches the ring she slowly climbs the steel steps, surveying the crowd as she does until she reaches the top. She steps onto the apron and gives one final look around before she enters the ring between the top and middle rope. Leaning over the top rope she shares a few last minute words with her manager as her theme music ends.

Zack: This honestly feels like it should be at Unstoppable, but you’re getting it tonight as part of Future Shock Global Wars! Missy promised the fans she’d be in the ring as advertised tonight before even knowing who she’d face after Charlotte’s injury. She’s a woman of her word, and we’re set to make some history here!

Claire: Missy is an experienced veteran. She’s seen just about everything that she could see and faced just about every type of competitor that it’s possible to face and overcome them. She can lean on that and rely on that experience to be successful tonight.

Referee Jennifer Stringer collects the titles from both champions, and raises them over her head. The buzzing in the arena gets louder as a result, and she hands them both to Lexi before the blonde bombshell leaves the ring. The bell sounds after that, and both women meet in the center of the ring. It’s clear how much mutual respect is between them, and they both look around at the now much louder crowd in attendance. It brings a bit of a smile to their faces before they lock up in the center of the ring. Arabella immediately establishes her strength advantage as she backs Missy into the ropes. Stringer calls for the break, which Arabella gives as she takes a step back. Missy locks up with her again almost immediately before she gets flung to the canvas by the Nova Champion. The Future Shock Champion quickly gets up, surprising Arabella when she tries to grab her with a jawbreaker that rocks her backwards a step. Missy grabs her hand and yanks her forward into an elbow smash to the jaw, dropping the more powerful Brit to her knee.

Zack: There’s no question Arabella is the stronger of the two, but Missy’s experience advantage can make up a lot of difference. There is a height disparity though. Tell our fans, please, Claire, if it’s more difficult to land effective shots when you’re having to punch upwards.

Claire: Yeah, it’s harder to land the most effective shots when you’re reaching up to land them simply because you can’t get a full transfer of your weight behind the blows the same way you can when you’re about equal height with your opponent.

Before the Nova Champion could get up, Missy pulled that arm again to connect with a ripcord knee strike to the mouth. A standing scissor kick to the head brought Arabella to the canvas as Missy bounced off the near side ropes with a diving elbow drop to the back of her head. The shorter champion quickly hooked her head into a crossface, prompting Stringer to move into position to check for a submission.

Claire: We know that Missy has a potent submission game and is an excellent technical wrestler. This hold can cause the Nova Champion all sorts of discomfort throughout the rest of this match.

Zack: I couldn’t agree more. I think she’s doing her best to drain some of that strength, because I doubt she expects a submission from Arabella when the stakes are this high.

Missy cranked on the hold a little more, leaning back more to create extra pressure. But it was Arabella’s height that served her well here as she reached out her free arm and stretched it to grab the bottom rope. The Future Shock Champion did as she was asked, and broke the hold to get back to her feet. But she didn’t let Arabella linger as she pulled her up by the head, and dropped her with a double underhook DDT before making the cover.

Zack: Missy’s ready to add a new title to her CV!


But it was clearly far too early for Arabella as she kicked out, and shoved Missy off the cover. The Leeds lass took off for the far side next, catching the rising Nova Champion with a running kneelift that rocked her backwards on her knees.

Claire: I’m not sure Missy expected to win there. I think she was just looking to wear Arabella down a little further and keep the upper hand.

That’s when she measured and fired a front kick to Arabella’s chest. Then another and another as they picked up in frequency until a spinning heel kick to the jaw put her face down on the mat. Missy backed up to the ropes, measuring her for a moment before darting forward with a running bicycle knee to the head that dropped Arabella back to the mat before she made the cover once more.

Zack: Missy’s looking for knockouts, and to be the next Nova Champion!



It took a heartbeat longer than last but Arabella kicked out again before the two landed on the mat. Christian watched from ringside, encouraging Missy to focus on her head. A bounce off the near side into a leg drop across the back of Arabella’s head showed she was listening.

Claire: Even if she doesn’t get the knockout shot that she’s looking for, she’s doing plenty of damage and she’ll be causing her more powerful foe to suffer an amount of disorientation.

Once more, the Future Shock Champion pulled her up by the head before she backed into the corner. Missy climbed to the middle rope, looking for a tornado DDT…but Arabella wrapped her arm around the top rope and let her opponent drive herself into the mat instead. Townshend shook her head as she tried to get her bearings as Missy was starting to get up a moment later. She didn’t get up for long before Arabella caught her turning around with a big boot to the jaw that put her down again.

