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June 24, 2024, 10:02:17 am
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FFW Breaking Point - June 1, 2024

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Author Topic: FFW Breaking Point - June 1, 2024  (Read 78 times)
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« on: June 01, 2024, 02:03:45 pm »

Location: Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, California
June 1, 2024

The FFW logo flashes across the screen before the voice of Samantha Star is heard as we see footage from the very first edition of Breaking Point from June of 2010.

“I created FFW to be the premiere showcase for female wrestlers, and there’s never been anything like it since then.” That’s when “War of Change” by Thousand Foot Krutch begins to play before we start seeing one FFW title after another sat on a pedestal.

It's a truth that in love and war
Worlds collide and hearts get broken
I want to live like I know I'm dying
Take up my cross, not be afraid

The first title we see is the FFW Championship before a hand snatches it off the table, and next we see crowd reactions to Kelly Kincaid heading onto the stage as well as some of her recent title defenses. The Evolution Championship is scooped up next before clips of Harley Shannon, Caitlyn Storm and Bianca Reed are seen.

Is it true what they say, that words are weapons? And if it is
Then everybody best stop stepping
'Cause I got ten in my pocket that'll bend ya locket
I'm tired of all these rockers saying, "Come with me"

The Undisputed Tag Titles are collected before clips of teams such as Target Acquired, Midnight Storm, Valerie McKinley and Lacey as well as Latina Heat get spotlighted. Then clips of several of the stars of the promotion are shown including Scarlett Kincaid, Savannah Star, Lilly Arthur, Tara Cortez, Diamond Steele, Crystal Zdunich, Cassandra Steen and Rebecka Hate as the song continues to play.

Wait, it's just about to break
It's more than I can take
Everything's about to change
I feel it in my veins
It's not going away
Everything's about to change

The show then flashes live inside the arena to a roaring crowd as the camera shows the fans on their feet and then the sight of Katherine Grayson standing in the ring before we hear the voices of the Breaking Point broadcast team.

Zack: FFW has come home to the City of Angels here in Los Angeles, California, and you’re watching the 236th episode of Breaking Point as we barrel towards Forsaken on June 29th only on FFW All Access! Wherever you are, thank you for watching. I’m Zack Hudson and this is the “Wildcat” Gabrielle Crimson.

Gaby: And what a night we have in store for you tonight! FFW returns to its cradle for the return of not only one or two, but THREE superstars that have been estranged from our rings… All of them with very specific agendas and not enough answers for the questions we’ve been asking ourselves. And we’re not just looking into Forsaken, Z – there’s a lot of Future Shock stuff we here at Breaking Point have to keep our eyes peeled for! More specifically, for FFW x Future Shock!

Zack: Our main event tonight will be a preview of Forsaken’s massive 8 woman tag team elimination match when Jennifer Williams of the Dynasty meets Vivi Traeger for the first time ever! This marks Vivi’s first match since her No Holds Barred fight with Savannah at Vendetta.

Gaby: And this is a preview of the meeting between the brands, as both women will be part of a four-on-four elimination match at Forsaken, when the Dynasty will take on the Allmother, the Future Shock Champion Missy, and the Shaolin Belles.

Zack: It’ll also be a night of returns to the ring. In one case, it’ll be payback from Vendetta as Stephanie Sullivan of SOS meets up with “Sensational” Stacey Sky in her first match since Unstoppable 14 last year. Savagery and submission tonight!

Gaby: Stacey revealed herself to be the woman who attacked Crystal Hilton in the whole debacle that led to S.O.S. taking on the team of Valerie McKinley and Elizabeth Lannister. Now we get to see the Gold Standard original’s return against the woman who came to Crystal’s aid when she needed a partner to take on Power and Privilege.

Zack: But it’s not just Stacey making a long-anticipated return. The Queen of the North Josephine Star, why she’s changed her last name is still a mystery, facing Mikayla Stone.

Gaby: And not just the last name, she’s left us with many, many questions: what’s up with the throne? Why did she openly call Rose a liar after she almost went too far with her receipt against one Rebecka Hate? And, if you’re the Cosplay Princess… What the hell happened to her friend?

Zack: After getting battered bloody two weeks ago, Dawn Warren of the Action News Network is in Los Angeles for some retribution when she meets the debuting Maddison Knight one on one. We know Maddison is half of the team responsible for what happened to Dawn.

Gaby: The duo of Maddison Knight and Rori Mackenzie, The Prophecy made their return to FFW in some… weird circumstances, first taunting Scarlett Kincaid, and now going after Warren, going so far as to declare today the death of her career… Though that was Robbyn Helmsley, not necessarily one of them. There’s payback to be had here, after they blindsided Dawn during Felicia Atherton’s match with Scarlett Silver two weeks ago!

Zack: I also understand we have another video from Sofia Hilton, who chose not to be here tonight. Most likely because Missy is here. So we’ll certainly hear from her in that. I think she’s just digging the hole deeper, Gaby.

Gaby: Out there in the… “normal” world, one would get fired for giving the boss a black eye, but in FFW, the boss brings out the Future Shock Champion – who happens to be his wife, what do I know! – for some insurance. And, yeah, again… The Dynasty are quick to make enemies, and I’m looking forward to what Mr. Grant and the champ have to say about all this too.

Zack: There’s a whole lot on deck for FFW’s hometown fans here in the Crypto dot com Arena, so let’s get the show rolling! It’s all yours, Kat!

The show cuts to the ring and finds Kat beaming from ear to ear in a little black dress before she begins the introductions.

Kat: The opening contest of Breaking Point is scheduled for one fall to a finish!

“Scandalous” by Misteeq starts to play across the Pa system and Stephanie slowly emerges from behind the curtain. Her tag team partner, Crystal, appears behind her.

Lexi: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way to the ring from Detroit Michigan, she is "Simply Scandalous" Stephanie Sullivan!

She is clad in a long black robe and written on the back of the robe in glow in the dark white lettering is the word Scandalous. The front has 3S interlocked with one another. The crowd begins to shower her with cheers. Crystal stands just behind her, clearly amused by the reaction she’s getting.  She blows a kiss to the crowd which draws an even bigger positive reaction, and she taunts them as she struts her way down to the ring. Stephanie makes her way down to the ring, she grins as she makes her way inside the ring. She grabs her robe and breaks out into the open jacket orgasm. She shakes her ass as she tosses her robe to the side. She bounces around before joining Crystal, who is standing in her corner applauding her..

Zack: It wasn’t that long ago that Stephanie got a very opposite response to what she’s getting now, but what a difference leaving the Maidens and a change of scenery can make. She and Crystal were successful at Vendetta, then we had a little reveal that rained on that parade.

Gaby: And that would be the return of the Scandalous One’s opponent for tonight! But indeed, the reunion of Stephanie with old-time partner Crystal Hilton has Sullivan doing a whole 180 with the fans, and seeing as she’s gonna be across the ring right now? I’m sure she appreciates the support.

As the opening of ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ by Def Leppard starts to play, Kyle Kilmeade steps through the curtain and holds it open. Stacey Sky steps out onto the stage wearing her ring gear which consists of a black bra-style top, with gold trim. A black and gold cheerleader style skirt, and black boots with a gold trim.

Pour some sugar on me
Ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me
C'mon, fire me up
Pour your sugar on me
I can't get enough

She stops at the start of the ramp and runs her hands down her sides until she reaches her hips and then stands with her hands on hips for a moment, before she starts moving towards the ring with Kyle walking slightly behind her.

I'm hot, sticky sweet
From my head to my feet, yeah

As the line hot, sticky sweet plays, she raises her finger to her mouth and tilts her head to one side. Then she sways her hips, lowering herself down at the same time, before popping back up and blowing a kiss from one side to the other.

Kat: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Anaheim, California and accompanied by Kyle Kilmeade…………….“Sensational” Stacey Sky

Listen! red light, yellow light, green-a-light go!
Crazy little woman in a one man show
Mirror queen, mannequine, rhythm of love
Sweet dream, saccharine, loosen up
Loosen up

She takes off at a run towards the ring and then jumps up onto the apron, where she immediately drops down into the splits. She leans forwards and grabs hold of her foot, lowering her head so she can roll under the bottom rope, still in the splits. Once in the ring, she moves up to her knees, throwing her head back as she does. She licks her lips and gives a devilish smile out to the crowd.

You gotta squeeze a little, squeeze a little
Tease a little more
Easy operator come a knockin' on my door
Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet
Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah, yeah
Give a little more.

As her music starts to fade she gets to her feet and goes to her corner, climbing up, she sits on the top turnbuckle with her legs crossed and shares a few last minute words with her manager on the apron as she awaits the start of the match.

Zack: You wouldn’t think to look at her history in FFW and Future Shock that this woman was a former cheerleader. A woman in charge of hyping up a crowd and bringing smiles to peoples’ faces. We now know she’s capable of far worse.

Gaby: Well, nobody said we can’t have evil cheerleaders! What a concept, right? Anyway, we learned at Vendetta, finally, that this woman was who attacked Crystal Hilton, what with the whole faulty camera work that left us in suspense for several months. And the fact Valerie McKinley of all people was exempting herself from any blame should’ve been our first warning!

Referee Stephen Wilson called for the bell as Staphanie came out of the corner with confidence and bravado as she waved Stacey towards her. The blonde looked down to her manager, who said something to her before Sky obliged the brunette. She charged towards with a running shoulder tackle that sent Sullivan back into the same corner she just left. Repeated shoulder thrusts into her body started connecting as Stephanie was hammering blows across her back to try to shake her loose. It only worked briefly before Stacey used a back body drop to send her out to the mat. Stephanie was back to her feet a second later, only to catch a discus elbow to the mouth from the former cheerleader followed by an European uppercut that put her on the canvas.

Zack: Well I mean…Stephanie did tell her to bring it on and that’s exactly what Stacey was more than happy to do. Can’t really fault her there.

Gaby: That’s what tends to happen when you taunt someone as hot blooded as Stacey: wave at them and they’ll come. And all that violence we’ve come to know of her is on full display to start this contest.

Stacey stayed on the attack as she pulled Stephanie up, but Sullivan caught her with a jawbreaker that stunned her briefly. The submission specialist followed up with knife edge chops to her chest one after another that backed her into the corner. Stephanie whipped her across to the far side, but Stacey stopped before she collided with the corner. It didn’t help much before the brunette caught her with a running high knee that sent her into the corner anyway. The blonde stumbled backwards into Sullivan’s waiting grasp and then into a German suplex into a bridge. Wilson slid into position to make the count.

Zack: Looks like Stephanie’s looking to make an early night of it!


Stacey kicked out as soon as the one count landed, and rolled back to her feet. Or she almost did, because Stephanie was up a second quicker. She caught her with a running knee to the body followed by a gutwrench suplex.

Gaby: Looks like Stephanie doesn’t wanna leave any openings for Stacey, going straight for the core!

With the fans behind her, Stephanie pulled her to her feet and delivered a series of rolling vertical suplexes. She landed four in a row before getting back to her feet, and taking off towards the ropes. When the blonde was on all fours to get up again, Sullivan used a double stomp to her back to drive her back down onto the canvas. Her best friend watched from ringside with a smile on her face as Stephanie pulled Stacey back to her feet and applied an abdominal stretch. The referee moved around to see if Stacey wanted to quit, and was loudly told she didn’t (along with an expletive).

Zack: Stephanie’s targeting Stacey’s core here, looking to make sure no matter how she moves, it’s gonna hurt. Usually we see the legs get attacked from risk takers like Stacey.

Gaby: Because it’s a tried and true strategy to deal with the speedsters, but I do like the strat of going for core damage. Stacey will still be able to fly, but highflyers tend to absorb some of the damage they cause because of all the high impact ricocheting around. If Stacey ends up out of energy to keep going, Steph won’t need to go for the legs, she can just press the off button on her and be done with it!

As she kept the hold applied, Stephanie used her free hand to start driving elbows into her ribcage. Four shots landed in a row as Stacey grimaced in pain, only spurring the brunette to do it again. But Sky retaliated by reaching up with her free hand and raking the brunette’s eyes. It blinded the veteran for a moment, and Stacey followed up with a roundhouse kick to put her down on the mat. She moved a bit slowly as she straightened up, at least until Stephanie sat up. She made her regret with a back heel kick to the side of her head.

Zack: One of Stacey’s hallmarks is how she uses those legs with precision accuracy, and Stephanie may have a few teeth rattling around in her mouth right now.

Gaby: And that’s why they go for the speedster’s legs, Z!

When the veteran started to get up, Stacey grabbed her head into a corner bulldog. It dropped her to her knees long enough for Sky to snatch her around the waist into a wheelbarrow facebuster. She quickly rolled her over with the outside leg hooked as Wilson moved into position.

Zack: Look at that! Stacey’s put on a little more muscle in her time away, and there’s a cover!



Sullivan got her shoulder off the mat in time, and Crystal was now pounding the mat as she was getting the fans to rally behind her tag partner. Stacey got back to her feet, and hit the far side ropes…with a baseball slide into Crystal that sent her into the barricade.

Gaby: She’s not gonna entertain any chances, is she? As soon as Crystal started rallying, nope! Can’t wait to see those two finally throwing it down.

Crystal got back to her feet and hopped up onto the apron as Stacey wiggled her finger to invite her into the ring. The referee immediately intercepted Crystal as she was stepping through the ropes to take her up on the offer. The blonde stuck out her chin, offering her a free shot.

Zack: Crystal isn’t interested in waiting for Forsaken, she’s ready to go right now! If she touches her though, it’s an automatic disqualification for Stephanie!

Gaby: Um, I know I said I couldn’t wait, but I kinda take it back, don’t we wanna wait until Forsaken and forgo having Stephanie eat a free disqualification?

As this was all going on, Stephanie was back to her feet and Kyle was trying to warn Stacey that she was coming up from behind her. Sullivan grabbed her from behind, but Stacey stopped that with a mule kick between her legs. The referee was still trying to get Crystal on the floor as she was arguing with him telling Stacey just used a low blow. The veteran dropped to her knees as Stacey hit the near side ropes and delivered a knee trembler to the side of the brunette’s head that dropped her down onto the mat and that was followed by a blatant choke as Crystal was still trying to get the referee to look while he was trying to get her off the apron.

Zack: Crystal’s fuming, but she’s keeping the referee from seeing a mugging going on behind him here. That’s just a flat out choke from Stacey!

Gaby: And she should know better, too! It’s been almost 20 years since Crystal started wrestling, she should know how to manipulate a referee’s line of sight!

