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June 24, 2024, 09:45:59 am
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FFW Future Shock - Episode 153

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock - Episode 153  (Read 83 times)
Adam Grant
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« on: June 04, 2024, 02:16:35 pm »

Location: KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York
June 4, 2024

The Future Shock logo flashes across the screen before we see a little girl watching wrestling on television, seemingly mesmerized by it before the video flashes forward. Then we see a young woman driving through the rain to a wrestling school as “Lose Yourself (Future Shock Remix)” by Eminem starts to play in the background.

Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

Next we see her getting bruised and banged up during her training, learning what it takes before the video fast forwards to find her heading into the Future Shock Center to improve her training.

Her palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
She’s nervous, but on the surface, she looks calm and ready

Next we see her with a microphone in her hand at the Center, trying to find her voice and how she wants to project herself in front of a camera.

She opens her mouth but the words won’t come out
She’s chokin’ how? Everybody’s jokin’ now
The clock’s run out, time’s up, over, blaow!

But then it starts to get more natural. Everything starts coming together for her before she gets invited to her first Future Shock show. She pulls back the curtain and that’s when we see the roaring crowd and the bright lights of the arena. That’s when we see Missy holding the Future Shock title over her head, then the Shaolin Belles backstage as Angelina is putting on her gloves and Arabella kisses her boyfriend.

Snap back to reality! Oh, there goes gravity!

Luna and Anna stand back to back, but not like a team and more like they are trying to ignore each other. Nadia and Alessandra are seen next with their hands raised in the ring, and finally Lacey blows red mist into the camera before we go live inside the arena to a deafening response from the live crowd. Fireworks erupt from the ring posts and all along the edge of the stage which now has two tunnels for talent to come out. The camera canvases the crowd in all directions before we find Lexi stepping into the ring. The next stop for the camera is at ringside with Zack and Claire standing in front of the broadcast booth.

Zack: The road to the Fatale Royale on August 13th has begun, as we move closer to the one night of the year where it’s FFW versus Future Shock! Welcome to Buffalo, New York here in the sold out KeyBank Center where we are live for the 153rd presentation of Future Shock! I’m Zack Hudson, and this is Claire Black. Thank you for joining us wherever you are around the world.

Claire: Good evening guys. FFW versus Future Shock is already shaping up to be one of heck of a show. We’ve already got a rematch of an Unstoppable Main Event confirmed for the show and as we’ve learnt, the Fatale Royale is bigger than ever. Twenty competitors; eight from Future Shock, eight from FFW and four surprises will duke it out to be last woman standing. From the six names we’ve heard, that’s already a pick ‘em with no clear cut favourites such is the level of talent involved.

Zack: You’ve chosen an outstanding night to join us, because we could make history in our main event. Jamie Winters cashes in her Global Wars prize when she challenges for the Nova Championship against a woman who has been a juggernaut for over a year now in the form of Arabella Townshend.

Claire: Arabella has had something of a death grip on that title ever since she won it and she’s gone from strength to strength. We saw her give Missy a whole host of problems at Global Wars before the Cartel–Dynasty… intervened. Though, in Jamie, she’s up against a woman who already made history by winning Global Wars for the USA and is in the form of her career right now. This could be an early contender for Match of the Year next year.

Zack: We found out on the last show that one of the first things Jake would do as the new Director is to resurrect SVW’s former Adrenaline Championship, Claire. And we’ll have a preview of that division tonight when two of our highest fliers meet: Nadia Beaulieu and Angelina Fantastica.

Claire: Not just two of our highest fliers but also two of most decorated, most competitive wrestlers in Future Shock. These two are going to set the bar tonight for the rest of the Adrenaline Division and I’m sure that’s going to be a high mark for anyone entering the race for the title to aspire too.

Zack: Sapphire Taylor has also expressed interest in chasing the Adrenaline Championship. She’ll have her hands full with Constance McCullough tonight, who won the Most Underrated Award in the Future Shock Awards last week.

Claire: Constance has come on leaps and bounds since she debuted and she’s become one of the most dangerous women to face on the roster and I’m sure she’ll be supremely motivated having come up a whisker short in her chase for the Diamond Championship. Sapphire’s got her work cut out for her tonight, but we’ve seen plenty of potential and if she can string it all together, there’s a good chance that she could pick up a head turning win tonight.

Zack: We’ll also see the Diamond Champion in action when Luna Cortez finds herself across the ring from Madyson Stone. We learned Madyson was Jake’s first choice to represent Future Shock in this year’s Fatale Royale.

Claire: Luna has plenty of momentum tonight and in the past the Cortez siblings have had the Stone sisters number. But Madyson certainly has the talent and the attitude to buck that trend and a victory tonight will put her right at the forefront for a Diamond Championship match.

Zack: I also noticed that Ashley Marie Chase is in attendance backstage tonight. We haven’t seen her in the ring in quite a while, but she’s certainly made a habit of popping up lately. What do you make of it all, Claire?

Claire: We’ve seen a lot of returns lately in Luci. Robbyn and The Prophecy in FFW. There’s every chance that Ashley could be the latest in that list and if so, I’m sure she’ll be wanting to make sure we all know and will pick her moment to send waves through the Future Shock landscape.

Zack: There’s a whole lot going on tonight, and I think we’re all ready to get things started! Take it away, Lexi!

We see the ring next as the blonde bombshell herself stands in the center with her microphone ready.


Cheap pop.


The response brings a grin to her face before she begins with the introductions.

Lexi: The opening contest of Future Shock is scheduled for one fall to a finish with a 20 minute time limit!

"Anti-Hero" by Taylor Swift begins to play as red and white lights flash around the entrance area, a momentary wait until a tall, lean blonde emerges through the curtain. She's all smiles as she raises her arms to wave at the crowd before her, almost skipping towards the ring.

Lexi: From Gladstone, Missouri, she is Constance...McCullough!!!

Constance reaches the ring and climbs onto her knees on the apron, rolling under the bottom rope into the splits, arms raised once more and her mouth wide open in glee. She quickly rolls and tucks her legs to the side, standing up ready for the match to begin.

Zack: As I mentioned earlier, Constance won the Most Underrated Award a few days ago. And I think if her opponents underrate her, that could be a costly mistake for them. No one I’ve seen has shown me more improvement than she has in her short time here.

Claire: You’re spot on, Zack. Constance is light years away from where she was when she first stepped into a Future Shock ring; she’s a whole different and more dangerous competitor than ever before and I tell you, Zack, she’ll continue to get better as she gets more matches under her belt.

The loud strumming of a guitar could be heard across the Pa system. As it does we can see the silhouette of a woman on the tron strumming at a guitar. The woman tosses the guitar to the side and as she does she slowly emerges from behind the curtain. Sapphire smiles as she is in a blue glittery attire. She isn’t around as she is with best friend Emerald McAdams. The blue make their way down the ramp to the loud ovation of boos.

Lexi: Making her way to the ring being accompanied by Emerald McAdams, she is “The Shining Star” Sapphire Taylor!!!

Sapphire stops as she takes it all in. She cracks a very wicked grin before she sprints into the ring. She quickly makes her way to her feet where she does a backflip. The crowd just boos loudly as she does. She ignores them as Emerald tells them to be quiet. Sapphire smiles before bouncing about and waiting for things to get underway.

Zack: Sapphire declared her intention to become a future Adrenaline Champion here on Future Shock, and that’s certainly a division that’s almost custom built for what she likes to do. Her biggest issue, in my view, is that she picks up some bad influences within the Gemstones.

Claire: It does appear to be a division that is geared towards her skill set so she would appear to be a natural fit. This would be a good way for her to underline those intentions, though as we’ll see later, with Nadia and Angelina already looking like they want to be cornerstones of the new division, she could have work cut out for her to get to the very top.

Referee Stephen Wilson calls for the bell to start the match, and it’s Sapphire out to the center of the ring first to offer Constance a handshake. The rookie joins her in the center and listens to the crowd as they encourage her otherwise, while Emerald shouts from ringside to shake hands like a sportswoman would. McCullough shrugs her shoulders and accepts the handshake…and turns out to be the one to surprise Sapphire as she yanks her forward into an elbow smash to the jaw. Three more land quickly before she scoops her over her shoulders and delivers a Samoan drop to the musician.

Zack: Do unto others before they do unto you, I think that might be the mindset Constance had there. And I can’t say I blame her.

Claire: Constance might have been lured into that particular trap one time too often to fall for it again tonight.

