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June 24, 2024, 09:55:56 am
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Shockwave #12: May 2024 Review

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Author Topic: Shockwave #12: May 2024 Review  (Read 38 times)
Adam Grant
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« on: June 01, 2024, 04:19:24 pm »

The video begins in what looks to be the interior of a production truck with a wall of monitors in the background all making one big picture: that being the Shockwave logo. As the camera pulls back, thereís a pair of comfortable chairs on either side of a table with drinks on it. And sitting in those chairs? Future Shockís River Campbell and DOC. As we join them, DOC is cleaning his glasses with a microfiber cloth.

DOC: Hi, everyone! And welcome to the latest edition of Shockwave. Everyone calls me DOC, and you already know the woman whoís gonna win the Race to Go Nova: River Campbell. Before we begin, I want to thank those who checked in on me recently. Iíll be fine. Just some bruising on my back and chest and a pair of broken glasses too. But as you can see, I got a brand new pair. Jake bought these for me and a spare pair, just in case. Shoutout to Jake for that.

River: Thanks Jake. And I know Iíve got a bit of a climb to win the Race to Go Nova with being behind but Iím still going to break Delilahís face the first chance I get. Sheíll not be much of an Influence then - well, maybe she will, there might be an unexplored niche for content creators wearing Phantom of the Opera style face masks.

She shrugs her shoulders.

River: Anyway, donít want to step too much on Jakeís shoes - congratulations new boss man. So Iíll re-iterate what DOC said and welcome you all to the latest edition of Shockwave!

DOC: I watched a video of hers recently, and Delilah talked about how she was the biggest story coming out of the Global Wars event a few weeks ago. I watched it start to finish. I donít remember her being on it, was there a pre-show match I missed?

River: Itís Delilah being Delilah. I think thatís about the only possible explanation for it. She has a very high opinion of herself and is always very happy to share that with everyone else.

DOC: I had to turn down a sponsorship she wanted to offer for us to promote her YouTube channel where she does clothing and bikini try-on hauls and makeup tutorials. I got another sponsor though. Besides I didnít figure you or I either wanted to see her plastered all over the set the whole show.

River: I donít knowÖif we doodled moustaches and devil horns and mono-brows on every image of her would we still get the money? Because we could have a contest amongst the fans. The most imaginative and or offensive doodle on a picture of Delilah wins a good bag of T-shirts and sweatshirts or whatever we can blag from FFWShop.com.

DOC: I didnít think about that. Hmm. Anyway, letís talk about the newsmakers on the FFW side of things for May. Iíd like to start with the new tag team of Prophecy. They havenít even had a match yet, and already got people worked up against them. Thatíd be the Action News Network, but I think thatís understandable, given the circumstances. Donít you?

River: It certainly is given that during Feliciaís solo match on the last Breaking Point they attacked Dawn in the back and left her unconscious. Though The Prophecy claim that theyíre nice girls because they at least brought Dawn back to her partner and left her at the top of the entrance ramp to collect. Itís certainly one view, I guess. And before that we saw them come out, occupy Joís throne and raise Scarlett Kincaidís hand after her win. Iím told thereís a history from all the way back in the very early days of FFW where Kincaid hurled herself off a cell and through Roriís body on an announce desk soÖyeah, thatís something of a twist.

DOC: I agree, go back and watch FFW All Access and look up 2011 shows. I think itíll explain a lot of that. Speaking of women causing a stir and one kinda tangentially related to that was the return to the ring of Scarlett Silver. She was who was facing Felicia during that attack, got the win and kindaÖ. Was really ready to have her moment on camera and stepped on Cloverís victory and shoved her off the apron with a bad ankle so she could have the ring to herself.

River: Yeah, Scarlett didnít give her any chance at all to celebrate. She wanted to bask in the response of the crowd to her return. I guess Silver had really missed being the center of attention and the focus of the spotlight; she was determined to enjoy for as long as she could as a result.

DOC: As you might have imagined, none of this sat well with Clover. I can sympathize with that. Kat didnít even get to announce her as the winner before Scarlettís music hit, she goes out and shoves her out of the ring and soaks up the attention during the commercial break, a pre-taped interview with Felicia from earlier in the day and then finally to when her match actually started. Thatís a lot of Halestorm on repeat.

River: Yes it is. It could be worse, I guess. Halestorm isnít the worst music in the world for the fans to listen. It wasnít some form of awful, hideous, manufactured pop song - or even worse, the Gem Stones. And at least Scarlett proved the hype was worthwhile as she picked up the win on her return, despite a spirited effort from the Action News Network reporter. However, Iím not sure that sheíll enjoy her next meeting with Clover Thomas in the slightest. The Highlight of the Night Iím sure will be wanting to put a real beating on Scarlett and make her regret coming back to the ring at the earliest possible opportunity.