The “Winter Rose” finally hopped back down to the floor and the referee turned around to begin a five count on Stacey. She released the choke at the four count. Instead she headed for the corner, hopping up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside as she waited on Stephanie to get up. When the submission star did so, Sky came off the corner with her shooting star DDT before going for the cover with the far leg hooked.

Zack: That’s one of her favorite offensive weapons, and Sky’s looking for the first W since her return!




But Sullivan still got her shoulder off the mat in time, causing Crystal to start chanting her name and getting the Los Angeles crowd behind her. Stacey pulled the brunette to her feet, but Stephanie shoved her backwards. Sky came forward with a discus clothesline, but Sullivan ducked it and scooped her up for an atomic drop….across the top rope!

Gaby: Oh heck! That was some height on that atomic drop, and an awful landing, too! Make no mistake about it, boys – it hurts us almost as much!

That froze the cheerleader in pain, and also brought the crowd to life again. Stephanie pulled herself together quickly and started shaking that top rope and further causing Stacey all kinds of pain till she tipped over to the mat. The veteran leaned against the ropes as she tried to collect herself while Stacey was still recovering. She finally pushed off the ropes, grabbing the blonde by the head and pulling her up into an impaler DDT. She rolled her over with the far leg hooked as the referee slid into position.

Zack: Stephanie planted her like an orchid, and Stacey may be out cold right now!




The cheerleader’s shoulder came up in time before the three, and Stephanie made it back to her feet. She circled behind the blonde as she was trying to get back to her feet, and caught her with a backstabber that sent her into the corner facing the crowd.

Gaby: Quick thinking by Stephanie, and she keeps going for core and spine, I like where this is going!

Stephanie got back to her feet, charging the corner and catching the blonde as she turned around with a discus forearm to the jaw. She hoisted her over her shoulders into a Death Valley driver to the center of the ring. The brunette applied an inverted Boston crab on the face-down blonde, but then made it worse by also grabbing her arms behind her and literally swinging Stacey like a pendulum beneath her in the hold!

Zack: LOOK AT THAT!! I’ve never seen that variation of the crab before!

Gaby: That’s almost like an abdominal stretch, look at the many ways Stephanie is putting pressure on Stacey’s body! Almost as if she’s trying to make her ribcage pop from the inside out!

Stacey shouted in pain as she swung back and forth, causing Wilson to check for a submission. But the blonde didn’t answer at first, and that was short-lived anyway because Kyle hopped up onto the apron. It looked like he was going to step through the ropes before Stephanie dropped Stacey, and headed towards him. And so did Crystal as she headed around the corner on the floor. He was about to hop down when Stephanie grabbed him by the tie, bringing the fans to their feet.

Zack: He tried to save his cheerleader, but now look! Kilmeade’s trapped like a rat! Crystal behind him, Stephanie’s got him by the tie! All the months of being blamed and berated in the Maidens, and Sullivan’s got a clear shot! And the City of Angels is on their feet begging her to take it!

Gaby: And that’ll give Stacey all the time in the world to recompose herself while Kyle throws himself into the lions’ den and takes one for the team!

Stephanie was about to deck him when she caught a superkick from a now standing Stacey that sent her against the ropes and to the mat. Crystal yanked Kyle off the apron by his leg, and that’s when the cheerleader vaulted between the ropes into a Superman dive that sent the Hall of Famer to the floor. Sky turned to see if her manager was alright as Crystal was back to her feet, fuming now.

Zack: Kyle’s clients don’t have many rules, but #1 is you don’t touch him! And there’s hell to pay when you do!

Gaby: What’s up with Kyle managing vicious blondes who can’t bear the sight of him being in the line of danger when he actively seeks to be right there?!

As soon as the cheerleader turned back around, Crystal took her to the floor with a double leg sweep and started raining punches on her head to the delight of the fans. That’s when the bell rang though as Stacey fired back with shots of her own. She monkey flipped the Hall of Famer off, and got to her feet about to continue the fight before Kyle took her hand and pulled her away.

Kat: Your winner by disqualification…..’SENSATIONAL’ STACEY SKY!!

Gaby: Yep, looks like they couldn’t wait either! This match is as good as thrown, and… Kyle doesn’t want anything to do with Crystal tonight!

Stacey was still clearly ready to fight though as Kyle pulled her by the arm, calming her down as best he could before the referee reluctantly raised her hand. And then he got away from her.

Zack: Forsaken can’t get here fast enough for Stacey and Crystal, can it?! That’s gonna be one hell of a fight! You think Stephanie will be irritated that she lost through no fault of her own?

Gaby: She will, but when Kyle is pulling his weight out there, doing his best to turn this into a handicap match hadn’t Crystal decided to jump into the action as well, I assume she’ll give her partner some credit. All this has just made the bad blood between Stacey and Crystal sour even harder.

Stephanie rolled out and helped her tag partner back to her feet, both of them casting a steely glare as Stacey and Kyle headed up the ramp. Then the show cut elsewhere inside the arena.

Who Can You Trust?

The camera finds Cody and Scarlett Kincaid talking in the hallway about something as they are approached by Amber Carano, who has a big smile on her face. Cody notices it and takes a deep breath.

Cody: If it isn’t the woman who is the epitome of ‘if you can imagine it, you can achieve it.’ Hello, Amber.

Scarlett: Hi Amber. Tell me, this ability you have to bend the universe to your will, have you ever considered using it for the betterment of humanity? Like tried to manifest World Peace? Or a cure for cancer? Or a source of unlimited clean energy?

Amber: I have thought about those things, but it seems like it only works in FFW so far. But I’ll keep you posted. Good news is I got you booked on Forsaken, Scarlett. See? It works out for others too.

Cody: That’s news to me.

The redhead put a hand on his forearm.

Scarlett: So, have you ACTUALLY got me booked on Forsaken as in Adam or Starla have made it official, drawn up the paperwork and got the marketing team to start putting together artwork for it. Or have you just floated the idea to the universe and we’re waiting on management to get the memo?

Amber: A little of column A and B actually. I kinda floated the idea, Starla happened to overhear it about…ehh…10 minutes ago, said she’d make it happen. So I thought I’d come find you and let you know.

Cody: Very kind of you. 10 minutes ago, huh? Well that’d be why it’s news to me then.

Scarlett: With Amber as your friend you’re right on the cutting edge of the news cycle. It’s almost like you’ve crystal ball. Heck, if Starla only signed it off ten minutes we might be getting this use ahead of Adam. So, which dream match and dream opponent have you got me in at Forsaken? Which dastardly villain am I squaring off against?

Amber: Well let me tell you the story. So I was chatting with Kayla a little while ago. And we were talking about how Savannah was showing all this disappointment because Kelly can’t give her her title shot as soon as she wants it. And I was telling Kayla that if anyone would step up on Kelly’s behalf, it was Scarlett here. All makes sense, right?

Cody nodded cautiously.

Cody: I’m with you so far. So you’ve got Scarlett facing Savannah at Forsaken?

Amber: Well…sort of. Not just her but her too, yes.

Scarlett: Sort of…but not just…It’s either a handicap match or some type of tag match. Have you noticed that whenever she comes up with something there’s always some kinda twist or booby trap? So, what’s the Amber Twist on me defending Kelly’s honor against Savannah at Forsaken?

Amber: I’m not done with the story yet. So then we got to talking about tag matches. You know, like the elimination tag on the show? And then how Sydney and Clover have been floating the idea of wanting to team up together at some point. I’m sure you’ve both noticed that on X, right?

Cody was still in agreement cautiously.

Cody: Yes, I’ve seen them tweeting about it. Or whatever you call them now since it’s called X. But I’m familiar. How do Sydney and Clover tie into this? Is Scarlett gonna team with them somehow against Savannah?

Amber: No no, nothing like that.

Scarlett: You want to do Savannah, Sydney and Clover vs me….and let me guess…Crystal and Stephanie, given how Crystal feels about me? Or have I missed someone tweeting about wanting to team with me? Maybe Robbyn - given we tagged once many years ago…and her new bestie Diamond. And I hope to God I’m wrong about that, I don’t want to become a Gem Stone or have someone jokingly given him some nom de guerre that associates me with them.

Amber: Nothing like that, no. So after we chatted more about it, I was asking Kayla why couldn’t Forsaken have two big tag matches of great interest? And why did the second match have to be with partners who are tight like the Dynasty? It doesn’t, right?

Cody: Uh huh. And who are these partners that you came up with for Scarlett that she may not be besties with like the Dynasty are?

Amber: Well that’s the thing. I don’t know if they are tight with her all of a sudden, because they did come out and congratulate her on her win over Cassandra a few weeks ago. So maybe she is friends now with the Prophecy and I just don’t know it. Are you three becoming tight?

Scarlett: I was as surprised as everyone by them being out there and coming in to raise my hand. I’ve certainly not made any overtures to them to try and become besties or anything and we’ve not gone out for coffee if that’s what you mean. As for as I know Rori is still as sociopathic as she always was and could just be playing games, while Maddison looks to have got stronger and possibly more dangerous - I guess we’ll see tonight.

Cody: So you pitched the idea of Scarlett teaming with Prophecy because they came out to raise her hand after she defeated Cassandra and you thought they might all be BFFs now? And Starla was on board after overhearing your chat with Kayla?

He looked towards his wife.

Cody: She’s never been one of your biggest fans, has she?

Scarlett: Amber or Starla? I guess at least it’s going to be a wild ride at Forsaken for me, Maddi and Rori. Against Savannah, Sydney and Clover. I’m sure the fans will have plenty of theories between then and now about what might happen.

Amber shook her head listening to that.

Amber: Clover’s already booked to face Scarlett Silver. Sydney’s already booked to face Lilly in the main event, Scarlett. They won’t be teaming with Savannah.

Cody: Okay….

Amber: What team wants to get their hands on the Prophecy most of all?

Cody: You mean Felicia and Dawn? The Action News Network?

Amber: BINGO! That’s the match I mentioned to Kayla that Starla overheard, and said she found it highly intriguing and then decided to make it happen.

Scarlett: Well, that’s….I mean…I think there’s a better chance of Rori, Maddison and I getting along than Savannah having the patience to deal with Dawn and Felicia’s umm…unique tendencies. Perhaps Casey will come and bless them or perhaps Starla might be looking towards Savannah to act as a mentor to the inexperienced duo. That could be fun to see.

Cody: Just to put all this into a nutshell, Starla has agreed with you on a six woman tag at Forsaken between the Action News Network and Savannah Star on one side facing Prophecy and Scarlett here on the other?

Amber: Mhmm. She even came up with the tagline for the match: Who Do You Trust?

Cody: Very appropriate question to ask, given the sides. But I agree with Scarlet’s thoughts on this one. I’m not sure Savannah is going to have a lot of patience for the Network. At least you meant well, I guess. You thought Scarlett and the Prophecy girls were getting to be friends since they came out to show her support after she won against Cassandra.

Amber: I was actually going to follow up and ask them about it a couple weeks ago on the show, but then I saw what happened with Dawn and decided it wasn’t a good time.

Scarlett: Probably a wise move. Maybe you might be able to catch up with them later tonight and ask them for their explanation on why they wanted to celebrate my win. I know I’d be interested to find out.

Amber: Well I think Maddison’s match is next, so at least we’ll be able to see how far she’s come along in her training. And if nothing happens to Felicia during that match like it did a couple weeks ago with Dawn, I might see about talking with one or both of them afterwards depending on how the match with Dawn goes. If Dawn wins…it might not be a good idea because I suspect they won’t be in the best mood.

Scarlett: That is probably wise. We don’t want any of our reporters coming to harm trying to just get an interview. Maybe you should see if the universe can help you out and keep you safe as you try to get their views.

Cody: Do you have like a mental whiteboard, Amber? I feel like you’re in A Beautiful Mind, and you just have these ideas you write out on some whiteboard in your head.

Amber grinned at the comparison as the show headed to a commercial break with a graphic for Dawn and Maddison’s match showing it was up next.
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« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2024, 02:03:58 pm »

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish!!

Ain’t It Fun by Paramore begins to blast all over the speakers. It is at that moment that pink confetti begins to fall from the ceiling as two pink spotlights hit the curtains. It isn’t long before we see a figure emerging from behind the curtain and she is quite the ball of energy. She places her hands to her lips as she screams out loud for everybody to join in.


Kat: Ladies and gentlemen making her way to the ring currently residing in Los Angeles, California originally from Long Island, New York she is the “Pink Puppy” Dawn Warren!!!!!!

Dawn runs through the aisle as she does a cartwheel. She follows up with a backflip before she claps the outstretched hands of the roaring audience. She continues to sprint as she slides right into the ring. The crowd begins to go crazy as everybody begins to chant.


Dawn smirks as she begins to run in circles before she yells out one last time to the audience.


She bounces around a bit as she awaits for things to begin.

Zack: The last time we saw Dawn here, she was bloodied and beaten presumably at the hands of Prophecy. I don’t think anyone is disputing they are responsible, but I’m sure the “Pink Puppy” here has some payback on her mind.

Gaby: As she should! It’s the kind of thing that no wrestler worth their salt would take lying down, especially seeing as Maddison Knight and Rori Mackenzie literally just walked in and are running roughshod as they please.

Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh

The arena dims down to a darkened state as the entrance fills with smoke and red lights start to move around the stage.  Random photos of both Maddison Knight start to flash on the tron, Maddison working out in very short clips interrupted by stills of the brunette wrestling different opponents from the past. The photos and clips start to speed up

All in
Like soldiers
We don't play yeah we're ready for war
The power
Is taking over
Need the glory coming back for more

The lights stop roaming and land center stage, as the photos on the tron stop moving as the word Kngithmare is spelled out.

Oh oh oh
We got this
Oh oh oh
We can't be beat
Oh oh oh
We got this, watch and see

Both Maddison and Rori appear from the smoke, Maddison in her ring gear, a pair of tight leather pants and a Knightmare T cut up to be more form fitting, and Rori in a red leather jacket and black pants with high heels. Maddison is steps ahead of her friend, much to the hate of the crowd, and Rori stands with a cocky smirk. Maddison looks like she’s ready for war, as both girls begin to move towards the ring.

We'll be victorious
We'll be victorious
Ready for the battle
Ready for the pain
Only ones alive that can walk through the flames
We'll be victorious
We'll be victorious
Coming for the kingdom
Coming for the crown
Nothing alive that can stop us now
We'll be victorious

Kat : Making her way to the ring, being accompanied by Rori Mackenzie.... She is the Knightmare.... MADDISON KNIGGGGHHHHTTTTT

Zack: It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Maddison here in the ring, but if you see her X account, you know she’s a gym rat and has been working out and preparing on every day that ends in y. We’re about to see if that pays off.