Taylor is quickly back to her feet, but not for very long before a kneelift to the body stumbles her. Two more land before McCullough grabs her head for a corner bulldog. She hops onto her back, jumping up and down on it to send her face against the bottom turnbuckle repeatedly. As soon as she hops down, Sapphire gets yanked back to her feet into a Russian leg sweep. She quickly rolls her onto her stomach and bridges backwards into a Muta lock submission.

Zack: Some very innovative corner work there from Constance and right into a submission. This hold takes significant neck and core strength.

Claire: It does but it’s early in the match, Constance is still fresh and this might not get her the victory but it will take plenty of Sapphire if she doesn’t escape it quickly.

Emerald begins shouting instruction to the blonde as Sapphire finds herself close enough to the ropes to reach out and grab the bottom one. McCullough releases as soon as the referee asks, and pops back to her feet. She snatches her from behind to her feet with a full nelson into a facebuster onto the canvas. A quick rollover and a leg hook follows.

Zack: Constance must have left the gas on at home! She’s ready to put an end to this post haste!



But Sapphire got her shoulder off the mat in time as the two was about to land. As soon as she raised her arm though, the rookie snagged it and transitioned in a Fujiwarar armbar submission. Though as soon as she saw Sapphire reach out with her other arm for the ropes, she transitioned again into a scissored armbar (Rings of Saturn).

Zack: Constance putting on a clinic here!

Claire: This is what we talked about earlier - Constance is getting better and better every week and becoming more of a threat. With the skills she’s showing, she might soon be eyeing up the Pure Championship.

Sapphire was getting irritated now as the referee checked for the submission. She was still close enough to the ropes that she was able to kick her foot over the bottom one. Constance gave the break immediately when asked, and the first thing the musician did was roll out to the floor. Emerald moved around to confer with her friend as the rookie got back to her feet in the ring.

Zack: Sapphire’s taking a little powder for herself, and I can’t say I fault her for doing it. I can’t imagine this is how the plan went for the match when she laid it out with whoever in the Gemstones does it.

Claire: Smart from Sapphire to try and break up the rhythm that Constance has been getting into her to try, hoping that she can use this break to launch her own offense.

Constance had a smile on her face as she leaned against the far corner, waiting for her opponent to get back into the ring. The conference continued on the floor until Wilson got to a six count, and Sapphire stepped back into the ring again. Constance immediately made a beeline for her, and they locked up together. This turned out to be Sapphire’s opening as she drove the Chiefs fan into the nearest corner. When Wilson called for a break, he got one just before Sapphire fired off a knife edge chop to her chest. That froze up the rookie for a moment before Taylor unleashed four more. She whipped her across to the far corner, sending McCullough chest first into the corner. As she stumbled out, Sapphire hit the near side ropes for a springboard into a dropkick to her chest. This got a loud round of applause from Emerald at ringside.

Zack: Sapphire’s starting to get her offense rolling finally. I guess you can only get twisted up so much by your opponent before it starts to get under your skin.

Claire: That little break Sapphire took on the outside of the ring got her exactly what she wanted in this match. Now, can she keep control and turn this into a victory and help her make a case to be in the Adrenaline Championship conversation early on?

Taylor stepped out to the apron, watching and waiting as Constance began to get back to her feet. As soon as she did, Sapphire used the top rope to slingshot herself into a flying forearm that dropped McCullough back to the mat. She used the ropes for a springboard again, but this time into a leg drop across the back of her head that faceplanted her into the mat again. Sapphire quickly made the cover with the outside leg hooked.

Zack: Sapphire looking for the win and showing off her Adrenaline chops too!



Constance rolled her shoulder off the mat as the two landed, and Sapphire was quick about getting back to her feet. She took off the far side as the Chiefs fan was getting up, and left her feet to deliver a lungblower that put her back on the canvas again.

Claire: Sapphire is using all her pace and high flying prowess to keep Constance off balance, taking her down to the mat the hard way.

She dragged the Kansas City Chiefs fan to her feet again, hammering her with forearms to the side of her head. She whipped her across to the far side, only for Constance to reverse it. Taylor rebounded off the ropes and avoided a discus clothesline by leaving her feet and countering into a crucifix piledriver! She turned that into a rollup with her arms hooked!

Zack: What a counter! Constance may be out cold!




McCullough barely got her shoulder free and off the mat as the three was about to strike. Sapphire checked to make sure it wasn’t a three with the referee before she got to her feet, moving towards the corner into a crouch as she waved for her to get up again.

Claire: Fractions of a second in it! Constance got her shoulder up in the nick of time but she might regret it if Sapphire lands whatever she might have planned.

After the impact, Constance was much slower this time about getting back to her feet. But when she did, Sapphire bolted out of the corner with a handspring back elbow to the mouth that sent the rookie staggering backwards. Taylor scooped her onto her shoulders for a Death Valley driver before hooking both legs for the cover.




McCullough still got her shoulder up in time though, causing Sapphire to get back to her feet. She shook her head and took off for the far side. A quick rebound into a shooting star press landed before she got back to her feet with Emerald informing everyone this was going to be the first Future Shock Adrenaline Champion.

Claire: Emerald is very confident that her client can come out of this in pole position to claim the Adrenaline Championship. She might want to make sure that she picks up the victory tonight first before she starts to make these bold proclamations.

Sapphire headed for the corner, scaling it quickly and delivering her springboard twisting senton right on target before hooking both legs again and rolling over on top of Constance too.

Zack: She calls it the SHINING LIGHT!




Wilson called for the bell as Emerald erupted in applause and praise as she joined Sapphire in the ring. The referee raised her hand after she got back to her feet.

Lexi: Your winner by pinfall…..SAPPHIRE TAYLOR!!

Claire: Sapphire picks up the win, showing off maybe a little as she did so. But it’s a win against a former number 1 contender for the Diamond Championship and it’s certainly going to give Jake something to think about.

McAdams gave her friend and fellow bandmate a hug before raising her hand in victory. She got a fairly mixed response from the crowd though as Sapphire told the camera (and Jake) to put her in the Adrenaline title picture.

Zack: I gotta hand it to Sapphire. Once she got her offense going, she was a runaway train tonight here in Buffalo. She’s definitely set her eyes on her prize too.

Claire: Credit to Constance though, she dominated the early exchanges of this match and had Sapphire in a lot of trouble. It was just when the momentum started to go against her, she couldn’t find any answer unfortunately and Sapphire was impressive in the way she kept her foot on the gas.

As Taylor left the ring with a very proud Emerald, the show went to a commercial for FFW Forsaken coming June 29th on FFW All Access.

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Adam Grant
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« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2024, 02:16:47 pm »

The show returns from the commercial break back to the ring as Lexi is ready to begin as she stands in the center of the ring.

Zack: Welcome back, fans. We’re about to see our Diamond Champion in action against a woman I predict is going to give her a lot of issues…beyond the ones she tends to have, in general.

Claire: I think you’re right. There’s a lot of history between the Cortez sisters and the Stone sisters and I’m certain Madyson is looking to make sure the latest chapter in the history between these two families is more in the Stone’s favour.

Lexi: The opening contest of Future Shock is scheduled for one fall to a finish with a 20 minute time limit!

The lights go out completely as Power starts to play. A lightning effect of white and blue pyrotechnics erupts, lighting up the stage for a second at a time. In each of the flashes the silhouette of a female standing centre stage is highlighted.

Hold up, no, you didn't bow, bow
I ain't the chick to walk behind you 'round town
Just 'cause you're packin', packin', whoop, down south
That don't mean I'm ever gonna take it lying down, baby

The pyrotechnics finish and as the lights come up the sound of an engine revving plays on top of the music track and a puff of smoke covers the stage for a moment. The smoke clears to reveal Madyson and Stone standing with her hands on her hips and a smirk on her face.

Oh, I'm a machine when I do it
I'll be catching fire, gasoline when I do it
Just 'cause you're packin', packin', whoop, down south
That don't mean I'm ever gonna take it lying down

Lexi: Introducing at this time from Salem, Oregon…...MADYSON STONE!

Baby, you're the man
But I got the, I got the, I got the power
You make rain
But I make it, I make it, I make it shower
You should know, I'm the one who's in control
I'll let you come take the wheel, long as you don't forget
Who got the power?
I got the, I got the power
I got the, I got the power
I got the, I got the power
Hold up!
(My turn)

Madyson takes off at a run to the ring and jumps straight up onto the apron, standing there for a moment to survey the crowd before she pulls the top rope down and hops over it into the ring. She makes her way to her corner and hops up to sit on the turnbuckle as she awaits the start of the match.

Zack: Madyson was Jake’s first entrant for Future Shock to be part of the Fatale Royale coming up on August 13th. I think that says a lot when she was his first pick out of all the women on this roster. He clearly has a lot of well-placed faith in her.