Claire: Arabella bought herself a couple of vital few seconds there and now she’s got the chance to use every ounce of her power to try and put the Future Shock Champion away and claim the biggest prize in Future Shock.

Zack: She would go down in history with a massive accomplishment no one has ever accomplished, and may likely never do again.

The Nova Champion was still trying to clear the cobwebs for a moment as Missy was starting to get up again. That’s when Arabella kicked her in the stomach, and scooped her up into a turnbuckle powerbomb. It caused Missy to slump against the corner before Townshend took off for the far side, and came back with a running face wash boot to the jaw. One wasn’t enough though as she hit the ropes again, delivering a second one that slumped Missy over the bottom rope facing the crowd this time.

Zack: I think Arabella could play special teams for the Eagles with these kicks of hers! Missy needs to get out of the corner!

Claire: She certainly seems like a sitting duck at the moment. The only note of caution I’d sound is not to give her too much time and space - it’d make more sense for the powerhouse to make the ring smaller; try and fight in a phone booth rather than give someone like Missy vital seconds to try and think or get enough about her to act on instinct.

Arabella continued the barrage as she took off towards Missy again, this time with a knee trembler as she sat against the corner.  The lanky Nova Champion climbed to the middle rope over her and jumped down into a double knee strike to her chest. She dragged the Leeds lass away from the ropes and dropped down to make the cover.

Zack: Missy must feel like she’s been trapped in a box with a bear, and Arabella’s looking to make history!



The Future Shock Champion got her shoulder off the mat in time, and Arabella was back to her feet a moment later. She scooped her up onto her shoulders next into a Samoan drop. Arabella was back to her feet a second later.

Claire: This is more what I was expecting from Arabella. Keep the Future Shock Champion within arms reach. Don’t let her get more than a step or two away and use all of that power edge you have.

She pulled Missy up with her, and scooped her into a snake eyes in the corner. It sent the Hall of Famer stumbling just before Townshend measured and connected with her spinning roundhouse kick that dropped Missy where she stood. The Nova Champion took a deep breath as she pulled Missy up, planting her head into position for what looked like her spinning powerbomb finisher. But Missy knew it too well, and countered with a back body drop. She stumbled forward for a moment to collect herself as Arabella was getting back to her feet behind her. When Townshend went to grab her from behind, Missy left her feet with a Pele kick that sent them both down to the canvas.

Zack: To this point, Claire, I’d say these two women have given each other about as good as they’ve gotten. Missy had seen that setup for the HELLO BOMBSHELLE before, and expertly avoided it.

Claire: This might be the first time these two have locked up but you can bet your bottom dollar that Christian has made sure Missy knows what that move feels like, how you get set up for it and all the different ways and key moments to escape from it.

Finally getting her wits about her, Missy looked back to see Arabella starting to get up again. She put a stop to that though with a leaping ax kick to the back of her head. Townshend went face down again on the mat, giving Missy a moment to measure before she took off for the far side. When Arabella was up to all fours, Missy delivered her signature curb stomp to the back of her head.

Claire: We’ve seen this sequence before. We know what follows that curb stomp and we’ve seen it claim victim after victim after victim throughout Missy’s career in both FFW and Future Shock.

Zack: And if history holds true to form and she hits the frog splash, it may be all over but the congratulations!

She glanced towards the corner and back to Arabella for a quick second before heading over to make her ascent. When she finally made it and was perching herself, Arabella rolled away from her. Missy shook her head and hopped down, and began to measure her again. As soon as the Nova Champion was to a knee, Missy took off towards her with a bicycle kick aimed at her head. But Arabella dodged out of the way, causing her opponent to adjust and land awkwardly on her feet. And as soon as she turned around, Townshend yanked her into a single knee facebreaker that saw them both back on the mat again. After a couple seconds, Stringer began her mandatory ten count.

Zack: They certainly aren’t leaving anything to chance. These two are hitting hard and often in this match. They both want to make history as the first woman ever to hold both the Future Shock and Nova Championships at the same time.

Claire: It was Arabella’s turn to see it come and left nothing to chance with the roll then excellent awareness to avoid Missy after it! Stringer has to give a ten count, but I’m sure she’ll use her judgment as much as possible to try and ensure we get a winner.