Gaby: And it’s gonna be a great opportunity for the Faithful that has never seen this woman in action to see what she’s all about. For  the time being, all we know is that they’re… “free souls”, let’s call it that: they do as they please, and everyone else is just living in their worlds.

The girls make their way to the steps of the ring and Rori is the first to walk up them as Maddison springs up onto the ring apron grabbing the middle rope and looking out into the crowd when Dawn charged forwards and catches her with a shotgun dropkick to the shoulderblades, sending her flying off the apron and chest first into the barricade. Rori started to step through the ropes as Dawn kipped up to her feet and caught the blonde with a knee lift to the face before she hooked her head and pulled her through the ropes and dropped her into the mat with a suspension DDT.

Zack: Dawn didn’t want to wait for the bell, and she’s got some receipts to hand out in her singles debut in FFW! She’s taking on both members of Prophecy!

Gaby: And this is the bad part about trying to get revenge on someone who wronged you! She’s fighting a two-on-one endeavor here!

Dawn rolled to the side, coming back to her feet as she did so and took off across the ring, hitting the ropes and bouncing off them to build up a head of steam before she launched herself into a suicide dive that caught a recovering Knight, sending her back into the barricade once more. Warren landed on her feet and skipped forwards to bury a knee into the Knightmare’s midriff. A second and third followed in quick succession to double the newcomer over, allowing the ANN member to hook her head under her arm, as she pulled her into position to kick her feet up and push off the top of the crowd barricade and deliver a Tornado DDT into the soft padding on the floor.

Zack: Dawn is a one woman wrecking crew and she’s hitting anything that moves! Maddison and Rori have walked into a buzzsaw!

Gaby: Goddamn, she’s making it work! And good for her too, because had Rori or Maddison found the smallest opening…

Dawn took a moment before she started back to her feet, playing to the crowd but as she did so, Rori leaned through the ropes and reached down to grab hold of a handful of the Pink Puppy’s hair, starting to pull her up as she reached down to hook her nostrils with two fingers to pull her up onto the apron…which saw Warren reach up behind her to grab the Prophecy member by the hair as she slipped back to the floor, snapping Rori throat first over the middle rope. Rori rolled away and started to come to her feet as she gasped for breath; Dawn rolled into the ring as she did so and popped up to her feet before she charged forwards and caught her with a running bicycle kick to the side of the head. It saw Rori stagger and fight for balance for a moment, allowing the Long Island born wrestler to hop onto the Alaskan’s shoulder and snap off a headscissors takedown, sending the blonde in the ring down to her knees across the middle rope. Immediately the Pink Puppy was back to a vertical base and bounced off the ropes to come forwards and send Rori back down to the canvas with a tiger feint kick to the face.

Zack: This isn’t supposed to be a handicap match, fans, but Dawn’s turning it into one! These two may be regretting their life choices all of a sudden!

Gaby: And handicap matches tend to go badly for the solo fighter, but Dawn’s scrapping like she’s two of ‘em!

Quickly Dawn pulled Rori back up to her feet, backed her up into the ropes and fired her off for the ride, catching her on the return with a back body drop that sent the Prophecy member up and over the top rope; the skinny blonde landing hard spine first on the outside. As Warren straightened up, however, she caught the first of three jabs, snapped off into her jaw from the Knightmare who had recovered from the Tornado DDT on the outside and made it back into the ring. Dawn stumbled into the corner and the Knightmare followed her, driving kicks into her body as her back hit the turnbuckle pads. She landed seven in quick succession before she pulled Warren out of the corner, scooped up off her feet and dropped her throat first over the top rope with a stun gun; the New Yorker landing on her feet and reeling backwards that allowed her foe to rake her nails down her back, leaving red marks as the Alaskan took three steps backwards - but only to give her enough space to mow Dawn down with a vicious lariat to the back of her head, causing her to crash face first to the mat.

Zack: They took quite a thumping at the outset, but now Maddison looks like she’s gained control of the situation. I wouldn’t let Dawn get up again, not after how this all began.

Gaby: It was the opening she needed to stop the embarrassment Dawn was putting her through, and… The bells haven’t even rung yet, this is all raw emotion and receipts!

Knight wasted no time at all as she pulled the Pink Puppy up from the canvas to her knees jerking her forwards only to drive an elbow into the top of her head, following it up with a stiff kick to Dawn’s shoulder blades, causing her to fall forwards, landing chest first on the bottom rope. Maddison stepped up onto Dawn’s shoulder blades, holding the top rope for balance as she started to bounce up and down, driving the air out of her opponent’s chest. The referee told her to get down, threatening to disqualify her only for the competitor to remind him that he hadn’t rang the damn bell yet. It saw Graves call for the bell and as it rang he once more threatened her with the DQ and started a quick count, getting to four before Knight stepped off and backed up, berating the official for the speed of the count which allowed her partner - who had recovered from the back body drop - to spit venomously into the face of the Puppy then deliver a vicious palm strike to the jaw.

Zack: Dawn started this match fighting both Rori and Maddison, and now they’re both returning the favor. It might have been wise to bring Felicia to the ring with her tonight, Gaby. Well…here she comes! From my mouth to God’s ear, apparently!

Gaby: A little bit late to the party, but okay! Felicia can deal with Rori as the side attraction while Dawn and Maddison keep it in the ring!

Zack: Well to be fair, she didn’t really need her at first.

Gaby: But imagine if Dawn slipped just one moment. It could’ve been a disaster.

Dawn rolled away holding her jaw, Maddison instantly stepped towards her and started to drive her stomps into her body as Felicity charged down the ring, making a beeline for Rori who didn’t see her coming. Atherton spun her around and immediately started to unload on the Prophecy member on the outside as the referee in the ring headed towards them, telling them to break it up and started to call to the back, referees and security starting to stream out of the back. Rori covered up as rights and lefts rained down upon from the rookie wrestler, dropping to one knee from the number of blows…which also allowed Rori to deliver a low blow to the younger Atherton sister who started to fold up only for the Prophecy member to launch herself at the interloper, taking her down to the floor with the Prophecy member in the mount position on top of her, clawing and scratching at her. Felicia covered up as the referees and security started to pull Rori away from the reporter; the Alaskan fighting them as they did so. Felicia made it back to her feet and went to charge towards Rori as she was being held back by three members of security, despite her flailing feet only for two members of security to grab hold of Felicia, keeping her away as Graves told them to get them both out of here.

Zack: Felicia wants to fight, and we’re getting closer and closer to potentially having this match thrown out. I don’t blame her for being pissed off after what happened 2 weeks ago.

Gaby: Felicia was in the middle of the ring when she saw that Dawn had been attacked, and if she couldn’t do anything then, she can sure try and do something about it now!

As this was happening, in the ring, Maddison had dropped down to her knees and had both hands wrapped around her opponent’s throat, choking her while also bouncing the back of her head off the canvas. Dawn was kicking her feet against the canvas and desperately trying to prise Knight’s fingers and hands away from her neck as she was struggling for breath. Graves turned back and immediately called for the break, starting for the count and getting to four before the Knightmare released, holding her hands up for a second or two to show it clearly…then went right back to the choke, wrapping both hands around her foe’s throat once more. This time she used her grip and the four count to pull Warren up to her feet, releasing as she did so, but only to drive a front kick into the ANN members body. Dawn started to fold up and as she did, Knight hooked her head, lifted her vertically and dropped her down onto the top of her skull with a brainbuster. Quickly the Alaskan made the cover, not even bothering to hook the leg as Graves slid into position.

Zack: Brainbuster, and Knight’s looking to hear the bell in 3 seconds!



Gaby: Nope! Dawn seems to have plenty in the tank still; such is the gumption of a superhero!

Dawn rolled the shoulder to break up the pinfall and the Knightmare shook her head as she pulled Warren quickly up into a sitting position in front of her, pressing her knee against the top of her spine as she pulled her head back with a one handed rear chinlock and started to hammer away at her chest with a series of vicious forearms. Four landed before the Knightmare began to pull her foe up the rest of the way to her feet where she set her up for a high angle belly to back suplex but as she delivered it, the Pink Puppy was able to flip backwards out of it, landing on one knee behind her foe. As Knight pushed up to her feet, Dawn exploded upwards, launching herself into a shoulder tackle. Maddi staggered backwards, trying to find her balance only for Warren to follow that up with a superkick to the jaw. It saw the Alaskan fall back against the ropes and stumble forwards and into a monkey flip from the ANN member that saw her opponent hit the mat hard.

Zack: Dawn’s not quick, she’s sudden! The only thing that kept Knight from hitting the floor after that superkick were the ropes.

Gaby: And it’s a good thing that they did, because Dawn wants to introduce Maddison to every part of the ring! First the ropes, now the mat! Get up close and personal with it!

Maddison rolled to the side and started to get back to her feet once more only for Dawn to rock her with a step up enzuigiri to the side of her head. As Knight fought to keep her balance, Warren caught her with a codebreaker to send her down to the canvas on her back. The Alaskan took a couple of moments and as she started to sit up, the Pink Puppy caught her with a leg drop across her chest, sending her straight back down to the mat. Quickly the ANN member popped back up to her feet and straight into a second leg drop and then a third before she started to bring her opponent up to her feet and took her down to the canvas with a snapmare, immediately taking off towards the ropes, bouncing off them and coming back to send the Prophecy member back to the canvas with a dropkick. The New Yorker came to her feet, posing for the fans for a second before she delivered a fist drop to her opponent and then made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Zack: Now Dawn’s looking for three, but I’m not sure a fist drop is gonna seal the deal.


Gaby: Not even a proper one-count. Maddison has CRAZY core strength, makes it easy for her to power out of textbook moves like that.

Maddison kicked out and quickly found herself brought up to her feet, Warren driving knees into her midsection, causing her to lean forwards a little then snapped her head backwards with a European uppercut. Knight took a step backwards and Dawn stepped into her with a vicious knife edge chop to the chest, a series of three more followed as she backed her opponent into the corner where she delivered a spinning back elbow to the side of the jaw. Immediately she grabbed hold of the Knightmare’s wrist, yanking her forwards and into an Irish whip sending her across the ring into the opposite corner. Dawn followed in right behind her, leaving her feet and delivered a backsplash to her, trapping her in the corner as she started to fire off back elbows, alternating between rights and lefts, driving them into the side of her foe’s head. Maddison covered up, taking the elbow shots on her forearms as Graves told Dawn to let her foe out of the corner and started the count. He got to four before Warren stepped forwards and fired off a mule kick into her opponent’s gut. Knight cradled her stomach and Warren hooked her head, jerking her out of the corner and spiked her face first into the canvas with a bulldog.

Zack: Dawn’s testing the referee’s mettle here with this count. I know she’s full of fire after what happened, but a win by a pinfall or submission feels a lot better than a loss by disqualification, I think. Plus we already seen that once already tonight.

Gaby: It sure does, but at this point, you gotta ask yourself, does she even care? She got laid out by them – allegedly – two weeks ago. I think that if you asked her, she’d rather HURT than just win!... But a win is good too.

Quickly Dawn rolled out to the apron and came back to her feet where she headed towards the top rope, once more playing to the crowd as she got there, measuring up Knight as she did. When the Alaskan was vertical the Pink Puppy cupped her hands around her mouth and screamed out “BA DA DA DA DAHHHHHHHHHH”; the crowd responding with “PUPPY POWER!!!” as she launched herself off into a meteora, driving Maddison straight back down into the canvas. Warren adjusted to get into the mount position and started to hammer away with forearms to her opponent’s head once more. Knight covered up once more before she caught hold of her foe by the wrists, rolled over on top of her and crashed a headbutt into the bridge of her nose.

Zack: Talking to the fans is great, but not in the middle of a fight. She gave Maddison time to get her marbles back together.

Gaby: She telegraphed the hell out of that with her war cry, and Maddison knew to show her just how ring aware she is. But one thing’s for sure: Dawn is… was… fired up!

Maddison came back to her feet, pulling her opponent up with her, spinning her around and around towards the corner where she slammed her face first into the top turnbuckle. Knight followed it up by slamming her face into the turnbuckle once more before she turned her around and jerked her head down into a single knee facebreaker. Dawn fell backwards, catching herself on the ropes to stay upright which allowed Madison to start firing off a stiff combination of right and left hands into her body before she once more jerked out of the corner by the wrist and straight into an STO backbreaker across her knee. Warren dropped to the mat, writhing in pain and the Knightmare quickly grabbed hold of her around the thighs, moving her beneath the bottom rope and fell backwards, snapping her chest and neck into the bottom rope. Again it saw the Pink Puppy immediately writhe in absolute agony, rolling from side to side even as she curled up into a ball; the referee was immediately reprimanding Madison and threatening her with a disqualification only for the newcomer to ignore the official as she rose back to her feet.

Zack: I don’t think Knight cares what our referee thinks or feels about what she’s doing. Or at least I haven’t seen any sign of it so far.

Gaby: It’s her world and we’re just living in it! She’s already proven she doesn’t fear no rules or opponents, and that’s part of what makes her so… weird.

Knight once more shook her head as she stooped down and pulled Dawn up from the canvas, hooking her head and quickly lifted her up, dropping her stomach first across the ropes to deliver a slingshot suplex, driving her down into the canvas as she did so. Once more the Alaskan pulled her foe up from the canvas, checking where they were in relation to the ring ropes before she set up the Pink Puppy for a high angle belly to back suplex, hurling her backwards into the turnbuckles; Warren hitting the middle one with the small of her back as she fell in a sitting position in the corner. Quickly the Knightmare was back to her feet and started to stomp away at her opponent’s body; once more getting instructions to back up from Graves and receiving a count that saw her step away once more at four.

Zack: Looks like all that time in the gym has paid off for Maddison, she is as effective and ruthless as anyone could expect.

Gaby: She’s skirting every count and advice being given out here by the referee. Not only she has mad strength, she’s also well versed in how to stretch the rules, apparently.