Claire: We’re looking at a former Anarchy Champion and she knows what it takes to get the job done. I think that with a good draw for the Fatale Royale she stands every chance that she’ll could score the win on August 13th and what better way to start to build momentum than knocking off the Diamond Champion tonight?!?

”And the hand of the Lord was on me, and he brought me out by the Spirit of the Lord and sent me to the middle of a valley… Full of bones! Full of bones!”

I should be at church but I'm ragin' on a Sunday
Lot to confess – fuck it, worry 'bout it some day
Baptizin' the crowd 'cause they lookin' pretty thirsty
(Save me! From my-! Self and! Take me! To the! Promised! Land!)

As the sultry beat of Bohnes' "Ragin’ on a Sunday" drops through the arena, all the lights of the house go out. Very unlike the dizzying array of lights of yore, now a sole spotlight illuminates the top of the ramp. Out from behind the curtains comes Luna Cortez, the Future Shock Diamond Championship around her waist and a cocky grin on her face as she soaks in the deafening boos being cast her way. The smile persists as she pulls off a short dance move, crouching down only and taking a spin, deftly unclasping the belt from around her waist with one hand and proceeding to get back up, the other hand holding the rim of the championship belt. Her usual signature pose proceeds with Luna raising the championship belt high in the air and, as she does, the lights come back on, with the maddening show of orange and violet lights that have long signaled her presence. Under the applause of only one man, her manager Christian Kincaid, she starts strutting towards the ring.

This is a chapel and these words, your religion
Raise your cup for that holy grail that you're sippin'
Free up your mind, I know that it can be a prison
We ain't got much time, you better spend what you were given

Lexi: And her opponent… Escorted to the ring by Christian Kincaid... From Fort Worth, Texas... She is Future Shock’s Diamond Champion… LUNA CORTEZ!

Luna reaches the ring, climbs onto the apron facing the hard cameras and pauses for a moment, soaking up the boos from the crowd and flipping her hair back over her shoulder. Again she lifts the championship belt aloft, before stepping through the ropes and into the ring, heading to the center of the ring and taunting her opponent by putting the Diamond Championship belt between herself and her other hand as she makes an “L” with her fingers, signaling that they're about to "take this L" before backtracking to her corner.

Zack: Luna was very vocal about being tired of dealing with Constance heading into Global Wars and wanting to face some new challenges. Enter Madyson. She’s no stranger to the Cortez girls, and might put herself into title contention right behind Angela tonight.

Claire: I’m sure Angela will be watching this intently. Luna as a champion is something of a beast inside the ring with a highly impressive record. Madyson will need to bring her A game and Angela will be taking notes, looking for anything that she might be able to exploit when she challenges for the belt.

Referee Melinda Davis was about to call for the bell till she noticed Luna was still holding the Diamond Championship in her hand. The referee instructed her to either give it to her or give it to her manager, to which Luna ignored both and headed towards Madyson. The triplet started getting in her face, asking her if she wanted a shot at her title like everyone else. She held it up over her head as she continued to talk very loudly in the witch’s face.

Zack: Luna’s still holding onto her title, it’s not on the line here. I don’t get what the problem is. But she’s right in Madyson’s face, practically nose to nose here.

Claire: This can only go badly. I’m not sure if it’ll be for Luna as she pushes the witch too far…or Madyson - we’ve seen the Cortezes are more than happy to use their belts to get an advantage.

Madyson did not offer a response other than staring back at her as Luna continued her harangue on the witch. Davis moved into position as she demanded Luna hand her the title so she could start the match. Luna informed the referee she wasn’t finished talking yet, and once more went back to going in on Madyson verbally. Christian got onto the apron next, asking Luna to hand him the title. Luna looked like she was about to grant his request…before she went for a headshot with the belt. However, Madyson knew that game and immediately blocked the shot with one hand and clocked her in the mouth with the other. Cortez dropped the title on the mat as Christian reached in and grabbed it while Madyson started throwing hands: right hands to Luna’s jaw to the delight of the crowd!

Claire: Stone’s seen that often enough to know what was likely coming and look at her with those soupbones!! They’ve got Luna rocking and rolling!!

Zack: Well at least we got the title out of the ring finally. Even CK was trying to reason–AND THERE’S THE BELL!

Davis called for the bell immediately as Madyson was laying in right hands. She leaned back for one that sent Luna to the mat before she popped up again and ate another from the brunette. Luna was back to her feet again, this time catching a spinning backfist from Madyson that would have put her down if she hadn’t fallen backwards against the ropes. The Buffalo crowd was enjoying it though as Madyson teed off with a sharp uppercut to the chin that sent Cortez over the top rope to the apron and almost on top of her manager if he hadn’t had caught her in his arms to prevent her from landing on top of him.

Claire: Madyson’s teeing off like Mike Tyson in his prime! Much more of this and Luna should be begging for us to introduce a standing eight count.

Zack: This is what happens when you piss off your opponent right before the bell rings. There’s a long history between the Cortez and Stone Sisters in Future Shock.

Christian stood Luna on her feet as she was still dazed from the uppercut, which didn’t get any better as Madyson used the ropes for a wrecking ball dropkick to her chest that sent her to the floor anyway. She followed her out and pulled Cortez back to her feet before bouncing her face off the apron and then into a short arm clothesline. She cast an eye towards Christian, who had his hands up and was not anywhere close to being within arm’s reach of her.

Zack: I don’t think Madyson has to worry about Christian here, and she’s certainly giving Luna plenty of problems like we talked about before this match began. I’d get her back in the ring though.

Claire: She shouldn’t have to worry about Christian…but always better just be a little cautious - so long as she doesn’t take her eyes off Luna for more than a second or so at the most.

Davis was up to a five count now as Madyson pulled her opponent back up and rolled her into the ring under the bottom rope. Stone followed after her as Luna was trying to get back to her feet, only to get yanked down to the mat with two handfuls of hair in a reverse hair mare. Christian was loudly sharing some advice with his client as Luna was again trying to get to her feet. Madyson pulled her and whipped her across to the far corner, where she landed chest first against it. As she backed out of the corner holding her chest, Stone scooped her up from behind onto her shoulders into an electric chair followed by a rollover for the cover.

Zack: I think Angela’s about to have some new company in the Diamond Championship rankings!




But Luna kicked out in time, and Madyson was quickly back to her feet and listening to the very loud and supportive Buffalo fans who were chanting her name at this point.

Claire: This crowd is very loudly behind Madyson! They want to see her get into the hunt for the Diamond Championship and try to take Luna down a peg or too.

Madyson pulled Luna back to her feet, and quickly planted her head and hooked her arms. The fans responded loudly as they recognized her setup for her finishing move. Christian became immediately more animated as he shouted to Luna, who responded by standing up with Madyson upside down and dropped with a backdrop driver instead. The triplet rolled away from her to get herself together as Madyson laid on the canvas.

Claire: Madyson maybe going to end this one a little too early in this match. Luna was simply too fresh and it’s gotten the Diamond Champion a massive opening to turn the momentum in her favour.

Zack: I think she was feeding off this very pro-Madyson crowd, and was thinking a few steps ahead too many against someone of Luna’s caliber. Either way, the Diamond Champion needs to make hay while the sun’s shining here.

Christian was right beside Luna on the floor talking to her before she got back to her feet. Madyson was starting to rise as well until Luna blasted her with a running kneelift to the face. She had a scowl across her features as she delivered an ax kick across the back of her head. Cortez hooked her arms into a future shock DDT before getting back to her feet as she heard the crowd’s support had inverted at this point.

Zack: All Luna needs is just the slightest opening, Claire. You give her that, and she’ll always capitalize on it. Not to mention she’s probably in a foul mood anyway after how things started here.

Claire: Things certainly didn’t go to script for her to start tonight. I’m sure she’ll be looking to send a message to Madyson and Angela in the rest of this match tonight.

Luna paid the fans very little attention as she pulled Madyson’s arms up behind her before proceeding to stomp away at her back repeatedly. Seven stomps in a row landed before the eighth landed on the back of her head. The champion watched as she rolled onto her back and then delivered a fist drop to her face. Stone was slow to get to her knees before Cortez blasted her with a running hip attack that put her down again.

Zack: She calls that the FULL MOOn, and I’m not sure what level of damage it does. That said, she’s certainly targeting her head and upper body. No doubt she’s got that double chickenwing facebuster she loves to use in the back of her mind.

Claire: There’s not a lot of padding on the hip bone usually, so it can be more impactful than you’d think. Stone needs to try and shake this off and needs to slam the brakes on the Diamond Champion’s offence if she can to stop the attack.