DOC: Shall we talk about what was a very successful month for Cait Flanagan?

River: I suppose we must. Spite Titties as sheís become known thanks to some weird and unusual views getting expressed on X - Twitter - about what a woman's body should look likeÖ.bizarrely from the human ironing board, Kate Steele of all people. Weíll just put that to one side for a discussion later on, maybe. Flanagan has probably had the month of her career as she has arguably put herself into prime position to challenge for not one, but two titles. First thereís the Evolution Championship courtesy of an impressive victory over a returning Caitlyn Storm. Then she managed to stop the runaway juggernaut that is Sydney Christensen which has to put her in contention for the Pure Championship too.

DOC: One by pinfall, the other by getting Sydney disqualified for something she didnít do. All thanks to a pair of bedazzled brass knucks. I didnít know they came with rhinestones on them now.

River: I guess if you have enough money you can get anything custom made. Heck, Iíve seen on the net where Saudi Princes have had whole sportscars covered in crystals and hundred thousand dollar iPhones because theyíre covered in diamonds. Some people just love the bling, DOC.

DOC: They do! Speaking of Sydney, we know sheís going to be part of a double main event coming up at Forsaken on June 29th via FFW All Access. Her next challenger revealed herself after that match with Cait, and itíll be title versus title as she and Lilly Arthur meet for the first time sinceÖ2020, I think, at a cross-branded show. This is going to be a very historic meeting with much higher stakes though.

River: A title vs title unification match between two of the best technical wrestlers on the planet todayÖif youíre a pure, classic, wrestling fan; if you love the submission holds and wrestling as a game of chess, this has to pretty much be the dream match. This has to be one of those contests that youíve fantasy booked. I know that Iím certainly going to be paying very close attention to see what I can pick up to improve my technical wrestling and submission game because it is probably one of the weaker parts of my skill sets.

DOC: That and maybe a touch more high risk aerial stuff, but weíll work it out. We also know the other half of that double main event is an 8 woman elimination tag match. You got all three of the Williams girls: Brittany, Emily, and Jenny, joining Sofia to meet Vivi Traeger, and Future Shockís own Missy and the Shaolin Belles! We havenít had an elimination tag match in years.

River: I could be wrong, but I think the last one was 2018 in Future Shock. No Holding Back, Harley Shannon, Bianca Reed and Nora Harris faced off against the Gold Standard - it was the night Tara Cortez made it known that she was going to be challenging for the FS Championship when she jerked Harley out of the ring and crashed a chair over her head. Personally, I donít fancy the chances of the Williams Dynasty. They might win the match due to being cooler headed but with the mood Missy and Vivi are in, a couple of them might well have their careers ended. Our Future Shock Champion and Vivi Traeger are pissed to say the least.

DOC: Iím looking forward to both of those matches for entirely different easons. Also in May was the return to the ring of Robbyn Helmsley as she and Diamond joined forces for the night to get a win over Caitlyn and Harley. The chemistry from both teams was a little off kilter to me which tends to happen with teams who have never competed together before, and I also happen to have learned our Evolution Champion competed with a very high fever that she didnít tell anyone about, because she didnít want to let down the fans who paid to see her. I think that shows a lot of character for Harley, because Iíd have called out if it had been me.

River: I mean credit to Harley for doing that. Despite some unusual tags between Diamond and Robbyn they pretty much dominated that match from start to finish. Harley barely landed a blow against the pair of them and struggled to make it to her corner to make the tag - I guess thatís what competing with a high fever can do for you. And it saw Robbyn pick up a clean win over Caitlyn - after beating her down following the match between Storm and Diamond back in April.

DOC: I know Caitlyn and Robbyn are set to meet at Forsaken one on one too. That cardís really shaping up quickly for June 29th. We also got a shot across the bow from Savannah Star who threw out a challenge for the Fatale Royale event to have a rematch with Shaw from Unstoppable 10.

River: That could be a barn burner between Savannah and Shaw who is looking to bounce back from losing the Future Shock Championship late last year. She was a surprise partner for Target Acquired against the Motor City Maidens and a surprise saviour for Stephanie Sullivan that night. However, Savannah is going to be a huge step up for Shaw and sheís going to have to be close at her best come the Fatale Royale.

DOC: Before we continue, I should probably go ahead and mention our sponsor this month, River. Weíve had some great ones so far. We helped sell over ten thousand copies of the Casey Bible, and I donít know the figure for Diamond t-shirts that we helped sell at the last show. More and more people are seeing what a goldmine advertising with me is.