It was only a momentary respite for Warren before her foe stepped back towards her, pulling her opponent up to her feet in the corner where she lowered her shoulder and drove shoulder thrusts into the New Yorker’s body, lifting her a little bit off her feet as she forced her body between the turnbuckle pads. Once more the official called for the break and started the count once more. Again the Knightmare backed up but only until the referee was satisfied and she stepped forwards once more, lifting Dawn up onto the top rope before she started to climb up with her, telling the crowd that this match was about to be over as she climbed to the top rope and started to pull the Pink Puppy to her feet - only for the New York born wrestler to resist as she held the top turnbuckle tensor arm. Again Maddison went to pull her upwards to her feet but found herself blocked again before Warren started to fire off elbow strikes to the side of Maddison’s knee, landing three and causing the knee to buckle before she caught her with an uppercut to the jaw. It saw the Alaskan wobble on the top rope before Dawn shoved her backwards, causing her to land on her feet on the canvas. The Pink Puppy stood up on the middle turnbuckle and hurled herself over the top of her foe to deliver a sunset flip, pulling Maddison down and into a pinning combination.

Zack: Big impact from Dawn, and she’s ready to put Maddison away!



Gaby: Not yet, but that was BEAUTIFUL!

Maddi kicked out, rolling to the side as she did so and Dawn pushed back towards the ropes, using them to pull herself upwards where she measured up her opponent, charging towards her as Knight got to her knees, looking to land a running knee strike only for the Alaskan to avoid the blow, countering it into a rolling knee bar. Knight wrenched on the joint but was much too close to the ropes; Dawn grabbed hold of the bottom rope with both hands as Graves called for the break and started the four count. Knight released the hold for the briefest of moments - just long enough for it to be acknowledged by the official before she grabbed hold of the ankle once more, starting to her feet and tried to yank her away from the ring ropes but Warren had a tight grip on the bottom rope. Knight tried again as the Pink Puppy displayed a vice-like grip on the strand; the referee called for the break once more and started the count. Again he got to four and as he did, the Alaskan jerked her up into the air while she was still holding and drove a boot upwards into Dawn’s stomach as she fell, causing Warren to curl up in a ball holding her midsection, facing into the ring.

Zack: Dawn is getting her digestive system rearranged at the moment, and Maddison seems like she’s just getting warmed up.

Gaby: A stomp like that is more than enough to take all the air out of someone’s lungs and ruin someone’s day in a hurry. Dawn needs to focus on breathing calmly using her upper body, but it’s easy to fall into despair when you gasp for air and your diaphragm just says “nope”.

Maddison dropped back to the ropes and fired herself forwards and into a baseball slide that saw her drive her boots into her foes midsection, forcing her back up against the bottom rope as she was laid on the canvas. The Knightmare came back to her feet, bringing her foe up with her, Maddi pulling her away from the ropes and driving a knee into her stomach before she grabbed hold of her wrist and sent her chest first into the nearest turnbuckle. Dawn cried out in pain as she struck the pads front first and took steps straight back and caught a forearm to her lower back from Maddi. It caused the Pink Puppy to arch her back and get up on tip toes as her face became a mask of pain and Knight once more picked her spot and drove a forearm into her lower back before she grabbed hold of her hair, forcing her eyes against the top rope and scraped them along the casing as she walked her into the next corner. The Alaskan shoved her opponent back against the turnbuckle pads and again drove three knee lifts into her midsection while Graves reprimanded her for her use of the ropes and told her to let her out of the corner. Knight nodded her head as she pulled her opponent out of the corner once more, scooping her up onto her shoulder as she went for a running powerslam…

Gaby: Look at the raw strength, deadlifting her like that– WHOA! She escapes!

…Dawn, though, scrabbled and wriggled and kicked her legs to escape out of the back before the move could be landed. Warren stumbled as she caught her balance and when her foe turned towards her Dawn caught her with a superkick to the jaw, dropping the Alaskan where she stood. The ANN member, though, also fell to her knees, holding her back with one hand and cradling her gut with the other. Knight was the first back to her feet and moved towards Dawn only to be surprised with a kneeling jawbreaker. It saw the Prophecy member stumble backwards and as she did so, Dawn moved forwards quickly on her knees and jerked her opponent’s legs out from underneath, causing the newcomer to land hard on her back. Quickly the Puppy rolled through and into a jackknife pinning combination. 

Zack: She went for the legs and has Knight all wrapped up like a Christmas present!




Gaby: ALMOST!!! That almost did the job, but look at THAT. CRAZY. POWER!

Maddison wrapped her arms around Dawn’s midsection and bridged upwards to break the pinfall, keeping hold of her opponent as she rolled onto her knees and pushed up to her feet where she started to jerk Warren up and looked to be going for a gutwrench suplex. As she jerked her up though, the ANN member once more proved able to escape her opponents grip, catching her head as she did so, dropping to her knees and spiking the back of her head into the canvas. Knight rolled over onto her knees, forehead pressed against the canvas as she held the back of her head, kicking her feet against the mat. The New Yorker forced herself up to her feet, holding her lower back and gut as she did before she set off towards the ropes as her foe was starting to push up to her knees, coming back and catching the rising Alaskan with a running knee lift to the jaw. It saw the Prophecy member rock back on her heels before the Pink Puppy pulled her up to her feet and Irish whipped her into the corner. As Knight hit the pads in the corner spine first, Dawn was quick to follow in and delivered a big boot to the face. Immediately she stepped backwards and took hold of the top rope and landed a barrage of four stiff kicks to her body as the referee told her to let her out of the corner, starting the count.

Zack: Do you think either Maddison or Rori expected all this out of Dawn or Felicia when they started this whole thing? Or do you think they pegged them as easy touches?

Gaby: They definitely picked the wrong targets. Dawn and Felicia are young and spry, not to mention they have heavy last names. Maybe they thought they could play around with Felicia, seeing as she’s so new to the craft.

As soon as the fourth kick had landed, Dawn yanked Maddison out of the corner and into another Irish whip, sending her across the ring and into the opposite corner. Once more Warren followed in close behind her opponent, launching herself into a double knee strike into her chest, landing on her feet and stepping backwards as Knight staggered forwards, the Pink Puppy hooked her arm, spinning her around as she did so and used an arm drag to send her back into the corner; the Knightmare hitting the turnbuckle pads upside down and collapsing to the mat. Quickly the ANN member came back to her feet and pulled her foe back to her feet, holding her head in position to drive a series of knees into her body before she delivered one particularly vicious knee strike to her face. It stood Maddison upright and as she did so, Dawn stepped up on her thigh and jumped onto her shoulders before she flung herself forwards and into a victory roll pinning combination.

Zack: Well executed victory roll, and we’ll see if it lives up to its name in 3 seconds!




Gaby: It almost did! It ALMOST did! On one hand, maybe the rolling-up novelty has worn off, but on the other, Maddison almost couldn’t get out of that one!

Knight kicked out before the three count could be completed, sending Dawn sprawling forwards to the canvas. Warren looked to the referee, asking for the three count only to get the two confirmed instead, causing her to nod before she came to her feet and gave the crowd the sign for the With Great Power. She pushed upwards and started to wave the Alaskan upright. As the Knightmare got her feet underneath her, the Pink Puppy darted forwards and left her feet to drive the top of her opponent’s head into the mat with a tilt-a-whirl DDT.

Zack: She tried to plant her like a tree head first with that tilt-a-whirl, and I think she should have gone for the cover right there.

Gaby: She should, but I think she believes she has something even stronger in her arsenal! Put the opponent out for good instead of risking another two-count!

Dawn pushed quickly back to her feet, holding her back as she did so and took off towards the ropes, coming back with a handspring backflip splash across Maddison's body - Comes Great Responsibility. She made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Zack: Oh, she wanted to put the exclamation point on it! This might be all for Knight!




Gaby: And Maddison just WILL! NOT! QUIT!!! It’s not just the crazy strength, it’s the crazy awareness too!

The Alaskan’s shoulder popped up from the canvas before the three came down and the official waved the count away. Dawn looked to him, asking for the three but Graves waved it away and showed her the two, pointing to the shoulder to say that came up in time as she asked once more. Dawn shook her head in disbelief but didn’t argue any further as she instead came to her feet. Knight was already starting to rise and Warren cut her off to deliver a single knee facebreaker to her opponent. It caused Maddison to stagger backwards before she fell back into a seated position in the corner. The ANN member made it back to her feet and headed towards the corner, climbing quickly to the top rope where she measured up her foe, launching herself off and into a coast to coast dropkick the Dusk Till Dawn…only for the Knightmare to avoid the blow by rolling out of the ring underneath the bottom rope. Dawn landed hard on the canvas on her back and instantly rolled onto her side, holding her back with a look of agony on her face.

Zack: There’s a reason they call those high risk moves. Sometimes they pay off. Sometimes you crash like the Hindenburg!

Gaby: Didn’t I mention something like that about Stacey Sky? Highflyers always absorb some impact… And in this case, she absorbed ALL of it!

On her feet on the outside, Maddison quickly reached around the post to grab hold of her foe by her wrist and her feet, pulling her backwards underneath the bottom rope and spine first into the ring post. Knight raised her foot and planted it against the ring post as she pulled back on her legs and arm, bending her spine around the steel of the turnbuckle post. Oscar Graves leaned through the ropes and started to read her the riot act, demanding the break and started the four count. The Alaskan released the hold on four and a half only to immediately re-apply it. Again the referee demanded the break and used the count, getting another break on four. This time Knight headed towards the nearest set of ring steps, climbing up them and through the ring ropes; the Knightmare headed straight back towards her opponent as she was trying to pull herself up out of the corner. The Prophecy member pulled her opponent towards the middle of the ring, setting her up before she delivered a jumping piledriver, spiking the intrepid reporter head first into the mat. She made the cover and hooked the leg as she did so.

Zack: There’s a knockout shot if I ever saw one! I think Knight may have things all wrapped up!




Gaby: And the superhero resilience comes through again!... I always get nervous around piledrivers…

Dawn rolled her shoulder at the last moment and Maddison glared daggers at the official, slapping her hands together three times only for Graves to tell her it was only a two count. Knight shook her head, pulling her opponent upwards and fired off right and left hands into her body, the blows dropping Warren back down to one knee before Maddison hooked her head, lifting her upwards and into a swinging neckbreaker drop. Once more the Alaskan made the cover, hooking the leg once again.

Gaby: I’ve heard Maddison has been sharpening this one! The fat lady is on cue!




Zack: Dawn’s showing us all kinds of heart and resilience here, I got nothing but respect for that.

Dawn’s shoulder popped up off the canvas at the last possible opportunity, immediately dropping back down to the canvas; the official waving off the count and showing the two to the timekeeper and ring announcing then showing it to Maddison. She shook her head, asking for the three only to be told it was a two. Again she shook her head at Oscar Graves, slapping her heads together three times as she told him to raise her hand. The official stuck to his guns, telling her it was only a two and that the shoulder came up in time. Knight pushed up to her feet as Warren was starting to rise; the Alaskan circling around her as she waved her upwards and when the New Yorker got her feet underneath her, Knight blew her a kiss before darting forwards and jerking her back down to the mat with the Good Night Kiss jumping reverse bulldog, bouncing the back of her foe’s skull of the canvas.

Zack: There’s the GOOD NIGHT KISS, and I don’t think Dawn will want a second date.

Gaby: And I think I know what comes next. First you tuck them in… Then you go for the coup-de-grâce.

As soon as she landed it, Maddison rolled towards the ropes, coming back to her feet and heading towards the corner where she climbed up to the top rope. As she made it to the top turnbuckle she went to stand up, only for her foot to slip. She caught herself before she fell off the turnbuckle and once more went to stand on the top rope, taking a little more care and a few more seconds to ensure that she had her footing, giving the crowd the sign for the Knightmare corkscrew moonsault. Before she got the chance to launch herself off though, Dawn made it back to her feet and fell towards the ropes, catching the top one only for Knight to have already leap backwards off the top rope, landing on her feet on the canvas. Warren launched herself off the ropes into a flying forearm, catching Maddi flush on the jaw, causing her to take a step backwards.

Zack: Knight may have had some molars rattled off that forearm, and Dawn looks like she’s got something else in mind to go with it.

Gaby: And she can thank that spontaneous mistake there! Did you see how Maddison’s leg and the top rope didn’t agree?

The Pink Puppy looked to follow up by continuing to throw forearms to the jaw, only for Knight to catch her with a low gut kick that looked very much like it was a low blow. Dawn started to fold up but as she did so, Maddison pulled her into a Future Shock DDT - the Knightfall, spiking Dawn down into the canvas and making the cover.  The Alaskan rolled her over to make the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Zack: She calls it KNIGHTFALL, and is that the end of the match for Dawn?




Gaby: IT IS! What Maddison couldn’t do with the top rope… She did at ground level!

Maddison came to her feet, glaring at the referee as she stepped to the middle of the ring and held her wrist out towards him, demanding that he raise her hand while Dawn rolled out of the ring and to her feet, taking a moment to rest against the canvas before she started to head up the ramp.

Kat: Here is your winner, by way of pinfall…. “KNIGHTMARE” MADDISON KNIGHT!!!

Zack: And Maddison picks up her first win on her first night back in the company. But I have a feeling this didn’t settle a thing.

Maddison climbed the turnbuckle, telling Dawn that the next time she was in a ring with her, she’d make damn sure she didn’t walk out. Warren turned to stare a hole through the Prophecy member as she cradled her gut and retreated from the ring… only for Rori to rush down the ramp and catch her with forearm to the back of the head that dropped her to her hands and knees, Quickly the other half of the Prophecy went to pull her up and rolled Dawn underneath the bottom rope. The Knightmare was quickly upon her foe, pulling her upwards and into position for a second Knightfall Future Shock DDT.

Zack: Now it’s a two-on-one as Prophecy looks to finish the job they started a couple weeks ago.

Gaby: And where’s Felicia Atherton when you need her?! This is what I was afraid was gonna happen!!!

As Rori went to slide into the ring, the crowd started to cheer as Felicia Atherton darted down to the ring and jerked the blonde back out to the floor, unloading on her right hands until Rori caught her with a thumb to the eye. It caused the younger sister of Casey to step backwards only for Rori to grab hold of her wrist and went to jerk her forwards into a short arm clothesline as Maddison spiked Dawn into the canvas with the DDT. Atherton ducked the swung arm causing Rori to stumble forwards two steps and as she got her balance and turned, Felicia caught her with a pele kick to the head then followed it with an RKO on the outside. Quickly Atherton popped back to her feet and slid into the ring where she launched herself at the rising Maddison, catching her with a spear, taking her down to the mat where she started to hammer away at her before security and officials came out of the back.

Zack: It’s bedlam out here, and I was right when I said nothing was settled here. If anything, it may have gotten worse!