Luna dragged her back to her feet again, this time only to drive repeated right hands into her head in a similar fashion to what Madyson did to start the match. Finally, an elbow landed in the center of her face, causing the witch to drop back to the mat with both hands holding her nose. She pulled her onto her shoulders, and used a modified form of a GTS that saw her lift Madyson up and drop her across the top turnbuckle instead before falling down to make the cover.

Zack: Shades of Serafina right there just with a lot more malice! Luna’s looking for the win in three seconds!!




Madyson got her shoulder off the mat before the three landed, and Luna pummeled her for it with forearms to her head and another elbow into her nose before she got back to her feet once again.

Claire: Madyson is showing her toughness here. The way her head struck that turnbuckle; the whiplash as her head snapped back…but she’s staying alive in this one and that still gives her the chance to win this contest.

Luna pulled her back to her feet, and shoved her into the corner. A back elbow to the jaw landed before she fired her across to the far corner. Madyson landed back first as Luna took off towards her with a running European uppercut in mind…but instead ran into Madyson’s foot when she brought her leg up to stop her. It staggered the Diamond Champion before Madyson came out of the corner with a bicycle knee that dropped Luna where she stood. But she also dropped to a knee as she tried to get herself together after the offense she had absorbed.

Zack: Luna will remember Madyson’s shoe size for a while, because it’ll be imprinted on her cheek for a couple days. But she has to get it together sooner than later here.

Claire: You can see that this match has taken it out of Madyson. She needs to dig down deep and find that second wind if she’s going to press home this advantage that she just earned.

She rose back to her feet as Luna was starting to do the same, and immediately put her down with a running neckbreaker. The Buffalo crowd was louder now as they were showing support for the witch as Madyson pulled Luna up, planting her head again into position for her finisher. Christian pounded the mat again and shouted to Luna, who once more countered out of it. This time she stood up in it and grabbed her legs to deliver an Alabama slam that saw both of them hit the mat.

Zack: Christian has Luna trained when she feels Madyson going for that move, like Pavlov’s dog. She feels it coming and immediately finds a way out. I think Madyson may need to pull something new out of her arsenal.

Claire: It’s the thing about facing anyone trained by Christian it seems. They know their opponent’s favourite moves and can counter out of them almost instinctively. You’ve almost got to have a back up in hand for matches like this.

The referee began her mandatory ten count, at least till Luna was back on her feet at the count of six. Madyson wasn’t far behind her though as Cortez hooked her head into a slingshot suplex off the near side ropes. The Diamond Champion was still scowling as she watched Madyson beginning to get up again. She stayed behind her though, letting her get back to her feet before she hooked her arms and hoisted her up!

Zack: That’s the setup, it’s time for a LUNA ECLIPSE!!

As soon as she got her up, Madyson got one arm free and grabbed Luna’s head into a cutter that brought the fans in the arena to their feet as she made the cover immediately!





Davis called for the bell to a pop from the crowd as Stone rolled away and sat up to lean against the ropes to catch her breath. The referee headed towards her as she used the ropes to get up, and then had her hand raised in victory.

Lexi: Your winner by pinfall……MADYSON STONE!!

Claire: It was the last thing Luna expected and it’s picked Madyson up a big win! The Diamond Championship title picture gets a little more crowded as Stone lays her claim to the title belt here.

Christian shook his head as he pulled Luna towards him out of the ring to attend to her. Madyson smiled at the crowd response, and looked over her shoulder to see the Diamond Championship sitting on the apron as Christian checked on his client.

Zack: Angela’s got herself some company at the top of the Diamond rankings as of now. Angela earned the #1 contender spot at Global Wars, but Madyson just pinned the champ! If Angela is #1, I’d argue Madyson is 1A.

Claire: I’m sure Angela was taking notes here. I’m sure she’ll be looking at someway to counter that Luna Eclipse and maybe a way that she can use Luna’s seeming sixth sense for those big moves against her.

Zack: Adam abolished multi-person title defenses, Claire. So…who should get the first title shot now, in your opinion? Who has the stronger case to face Luna?

Claire: Angela earned her shot first, so I think she should get the shot first rather than being asked to wait. And there’s nothing stopping us having another title defense on the Future Shock afterwards too.

Madyson rolled out to the floor, enjoying the appreciation of the fans as she headed towards the back while the viewers saw a commercial for FFW Forsaken coming June 29th on FFW All Access.

Jake Plays It Cagey

The show cuts to the back and finds Sara alongside the recently appointed Director of Future Shock. Jake is wearing a suit, unlike his usual casual attire.

Jake: Before we start, I want to shout out a special guest in the arena tonight. We have a special guest here, namely the most recognizable reporter in the wrestling world at large: Denzel Porter! Welcome to Future Shock, Denzel!

The show cuts back into the arena, namely one of the skyboxes where we see Denzel Porter recognized. He stands up and waves the crowd as a “DEN-ZEL!” chant breaks out in the KeyBank Center. Then we cut back to Jake and Sara.

Sara: I’m here with Jake Chandler, Director of Future Shock. Jake, I have a couple things I’d like to talk with you about. First of all, you didn’t waste much time after getting named to the job before you started putting your stamp on Future Shock.

Jake looks down at her with a smile.

Jake: You mean the Adrenaline Championship?

Sara: That’s right. Do you happen to have it here with you so we can see it?

Jake: Not yet. It’s in transit at the moment, so I’ll have it next show, I promise. But as for reviving the title, it’s like I said previously. I was always a big fan of that division when I watched SVW back in the day. Tonight’s match between Angelina and Nadia, that’s officially the first match within the new Adrenaline division. And I know Sapphire as well as a few others are eyeing up the title too. And I say the more, the merrier! But it is Future Shock only, so if someone in FFW likes it, they’ll have to make the jump.

Sara nods her head as she listens.

Sara: Other than being catered for our high risk takers around here, is there anything else about the title that you plan for it?

Jake: There is! All title matches for that championship will be only 8 minutes in length. That will encourage those competing for the title to keep the pace high, because that’s not very long to get the job done.

Sara: And if the challenger for the title doesn’t get the job done in 8 minutes?

Jake: The champion retains. All the matches in the division will be normal length like every other match, but as soon as that title is on the line, it’s 8 minutes. My goal is to make this the fastest paced division in the company.

Sara: Given what happened with the last new item brought to FFW, meaning that crown Jo is wearing now, are you worried about something like that happening to the Adrenaline Championship?

Jake shakes his head.

Jake: I did think about that actually. I have a plan to ensure that nothing happens to it. It’ll be well protected.

Sara: Gonna have someone watching it then?

Jake: Well…not exactly. But uh….what I have in mind would make it nearly impossible without a lot of issues.

Sara looked curiously now at Jake’s lack of explanation.

Sara: Do you care to elaborate on that?

Jake: Not at the moment. I have a failsafe plan in mind, which reminds me I need to go make a phone call after we’re done. You’ll find out what I have in mind on the next Future Shock, I promise.

Sara nodded sagely.

Sara: One more question for you. Adam announced his entrant for FFW earlier in the week for the Fatale Royale in August. You said on X that you would name yours tonight. Care to share?

Jake: I did say that! Good spotting, Sara! I wanted to wait till tonight when we’re right here in Buffalo, New York to announce my next entry into the Fatale Royale being the hometown girl that is….Charlotte Harker!

That gets a very loud pop from the fans in the arena, which brings a smile to Jake’s face as they begin a chant for the Moose. Future Shock then heads to a commercial break.
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A short video package detailing the upcoming Future Shock Adrenaline Championship is shown including highlights from many of the title defenses throughout its history in SVW. Then we go back to the live show and find Lexi waiting in the ring.

Zack: Claire, we know Jake was a big fan of this division during its SVW days and decided to bring it to Future Shock. What can you tell our newer fans about that Adrenaline Championship before we see it brought here? It had quite the history there.

Claire: It’s a title that was aimed at those high flying, daredevil, risk taking speedy types of wrestlers to compete for. You know, the type that get the adrenaline flowing and bring you to the edge of the seat from pretty much the opening bell - and up out of it completely. It’s been held by people like Kelly Kincaid, Jo McFarlane, Christian Kincaid, Vivi Traeger and Stacey Sky to name a few.

Lexi: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish with a 20 minute time limit!

The lights in the arena dim and the almost haunting intro to ‘Good For You’ begins to play around the arena. A warm spotlight hits the center of the stage and the curtain at the entrance is pulled back to reveal a feminine figure standing just outside the reach of the spotlight.