River: Okay, so what have we got this time around? Itís not Delilah Cameronís Try On Utopia or her make up tutorials. Youíve already ruled that out. Has Caitís jeweler got in touch wanting to flaunt his services in the customised personal weaponry lines?

DOC: Not at all, this one is a print publication that features you actually. I should go ahead and stipulate that this product is not sold by FFW or Future Shock. Bring it over here, Russell.

He looks off camera before heís handed a calendar by an assistant that he shows the camera.

DOC: This is the Latina Heat swimsuit calendar from June now through the end of next year. You can see the girls on your wall for the next 18 months, and they even included a picture of River in it. I think youíreÖ Youíre Miss April!

He starts flipping through the pages before he turns it around to show the month for River, which is April of 2025. But that isnít a swimsuit picture, itís one of her feeding her face..

DOC: If you go to Latina Heat Swim dot com, you can get this calendar for only $59.99. And if you want it autographed and personalized, $99.99. What a deal!

River: UmmÖ.yeahÖthatísÖ.thatís certainly a deal. Iím guessing Iím not getting a cut of that, am I? Anyway. If you want to stare at Dani and Frani - and Iím sure plenty of you do while youíre sat in your motherís basement tapping away at the keyboard - you can do it for 17 out of the next 18 months for just over $3 dollars a month. ThatísÖ.aÖ.some people would call that a bargain. Theyíre probably bilingual too - printed in both Spanish and English.

DOC: I told them that you had plenty of pictures in swimwear, but Dani told me none of them were suitable for the calendar. So she used the picture of you when you three went out for pizza a while back. OH! Shipping and handling on the calendar is a mere $14.99 anywhere in the US. International customers can buy the all digital version to download, but they are only accepting dollars and euros as currency. So keep that in mind.

River: Iíll give Dani and Frani credit. They make sure they can gather every simple penny from every single one of their fans across the world. They have an entrepreneurial spirit that the Shark Tank would love.

DOC: So order now at Latina Heat Swim dot com. What a great present for the Latina Heat fan in your life. Or the River fan, since sheís got April all to herself. And thanks for sponsoring me this show, girls! Anyway, back to what we were talking about. What do you make of whatís going on with Jo? She had a pretty eventful month in May too, all without even having a match yet.

River: Turning up with the tiara on her head. Having her own throne and a no cut contract then putting Rebecka Hate on the shelf with her kendo stick - and it would have been worse had it not been for Rose Gardner. Yeah Iíd say thatís pretty eventful and Adam certainly didnít seem to be very happy to have her thrust upon him. Itíll be interesting to see how she performs in the ring when she has a match.

DOC: She ruptured Rebeckaís eardrum with that kendo stick before Rose prevented her from doing even worse. All because of the Fatale Royale last year when Becka eliminated her fair and square to win. She really can hold a grudge, canít she?

River: She really can. Of course, a lot of women can really hold a grudge if you piss them off enough and they never let it go.

DOC: Becka is still recovering, but IĒm sure sheíll be back before too much longer. I donít have an ETA on that though, I donít even want to think about what a ruptured ear drum must feel like. That covers a lot of ground for what all went on in May in FFW. I encourage you to watch all the shows on All Access if you missed one though. Which reminds me, River and I will be back much earlier in June for Shockwave. Why? Because weíre gonna have a full preview of Forsaken for you! And weíll get back to taking questions on that show too. That show will be at the TD Garden in Boston, the hometown of Future Shock. Tickets are gone for it as of now, so FFW All Access is your best bet to see the event. I think Iím most looking forward to Lilly and Sydney, how about you?

River: I agree. I think weíve had some spectacular Pure Championship matches - just look at the one we had between Serafina and Sydney earlier this year. I think this will probably surpass it and will be a highlight reel match for years to come.

DOC: Weíll see you right back here for the next Shockwave and get you all the last minute news and details for the show. I may even have some backstage gossip. Like I heard Jakeís already released two women from Future Shock this week.

River: Really? Where did you hear that? Is it from some lightning tech or a guy who knows a guy? CauseÖ.unless youíve got namesÖ.I wouldnít pay it too much notice until you hear from the horseís mouth.

DOC: Well he told me about it while we were getting my new glasses the other day.

River: Well, okay. If Jake actually told you that, I wonít argue with the boss man.

DOC: Anyway, weíll see you on the next Shockwave in a couple weeks or so!

As DOC leans across to blab what he supposedly heard to River, Shockwave fades to black.
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