Gaby: Oh, definitely! We’re gonna need the big boys to keep them apart, because this has descended into a hate-fueled cat fight and… I can’t say I blame the Network for defending themselves!

As the officials pulled them apart the show cut elsewhere.

The Cartel Chronicles

Recorded Earlier this week
We find ourselves in Los Angeles inside the Rose Productions Movie Studios. We can see a huge sign that is neon lit Action News Network but it’s actually being covered by a paper sign that reads “Cartel” Chronicles. Sitting down in what seems to be an anchor booth is Sofia Rojas-Hilton, and directly across from her is FFW wrestler Laura Steele who is wearing an evening gown. She smiles as she crosses her legs and looks at Sofia.
Sofia: Buenas noches y bienvenidos a la primera edición de Cartel Chronicles. I just want to say it is a pleasure to have you here Laura. It’s nice to actually have a mother-in-law that owns an amazing movie studio and I am free to use it for my own personal needs. Thanks Crystal!

Laura: Cheers luv… Family is always a great thing.

Sofia: Also let me just say I am so happy you are here. Not people realize this but we actually have a connection through our families. Your sister Kate’s daughter Juliet happens to be my mother in-law’s Crystal’s goddaughter so we have that connection. In addition though your sister Sapphire is married to my first cousin Paloma, and now you are dating my first cousin Amparo better known as Loba. How is that going?!

Laura smirks.

Laura: It’s quite elegant. At first I thought it was going to be a bit uncivilized learning how to ride a motorcycle but it’s been enjoyable, and the time in Northern California has been amazing. I am sure you didn’t bring me on here to speak such poppycock and small talk. You brought me here for a purpose so let’s get to it…

Sofia: Yes as you would say… Cheers… Now to the fucking idiots watching this in FFW. I bet you didn’t expect to see me twice in one night even if I am not in Tampa. Sorry that Hollywood was just calling my name, and seeing as you want to push this Cartel on me I thought I would push it on all of you. You see Adam Grant is not using his position right. He threatened to fire me and the reason why I brought you here is because I want to interview who has been abused by him. The Hilton, Taylor, Carbajal, Steele, and Williams family trees are all represented by us having this chat so thank you. Who knows. You might be my future cousin in-law.

Laura:Thank you for being so kind.

Sofia: Anyway you are a woman that has been abused by Adam Grant and the two of you have had a run in with one another correct? I do believe it came due to a certain incident and you had to resort to shocking him?!

Laura: Yes I was pushed to do something I didn’t want to do. I did use my Rod of Sophistication on Adam all of the years ago. I put him in the hospital and his heart had stopped. Notably since he has been named CEO he has obviously not booked me. He doesn’t care about me and it’s unfair. In the same way my sister Sapphire has been asking for a chance and he gave her a small one but right after that it was back to the back burner. Back then I had some issues with his girlfriend at the time but I actually tried to do the right thing. I was the bigger person. I was hoping to move on and apologize and he just turned his nose up at me and was happy that he didn’t have to deal with me because I was on the FFW roster.

Sofia nods her head.

Sofia: Right… And how did Captain Save A Ho respond?!

Laura: Missy?! She basically told me not to put her husband’s name in my mouth and I should watch it.

Sofia: Tragic sounds like another unprofessional like Will Smith. I will tell you what it is though. She is a fake ass Brit. She’s not like you Laura of noble English blood. She’s from Leeds… It’s not like London where everything is more expensive and you have to be a who’s who like yourself.

Laura: Well it is a known fact that my grandmother was great friends with our beloved Queen. May they both rest in peace. Now it’s sad that Adam is taking things a step further. He just promotes his little close friends in Jake and of course he’s not doing anything with my sister. This man Adam is upon the worst and I will be happy to support you.

Sofia: Thank you I am starting a petition to get Adam fired. I trust you will sign?!

Laura: All of the Gem Stones and I will sign. Let’s get him fired along with his fake, trashy wife as well…

Sofia: As you would say cheers. You know who else is quite trash too?! Vivi… A woman who talked all this nonsense about my family. She talked down my mother in-law and of course my husband, and yet… Her ass will constantly get beat over and over.

Laura smiles.

Laura: And I wish you well in your quest to take her down. On behalf of the United Queendom I want to present you with a gift that you should present to Adam. One that’s fitting for a Queen like yourself seeing as you are the rightful owner of the crown…

Laura hands Sofia a cattle prod that is designed with the Colombian flag on it. Sofia takes it and holds it proudly in the air.

Laura: I call it the Sceptre of Shockafacation but for you… The Cattle Prod of Colombia…

Sofia takes it pressing the button with a grin.

Sofia: Oh this is nice… I will give Adam a blast of the past and we will have a good heart to heart… Right in Los Angeles. Let’s see if he has the “heart” for a good sit down. Everybody better watch because Adam I will be seeing you in Los Angeles. You can get all the security you want but I am coming boo boo… The future MOST HATED of 2024, and current BreakOut Star of 2023 is going to show you who the hell she actually is… I dare Missy to do something because she can get shocked too.

With that Sofia smiles as she winks at Laura and it fades out.

The Cosmic Collision According to Colin

A short clip shows the closing moments of Breaking Point two weeks ago when Sydney learns she’s going to be facing Lilly at Forsaken with both the Pure and No Surrender Championship n the line. Then we go back to the live broadcast and find the No Surrender Champion with her husband…and some action figures in his hands.

Colin: Alright, since I can’t use movies too much without copyright stuff, I’m sure it’s alright if I use toys, right?

In one of Colin’s hands was a Marvel action figure of Thanos. In the other hand was Captain Marvel.

Colin: Because at Forsaken in a match of colossal proportions, we have the Mad God himself…or at least the equivalent of his power in one corner: Thanos! That would be Sydney in this case, not saying she’s evil or would wipe out half of all life on the planet or anything. And in the other corner…Lilly as portrayed by Captain Marvel! The galactic warrior for all that is good and holy, and the purveyor of justice! And it’s gonna be a collision of earth-shattering proportions at Forsaken!

Then he started having the figures going to battle with each other while he made a few sound effects to really sell it before looking at his wife.

Colin: Action figures are safe, right? Can’t get into trouble for using them, can I?

Lilly: I…I…truthfully, I don’t know. I’m not an expert in copyright law.

She shrugged her shoulders.

Lilly: I guess we’ll find out if this goes to air and legal have had black censor bars put over the toys and beeped you out every time you mention a character name….which would possibly really confuse the people watching at home.  Still, you’ve got this pegged as a titanic, epic battle between an individual with God like power who has waged war and conquered planets across the galaxy. And a fighter jet test pilot who wields phenomenal cosmic power thanks to an workplace accident where, surprisingly, she did sue the Hell out of the American military industrial complex? I can go with that. I mean look at the year, fourteen months Sydney’s had. She’s only fallen foul of Missy in a Global Wars triple threat - where she wasn’t even involved in the fall and Charlotte at the tail end of last year. She’s been in virtually every single Future Shock Spotlight match last year and was hugely impressive. This year she beat a woman who is one of my mentors and considered by many to be a living legend in Serafina DeCaro. And then got cheated out of a match by Cait Flanagan. I’ve got a mountain to climb, don’t I?

Colin: She also ended Tara’s undefeated streak since she came back too. For the record, I want to be clear that I don’t think Sydney and Thanos are similar personality wise. Just saying because I do have loads of respect for her. I don’t really feel like she and Thanos would have a lot of common ground. But if anyone would have survived the snap, I’m sure it’s her. I’m just drawing the analogy for how big this meeting is, that’s all. You don’t think she’s like Thanos, right?

Lilly: I think I’m on pretty safe ground to say that she doesn’t have any genocidal tendencies. I think everyone gets that when you compare her to Thanos, you only mean in that I’m going to have to go all out to beat her. That I can’t afford to pull my shots; that if I get a chance to put her down then I have to take it. Otherwise, I could get blipped…and I think if she gets to do the equivalent of snap her fingers, given her track record it’s a near certainty that my No Surrender reign will turn to dust that disappears into thin air. And I need to be Captain Marvel with my own near God like powers to be able to go toe to toe and hold for hold with Sydney. And that’s true. I’m sure she’ll test me. She’ll push me. I’ll have to go one step better than Serafina could…which is difficult, because like I said, living legend. But there’s anyone on the planet that can do that, it’s me.

Colin was nodding in agreement with all he heard till his phone went off. He quickly grabbed it to read a text before putting it away.

Colin: I did text Cody about my idea for this. And that was him saying figures are fine, and no issues. Just not clips from major movies…which the Avengers movies fall under. Which means I can use my other prop.

He handed Lilly his figures before disappearing briefly and returning with another one. This time, it was the Infinity Gauntlet glove, which he placed on her hand with a smile.

Colin: Gotta have the glove if you’re gonna reference Thanos and Captain Marvel, right?

Lilly: I guess…but wasn’t this worn by Thanos and then by Iron Man as he made the heroes sacrifice he was accused of never being prepared to make in the first movie, hence making it perfect hero story and an earned moment for the fans?
Colin: Good point.

He took the glove back off her hand.

Colin: Can you tell I had a good time in the toy department today? Carry on!

Lilly: I was going to say. I’m going to be Captain Marvel. I’m going to use my superpowers of strength, tenacity, resilience and submission skills. I’m going to put them all to perfect use and I will rip away the Infinity Gauntlet from you…and by Infinity Gauntlet, I mean the Pure Championship obviously. I will unify the No Surrender and Pure Championships. I will prove that I’m the best technical wrestler in the world.

She turned to her husband.

Lilly: You know, I quite like this whole thing you’ve set up. You think I could get a seamstress to knock me some Captain Marvel themed wrestling gear in time for the match? That could be pretty cool.

Colin: I’m positive of it. We have some fantastic seamstresses who work here. We’ll go chat with them after this. I also think it’s awesome you’re going to be the main event of the first ever Forsaken in company history. You and Sydney will always be the closing match on a new tradition, kinda like being in the first Unstoppable. But far more recent. That’s pretty massive, I think.

There was a nod of her head.

Lilly: And how many major events have been main evented by the Pure or No Surrender Championship? I think that makes it even bigger. I think that’s a massive testament not only to stakes involved but to both myself and Sydney and what we’re capable of. That we get this honour and we’re entrusted to do this. It’s massive. And we’re going to steal the show; we’re going to be a match of the year contender. I have no doubt about that.

Colin: Got a prediction for the other half of the double main event for the show, the elimination tag match spanning two rosters?

Lilly: Well, if Missy hasn’t calmed down from like Pompeii in mid-eruption to just threateningly smoking, I think we’ll need paramedics to be on site cause several of the Cartel will probably end up requiring urgent medical attention. Missy is not a woman to cross. Otherwise…it might just come down to whoever can get a numbers advantage early and if they can keep that throughout the match.

Colin: Can’t argue that. C’mon, let’s go see some of the seamstresses about that ring gear idea.

He says after stuffing the figures in his pockets and heading off with his wife. Then we see the graphic for the massive unification match official for Forsaken on June 29th.
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The show returns from the commercial break back to the ring with Kat Grayson front and center like always as she begins the introductions.

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

Zack: We just saw the return of Stacey Sky earlier tonight after a long absence and then Maddison just moments ago, and that theme is about to continue with another woman who hasn’t been in a FFW ring in several months.

Gaby: Not only that, we’re talking about a former FFW Champion… Who brought in a throne for her latest exploit.

The lights go out completely as the opening of Legendary by Welshy Arms starts to play. A rumble like thunder can be heard, getting louder and louder until a lightning effect flashes across the stage. The lightning strikes again and again, each time catching a glimpse of a female figure descending from the rafters on a trapeze-like swing.

Take a look around me
Taking pages from a magazine
Been looking for the answers
Ever since we were seventeen
You know the truth can be a weapon
To fight this world of ill intentions
A new answer to the same question
How many times will you learn the same lesson?

I think they got it all wrong
We just gotta hold on
And on, and on, and on

The lightning strikes come to an end as the lights come back up as they do, the female figure stands up on the trapeze swing a few feet off the ground, facing away from the crowd and then backflips off it to land in a crouch with her head lowered looking at the stage.

'Cause we're gonna be legends
Gonna get their attention
What we're doing here ain't just scary
It's about to be legendary
Yeah, we're gonna be legends
Gonna teach 'em all a lesson
Got this feeling in our souls we carry
It's about to be legendary

As the word legendary is sung, Mikayla Stone leaps to her feet with her arms in the air to a pop from the crowd. She soaks it in for a second before she takes off towards the ring at a run.

This is what we came for
And we couldn't want it anymore
We could never turn back now
Got to leave it all on the floor

Kat: Introducing at this time from Salem, Oregon…...MIKAYLA STONE!

When she reaches the ring, Mikayla jumps up onto the apron and turns around to smile at the crowd before she climbs to stand on the top rope. She gives the crowd a wave and then backflips into the ring to land with a smirk. She makes her way to her corner as her music comes to an end.

Zack: I gotta tell you. If I were just coming back to the ring after a lengthy layoff, Mikayla Stone is not the opponent I’d want to face. She can and will run you ragged in there, and that’s even with having no time off like her opponent has. I do not envy Jo at all.

Gaby: Mikayla is one of those guys that love ricocheting around and trying progressively new and more dangerous stuff. And while the McFarlanes are known for being daredevils themselves – I would know, I’m engaged to someone known as the Human Pinball, for crying out loud –, Mikayla is the kind of girl that, if you blink… You may literally miss her!

For those who don’t know me, I can get a bit crazy
Have to get my way, yep. 24 hours a day.

Zack: Wait a minute…that’s Samantha’s music! I’d recognize it anywhere. Is the owner of FFW  here tonight?

Gaby: Now that’s a face we haven’t seen in a while! The woman who brought this company to life is here to…………. Waaaait a minute.

The opening beats of “Can’t Be Tamed” pulse out of the speakers, descending the crowd into loud, unrelenting jeers. The lights in the arena turn pink and black, strobing around the arena to the beat of the song while dry ice comes from all around the stage and the area surrounding it. As the first verse begins, we can see the curtain move, from which Jo herself walks out, with Kyle Kilmeade beside her. The dry ice has cleared somewhat, and we can see Jo in her camo cargo trousers, matching jacket, bandana over her face and a beanie on her head, her hair underneath it.

Kat: On her way to the ring, from Derry, Northern Ireland, please welcome “THE QUEEN OF THE NORTH” JOSEPHIIIIINE STAAAAAAAAARR!