I'm on my fourteen carats
I'm fourteen carat
Doing it up like Midas
Now you say I got a touch
So good, so good
Make you never wanna leave
So don't, so don't

The figure steps into the light to reveal Nadia Beaulieu. Dressed in provocative ring gear, that shows of her figure to perfection, she stands with one hand on her hip. The other raised towards her mouth with one finger resting gently on her bottom lip. She lowers her head a little as she looks around the crowd with a hooded gaze.

Gonna wear that dress you like, skin-tight
Do my hair up real, real nice
And syncopate my skin to your heart beating

She slowly tilts her head back and runs her finger down from her lip, over her chin and down the front of her cleavage still keeping the hooded gaze as she does. She sways her hips and starts to lower herself in rhythm with the music. She takes her time to make her way down, before taking just as much time to stand upright again. The blonde starts making her way down the ramp with a strut, running her hands down her curves at the side as she does.

'Cause I just wanna look good for you, good for you
I just wanna look good for you, good for you
Let me show you how proud I am to be yours
Leave this dress a mess on the floor
And still look good for you, good for you

Lexi: Introducing at this time, from Beaune, France………………………..NADIA BEAULIEU!

I'm on my marquise diamonds
I'm a marquise diamond
Could even make that Tiffany jealous
You say I give it to you hard
So bad, so bad
Make you never wanna leave
I won't, I won't

Nadia reaches the ring and climbs the steps, before scaling to the top of the turnbuckle from the outside. She gets her balance and then runs her hands down her sides again, before she somersaults off the top to land on her feet in the ring. Immediately dropping down into the splits once she has. She stays there for a moment before getting back to her feet and heading to her corner to await the start of the match.

Zack: I can’t think of anyone who is better suited for the Adrenaline division than this woman right here. Nadia wasn’t pinned in the Global Wars final that saw Jamie Winters earn the shot she’ll be getting later tonight for the Nova Championship. But she’d certainly be one of my draft picks to kick off this division. What do you think?

Claire: Nadia certainly has all the skills that could see her thrive in the Adrenaline Division and I’m sure that it’s something she’d love to achieve and become a foundation piece of establishing this title belt. Though, I’m sure she maybe also still has half an eye on the Nova Championship too after not getting pinned in Global Wars and only just missing out on the prize.

The stage is bathed in pink light as “Raise Your Glass” by Pink starts playing. After a moment, Angelina Fantastica comes out in a pair of baggy black pants and a pink cropped tank top, her hair tied back in two French braids, threaded through with silver ribbons. She makes her way up to the ring, bopping to the music and grinning at the fans in attendance. Using the bottom rope, she pulls herself up onto the apron and smiles for the camera before gripping the top rope and backflipping easily into the ring.

Lexi: Repping Staten Island, New York, it’s the Shaolin Stunna, the OG, the prodigal daughter of Future Shock, the one and only Angelina Fantastica!

Angelina looks at Lexi and then climbs the turnbuckle, raising her fist in the air while facing the crowd before jumping down, turning to face her opponent.

Zack: Everything I said about Nadia, I think it holds true for Angelina too. I’m positive that she would have been an excellent fit in the division over in SVW. She loves to fly and ignore the laws of gravity just as much as any of the women you named that held that title. We’re about to see half of Target Acquired and the Shaolin Belles face off right here.

Claire: Two of the best wrestlers in the world are about to show us what they do best. This should be a fast paced scintillating contest. Can Angelina bring her experiences in chasing and defending the Future Shock Championship to bear in this match; will it be enough to overcome one of the most decorated tag team wrestlers in Future Shock and an ascending singles star?

Zack: We heard from Jake earlier that he’s putting a specific time limit in place for title matches in the Adrenaline division. Those matches will be 8 minutes and not a second over. So I think champions and challengers for that title are going to have to use all that speed and high risk skill to get the job done as quick as they can with that time limit.

Claire: Eight minutes is not a lot of time to get the job done. I mean, way, way back like a lifetime ago when I was the SVW Pride Champion it was a struggle to get a result in 15 minutes. With just eight, you’re going to have to go all out to win from the very first moment.

Zack: Definitely a new wrinkle he’s added. Who do you give the edge to here? I can’t see an advantage for either of these ladies. This is a pick’em for me.

Claire: Yeah…I don’t want to pick a winner here. Like I said, Angelina has that Future Shock Championship experience that she can lean on. Nadia has won a whole heck of a lot of titles of her own in tag divisions and as Diamond Champion. This could be down to whoever makes the first mistake.

Referee Kevin Fisk calls for the bell to start the match before the two women meet in the center of the ring and shake hands. They even share a hug before they lock up together. Nadia proves to be slightly stronger as she starts pushing the former Future Shock Champion backwards. Before she gets to the ropes though, Angelina surprises her with a drop toe hold to send her face down on the mat. She barely has time to get up before the brunette hops up, delivering a knee into her ribs one after another. The French beauty gets yanked to her feet by her arm as Angelina begins firing kicks into her body. Five land before she whips her across to the far side. As soon as Nadia rebounds, Fantastica ducks down…only for the blonde to roll over her back and land on her feet. When the New Yorker stands up again, Nadia pulls her into a codebreaker that sends her to the mat.

Zack: Jake said on X this was the kickoff to his new Adrenaline division, and it’s already starting off fast and furious with these two. A lot of respect between them is not something we’ve seen much of tonight on this show.

Claire: These two have certainly come out of the blocks hot and are really setting the tone for what we’re going to see in the Adrenaline Division when it kicks off.

But Fantastica is back to her feet fairly quickly, only to get spun around into a knife edge chop to the chest. Nadia lands three more before she sends her opponent into the ropes again. This time though, she follows after her. And as soon as Angelina rebounds, Nadia greets her with a running knee to the body. It doubles her over long enough for the blonde to plant her head for a sunset flip powerbomb with both legs hooked for the cover!

Zack: What a pace these two are keeping, and Nadia’s ready to hear the bell!



The ballsy brunette got her shoulder up as the two was coming down, and then clapped her legs around Nadia’s head to disorient her. It worked before she was able to roll away and get back to her feet. Beaulieu was starting to get up when she caught a basement dropkick to the chest.

Claire: The pendulum swings once more as the Future Shock Champion uses her speed to wrest back control of this contest.

Angelina was back to her feet a second later, pulling the blonde up with her. A few quick forearms to the head landed before she fired Nadia into the far corner. Beaulieu landed back first as Angelina followed her in with a stinger splash before taking off for the far side. As Nadia stepped out of the corner a second later, Fantastica caught her flush with a jumping knee to the jaw that dropped her to a seat on the mat.

Zack: There’s not been a hold used since the bell rang, Claire. It’s just fast strikes and high speed offense.

Claire: The pair of them are going all out to end this as quickly as they can. They’re not bothered about looking for the slow wear down effect provided by submission holds. The Adrenaline Division is going to be a stark contrast to the Pure Championship.

A stiff front kick to her back put Nadia down on the canvas long enough for the Shaolin Belle to use the nearby ropes for a springboard moonsault into a cover with the outside leg hooked.

Zack: Beautiful moonsault in what has been a breakneck pace, there’s the cover!



Nadia still kicked out as the referee’s hand was about to touch for the second time. Angelina wasted no time as she pulled her to her feet. A series of quick forearms to the head followed before she sent Nadia across to the next corner. She followed after her before Nadia stopped herself from hitting the corner, and caught a running Angelina with a back elbow that staggered her.

Claire: Tooth rattling back elbow stops Angelina in her tracks and this is a huge opening for Nadia. Can she take this match by the scruff of the neck and score the victory? That’s the big question.

Nadia started throwing kicks next. She spun around and began landing sidekicks to her body using both legs until the brunette crumpled to her knees. The French beauty took off for the near side as Angelina was getting up, and put a stop to that with a step up enzuigiri to the back of her head. Beaulieu headed to the corner, hyping up the crowd as she climbed. When she spotted the former Future Shock Champion starting to stand up, she came off the corner with a blockbuster followed by a leg hook and a cover!

Zack: FALLING FOR YOU…and Nadia is three seconds from the first win ever in the Adrenaline division!




Angelina got her shoulder off the mat in time, and the former Diamond Champion popped back up to her feet. Her opponent had made it to the ropes and started to use them to help her get up. And that was when Nadia took off for the far side, and came back with a tiger feint kick (619) to the face that sent Fantastica down to the mat.

Claire: Nadia with the closest pinfall of the match - almost one of her biggest singles wins in her career and she’s keeping the momentum going! Angelina is firmly on the back foot.

