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June 24, 2024, 10:00:54 am
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"Prophet's Playtoy" Rori Mackenzie

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Author Topic: "Prophet's Playtoy" Rori Mackenzie  (Read 18 times)
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« on: June 10, 2024, 03:38:24 pm »

Wrestler’s Real Name & In Ring Name, If Different:
“Prophet’s Playtoy” Rori Mackenzie

Pic Base Name:
Taylor Swift

Alignment Scale 1 - 100 (Face or Heel):
How much of a face/heel are they? If they are total heel, it’s 100. If they are total face, it’s 1. Not every character is pure evil or pure angel. Shades of gray, right?
100+ - she is a sociopath

Entrance Theme (song title & performer):
Smoke & Trouble - Society of Villains, Sam Tinnesz

Entrance Description
(Please include ring announcement from Kat as well, how you want them introduced for their match):

The arena dims down to a darkened state as the entrance fills with smoke and red lights start to move around the stage.  Random photos of Rori Mackenzie start to flash on the tron, short clips of the blonde at a shooting gallery with different guns only to be interrupted by stills of the wrestler from her first run in FFW wrestling different opponents from the past. The photos and clips start to speed up

I'm the leader of the black sheep (ooh)
Sometimes I think that the devil is inside me (ooh)
Dirty razor, I'm the bad seed (ooh)
I love to howl at the moon when it's rising (ooh)

The lights stop roaming and land center stage, as the photos on the tron stop moving as the words Prophet’s Playtoy is spelled out.

I was born this way, nothing's gonna change that
Don't care what they say, gonna light that match
When the chaos starts, you know I live for that
Smoke and trouble, I'm crazy on another level
Crazy on another level

Both Maddison and Rori appear from the smoke, Rori in her ring gear, a pair of black tight leather pants and a Prophecy T cut up to be more form fitting tied around her neck and back. The blonde’s hair up in a french braid, as she looks ready for a fight. Maddi in a white leather jacket and black pants with knee high boots on. Rori is steps ahead of her tag partner, much to the dismay of the crowd, and Rori stands with a cocky smirk, as she fixes her braid while Maddison looks like she’s ready for war, as both girls begin to move towards the ring.

Got TNT in my bones
Every breath on the edge of going psycho
They say that I'm a fallen angel
They might be right, 'cause I feel holy when I raise hell
I was born this way, nothing's gonna change that
I don't care what they say, gonna light that match
When the chaos starts, you know I live for that

Smoke and trouble, I'm crazy on another level

Kat : Making her way to the ring, being accompanied by The Knightmare Maddison Knight.... By way of Hell Michigan... She is THE PROPHET’S PLAYTOY!!! RORI MACKENZIE!

 The girls make their way to the ring steps and Rori is the first to walk up them as Maddison springs up onto the ring apron grabbing the middle rope, as the girls from Prophecy look out into the crowd with wicked smiles on their faces.

No rest for the wicked, my heart's racing (ooh)
Guess I'm built different, love me, hate me (ooh)
No rest for the wicked, my heart's racing (ooh)
Guess I'm built different, love me, hate me (ooh)

Maddison holds the ropes open for her best friend as Rori steps through them, before Maddison jumps over the top rope looking around the ring and staring daggers at the referee, before turning to one another. Maddison covers her mouth as she talks to Rori who nods at her friend.

Crazy on another level, another level
(Oh, oh) another level (oh-oh-oh) yeah
(Oh, oh) another level (oh-oh-oh)
I'm crazy on another level (ooh, ooh)
Crazy on another level

Rori and Maddi embrace in a hug before Maddi exits the ring but stands her ground on the outside of the ring.

If your character uses Twitter, list the username here:

Wrestler Type (Brawler, Technical, High Flyer, etc.):
Viciously Dirty

In-Ring Personality (Showboat, Focused, Antagonistic, Etc.):
Antagonistic, Sadistic

Manager (And Pic Base), Does the manager cheat or distract? :
Maddison Knight - Evelina

Most Used Moves (at least :
Snap Jab
Head Punch
Bitch Slap
Knife Edge Chop
Mule Kick
Jumping Clothesline
Shoulder Thrusts

Grapple/ Rear Grapple
Arm Wrench with Elbow Smash
Headlock Takedown
Back Body Flip
Inside Cradle
Front Suplex
Side Suplex
Heavy Knee Lift
Sleeper Hold
Bull Dog
Shin Breaker
Russian Leg Sweep
Elbow Smash
Rear Clothes line
Arm Drag
Back Toss
Arm Bar
Guillotine/Rope Guillotine
Heart Punch (preferred)

Ground Grapple
Sleeper Hold
Cross Arm Breaker
Side Leg Lock
Elbow Drop
Arm Bar
Knee Breaker
Indian Deathlock (preferred)

In The Corner
Shoulder ThrustsASAP
Front Superplex
Double Underhook Superplex
Stomp/Knee Trample
Super Back Drop
Sky High German Suplex
Super Back Body Drop
Jumping Knee Strike To the Nose
Running Snake Eyes With Opponent’s Heart Hitting The Turnbuckle