Jo and Kyle begin their walk down to the ring, with Kyle walking behind Jo to allow her to stay dead center of the ramp, away from fans. Reaching the bottom, Kyle walks directly to Jo’s corner while Jo herself ascends the stairs, then climbs up the turnbuckles from the outside. With one foot on the top buckle and the other on the middle, she takes a moment to survey her surroundings. While there, the jacket is removed and handed to an attendant, revealing a dirt green tank top underneath. The beanie and bandana follow suit and she launches herself off the turnbuckles, landing on her feet. She makes her way to Kyle and rests with her back on the ropes, conversing with him as the music fades out.

Zack: Well isn’t this an interesting development! Jo now calls herself Star, uses Samantha’s music…and here I thought we might have seen the last of Kyle earlier tonight.

Gaby: Using the owner’s song AND name… And coming out here with Kyle. Sure. I mean, Kyle WAS close to Jo back at her Franchise days, what with Kilmeade being the manager to her cohorts, the Brazilian Storm. But they’ve never been a unit… Until now. Maybe Rose was wrong, Jo is definitely not the same person.

Referee Ashley Pruitt called for the bell to start the match as Jo held up a finger before looking towards Kyle. As she was telling him something, Mikayla took off across the ring. Kyle tried to warn Jo in time before she turned into a dropkick to the chest from the witch that sent her into the corner. The Los Angeles crowd was already getting loud as Stone grabbed the top rope, and began kicking her in the chest repeatedly. She yanked Jo out of the corner and hopped up to the second turnbuckle to deliver a flying headscissors that snapped the redhead to mat before kipping up to her feet.

Zack: What did I say? Mikayla is not someone you want to face in your first match back in months, and she’s proving me right!

Gaby: She’s bouncing around like she’s in a hurry, and Jo may not even know where it’s coming from anymore!

Jo barely had time to get back to her feet before Mikayla was already peppering her with forearms to the side of the head. She rocked the veteran backwards before grabbing her head and using a springboard bulldog off the rope to drive Jo to the mat before quickly hooking the leg for the cover.

Zack: Mikayla’s looking to bag her first Hall of Famer!



Jo kicked out at one, but the witch was quick to respond. She pulled her back to her feet by the arm, firing kicks into her chest repeatedly until Jo dropped to a knee. Mikayla followed that with a running leg lariat to put her down again.

Gaby: Leave no opportunity for recovery, stay on her at all times! Mikayla came with an ironclad strategy to bamboozle Jo McFarlane… Or should we say, Josephine Star… And it’s working!

Stone quickly got to her feet, and was on the move once more. Jo was starting to get up from all fours before Stone delivered a leaping guillotine leg drop across the back of her head. The fans were still loud as Stone hit the near side ropes next. She used them for a springboard moonsault that landed perfectly before she rose back to her feet. The brunette headed for the corner next, measuring as Jo was trying to get to her feet. Mikayla darted out of the corner with a step up enzuigiri before hooking the leg again for another cover!

Zack: I think we’re gonna see an upset! Mikayla is a wrecking ball!



Jo still got her shoulder off the mat in time, and Stone was back on her feet a second later. She waved her hands, getting the crowd louder still as she then crouched and waited for her opponent to make it back to her feet again.

Gaby: She’s firing on all cylinders, has all the motivation in the world to pull it off! Just don’t waste too much time letting her get up, stay on her!

Kyle was shouting towards his client as Jo was trying to get up again. She got her feet under her finally as Mikayla bounced off the far side ropes with a bicycle kick to the chest that floored her to the canvas. A standing phoenix splash followed that before she hooked both legs for the cover.

Zack: Incredible agility! Mikayla’s a juggernaut, and about to pick up the biggest win of her FFW career!!




Josephine got her shoulder off the mat again, and Mikayla rolled away to get back to her feet. She headed back to the corner, climbing it this time before she came off with a senton back splash…except Jo rolled out of the way and let her hit the canvas instead.

Gaby: Oof! And that’s how it stops! Jo with the much needed forced mistake to hit the brakes on this match.

Jo made it back to her feet a couple seconds later, still grimacing in pain with a scowl on her face as she started stomping Mikayla’s ribs. As the brunette tried to get up, that’s when the redhead punted her in the ribs to put her back down. Kyle looked on with approval as Josephine used a double knee drop into her back to keep her down. The brunette tried to roll away from her, reaching for the ropes to pull herself up. That was until Jo stepped onto her back to choke her against the middle rope. Pruitt got to a four count before she stepped off and back on again. Another four count followed before the Hall of Famer pulled Mikayla over her shoulder to ram her back first into the far turnbuckle before she hung her upside down from it by her feet.

Gaby: “Dirty deeds done dirt cheap”, you’ve heard this motto many times, Z, and that’s how Jo operates. Her first opening of the match and what does she do? Choke her out like she’s a bug.

Zack: If Jo had any ring rust coming into this, I think Mikayla knocked it off for her. She’s as vicious as she ever was.

She rolled out to the floor and started pulling backwards on Mikayla’s head to stretch her body against the turnbuckles as she hung upside down. The redhead rolled back into the ring after that, measuring and taking off with a running knee to Mikayla’s body. Three of those connected before Stone collapsed to the mat. A more confident smirk appeared on the Queen of the North’s face as she grabbed her feet and turned her over into a Boston crab.

Zack: Mikayla gave Jo a target earlier in this match, and she might as well have painted a bullseye on her body since then. Because the Queen of the North has been relentless. Doesn’t Sydney call herself that too?

Gaby: Huh, she does. Maybe we can agree Sydney is the Queen of Canada and Jo is the Queen of Scotland or some– Actually, Ireland. With the viciousness on display here, if I keep mentioning how the McFarlane family are a hallmark of Scotland and not Ireland, she may come down here and skin me alive.

The referee moved around to see if Mikayla wanted to stop the match, but the baby sister of the Stone family shook her head. It was clear how much pan she was in though as Jo leaned back to increase the pressure. But Stone still refused and began to stretch her arm out to grab the bottom rope that was within reach. Kyle warned his client what was going on, and she stood up long enough to pull Mikayla away from the ropes and sit back down in the hold again.

Zack: Kilmeade’s earning his money here, because Mikayla was easily within reach of that bottom rope. But now the goal is farther away than ever.

Gaby: At least he didn’t physically pull the ropes away like I’ve seen him do before, and Jo had enough time and maneuverability to bring the submission back to the dead center of the ring.

That’s when the fans started trying to rally the witch. Mikayla pushed up onto her elbows, and began moving arm over arm to pull them back to the ropes again. Kyle shouted at the Hall of Famer when Mikayla was close again. But when Jo stood up to move, Stone lunged forward and wrapped her arm around the bottom rope. Pruitt called for the break, which was granted after a four count. Jo turned around and reached down to grab her foot, only to get kicked in the chest. She tried a second time, then catching two boots in the chest that sent her stumbling backwards before the brunette used the ropes to pull up to her feet.

Zack: Mikayla shook her off for a moment and got back to her feet. But that won’t deter Jo for very long at all.

Gaby: Not if Mikayla can kick into second gear again and start running laps around the Rebel Child once more. It may be a much needed opening!

The redhead went to grab her again, but Stone caught her with a headbutt to the face as she got closer. The forearms started flying after that as she began to back Jo up before whipping her across to the far side. The Hall of Famer ducked a spinning roundhouse kick, and turned around. She was immediately grabbed into a Northern Lights suplex, driving her body into the mat before Jo bridged up for the cover!

Gaby: Yep, no opening for you, Mikayla! Northern Lights Suplex and a pin!




Stone got her arm off the mat in time, and Jo rose back to her feet. More stomps to her body landed before Mikayla rolled away and tried to get to her feet. Jo moved in from behind, and scooped her up into her wheelbarrow facebuster.

Zack: One of Jo’s favorites there, she calls it the BANG! And she may be sensing the end is closer than the beginning right about now.

Kyle encouraged her to finish it as Jo nodded her head, moving to the ropes and watching as the baby Stone sister began to get back to her feet. Mikayla was pressing her arm against her ribs as she did so though, and that’s when the Hall of Famer took off towards her.

Zack: Kyle told her to finish it, what’s Jo got in mind?!

The redhead left her feet to deliver a spinning headscissors that planted Mikayla head first into the canvas before she rolled across for the cover with both legs hooked.

Zack: Good Lord, a spinning headscissors spike!




Pruitt called for the bell to nothing but boos from the Los Angeles crowd. Jo made it back to her feet, and got her hand raised. She kicked proverbial dust behind her as Kyle joined her in the ring to raise her other hand.

Kat: Your winner by pinfall…..’THE QUEEN OF THE NORTH’ JOSEPHINE STAR!

Gaby: That’s what we call the TRICOLOUR! A spike filled with hate, with the three colors of the flag of Ireland! Except Mikayla won’t be feeling red, white and gold; more like black and blue!

Kyle held the ropes open for her as she stepped out to the floor before he replaced the Privilege Crown on her head. It brought a grin to her face as she dusted her hands as though she had just taken out some garbage.

Zack: Josephine Star…gonna take me a while to get used to calling her that…picks up her first win since returning to the FFW roster. And of course, we can’t forget that crown she somehow got from Sofia who stole it from Adam.

Gaby: And Adam can’t take off her hands because of her iron contract signed by… Samantha Star herself. I really wanted to know what’s with the music and the name, but I’m guessing we’re gonna be in suspense for a while.

Zack: You and me both.

As the pair head towards the back amid a chorus of boos, we cut to a commercial for Future Shock this Tuesday with the Nova Championship on the line in the main event.

Birthday Girl

We cut to the backstage area of the Crypto.com arena and it is there where we can see the Gem Stones with smiles on their faces. They each are looking at one another as they look at one another. Sapphire could be seen bringing in a huge cake with candles that have the numbers 33. Kate Steele’s thirteen year old daughter smiles as she looks at everybody.

Juliet: This is going to be so cool. Auntie Phoebe you got an amazing cake. Mom is going to love it!

Sapphire: Of course she is. It’s only the best for my favourite sister.

Ruby: HEY!!!! That’s OUTRAGEOUS! We were sisters before you even knew that Kath-Lyn was your sister.

Emerald: Look could all of you just stop arguing. Let’s just honor our fearless leader. It’s her birthday and she deserves it.

Laura nods her head as she smirks.

Laura: Cheers… Now all we have to do is wait to surprise her with a special song.

They all wait in the room and a few moments go by as they wait in anticipation for the door to open up. It finally opens up and in unison they all begin to scream.

United Queendom: SURPRISE!!!!

However coming through the door was none other than Dawn Lohan. She smiles as she looks at everybody in the room.

Dawn: It’s quite WONDERFUL that you would yell surprise but give it a moment. She’s coming and I just want to make sure everybody is in position.

They all begin to agree and it isn’t that long before the door opens up again and this time it’s Diamond Steele. The very moment she comes through the door is the very moment that everybody begins to sing.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sapphire lights up the cake and Diamond looks at the two candles. She walks over to them and she begins to blow them out. She smiles and we can see Allison Marx walking through the door. She looks at Diamond as she a smile escapes her lips.

Allison: First and foremost from the bottom of my heart, and from the entire FFW universe let me just say Happy Birthday. On behalf of Adam Grant FFW wanted to present you with this special gift…

She hands Diamond a gift. Diamond opens it up and it appears to be heavy. She smirks as it’s a huge wall poster plaque that has a collage of different pictures of Diamond. We see raven haired Kate, red hair Kate. We see the Emo Princess, the Punk Princess, Lil Miss Ultraviolence, Lil Miss Evolution, The Game Changer, Kath-Lyn Elizabeth, and even pictures of Diamond Steele. Within this special wall thing is embedded with special replicas of the Ultraviolence Championship, Evolution Championship, and even the Future Shock All Stars titles. The words Kate Steele 12 years FFW strong, Diamond has some tears falling out of her eyes as she looks over at Allison. Meanwhile in the background we can hear the crowd cheering loudly for her.


Diamond: Wow, I didn’t even know what to say… I truly don’t know what to say…

Allison: I have to say that this is well deserved Kate.


Diamond smiles as wide as she can as she begins to speak some more.

Diamond: Thank you. Honestly FFW is home. Regardless of how everyone feels about me the fact is the happiest day in my life in wrestling came two years ago when I returned back to the company that made me. I feel so honoured that I can be in the home of FFW on June 1st my birthday. Twelve years ago Samantha Star took a chance on me. Hell a lot of people took a chance on me. I know I got kicked out of various wrestling schools. I was the immature brat who nobody wanted to deal with, I was 21 but I worked hard to be here. it was tough having to be in the shadow of Samara, or even at school in the shadow of Misty Whitmore. I know there have been times where I was supposed to be a goody, goody, but yet was the victim of Kate hate… Hell even a few months ago people started to like me again when I was teaming up with Razzles again.

The crowd begins to cheer louder as they applaud Kate. She smiles as she begins to speak.

Diamond: Thank you… Honestly you are all so kind. I know all of you had your favorites but the truth is… The truth is… I AM BETTER THAN EVERYBODY I NAMED… I KNOW HOW GREAT I AM. You don’t have to tell me what I deserve because the truth of the matter is I am ENTITLED to whatever I get. I grew up a rich bitch. I am among the 1 percent. I grew up a trust fund brat and if I want something I take it. I know there are people who favored Misty over me, who favored Samara, who even chose Razzles. The same idiots who cheered for Harley or Caitlyn and I have to say all of you wankers who boo me can piss off. I am destined to be great. It doesn’t matter if I am outwrestling the entire roster or even being the best manager as Kath-lyn as a true mistress of the megaphone. I know how great I am and what I bring to the table! Robbyn and I won our tag team match. Onyx says she isn’t a Gem Stone and honestly that’s fine with me but seeing as it is MY BIRTHDAY! I am going to tell you what I wished for when I blew out the candles… pay attention Allison.

Allison leans in with the microphone as Diamond smirks.

Diamond: Obviously I want to be a future Hall of Famer but what I really want for my birthday, what I wished for is to be next. I have had my eye on the No Surrender title for a long time. I knew I was the best damn submissionst going back to the days of choking Lilly Arthur in the Future Shock All Stars finale. Sydney might be dangerous as a Pure Champion but hell I could be the Princess of Pure Rules, add that to the nick names. I guess what I am saying Mr. Grant or even Mr. Jake, is whoever emerges victorious between the two I want next. I want to show the world that I can take out either of them. Honour my birthday quest…

Sapphire: And seeing as we are in the mood for Birthday wishes, Mr. Chandler that Adrenaline Championship has my name written on it… So keep on showing your girl some love. The United Queendom will rule wrestling. This is our company and we will rule over all…

Laura smirks in return.