She looked from Angelina to the corner and immediately began to make her ascent. The fans came to their feet as Nadia made it to the top rope, and launched into a shooting star press…that got nothing but mat when Angelina rolled out of the way. Both women laid on the mat for a few seconds before Angelina started to get up first. When she saw Nadia beginning to do the same, she planted her head and hoisted her up for a running turnbuckle powerbomb that crumpled her against the corner.

Zack: It has been 110 mph since the bell rang, and that right there may be the beginning of the end for Nadia!

Claire: A massive misjudgement and look at how Angelina is making her pay for it! She used those turnbuckles like a tag partner and you can see the pain it’s caused written in the grimace on Nadia’s face.

Angelina kept moving though, taking off for the far corner and turning on a dime before she bolted back with a cannonball senton into Nadia in the corner. She hopped onto the middle rope to deliver a meteora to her chest in the corner next before yanking the blonde away from the ropes by her feet. Fantastica glanced behind her before she scaled the corner to deliver a split-legged moonsault that landed perfectly before she hooked the far leg for the cover!

Zack: Breathtaking agility from the Shaolin Stunna, and I think that’s gonna be the bell in three seconds!




Beaulieu got her shoulder up at the last possible second, and Fisk waved off the count. Angelina shook her head as she got back to her feet, glancing between Nadia and the corner once again before she started to make her way up a second time.

Claire: Fantastica is smelling blood in the water! Beaulieu just barely got the shoulder up the last time - she won’t if Angelina manages to land here!

Angelina glanced between her legs for a moment to make sure Nadia was still there before she launched into a corkscrew splash. But on the way down, Nadia wasn’t there and rolled to the side before she crashed to the mat. And then we were back to both women laying on the canvas as the Buffalo crowd showed them both a lot of applause for their effort.

Zack: These fans in Buffalo showing their appreciation for two of the best putting on a show to kick off Future Shock’s newest division! If this is any indication, the Adrenaline division is gonna be incredible!

Claire: A little of whatever you can do, I can do better from these two as Nadia drains the pool. The first to their feet will be in pole position to pick up a huge win in the nascent Adrenaline Division.

Both women were slow to get up at this point, but they were both doing so at about the same speed. When they made it, they both made a beeline for each other and started throwing hands. Angelina got the better of the exchange as she managed to back Nadia up before whipping her across to the far side. As soon as the blonde rebounded, Angelina ran towards her and left her feet and went for a hurricanrana…but Beaulieu caught her legs when she landed on her shoulders.

Zack: Uh oh!! Angelina went for the rana…Nadia stopped her! The question is what is she gonna do with her?!

Claire: I don’t know but I promise you Zack, it’s probably going to have a really rough landing for one of them here!

The New Yorker immediately started throwing hands at her head to try to get free of her until Nadia spun around in a circle for a sitout powerbomb prior to rolling through on top of her for the cover with both legs hooked!

Claire: HUGE impact!! Like a car crash the way Angelina was driven into a sudden stop on the canvas! We’re three seconds away from Nadia bouncing back from Global Wars in the best possible way!




But Fantastica got her shoulder off the mat, and Fisk had to show Nadia twice it was just a two count. She slowly climbed back to her feet, and headed to the nearest corner.

Zack: They’ve both gone high risk, and it’s worked about as much as it hasn’t. But Nadia’s going for it again!

Nadia slowly made her ascent and turned to face the ring just as Angelina kipped up. She ran up the corner like a cat and snatched the French beauty into a belly to belly moonsault slam! Both legs were hooked after they landed as Fisk slid into position.

Zack: Nadia’s gonna….GET CAUGHT IN A CYCLORAMA!!




Fisk called for the bell to quite the pop as Angelina rolled off the cover. She leaned back to sit against the corner to catch her breath as her music began to play. THen she got to her feet and had her hand raised.

Lexi: Your winner by pinfall……..ANGELINA FANTASTICA!!

Claire: Nadia was millimeters away from winning it all but Angelina had enough about her to catch her up top and put her through a spin cycle! That’s definitely a hard fought victory tonight for the Heart of Future Shock.

She helped Nadia back to her feet a couple seconds later, giving her a hug just as they had before the match began. And both women got a roar of approval from the fans in the arena.

Zack: Angelina takes the first step forward into Future Shock’s newest division in a match that…well if you blinked, you missed something.

Claire: Angelina picked up the win tonight, but by the finest of margins and I think we’ll most definitely be getting this one run back with the newest prize in Future Shock up for grabs and I’m sure when we do, they’ll raise the bar again from tonight!

Angelina rolled out of the ring after that, smiling at the response as she spoke to the camera, daring anyone else chasing the title to top that. Then Future Shock went to a commercial for All Access programming.
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A video package shows the reign of Arabella since becoming Nova Champion on Valentine’s Day last year before we see Jamie’s journey through Global Wars to win the gold medal for the USA. Then we head back to the ring with a lone spotlight over Lexi’s head in the darkened arena until she began to speak.

Lexi: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish with a 30 minute time limit, and it is for the Future Shock Nova Championship!

Zack: It’s main event time, fans! Jamie Winters survived and thrived through Global Wars, picking up the gold for the USA for the first time in the event’s history here. She gets her prize for that achievement in a matter of moments against a woman who I think we can agree is the definitive Nova Champion.

Claire: Arabella has certainly dominated the division since winning the title sixteen months ago, meeting every challenge head on and overcoming every obstacle that has been put in front of her. It’s been a very impressive resume that she’s put forwards as Champion.

The sitars and the electronic beat of t+pazolite’s “Magic Raffles” blare through the sound system as the stage is covered in dry ice fog. From the back, in a soft sprint, comes the “Magical Girl” Jamie Winters holding on to her magician’s hat, greeting the crowd with a big smile. She spins on her heels and strikes a pose as playing cards starts raining from the stage and the lights blink in white and baby blue. She then starts skipping down the entrance ramp to the beat of her song, sharing high-fives with the people who have their hands extended out to her, and stopping to give rabbit stickers to the children in the audience, that she “generates” using her magic tricks.

Lexi: Introducing first… From Lowell, Massachusetts… She is the 2024 Global Wars winner for the USA…JAMIE WINTERS!!!

Finally, she reaches the ring, hopping onto the ring apron and then hovering in though the second rope. She quickly hops onto the bottom rope and leans on the top rope, flashing her playing cards with her rabbit stickers on them, before throwing those cards into the crowd and finally hopping down to the ring and taking her corner.

Zack: Two part question for you here, Claire, since you’ve been in the ring and I haven’t. One, is it more daunting for an opponent mentally facing a person with a streak like the champion? I don’t just mean Arabella, it could be Mara. It could be Lilly. Just in general. And two, what should Jamie’s strategy be in this match? What does she need to do and not do?

Claire: It can be a little daunting because you know that they’re coming in full of confidence. Part of your strategy though should be to ignore that. Do your homework. Try to identify a weakness where you have a strength and work on that - for Jamie, look to use your speed and your abilities to escape Townshend’s clutches as often as you need to.

The sounds of "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol begin to play as purple strobe lights flash on the darkened stage. A woman starts to rise up from under the stage with her back to the crowd before looking over her shoulder with a smile.

Last night a little dancer, came dancin' to my door
Last night a little angel, came pumping on my floor
She said come on baby, you got a license for love

The fans give her a very warm response as she bounces down the stage to the music, greeting several fans along ringside and even taking selfies with a couple before rolling under the bottom rope. She shucks off her ring jacket as the lights come up.

Lexi: Introducing from London, England....please welcome the reigning and defending Future Shock Nova Champion....ARABELLA TOWNSHEND!!

Arabella gives Lexi a little hip bump as she passes her, and climbs up onto the turnbuckle to rally the fans as her music fades out.

Zack: It’s hard to argue with success, and that’s all that this woman has experienced for quite a while now with that title. If I’m Jamie, I’m going to be as quick on my feet as I’ve ever been and do everything in my power not to get caught, so to speak, by Arabella. Stick and move. I think the last thing she wants to do is go head to head with her. Same question as before, what do you think Arabella needs to do and to avoid here to retain her title?

Claire: As you suggested, Arabella’s strength is her power. If I was here, I’d be looking to make the ring as small as possible and try as best you can to keep Jamie within arms reach and not let her get too much space. Landing those power moves will slow Winters down.

Referee Jennifer Stringer takes the Nova title from the champion and shows it to Jamie, who gives it a pat with her hand before it gets raised overhead. Lexi takes the title with her as she leaves, and the bell sounds from there. The two women meet in the center and shake hands, showing one another mutual respect before they circle for a second and lock up together. Arabella’s strength came into play immediately as she started backing Jamie up into the ropes. She gave a clean break when asked by the referee, allowing Jamie to catch her with a forearm to the head. Two more followed before she slid between Arabella’s legs and popped up behind her with a rear waistlock. Jamie tried for a German suplex, but quickly found she wasn’t able to get Arabella off her feet just yet as the Brit shook her head and blasted her with a back elbow to the jaw to break her grip.