It was Arabella who began to get up first, but Missy wasn’t far behind her. When the shorter champion went to grab her, Arabella stunned her with a discus elbow to the mouth. There was a rumbling beginning in the crowd at this point as Arabella nailed her with another elbow before hoisting Missy face up on her shoulders and into a burning hammer! She started to give the signal for her spinning powerbomb till her attention was drawn by three women jumping the barricade and hitting the ring. All three of them started attacking her amid a chorus of boos as the fans recognized Jennifer, Emily, and Brittany Williams.

Zack: What the?! What the hell are they doing here?! They aren’t even on this roster!

Claire: At the moment, ruining what was surely a highlight reel classic between two of the finest Champions in this company!

As all three of them pounded on Arabella, Missy got back to her feet and started helping try to fight them back. The fans were clearly behind the two women in the match as Missy started unloading with right hands to Jenny, trying to force her back as the bell sounded. Emily and Jenny stomped away at Arabella against the ropes. The numbers remained uneven until Arabella’s tag partner hit the ring in her street clothes! The fans popped as Angelina darted into the ring and started to fight Brittany off as security began pouring from backstage!

Zack: The sides are even now! Here comes Angelina! And the Cartel…the Dynasty…whatever the hell you want to call them have ruined this match! But it seems like one is missing here, Claire.

Claire: The boss in any good cartel– sorry Dynasty – never gets their hands dirty Zack. I don’t fancy Emily, Brittany and Jenny’s chances against the very finest Future Shock has to offer either - this is more like a suicide mission.

Security entered the ring next as they tried to pull all three of the Williams women away without much success as the Belles and Missy were still trading blows with them. No one in the arena was happy at the intrusion as they booed the three intruders.

Zack: I doubt these three want anything to do with it when the sides are even! Security is trying to separate them, and…I’m being told Sofia is in the arena and backstage somewhere. We’re gonna try to get a camera and see what the hell this is all about!

Claire: More like Security are trying to save the members of the “Dynasty” from the stupid mistake they’re making.

The fighting continued in the ring before the show went to split screen, finding Sofia and Jason outside the door of the CEO. She pounded on the door before Adam opened it, talking into a walkie talkie to send security to his office. And Sofia began berating and yelling at him for firing Jason, threatening to fire her and her allies, and how what was happening in the arena right now is on his head.

On the other screen, Starla arrived along with the security as they finally began separating the two sides. She told them to throw the Williams women out of the arena, getting a pop from the fans as the trio were being pulled out of the ring finally.

Zack: The COO is laying down the law, and she’s not mincing her words either. You just heard Sofia, this is all about her issues with Adam! She’s buying herself all kinds of problems, let me tell you! And three of them are in the ring right now!

Claire: She does know that he can still fire all four of their asses and ban them from every arena FFW and Future Shock visit. I’m not sure they really want to test Starla either. She might not have competed in the ring for a while but she’s visited the training center and I can tell you that she can still go.

Back at the office door, security arrived quickly as Sofia was shouting in Adam’s face and pointing her finger at him. When one of the security team tried to pull her away, she punched him in the face. Another member of the team tried to push Jason against the wall before Sofia kicked him in the groin. She felt a hand touch her arm before she spun around with a back elbow to the man’s head…except that was Adam as he disappeared behind the door holding his face. Hilton shrugged her shoulders at that as security doubled around her!

Zack: OH! She hit Adam! She clocked him right in the face! And–oh shit!

On the other screen, Missy was watching on the video wall and her eyes widened as she saw what everyone else saw. The Future Shock Champion shook and darted out of the ring, taking off towards the back at a dead sprint.

Claire: Dead woman walking!! We’ve seen what has happened to people who have attacked Missy’s husband in the past. It has never gone well for them and always left them needing medical treatment.

Sofia took Jason’s hand and started to leave as security was escorting her away from the office. She didn’t get far before the camera turned around and saw Missy taking off towards her from behind. That’s when Hilton turned and heard her coming.

Zack: And that was the precise moment Sofia Hilton knew she fucked up!

Her eyes widened before she began pushing the security in front of her now instead of away as the Future Shock Champion was trying to get around the wall of security guards as Sofia and her accomplice took off towards the exit. Missy glanced inside the office and saw Adam sitting on the floor holding his hand over his eye when a trainer arrived. And as Global Wars faded off the air, the face of a furious Missy was the last image seen.

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