Laura: Cheers and see all of you soon.

With that Diamond places her finger into the cake and takes a bite.

Diamond: Being awesome tastes so great….

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Kat: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish and it is your main event of the evening!!!

Zack: We’re about to see a preview of that 8 woman elimination tag match scheduled for Forsaken. And with the chaos we’ve already seen from some of the earlier matches in the night, I expect no less here.

Gaby: Not to mention, we can’t really expect normalcy when the Williams are involved. As far as I’m aware, the leader of the clown car isn’t around, but it’s not like they’re gonna need Sofia Hilton here to cause havoc: J-Will is here, which means Brittany and Emily aren’t far behind.

The entire arena goes to complete darkness. The Sith Lord Battle Theme begins to blast loudly across the speakers. It is at that point that we see the silhouette of a woman that is glowing in the dark. Her shoes and her gear is lit up but that’s nothing compared to the sight of a red lit light saber being able to be seen in the darkness (Kendo Stick with Red Glow In the Dark Paint) The light’s finally come back on and as they do we are able to see two cloaked females walking slowly to the ring.

Kat: Making her way to the ring from Korriban by way of the Bronx New York. Being accompanied by her apprentice Emily Williams She is Lady!!! Darth Dream Jenny Williams!

It’s at this point that the music changes into Jenny From The Block by J Lo. One woman takes her hood off and where we can see her green highlights in her hair. Jennifer cracks a wicked grin as she swings her lightsaber about showcasing different forms of her lightsaber stances. She sprints to the ring and immediately slides into the ring as her daughter Emily just continues to walk slowly. Jennifer kicks up to her fight and swings her kendo stick about. She flips the crowd off before handing her daughter her kendo stick along with her robe. She stretches out about and lays on the turnbuckle as she arrogantly mouths off to the ground.

Zack: How and why Jennifer Williams decided to align herself with Sofia is a question for another day, but it’s gotten her into a main event for this show against a woman she’s never met before.

Gaby: I have a hard time coming to terms that the Williams Dynasty has come to a main event conversation solely by being annoying. And, yeah, far removed from this woman are the days we knew them as respectable wrestlers, as they’re cohorts with someone who, I just wanna make sure everyone remembers, literally cucked the brother to one of them on live TV. I just… Can’t with them.

Colby Morrison was the referee in charge and as Emily dropped to the floor with the kendo stick and robe in her hands the Canadian slid out of the ring and told her that he was ejecting her from ringside and that she had to head to the back; that he wasn’t allowing anyone to be out here to interfere with the match, she stood her ground and told him ‘Fuck off Grandpa’. He shook his head and told her again that she would leave only to refuse once more, not only standing her ground but stepping towards him, telling him that he’d have to make her. He waved to the back, calling for security as he told her again to leave or get carried out.

Gaby: Like I said, the rest of the Williams family is never too far behind, and after Emily’s stunts during J-Will’s match against Rose Gardner, our big boy ref is more than justified in ejecting her!

This time the daughter of Darth Dream stepped a backwards but only so that she could throw the robe at his face and as he went to bat it away, she unloaded with a penalty kick right between his legs, he started to fold up which allowed her to start to unload with the kendo stick, landing blows to both sides of his head as security hustled their way down to ringside. They grabbed hold of Emily under the arms to stop her from swinging the light saber any further as Morrison dropped to his knees on the outside. This saw Jennifer slide off the top turnbuckle and onto her feet on the ring apron, measuring up the official, looking at the camera and asked Missy if she was watching before she leapt off and delivered the Mischief Maker curb stomp to the back of his head, driving him face first into the floor. Quickly Jenny backed up hands raised as a couple of the security guards doubled back towards her, the ringside medics moving to check on Colby as Jennifer Stringer marched down the ramp towards the ring with a couple of trainers and went to liaise with the medics, staring a hole through the New Yorker.

Zack: Are you seeing this? Jenny’s taken out Colby with that kendo stick! This has already gone off the rails and VIvi hasn’t even gotten here…

Gaby: What the absolute heck is WRONG with these people?! I mean, sure, if you gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough, but that’s–

I’m not the one who’s so far away when I feel the snakebite enter my veins
Never did I wanna be here again and I don’t remember why I came…

Gaby: Nevermind the bullshit, here she is!

The drumbeat to Godsmack’s “Voodoo” hits and the entrance ramp is bathed in purple light and fog. The top of the ramp fills with smoke, and tall candelabras rise up through the floor, flickering in the light. The lights of thousands of cell phone dot the arena like fireflies, adding to the ambience.

Candles raise my desire, why I’m so far away
No more meaning to my life, no more reason to stay

Vivi Traeger stands perfectly still as she rises up through the floor, a crown of bones and purple roses resting on her head. Around her neck is her black ball python LaCroix, his scales glimmering.

Freezing feeling, breathe in, breathe in…
I’m coming back again…

Reaching the ring, Vivi hands LaCroix off to the ring crew and ascends the stairs, climbing up on one of the turnbuckles. She bends down and then rises up again, throwing her arms out to the sides.

Kat: From New Orleans, Louisiana, she is the Voodoo Queen, the All-Mother, Vivi Traeger!

Basking in the adoration of the crowd, Vivi jumps down from the turnbuckle and sets her crown aside, ready to face her opponent.

Zack: Colby’s getting some much deserved medical attention, we’ve got a second referee ready to call this match! And now we got Vivi ready to go! Go ahead, Jenny.

Gaby: Yeah, but someone needs to take care of freaking Emily swinging kendo sticks at people! Is there nothing sacred for these women?!

Stringer checked once more with the medics, patting Colby on the back as he was helped to his knees and then to his feet where he was holding his head and the trainers helped him to the back as Stringer slid into the ring to take control. She glared once more at Williams and called for the bell to start the match; Vivi immediately charging towards her opponent who tried to duck through the ropes to get the referee to call for the break but before Stringer could, Traeger was upon her foe, reaching over the top rope to pull her head up and delivered a headbutt across the bridge of her nose. Lady Dream leaned backwards and got pulled back into the ring where she was shoved back against the turnbuckle pads and as the All Mother reared back and delivered a vicious open handed slap right to her opponent’s chest that sounded like a gunshot going off. Williams stepped out of the corner down the ropes only for the New Orleans native to stop her, pushing her back against the ropes and delivered another stinging open handed slap to her chest. Again Lady Dream walked along the ropes and into the corner where she was once more shoved against the pads and received another slap to her body.

Gaby: Oof, those chops cracking like a whip across her chest! They’re gonna leave a mark, and if that ain’t Vivi Traeger’s favorite sport: always leaving a mark for her rivals to remember her by.

Zack: Oh yeah, and I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse for Jenny and the others come Forsaken when VIvi here is joined by the Future Shock Champion and the Shaolin Belles!

The Williams Dynasty member tried to step out of the corner once more but this time was stopped by Traeger who again shoved her back against the turnbuckle pads and unloaded on her with a series of four more open handed slaps to her chest; these coming in rapid fire succession as the referee called for the break and reached four on the count. Traeger quickly pulled her opponent out of the corner and into an Irish whip towards the opposite corner. Vivi followed her in but slammed on the brakes in the middle of the ring as she spotted Jenny step up onto the middle rope and launch herself into a backflip, Vivi smartly stepped to the side as Williams landed on her feet and stumbled backwards a step as she sought her balance before Vivi caught her with a savate kick to the underside of her jaw. It saw Darth Dream stumble, fighting for her balance only for Traeger to use a snapmare to send her down to a sitting position on the canvas where she quickly started to fire off a volley of five kicks into her spine.

Zack: Vivi’s certainly bringing the fight to Jenny here. She called the Dynasty a side quest on her route to chasing the FFW Championship. Let’s not forget it’s Sofia who invoked her name recently in a match, so Jenny can thank her for this.

Gaby: Kelly Kincaid will next defend her championship against Savannah Star as we know, but while that happens, Vivi will keep making sure to become FFW’s hallmark player with this star-studded 8-woman match.

Jenny rolled away holding her back and started to push up to her feet only for Vivi to drop back to the rope and launch herself forwards into a blockbuster to the rising Williams, snapping her backwards to the canvas. The New Yorker held her neck as she once more sat up and started to rise to her knees as the Voodoo Queen again took off towards the ropes, bouncing off them and came back to catch her with a running knee lift to the underside of the jaw. Williams started to come back to her feet and caught a knee to the midsection from the New Orleans native, doubling over the Sith wrestler who she quickly jerked into a pulling piledriver, dropping her on the top of her head before she shoved her off to the side and made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Zack: Traeger looking to make light work of Jenny, and we got a cover!



Gaby: Hard two count, and Jennifer keeps fighting!... Piledrivers, man…

Jenny kicked out as the two count hit the mat and  rolled to the side where she sat up only for Vivi to deliver a Mongolian chop to her foe from behind before she pulled her up to her feet and Irish whipped her into the corner. Quickly Traeger followed in behind her foe and delivered a big splash to her corner. The Voodoo Queen quickly followed that up with five forearms to the side of her opponent’s head before she pulled her out of the corner with a monkey flip that saw her crash down to the mat in the middle of the ring. Quickly the Dynasty member went to get back to her feet once more and as she did so, the New Orleans born grappler charged forwards and leapt onto her shoulders snapping off a hurricanrana that she held for the pinning combination.

Zack: Without that kendo stick, Jenny may be in over her head all of a sudden! Vivi is looking for the dub!




Gaby: And J-Will keeps kicking out! She’s either asking for more punishment, or she’s gonna have to find a way to thwart Vivienne without outside help. Considering the recent exploits, the latter’s less likely.

Williams got her shoulder up at the last moment. Vivi looked to the referee and confirmed the count, getting shown the two and the Voodoo Queen pulled her foe up from the canvas, walking her to the corner as she did where she started to fire off a combination of palm strikes into her body, finishing off with one delivered to the underside of Lady Dream’s jaw, causing her to kick her feet up into the air. Jenny leaned forwards into the corner, reaching for her jaw only for the Voodoo Queen to knock the hand out of the way, exposing her opponent’s throat to a ridgehand chop.  Traeger backed away from the corner at the referee’s instruction, waving her foe forwards as she did so. Jenny took a moment before she took half a step forward which saw the New Orleans native get impatient, stepping towards her foe and leaving her feet to deliver a codebreaker…only to hit the mat hard spine first as Jenny blocked the move by grabbing hold of the top rope.

Zack: Some inspired timing by Williams there, and she may have just found herself an opening into this match which has been all Vivi from the bell.

Gaby: And a good position to be in, too! J-Will let Vivi fall all on her own, and this forced error may be what she needs to turn it around.

Vivi sat up, holding the back of her head and as she did so, Lady Dream caught her with a kick to the sternum, sending her back down to the canvas before she stooped to grab hold of her ankles and stood up again, holding her legs apart and began to drive stomps into her stomach that slowly moved lower and lower on her body until they were definitely below the belt. Stringer immediately stepped in and started to reprimand Williams who shrugged as she was threatened with disqualification, adjusting her grip around her opponent’s legs before she fell backwards and catapulted her opponent into the corner. Traeger hit the turnbuckle pads hard and stumbled backwards only for Jennifer to hurl her through the air with a release German suplex, sending her down to the canvas.

Gaby: Alright, that was a sound technical combination by J-Will, a turnbuckle catapult into a perfect suplex, and the pace of this match has taken a proper nosedive.

Zack: Agreed. Sometimes you have to give the devil her due. Or Darth Dream or whatever.

Traeger rolled over onto her front and started to push up to her feet only for Williams to charge towards her once more and leave her feet to drive her face first down into the mat with a leg drop bulldog. Immediately Jenny rolled over, holding her stomach for a moment as she did so before she grabbed hold of her opponent’s head, starting to bounce her face first off the mat like she was dribbling a basketball. The official called for the break and started to count, getting to four before the Sith wrestler raised her hands in the air to show that she had given the break, clasping her hands towards as the referee accepted that she’d given the break and crashed an ax handle blow downwards into her foes shoulder blades before again grabbing hold of her head and this time she forced her face against the ring mat and started to violently scrub her face back and forth. Once more the official called for the break and started the count, getting to four again. This time it saw the Dynasty member come to her feet, grabbing hold of the Voodoo Queen with a handful of hair and pressed her eye sockets against the laces of her boots and stomped down, scraping every lace down over her eyes, causing the All Mother to roll onto her back, holding her eyes as she did so. The referee once more reprimanded her.

Zack: Jenny’s ignoring the referee after attacking the first one that was assigned to this match. Stringer may be taking a major risk here, but she’s doing her job.

Gaby: To think we have people like Colby Morrison assigned to messy matches because he’s our resident big boy, especially after Raven Knight went around shanking people left and right! Again I ask – is there nothing sacred for those people?!

The Dynasty member ignored the official as she reached down to again grab hold of Traeger by the hair, this time with both hands as she pulled her up from the mat and started to fire off knees into her face, before she spun around and used the grip on her hair and the momentum to send her across the ring. Vivi landed on the mat near the corner and started to get back to her feet only for Jenny to dart towards her, catching her as she came back to her feet with a shotgun dropkick to the chest that sent her falling back against the turnbuckles. Williams rolled backwards and came up onto one knee before she charged forwards and drove a shoulder into Vivi’s gut. Four more followed that as the official once more called for the break and started the count, getting to four. Lady Dream stepped backwards at four, giving the break and spun around to catch her foe with a spinning roundhouse kick to the side of the head. It saw the New Orleans native stumble out of the corner where she was scooped up onto the shoulders of her opponent to end up on the wrong end of a Death Valley Driver. The Dynasty member made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Gaby: Death Valley Driver!!! One of the most dangerous moves I know, J-Will’s looking for the win!



Zack: Still too early to keep Vivi down. She has a hellacious threshold for absorbing punishment, which we saw during that No Holds Barred fight with Savannah at Vendetta.

Vivi kicked out as the three landed and Jenny didn’t even bother to look at the official as she raked her fingers across her opponent’s eyes when she sat up, temporarily blinding. Once more Stringer threatened her with disqualification as Lady Dream pulled her foe upwards with two handfuls of hair and started driving knees into her chest before she used the two handfuls of hair to send her face first into the mat. Immediately Traeger bounced back up onto her knees, hands moving to check her nose which allowed the Dynasty member to jump up and deliver a two footed stomp to her shoulder blades, driving her face back into the canvas. Jenny landed with one foot either side of her opponent and dropped down to her knees, taking up position on her back and started to derisively slap the back of her head, telling her that she wasn’t even close to being worthy to lace up the boots of any Williams. Again it caused the referee to call for the break, telling Jenny to let Vivi get back up from the canvas as she started the count; the New Yorker delivered a forearm to the back of her opponent’s head as the count reached four and popped back up to her head, stepping forwards and began to kick dirt backwards into the Voodoo Queens face as she took a few moments to play to the crowd, getting loud boos.