Zack: Yeah, she’s gonna have to wear Arabella down before she starts going for suplexes like that. Not to mention there’s quite a height difference here to navigate.

Claire: She wasn’t quite able to get the center of gravity shifted enough for her to suplex Arabella with sheer muscle power alone. Maybe if she’d been able to gather a little bit of momentum or dropped her hips a little lower, she might’ve managed to deliver it.

The back elbow sent Jamie reeling for a step before Arabella spun around with a forearm to the jaw to follow that. It also rocked Jamie before Townshend sent her into the corner, landing back first. She followed her in with a short running European uppercut. The Brit turned to one side, and then started throwing back elbows into the side of her head. Four connected in quick succession before she grabbed her own waistlock and sent Jamie out of the corner with a release overhead belly to belly suplex.

Zack: It’s very little effort for someone with Arabella’s power to toss Jamie around, and you’re seeing that here. There’s not a lot of women on this roster who could match her in the power department: Alessandra or Charlotte come to mind.

Claire: It’s a lot easier to do that when you’ve got the strength to lift them up and put them wherever you need to. And while it does take something out of you to lift a human being, the rough landing takes a whole lot more out of you.

Jamie quickly gets back to her feet as the champion grabs her arm, yanking her into a forearm to the jaw. A second lands before she scoops her up into what looks like a running powerslam. Only Jamie slips free and lands behind her to take off towards the ropes. As the champion turns around, Jamie runs into her with a running shoulder block that doesn’t take her down at all. Instead it almost knocks Jamie down before she gets her feet under her, and goes for it again. This time, she bounces off two sets of ropes and barrels into Arabella with another shoulder block. And that doesn’t take her down either as the brunette barely budges.

Claire: Arabella’s planted her feet and is standing there as strong as an English Oak tree in the middle of the ring while Jamie’s acting like a pinball just bouncing off her.

Zack: This is definitely not the way to go about getting Arabella down, at least to this point. She’s gonna have to catch her with some hard shots first, I think.

Jamie shakes her head, and hits the ropes again. But this time, Arabella looks for a big boot to greet her when she comes back. Winters slides under her leg and pops up behind her before she can turn around with a backstabber. That sends the champion forward and off balance as Jamie hits the ropes again, this time rebounding into a bulldog that finally gets her off her feet before she rolls her over for the cover.

Zack: That’s more like it! She got her down, but I don’t think–-LOOK AT THAT!


As soon as Stringer’s hand made the one count, Arabella got her hands under Jamie and boosted her off like she bounced off a trampoline. The challenger landed on the mat just as Arabella sat up.

Claire: Arabella showing off that power again, just bench pressing her opponent out of the cover like she was nothing. It’s an impressive display and tells Jamie there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Jamie bounces to her feet, and immediately begins firing kicks into Arabella’s back before she gets back to her feet. Several land in a row that stop her progress before the challenger takes off for the near side, coming back with a basement dropkick into her chest to put her back down on the mat again. She covers her a second time as Stringer makes the count.

Zack: Jamie looking to catch Arabella off guard, and I still think this is premature!


The two count was high in the air before Arabella rolled her off the cover this time with both arms, sending Jamie off a couple feet before Townshend started to sit up again.

Claire: If I was Jamie, I might be considering looking at using a sleeper hold. Try to use that and sap some of the strength out of the Nova Champion.

Arabella got to her feet this time, only to turn around into a superkick from Jamie. It caught her flush on the jaw and sent her backwards into the ropes…and then caught both arms in them. Winters’ eyes widened at the opportunity in front of her, and she immediately darted towards the stuck champion and began unloading with forearms to the side of her head along with a few elbows as well. She backed up a couple steps as Stringer was trying to free her arms, and Jamie caught her with a knee trembler to the jaw!

Zack: It’s open season now! Arabella fell backwards into the ropes, and Jamie is using this time to land some of the heavy artillery!

Claire: It’s a good chance for the Global Wars winner to land some free shots and do the damage necessary to win her the title.

The powerhouse was trying to push up to free herself until a bicycle knee from Jamie rocked her again. Jamie took off for the far side, and came back with a bicycle kick this time to the jaw. Arabella slumped to the mat, still caught in the ropes as the referee was trying to move the ropes to get her free. Sensing victory, Jamie helped her this time as they both managed to free Arabella’s arms. The champion slumped forward onto her knees before she tried to get up, only for Winters to deliver a facebuster and follow up with a cover.

Zack: Jamie thinks she’s close to winning some gold, and she might be right!




Arabella kicked out after the two landed, and Jamie quickly got to her feet. She took off for the near side ropes, using them for a springboard into a double knee drop into the Brit’s body and rose back to her feet.

Claire: Jamie is getting more and more confident of victory here! She’s pulling out every stop in her efforts to put the Champion to bed!

Arabella clutched her ribs and rolled to her side in pain as Jamie moved around behind her to her blind spot. The champion got to her feet before Winters caught her with a kidney punch to the back. It froze her up for a moment, allowing the challenger to climb onto her back and apply an octopus stretch submission onto the now vertical champion.

Claire: Jamie worked her opening well and this octopus stretch submission hold will help her hamper the power game we saw Arabella use to great effect earlier on.

Zack: I couldn’t agree more. I’ve never been a fan of this hold, because I feel like there’s a very easy way to escape it.

Stringer moved around in front of Arabella to check for a submission, but the champion shook her head at the question. Half of the crowd was behind Jamie, while the other half was clearly pro-Arabella at this point. Jamie kept the hold applied as tightly as she could as Stringer checked again, but she didn’t get an answer this time before the champion fell backwards and crunched Jamie under her as she landed. That broke the hold, and Arabella rolled away from her.

Zack: That’s what I was talking about. Arabella fell backwards and let Jamie absorb the impact from both the mat and her body landing on top of her. Our resident magician has to be quick here, and not give the champion time to get her marbles together.

Claire: I’m not sure if Arabella’s Nova Championship reign has ever been in more jeopardy than it has been now. If Winters can get up and keep her foot on the throat so to speak, she could well win the title tonight.

Jamie was back to her feet just a second before the champion as Arabella was getting to her feet. She quickly took off for the far side, coming back quickly with a lungblower this time that flipped Arabella over to the mat. The challenger got back to her feet, rallying her fans as she headed towards the corner and crouched down as she waved for Arabella to get up.

Zack: More high impact offense from Jamie, and it’s working like gangbusters. I’m not sure what she has in mind here, but she’s giving Arabella time to work out what’s going on potentially every second she waits.

Claire: With Arabella’s experience this is fraught with danger. She can take valuable extra seconds to compose herself before making it to her feet.

Arabella crawled to the nearest corner, taking a moment before she finally rose back to her feet. Just as she turned around, Jamie bolted out of the corner with a spear in mind! But the champion sidestepped her as she committed to the move and let Winters collide between the turnbuckles shoulder first into the ringpost. It brought the champion’s fans to their feet as Jamie was still between the buckles in pain where her shoulder landed against the steel.

Zack: We were right, Claire! She gave her too long, and Jamie just speared herself into the post! From one corner shoulder first into the other!

Claire: Arabella is going to pounce on that mistake and use it to her advantage now. The steel didn’t give in any way and Winter’s shoulder is going to be agony right now.

Zack: When bone meets steel, steel always wins!

Arabella pulled her away from the corner with a rear waistlock followed by a German suplex. She rolled through into another and another and one more before the last one was released and sent Jamie’s back, head, and shoulder into the same corner she collided with at the start. She crumpled to the mat on her side, holding her shoulder as the Nova Champion rose back to her feet.

Zack: Rolling German suplexes and the last one put her right back in the same corner! And the Nova Champion is walking tall now!

Claire: The door is wide open for the Nova Champion right here. Look at how Jamie is holding that shoulder - it’s get her entire attention and turning her into a sitting duck for Townshend.

With the Brit’s fans getting louder, Arabella pulled Jamie into position before she sent her back into that same corner with a turnbuckle powerbomb. Jamie’s back almost wrapped around it on impact before she landed in the corner. The Nova Champion yanked her back to her feet with the bad shoulder by the hand before she scooped her up for a shoulder breaker across her knee that sent Jamie back to the canvas again.

Zack: Raw power from Arabella, and why not! That shoulder breaker had to send shockwaves through her body, and I don’t think it’s baseless speculation at this point that we’re too far from another retention of the Nova title!