Signatures Moves (Named moves fans would recognize):
Excedrin Headache #33 - Opponent face down, Rori takes their foot and bashes them in the back of the head with it.
Double Dribble - A headscissors into multiple DDTs
Seeing Stars - Facebuster Into Her Knees
Choke On This - Mandible Claw
The Devil Wears Prada - Spinning roundhouse kick to the Head 

Finishers (Include Move Name & Description or YouTube Link):
Royal Flush - Curb Stomp (preferred)
Not So Merry Go Round - Giant Swing With Opponent’s Head Hitting the Ring Post
Say My Name, Bitch -  Ankle Lock
Excedrin Headache 101 - Tombstone off the Apron to the Floor

Wrestler’s Strengths:
Tolerance to Pain - The girls got a massive pain threshold. She rarely shows how much something is bothering her. So if an opponent is focused on a part of Rori's body she will not willingly show that it’s bothering her.

Background - Rori is a highschool wrestler, who specialized in grappling and holds. You are not going to find a grapple the woman cannot slip out of given a chance, unless you frustrate her.

Wrestler’s Weaknesses:
Sociopath - and she will go beyond her means to hurt a person, and will often get herself disqualified if things aren’t going her way.

Viciousness - She is obsessed with hurting other people. She goes out of her way to make every move hurt the most and bend the rules in her favor, but will also lose herself in the venom and get disqualified.

Wrestler’s Biography (Their history up to joining FFW.):
Born into a mid/high class family on the outskirts of Manhattan New York Lorelai Snyder’s life seemed all but perfect, however her biological father suffered from schizophrenia and claimed he had seen the devil in his young daughter. Trying his best to keep the world safe from the reincarnation of Lucifer he attempted on multiple occasions to murder the young tot, his most severe beating forced the police to step in and charge him with attempted murder in the first degree. Rori’s mom divorced him immediately in order to protect her young daughter.

Life became happy for the blonde though her toddler and childhood years, excelling in academics and sports like soccer and volleyball. Her mother remarried, and it seemed to be the best years of the blonde's life. Her happiness would turn to sorrow on September 11th 2001 when the twin towers came crashing down, and she lost both her step father and mother at the age of 10.

The happy-go-lucky girl that Rori was turned quiet as she not only lost her family in the blink of an eye but she lost her friends too, moving to Deadhorse, Alaska to live with her only biological family left, the Helmsley’s. Rori quickly became like sisters with her cousin Robbyn Helmsley and best friends with the Maddison Knight, the girl who had been taken in by Robbyn’s grandmother.  Being the new kid in Alaska Rori continued to excel in school, managing to keep her grades up, she threw herself into scholastic wrestling in middle school, where she excelled beating both boys and girls not only in her weight class but also the weight class higher up. With her skills and passion Rori quickly became a star in the highschool years, not only becoming an undefeated sensation but the captain of her wrestling squad in the sophomore, junior and senior year of highschool.

Once again as life seemed to be on the right track for the now teenaged Rori, until her aunt and uncle were gunned down by her cousin’s psychotic fiance and she yet again was left alone without a parental figure in her life. Shortly after their deaths Rori moved back to Manhattan. Once her cousin Robbyn began wrestling for FFW, Rori got the itch as well, knowing how she excelled in highschool she signed up for FFW’s Future Shock in season one. Getting through the first few shows and to the final no problem. However she was beaten out by Casey Atherton due to fainting after seeing her own blood spilled, and losing the match.

After FS she joined the main roster, forming friendships along the way with one Scarlett Kincaid (Dareau) and forming the tag team TKO. During this time she found a man Casey Magnussen, fell magically in love and got married. However, as history likes to repeat itself with Rori the moment she became truly happy her world came crashing down once again, she suffered a brutal attack by Isabella Pazzini, and while recovering her perfect husband became more and more controlling. Her best friend/tag partner abandoned her and left Rori the issue of getting away from Casey.

The recovery was slow, and the betrayal even more painful. However Rori did come back. Healthier and stronger than ever before, and as she started her comeback, her husband Casey passed away suddenly. Leaving Rori “devastated” and with one friend, Maddison Knight. Soon after the passing of her husband Rori did meet her next beau in the form of Will Mackenzie. And with the new man became a whole new attitude. Gone were the days where Rori was happy go-lucky, she was no longer interested in the cheers from the crowd. Rori turned vicious. Her pain became hatred and her hatred was aimed at the one person still alive who had abandoned her, Scarlett Kincaid. After a brutal Hell In A Cell match Rori was never exactly the same, and departed from the company soon after.

However she didn’t stop her warpath there, not only joining the IceDog Fight Night roster but wreaked havoc over it for damn near a year having a brutal battle with her cousin Robbyn Helmsley and attempting to destroy not only the company Robbyn had built but Robbyn’s wrestling career too. While she was playing the grim reaper over careers. Rori and her band of misfits formed Prophecy, a full faction of Superstars with one goal in mind, to undermine authority and hurt people. She succeeded in her goals to shut down IceDog and turned seemingly silent. Watching, and waiting for the perfect time to strike. Arriving back onto the FFW scene along with her best friend and Prophecy member Maddison Knight at Vengeance 2024. 

Past Achievements:
Future Shock Season 1 Runner Up
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