Zack: I think Jenny’s wasting time here. I wouldn’t be bothering with irritating our fans here in Los Angeles, especially not against a woman like Vivi.

Gaby: We’ve come to a point that the Williams and especially Sofia will bother the fans just by being around. I think this is more aimed at humiliating Vivi and showing superiority. Completely unwarranted, still, but yeah.

Traeger held the back of her head for a moment or two before she started to get up, Williams finished goading the crowd and turned back towards her opponent. As Vivi got her feet beneath her, Jenny darted towards her, leaving her feet and catching her with an enzuigiri to the side of her head. It dropped the All Mother down to her knees. The Dynasty member kipped back up to her feet, holding her stomach for just a moment before she grabbed hold of the New Orleans native around the head and snapped off a DDT to drive her down into the canvas. Jenny sat up with a smile on her face, taking a moment to adjust her gear before she started back to her feet as Vivi did likewise. The Sith wrestler was the first to her feet and immediately rocked her foe with a stiff right hand to the jaw, following it with a second and third stiff right hand, wobbling the Voodoo Queen before she darted past her, hopping up onto the middle rope and springboarding into a hurricanrana that drove Vivi into the canvas. Lady Dream didn’t hold for the cover, instead popping up to her feet and wagging her finger before she headed towards the corner.

Zack: Why not go for the cover?! A win over an opponent like Vivi would be huge for Jenny!

Gaby: Humiliation tactics, Z, plain and simple! It’s not the smartest idea, because we know how Vivi’s temper can go, and J-Will hasn’t learned a THING, but it’s all about feeling superior!

Jennifer climbed to the top rope and told the crowd that this was about to be over as she watched her foe make it back to her feet. When Vivi was upright and facing the middle of the ring before Williams leapt towards her, wrapping her legs around her head as she delivered a poisonrana, snapping her backwards and driving her head down into the canvas. Williams this time made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Zack: She made the cover this time, and VIvi may not be conscious!




Gaby: Oh but she IS! This is the kind of resiliency people who want the FFW Championship need to have to survive the big league!

Traeger kicked out of the pinning combination and Jenny stared daggers at the referee as the two count was shown to her, giving the senior official a slow, disappointed shake of her head before she took up the mount position and began to pepper her opponent with right and left hands to the head. Vivi covered up, taking the majority of blows to her arms as the referee called for the break. As Stringers count reached four, Lady Dream rose back to her feet again, hooking her opponents head as she did so and maneuvered her into position in front of the corner before jerking her upwards and into a snap brainbuster dropping Traeger to the mat. The Dynasty member rolled away into the corner and stood up before she dropped down to her haunches, arms between her knees so her fingertips brushed the mat before she popped up - mocking Missy once more - as she hopped quickly to the top rope and came off with the Li’l Miss Mischief frog splash.

Zack: Look at this, she’s mocking the Future Shock Champion! There’s her frog splash, and–


However as she came down, Vivi brought her knees up catching Jenny straight in the gut. Williams bounced off them and tried to scrabble away but as she did so, the Voodoo Queen hooked her head, pulling her into a small package pinning combination. Jennifer Stringer slid into position and started the count.

Zack: She may be about to pay for that one!




Gaby: SO CLOSE!!! Not yet, though! I thought that was it, after J-Will’s stolen Li’l Miss Mischief connected straight with Vivi’s spiked knees, but I guess she’s working on arrogance and bad life choices now!

The Dynasty member kicked out at the last minute and started to roll away to come to her feet only for Traeger to catch her as soon as she was upright, grabbing hold of her head and dropping down to her knees for a jawbreaker. Jenny stumbled in retreat holding her jaw as her opponent bounced straight back up to her feet and dropped backwards to the ropes, bouncing off them and came back with a spinning heel kick that dropped the former FFW TV Champion to the canvas. The New Yorker rolled to the side, propping herself up on an elbow as she again checked her jaw. The All-Mother came back to her feet and pulled her opponent upwards and straight into a single knee facebreaker causing Williams to turn and reel away from her, providing the perfect opening for the New Orleans native to use a headscissors takedown that sent her foe falling to her knees as she landed chest first against the middle rope. Vivi rolled through and came back to her feet, immediately sprinting across the ring, hitting the opposite ropes and came back with a cross body to her opponent’s back that drove her chest first into the middle rope before she fell backwards onto the canvas.

Zack: This is what you want to avoid in the ring against Vivi. Once she starts getting that momentum rolling, it can be like trying to stop a runaway train.

Gaby: J-Will was trying to keep the pace of the match slow and steady, but once we kick into high gear, this is Vivi’s wheelhouse through and through!

Again, Vivi was quickly to her feet, grabbing hold of the top rope as she did so and started to stomp away viciously at her foes chest and body. Stringer told her to let Williams out from underneath the ropes; the New Orleans native forcing the official to make the count and only stopping once the referee came to four. Traeger stepped backwards for a moment, making sure Stringer was satisfied with the break and this time she pressed her boots against her shoulder and the side of the head, holding the top rope as she leaned backwards, pushing her opponent’s head and shoulders out of the ring until they were hanging over the floor as she was again told by the senior referee to let her out from beneath the ring ropes and started the count; Vivi returning to her feet on three and using the top rope to catapult herself over the top and into a leg drop across her foe’s head and neck. Jennifer rolled onto her front, holding her chest as she did so and Traeger immediately started to drive hammer-like forearms down across her opponent’s shoulders; the referee telling her to bring the match back into the ring and starting the count.

Zack: It doesn’t take a lot to get under Vivi’s skin, and Jenny’s learning that the hard way. But I’m with the referee, get it done in the ring.

Gaby: People like Vivi are where humiliation tactics go to die. If they get that ball rolling, that is. And that makes three of us, bring it to the ring; but then again, there’s that part of Vivi that just wants to HURT J-Will now.

Traeger looked up to the referee and gave her a little shake of her as she grabbed hold of her foe’s head and pulled her forwards only to plant her down into the floor with a suspension DDT. Vivi came back to her feet and rolled in and out of the ring to break up the count before she started to pull her foe upwards from the floor, Jenny acting like a dead weight as the Voodoo Queen struggled to get her upwards, finally rolling her into the ring. The All Mother pulled herself up onto the ring apron, grabbing hold of the top rope once more and used it to slingshot herself back into the match and into a backsplash across her foe’s chest, she leaned back and hooked the leg for the cover.

Zack: Vivi with a senton and she’s ready to hear the bell!




Gaby: But J-Will sure isn’t!!! We’re flying very close to the sun here!

Williams rolled her shoulder at the last moment to stop the count, the referee showing the two to all involved. Traeger checked and confirmed with Stringer, getting shown the two once more as the crowd started booing loudly - not because of the count but because Emily Williams had reappeared and was sprinting down to the ring, hopping up onto the apron once more and drawing the referee and the Voodoo Queen’s attention even as security was already hustling down the ramp after her. Vivi turned back to Jenny and started to pull her up from the mat and as she did so, Lady Dream’s arm shot out to catch her opponent with a low blow as Stringer was watching security pull Emily off the apron; one particularly big and burly bearded guard catching her in almost a bear hug as they carried her back up the entrance ramp and into the backstage. Stringer turned back into the action just in time to see Jenny drop her opponent's throat over the top rope with a stun gun. The New Orleans native staggered backwards as Jenny grabbed hold of her wrist, raised her boot and fell sideways to jerk her into an inverted stomp facebreaker, sending Traeger backwards to the canvas.

Zack: I’ve seen that move win matches for Alessandra over in Future Shock in the past, and Jenny would have been well served to go for the cover there.

Gaby: … they’re just stealing from everyone now, huh?

Jenny rolled backwards and pushed herself into the nearest corner where she reached up for the top rope and started to pull herself upwards. She leaned against the turnbuckles as she spotted Vivi rising back to her feet and when Traeger was upright, Lady Dream skipped forwards and caught her with a running big boot to the side of her head. It spun Traeger around, causing her to drop to one knee for a moment. As the Voodoo Queen pushed upwards, Williams skipped towards her and caught her with a bicycle kick to the jaw, it saw the former Future Shock Champion fall to the mat and roll to one side where she started to rise and when she did, the New Yorker caught her with the Sweet Dreams RKO. Vivi hit the mat and Williams scrabbled towards her, launching herself into a cover and reaching to hook the leg as she did so.

Gaby: SWEET DREAMS!!! J-Will is about to net the biggest win of her career!!!




Zack: It doesn’t get any closer than that without hearing the bell ring!

At the last moment, Traeger’s shoulder came up from the mat and Jenny knelt up and glared at the two being shown to her by the referee. She asked for three, but had the two count confirmed once more, getting told the arm came up first. She slapped her hands against the canvas repeatedly in frustration, before she came to her feet, telling Stringer that it was three and she should call for the bell because what happened to Colby could happen to her too - she even stomped her foot on the mat for emphasis. Stringer though told her that it was only a two count, that she was in charge and that if she wanted to get her ass fined even more, she should continue to push her luck. Then Stringer stepped backwards and to the side as she saw the look on the risen Vivi’s face behind the Dynasty member; Traeger launching herself forward and leaving her feet to jerk her foe downwards into the mat with a jumping reverse bulldog.

Zack: Jenny’s face is gonna resemble a Picasso painting if she takes too many more shots like that one from Vivi.

Gaby: And it’s the kind of trouble she’s bought herself into and has nobody else to blame when she decided to poke at the bear to see what her anger looks like! She fucked around, now she gets to find out!

Jenny hit the canvas and rolled to the side as Vivi lay on the canvas for just a moment a slight grimace of pain on her face before she rolled to the side and started to get to her feet. Williams was rising as Traeger was back vertical and the moment Lady Dream made it upright, Vivi darted forwards and caught her with the Bow Down - running dropkick to the knee that saw the Dynasty member collapse down onto all fours. Quickly the New Orleans native was back to her feet, pulling Williams upwards and delivering the Southern Incantation STO backbreaker transitioned into a reverse STO. The Sith wrestler was driven face first into the canvas where she stayed unmoving as Jenny rolled to her knees and moved to quickly roll her opponent over and hook her leg for the cover.

Zack: I’d know the SOUTHERN INCANTATION anywhere! That’s gonna do it for Darth Jenny, I think!




Gaby: SO VERY CLOSE!!! But it’s just a two-count!

Williams' shoulder popped up from the mat and she rolled to the side a couple of moments later as Vivi took a few seconds before she pushed up to her knees and raised three fingers towards the official who shook her head and showed her the two. Traeger looked down at her opponent, taking a deep breath and again asked the official who told her there was a two count and the shoulder came up in time. Vivi accepted it and came to her feet. As she did so “Unforgettable (Latin Mix) by French Montana and J Balvin started to play over the PA which immediately drew Vivi’s attention to the entranceway checking for Sofia only to spin around as there were louder boos and a ruckus coming from the crowd as Brittany Williams was spotted in one of the entranceways and started to make her way down the stairs towards the ring as the music stopped playing. Security quickly picked their way through the crowd and started up the stairs towards Brittany to cut her off.

Zack: Oh no..here we go! I was wondering how long it’d be before we started to see the rest of the Cartel or Dynasty..take your pick.

Gaby: But Sofia isn’t here! That’s just a distraction! Don’t fall for it, Vivi!!!

However, Vivi’s attention had already turned to the opposite side of the ring where there was another commotion and chants of “Let Them Fight!!” were gathering in volume as Emily Williams was quickly moving down the stairs towards the ring carrying a kendo, Missy close behind her but trying to fight her way through five security guards to get to Jenny’s daughter. More security were heading up those stairs to cut off Emily and to help get between her and Missy.

Gaby: HERE WE FREAKING GO! The cavalry has arrived, in the shape of a rightly pissed off Future Shock Champion!!!

Zack: If Adam is at a show, you can damn well bet Missy is too! And turns out she can fight on Saturdays as well as Tuesdays! Go ahead!

Meanwhile in the ring, Jennifer Williams had used the distraction to get back to her feet and charged towards her opponent, catching her with a running forearm to the back of her head, locking in a rear waistlock as she stumbled forwards and pulled her back to the middle of the ring where she lifted her up, looking for the Executive Decision wheelbarrow facebuster…only for Traeger to counter the move into a bulldog, slamming her face first into the canvas. Vivi rolled away and came back to her feet as Lady Dream started to push upwards as Traeger gave the crowd the sign for the Hurricane Vivienne, darting towards her and delivering her hallmark running swinging DDT. Quickly she made the cover, hooking the legs as she did so.

Zack: She hit it…HURRICANE VIVIENNE!! They don’t get up from that!




Gaby: And indeed she didn’t!!! I don’t think the distractions are working as intended anymore, Jennifer, darling!

Stringer called for the bell as Vivi came to her feet, glaring daggers at her opponent as she did so. The official raised her hand in the air; the crowd cheered loudly as Kat made the announcement.

Kat: Here is your winner, by way of pinfall… VIVI TRAEGER!!!

Zack: If this were Forsaken, it’d be 4-3 on right now! Vivi puts down Jenny, but I’m positive that it’ll be even more chaotic when we get to Boston for the elimination tag!

Gaby: It’s gonna be that woman right there, Vivienne Traeger… Alongside Angelina Fantástica, Future Shock Nova Champion Arabella Townshend and Future Shock Champion Missy, in an 8-woman elimination match against the whole of the Dynasty – Jennifer, Emily and Brittany Williams, and Sofia Hilton! It’s gonna be a MESS, and I’m HERE FOR THIS. But this is how we leave you, Faithful! He’s Zack Hudson, I’m Gabrielle Crimson, this has been Breaking Point! We’ll catch you soon, darlings.

The crowd continued to cheer as Vivi set herself and waved Lady Dream upwards, patting her arm as she did so. Williams slowly began to make her way to her feet and as she did so, Traeger exploded towards her, looking to land The Reminder but ended up pulling up short as Jenny spotted it coming and dropped down to the mat and rolled out of the ring. She flipped Vivi the bird as she headed towards the entrance ramp, Traeger watching her like a hawk as the crowd cheered her. The show started to fade off the air.

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