Claire: Shadows of her Shaolin Belles partner in the last match with the turnbuckle powerbomb  and we can see Townshend keep her challenger firmly on the back foot as she goes after that damaged shoulder.

Arabella rolled Jamie onto her stomach and dropped down into a Fujiwara armbar submission. She cranked back on her arm, bending at the shoulder in an awkward position as the referee moved around to see if Jamie wanted to submit. The challenger shook her head no as she tried to reach the bottom rope with her free hand, which was not too far away. Arabella leaned back a little more, bringing more pressure and causing Jamie’s face to redden in pain.

Claire: Jamie is desperate for the bottom rope and I don’t blame her. This is not an easy hold to escape from otherwise, not without raw power or a spike of adrenaline that gives you the boost you need to force yourself upwards and ease the pressure on the arm.

Zack: Made all the worse when she’s got Arabella literally sitting on her back as she works this hold. We don’t see a lot of submissions from the champion in general, but it’s not like she needs them with that power base she has.

Stringer asked again as Jamie’s fingers were just short of the bottom rope as she stretched her arm as far as she could to reach it. Arabella cranked back a little more on the hold, causing Jamie’s teeth to clench in pain. She stretched again, still no success before she bent her elbow and let her hand bob up and down over the mat as if she were seriously considering tapping the mat.

Zack: That rope is almost tormenting her being just a hair out of reach, and our Magical Girl looks like she’s giving some thought to calling it a night. I don’t think anyone would blame her if she did.

Claire: I don;t think they would, not with the damage the ring post might have done already. She certainly needs to use all her skills or anything she might have in her bag of tricks to try and escape this hold if she’s not going to tap.

Jamie’s hand waved and bobbed over the mat for a few more seconds before she clenched her eyes shut and kicked her foot out instead. Her arm wasn’t long enough but her leg managed to reach as she got her foot under the bottom rope. Stringer told Arabella to break the hold before she looked over her shoulder, seeing it for herself before she did as she was asked and got back to her feet.

Zack: Her arm wasn’t long enough, but her leg was! Jamie got the break she needed, but she was caught for quite a while. Was she delaying fate? Or can she mount a comeback against the most dominant Nova Champion in the history of that title? We’ll find out!

Claire: Her back is against the wall that’s for certain. I’m not sure how much Winters will be able to use that arm in any offense she manages to mount, so she might have to rely on her other talents and skills to win this contest.

Jamie used her other arm to help her get back to her feet, keeping the bad arm held tightly against her body. At least until Arabella grabbed it and used a simple judo throw by snapping that arm over her shoulder and taking Jamie back to the mat. She held the arm against her body again in pain on impact.

Zack: Just a simple judo throw like that can feel ten times worse when your shoulder is in the shape Jamie’s is right now. I think we’re just one POWER BOMBSHELLE away from Arabella leaving Buffalo, New York with her title intact.

Claire: This is a near expert dissection and targeting of that shoulder by Arabella. If she can keep this up then she might not even need the one Power Bombshelle to get the job done.

Arabella went to get Jamie, who was now starting back to her feet. When she went to grab her around the waist, Jamie surprised everyone with a stunner using the other arm! Townshend fell backwards like a tree as soon as she landed it, and Jamie collapsed on her side clutching her hurt shoulder!

Zack: I don’t believe it! Jamie with a stunner no one saw coming, least of all Arabella! If she could make the cover, I think she’d be the new champion!

Claire: It’s the ones that you don’t see coming that do the most damage! Arabella had no chance at all of preparing for that stunner!

The magician’s fans were getting very loud now as she started to sit up, seeing Arabella face up and unmoving on the canvas before she slid towards her and went for the cover with a leg hook using the good arm.

Zack: We’re three seconds from making history! Jamie Winters is gonna be the new Nova Champion!




Arabella’s shoulder came off the mat as the three was about to land, and Jamie looked towards the referee with a crestfallen expression as Stringer showed her two fingers.

Claire: That was at the last possible moment for Arabella - just doing enough to get the shoulder up and break the pin. Jamie’s finding out what so many challengers before have; that Arabella is as tough as they come between the ropes.

Jamie pulled herself to her feet, and headed towards the corner. She wanted to climb it, but that was slow going with only one good arm. She tried more than once before marshaling the strength and finding herself on the top rope. She turned herself around finally to get perched before Arabella made it to her feet and threw herself against the ropes. It knocked Jamie off balance, and caused her to land straddling the top turnbuckle while Arabella leaned against the ropes, trying to get herself together as quickly as she could.

Claire: That’s as rough a landing as you can get! Arabella’s got herself another opening to maybe close this match out if she can act quickly enough.

Zack: It’s hard to climb the corner with one arm, and it took Jamie too long to get there. Arabella’s running on fumes right now.

Townshend lumbered towards her, grabbing Jamie where she sat on the top rope and scooping her up. She walked out of the corner and delivered a muscle buster on the challenger, driving her into the mat before she rolled her over into the cover!

Zack: Muscle buster! Cue the music, we’re about done here!!




Stringer was about to call for the bell when she noticed Jamie’s foot across the bottom rope. She waved off the count just as the timekeeper was about to ring the bell, emphatically getting Lexi’s attention before she did it. Arabella glanced up to see it for herself, and shook her head as she slumped forward.

Claire: I’m not sure how much Jamie knew about that or if it was just luck on her part that her foot landed where it did. Still, she’s still in this match and still has a chance to win the Nova Championship tonight!

Zack: She counted three, Lexi was mid-swing of the bell hammer…but No! How badly in her soul does Jamie Winters want to be the Nova Champion?! I don’t think anyone but her knows how badly.

Arabella struggled back to her feet, grabbing the bad arm and dragging Jamie to the center of the ring. She pulled her up to plant her head into position for her finisher before Jamie collapsed onto the mat at her feet. The champion looked down at her and pulled her up again, holding her in place this time.

Zack: Jamie…she…I don’t know that she knows where she is. She collapsed and we’re one spinning powerbomb from the bell!

Claire: Jamie looks to be out of it. This might be academic for Arabella here. She could just shove her to the mat in the middle of the ring and pick up the three at this point.

With one show of might, Arabella went to lift the challenger up before Jamie surprised her once again during the match by quickly pulling her into a tight small package before the referee slid into position.

Zack: POWER BO—what the?!




Zack: I don’t believe it!!

The magician’s fans erupted as the referee called for the bell. Jamie rolled away to the ropes with her eyes wide as Arabella sat up with a dumbfounded look.

Claire: Jamie caught her with a small package!!! Arabella was caught completely off guard here!! Like I keep saying - it’s the ones you don’t see coming that do the most damage!!!

Lexi: Your winner by pinfall….AND NEEEEEEEEWWWWW Future Shock Nova Champion….JAMIE WINTERS!!!

Stringer retrieved the title as Jamie got to her feet. She handed it to her, placing it in Jamie’s trembling hand as her other arm was pressed against her body. Tears started to stream from her face as she hugged it to her.

Zack: Jamie lived up to her occupation by doing what magicians are known to do: pulling things out of seemingly nowhere! And we got a new Nova Champion! Look at her face, you can see what this means to her.

Claire: Arabella put up one heck of a fight tonight. It had been for fortunate foot placement for Jamie, we’d be looking at a retention tonight. But it wasn’t to be as Jamie hung in there, bad shoulder and all and found a way to get the job done. You’ve got to admire the way she fought to the final bell.

Fireworks began to shoot from the rafters and the stage as Jamie’s music played. Arabella got to her feet, giving her a long stare before finally raising her hand and congratulating her before she rolled out of the ring.

Zack: Jamie’s got some big shoes to fill as Nova Champion if she wants to eclipse the reign of that woman right there. A lot of class from Arabella, as we’ve come to expect. I remember when before she won that title, she felt like she had something to prove in her second reign. I say she did that in spades, and has left it with someone who will hold it with as much pride as she did.

Claire: There are definitely no further questions regarding Arabella at this level. She’s represented the Nova Division proudly and you’re right Jamie has big shoes to fill as Champion - I’m sure she will and sure that she’ll look to defend it just as proudly and just as doggedly determinedly as the previous Champion. I’m sure Arabella will be looking to bounce back in a big way and I don’t envy the Dynasty members that will be stepping into the ring with her.

Zack: History has been made tonight as we have a new Nova Champion! Congratulations to Jamie Winters, you earned it! Good night from Buffalo!

Jamie looked at her reflection in the title as tears dripped from her cheeks onto it as Future Shock faded off the air from Buffalo, New York.

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